Big Brother 13: Shelly and Jordan defend Jeff’s temper say it’s because he’s from the North

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2:21pm HOH Kalia and Dani

Kalia and Dani are 100% sure that Shelly will go with JJ after the vote on Thursday.. especially now that JJ will vote to evict Brendon.
Kalia: “So much for Shelly’s final 3 deal with us”
Dani laughs…
Dani: “It’s obvious we don’t have a deal with her after last week”
Dani thinks that Shelly isn’t going to win any HOH from here on in. Kalia agrees, She mentions how clueless Porsche is. Earlier today Kalia was trying to tell her that it’s a good thing JJ and Rachel are fighting but Prosche just didn’t seem to get it.

Dani it’s 4/4 now that we have rachel.. We’re in a really good spot. Kalia is a bit worried that Rachel may still be with JJ after they vote Brendon out. Kalia brings up hoe JJ are telling Rachel that regardless they don’t have the votes to save Brendon so instead of losing another person they will vote for Shelly to keep her. Dani doesn’t think it’ll matter in rachel’s head: “Rachel is pissed about it.. don’t worry she’ll move to us”

Kalia brings ups the JJ couple and how she’s ready to split them up if she wins HOH. Her speech will be that everyone in this game has lost their couple except for JJ and they are too powerful of a force in this game to keep around.

Dani brings up that BR have apologized to her for not going against JJ when Dani had wanted to. “They told me it’s their biggest regret in the game… It kinda felt good to hear that”

Dani says that JJBR wanted to go final 5 but She tried to tell them it would never work, Dani thinks it was a bit early to pull the trigger on backdooring Jeff but still think it would of been good for BRD in the long run. Dani: “what a boring season that would of been.. “you’re welcome America”

Who do you think JEff will put up.. They know it won’t be Adam or Shelly, could be Porsche and Dani or Porsche and Kalia. Kalia thinks that JJ may put up Kalia over Dani, but will try to backdoor her if the Veto is used. Dani: “They have the votes to evict anyone, Shelly, Adam and Jordan”

Kalia: “Adam and shelly are such….. ”
Dani: “Piggy backers”
Kalia: “We just lst the numbers.. I can’t believe they went over to JJ”
Dani: “What is wrong with you what about Porsche”
Kalia: “Oh”

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2:40pm POol Shelly and Jordan Jordan is defending how Jeff acts around the house, being abrasive, rude with a short temper. Shelly points out that when you’re on “Jeff’s Side” he’s fine with you but when your not it’s a bit much. Shelly says that people from the North are like that. Jordan agrees says that all Jeff’s friends act the same way.

Shelly says she heard the commotion outside.. Shelly was going to come in and get involved if
she noticed Rachel was coming after Jordan but it looked like JOrdan was doing fine. Shelly can’t stand Rachel, Brendon told her that Rachel is a completely different person outside the house but Shelly doesn’t think so. Jordan brings up that the game is so intense from being with people 24/7

Shelly: “I appreciate you defending me.. you know I always have your back”

Jordan says she wants to win the game just like dani but Dani is willing to toss friendships aside to win the money and Jordan won’t do that. Shelly says that dani was drunk last night and still trying to work on her.. “She’s always playing the game that Girl” Shelly says that Dani is stressed as hell about this week, “she’s trying to round up her horses”.
Jordan thinks that Dani has become sick of KP. Shelly: “Dani is trying to separate herself from Kalia and POrsche.. she’s very tried of them” Jordan gets called into the DR.

3:00pm Pool Jeff and Brendon they are talking about this weeks HOH. Jeff is certain it’s true/false Brendon doesn’t he think it’ll be something that Benefits guys because the last few HOH comps didn’t. Brendon: “It’ll be physical and it’ll be quick.. Porsche and Kalia will fall out”

3:15pm Quad Adam and Shelly talking about the finale. Adam also gives Shelly the run down about what will be shown tonight on the CBS show and how jose/tony will probabaly be on the episode. DK talking about Brendon’s poor posture. Kalia comments that Brendon said he use to be a dancer but doesn’t really have the posture of a Dancer. Dani never heard that BRendon was a dancer.

