Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon gets pissed at Rachel ..tells her to stop it ..and get away from him.. *Updated*

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11am Brendon comes into the lounge room and asks Rachel to get everything they want to have up in the HOH room together. Rachel says that all she wants is a blanket. Brendon says okay ..because I want to be one of the first people up there to grab the couch. Brendon suggests bringing up the cards. Rachel says that she was thinking of taking a nap …but she could play cards too. Rachel says I hope it is a hanging competition. Brendon says that she can’t let Shelly win. Rachel laughs and says Shelly can’t win anything. Brendon talks about how the double eviction gos so fast. They start playing cards. Brendon says that he is going to give a great speech today… Rachel asks are you going to be nice. Brendon says that he might say something about the floaters in the end of his speech. Brendon wonders if he is in the jury or not. Rachel is happy. Brendon says you’re just happy because you’re winning at the card game. Brendon says I love you but sometimes I want to ring you neck… Rachel asks what? Brendon says nothing.. it’s probably better that way… Rachel tries to cheat when they add up their scores. Brendon ends up winning ..and says that he is unbeatable.
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Rachel asks if he wants to talk to Kalia. Brendon says I will flip out …I will flip out!! ..NO! Rahcel says sorry. Brendon says no.. because you make me so angry! Rahcel says you make me so angry too just murdered me twice in the card game. Brendon says you promised me you wouldn’t.. Rachel says that she didn’t do anything. Brendon gets mad at Rachel. She leans into kiss him and he tells her no, stop it…get over there. Brendon says everything was good and fine and you ruined it! Brendon tells her to have respect for him ..if he tells her to not do something …then don’t do it!! Rachel says okay I am sorry ..just drop it ..lets not fight. We only have a few more hours together in this house. Brendon says that he is happy he is getting evicted …he wants out of this stupid house..

11:30am – 11:55am Big Brother puts the houseguests on an HOH lock down. All the houseguests head up to the HOH room and find a spot to lay down.

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12:20pm – 12:30pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen…

12:45pm Still TRIVIA…

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why is there a black guy in the shower?


I thought you were banned


Hey Dawg..can you duct tape Kalias mouth shut? She needs to GO!!!!!!!


I agree. I got showtime, and for a while she was on her pulpit and I was about to cancel. I mean, I think that she just like to listen to her own voice.


lol my sister think its kalia


LOL brendon just said hes happy hes getting evicted? And says he wants out of that house? that should give rachel a hint that he just wants to get away from her. Evict porsha next week and i bet you the thought of her and brendon together alone in the jury house will cause her to go CRAZY. You can tell brendon wants porsha so i wouldnt be suprised if he cheated on rachel. But i honestly dont understand brendon sometimes. He gets mad over every little thing. Id be glad to get away from him if i was rachel.

Aqua Bernie

Brendan did tell Rachel to get Portia out. When I heard that I thought hmm! He’s got his own agenda. Rachel probably is so dumb she’ll do what Brendan says then think after and drive herself nuts!

Rachel's shrink

Maybe Rachel can watch him do Porsche on webcam?


Porsche can do better than Brendon. I’m sure her list would go a little like this: Adam, Dani, Dick, Keith, Dom, Lawon, Kalia, Cassi, Jordan/Jeff threesome, Shelly Spade, you (yes you!), Rachel, and THEN Brendon.


ive said it all along

if im brenden, i go to jury, and get porsche there next, so that you spend a week hooking up with no one knowing, and if someone does, then brenden goes out on top…well….or on bottom since porsche is a tiger

I’ve got a new twist on double elimination. After the eviction and before they leave the BB house, let the evicted person (Brendon) pick the next evicted person (Rage hell) and they can walk out together. two birds with one stone.


Im confused


it would be great if porsche went to jury next week and becomes a couple with brendon, shocker for rachel.


That would be GREAT!!!! But I hope Jeff wins and gets Porcshe out and then fast forward and someone gets Dani out. Brendon would have a nice little 3 some.


Ugh what a waste of votes. They keep whining but she’s probably gonna win.


*Face Palm* BB won’t even get them a $2 deck of cards and some tequila


im too lazy to get out of bed. Is it worth signing onto the live feeds? So will the live show air from the HOH room! Since they are using the entire inside outside fir the HOH comp??


Cracks me up that Brendon always accuses Jeff of being abusive to Jordan, when he’s always doing this crazy passive aggressive thing and flipping out on Rachel for no reason (then defending her when she actually DOES something wrong).


