Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff got to choose the HAVENOTS this week and he picked Kalia, Dani and Porsche! *Updated*

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Jeff got to choose the HAVENOTS this week and he picked Kalia, Dani and Porsche!

11:50am Big Brother calls an end to the outdoor lock down. All of the houseguests head inside to discover that America voted the havenots this week to eat hard boiled eggs and Jalapenos. Porsche looks at the camera and says ….I should have had a bigger breakfast! Shelly says those Jalapenos are hot!! Rachel tries one and says they’re hot! Meanwhile Dani and Porsche are in the candy bedroom. Dani wonders if she will get real food for her birthday. Porsche says Adam did. Porsche says should I have not said …does this mean I am not nominated now? They talk abotu how they don’t want to sleep in the havenot room. Dani says that this is bullshit …that Big Brother didn’t even give us a have/havenot competition ..and to just pick 3 people at random. Kalia joins them. Dani says thanks guys for not winning HOH this week! Porsche says she wants to go read about Jonah.. Kalia and Dani laugh …you idiot its Judas… Dani says go eat a baby. Go eat a hardboiled egg. Porsche says that she almost made it without being a havenot this season. Kalia leaves. Dani tells Porsche that Kalia is going to be miserable this week…

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12:10pm Rachel, Shelly and Jordan are in the backyard talking. Rachel talks about how fast Porsche took her bed back last night …and now she has to go sleep in the havenot room.

12:10pm – 12:20pm In the backyard, Kalia is talking to Jeff about how she knows that she is probably going up on the block. Kalia says that she would like to know … even though she knows that he can’t really tell her that she is definitely up. Jeff says yeah well you are definitely in the pot… you put me up so you are definitely in the pot … I still don’t know what I am going to do … I think a slap on the wrist is definitely in order. Kalia throws Rachel under the bus and says that she should be a target of his …even though she knows she is on his side. Kalia says just be careful of people in your camp …that may not necessarily have your back. Kalia says that he is really surprised by her behaviour. Jeff says yeah thats a fair comment .. and we are all aware of her behaviour. Kalia says that in the event that I am here or if I am not your target … whatever it is that you want.. Jeff says that he appreciates it and that he appreciates her not putting up Jordan and that I wasn’t the target. Jeff says that there are no hard feelings …thank you for shooting me straight.. and for being honest. Jeff says sorry about making you a havenot … Kalia says no yeah its okay .. I haven’t been one since the first week… I just wish there was something other than Jalapenos … cuz I can literally not eat them… Kalia heads inside.

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215 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff got to choose the HAVENOTS this week and he picked Kalia, Dani and Porsche! *Updated*

          1. You must have BB influencing your dreams.

            “Follow the BB $howmance. Believe in it. Defend it. Proclaim it.
            Jeff is a Prince and Jordan is a Genius. Never ever stop believing.”

            Snap out of it!

          2. I know for a fact, that the first one to resort to name calling is always the loser of the argument. It’s OK if you can handle having discussions with adults.

      1. I think they were referring to the fact that they’ve never had an HOH pick the Have Nots this season until Jeff won. It’s a little convienient that it happened the one week where D/K/P need to be their strongest.

        1. If you can recall, they have done that in the past. I heard cbs has all of the comps and pov set up before the show starts; although, I think they rig it at times. If so that is bull! I think Jeff was fair, Kalia was on it in the beginning, Dani, and Porsche have never been on slop. So he was fair about it. I would have picked the same ppl. It is good stradegy on his part, but I think the comp for HOH on Thursday will be questions.

    1. Your telling me…
      Mr. ‘Special Prince’ Jeff gets to pick the have-nots…

      Let him pick the have nots as long as Dani gets some ‘special power’…
      I would LOVE for Jeff to have a Chima moment…
      wishful thinking…

      1. Oh I would LOVE it if Dani got a power… hell if anyone besides Jeff got a power. SOMETHING to spice this game up its about to get real boring if they continue to let Jeff’s camp reign. and CBS is an asshole for letting him pick have-nots

      2. This isn’t the first time BB let the HOH pick the have nots. I love when Dani is doing great and everything is going her way it’s a game. Jeff wins… and it’s fixed. Lol

        1. Jeff said he was going to win the p.o.v and he did. Everytime one of them say they are going to win they alway win. Very strange i think it’s rigged. If you have played the game before, and see your mistakes, then you know the next time how to play. Why put vet with newbies that’s some mess up s11t.