3:16pm Kalia mentions that JJ’s strategy is to not win comps just make sure they have enough votes. Kalia: “Have you noticed how incredibly worried and paranoid they are” Dani says they should be worried there a couple holding 2 votes regardless.

Dani: “you know what I just realized… You and I are the only 2 people that haven’t been on the block” Kalia goes to the bathroom.

Dani says that During BB11 Jrodan was on the block 5 times as a pawn.. Dani is sure she’ll go final 3. Kalia: “Oh for sure.. a lot of people will take her to final 2.. they will use the excuse that she won bb11 by not doing anything and now she’s trying to win BB13 by not doing anything”

Dani says she doesn’t want to be involved in a season that a person that does nothing wins, “This isn’t a charity”.

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149 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Shelly and Jordan defend Jeff’s temper say it’s because he’s from the North

        1. Jeff’s friends came from the North side. Cool, probably from Norridge area. Jordan probably go hang out anyway.

  1. Dani: “you know what I just realized… You and I are the only 2 people that haven’t been on the block”

    Congrats Dani, you just jinxed yourself.

    1. Why should Rachel join DKP to make it 4 vs 4, when she could go with JJSA to make it 5-3. She can actually play both sides until she is the last one standing with either side.

        1. Plus she harbors an intense jealousy of J/J ‘America’s Sweethearts’ label. She wishes her and Brendon were so liked.

      1. Why? Because this season she’s a basket case and takes everything personally … she is a good competitor but as a social game player she’s lacking in the skills department. She has a short memory and holds fierce grudges, that’s why!

    2. I love Dani, but what boggles my mind is WHY on earth would she want to get rid of Brendon when she could use him to take out the JJSA power? By keeping Shelly in the game, she is ‘aiding’ JJ???

      Based on everything I have watched on the LIVE FEEDS; she should have DPR vote to Keep Brendon and JJA will vote to Keep Shelly; Then Miss Dani can BREAK the TIE by cutting a DEAL that BRDKP will now go after JJA. This is what I would have proposed AND I am hoping, hoping, hoping, that this is the ‘twist’ that will take place tomorrow.

      I can’t STAND SHELLY THE SNAKE, ADAM THE UGLY and the loser fake couple JJ thinking they rule; they suck and are BORING and have ABSOLUTELY NO Strategy or Game play…

      Please BB — this would be the BEST LIVE SHOW EVER!!! BRDKP vs JJA – Shelly OUT

      1. What you seem to not realize is that Brendon and Rachel cannot as in, C-A-N-N-O-T be trusted. They will back out of any deal with Dani if it means getting her out of the house or anyone else for that matter. No one seems to remember that before Dani was really pushing to boot Jeff, way back…BR had considered letting Jeff go up. Rachel and Brendon’s game is snake like. They would turn on each other if it came down to it. Jeff is just Jeff, he can’t help but be his smug self. It’s nothing personally on anyone, he just has a short fuse and living with people he’d only have as acquaintances, is wearing on him. Jordan is as sweet as they come but sweet often comes with whiny and she can be a bit whiny. The difference between BR and JJ is, in this circumstance, BR’s basic character goes right out the window. They’re so full of themselves, but their butts can’t cash the checks their pie-holes keep writing. JJ have maintained their basic characters, good and bad.

        Dani is the only exciting player in the house, good or bad, she keeps trying to mix things up. It can get her booted but it can also get her to the end if she ponders her decisions enough and continues to shut up and listen to everyone. Glad Brendon’s gonna go, if he goes, he frankly is too sleazy for my liking and Rachel might wake up and get into the game with him gone. But that girl’s got to turn on her brain and stop being the victim in the house, for God’s sake the first couple of weeks she was queen f*&^%n’ bee then she hits a hurdle and completely falls apart. (This is where her basic character would have come in handy.)

        The rest of the house are floaters, Kalia stepped up a tiny bit, but not by much, JJ better watch it because they are starting to look a lot like floaters, don’t let that stink stick on y’all. If a floater wins, the season is a bust and BB needs to rethink how this game should be played and design it so that no one has a chance to just float. After all, isn’t no books, no personal distractions allowed because you want interaction between the house guests…well, how then do you have 4 floaters out of 9 people…somethin’ ain’t right.