That’s what I say!!!! Did you see him pounding on the bed the other night. He was wishing it was Rachels face!! He says “I respect you and would never call you stupid, but you do some stupid things”. What a dickweed!!! I haven’t seen Jeff do that to Jordon. Sure he says some mean things to her, but I really don’t think he says them to intentionally hurt her. He just wants her to wake up and think before she speaks. Rachel will never learn. She is the same person this year as she was last. I really don’t see those two lasting.

Team Dani!!!

Hmmm I wonder how much Brendon paid for Rachel at Petco … Cuz he’s sure acting like he owns her


He pets her on her head like a dog too.. lol Anyone notice that?


lol yes I have noticed him pet her head….like a dog! hahaha. if he could just leash train her.


Same price her clients pay


This season would have been so different had Dick and Cassi remained for a while – Would’ve put a little fire in the relationships. I am sure CBS is dissapointed as am I. The very least they could give us is a 48 hour Pandora of all former houseguests (still sequestered) to stir things up a bit. They need to think on their feet and come up with something quick because the bore factor is growing daily.


That would have been a great season.

Dark Horse

While Dick would have made the season more interesting…
I think the fortune teller may come into play at some point…

Let me just say this now: I will be SO PISSED if Jeff wins HOH and then gets a special power from the fortune teller…didn’t something like that happen during his season, wasn’t he the HOH when he got the coup d’etat?…

UGH…if this ends up another Jeff & Jordan final 2!!


That would be about as horribly lame as dani winning. Worst most predictable game in history. Wouldnt put it past them to give it to one of the three popular houseguests.


but at least if Dani won, you could say that she played hard and deserves it. So far JJ haven’t really done shit. If anything, I can see Jeff picking it up, but Jordan will probably continue to be a non factor. If Jordan wins I’ll lose complete respect for this show.


Chima was HOH when Jeff used the coup d’etat. That’s why she got pissed and threw her mic in the pool and got the boot.

Dark Horse

oh yes…its all coming back to me now….thats right

I’m still nervous about Jeff getting some ‘other’ power though…
what has he done to deserve it.


Chima knew then that the game was rigged. I thought it was sickening the way they did her. After all the woman went through, production must have known she was fragile.


I know, Dick would put a boot up Rachels you know what. I could never act like Dick, but I just love him. You love him and you hate him. He always made things exciting!!! Zingggggggg period….


I think this season staged. It has everything a bad horror movie has: the couple everyone loves to hate(B/R) big boobs and over the top acting, the villain (Dani) dark hair makes the look complete. The villain’s follows (Kelia, Porsha) who will do anything to please Dani, they probably would give her half of the money if they win. Then there is ( J/J) the couple who everybody hopes makes it to the end to prove that good conquers evil. Their friends along for the ride who sacrifice themselves (Adam, Shelly) you know the ones you kind of wish they live, but you know they won’t, because they are not the main characters. And the extras (Evil Dick, Dom, Cassi, Keith, and Lawon) just space fillers. Just don’t seem real to me.


Their relationship is so crazy creepy….they need help….


I know many people dont like BR however if we didnt have their dynamic with SSS, Dani and Kalia (who I agree is useless at her own game) I dont think I could have continued watching. Which is why, I hope Brendon goes, Rachel stays and is her most vicious game playing self and teams up with Dani. SHOCKER!


@sukie I am not a B/B fan, but I now wang Rachel/Dani to be final 2. I was a J/J fan until I saw how he really is and how they act and talk about the other players. Jeff is abusive and I hope Jordan’s family sees it now, because he has an anger problem that will eventually fall on Jordan and their kids, if they get married. An abuser is an abuser..

give me a break

Give me a break you guys and gals are saying when you say or do something stupid your partner just says in a nice little voice dont do that and when you play a game and your partner has a tendency to say certain things without thinking you would not tell them not to say anything without you. Man it must be great to be so calm in your relationships. I just would say lie much…


You cant really blame Jeff though, because having to put up with someone as dumb as Jordan must get tough.


gee what is it with you people that you think Jeff is abusive?! Do you not watch his DR sessions? If anything he is pansy like sometimes! No way is he or will he ever be abusive!!


ahhhh…Brendon…you are such an arrogant idiot.

And Rachel…. do you really want to be with this jerk that bosses you around and demeans you?