          1. I dont think you get how reality tv interviews work

            if someone needs a win, they get them saying how bad they need the win. period. and if they show it, its either to make them look silly, or make them look good when they do infact win.

        2. Yeah, like when she worked to evict a guy and then they let him back in the game as “America’s choice!” They so are trying to give her an advantage.

        3. Well if there is any fix, which I think there is a bit, it’s for all their stars who help their ratings not just Jeff. Dani might be in a bit of trouble this week but the power will shift to her again, that’s what keeps it exciting. I’m pretty sure that they want Dani to stick around because she has a huge fan base.

    2. Absolutely! A competition for the HaveNots this week would at least have given the appearance of things being fair. Giving Jeff this choice without even having a comp is a joke.

        1. last three years were a joke. I don’t care who the HOH is they shouldn’t be able to pick the have nots. It should be a comp and you win not to be but the problem is, is that obviously jeff/jordan can’t win. Between the two of them and the two seasons they have played. Jordan won two hohs (both thrown to her) and jeff has won 2 hoh and 2 pov (one for each season). Dani did that in a months time in bb8. The best physical competors on this show is Dani and Rachel no doubt about it. Dani has played in 3 hoh’s this season, won 2 and threw one to rachel.

    3. Let Jeff pick the stupid havenots…
      Maybe there will a Luxury Comp…
      …and a ‘fortune teller’ power for Team Dani, perhaps…
      come on BB/CBS, I know your TEAM DANI too!

    4. Are you people stupid? Every season since they started the have/have-nots twist there has always been one week where the HOH picks the have-nots. Next week will probably be a luxury comp. And who did people expect Jeff to select? Ppl from his own alliance or the ppl targeting him and his alliance? Pull your heads out of your ass

    5. Yep, the fix is in. However, you can’t fault anyone but dani and kalia. they both have huge made mistakes that altered the game. CBS has been working overtime to get JJ back in control like they had at first. They just need to give JJS the money and call it a season.

    6. Yeah…what’s up with that?…does CBS wait to see who’s won before making up the rules as they go?… really does not seem like an equal playing field.

  1. AAAAH the queen and her minions crying about being havenots and yes Dani was crying…to funny actually,poor Pacer and Cowlia will starve to death!!!!!!!!!

  2. that is not fun that they let jeff pick the havenots. At leaset they could have a little rigged competion or something to give us something to watch.

    1. LoL. I was thinking the same think. B may drop down a peg as the leader (current and former BB13 HGs included) of SBDs …. & LADs for that matter.

  3. Poor kaluha. I’m sure she willl still be stuffing her fat face with eggs and slop. Could u imagine hear nasty egg farts? Haha. They all could stand to lose a few pounds, except dani of course

    1. They all already look like they have eating disorders do they have to disappear for them to be skinny enough for you smh

      1. Not to be mean, but Porch-a needed a slop diet. Lately she seems to be finding what Adam has been losing.
        Just sayin’.

        1. Porshe has hardly any body fat it’s people like you that push people to have eating disorders everybody doesn’t have to be a size skeleton to look good

      2. “Big Kalia” would need to be on slop for 6 months to lose any weight!! That cow will still be stuffing her face whether it be with eggs or slop!! Her miserable ass is going home this week right after that bitch Dani with the double eviction, so she might as well be a”have not” since she has been a “Queen” for the last 3 weeks!! Can’t wait for all 3 of the “witches coven” to go as Porshe is gone next week then let them watch the HG’s goodbye messages and they can see how much they were all hated by everyone!! Smart ass bitches getting exactly what they deserve as they reap what they sow!! BYE BYE BITCHES!!

  4. They really should have had some kind of have/have not competition. I think leaving it up to the HOH gives him too much power. But I guess CBS loves him!! So whatever is best for JJ is what will happen. There will probably be a Pandoras box this week as well. He will prob get free pass to the finale or something!

  5. The ugly bitches deserve it.. especially Dani.
    She was so heartless and didn’t pay two seconds of attention when others were in there. She’s really, psychologically damaged and it’s scary to watch. She acts like it’s a life or death situation – I think she needs to relax and take her own advice, that she seems to shove down other peoples throat but never consider herself, and that’s: “it’s just a game”

    I want her out.. so bad!