        1. I would vote Brendon out just because of his and Rachels interaction ‘if you know what I mean’ – come on you are on TV can’t you not be all over each other for 3 months.

  2. Oh lord, just another reason to keep brendon…I’m not a brenchel fan, but the numbers would be there for dani if she keeps them

    1. She unfortunately needs Brenchel. If someone needed a coach in life, Rachel does. It’s sad to see her in action. Like a caricature.


      how many times does it have to be drilled in you guys heads??? LOL

      if she controlled the votes she probably would try and keep him, If Jeff and Jordan wasn’t planning on voting brendon out, I could see a brief DBR alliance, but hopefully Rachel does work with Dani, but I can’t see that working too well without brendon. Rachel will most likly go back to JJ because the numbers are there.

      1. She DOES have the votes Rachel, Dani, & Porsche can force a TIE and Dani can BOLDLY break it. She could call Shelly the snake out and basically tell JJA , – bye bye floaters!!!

        1. …Dani doesn’t get a vote, she’s HOH. And Porsche already said she’s not voting for Brendon. So she doesn’t control the votes

    3. As much as I dislike evil Dani and her two goonies that follow her every where she goes and does what ever she says. Because she is their boss They both have their head up her ass so far that they cant see day light. She is playing a pretty good game. She has two very weak players doing what ever she says. and she is making sure their hands are getting dirty. I wish Adam wins the 500K,and Rachel wins the 50K. JJ are really bad players this season.Jordon plays with her hair to much, Jeff trys to act like a badass, And Shelly, oh poor Shelly. She acting like a scared little skinny rat, trying to put on I am brave and honest to everybody in the world….poor thing….Yup..Evil Dani is not doing so bad..She is playing the game like a pro….Rats!!!!!! Some one needs to take her out and her two goonies(KP)

      1. If Danni gets voted out who do you want to win the game? No one else so far has deserved it but maybe Rachel and who wants her to win???

  3. All the people that have a problem with Jeff must be from down south. Up North we all are like this because if you aren’t you are going to get trampled. Everyone please take this into account when you judge Jeff because I know most of the Big Brother fans are from the South and West.

    1. I have a problem with the way Jeff talks to Jordan… and I am from the Midwest, just like Jeff. He is not like most of the men I know, so I disagree. I think his little outbursts on Rachel and his general “rude” attitude he has had lately is just due to the fact that he is stressed out and nervous because he knows he is about to be the #1 target and his alliance hasn’t been doing much at all lately. I’m sure being locked up in a house with the same people for 46 or 47 days now would be enough to make anyone a little snappy.

      1. and what about Breduh’s attitude with Wrenchel lastnight? Wayyyyyyyy worse than anything Jeff has said or done. Same with the way he treated the girls last season. Im surprised Brenchel are still in the house. They should have been the first two to go out that door. Didn’t anyone in the house watch last season? How they snake through everyones head? They lie lie lie! They all do, it’s part of the game. Jedi mind tricks! It’s how you get further. but Brenchel flip flop more than my own flip flops! They say what whomever it is needs or wants to hear. Then changes it to the next group, and spills the beans. Like Wrenchel did with JJ at the hot tub last night on BBAD.

        1. This blog wasn’t talking about the way Brendon treated Rachel…. I was responding to Jordan using Jeff’s geographical upbringing to the way he acts. That is the only thing I referenced. Jeff is rude to Jordan. Not all of the time, but he talks to her like she is a moron and I don’t think it’s right. If you read my other posts on here you will see that I said that Brendon doesn’t treat Rachel right either.

            1. jordan and shelly are ignorant bitches to say that about northerners….if i were judging all southerners based on the two of them (which i would never do bc i am educated) but what would i say, that they are all manipulative, lying chainsmokers or cookie-dough eating, dumb as doornails good for nothings…to me that is as bad as jeff’s homophobia

      2. Do most of the men you know have a camera on them 27/7? I didn’t think so and if they did, I am sure they would have their moments.

