Big Brother Spoilers: Dani says the bathroom smells like cigarettes ..Adam did you poop them? Of all things I thought it would be bacon.. *Updated*

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8:35am – 10:10am Shelly wakes up and starts her morning routine of smoking, drinking coffee and then cleaning the bbhouse. At 9:30am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Rachel is out in the backyard talking to Shelly. They discuss how their legs are sore from last night’s HOH competition. Dani goes into the bathroom where Adam is.. she says that the washroom smells like cigarettes. Adam says he just had a smoke and then went in there. Dani asks you pooped cigarettes. Adam says yeah. Dani says of all things I though you would have pooped bacon. Adam then grabs Jordans Tutu and goes into the candy bedroom to do a dance. Dani tells Kalia to go back to sleep until she has a better attitude. Kalia tell Dani to go back asleep. Adam then heads out into the backyard for another smoke. Meanwhile, up in the HOH room Jeff and Jordan wake up and start to get ready for the day. Jeff talks about wanting a big breakfast. Jeff asks Jordan if she has anything for the laundry. Jordan says all she has is her unitard. Jeff says good point. Jeff asks what time did she say …10:30am? Jordan says yeah. Jeff heads down to the kitchen to make breakfast. Rachel is in the kitchen cutting up a melon. Jeff, Adam, Jordan and Rachel complain about being sore from the competition. Jordan and Dani are in the downstairs bathroom getting ready. Porsche joins them. In the kitchen Jeff keeps singing “A whole new world…”

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10:20am Rachel and Dani head out into the backyard to eat their breakfast. Rachel says that Brendon would have killed that competiton yesterday. …then she says that Jeff killed it. Shelly joins them outside. They talk about protein shakes and other random things. The conversation then turns to talking about the competition.

10:25am – 10:50am Big Brother calls for an out door lock down. All the houseguests are out in the backyard. Adam and Rachel are playing a card game. Shelly and Dani are talking about Shelly’s job. Jordan and Jeff are hanging out by the pool. Jordan mentions that they got their basket ball hoop back. Porsche is laying out in the hammock. The houseguests are all laying out .. with some random conversations.. Shelly says that Adam will get the wack a do pervert award. Adam says hey?! Shelly says you have heart shaped bandaids on your nipples.

11:20am Jordan and Porsche are talking about jewellery, sunglasses and LA. Porsche is telling Jordan all about how she plans on moving to LA. Porsche talks about living in Florida. Jordan says that it would be nice to live there. Porsche says yeah except for the hurricanes. All the other houseguests are napping… Kalia gets up and joins them by the pool.

11:45am The houseguests are still on a backyard lock down. Not much talking.. everyone is relaxing or sleeping..
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213 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Dani says the bathroom smells like cigarettes ..Adam did you poop them? Of all things I thought it would be bacon.. *Updated*

  1. I am very perplexed…how in the heck can someone’s NIPPLES start to bleed b/c of a competition? Was he rubbing them for super speed or something? :)

    1. It happens to marathon runners if they do not use vaseline. Crazy thing though is that for Adam, an hour of walking is like a marathon.

      1. Naids – I did one marathon (& only 1!!) and even though I trained for it for a year & did the Vaseline bit as well, I had very sore nipples when done. Loved your comments re: Adam & the pathetic shape he’s in. LoL

      2. really? i had no idea…thanks for telling us bc i thought it was weird too, i wonder what that happens?? too much pressure or something on them or something:(

    2. wonder if he had an allergic reaction to the soap? his shirt soaked it up and it seeped into them and caused them to bleed? who knows.

    3. its like running a marathon, there is a lot of friction that happens between ur shirt and the nipple, that is why a lot of runners where band aids on thier nipples or something to block the fricktion, it really sucks

        1. Haha naids I saw what you said… It’s not that people ignore around here it’s that some people post without reading :/

          1. Thank you for your such kind words. It just saddens me because I respond to so many postings to make conversation, and yet hardly anybody ever responds to me :(

            1. I think sometimes it takes a while for the posts to show up. Kinda like when everyone calls first and they are 10,20 or 30 down the list.

          1. Thank you for your kind words. I just meant all of my other posts. Hardly anybody ever responds to me. I respond so many times and hardly get any responses back.

            Who are you rooting for to win?