      1. Right??? People who say such hate driven things about these people they don’t ‘really’ know?? It makes me wonder what, in their lives, has made them so miserable!

    1. The great thing this week, is Jeff can send out whoever he wants. He has the votes. Rachel, Jordan and Shelley will do whatever he wants! One of the witches from the west will be sent packing! YEAH! :D

      1. I so agree! The “witches coven” will be gone with DK this week in the double evicvtion and the village idiot Porshe next week!! HOORAY! No daddy to save your miserable ass this season Dani!! Too Friggin Bad!! Take a walk right to jury house and spend the rest of your summer with your friend the Neandrathal Zombie!! Those 3 are getting exactly what they deserve!! Can’t wait to see their faces as their asses walk out that door!

  6. This is actually such bulls***!!! CBS rigs EVERYTHING for Jeff. Of COURSE he gets to pick. It’s crap like this that makes me not want to watch the show anymore.

    1. gotta say i agree w you. This is a very important week w it being a double eviction. Those three as havenots are at a really big disadvantage. They will be malnourished just in time to play two hoh and two vetos. I would’ve thought CBS would not have done any havenits this week to make it fair. Starting to think prod wants Rach for the win. They know she’d have lost if there was a h/n comp so they jnust let Jeff pick. It is complete bullshit


        1. Stop Shouting!

          BTW – let’s see if Jordan is no longer lazy since she isn’t on slop.
          Oh, wait. She hasn’t been on slop lately and is and has been as lazy
          as ever.

        2. I agree with you, but everyone needs to chillax. It is just a game. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I like Dani, I love Jeff and Jordon.

    2. I agree with Anonymous says. Didn’t it look like Jeff’s bowl was filling up faster than anyone elses, even while he was at the other end getting his soap? production was probably slowly filling it from the bottom. and to have him pick the havenots without a comp. oh yeah it’s rigged for Jeff. that’s why he and the biggest dummy floater with him, who can’t even do a simple interview or hold an adult conversation, are still together and in the house. STAY OUT OF IT CBS PRODUCTION….

      1. “Didn’t it look like Jeff’s bowl was filling up faster than anyone elses, even while he was at the other end getting his soap?”

        you gotta be kidding me? thats insane! he dusted the other payers in that hoh comp.

          1. I agree! If you gonna be Team Dani with me, stop ignorant-replies. Or I will back-door your ass!..No pun intended!

      2. Oh, now that team JJ are in power the game is “rigged” but not when the “witches coven” is in power? Such bullshit–typical whining Danielle fan!! Tough shit, those 3 are gone and getting exactly what they deserve, spending the rest of the summer in jury with the Neandrathal Zombie, and ED isn’t here to save that bitch this seaason!! Get over it!! Your 3 witches are gone and most of us couldn’t be happier!! BYE BYE BITCHES!!

    3. Good, then don’t watch it! Too much conspiracy crap! Is it also right that when Jeff finally wins, we have a double elimination and he can’t compete for HOH. Now that is a serious disadvantage. You can live well eating hard boiled eggs with all the condiments they allow.

    1. That truly is a hideous picture … wow. But, even the most beautiful woman alive looks terrible with their face frozen in certain expressions :)

    2. Brenda sees her as a toy, she sucks a mean dick, and is easy to control and manipulate like most skanks are…

      Takes a shity man to take advantage of a women’s deep insecurities and turn them on her like he does..

    3. Equally baffling is what does she see in him? I guess they are lucky to have met, because normal people just wouldn’t even go there.

  7. I thought those 3 were a little bitchy toward each other the last 3 weeks in the HOH room… now they’re stuck in the have-nots room on slop? How will Porsche and Kalia survive the week without stuffing their faces all the time?

    1. How is Kalia going to continue to drone non-stop while chewing if she’s on slop? Where will Porsche hide all the things she steals, including the wine? Where will Kalia put the chess pieces? Stay tuned folks… it’s going to be a harrowing week.

  8. Porsche is one big bimbo. I mean she doesn’t know who Judas is. Man, she must be illiterate. I mean even if you’re not a Christian, Judas is like all over popular culture.

    1. Um when you say someone is illiterate, you yourself may wish to use the word properly. To be illiterate is to not be able to speak or spell correctly. How does that relate to not knowing who Judas is? So in this instance, it is you who has displayed illiteracy.