        1. Are you responding to me or someone else? ‘Cause if you are responding to me, you completely did not understand what I was saying.

      3. HIS outburst on Rachel??? Where were you. JJ was in the pool and RB are the two who started the acttack!
        Jeff just finished just the way he should have!

        1. if your replying to me, the jest he had in the have not room with Wrenchel lastnight on BBAD. It was like almost an hour of tv!

      4. He did the same thing in season 11. I agree he starts getting stressed out and snaps at everyone. I have a bigger issue with the way Brendon talks to Rachel then I do with Jeff talking to Jordan. Jordan seems to take it all in stride. She seems to understand why Jeff acts like that. While Rachel has no self esteem to speak of and I don’t think Brendon is helping her out any.

    2. I ususallly read the comments and keep my opinion to myself. On this one I just can’t let it go. I was born in and still live in the North. Geography has nothing to do with the bad attitude. Not everyone has one. In my opinion it’s juvenile and lack of good upbringing.
      Just another opinion. Don’t slay me for it.

      1. Your right. He is abrasive and thinks he can win with massacre threats, and bullying. Put Try putting energy into winning.

      2. I couldn’t have said it better. People always try to rationalize their ill manners; yet, this is the first time, I heard it blamed on geography.

        1. To say that geography has nothing to do with personality and attitude is ridiculous. It’s not the sole determining factor of course, but in general where someone is from has an affect on people’s personality. New Yorkers have a pretty distinct personality. Bostonians, New Jerseyans, Californians, different areas are known for the people having certian personality traits.

          1. Ridiculous for who? For someone who seems to believe that preconceived ideas, stereotypes and prejudices should be considered when you assessed someone’s personality? For having experienced a lot of racism in my life because of my skin color or where I am originally from, I stand by my statement and do think that geography has no bearing in people’s attitudes. It’s a matter of upbringing and character. So keep on with your limited life-experiences and your love for excessive generalizations, there is no ridicule in that for sure.

          2. exactly. For example, southerners are almost all cousin humping wife beaters who have IQs under 75 and vote for Bush. Even if he’s not running for anything. And an occasional goat screw Isn’t out of the question.

    3. Ha! I thought i was the only 1 who thought this was true. I Dont think Jeff is so bad. Seems like most ppl i know lol. Maybe we hate living in the north so we take it out on others. Maybe Thats just me…idk.
      I <3 me some Jeff!
      That being said-i think dani is playing this game many speeds ahead of the rest of them.

  4. See, this is how Jordan won. She doesn’t come out and tell Shelly that JJ have a “deal” with Dani, just says that Dani is “getting tired of Kalia and Porshe”. Shelly is probably thinking right now how she can weasel up to Porshe and Kalia to tell them that shit.

  5. I hate Jeff and Jordan so much! They came in thinking, we have America in the back of our pockets. They took advantage of America, and have become COMPLETE floaters; thinking, we’ll do nothing, America will vote us as “America’s Player”, we’ll get special powers… and just like that – we’ll win BB13.

    Jeff and Jordan = Jerks.

    1. I think anyone still in the game at this point is doing fine. The jerks are the ones that are allowing the floaters to stay. It’s all about staying in the big Brother house.. Doesn’t matter how you do it. That being said, they need to pick up their game now and start pulling their weight or they will be gone.

    2. took advantage of america??? wow!!! they must have some super duper super powers to do that huh??!!

      took advantage of america! lmao!!!!!!!

  6. I feel like kaila was afraid to put up Jordan and dani is afraid to put up jj. That’s y she put up brendon this week and keeps telling kaila that she has to put up jj next week. She wants kalia to have to do it instead of doing it herself. Idk why people are so afraid of jj

    1. Look how divided the house has become and look how clearly defined the lines are between the sides now. Dani would not have gotten this had she just put up Jeff or Jordan.

  7. “ohthatjim” is probably right lol… Dani better “knock on wood” after saying something like that.

