Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff plans on nominating Kalia & Porsche… and if he gets the chance he will back door Dani..

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12:10am Jeff and Adam head down from the HOH room. Adam goes to the metal room and Shelly asks him if he already went up there to kiss butt. Adam says yeah. Dani says shocker. Rachel comes in to the metal room and says that she wants to go to bed. Shelly tells her there are new sheets in the dresser if she doesn’t want to use the ones Porsche had on the bed. Rachel grabs new sheets and then questions them about where her little beanie dog is …if anyone has seen it. Everyone says no. Rachel glares at them. Jeff comes into the bedroom to grab his clothes. Porsche asks him if Jeff and Jordan want to be alone or if they want to play 20 questions. Jeff asks oh down here? Porsche says …or up there? Jeff says aren’t you guys tired? Porsche says a little but I napped right after. Jeff heads up to the HOH room. Jeff tells Jordan that at least up here you don’t have to put that thing on to go to the bathroom. Jordan says I hope not. Jordan goes to head downstairs and tells Jeff she has one more day and then she will be done with this stupid thing (humilitard). Meanwhile down in the metal room. Shelly and Dani start talking about being called into the diary room and big brother cuts the live feeds. Rachel tells them if they find her do they can just throw him in the havenot room. Rachel is huffing and puffing around. Rachel climbs into bed and all the other houseguests leave the room. Adam, Dani, Porsche, Kalia head into the candy bedroom. Porsche spots a camera man and waves and says hi! Dani cames over and asks can you see him? Porsche says yeah. Dani says you’re a hoe bag leaves the room. Big Brother says you are not allowed to talk about production. Porsche says but he watches me sleep…
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12:20am Jeff comes back down to the candy room wearing his black slippers. Dani calls them blackies. Kalia freaks out laughing and says oh my god you can’t say that word. Dani asks why? Kalia says blackies is such a bad word. Kalia says I am telling you …just do yourself a favour. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Jeff says that he doesnt want to use the HOH laundry service… he doesn’t like them touching his drawers. Dani says well just wash those yourself. Jeff says na.. I don’t want to think I am too cool .. and get a big head up there. Jeff heads back up stairs. Kalia keeps telling Adam and Dani that saying blackies is not a good thing to say. Adam and Dani don’t understand why. Adam says well wear your whities. Dani says that her friend had a cat names blackie. Kalia says I am just warning you.. Dani says there was even a movie where someone was called blackie. Adam says that he appreciates her concern ..he was just talking about the slippers and didn’t mean anything by it. Dani tells Kalia to keep her comment to herself. Kalia says I’m sorry. Dani says I am kidding. They talk about how Adam is the only guy left downstairs …and that there are only two guys left in the house. Adam says Keith would have loved this be in the house with 6 girls.

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12:30am Up in the HOH room Jeff sits on his couch and stares at his HOH pictures. Jeff head back down stairs and asks if Shelly wants to come up and chill. Shelly says no because you and Jordan probably want to just relax. Jeff says we have all week to relax. Shelly says that she doesn’t want to be back in the candy room… they’re playing 20 questions and I don’t want to. Shelly says that they were telling her to go up and talk to him because she is closer to them. Jeff says just tell them I have a mind of my own and can’t be persuaded.. just say I could try for 3 weeks and I wouldn’t be able to persuade him. Shelly laughs. Shelly says that Rachel is really depressed …she knew what was going to happen.. Jeff says that she is handling it well. Jeff says maybe he will have Big Brother do his clothes ..but I feel bad. Jeff says ahhhh BLANK it, I’m not that guy! Jeff and Shelly continue to talk about random stuff. Jeff then heads up to the HOH room. Jordan joins him soon after.

Jeff is going through his HOH basket and eating cereal. Jordan says that she loves that they can talk whenever now and not have to wait till 3am. Jordan says people are already coming up harassing us. Jordan says Shelly was being cornered by Dani and was trying to get information the night she was drunk. Jordan says that Dani says that Shelly told her I was trying prove her loyalty. Jordan says Dani told her the same thing. Jeff says that if we want to toy around. Jeff and Jordan talk about working with Dani and telling anyone else that if they use the veto she will get backdoored. Jordan says she wants to bring Dani up and make her promise not to use the POV on Kalia. Jordan says that she thinks Dani won’t come after you. Jordan asks who do we have more pull with? They both think they have a better chance to get out Kalia then Porsche. Jordan says if Dani goes then they can get out Kalia or if Dani stays it might be better to split them up. Jordan says it might be better to backdoor Dani. Jordan says put up two floaters. Jeff says if I put up them I keep my word to Dani and if anyone other than Dani wins the veto….she’s gone. Jeff says that if she’s going play anyway.. if she wins the veto you can’t use the veto to change my nominations. Jordan says that will show you some trust. Jeff wonders why Shelly mentioned Dani in her speech. Jordan says she was trying to throw a stone at Rachel. Jeff says the way she came at Rachel earlier in the hOH there was a better way she could have done it. Jeff says that Brendon must have talked to Rachel and discuss the HOH competition. Jeff and Jordan decide that they will put up Kalia and Porsche for eviction and if one of them gets the veto and comes off …they will backdoor Dani. Jordan says that Dani is playing for herself. Jordan says outside of the house she may like Dani but in the house they don’t know what is real and fake. Jeff says he can’t trust her and says all that BLANK about Cassi was BLANK. Jeff and Jordan start talking about how Shelly is playing both sides of the house. Jordan says that Shelly was trying to cover her butt… but she is with us. Jordan says that Dani would have thrown her under the bus.

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1:10am – 3:40am Adam, Dani, Porsche, Kalia and Shelly are out in the backyard sitting on the couches talking. Shelly talk about how she wants to host a POV. Dani tells them that she will use the POV ticket this week because she loses it if she doesn’t …she cant save it. They talk about how Dani’s birthday is coming up. Adam say that he was disappointed that Tory Spelling wasn’t a part of his birthday. They talk about random stuff. Jeff comes down and has a smoke in the backyard. Shelly finds alcohol in the storage room. Dani wakes up Rachel to tell her there is alcohol and asks if she wants any.