      1. A second definition of illiteracy is: Marked by inferiority to an expected standard of familiarity with language and literature. Below is the link if you don’t believe me.

        Porsche is not familiar with literature. Literature is filled with references to Judas. I mean if she even watched BB 10 she would get the reference. She doesn’t even know who Jonah is.

        Next time don’t accuse me of being illiterate when you are ignorant and can’t consult a dictionary.

      2. i understand your point but to be illiterate means not to be able to read or write- it actually has little to do with being able to speak or spell since you can speak but still not be able to read/write and there are many people who can read/write but not spell….just saying

  9. Thats what I love about BB the power can shift at the drop of a hat. Sux for Dani but I am glad to see porch and KTH on slop. Now everyone will have been a have not. Hope that the power will shift back to Dani next week.

  10. what?? jeff just got to outright pick the have-nots? just like that? maybe my memory needs refreshing but isn’t there usually some type of have/have-not competition where the winner gets to pick the have-nots? haha i guess big brother really does love jeff! hardboiled eggs and jalepenos aren’t so bad though, it could’ve been worse…

  11. LOL that’s unfair to not have a have/ave not competition. production wanted to keep their pets happy this week no doubt

    do they get to cook their own hard boiled eggs or do they have to eat whats left out there?, if they do that nasty

  12. Kinda bogus that they didn’t have an actual Have/Have Not competition. And being told to pick three people at random? Gee…production doesn’t have any agendas, do they? I’m actually glad Porsche is a Have Not…I have to agree with why Jeff chose her. About time she actually participated in the game! Lol I wonder if the Have Not room still smells like Brendon’s farts…if so, it’s his revenge on Dani. Lol

  13. This is just great! I’m loving, GO BIG JEFF!!!! And actually it’s only fair, Dani and Porsche have NEVER been have-nots and Kalia hasn’t been a have-not since week one. Welcome to Big Brother ladies….

  14. Rachel is ugly both inside and out…..I dont know what worse…keeping her in the house…or getting rid of her so she can go be with her fiance in the jury house….

  15. Dani’s right that “Big Brother (not giving them) a have/havenot competition” is bullshit! So DKP get slop, hard boiled eggs and jalapenos. Well, at least they get some protein with the eggs. It’s still a joke to simply hand the choice of HaveNots to the person who holds HoH.

    1. your math is horrible it will leave 2 people dani side, 4 people on jeffs and fast forward could be won by rachel or adam

      1. I don’t think Adam can win a double eviction. He has no speed, and double evictions require speed. Whether it is physical, with a buzzer, speed in any sense.

      2. At one point, though, will Jeff’s alliance decide that they need to let him go? Hopefully, his alliance sees him through the 2X eviction. However, there is a chance he’d only have Shelly and Jordon. I think Adam is flippable. Rachel – not even a question that she will flip.

      1. I agree. Put Jordon on slop. Maybe she will lose a few pounds. Jeff can’t win HOH next week to save her ass and we all know when she gets stressed she is going to be licking peoples spoons

  16. If Jeff gets Dani out and then escapes Double Eviction. He will win BB 100%. Only worthless comp players left in the house after that.

  17. But, it would be ok! If the tables were turn. Dani HOH – Jeff birthday week or whatever and Dani chosen him as a have not. Damn Production!! It is their fault.

  18. Jeff is showing the 3 losers whos the boss. I wanna see them suffer and suffer HARD!!! They have had it easy all season long. Now its payback time. Go J/J CAN UUUUU DIG IT!!!!!!!!

  19. I’m getting really tired of cbs. They aren’t even trying to hide their bias anymore. When dani gets voted out, my bb viewing of this season is over. I hve bo desire to watch jeff cakewalk to 500k.

  20. Who fruggin cares if it’s her birthday, ahe has not been on slop yet, in fact she has been eating great with HOH wins. JJSR have been on slop forever. Jeff is only being fair with picking those three.

  21. Thank you Jeff. Happy Birthday Dani, have fun with slop. Kaila and Porsche, its sucked that you girls mess with Jeff and he will get you. Kaila, that what you get for putting jeff on the block.

  22. wtf why does jeff just get to pick atleast make it fair by having a comp or something. Dani wont be able to celebrate her b day :( That sucks.

  23. Racheal is moody, but she’s a better player then most who are in the house. She may not win, but she will always be a winner!