    It’s nice Jordan is defending her boo… but she shouldn’t categorize all Northern men. Being from “the North” myself, I can say that all… no MOST Northern men are not like Jeff. There is definitely a difference between a “Northern man” and a “Southern gentleman” … but Jeff is more rude than most guys I have come across in my 30 years “up North”… and the fact that “all his friends are the same way” just shows that this is how he is in real life… birds of a feather flock together. But he still is nice to look at :-)

    1. please they are both stupid ignorant bitches to say that and they southerners a bad name, people with as little knowledge as jordan should not be allowed on tv and they should not be allowed to speak freely

  8. “This isn’t charity”. Say that with a megaphone. Jordan is absolutely useless and I’m glad they realize it.

    Shelly forever the old hen, mentions she was gonna come out and defend Jordan. I’m pretty sure Jordan was in no danger as long as her boyfriend Jeff is around..Shelly wants any excuse to coddle Jordan.

      1. CJ, that really made me laugh out loud.

        Last night Shelly said something to Jordan to the effect of “that’s how much I love you” and then added, “as a friend . . . let me clear that up.”

        The lady doth protest too much.

  9. I honestly see JJAS winning hoh this week. We are about due for a power shift. I hope dani doesnt go next week i wont know who to cheer for if she goes. I’m also glad brendon is going this week, i cant take no more of him. So dani needs to grab on to rachel and bring her to there side if she wants to go far.

  10. I just thought of something. Rachael said that Brendons parents really like her and she gets along with them. Maybe they have been afraid that there wouldn’t be an idiot to marry him so they are holding on to her for dear life. Does anyone agree?

    1. If you remember on their season his mom said something about he better not be bringing her home. Or something like that. LOL

  11. I said it before and I will say it again….Dani has game! You just can not like her game play. She started out with her dad and he was gone in the first few days. She was left by herself….Now for atleast one day….one week she has control of the game and the people inside the house.

    She has Brendon saying’ Even if you persoanlly have me evicted, Roach is going to work with you, She has J/J believeing they are safe with her. They have the original fearsome foursome at eachothers throats. She managed to break through the brain matter of Porche and to get her somewhat comitted to her ( as well as you can) I believe Porshe really has no idea what day it is…does she really know she is playing a game for 500 G’s?

    I agree with a previous poster who said that Roach is actually a better competetor without Brendumb….which will help Dani. Reguardless what happens (if) when Brendom leaves Dani has a strong hold on Roach’s ear….Roach will atleast listen. Thats all Dani needs. Smelly? She is like the captian on the Titanic…she is going to go down woth the ship. I understand why CBS cast her they thought she was smart, successful and probably would make a great game play….Russell on Survivor. Turns out she has zero game. Even early on when she was lyeing…never did her any good….didnt advance her game. She was just clinging to J/J. Other Hg’s had bigger targets….of course except lawon.

    The Donato legend grows everyday. Little ms Donato is smokin’ the house.

    BTW….J/J will not win BB 13….take it to the bank

    1. Don’t forget Dani had the golden key just because her Dad left. So she had 4 weeks to kick back and forge relationships.

    2. Seriously??? Dani is a disgrace to bb and to human life. Her behavior and personality are disgusting and her need to feel superior is quite comical. Steve Tyler’s lookalike like needs to walk out thedoor

    3. Why are you so disrespecful, why call her Roach, HER NAME IS RACHEL. Oh by the way Iam from the North and yes I do have an attitute with people like you. NO WONDER THIS COUNTRY IS SO SCREW UP, no one wants to get along. And before you say it i’m staying put. So stop with your hatred, you look like a fool when you do this. If you dont like her reach for your remoted and tune her off, But dont call her nasty name.


    Julie: “By a vote of 3 to 2.. Jeff, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.”

    Jeff chokes Julie out. Then stabs her to death with a spoon.

    Jordan: “Oh it’s okay, he’s from the north.” Shelly takes her head out of Jordan’s butt for two seconds to nod in agreement.

    The audience goes “Ohhhhh of course!”, cheers, and votes Jeff for America’s Favorite.

  13. yeps… as one that lives in the north east, i can vouch for “people from the north”. we do have a spark. humans have a voice, and we sure let it be known! #TeamJJSA

        1. lol i think she meant north of florida. im not quite sure jordo knows where “yankee” is hahaha. jeff just has the “big city syndrome” #TeamJJAS

      1. I dont know what’s more stupid, Jordan’s statement or idiots that agree with her. I was born and raised up “North”, guys like Jeff are assholes. Period.