Back out in the yard, the houseguests talk about Jeff’s HOH and other no game talk. They talk about Brendon’s speech. Shelly explains to Porsche who Judas is. Shelly says that during the show she says that she didn’t know who everyone was voting for because no one was looking at her. Dani says that she was just thinking about the questions that Julie asked her. Shelly says that Rachel was in a bad mood. They talk about random stuff. Shelly mentions that she was in the movie Talledega Nights… she says that she was holding a sign that said “French Me”. Jeff says that he has been in a couple movies as well. The conversation turns to talking about the HOH competition. Kalia starts complaining about Rachel’s bad attitude. Kalia says that Rachel does all those nonverbal actions when she is pissed off. Shelly thanks everyone for the votes and heads to bed. The rest of them decide to go to bed as well. Kalia, Dani and Porsche talk about Brendon’s eviction speech. They then discuss Lawon and how they feel bad that he never made it to the jury house. Kalia says that she feels guilty about how all that happened. The three girls talk about random stuff and then eventually go to sleep…

6:40am All the houseguests are still asleep..

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223 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff plans on nominating Kalia & Porsche… and if he gets the chance he will back door Dani..

  1. Jeff, excellent plan. Put Kaila and Porsche up and backdoor Dani next. Let Rachel win next week HOH and put Kaila and Porsche up again and Jeff win POV for the third time. Jeff win again HOH for the second and put Rachel on the block vs Kaila/Porsche. Jeff will win POV for the fourth time. Keep the nomination the same.
    Brendon=1st Jury (Dani’s HOH)
    Dani= 2nd Jury (1st double eviction)-(Jeff’s HOH)
    Kaila/Porsche= 3rd Jury (2nd double eviction)-(Rachel’s HOH)
    Kaila/Porsche= 4th Jury-(Jeff’s HOH)
    Rachel=5th Jury-(Shelly’s HOH)
    Adam=6th Jury-(Jeff’s HOH)
    Shelly=7th Jury-(Jeff’s HOH, 3 part HOH Competition)
    Jeff wins 500K plus America Favorite Houseguest, Jordan runner-up

      1. OR ……………..Dani wins POV this week and HoH next week and puts up R & Jeff, and IF either if these two lesser competitors to Dani, happens to win PoV, the Dani puts up Jordum as the replacement nominee and again, either R or Jeff (whoever did NOT win POV and is still on the block) goes home. The double eviction will then have the survivor of P or K’s eviction winning the next HoH and then survivor of previous eviction, R or Jeff will be out up against Jordum and voted out.

        TEAM DANI TFW!!

        1. I think Dani would put up Jeff + Jordan if she won hoh. If Kalia were to win next week, it is not obvious. But there is no way Kalia will win a double eviction hoh. It will require some sort of physical movement, and that we know she nor Adam can do.

          They should have made a loser/fatso alliance. Because Adam can maybe only win a final 2 against her, and she can maybe only win against him. But both are so stupid and think they are the most popular in the house.

          1. Not sure if it’s that cut and dry? She might’ve put up both JJ, or she’d’ve put up one of them against Rachel. IDK. All I know is that by the grace of the almighty, I hope Dani can make it through this weerk. Being a double eviction week you never know what might happen. It’s a matter of luck, thrown in with the power to stay in the game. I’m all for Team Dani. But, I know if it’s her time to leave that she’ll walk out of the house in style. There’ve been some people in past BB seasons who were livid and nasty when they left.

      2. If Jeff survives the 2nd eviction this week, he has a good chance to win the following HOH. Thursday’s HOH will have to be questions due to the time period of the double eviction show. The next HOH will more than likely be endurance, and Jeff will more than likely win; unless Dani survives that long to compete against him (but she is likely gone this week unless she wins POV).

        1. Kalia and Porsche lasted longer than he did in the last endurance comp. I wouldn’t be so sure of him winning a comp like that if Dani is gone.

      3. Exactly, plus he only won because all the serious competitors are out of the house, and Dani couldn`t compete. If he wouldn`t have won the HOH comp, then there`s something seriously wrong with that boy. He`s been useless up until this point.

        1. yea he only won b/c strong players were out…like Dani
          Porsche was hot on his tail though…

          I hope “Big Jeff’ puts Kalia & Porsche up…
          Dani wins POV…takes Porsche off [regardless what Jeff says]
          Porsche wins HOH on Thursday…takes one of JJSA out…
          then Dani wins the following HOH…

          In case you couldn’t tell…
          TEAM DANI FTW!

      1. Congrats to Big Jeff… Not sure which head he is thinking with but knowing Dani is the POV Queen, either Kalia or Porscha will probably be going home. I can’t believe I’m happy that big loser won.

        1. It’s actually smart thinking on his part. If Dani wins POV, it will put her in an awkward position with kalia because Kalia wouldn’t get why she wouldn’t use it. If she does use it, Jeff will know he can’t trust her and it wouldn’t matter anyway because JJSA would still control the votes. He’s being really smart abt this. Go Jeff!

      1. I’ve already given up on BBAD and if Jeff wins HOH, I’ll stop watching Big Brother on CBS.
        I will stay tuned here.
        : )

        1. Bye! What are you Rachel’s sister? “I don’t get my way so I am going to throw a temper tantrum and not watch anymore…blah, blah, blah” Who cares?

    1. So production geared this HOH for Jeff to win obviously because for some reason people love him. He has no game, he is lucky that he has fans otherwise production would not make the competitions physical when he needs to win. He is a meat head people, he can’t win mental competitions, he is useless lol. If Dani goes home this week, the rest of the show will be lame. The only person there deserving is Dani, Shelly, Rachel or Jordan. Yeah Dani has made mistakes but she is the only interesting thing about this season, the twist totally screwed her over. So production should do a comp where she can win since they clearly did that for Jeff. Jeff is very lucky, he should have been gone. Whenever Jeff is in trouble they will make it a physical comp.

      Girls never win this show but if Jeff and Jordan are favoured Jeff will probably win. Especially when Adam has no backbone and will do anything he says and Shelly has her head up their asses.

      1. When they said what the comp was, my girlfriend who never watches Big Brother said that “this competition favors the tall guy because he can take longer strides.” Jeff was obviously the tallest person there…

      2. Because the producers favour Jeff/Jordan they will probably give him the diamond veto this week. And then you know how unfair it is, it was given to Matt last season at final 9 when he was hoh, Dani was hoh and did not get it.

      3. What’s it like living in your own dream-world all the time? It always cracks me up when someone throws a hissy-fit about their player not winning a comp or something not going their way and the first thing outta their mouth is how this show is SOOOO RIGGGGGED OMGOMGOMG.