        2. breez and naids thank you both for explaining

          naids, i think sometimes it takes a while for people to see other’s people’s posts or they pick up a post at a random reply instead of at the beginning – esp. when there are a lot of replies

          1. Thank you for your kind words. I just meant all of my other posts. Hardly anybody ever responds to me. I respond so many times and hardly get any responses back.

            Who are you rooting for to win?

        1. They make pasties for runners, obviously they are marketed as something else. Although I’ve never heard of a runner buying them. Must just put bandaids on beforehand, if they are bleeders.

    4. I am assuming that you do not run a lot? If you do have you ever ran in the rain? Or even a long run where you are sweating? It happens alot…. Most marathon runners tape their nipples before they run…TMI I know, but its true :)

                1. Thank you so much. :) You’re the best! Yeah, Adam and his smoking and his bacon thought he ran a whole mile or something. He was trying to calculate it. It’s very doubtful he did that much.

            1. Naids, your response wasnt up when other people had responded or made other comments or questions. We arent ignoring, I promise.

    5. It happens a lot with runners/joggers depending on the type of top they wear. Their nipples are constantly rubbing up against the fabric.

      1. Thank you everyone for your replies. :) Yes Mike, I am not a runner. Lol I do recall hearing about this problem (for runners) now that you all mention it…and, with the soap and friction, it now makes sense. Thanks all! :) (P.S. Poor Adam!!!)

        1. same with Rupert on Survivor. Instead of wearing pants he wore skirts because his legs would rub together and get sore. Adam’s boobies rubbed his shirt and made them sore.

          1. all this talk about chafed man nipples & thighs is making me want to vomit…oh man saying vomit makes me want to vomit

      1. Dear Dawg,

        Why do you have to show us pictures of Adam? Can you pretty please not? Please? He’s just so ugly that it’s about to give me the bone disease Matty’s wife has.

        With love,

        1. Yeah …sorry I had to do it … unfortunately I’m going to have post pics of all the houseguests regardless if people like them or not.. Just squint until you see the photos of the houseguests you like …

          1. Unfortunately, there are usually more pics of Adam than anybody else. And Adam is usually the one on the homepage before clicking on the link. He gets too much attention, just like how Julie Chen used to always ask Adam questions and not the other house gusets.

            Err..Tori Spelling….Er….Bacon….Er…New Jersey.

                  1. Thank you for your input. I really appreciate it. I hope to engage with you in other posts, but that never seems to happen. Perhaps soon. :)

                    Love, Naids.

          1. I’m just stating that these blogs put more pictures of Adam, let alone shirtless, than almost everybody else in the game. I’d rather see Kalia.

    1. She floated to the 500k that’s a fact, but she still won 500k also fact. Natalie’ lie gave her the 500k also a fact.

      Who ever said that idiots can’t win/lose a shit load of money?

      1. Yes, Jordan’s one of many dim witted (to be kind) people in the world who are able to amass large amounts of money for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    2. Jordan seems developmentally challenged. She’s like an adult with slight retardation.

      I think Jeff finds her cute, but he is annoyed at her lack of intelligence..the other day he said something like she’s a “cute stupid button” .. he could’ve left the stupid part out..but he didn’t lol

      Jeff isn”t the smartest and Jordan is like a retarded adult.

      1. haha I caught the stupid comment too…

        While I wouldn’t say that Jordan is retarded…
        I do think she is stuck in a little kid world…
        she reminds me of a pre teen…

        We all know her and Jeff will not last…
        pre teen dating a man…never works

        1. my preteen asked if Jordan was really that dumb or if she was prtending. I had to tell her I think it is real and she needs to study and do good in school and also have some street smarts. Sad when a 12 yr old calls out a 20 something.

          1. by she needs to get good grades and have street smarts – I meant my 12yr old. I think it is too late for Jordan to smarten up unless she is playing ditsy girl cuz she thinks it is cute…

      2. Jeff is developmentally challenged, that’s why he’s with bird brain Jordan. she makes him seem extremely smart. Lol… now how sad is that? but one thing is, she’s very slow, because he is always calling her stupid or dummy or talking down to her, and it just goes right over her head. Maybe she’s used to being called those names and she does not realize they are derogatory. again, sad.

  2. Question. If K and P are on the block and Dani wins the Veto, then pulls one of them off, can Jeff put DANI up? Because that would be hilarious. Jeff could pretend he’s putting Shelly up as replacement since he can’t trust her seeing she’s playing both sides of the house. Make some kind of fake deal with Dani, promise her, swear, etc., then have Dani use her veto on K or P only to be put up herself.