        1. I just hope CBS won’t air that. It’s a bad regional stereotype and some people don’t feel the need to read, travel or learn about a lot of things. They educate themselves through TV and showing something like Jeff’s attitude is right because he’s from the North won’t help lowering the level of ignorance of a lot of people.

  14. @saradipity where in the north are you from? im in ny and all the men are snarky like jeff. well… at least the ones i (and friends) have encountered.

    i personally dont have a problem w jeff since im already used to that type of personality. actually… i kinda am like that too. dont think its rude… he just dont sugar coat shit. nuttin wrong w that.

    i guess some of us are more sensitive than others.

    1. Same here. He says it like it is and doesn’t have a high tolerance for bullshit. I can totally relate (and I’m not even from the north!). Even Adam was saying to Shelly this morning that he likes JJ because they just tell you what they are thinking.

    2. I am from the Midwest…so is Jeff. He isn’t from NY. I agree that people from the Northeast, or at least those I have encountered, are different than ones from the midwest. NY, NJ… TOTALLY different than Illinois, Indiana, Ohio…

      It’s not about being sensitive. I don’t have a problem with his “snappy” attitude. I have a problem with the way he talks to his girlfriend. Same with Brendon. Like they don’t have the ability to think on their own.

      1. ok sara… but lets face it… jordan aint that smart and tends to have a loose toungue. and rachel… well… the woman is losing it.

        1. I am definitely aware that Jordan is not the smartest lol… And perhaps I should have taken more consideration into that when I initially read it… I just can’t stand generalizations. :-)

    3. Whats the big deal!!! I am from the south. I think there are good guys and bad guys…everywhere!!!! I know some very nice people from the North..

  15. On the page before this one on the top right — are R and B doing what it looks like they are doing? Have they no class at all? Or are they just narcisistic exhibitionists without any class whatsoever — what disgusting people they are. I doubt that any marriage they might have would last very long — they’ve pretty much burned themselves out as it is.
    How gross they both are — whether it is picking pimples, farting, having sex, staining sheets and leaving them behind.
    Wish they’d both go home permanently. Jeff and Jordan are behaving with some class — not behaving as the other couple in the house — cannot help but admire them for it.

    1. Anyone get a look at Shelly’s husband? Dude has a giraffe neck like Shelly and the same physique. They are probably closely related. Ugly marries ugly I guess. They probably can’t wait to smoke a pack of cigarettes together again.

    2. wow you are a raving lunatic gee, jordo said that in diary and laughed said dont tell ha ha she was joking, jeff isnt rude just no bull zone in effect has been switched on almost constantly in bb. id be a crazed person in there i would have no problem working with or hiring jeff, He seems to be good natured his yelling as you called it is direct to the point and simple. get it fine. dont, look out. he will react and wont make it easy for you anyway. like it like it alot!!

      as for jordo love her .would be her freind .shes a genuinely nice person .
      dont see her as stupid at all she is a person who s concentration or focus if you will is on one thing at a time wether her nails food jeff or competitions, she did win the game once but none of you give her credit how shallow for losers to see only one way of playing, not fixated on herself like the other women are shes a real person not a character. Plus if you honestly feel she is dunb your just being mean she is in school and bettering herself give her credit for improving her mind . at least she didnt sdpend her winnings on frivolous sparkle or lazy vacations she is in school. SO wake up people itis a game a loong game and it aint over yet see what comes next.

  16. I can not stand Kalie her voice is awlful.And when she plays the race makes me feel sick.She talks,talks and kisses the HOH’s ass and lies.Once she is voted out I really do not care who wins as long as it is not her.

  17. The sparks have been flying! I predict more outbursts from BR before Thursday! When Rachel wakes up and realizes that it was Dani that put Brendon on the block she’ll go off on her too. Then Rachel will go back to the poor pitiful me bit and just be mad at everybody. After Brendon leaves Rachel will literally have no one. I feel sorry for the DR guys!