        1) This comp wasn’t even REALLY physical – it was more finesse than brute force or endurance
        2) Even if you call this one physical, the last two HOH’s weren’t, so it was time
        3) If you think it’s rigged, don’t watch so that we don’t have to listen to your whiny ass


    2. That would be FANTASTIC, but I really don’t think that will happen. If Dani goes out and Rachel wins I really think she will (a) either put up Jeff with Kalia or (b) backdoor Jeff. She is still really pissed that JJ didn’t vote to keep Brendon. And I really think she loves to stir up the pot. She is a crazy BeeAAtch!!!

    3. I think Jeff should put up D&P, because D has the veto pass. If she wins it (which I believe she will win) he has Kalia to put up. And they should get Kalia out, cuz she is good at questions. I believe they will have true and false for the double elimination. He needs to think long and hard before he puts up P&K. Please Jeff think about it. When Dani wins veto she will use it on Kalia and Jeff will have to put up one of his ppl.

    4. I will tell it like it is.
      Jeff won HOH. He will nominate Kalia+Porshe. The veto competition contestants will be: Jeff (HOH), Kalia (Nominee), Porshe (Nominee), Jordan, Daniele (she will not have to use the Veto Ticket), and Rachel. Adam will be the host. Daniele will win her first Veto of season 13. Daniele will use the Veto on Kalia. Jeff’s replacement nominee will be Rachel. Rachel will be evicted by a vote of 5-0. Daniele and Kalia will protect their minion Porshe. Shelly dislikes Rachel and will vote against her. Adam will go with the majority. Jordan will not want to be on the outskirts of the vote and will vote to evict Rachel. Kalia will win HOH. Kalia will nominate Jeff+Jordan. The veto competition contestants will be: Kalia (HOH), Jeff (Nominee), Jordan (Nominee), Porshe, Shelly, Adam. Daniele will be the host. Jeff will win his second Veto of season 13. Jeff will use the Veto on himself. Shelly will be the replacement nominee. Shelly will be evicted by a vote of 4-0. Daniele and Porshe will conspire with Kalia and determine that Shelly is a bigger threat and they will vote to evict her. Jeff is in a relationship with Jordan and he will vote to evict Shelly. Adam will go with the majority and vote to evict Shelly. Daniele will win HOH. Daniele will nominate Jeff+Jordan. The veto contestants will be: Daniele (HOH), Jeff (Nominee), Jordan (Nominee), Adam, Kalia, Porshe. Adam will win his second Veto of season 13. Adam will NOT use the Veto and will keep the nominations the same. Jeff will be evicted by a vote of 3-0. Porshe, Kalia, and Adam will ultimately see Jeff as a bigger threat than Jordan and will all vote to evict Jeff. Porshe will win HOH. Porshe will nominate Adam+Jordan. Daniele will win the Veto. Daniele will NOT use the Veto. Adam’s evicted by a vote of 2-0. Daniele and Kalia will see Adam as a bigger threat than Jordan. Jordan will win HOH. Jordan will nominate Daniele+Kalia. Daniele will win the Veto. Daniele will use the Veto on herself. Jordan’s default replacement nominee will be Porshe. Daniele will vote to evict Porshe 1-0, as she sees Kalia as a bigger ally. Daniele will win Part 1 of the Final HOH. Jordan will win Part 2 of the Final HOH. Daniele will win Part 3 of the Final HOH. Daniele will win HOH. Her automatic nominees will be Jordan and Kalia. Daniele will vote to evict Jordan 1-0. The final 2 will be Daniele+Kalia.
      Winner: Kalia 5
      Runner Up: Daniele 2
      Jury Of 7: Brendon, Rachel, Shelly, Jeff, Adam, Porshe, Jordan.

  2. Jeff is an idiot if he doesn’t put Dani up from the start, she has the veto ticket and is pretty damn good at winning comps. If he puts up P and K and Dani wins the veto, he’ll have to put up one of his own alliance and someone could flip sending them home. He might as well just put up D and K from the start and if Dani wins put up Porchse and send Kalia to jury with Brendon

    1. Agreed this is going to be another dumb move this season. Of course you put up dani because she is playing fir veto regardless.

      1. It doesn’t matter that much. If Jeff puts Shelly up as the replacement, they will at worse case get Porsche out. And Dani’s alliance will have split because she will have to choose her fatso lover who munches on her carpet over Porsche.

        Only problem is next hoh: Kalia + Dani v.s. Rachel + Shelly + Adam, which is effectively Dani v.s. Rachel.

      2. You guys are wrong this is the best move. Dani will play pov no matter what. By putting P and K up forces them to use pov on themselves if they win. If you nominate P(or)K and Dani and the one not on the block P(or)K wins Pov they will use it and save Dani and themselves. This way (having P and K up) you are only worried about Dani wining pov instead of worrying about two people. If any1 wins veto besides Dani they will use veto and Dani gets backdoored. Of course if Dani wins while not being on the block she will pull either P or K off and save herself. Jeff will have to put one of his alliance up but doesn’t matter he has the votes P or K will go home. Also yes by not putting up Dani there will be all 3 people from Dani’s alliance playing pov but it’s much better then giving 2 people(D and P or K) a chance to save Dani. One person from DPK alliance will go home this week since Jeff’s main goal is get rid off Dani this gives him the best odds in doing so. You have to put up P and K.

        1. Except if P and K are on the block. Dan wins POV and saves Kalia. DK turn on Rachel’s jealous streak, and convince her to vote either Adam or Shelly out so that Brendan won’t be alone with Porsche. That’s the only way I can think that DKP stay intact this week. Anyone else thinks that’s possible?

          1. Jeff made Dani promise not to use it though! so if she uses it on kalia and they JJSA get Porsche out, Dani would be in big trouble because the only person she would have is Kalia.

          2. Guys, this is the best move. If Dani wins POV and uses it, she’ll have an even bigger target on her back; if she doesn’t use it she can kiss the DKP alliance goodbye. It’s a win/win for Jeff. I didn’t know where he was going with this at first but it’s really the best move he can do in the game. It puts Dani in the same boat as JJ were when Brendon got put up, if not worse because she’ll have to win the POV and not use it. If she throws it like Jeff did last week because she doesn’t want kalia mad at her, then she’ll get backdoored. Perfect move.

    2. Not really. Jeff wants to keep himself in good graces with Dani if she has the chance to do so aswell.
      So he’s keeping his options open. Similar to what Dani did last week.

    3. He is just playing it safe. He doesn’t want to piss anyone off, but no matter what he does someone will be upset with him. I really like Dani, but I am a bigger Jeff fan. If Jeff and Dani were f2 it would be a hard decision for me. Oh well can’t dwell or stress about it. After all it is a game.