    1. If Dani wins the veto and uses it on K or P she cannot be put up because she won the veto therefore jeff has to put someone on his side.

    2. No, not if Dani wins the veto. Dani should keep Kalia over Porsche. Porsche can do physical competitions like Dani but not mental ones as well. Kalia has more confidence than Porsche is a quiz type competition. And, Kalia would be less likely to get votes in jury than Porsche.

      It is just unfortunate. Kalia and Adam are worst house guest ever. Shelly I just don’t support.

      1. …unless they are also on the block and they save the other person like Brendon did.
        That is (I believe) the only case where a POV holder can be sent home.

    3. I’m pretty sure the POV winner is safe, and if they choose, they can also make someone else safe. Otherwise, why in the heck would Dani save someone else only to leave herself open for a backdoor? (Okay…is it just me, or does that sentance sound dirty? Lol)

      1. Of course she would. If she did, then he’d have to put up Rachel and there’s a chance she’d go home. I think that nchance makes it worth it than letting someone from your side be evicted.

    4. I hope this happens. Jeff puts Kalia and Porsche up. Dani win veto and takes Kalia off block. Porsche tells Rachel all week how she can’t wait till she sees Brendum. All alone in jury room together for a week. “he will be mine”. Rachel either attacks her, walks off or asks to be evicted.

      1. The best scenario would be for Jeff to put up K&P, and then Dani wins POV and removes Kalia. Jeff either puts up S or A. P then tells Rachel she is looking fwd to being in the jury house with B. R/D/K then vote to evict S or A and P gets to stay.

    5. Think about it. If the person that had the veto used it on someone else and it made them vulnerable and eligible for nomination. No one would ever use the veto, unless they themselves were on the block. So to answer your question (which I have seen asked a dozen times now), no, if you use the veto and take someone off the block, the HOH cannot then put the veto winner on the block.

    6. I want Porsche to go to the jury house, then if I were Danielle and Kalia, I would let Rachel accidentally overhearing me tell someone that Porsche is glad to be at the jury house. I would lie and say that Porsche had a crush on Brandon and could never be alone with him. This would make Rachel NUTS! Well, she is already nuts, but this would push her over the edge.

      1. it is ok to not love a person or even hate them but to wish something that bad isn’t nice unless you would like it upon urself
        we should be human the least!!!

    1. Jeff won’t put up R (unfortunately) because he knows full well that A & S can’t stand R (esp. S) and with the votes from Team Dani, R could very likely end up being evicted. Jeff isn’t really the puppet master of JJSA that he’d like to think he is, which he found out this past week when A made it clear to Jeff that he wanted B gone, not S, as JJ had pitched to A.

    1. Please go home Kalia, please go home Kalia.

      Kalia: “I don’t want to be in the jury house with Brendon.”

      Well he doesn’t want to be with you!

      I bet you 1 million dollars though that Kalia is going to try to get with Brendon. It won’t be hard for Brendon to say no to that one.

      1. Will there bs enough food in Jury for Kalia? I swear that girl is always always ALWAYS doing something with her mouth! Talking, eating, ( since she’s the “Real” Carrie of Sex and the City,) does that mean pleasuring whomever orally also?? Just a question( although I feel I will burn in Hell for that comment) can’t help myself!!

        1. That is the only reason she didn’t side with Keith. Keith didn’t want anything from Kalia. Kalia is an easy alliance. Just give her some loving and she’s all yours. Annie would have made it to the end with Kalia.

  3. I’d like to hear from all those who, with great venom and copious insults, said putting Jeff on the block was a bad idea and putting Brendon up was the best game move for Dani.

    Please describe how Jeff will save Dani this week.
    Please reiterate your past statements that Rachel will now join DKP and they will “have the numbers”.

    You know who you are.

    …this ought to be good.

      1. Well put. That’s why even though Dani’s screwed up a time or two, but she’s the only one I can stomach of this bunch.Jeff isnt going to toss Dani out just yet, I’m dont think hes going to piss off a possible connection (in every sense of the word- Bob Marley? sheesh), when he moves to California. I see Kalia going (Jeff hasnt forgotten DumbledoreGate), or Shelly; who doesnt know when to stop with the bullshit. Look for Shelly to be shredded before this is over by one of the HG’s,of course it wont make network but it would be wonderful for BBAD viewers.