Oh…of course.
You are a good match.
Enjoy your future together. and don’t forget when you are at work to always ask if they want to SUPERSIZE the order.

Bet you will wish you didn’t service Brendon under the covers for everyone’s viewing pleasure.
Now how do you put that on a resume??

Aqua Bernie

Brendan’s exgirlfriend said last season that he tries to mold his girlfriends into what he wants! And she said that BR will never last.


honestly…its his life..and its her life. its sort of ridiculous because if anyone told YOU what was wrong with YOU…what would you saY? F off.


Lol lol lol lol lol. ” I can’t get a job”! No worries, you give THE BESTEST BJ’s IN THE UNIVERSE”!!!!!! Actually, I feel badly for Rachoe next to Straight Shooter Liar Bitch Face!!!!!


OMG get these two idoits out now!!!! I hope Jeff win HOH.. GO TEAM JJ & D!!!!


I’m confused, why would you want Jeff to win and also want Rachel out? They(jj)5 have stated time and time again they need Rachel in the game.

Firsty McFirstyton

Also poop, that is all.


stfu please.




How many months until Brendon murders Rachel, then commits suicide?’s coming.. this relationship is TOXIC.. 48 hours is calling


1 Year tops

Dark Horse

Will one year be enough time for Brendon to…
cure cancer…
build a space ship…
break the Da vinci code…
Maybe win a Big Brother season…

I figure a 3rd season with BR will send him over the edge…
maybe a house ‘butterknife’ holdup…
I WILL subscribe to the live feeds if that occurs.

kathie from canada

Oh and don’t forget he was chirping about wanting to open a Mexican restaurant ;) Scientists get hungry too!!


and was a master at chess…..


Funny, didn’t dick head Brenden say to his woman that it was Her idea to come back into the house? For some odd reason I don’t believe it for a nano second!


Rachel needs to leave brendon…plain and simple. One day hes going to snap and that might just be the outcome. I hope that doesnt happen, but brendon is just as crazy as rachel and it could. or the other way around(rachel kills brendon) because theres only so much emotional abuse someone can take. Very toxic relationship.


Perhaps,but Rachel seems to LIKE the relationship that she’s in. You can see the frustration that Brendon has with her..and he’s not shy about verbalizing it either (choke you out.. ring your neck..etc)


They need to stay together to protect all the daughters out there


When watching BB and the BR fiasco, one name keeps coming to mind……..Lorena Bobbitt……( A huge collective ouch from all the males)…lol…

Uncle Cool

I think it would be fun to send Kalia home next week to spend a week alone with Brendon.


Porsche would much better, so Brenda could cheat on Rachel again, we all know he’s attracted to her, because he’s attracted to skanks so much he’s about to marry one.


Hell Porsche has something in common with Rachel both are skanks, both sleep with rich men


If that’s the case, then Rachel needs to trade up. Brendon is a career student. He mentioned a 5 year phd program, so this mf will be eligible for the old folks home by the time his ass gets out of school.


But he’s going to cure cancer, so he’ll be rich,remember?! lol


I think Rachel got a Prozac blast last night, she was giddy,even giggling for no reason and I guess it wore off this morning. She’s back to her usual craziness. Brendon, needs a shot too. He’s actually pissed off that other players are playing the game they think is best for their survival and not his…how much crazier does it get than that?




I know. All this Rachel bashing is so over the top. Some people have nothing to do then bitch about others. Same in the house. It’s getting so personal and everybody is so bitching about everyboody it is like watching a bad high school special. It’s not as enjoyable to watch as earlier in the season.


hahaha love this post!!


Who thinks that RB will even get married? If R acts the same way once the two of them are in the jury house, B will bust out and run for his life.


I believe they will get married because they are very co-dependent. As much as they irritate each other, they feed off of it and would miss not having that craziness in their lives.


Is jeff really serious with jordan?