    1. Shelley gushed about talking on the telephone with her daughter and husband AND
      how Jordan was soooooooooooooooooooo fantastic for giving that reward to her.
      She, also, thanked the other HGs for stopping by her Looney Bin Room and talking
      with her. ( This comment upset Jeff. He can’t understand why Shelley mentioned the
      other HGs.)
      Shelley was all (medicated) smiles and a happy soul, since she knew she wasn’t going home.

    2. Highlights were when she claimed she already won the game just by getting phone call to her family (the only win that Snake will hopefully achieve). She thanked Jordon for her kindness in giving her that call AND THEN, she acknowledged DKP’s kind gesture of sitting outside the havenot room and talking to S when she was in isolation, which pissed off Jeff because ‘how dare this minion (S) of his give a kind shout out to one of BB enemies. It was great to see Jeff (neanderthal) lose his cool ……again!! That’s what S said in her speech, in a nut shell.

    1. Spot On!!!
      Perhaps the Fortune Teller will predict Jeff will help to remove the most boring HG
      from the House. That’s Jordan.

  3. Damn it! I was so hoping R and S would go at it last night, instead of R restraining herself when S laid into her up in the HoH room. Ya know it was all R could do to restrain herself and not come unglued ….. again! I have the feeling that before the week is out, R will make some snide response to S, and that S will get on her moral high ground and lay into R again. They both annoy the hell out if me so I don’t care who remains standing. Now that would be entertaining.

      1. Oh shit, I didn’t know S was the one who hid it. Priceless! A knock down drag out fight between these two could be the silver lining to team Dani not winning HoH this week. Here’s hoping!!

        1. I read Shelley hid Rachel’s stuffed dog, but I can’t find the link.
          Supposedly Adam told her to return it to Rachel and Shelley said, “No.”

          Simon, did Shelley hide Rachel’s stuffed dog?

      2. I did not know Shelly took it either…thats kinda funny

        After seeing Shelly’s mansion…
        this ‘straight shooting’ bitch needs to go…
        her daughter looked so embarrassed.

        1. Shelly’s daughter seemed very upset about her mother’s behavior. This might have an effect on their relationship.

          I guess Shelly teaches her daughter

          DO AS I SAY….. NOT AS I DO

          I feel so sorry for her daughter.

  4. “Shelly explains to Porshce who Judas was.” Ohh P you are so smart I’m waiting for the conversation “Shelly explains to Porsche that the tooth fairy isn’t real”

    I started my own drinking game. Every time Dani says SHOCKER in her annoying high pitched voice. Such a pain to listen to.

  5. Crystalll!!!!! I 100 percent agree, Jeff NEEDS to put up Dani and Kalia right off the hop. He can say to Dani, ” you have a spot in the veto comp” that way if she wins it put up porsche. Good bye Kalia!!!

  6. i would love to see jeff get a pov that would take out three people at once kick dkp out.Jeff would say pov meeting this week the at the live show he pulls out the pov and say no veto meeting this week this pov will take out three people the first to leave the bb house right away is dani.dani walks out talks to julie then back to the house then jeff say kalia you must leave the house right away. Kalia talks to julie then back to the house. Then jeff says porshca you are the final person to leave the house right nowthen when they all get to the jury house one at a time brendon wonders when rach will walk in if they are walking in one at every hour

    1. How did you get to see BB Production’s plan? lol

      I would like to see Jeff and Jordan sent to the Jury House.
      Jordan’s so lazy, she needs a rest.
      Jeff is just Jeff. Awful.
      IF he had any stones, he would tell Jordan the truth.
      “Love, if I Win BB, we are done. I want my life back and the winnings mean I
      can stop this phoniness, since I will not longer need the $howmance income. However,
      we will always be BFFs.”

      1. Veto history lesson: When the HOH system was instituted in Season 2 there was no POV. In season 3 the Veto was introduced. It allowed the winner to remove a person from the block, but not yourself, but if it was a non nominiated person they (the person who used the Veto) COULD be placed on the block. That Veto was only used once by a nominated HG (Marcellas) to save his best friend in the house (who was on the block with him) thinking he had a deal with the other HGs to keep him. He was evicted. Who was dumber Marcellas or Lawon? Anyway, the final Veto of that season was called “The Golden Power of Veto” and has been that way ever since.

        1. i know how the veto works this is bb expect the unexpected having a pov that would take out more than one person at a time would be PRICELESS

      2. you are so lame if their relationship which jordan says is just that cause shes in school and he has to get his career under wraps before settling down otherwise she wouldnt have met his freinds and family who by the way adore her she is just a nice person with a great heart that he enjoys and is romantic at this time with i think its sweet he calls her his love. period who knows what comes surely not you

    1. It was anounced at the end of last night’s live eviction show. This coming week will be a double eviction week. GO team Dani. I’m sending best wishes and hope you luck it out to stay safe this week.

  7. I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone wants Jordan to win. She is the ULTIMATE FLOATER. She is cute and seems like the sweetest girl in the world, but she sucks at this game and is dumb as rocks. Jeff wins one HOH and all of the sudden he is king of HOH…really (although I do like jeff I think he is funny)….. Dani is not going home this week….mark my words NOT HAPPENING…..she will not just roll over and die…..yeah right!!! See ya Kalia or Porsche. And Rachel little old Rachel, I have no words for her. My four year old godchild behaves better then her. This cast is starting to annoy me!!! BIG TIME!!

    1. Because people want nice people to win. Thats our natural instinct. Americas thinking. Well except for people within these blog which always want a fight, the mean people to win, and are always cheering for the villian.

      1. I get why people like Jordan she is a doll…hell I like Jordan. I just dont think she deserves to win because she is a nice person. The person who plays the game the best should win. People dont route for the Lakers because Kobe Bryant is a nice person they route for them because he is good at the game. P.S. I cannot stand Kobe Bryant just like I can not stand Rachel but are they good competitors….YES. I honestly would rather see Rachel win then Jordan because Rachel fought to be there!!!!

        TEAM DANI YOOO!!!!