    1. During the veto comp Dani told Jeff he wasn’t her target. If she had nominated him and evicted him she would have lost 2 jury votes for good (JJ).
      Also Brenchal can not be trusted. Brenda said it himself when talking to Julie, I wouldn’t have honored that deal (the one with Dani).

      1. He didn’t say he wouldn’t honor it. He made it sound like he would consider it and he’d have to since JJ and Shelly have been shadey lately. Adam’s kind of non-commital. Whatever the case, a BRD deal would benefit all 3 if they could only trust each other. I really don’t want JJ to win.

      2. If she would have put Jeff up, production would have given him a special power to save him and Brendan may have also been safe. Production did not interfere when she evicted Brendan the first time and she knows that he is not as well liked by production as Jeff.

      3. do you think Jeff cares that she didn’t target him – all Jeff cares is that Dani put him up to begin with (which he should care about) and that he wants Dani out

        and had BR won HOH this week, they wouldn’t have targeted Dani esp. if she took the deal with them – bc that offered them opportunity in this game – they have MANY other targetrs – whereas JJ don’t

    2. I wasn’t one of those people but I’ll reply anyway. How different would things have played out if she had backdoored Jeff instead of Brendon? First off Jeff had a higher change of getting votes than Brendon did, but even assuming Jeff did get evicted Brendon would likely have won HoH and I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that either Dani or her alliance members would still be facing the block. The only difference is that Jeff is generally easier competition to beat than Brendon is. What she did was still her best move in a list of bad options.

      1. forget how things are – once you get the biggest and strongest player out of the house (Jeff) you have to remember thinks will shift and realign – that is just the way it is – and Dani could have for sure lured Shelly and Adam who are not going to stay in an alliance with just Jordan and who don’t get along with BR—- the fact that the whole other side stayed intact shows you how little of a threat Brendon really is

    3. Simple….Putting Jeff up against Shelly would be Adam, Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel, saving Jeff. Which would make auto-matic enemies for Dani. Here she has a chance for Rachel to be Rachel and become a target, chance to switch sides, or even a vote for Team Dani. Regardless she would have been a target, no doubt. Dani can now play her cards with Rachel using JJ’s votes against Brendon, for her favor. In poker terms….she has “Outs”. In your mind…switch it up. Brendon would be HOH, with everybody gunning for Dani, and nowhere to hide.

      The Closer

      1. umm no she had a better chance of getting Rachel’s vote with BR in the house (bc they know they are alone and don’t have JJ loyalty) – now that he is gone Rachel may play both sides but she will vote with JJ –

        they aren’t great options – but Dani had more to work with keeping Brendon – also not many people are going to beat Jeff in final 2

        so screw the jury votes Dani has to worry about even getting there and now that won’t happen

    4. wonder if your talking to me…

      I’m always Team Dani but…
      never said put Jeff up…

      I don’t think that Jeff will ‘save’ Dani intentionally…
      if he puts up Kalia & Porsche…
      Dani wins POV…
      saves Porsche…
      then Kalia will leave, no matter who is sitting next to her.

    5. thank you thank you thank you!

      i can’t tell you how many posts I wrote saying how they need to get Jeff out NOW, this is pretty much the last chance or else he will be running things and Dani’s side who already dont have the numbers will really be decimated

      i am not saying that people disagreed but the amount of people who said that Brendon needed to go was overwhelming and made little sense…Jeff is stronger than Brendon in the all around sense of the game and he hates Dani more –

      but like I also said, putting up Brendon sealed Dani’s fate in this game so no use expending energy on figuring out her best moves, I am moving on to the everyone else that has a chance

  4. I totally disagree with most of you. Jeff should put Kaila and Porsche up and either Rachel or Dani wins the POV. However, Jeff wins the POV the nomination will be a same. Rachel probably win the HOH next week and Jeff wins the POV. Kaila and Porsche will be probably join Brendon at the Jury House. Then Jeff wins the HOH and put Rachel and Dani on the block and win POV again to have the nomination the same again. Any Women HG’s thinking of backdooring jeff or put him on the block. Jeff will keep on winning. So better think twice. Team JJ.

  5. What an ass Jeff is. “Jeff keeps singing “A whole new world…” – that’s the difference between a childish jock (Jeff) and a more savvy astute player like Dani. When Jeff wins he’s all about beating his chest and childishly trying to rub his (1st HoH) victory in the non-winning alliance’s face. When Dani won (Two!) HOHs, she didn’t stoop to this level of publicly trying to rub salt in anyone’s wounds. Privately Dani celebrated her victories but that’s natural and doesn’t compare to this immature (& poor game playing) behaviour of Jeff’s. Grow up Jeff. You’re such an boor.