The fact that you had to ask that question answers your questions..
Jeff is just using Jordan.. being a guy I would know when a guy is no longer interested.. you can tell in his interviews and his demeanor around Jordan he isn’t into anymore. They don’t even live in the same city yet after TWO YEARS?!??? This all coming from a guy who’s had multiple one night stands? Please and then you have the avid JJ fans who really believe that these two are concealing their affection for one another ‘cuz of ‘class’..GTFO


damn i wish i’d seen this before i wrote all that crap below..all i would’ve had to say was



I completely disagree. Watching the live feed right now. JJ are in the kitchen & being quite cute. Jeff asked if the Live Feeds were up or if they had time for a little fun. Adam asked if he meant him & Jeff was like, “uhm no!” Can’t remember exactly what he said but it was clear he meant him & Jordan. Mentioned a little time to makeout or something. The he patted her butt & Adam mentioned him being a horny little devil this morning. So Jordan did a cute little shake for him. It was a very believable few minutes between a couple. Not everyone is into PDA all the time or has to be up each others asses. And yes it’s quite believable that they don’t live together yet. They’re from different areas & are close to their families. They’re not ready to commit to living together yet. It’s really not that difficult of idea to swallow. Not everyone shacks up. Watching the live feeds you see all kinds of loving gestures between the two of them. No, Jordan’s not on Jeff’s lap humping him, but doesn’t make them any less of a couple


agreed. :)


well said Molls!

I'm your biggest fan

so true

BB No More

I do think that J.J. relationship isn’t as serious as we all think/thought it was…but as far as the money they get for being on these shows..they haven’t gotten the dividends yet. At the beginning of this season Jordan was saying how she hasn’t gotten the $500K yet thats why she’s a receptionist..most of the time when your on these reality shows or game shows it can take up to a year to receive your money….

give me a break

Actually there relationship is a very good relationship, not based on jealousy or sex. I have been married for 25yrs and it is totaly based on love and friendship and yes if we were on live tv we would not have to be all over each other that is just what normal people would do. YES WE ARE VERY HAPPY and TRUST COMPLETELY. That is the problem people on here must never had a trustworthy relationship so would not know one when they see it….


Not a J/J fan but I concur with everything you wrote. A lot of ppl doubt their relationship because of the lack of PDA, the long-distance thing and ppl tend to sum up closeness to physical proximity. If you’re of a certain age and in a relationship for a very long time, you do understand that being touchy-feely with each other isn’t the only proof of a genuine relationship.


I think thats different though


25 years isn’t the same as a couple years.. by being married 25 years you have to be in your 40’s, kids? Jeff and Jordon have been a part for a long time.. There is no way this early in their relationship that they are not doing it on the kitchen table..


Most adults who’ve been in a relationship for 2 years can restrain themselves, ESPECIALLY in a public place….unless they are Brenchel. Brenchel has really proven how much disgust is conjured up by all of their PDA.


Agreed…I also believe they may try to conceal their relationship for the game meaning if they don’t “act” like a couple, they won’t be “thought of” like a couple and therefore maybe less of a target…Just my thought


I don’t think they’re in a serious relationship, not because they are not touchy feely or anything, but it just seems like Jeff isn’t even into her. It seems forced.


Oh man. It it ever comes out that they’re not really together and Jeffs been banging chicks left right and centre – their will be a lot of heart broken ‘Jordans’ out there.


They’ve talked about going on vacations, in the past, in the live feeds. They seem like a couple in the live feeds to me. I wouldn’t call myself an advid jj fan either. To me they seem like a normal couple after 2 years. Their couple-like behaviour isn’t mentioned on this site but they certainly do behave like a couple in BBAD etc. Holding hands, kissing, cuddling, whispering ‘love you’ etc. I’m not sure what you are looking for, but I certainly wouldn’t be doing much more in BB as I’m not comfortable with PDA. Maybe they aren’t either?

Course, they may be pulling one over on us…I just find it amusing that so many people insult Jordon’s intelligence by quickly following up with the implication that she can pull of the couple sham, remembering all of the stories and backstory with the ‘relationship’ in the live feeds. I think many of the people commenting on their relationship aren’t watching the live feeds, though. They are relying on the spoilers – which omits JJ stuff – which is boring, normal couple stuff. Couple that omission with the innuendo that they are not a couple….the idea spreads like crazy.


I swear I read that she spent most of her money on her mom’s house and her education. She also spent some on Jeff – paid off his loans and eye surgery, I believe. She works as a receptionist…or is that only part of the ‘cover’? If you believe that her employment is true, than you have to believe she doesn’t have a lot of money in the here and now. Jordon has said, in the live feeds, that they are possibly moving in together after BB so I guess we’ll know soon enough.