      2. To me there’s no real villians. Otherwise we could say that about any of them (except Jordan ofcourse, who apparently has a halo floating above her head). Just because some people don’t like Dani doesn’t mean she’s evil and a villian. Otherwise I could say that about the other side of the house. I don’t like how BR and Jeff act, but I’m not calling them villiams. We just have a difference in opinion, and probably from our own personal experiences with people. In real life outside of the BB house, most of them are probably really cool people. Who knows how we’d really act if we were the ones inside that house. I’m a decent, sweet, caring person; but if I were in the house I might be one of those people who’d do whatever I had to do to make in to the end too. IDK? How does anyone really know?

    2. I hear ya and agree. Jordum is just plain thick (as in the head), Dani is going to win POV as she can pull it out when her back is up against the wall (and BB would be even more boring than it is without her), and R is THE MOST ANNOYING JUVENILE DELINQUENT I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS! R = nails on a blackboard (unnecessary & annoying as hell).

    3. i can’t figure out why everyone wants her to win either. i would love for someone else have the opportunity to win the money. if she were a strong competitor and not riding jeff’s coat tail like she did in BB11, then i would not have any problem with it. if anything, i wouldn’t mind seeing jeff win, at least he tries to compete.

    1. Yes I know. I cannot wait for him to go. Unfortunately he will probably survive the double eviction. Nobody will put him up next week except for maybe Rachel putting him up as a the pawn.

  8. Shelly’s little girl Josie is so beautiful and adorable. Like Shelly or not she has done an excellent job with her. Team Josie

    1. I agree with you. Josie is a cutie, however I’m annoyed at BB for
      giving Shelley’s Hometown Fan Club and family air time.
      BB has set Shelley up to win America’s Fan Favorite. Gag!!!

        1. Chessie – we see Shelly but we are not the viewers. The viewers see her as a family woman who has a gorgeous little girl, a loving husband and they see Shelly fighting for Jeff and Jordon and we all know the viewers luv Jeff and Jordon. Anyone who keeps JJ safe will be seen as a saint in their eyes

          1. You’re right.

            Shelley will likely become another BB Sham, just like the J/J Showmance.
            Shelley – America’s Favorite. ugh!!!!

      1. Midwest Fan – I think BB does not want Jeff or Jordon to win America’s Choice. They are setting up Shelly to win it and then Jeff or Jordon to win the title of BB. (or if Jeff or Jordon might not win BB – the only competition for the title of America’s Choice will be Shelly so Jordon or Jeff would win that to guarantee domination..)

  9. From my understanding, the reason Jeff isn’t wanting Dani up from get go would be the fact they want to see if she will work with them, if she gets the Veto. Honestly, it would not surprise me if Dani agrees to work with JJ, even if it means sending Kalia to Jury. This might turn into another explosive week and especially due to the fact that the house guests have no clue that a Double Eviction is coming up, that is what will turn the house upside down.

    1. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if Dani joined forces with them. But in the BB game you never know who to REALLY trust.
      Team Dani all the way! I hope you make it through this week.

    1. I think it will be either Dani or K the hut. Hopefully it is the hut cause I really think that if Dani can make it through this week she can win it all.

    2. I think you’re right, as JJ were discussing who they could manipulate more, P or K, and they (rightly so) figured K would switch alliances to them if it meant saving her ass. A no brainer as K has proven her moronic desire to be liked by JJ already, which is why she didn’t out up Jordum against R. What a loser move on K’s part.

    3. Simon, I’m with you re: the gut pains, but mine’s telling me Dani’s gone this week, and it’s beyond bumming me out. I’m really curious to see what the power of Veto competition will be/who it’s geared towards in that it’ll give me an idea of what BB production wants to happen. Ugh, huh?

        1. I think it would be great for Jeff to put up P & K and then Dani gets backdoored! When she leaves to the Jury house it would be complete Karma. She backdoored Brendon and the following week, she gets backdoored. That would be awesome.

    4. hahaha me too! You made me laugh….its good to be home…. Back to hating Rachel. I really tried to get behind her when I thought the DBR alliance might happen, but five minutes into hearing her speak I was like nope I cannot get onboard with liking Rachel. I really tried but she just makes it impossible to tolerate her.

      1. Yeah, besides Rachel was already talking about getting Dani out ASAP, even after she acted like she wanted to team up with her. I think Dani did the right thing by getting Brendon out, and not sticking with BR. Initially it sounded like a cool idea, but then they’d have stabbed her in the back anyway.

    5. Team Dani!

      My gut is thinking [yes it thinks] that Dani will cut ties with Kalia…
      realized she has a better chance at comps having Porsche around…

      Kalia will be sulking in jury but who cares…

      Team Dani for the ‘Special fortune teller Power’!

  10. Blackies?? ….Kalia SHUT UP!!! Calling black slippers blackies is not racist, why does the race card have to be played when no one is being racist?

    1. i think she’s over sensitive in the area of race. she could have had a lot of negative experiences because she she is black and some people do call black people blackies.

  11. I am glad that Jeff won the HOH that way things get mixed up a little bit. I think that if Dani can make it through this week she will end up winning. If she does go home there is a good chance that JJ will be the final 2 :( comon Dani do your thing and stay in the house.

  12. Don’t watch the show if the Cast is Annoying you BIG TIME

    hard call for jeff I think – Nominate Kalia/Porche and hope that Dani doesnt win Veto, then backdoor her
    nominate Dani and Kalia/Porche and if Dani wins the veto then the other goes up, both have their pros and cons. Either way, one of the three is going home, my bet is Kalia is a goner.

    ps. why does everybody underestimate Jordans gameplay? ya she is not good in the physical challenge. BUt who has been their number one ally and has really given them alot of good information.. SHELLY, and why is Shelly with them? because Jordan won her over. No one but DANI would put Jordan on the block because she is too sweet and they would look bad.. Seems to me like she is playing a great social game.

    1. Uhh… with all due respect, everyone who watches, especially the people who pay their hard-earned money for the feeds and/or subscribe to Showtime should have the right to watch this season and be annoyed with whoever they want, not to mention post those annoyances here, in my humble opinion. Hell, I’d bet money on the fact that production counts on viewers tuning in because they love to hate someone comparably as much as they count on viewers tuning in because they love a certain HG. And I’m not ashamed to admit it, but I’ve enjoyed reading here about other viewer’s annoyances as much, if not more sometimes, than people talking about who they adore. Sorry, but I think it’s entertaining, not to mention human nature;)

    2. One flaw to your statement, Jordum’s not playing anything, she’s vegetating. Her sweetness wears thin when a) you know she’s already won 500K for just that, being sweet and, b) she is basically Jeff’s minion, despite the occasional comment that comes out of her mouth that has some merit.