    1. DR, Thats their job, It cant be all fun and games.They need to handle Rachel somtimes, it cant always be on the house players. They need a break every now and then. I say lets all share Rachels sunny, happy, get along dispassion…LOL…sorry DR

    1. Brendon has been everything before but the Messiah. I’m guessing since he came back into the house, he’ll claim he was ‘resurrected’ and can now officially claim to be Jesus too.

  18. What happen to BRENNENNN being a “MAN” and telling Jeff off?? Lmao I knew that was pure comedy. Big Jeff is running this house! And if Dani thinks Kalia will grow the balls to put JJ up next week when she was too chicken to do it last week, then Dani is delusional. The fact that she’s waiting for someone else to do what she could of done this week (put up Jeff) makes Dani such a coward!

  19. I find it unfair that the site is so biased towards Jeff and Jordan or anyone else who is deemed to be in their alliance. The headlines say it all all the time. All the contestants have their flaws, so it disturbs me that the entries are written to manipulate readers that those two deserve to be hated. rachel was so hated in this site a few weeks ago, but now that there is indication she might align with Dani, she seems to be getting the love. Just hoping for fairness.

  20. Ok now it is ok to fart,belch,pick your nose,talk foul,lie,cheat, and steal on tv.What happened to good manners?Jeff may be from the north but I must say being from the south we have our share of pigs.

  21. I wanna see Rachel bitch slap J,J,&S while screaming no one comes between me and my man. I hope Brenden came back with some type of golden ticket that saves him this week, and watch them all squirm.

  22. Jeff has a temper cos he’s from the north??? Yeah, that yankee sure can be rude to folks. What year is this, 1862? *facepalm*

  23. @mimi, I totally agree. @Megan, Dani is a great player to root for because the way she plays always makes her the underdog. She really is a normal person and I think the only normal person in the house. No one but her seems to seperate the game from emotions but her. Straight Shooter plays too emotional, BR, (no comment), Jeff is the second smartest player on the house nut he plays with prolly more anger than anyone but its less of a nuisance when what he is saying is the truth I’m personally on the Jeff and Dani finals as they are the only two real players in the game. Adam is a floater-fan, Porche is on a vacation that just happens to be in the big brother house, Kahlia is prolly the 3rd best player left in the game, which doesn’t say much for the other players. Jordan will always make it far because everyone thinks they can beat her and this time around they might be right. If not for Rachel, Cassi would have made final three and I firmly believe that. I know production wants Jeff to win but if Dani has anything to say about production will not be mad, they will just keep bringing him back until he does win. And we can look forward to seeing Rachel ima few years because she is what reality t.v. OS all about. DRAMA. Team Dani train is boarding haters.

    1. no hate for dani but she does cap on everybody like she is perfect she does look healthy this year like that but shes a bit obsessed with gone dom .
      its ok she liked him but lets not imagine what he might have done hes gone. now brenden next ??? dont have a guess but team dani better win veto i think or it could be end. next week dani holding them together for now but not a strong group and not particularily nice enough to garner synpathy votes. kalia stop race carding things geez really cmon no one has given any indication of prejudice play with brain not belly you have a decent brain you dont need to play card.

      porcha whhat are you show yourself why were you entranced with br to begin with cmon girl show us some gumption ADAM maN ADAM TIME TO PUT UP OR BACK DOWN LET IT GO MAN

  24. I can’t believe they would actually get rid of brendon!! Dani, u need to wake up and get some people on your side that can win hoh or veto!!!!!! Your gonna need them!!!!!

  25. What is with this Jeff hate? He and Jordan are the most honest players in this game, by far. Anything you can accuse him of has been done by others. Brendon yells at Rachel all the time. I don’t care if he does, but he does, so stop all the Jeff is rude to Jordan nonsense. You never see Jeff go off like that on Jordan. Jeff said he would massacre them if they stabbed him in the back. So? It’s a figure of speech. Dani repeatedly threatened to punch Porsche, and she’s said similar things to Kalia. Everyone in that house has said things like that. For some reason the haters on here have focused all their attention on Jeff. I just don’t get it. What has he done that others have not? Maybe it is a Northern thing. I’m from Detroit, and I don’t see him as a bully at all. I see a lot of posters on here who pick a person to like, and they look for any reason to tear the other players down. It’s childish.