    1. Dani cannot afford to piss anybody off. Weeks 3 + 4, she was the most hated in the house. She is working her way on up ahead of Kalia. It is an actual SHOCKER that Kalia was more liked Dani for a few days.

    2. That’s Jeff, he’s a child. He doesn’t know what grace is. He’s either doing nothing or making himself a bigger target, the dude has no clue how to work this game.

    3. DR posts yet another of his 5000 JJ hate comments….SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe that was the song they woke up to or maybe it’s a song that popped in his head or maybe,just maybe he is happy he won. I forgot how only DKP can celebrate and want ppl to crap thier pants and be scared all wk. DKP are so frigging awesome,they never lie,cheat or steal right? Pacer stealing shit in the hou se,other HG’s items,booze etc,putting stuff in the HG’s muscle milk etc with the greatest player in the game Dani knowing all of this. Pacer shoulda been evicted or had a penalty put against her. Now if it was a member of JJ doing this…OMG how the Dani fans would be livid over it. Again you and the Dani fans never cease to amaze me,last wk BR were awesome players and loyal as hell,but the feeds showed 5 mins after trying to make thier deal with Dani,they talked about backdooring her. I’m sure even after Jordan is gone,you’ll still be spewing your hate for her.

    4. WOW really?! I guess people forget how Dani behaved for the last 3 weeks. Like she was totally entitled. Not to mention almost…almost…being as obnoxious as Rachel. Plus I guess being catty, bitchy and plain belittling with Kalia are signs of an”astute” player right?! She’s a spoiled immature wannabe. Dani is the one that needs to do the growing up….who eats kid food and plays with ponies at 25?!! Even Jordumb seems more mature than her.

      Let’s be clear…EVERYONE in this house is a hypocrite and Dani is right up there with them. Jeff is rude, loud and a moron sometimes but give him a break…he’s been low man on the totem pole since week 2 and down in the dumps…it’s only normal to enjoy things when you’re safe. Nothing wrong with that one bit.

      1. Team Dani welcomes your support. You weren’t “Chosen” by me, but what the heck, I won’t judge, we will take anyone.

      2. wait, what does that mean? eats kid food and plays with ponies?

        i remember something about her loving like unicorn stuffed animals – so i think i get that but what is the kid food?

      1. JJ are a kin to BR with BR being the head of the dysfunctional line and JJ being the ass. To hear JJ talk (especially Jordum whose just as much of a floater as the other floaters; she won her HoH by default) is like hearing the reverberations of a simar mantra heard from BR. BR are the worse of the two but, JJ are still full of themselves just the same.

    5. i think you have a point – bc jeff is like a year or two older than me and i hear him singing the same songs that randomly pop into my head on a daily basis prob bc they were a formative part of my youth – and i hate to break it to ya’ll but a whole new world was one of my faves when i was little – i sometimes still sing it at whim so if i heard it that morning i definitely would be shouting it!

    6. All things JJ should be mocked and scourned. Including their fan base, apparently they all share the same brain cell. So how’s that work, does each of you draw a number at the start of the day? And then pass it around like a doobie.

    1. Yeah, but Jordan puts up with his attitude. That is a huge things for Jeff. Why else is he 30+ and single……….It was clearly by choice.

        1. Hahahahaha, that is so funny! I completely agree, something is just off there. I think Jeff just has the Jake Pavelka syndrome.

        2. Visit the men’s department in a upscale department store, visit Martha’s Vineyard or The Hampton’s and you will see pink shirts, sweaters and all kinds of pink and lavender shirts for men. Vineyard Vines has some really pretty pink or lavender shirts for men.
          So it means nothing. Jeff is hot in every thing he wears.

      1. if Dani and Jeff somehow end up in the jury house before Jordan, it’s all over for Jordan bc he will be all over her…somehow i don’t think she is into him but who knows. bc you he know he is attracted to her and being in the jury house is all about having fun with the other people and not fighting…

      1. Smart women like Kalia. Smartest woman ever to play big brother. Smarter than ph.d. michele. Kalia uses her liberal arts education to beat everybody.

    2. Jordon is far from a bitch … she may not be a braniac but she seems to be a be a genuinely good person and balances Jeff out rather nicely. I don’t personally know either of them though obviously lol.