      If you’ve noticed, she’s not even as sweet this year as she was on her previous (BB11) season and, I suspect it’s because of the following reasons:

      – she knows she can’t expect to win agains this season using only her sweetness, which means she has to try and contribute something more, which is painful and difficult for her and so she’s grumpy and even caddy at times.
      – she and Jeff aren’t really a couple and so she’s getting tired if the pretense, especially since she’s getting little-to-no affection from Jeff as part of this rouse and, on top of that, he continually puts her down.

      Again, any remote signs that Jordum is actually “playing” anything in this game, comes with great effort on her part (i.e. brain drain for her), which is taxing on her and, which is another reason for her being caddie and bitchy at times this season. Yes, even the sweet little Jordum has had her moments this season!

      1. Blah,blah,blah DR…every friggin post is always your hate for Jordan,you say the same shit over and over every week.We get it,your infactuation with Jordan has lead you to hating her.You would root for the devil himself if he was up against Jordan.

  13. groener wont let dani leave, dani and j/j are the only thing that keeps the ratings up. expect a “secret power” to come to dani from a not so rigged americas vote

      1. Porch’s toe is a monster it looks like it is trying to eat what ever she covers it up with if you look close enough at her CT you can see her uterus.

    1. Lol! Nice. I hate that Dani fans think they’re supporting an underdog. Dani is the Yankees, Cowboys and Lakers of the BB house. Overrated and obnoxious.

    2. Jordan “loves” Jeff.
      Do Jordan Fans have the same low IQ as Jordan?

      Topic: Jimmy Carter
      Jordan: “Who is he? Was he president or something?” lol

  14. Jeff will put up Kalia and Porcha, no doubt to look good to Dani knowing she will go after him in next HOH comp if and when Dani will win POV and take off Kalia. Leaving Porcha and what Jeff figures is a pawn on the block. Unfortunately for Jeff tho:

    Adam will not likely vote out Porcha unless Shel is on the block and no way on earth Rach will ever vote out Porcha to spend a week alone in the jury house with Brenda.

    1. I think your right about how Rachel will not want to have porch in the jury with brendumb alone. But Jeff kinda has to put Dani on the block cause if he doesn’t and Dani wins the pov takes down kalia the hut Jeff will then have to put up someone from his side even though JJ have the votes to keep who they want it is still risky. I think he will put K the hut and Dani up and tell Dani that she is the pawn and send the hut off to jury so brendumb can watch her shave her Va Jay Jay. hahahahaha
      Team Dani FTMFW!!

      1. I’d be real surprised if Dani goes up, then he has a target on his back if Dani get POV and Jeff doesn’t like to get his hands dirty and will use the excuse to his screwed up useless alliance that he plans no backdooring Dani.

    2. i didn’t watch BB from the start, i began watching when cassie got evicted, so could u explain to me please what is it or what happened so rachel is afraid of something from happening between Porsche and Brendon? did something happen???

      1. First, it is known Brenda is a pig. In the start of the show Porch became really friendly with BR and these girls in DKP are not dumb and will use anything including messing up Rach’s head planting a seed in there of being alone with Brenda, both Dani and Porch and Rach knowing what a pig Brenda is will freak just at the thought of what could happen…

        1. mmmmmmmmm interesting
          so i understand that till now nothing have happened though to make Rachel have doubts, and that it’s just girls talking to make her doubt herself and be paranoid?!?

          1. no nothing has happened yet with Brenda and Porcha, but considering Rach is a complete wacko and Brenda was caught jerking off with some girl on skype and gave a 7 minute rediculous forgive me speech to Rach on You Tube, it won’t take much to send Rach over the deep end in suggesting what will happen if Porcha goes to the jury house with Benda for a week…

    3. The biggest train wreck for Jeff this week unfortunately is Rach, her emotional and jealous attitude will prevent Dani or Porch from going to the jury house for what she figures is a week with her perverted fiancee.

      This goes for the present HOH and the double eviction where Jeff doesn’t play and strong chance that Rach will win and send Jeff packing.

    1. Shelley’s trying to divert attention from the part of Brendon’s speech where he said
      he will NEVER vote for a Floater to win BB.
      Shelley is a Floater.

  15. Please clarify–if a non-nominated player uses the POV to veto a nomination, wouldn’t they become eligible as a replacement nominee? Thanks

      1. what we meant to ask is that if a person isn’t one of the nominated people but happens to win the veto competition on one of the nominated, can the HOH nominate that person?
        let’s say that K & P are on the block and that D veto one of them, can’t Jeff then put D on the block???

        1. Why would it be a good twist? Seems to me if I won the veto and knew if I removed someone off the block that I could go up, I simply wouldnt use it so it becomes useless in the game…

    1. Hello…if a HG who plays veto and is not nominated wins the veto, that person can save a nominee and they to are saved from being nominated.

    2. Re: PoV powers:
      – if someone is on the block & wins POV they would naturally save themselves because if they used it on the other player on the block, then not be able to save both themselves.
      – if however a player who was NOT on the block were to win POV, then they could use it to pull someone off the block and, both the winner of the POV and whomever they pulled off the block would be saved from being left or put on the block and, therefore safe from eviction.

  16. What I don’t understand is why everyone believes that Dani is unbeatable. She is a great competitor and certainly has a very good chance of winning, but it is not a “fete de compli.” (That means “guaranteed outcome” to Porsche.)

    1. I don’t think she’s unbeatable, but she is the one to beat in this game. If she does make it to the end I’m 99% sure she will win against anyone.

    2. Totally don’t think she’s unbeatable, think she’s going home likely this week via the back door, however I’ve rooted for her more than anyone I’ve had to choose from because her gameplay, premature or not, has resulted in some of the best viewing I’ve seen so far this season. She’s been the only one with balls enough to really try to make anything happen in that normally boring house so far when it comes to game play. Just my opinion! Shelley and Rachel have made things interesting at times, but from what I’ve seen, their ‘moments’ have involved alot more emotion than game play.

  17. Finally a week without hypocrisy, whispering and just plain obnoxious behavior. D/K in power is like having Rachel is power. Plus Dani and Kalia have never had it tough in this game. Dani was given a golden key and skated by. Time for them to feel the pain a little. Best case…Dani is evicted and spends time with Brendon! I would kill to see that. Worse case…Kalia or the sloth Porsche get their fat asses out. More food for the other HGs! Yay!