  24. WTF is up with that hat Roachel? If it was black, (sorry, Kaluha) it would definitely look like a withches hat, which is what she truly is. I wish someone would give her a ski mask instead though, I can’t stand to look at her ugliness anymore. She is ugly inside and out. Please somebody send the effin’ ugly dirty skanky bitch home.

  25. For everyone that is saying that it f up that Jeff just get to pick the have nots just because he is HOH is bullsh*t don’t you remember they did the same thing earlier on after one of the comps a( HOH I think ) and then that HOH got to pick them.

    1. Yes, but if memory serves, I believe it was AFTER a Have/Have Not competition that the current HoH got to pick the Have Nots. In this case, there was no competiton and the HoH just got to pick. I doubt anyone would be complaining if an actual competition had been played and THEN Jeff got to pick.

      It’s the fact that there was no actual competition first that people are upset about.

  26. Quit your bitchin everyone, in past seasons the HOH has picked the have nots. You JJ haters just can’t get over the fact that they gave it to Jeff instead of Dani.

  27. As Dani said “This isn’t a vacation, it’s Big Brother”. And if Daniel got to choose and it was Jeff’s birthday she wouldn’t make him a have not? Oh please! How about he gets her out of the house during her birthday week… happy birthday, go get your gift outside the house B!

  28. That is a bit unfair that jeff got to just pick the havenots. If its gonna be like that than other HOHs should have been able to. Dani and porsha are the only ones that havent been havenots so whatever i guess they should be. A luxury comp. must be happening today or something. they are gonna have to have something to show on sundays episode.

  29. love how Shelly brought up Dani n Brendon in jury alone for a week.

    Rachael what the f happened to your face? Girl looks cracked out . Pill hang over from whatever prod gave her last night????

  30. Ugh get over it people. He got to choose the have nots, wait and see the explanation during Sunday’s episode. All this talk about rigging makes me think of Dani and the dairy room. It seems like she so often says, “Oh the diary room told me that”.

  31. I have to admit, I’m normally not a big conspiracy guy, but this stinks to high heaven. Not only does Jeff get to pick the have nots with no competition, but gets to pick the exact number of people in the opposing alliance (any more than 3 and he would’ve had to risk pissing off one of his own). This really really reeks.

    1. look skulk Kalia also got to pick have nots its been done a bunch of times and last time jeff was he was picked. Get Over yourself dont hate

      1. Hate? I’m not emotionally invested enough in any of these people to hate anyone. Just calling out what appears to be shenanigans. Kalia didn’t pick Jeff and crew to be havenots they lost a *gasp* competition that made them be have notes. You don’t recall Jordon crying about it in the havenotes room?

  32. Maybe CBS is lazy and didn’t want to put up another competition. Even there will be double eviction so there will be extra comps; maybe thats the reasoning. I do not think that was picked just for Jeff.

  33. Im not a rachel fan, and I didn’t watch bb last season, but they keep showing flashbacks if her. She looked way better last season. What happened to her? It looks like she gained weight

  34. Jeff gets to hand-pick the have-nots… wow! shocker! Cbs should have just handed him the check on the night of the season opener and spared us all!

  35. I would love Dani to leave. But CBS will never allow that to happen. Just like in her season, it is rigged for her to win HOH as much as possible. No matter who she was against in the end, even Rachel, I do not want Dani to win. She thinks way too highly of herself. I will never forget how in her season her dad was in bad shape just sitting there with the water coming down. She had already dropped out so she could get warm. That was so selfish but she kept telling him to stay so she would not be sent him home.

  36. Easy everyone! They have done the picking of the Havenots by the HOH Winner before. There is NO conspiracy. Im sure the ones that are crying about the conspiracy theory now have forgotten that Kalia rang in before Julie even came close to finishing the question. ( Talk about suspect)

  37. oh cry me a river the three that have not been have nots and never been on slop are there this week about time theythink they can go all season and not get in the have not room or eat slop all i haveto say it about FREAKING TIME they get their reward.

  38. oh cry me a river about time they got their reward they think they are better then anyone else they are just pissedbecause they thought they would go all season with out taking their time about FREAKING TIME they got in the have not and on slop

  39. Jeff controls the nominations but not the votes. Obviously, Jeff is intimidated by Dani and realizes that she is overall a better competitor than he is. In my opinion Dani lost the chance to win the half a million by her stupid decision to break the Vet Alliance to early in the game and alligned herself with worst players.