LOL well it’s not like she won the Powerball…she won $500,000.00 which after taxes ( a little less than half) doesn’t go a long way in the real scheme of things…

BB No More

@Anonymous says: ….I swear Jordan told Shelly and Adam that she did receive her money yet….when she said that I was like gee wiz its been a year already…I don’t know why she would say that to them…


I think Jordan has regressed from her first season. She literally talks like a 6 years old. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some kind of developmental issue. I’m not trying to be mean because I like the girl, but there something wrong. Not lack of education, just her head is too slow for her age. It looks to me that if Jeff was ever serious about her, it has probably worn off and she is now a nuisance. If you heard Shelly try to interview Jordan, you know how embarrassing it was. I sometimes see the way Jeff looks at her and I can tell he has no respect for her on an intellectual level. Combine that with his temper and you get the “shut up and go eat something” type of treatment.


Simon, can you list the website to watch the live show on the west

Dark Horse

Rachel is a kid…you tell her to stop doing something and she does it anyway…
I hope she loses HOH tonight to…

Someone from Team Dani FTW!

I think we need JJ on the block…they are getting way too comfortable


I have a feeling Porsche is going to win tonight. We shall see…

Dark Horse

I hope so…
kinda interested to see who she would put up…
and to see JJ squirm


I don’t know which one is worse, oh wait Rachel, but Brendon is just as bad. Does he forget talking about how Jeff treats Jordan and “doesn’t respect” her? Brendon flips out on Rachel a lot too except he’s much more whiny and emotional when he does.


his salt n pepper hair :)




Wow Brendon is such a dbag…and rach has low self-esteem that she can’t see he demeans her. They both seem to have lttle self value. So wished it had been DOM back or that kalia didn’t puss out.


Is there any chance since BB let someone come back to play that tonight there will be a double eviction?


Double eviction will be in the next few weeks, not tonight. They would have hyped it more.


um… why are they all locked in hoh??? could it be a double eviction tonite??? one comp inside the house and another outside?


Cleaning crew for live show I would guess


I know Rachel is a thorn however does anyone else think that Brendan is an abusive jerk? I mean really, it’s only a game. Get away from me?? Go over there?? Have respect for me…if I tell you not to do something then don’t do it?? She’s not a dog, she’s annoying yes but to bark orders at her like that and she is seriously thinking of marrying this guy. Man, misery loves company.


I believe they really do love each other, but need to see a psychologist or a marriage councelor. Maybe both. Both have personal issues. Brendon was bullied when he was younger and I bet Rachel was as well – either that or she has a chemical imbalance of some kind. I’m not saying it to put them down. I wish them luck. But they need to talk to someone.


I want Jeff gone next. I hope Porsche wins HOH tonight.

Dark Horse

ya know, it would be REALLY interesting to see if Porsche wins…


Honestly I wasn’t a Dani fan. This stemmed from her season where I loved Evel but Dani was just an annoying brat. And this season her hypocrisy and arrogance definitely did not sit well with me. But honestly, after the last couple of weeks, it’s been ridiculous. It just seems that Jeff and Jordan are here to have a fun summer, Brenchel are playing a wacky game again and I don’t even know what the heck Shelley, Adam and Porsche are doing. I will NEVER be a fan of Kalia…nom nom nom but Dani seems the only person here to win the game. I can respect that. Everyone else is really just there. Goodness this season has been underwhelming. If only Evel hadn’t left.

Jenn M.

Rachel will eventually smarten up and leave his A$$. I love Rachel but cannot stand Brendan.


Does anyone remember Bredon getting really mad at Racheal early on in the game, yelling at her to “don’t mention that! I told you if you brought that up we are done!”
WTF has he been abusive in the past, has a secret fetish… I don’t know I just know he was serious and pissed.


He was referring to when he was on skype masturbating with men(the man was in drag so he reminded him of Rachel)

Dark Horse

the guy in drag looked like Rachel? bahahahahahahahaha…
…maybe it was actually Boy George!


Can’t wait to see Rachel spanking everybody’s asses in HOH comp tonight! Jeff and Porsche up on the block!!!!


I disagree with those that think Dominic or Cassie would have made things interesting. It would be just as boring, just instead of BR it would be DD sitting there chatting/flirting. No drama there. Cassie would do exactly what she did before, nothing. Sit with Shelley and Jordan and chit chat. The drama would have come from them evicting Rachel and making BR battle, or if one of BR weren’t useless, them winning HOH. It would have been drama-filled fun. Instead, Dani wins and it’s back to the same shit from the previous 2 weeks, except this time Rachel is pretty resigned to see him leaving. If Kalia or Porsche win HOH, ugh, it’s going to be another boring week.