    Jeff is dumb, loud and masogynistic but at least he’s not catty and bitchy like a lot of ppl in this house. He’s not a great strategic player but at least you can take him at face value. Dani has been very lucky so far…other than her endurance win, Kalia got a lucky HOH (Personally I think all quizzes are a crapshoot) and she got lucky with last week’s HOH. She’s made BAD game moves tho I give her props for evicting Brendon…he IS the biggest threat. I have a feeling it’s going to be one and out for Dani tho…I think she’ll be the replacement nom and be duly evicted. Good riddance to that annoying brat!

  18. Simon or anyone ? If dani wins pov and saves porsha(which i think would be smarter than saving kalia cause kalia sucks) like takes her off the block…will dani still be safe? could she be used as the replacment? or is pov winner safe no matter what. This might be a dumb question but need to know.

      1. oh ok thanks…id love to see kalia go this week. Such a waste she is. Im actually starting to like porsha and would hate to see her go. But then she will be alone with brendon and that would drive rachel at least that would be a plus i guess.

  19. can anyone tell me who’s ass is up in the air and having sex??? there’s a pic of brendon whis his undies a bit down and a towel around him then 4 small pictures with 2 of them of someon’s ass in the air; it look like a woman with blonde hair???
    just to curious to know, does anyone know who’s that???

      1. thanks for the reply :-)
        but truly can’t understand how can people do that in front of cameras rolling and people behind mirrors and stuff!!! disgusting, eurkh…

  20. that chip of kalias shoulder is so ridiculously big! i hate it when ppl are so race retarded! PLEASE GET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE!

  21. A non nominated player who wins POV an uses it to remove a nominated player is safe also from being nominated as part of the prize of winning POV.

  22. I was surprised jeff won hoh. I would have thought that shelly and adams lips so firmly attached to his ass would have slowed him down.

    1. They make Porsche look like she will win America’s player. Kalia was my least favorite week 1. I was the only one talking about her lesbianic ways.

      However, Shelly stealing Rachel’s stuffed animal is ludicrous. I hope someone steals Adam’s Ian Ziering (90210) picture.

    1. Hmmm.

      KDH Take sit for me with Adam in a close second.

      The only thing I hate about Adam is that he talks a big game in the DR put he’s the biggest pussy in the entire house. For a super fan, he was a HUGE let down. I loved his Veto speech. “Iworked really hard to win this Veto” Yeah Adam, you threw a couple bean bags at a hole and watched the last couple players throw the competition. real hard. REAL hard.

    2. Could not agree more! Kahlia takes the top spot in my eyes, but Adam is an extremely close second place. Anyone who can steal that spot from Rachel deserves a special place in post-reality show purgatory with the likes of Ronnie, Amber, Chima, both Natalies, and a long list of other HG’s who’s names I don’t even remember;)

  23. JJ & D are both lying to each other. JJ (one brain so I put them together) want to test D to see if she’ll pull off P or K WHEN she wins POV, thinking is might be a sign to them that she might want to work with them if she agreed not to use it (thus sending home P or K) BUT, points to note here:
    1) if D wins POV she knows she shouldn’t use it as it would be useless. P or K would still be going home, so not using it on either one of them is no big sacrifice for D, just smart on her part, which JJ haven’t factored in.
    2) JJ don’t really want to work with D, they’d really like to backdoor her but, if she wins POV they’re going to inflate their ego by trying to put some sort of ultimatum to D and, kid themselves into thinking that if D doesn’t use the POV on P or K that it actually means something. Moronic thinking on JJ’s part!
    2) Dani doesn’t really want to work with JJ as she’s too smart for that. She wants her two strongest remaining competitors in the house (Jeff & R) evicted ASAP, and she will continue to use the other useless players in the house to achieve this.

    Dani made a poor strategic move before by trusting BR, which resulted in Dom’s eviction. She hasn’t forgotten that and is not going to make the same mistake by trusting JJ. Dani’s going to remain focused on getting out her strongest competitors, Jeff & R and, will do whatever, and use whomever it takes to achieve this. TEAM DANI TFW!!!

    1. I don’t see her going for Rachel so quickly. Rachel doesn’t really have any alliances so it is a pointless move. She knows she needs to get Jordan out because history has shown that Jordan can win a final 3 and the money.

    2. No, no, no. If Dani wins pov and removes Kalia (very important), then whoever gets put against Porsche (either Adam or Shelly, with Rachel saved as a bigger target) will go home. The votes for Porsche to stay will be Danielle, Kalia and Rachel (jealousy), with Jordan and the other houseguest voting for Porsche to go. Jeff has to hope that Danielle does not win POV if she’s not up on the block.

      1. No! D won’t use POV because she won’t have the votes (there’s no way R will turn against JJ right now) and, I wouldn’t be so sure Jeff wouldn’t put up R if (highly unlikely) D won POV and pulled P or K off the block. Remember, Jeff said last night in HoH room that his ultimate goal (next to wanting Dani out cause she’s a strong competitor and he can’t trust her) is to get out floaters. As long as Jeff thinks R is on his side, he’s going to keep her for at least another week or two, until Team Dani is eliminated (which I hope isn’t the case).

  24. I hope next season they fill the house with players who can actually win an hoh. It would make te game much more interesting.

  25. Kalia should go home, what a waste of HOH she was last week, crying when Jeff threatened her,and then kissing Jeff’s ass in the veto competition, cheering for him to win…. What an idiot!
    I also would not mind seeing Danielle backdoored, she should have put Jeff up, BR were right, Jeff has his little army.

  26. Surprised there is no mention of a Pandoras Box, seems like it is around the time for them to drop one on the HOH. I hope it is something that throws a wrench in Jeffs game, I hate that they seem to have this all wrapped up. I know things change fast, but I want to see more drama and twists not the JJAS team rolling to the final.

    1. I was only listening, and randomly watching, but at one point during the comp last night, he took a hard fall. He might’ve done a belly buster.

  27. Dani hasn’t won anything remarkable, pick a number between 1 and 10, Congratulations you got the right number you are such an amazing competitor!!! (they seriously need to get rid of the pick a number competitions, laughable to even call it a competition) Oh or lets see which skinny tiny little person can stay balanced on a platform the longest, so lame.

    They need a competition dealing in raw strength and speed and something that doesn’t cater to a person that barely weighs 100 lbs. Put a 50 lb ruck on all of their backs for the next competition, then lets see who the true competitors are. Anyone see the recent last rugby style competition on MTV’s The Challenge where CT and Adam were eliminated? That is the type of challenge they need to have on big brother. That’s real competition.