    More likely Jeff will nominate Kalia and Porsche for eviction. Jeff doesn’t trust his alliance JJSAR to beat Dani in the next HOH if Dani somehow makes it thru this week. So maybe he will not nominate Dani and hope Kalia, Porshe, Adam, or Jeff win the POV and backdoor Dani. Either way I still think Dani’s next main target is Jeff.
    If Dani wins POV she will save Kalia. That means Jeff’s replacement nominee would be Adam, Rachel, or Shelly.

    If he puts Rachel up as the replacement nominee then she is going home. Here is where Jeff doesn’t control the votes. He would want Porshe out but Adam will benefi the most by keeping Porshe and getting rid of Rachel. So Kalia, Adam, and Dani will vote to evict Rachel and Jeff you just got rid of a player of your alliance.

    Now, if he puts Shelly up as the replacement nominee then Shelly you might be walking out the door. Rachel could possibly be getting the pleasure to get rid of you for your hard bashing and I am pretty sure she wouldn’t want to send Porsche to the jury house all alone with Brandon. Rachel will also use this to her advantage and set up a truce alliance with Porshe.

    Now, if Jeff was to put up Adam as the replacement nominee I think adam will be walking out the door. Again, Rachel will create an alliance with Porshe and not want Porsche all alone with Brandon. If she is so paranoid about people taking his man away she will definitely not send Porsche to the jury.

    So Jeff the only way you contro the nominations and the votes is by putting Dani and Kalia up for eviction. And Kalia or Dani will be going home. Otherwise, my money is that someone from your so called alliance is walking out the door this week and your HOH went to waste.

    Strike now before the other team benefits from all this. Especially Dani because you are her next main target.

  40. Dani and Porsche has never been on slop boo hoo birthday or not if Adam got a special meal the do the same for Dani stop crying

  41. I believe Jeff only won HOH is because Brendan (who i can’t stand) is gone & Dani couldn’t play, 2 of the heavy hitters were out of the game….. Porsche & Rachael they were hot on his heels, Kalia, Shelly, Jordan & Adam are useless, I guess the only hope for Dani is she can play POV this week regardless if she gets picked or not & win,If Porsche stays in this game they better beware she’s come close 3 times to winning HOH it’s just a matter of time before she pulls it out if she’s still in the house after this wk, Kalia needs to go her voice is annoying as hell!! Adam is afraid of Dani which he should be bcuz he knows she can beat him in the comps that’s why he’s pushing for Jeff to put Dani up, I have no idea why he’s not condsidering putn Rachael up she’s another one that can kick ass in comps when she’s stable! He’s prbly thinking he will beat her in the final 2 if he makes it!! If they keep letn these floaters hang around Shelly is going to LIE her ass right to the final 2 !!! I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when Julie tells them this is double eviction week!!! GO DANI!!!

    1. Of course. It will come back to get Jeff that he evicted Brendon. Jeff would have beaten Brendon in a final 2. Brendon would have kept Jeff safe. He chose Adam over Brendon. Adam has a man crush on Jeff, so nobody better come between him and his man crush.

  42. LOL I am a Dani Fan, but Birthday or not she needed to be put on slop!! People are so sensitive, lol I guess if Jeff would have put Jordon, Adam and Kalia on slop, everyone would be saying “OMG Jeff is such an ass I knew he wasn’t in a real relationship with Jordon”…This kid can’t win for loosing…

  43. I Love that Big K is a have not this week..From the penthouse to the outhouse~! Imagine all three in that room after eating boiled eggs and slop..OMG.. Kalia is so up Dani’s butt she will probably snort Dani’s farts..

  44. Rachel does look scary in that pic, if she wasn’t already hideously mannish, I would assume she made that face after eating a Jalapeno

    1. Rachel had just eaten a jalapeno.

      Shelley said she had never seen a jalpeno pepper before. ugh!
      She wanted to put one in a plastic bag and take it home.

  45. Wow, I hope the houseguests don’t read these posts after the show. People on here are ridiculous. I should be as ugly as Rachel, or as fat as Porsche. Come on people, have some class. You can hate what moves they make or how they play the game but the personal attacks are over the top.

  46. Well BB can now afford another luxury comp because Kalia the whale and Porka the pig are only going to be able to eat slop and eggs.