      From a female perspective, I think she is by far the prettiest girl in the house. Dani’s face looks far too harsh to me, Porshe is just down right strange looking and Rachel is … scary.

      1. Jordan is pretty like how you would say your sister is pretty. Dani is hot, like you get turned on and want to have crazy, wild sex.

      2. From a male perspective, Jordan is nothing but a one night stand. If your gonna do more than make the monster with two backs, you need someone that can carry on a conversation, without having to stop and explain things all of the time to them.

        1. if my boyfriend told me to shut up and keep quiet and only listen to him and to move to the other side of the bed and kept me around only bc he made money off of me and i was too dumb to know the difference – then um yeah, i’d feel abused

  6. Simple….Putting Jeff up against Shelly would be Adam, Jordan, Brendon, and Rachel, saving Jeff. Which would make auto-matic enemies for Dani. Here she has a chance for Rachel to be Rachel and become a target, chance to switch sides, or even a vote for Team Dani. Regardless she would have been a target, no doubt. Dani can now play her cards with Rachel using JJ’s votes against Brendon, for her favor. In poker terms….she has “Outs”. In your mind…switch it up. Brendon would be HOH, with everybody gunning for Dani, and nowhere to hide.

    The Closer

  7. It would be stupid on Jeff’s part if he did not put up Dani. Say the nominees are Porsche and Kalia. Dani plays in the veto and wins. Removes Kalia, forcing Jeff to put up someone from his alliance. Ah. This week ought to be good.

    1. Actually it’s just the opposite. Jeff controls the votes this week. He puts K/P up…Dani will still think that she’s in good with J/J and likewise. Tho all three know that’s not the case at least you’re not ruffling feathers. You don’t openly piss Dani off just in case she wins the POV. Dani plays anyway so it’ll be 7 ppl playing…odds are stacked against Dani. And Porsche knows Dani will take off Kalia if Dani wins so it’ll be the whole house versus Dani and Kalia. Not to mention I’m sure Kalia will try to win the POV too.

      Even if the worse case scenario happens and Dani wins and takes off Kalia, Jeff will put up Adam. Rachel and Shelley are too risky. They have the votes to get out whoever they win. It’s only logical. I have a feeling tho that Dani is going bye bye this week.

      1. Wrong, if Dani wins and takes Kalia off, unless Jeff puts up Rachel (who will likely get voted out) and it is Porcha and Adam, Adam goes bye bye because Rachel will NEVER let Procha or Dani for that matter go to the jury house for what they believe is a week alone with Brenda!

        I’ll let nothing comes between me and my man! Rachel 2011

      2. if Jeff gets rid of one of Dani’s alliance, Dani will automatically be pissed even if she is saved, she has so much blood and guilt on her hands already, she will only feel it more each time she loses her alliance members just to save herself –

        Jun had a good point on EDs show last night – that Jeff has to put up Dani bc he can’t run the risk of Dani winning POV taking off one of them (KP) and then losing the replacement nominee (whoever that is) and having none of that other alliance go home – but Jeff isn’t that bright so Dani has hope

  8. Jeff needs to put up Kali and Dani so that even if Dani wins the veto Kali still goes home and then he puts Porsche up as the replacement nominee because then Dani can only take herself off of the block and not Kali too. Hope Jeff uses his brain this week!!!!!

  9. I think Jeff should put up dani and kalia. Then if veto is used put up porsche. Who cares which one goes home then. Jeff is so hottttttttttt

  10. I think Jeff should put up dani and kalia. Then if veto is used put up porsche. Who cares which one goes home then.
    Jeff is so hottttttttttt

    1. That’s what I say Jeff is totally Hot. I go out and think damm where are all the hot dudes no one looks even 1/2 as yummy as Jeff

  11. Jeff probably will not keep Dani safe, the only way Dan is safe is by saving herself. I said it once before Dani needs to get Adam to flip…How you ask? by telling him staying with J/J is a no win situation. Offer him a final 2 deal. He will have a better chance winning the game with her then J/J. They have two people to get to the final two with Smelly going all out to help them get there. Adam is only going to help J/J. If he stays tied with them he will in no way be able to win the game. Its three against him at final four. Weather Dani is going to honor the deal or not is not the question. Why should Dani go after Adam, she no doubt will lose one of her team members in the first round of double eviction. But Dani needs to make sure 1) it isnt her 2) that team J/J loses a member also. Dani gains adam and it is still a tie as far as votes go.