    Dani’s game was great from the time Dom went home until she started making deals with everyone a couple of days ago. She didn’t need to do that, and it may come back to haunt her. Luckily for her, she is badass at comps. It helps smooth over other flaws in her game.

  26. Actually I feel sorry for all the players this year. The Newbies were thrown off their game before they even got started, with the vets being brought back in. The vets were thrown off with Dick leaving { i still don’t believe their excuse}. then Dani”s stupid play, then you have Brendan and Rachel trying to prove to America {bad idea} that they are not bad people. {they just made a big mess} the pressure was just to much, then you throw in production, telling them not to be so boring, the entire house is polarizing. I don’t think other then Adam, are these people being their real selves.

  27. if jeff was really a mean jerk he would slap the the shit out of rachels annoying bitch ass like they do in all these jeff haters need to live in a house with rachel for a month then talk about how mean jeff is.i tried to like brenchel this season but damn there so annoying


  28. Lets all remember the “super alliance” epic failure from the last hoh comp. Worst alliance performance EVER!

    Dani’s nominations has them all second guessing their relationships.

    I feel sorry for Jeff. He is the only good comp player on the JJSA alliance.

  29. Is anyone else so sick of the “i’m not gonna lie” and “to tell you the truth” comments? seriously does this make people really think they are being told the truth? Makes me think the exact opposite!

  30. I love Dani, but what boggles my mind is WHY on earth would she want to get rid of Brendon when she could use him to take out the JJSA power? By keeping Shelly in the game, she is ‘aiding’ JJ???

    Based on everything I have watched on the LIVE FEEDS; she should have DPR vote to Keep Brendon and JJA will vote to Keep Shelly; Then Miss Dani can BREAK the TIE by cutting a DEAL that BRDKP will now go after JJA. This is what I would have proposed AND I am hoping, hoping, hoping, that this is the ‘twist’ that will take place tomorrow.

    I can’t STAND SHELLY THE SNAKE, ADAM THE UGLY and the loser fake couple JJ thinking they rule; they suck and are BORING and have ABSOLUTELY NO Strategy or Game play…

    Please BB — this would be the BEST LIVE SHOW EVER!!! BRDKP vs JJA – Shelly OUT

  31. why is it that dani wouldn’t talk porsha and kalia into voting David Spade out and keeping BR? BR would be on her side and they could take team jeff right out the door!

  32. I can’t believed she made that whole north and south comment you would hope those distinctions have past it has been over a hundred years since the war lol

  33. Northerners are rude and abusive like Jeff and his friends? uh? Coming from Jordan the woman who thinks Canada is a third world country and Shelly who doesn’t know what yam is…I dare to hope people have other sources of knowledge than those two…

  34. I lived in both North and South and thought people were a bit more rude down South! (lived in South before going up North)

  35. What gets me is that people constantly remark that Kalia is a weak game player who has her head up Dani ass and follows her wherever she goes. But in actuality, Kalia has one an HOH in a mental challenge and lasted to the final two with Dani in an endurance comp-far out lasting Jeff, Jordan, Brendon Shelly, Adam, Porsche. Kalia certainly deserves more credit than she’s getting.

    Jeff has a nasty temper and constantly takes below the belt shots at Kalia. What’s up with that? He seems to hate Kalia more than anyone in the house and I just don’t get it.

  36. Jeff is from the Midwest, Chicago, not the Northeast! My husband is from Boston and was raised to be respectful to women! He is from a tough and poor neighborhood, Dorchester, and was raised to work hard, respect women etc and so were all his friends, Jeff just shows u can’t buy class! And for those of u who will say but R this or B that, other people’s bad behavior is not an excuse .. u behavior is ur behavior, even if u r reacting to someone else which u can’t say Jeff is ALWAYS doing…his bad treatment of Jordan has nothing to do with anyone else right? Geeeez, I don’t know WHO to root for anymore!!! Try enjoying the show or change the channel. FGS!

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