  47. What is everyone complaining about???? I have watched BB from the first time and there is always a have not when the HOH picks them and mostly everyone has always picked the ones that have not been have nots. The past 3 weeks everything was going D/K/P way that you new eventually the power would change. LOVE THIS GAME!!!

  48. I think this all fair now damn Pacer got the golden key for four weeks and never was a havenot, hell she’s been just skating by! Kahlia and Pacer eats everything in the house. Maybe now BB can save some money on food and give them some real alcohol!

  49. It actually be good for those gluttons to go on slop for a change. For three weeks they’ve been “literally” stuffing their mouths almost CONSTANTLY. (With one exception, I know, Dani is perfect…probably is at the point in her life where she can eat anything she wants and not worry about it). But both the other girls, especially Porsche has put on weight since being in the house. They need it.

  50. Dani is Guaranteed to win the POV this week. (POV ticket pretty convenient eh)
    Just like Brenden being voted back in was guaranteed.

    If Dani leaves a noticeable part of their viewers will loose interest.

  51. Ever since last night’s BBAD and being subjected to Shelly’s “camel toe” (which seemed to be wet – from the competition) I will be a “havenot” all week as well! As “Captain Quint” would say, “Here’s to swimmin’ with “bow-legged” womin’! Sorry Captain, you can have it! It’s bigger than Kahlia’s mouth!

  52. wow…dkp! havenots and complaining that jordan has her uni wrapped around her head while she’s tanning. can these 3 whine anyome? you bet…it’s only friday!!!

    1. And Dani thought the season would be boring. Don’t worry, big brother knows how to shake things up. We don’t need your power moves and lame sense of humor, PT whispering.

  53. So far these women are being very good sports. As much as you dani haters would love to see her loose it it’s not gonna happen…. *ahem* Jordan Rachel shelly fans

  54. Here we go again! All against JJ claiming the game is rigged but, it isn’t rigged when team Dani wins everything for 3 weeks in a row… guys are so predictable. Team JJ 4 life!!!!!

  55. Seriously!! As if Dani would extend that courtesy to Jeff if she was in power and it was his bday and he was a have not! She would say it’s a game and nothing personal!! Sides, Adam was a havenot on his bday and they gave him real food! So relax budd!!!

    Double standard much???!!!

  56. Production may have its favorites but its not just Jeff its Dani and Rachel to. And they have always been involved they try to make a comp on who they want to win. They did it for Dani and this time for Rachel but she just was not good enough they tried. So dont keep saying about them interfering it always has happened and always will so if you dont like it stop watching…..It dont always work….

  57. Every year an HOH gets to pick the havenots. Seriously, get over it! Also, did Brendon and Rachel not choose have nots earlier this year? I thought they did, after they won a comp?

  58. sure…. Its all rigged… Dani wins endurance not because she’s fit but cause its rigged. She made three corn holes in a row because her bag had a magnet in it…. And she won her second hoh because she had the answers on the palm of her hands….

    1. So dumb. She didn’t win the bean bag toss. She very likely could have been fed the numbers. As to the endurance, apparently you missed the last time they did that one, the smallest person always has a huge advantage, it’s not a true endurance competition, more of a balance competition catered to small people. Fair enough I suppose if they were to do something that specifically caters to other attributes like strength and speed but I don’t see them putting Dani in the ring with Jeff any time soon.

    2. Bragging about winning these competitions is so lame. Now granted the people on MTV’s The Challenge are all morons but the competitions on that show are FAR better, they involve not just the mental side but also a lot of physical aspects rather than the goofy “pick how many fingers I have behind my back” competitions on Big Brother.

      Last one I saw they were involved in a rugby type of competition, lets see Dani and Jeff face off in a competition like that or at least some sort of puzzle with a physical aspect to it. Then lets see how good of a player Dani is. Keep the mental stuff but include some form of a physical strength / speed aspect. Lets truly make the game fair and not cater to only one side.

  59. I can’t wait for Kalia and Dani to both get evicted just so I can listen to all you dani lovers cry about how CBS fixed the game, lol. Dani is a skank.

    1. Why are you calling Dani a “skank?”
      How do you know if she is a promiscuous woman?

      BTW – skank can be applied to males as well but not in the sexual meaning.