    Yessssss I know Roach is still the X factor, she might be the sacrificial lamb in the second round,.Depending on who wins HOH. If Dani or a Team member wins HOH the second time which is highly possible they will need to get one of them out. Dani needs also to be working on Roach. Her play card is always going to be that on Team J/J you have three people in front of you….Smelly and J/J Always remember as long as your in the house you will always have a chance….unless of course your name is Kalia or Porsche.

  12. Shelly needs to have a picture of Two-Face next to her not Jordan (if that is indeed Two-Face). From what I can tell she has been loyal to her alliance.

  13. Iam wondering why after the last week meathead and the Dum Dum would feel the need to protect that boy george critter there in the house. after all we saw after all the comments and bullshit they attemted ..why are they honouring a deal .. i would send her packing with a simple message for him in the jusry house .. if you hadnt acted like the three toed caveman that you are and had been able to control your pet perhaps the voting would have been different .. Now I know that Meathead has to go after the other alliance ..just good tactical sense but maybe he should put up Boy George just as a message ..smarten up act like and adult or you are done ..

    now I have been told that my plans are not the best …and I admit I would last about three seconds in the house before they through me out the damn door … but I think that by making strong statements both verbally and with your actions .. well it shows a strong will to play ..and no one NO ONE .. can call you a floater .

  14. Dani only has 14.3% chance of winning the Veto, so more than likely she’ll get backdoored. Looking at the rest of the house, I believe Rachel is the only one left that can eliminate Jeff. If she’s eliminated in double eviction, JJ can practically coast to the final 2.

      1. Jeff was talking about this last night. 6 people get to play veto, as well as Dani because of her veto ticket. KP will be nominated, and whoever else wins veto will take one of them and Dani will get backdoored. So if KP wins veto they take themselves off with Dani being the replacement. if one of JJRSA win, they will take one of KP off to backdoor Dani. Dani has to win veto or she’s gone. 1 in 7 chance is 14.3%.

        1. Sure, if it was an ‘eeny meeny miney moe’ competion. Not everyone has exact equal chances of winning a competition, there are all sorts of variables that need to be accounted for, individual skillsets, experience, physical fitness, aptitude to style of competion, etc. Saying ‘1 in 7 chance is 14.3%’ as if it actually counts as odds is a completely inaccurate statement.

          To provide a ridiculously exaggerated example of the wrongheadedness of it all. I put a tiger and a rabbit in a cage together. The rabbit has a 1 in 2 chance of eating the tiger.

          Just sayin…

  15. As mentioned above if Jeff dosnt offer up Dani to go on the block and Dani pulls one off, gets Roach or Adam to vote her way…Jeff just blew his HOH. If Jeff somehow gets Dani evicted, my theory of J/J not winning this game suddenly takes a MAJOR hit. Honestly, if he dosnt do Dani right now while he has the chance….he may not only regret it…he may find himself in the jury house. If he does put Dani up it will be game on….Dani can scream that J/J went back on their deal. What does she have to lose? The entire house will know that J/J had a final 3 deal and the rest of you were going to be just pawns in the game. That just might change the balance of power.

    J/J thus will be deemed untrustworthy to any HG. Just dont count Dani out yet……She has some moves she can make. Give it to Dani, she atleast was trying to set herself up way before any of this was comming. She knew she would be in trouble this week thats why she went to J/J and tried to cut a deal. J/J ALMOST has no choice but to honor it…. Say Dani makes it through after being put up on the block….she will have a better chance of getting Roach or Adam to flip….maybe even both. So to keep the target off of them they just might have to keep Dani….

  16. There is far too much nastiness/hatred/angst in these comments … to turn the tide I am going to say one nice thing about every remaining houseguest!! I dare you to do the same, its not easy with this crew ;p

    Jeff – Doing an excellent job of staying under the radar while being one of the most obvious targets in the house
    Jordon – Has never even been a true target despite already winning $500k and that says something. She has her own kinda smarts!
    Dani – Doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit”
    Kalia – Uhhh … stood up to Brendon and his bully tactics and isn’t easily pushed around
    Porsche – Takes floating to an entirely new level. She doesn’t seem to have any enemies in the house, other than maybe Rachel
    Adam – Solid social skills, again no enemies in the house and is no one’s target
    Shelly – Can talk circles around you so fast you end up forgetting what you were even accusing her of, and end up thanking her instead …
    Rachel – Errrr … strong competitor in most challenges