    Jeff needs to nominate Dani and focus on getting her out above all things, actually everyone in the house should do that, could care less who wins as long as Dani doesn’t (because it’s clearly obvious that they are going to have her win in the end, it’s practically guaranteed. Surprised some delusional fans have apparently convinced themselves production isn’t in the tank for Dani all the way, I’m just hoping for some sort of variable they didn’t think of to screw it all up and cause Dani to have to leave or for them to admit they are attempting to give her the win thanks to her association with the most popular player in BB history.

    Team NotDani FTW!!!

  28. It sickens me to think that Jordan will win 500k again this season, totalling 1M, all for basically doing nothing. She does not deserve it, there are many people who are out there who are suffering, who are out of work, who are less fortunate and struggling to make ends meet and this would be a slap in the face.

    1. I agree. I was so disappointed when she won during her season. I almost didn’t watch the ending of that season, because she was going to the end. Yes, she seems to be a sweet caring [erson, but i want people going to the end who truly played an awesome game. Not ones who made it to the end because their kissing face with their partner, or who floated along.

      1. Yeah, but Natalie was awful her season. Jordan knew that she had to bring Natalie to the end at that point. Kevin would have beaten her, receiving only Jeff, Michelle, and maybe America’s vote. Russell, Jessie, Lydia, and Natalie would have voted for Kevin to win.

    2. I’m not so sure. Rachel does have a good shot of making it to the finals at this rate. She will be like Michelle (bb11) and it will come down to her and Jordan for a spot in the finals. Only Kalia, Shelly, and Adam will be putting her up at this point, and I don’t see either of them winning a double eviction hoh.

  29. is it just me, or did anyone else hear Shelly’s daughter yell “shut up Rachel” at the tv when she was talking?!?! HAHAHAHA I laughed so hard…

  30. Simon, I am not sure if next to Jordan’s picture is the picture of Two-Face. But if it is, that picture needs to be next to Shelly. Her whole character is two-faced and she routinely admits that she is playing both sides of the house. I apologize in advance if I misspoke

    1. Dani was a golden key holder and hoh winner almost every week. Kalia was floater supreme.

      Let’s see them try to get Rachel Reilly’s vote. This will be good one. Kalia will go on about how it’s just so torturous to kiss up to Rachel. It will be great.

      Hello woman, the feeling is mutual. Brendon and Rachel don’t want to be around you either.

  31. Why is Shelly playing the game this way? She has a lot to lose: her credibility at work, her credibility with the PTA, her credibility as a parent? And what does she have to gain? Maybe 500,000 when she is already making something like 200k per year?

    Is it just for the 3some with Jeff + Jordan?

  32. Dear Simon,

    Why do you show pictures of Adam? I think most of this board despises him in the house (to Adam’s shock when he will read this in a month). Him and Kalia are just such sore spots to the eye, seeing all of their belly fat.

    Can we please not have to look at them? Please stick to pictures of Jordan, Dani, Jeff, Porsche, even Rachel?

    1. I don’t hate Adam.. and while I thought he was cute with the beard, his new non furry face bothers me then his belly. I’d rather have a belly then some guy who is over the top with muscles. I always question how big the guys penis is and or if they do the ‘roids..

    2. I actually like Adam. Not putting pictures up of him would be incredibly biased, as well as that being a just plain stupid request.

  33. Best case scenario for Team Dani is…
    KP get nominated.
    Dani wins POV
    K is taken off of the block. Dani is safe.
    1.)Dani convinces Jeff to nominate and evict R, in return JJ are given a weeks worth of safety.
    2.) Shelly/Adam goes up as a pawn R switches and evicts Shelly/Adam.

    1.) R is evicted
    2.) Shelly/Adam is evicted

    I hope this happens or Team Dani is screwed.

  34. If you follow the younger ‘black’ tweeters on twitter every 2nd or 3rd tweet has the N word in it. Go look, it’s true. I started to become racist on twitter.

    1. I don’t like the N word anymore then anyone else but dang she is really reaching with the word BLACKIE. I want her gone. I don’t care she needs to go.

  35. I have this feeling that Rachel will do or something that will piss Jeff off which will cause her to be put up.

    Jeff and Jordan, whether they see it or not, make decisions very emotionally in the house. If Rachel pisses them off, watch out now.

  36. I’m sooo sick of people saying that everything that happens has been predetermined or set up by CBS. It’s a game people, and when your player doesn’t win, it doesn’t mean that the entire game is rigged. Sick of seeing the “This challenge was geared towards this person” shit. Seriously.

    Also, happy Jeff won.

    1. I thought the competition was geared towards either Rachel, Jeff, Kalia or Adam. Porscha and Jordon got the most soap in the middle. The outer houseguests had an advantage.

  37. I think Jeff is making a HUGE mistake not putting up Dani on the block this week. He will have all 3 alliance members P/K/D playing in the POV and if Dani wins she WILL use it to save Kalia or Porshe no matter what she tells Jeff. Then he will have to put up Adam or Shelly. He is better off putting up Kalia and Dani and if Dani wins put up Porshe. All he has to say is she had a Veto ticket and he needs to guarantee what he wants to happen this week does. Same B.S. line she used. This could be his fatal mistake in the game.

  38. this is what will happen

    dani wins POV, JJ talk to dani, make a deal eventually that kalia needs to go(dani will want to save porsche) will then convince kalia shes a pawn, then they will vote out kalia, dani stays clean, keep a jury vote, and she gets a better partner in porsche than she had with kalia

  39. idk if anyone has said this or not, but dani will NOT be backdoored because she has the veto ticket and will therefore play in the veto comp. anyone who has a chance to play for veto, whether they are on the block initially or not, cannot be backdoored. its only a backdoor if the replacement nominee did not have a chance to play for the veto.

  40. I want both Kalia and Porsche out this week and next. I feel that they are holding back the other players. I also would like it if Dani went with Rachael next. I do not want Rachael to leave the house until the last one left for the jury house. I want Porsche to go to see Brendon first. I want to see what he does with her and for Rachael to find out.

  41. WHAT IF….Dani wins veto, takes kalia off the block and jeff replacement is jordan(because he believes that she would be safe) so now it is porsha and jordan on the block. Adam, dani and kalia votes to keep porsha even rachel because she doesn’t want porsha in the jury house with brendon alone and only shelly votes to keep jordan. Jeff’s hoh would be just as bad as kalia’s if not even worse. Come on team DKP LETS GO.

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