      What is the word for Jeff’s sexual encounters with women while he is pretending
      to be Jordan’s “boyfriend?” Skanker? Yeah, that works!
      Jeff is a Skanker.

  60. what makes it rediculous is that during last few shows, no mention of have nots, just the website having it, and usually Julie mentions the things that will occur during the week including things like the new HOH will pick so many to be have nots for the week. This time tho nodda.

    Leads to believe that when Dani was talking the other day with JJ, saying how she spent 2 hours in the DR trying to figure out how best to put up nominations for her HOH, any bets she was being given the what-fors by production to NOT put up Brenda, their American favorite?

    So question becomes has Dani fallen out of favor by BB production?

  61. How pathetic are kalia and porsche lol i wanted dani to win but she screwed herself aligning with them #team is bb13 over yet

  62. I like you Matt!
    But don’t count her out…. I don’t think it’s her time to go yet, huge plus having that veto ticket.
    I’m hoping it goes like this:
    Porsche/Kalia up….
    Dani gets veto, takes Porsche down….
    Kalia goes home….
    Fast forward HOH is Porsche….
    Jeff and Shelly go up…
    Jeff goes home….
    New HOH Dani :)

    Now I know it’s wishful thinking that she saves Porsche over Kalia…. But if she’s smart she has realized that Porsche is on the edge of winning competitions and is a hindredvtimes less annoying… And has some BALLS.
    We shall see! This week can’t go fast enough…..

  63. I like you Matt!
    But don’t count her out…. I don’t think it’s her time to go yet, huge plus having that veto ticket.
    I’m hoping it goes like this:
    Porsche/Kalia up….
    Dani gets veto, takes Porsche down….
    Kalia goes home….
    Fast forward HOH is Porsche….
    Jeff and Shelly go up…
    Jeff goes home….
    New HOH Dani :)

    Now I know it’s wishful thinking that she saves Porsche over Kalia…. But if she’s smart she has realized that Porsche is on the edge of winning competitions and is a hundred times less annoying… And has some BALLS.
    We shall see! This week can’t go fast enough…..

  64. LOL, now all the Dani fans are suddenly whining about how unfair it is after Dani got 4 free weeks of immunity and won two HOH competitions that were catered to her (pretty obvious she was given the numbers and in the endurance competition it was another one of those tiny 100 lb weakling is the better off than everyone else. Put a 50 lb weight on her back, put her in a strength and speed competition with Jeff in a ring.

    All the Dani fans out there lets just have a duel between Jeff and Dani at the end, trade punches to the face until somebody drops. Sound good?

  65. Haha have some class,like they did for Adams birthday right? oh i forgot,Dani was HOH so that’s was ok,cos she’s ED’s daughter and get’s special treatment from BB!!!!!!!

  66. Loving this. All the sweeter that Jeff got to pick randomly. Totally unfair but hilarious. Kalia and Dani deserve it…they’ve been leading the high life all the way thru. And Porsche…finally some bad medicine for that sloth!

  67. O.K. People. BigBrother has let the head of household pick who will be on slop before. Brendon did it last season. It has happened before and will happen again. Remember when Kalia was HOH she was hoping she could decide who would be on slop? She wanted JJ to be on slop.
    This has happened before. Shocked at how many people here love Dani. She is that mean girl from high school.

  68. CBS rigged it ….. makes it a physical comp with a bunch of girls and guy and wonders who will win? Then they give him the power to pick the have nots when he finally wins? CBS dropped the ball at least make it fair.

  69. Thank goodness either Dummi(Dani), K, or P are leaving. That’s what they get for going against a stronger alliance. Dummi’s mistakes are causing a lot of ppl to leave, even maybe herself. Woohoo!

  70. Dani a “have not” for her birthday plus the possibility of being backdoored on her birthday??!! Let’s all have a pity party and start to all cry in unison now!! Who gives a frick!! She is the biggest bitch to ever play the game and has the cockiest attitude and she thinks her shit doesn’t stink!! Run her ass out that door and we can all cheer!! Then “Big Kalia” can go next on the same night since it is a double eviction!! Believe me most fans would like nothing more than to see those 2 bitches go this week!! Why is the show rigged when JJ are in power but it is straight up honest when DKP are in power? Please!!! Porshe should go next week then all three of the “witches coven” will be gone, only to enjoy the rest of their summer with the Neandrathal Zombie in the jury house! HOORAY!!

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