If production cannot fix the game for JJRA to win HOH this week, at least throw lots of alcohol at them. Maybe give them some Four Loco and tequila and let them go nuts. Who doesn’t want to see Rachel get hammered, call Kalia fat, try to make out with Jeff, get rejected, get punched by Jordan, then go make out with Adam?

Am I alone here?


That’s a great idea. I hope production actually reads threads like this.

I'm your biggest fan

Now that would be interesting


ADAM IS SOOOOOOO ANNOYING! I think J/J needs to team up with Dani. Get Porsche out so she can spend a week alone with Brendan…bug the shit out of Rachel so she can evict herself like Chima did. Get Adam, then Shelley, then Kalia out. Jeff, Jordo, and Dani can battle it out.


I personally think he regrets saving Rachel instead of himself. He has made that remark to her a few times this week. He is frustrated he is going right back home again!!! Its not her fault he saved her! Bye Bye Brendon!!
Maybe Rachel will make it a few more weeks in the house. Maybe someone from Jeff and Jordens side will win HOH this week. We will see.


Simon, so many people comment that the cast this year sucks. Do you think it does? Or do people just say that every year?


lately it’s been boring, I think things will get rolling tonight again.. people say it every year that the cast sucks..


That black guy in the shower is big Kalia.


Simon JJs relationship real? Ive seen them kiss on the cheeks but thats it. And people saying its fake, what do u think?


some say it is some say it isn’t


This season of BB sucks! So boring and disappointing.


The gameplay and strategy has been below average. This season might be the worst ever.


Not sure what else can be said about Brendon and Rachel that hasn’t been said between this year and last year. Those two are both dysfunctional. But she will likely keep making excuses for him since she likes the way he looks. I do believe that has a lot to do with her attraction to him. And Brendon is manipulative whether it’s on purpose or not , he has a manipulative qualities.

And I hope he doesn’t bring something up about floaters in his speech. He needs to take his ass to the jury house and shut up with that. Technically, there really doesn’t seem to be that many floaters besides maybe Adam. Porsche didn’t float to the other side she was tossed, and if she stays there than I don’t see how she would be a floater at this point. So the big floater in the game will be Rachel if he leaves tonight. But maybe I’m missing something.

Drink, Drink, Drink,Drink


I agree with ALL OF YOU!


A friend of mine last night slip up at a party last mujght and said DANI who was supose to be in the dr for two hours was actually in the back yard practicing that cron hole game which she never play at all in front of others This was validated by his friend who work in Cal cbs


Whoever says that JJ’s relationship is fake. is out of there minds. Jeff is always saying the nicest things about Jordan. And he doesnt put her down when she acts ditzy. Team JJ all the way!!!!


I’m sorry but Brachel acting like Rachel has already won the HOH is comical. I really wish I could like one of the remaining houseguests but I really can’t, everyone of them lies and then forgets that they lied. Poor game play is the theme for this year


no. you know as well as anyone else brenden voted back in was because people thought kalia would have rachel v brenden in that comp. then each ball would have weighed 100 pounds(to them) and crying, and brenden eventually saying “I want you to win for us blah blah” makes great TV

instead kalia f’d it up, and as anyone would predict, dani gets hoh, and boom, brenden goes home again

why is cassie so amazing? she didnt do anything, and LIKED SHELLY. Give me a break, she just had a classy EXIT, thats IT! would be complaining about her if she was still in the house as a major floater and idiot to shelly’s ways

dom would be whispering in bed with dani, and having pajamajams….barf


If playing both sides is being a floater then why is brendan telling rachel to player both sides. Doesnt that just mean she is a floater then. Hypocrites


Goddamn lawon is LOUD on Dick at nite, he was screaming


cant wait till brendon leaves…seriously hoping we’ll see vegas rachel come out that will be the only thing good that could come out of her winning hoh…hope either porsche or kalia wins tonite

Team Dani yo!!


Y’all gotta watch last nights Dick at Nite … they showed Kieth’s previous jobs one of them was A auto Sales job with him in a gumby looking costume and the 2nd was gay looking photo-shoot for abercrombie and fitch


On another site where you can rate each house guest, Rachel is #11 and Brenda is #12. That’s pretty bad when your ranked lower than Cassi, Dick, Dominic, and Lawon, all evicties, lol. That ought to tell you how America feels about these two psychopaths.