    1. Jeff has an incurable need to lash out when someone disagrees with him, he’s managed to stay low ths far because he has taken it all out on Jordo thus far (aside from the one time with Kalia). Jordo gets evicted in the next week with the double evictions, primary taget will be Jeff by everyone except for Shelly

    2. Jeff : Not only standing his ground when he has to save his own hide but doing a great job at protecting his Jordan
      Jordan : she deos seem to have a real interest in people when they talk about the lives outside the house .. shows she is more then just a BB player
      Dani : I find her attractive not due to a physical thing but because you are right she doesnt quit she fights .
      Kalia : even she can see the mistakes she made and truly wants to correct them ..
      Porshce: she is an attractive girl ..and she stood up to rachel ..shot straight and told her you gave nothing Iowe nothing I give nothing
      Adam : gives hopes to all us average joes out there
      shelly : she knows what she did in the house and during her diary room sessions she shows remorse for having to play the game she diid to stay in the house.
      Rachel … sorry Pass …

    3. I am being very positive!

      Jeff – the physically strongest person in the house now that just wants to be mad for a while without all the people crying all the time and just really needs to get laid!
      Jordon – stays sweet and nice to everyone while trying to be everyone’s shoulder, she only starts the complaining about other HG to Jeff
      Dani – knows how to get people to do what “she” wants done while making them think it was their idea
      Kalia – that eating healthier can help you to lose weight (she has lost some) and the quiet game is a GREAT game
      Porsche – knows how to cook really well which keeps her off everyones radar
      Adam – knows how to make everyone happy and laugh in the house
      Shelly – can make you believe anything she wants to…probably get you to believe that cigarettes cure cancer not cause it…and man I want her to come clean my house!
      Rachel – shows the world that everyone needs a little love (not physical on tv), everyone can find love and help them through the hard times (Brendon can make her a better person), and plastic surgery is not always the best solution

  17. adam made a good point last night. Jeff should put up Kahlia nd Dani, therefore he insures one oif them goes home. By the way, if Brendon had been in there he would of won over Jeff, and Jeff would of let him. Bigger target. Dani has now become the biggest target, and sooner or later they are going to get her. No one can win every time. Look at Janelle

  18. Like I said last night. Jeff will not put Dani straight up on the block.

    Kalia deserves to go home, for not putting Jordan on the block two weeks ago.

  19. I love reading the posts, but Naids, seriously, all the rest of your posts come out in a whiney tone ever since your first couple of tantrums for not being recognized. Hope you got over it; sounds like the Babysitter’s took care of you. Btw: do you know Rachel personally?

  20. Will they be told about the double eviction and will that effect how Jeff nominates? It will be interesting on Thursday.

  21. Jeff-sexist,who sees women as weak and has no clue as to how we should be treated..Example:When Jordon was crying instead of taking her in his arms and saying it will be ok he said OMG all these women crying ,I can’t take it.

    Adam-Heavy Metal dude? but loves Beverly Hills 9021 and Tori Spelling..He has a big heart and is basically sweet natured and Kind..

    Shelly-Needs to check the lost and found for her booty,it’s obviously missing in action~! She has good intentions but unfortunately has gotten to the point where she believes her own lies.

    Porsche-The ultimate floater.probably is allot smarter than she pretends to be..and will probably float right on to win 50 G’s..Oh and her ass has doubled in size since she moved into the house..

    Jordon-has the biggest heart in the house but is so stupid for allowing Jeff to treat her like he does. She plays the Dumb blond to the hilt.She Isn’t Einstein but she couldn’t possibly be that out of touch with everything relevant.

    Dani- adorable but lethal..she is probably the smartest player in the game this season..She plays with her head and not with her heart..and the fact that she doesn’t have implants proves she has no self confidence issues.

    Rachel-The poor girl has more self confidence issues than zits and makes faces at people without even realizing she’s doing it,she must put a killin on Brendon for him to be so madly in love with her,not that he’s such a prize but he is hot.

    Kalia .It must be hard being the only minority in the house or in any situation,most take that fact for granted

    1. The problem is that Kalia is the only liberal arts, smarty pants in the house. Nobody to have thought-provoking conversations with.

  22. No They haven’t treated Kalia any differently but it still makes her feel strange.. she said ” I usually feel pretty but now I’m stuck in here with all skinny white girls”..But she could lose weight~! she has a pretty face reminiscent of Janet Jackson if you look closely plus her nose job looks very similar..

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