Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says they think I’m weak without you ..but I’m not..

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9:10am – 10:10am Shelly wakes up and heads into the kitchen, she makes coffee and then sits at the kitchen counter by herself staring off at the memory wall… Brendon gets up, goes to the bathroom and then heads back to bed. All the houseguests other than Shelly are still fast asleep. The houseguests are on an indoor lock down as Big Brother prepares the backyard for tonights LIVE show and HOH competition.

10:20am – 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests.. When the live feeds come back, Brendon and Rachel are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Porsche and Adam are laying in bed trying to sleep. Shelly comes in and says to Porsche …maybe if I go in the bathroom to shower they will leave. Porsche says no because then they’ll come in here. Shelly says that maybe they’ll go in the purple room ..their bed away from bed. Shelly goes into the bathroom and starts to take a shower. Rachel asks if she is having a shower now? Shelly says yeah is that okay? Rachel says no. Shelly says well too bad. Rachel heads into the kitchen and jokes with Brendon that she will make things really dirty in the house and take away people food. Rachel and Brendon talk about how they think Jeff threw the POV competition… just to win more money and not have to use the veto. Rachel says that they think I am weak without you …but I’m not! They start talking about what they think tonight’s LIVE HOH competition will be … Brendon says it’s going to be physical. Rachel says that she thinks it will be a hanging competition. Rachel says that her and Dani are the only ones that can do anything with hanging upside down… and she cant compete in this one. Brendon says I know. Rachel says that she doesn’t know how much of her goodbye message they will show him ..but it wasn’t meant to be sassy. Brendon tells her to SHHhhh!!! Brendon then tells her that he want to run through how the fast forward works with her ..because it goes really fast. Rachel says okay ..we’ll go in the purple room. They finish making breakfast and head into the lounge room.
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10:45am – 11am Rachel says that it’s a lot more fun to not have friends in the house because then you can throw jabs at people. Rachel says that if she gets to choose the havenots this week …she will choose Dani, Porsche and Kalia. Brendon starts going through the how the fast forward works. Brendon says that if you don’t win the HOH ..its very important to win the POV. Rachel says oh yeah. Brendon says that the only way to get someone out is that you have to take out a vote… like if you want Shelly out put up Adam next to her. They talk about how they were all scared to vote Rachel out because they thought for sure she would be coming back in to the house. Rachel says that they are too scared to be in an alliance with strong competitors. Rachel says its stupid because Dani and Jeff are making themselves bigger competitors. Rahcel says Jeff is such a joke ..he won’t even give you a vote. They start talking about the double eviction for their past season.

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Team Dani

Please Please send Rachel to the jury house next week. She is so ANNOYING!!!!


Yes,like for sure! 100 percent!!!


Yay i missed this rachel


I missed this Rachel too but I’m afraid it’s only a guest appearance … she’s way too unstable to keep it up. I liked her in her original season but then she turned crazy, by the end of it, and that ruined it for me!


I have an idea for Brendan and rachel next reality show. How about they go on dr Phil and get some serious help? These are two messed up people.




Great idea but is Dr. Phil tough enough? That looooonnnnnnggg term therapy.


nope. not funny.


Fastforward tonight would be awesome…. Brendon leaves, and rachel comes right behind him

Rachel's shrink

I don’t think Rachel ever “comes”. 🙂

Bubbly Pie

I want to see Rachel win HOH, Id love to see straight shooter straight shit her pants!

I can just see her say “How do people like that win at these games” haha she eats her own shit.


I would love to see Rachel win too. I am not a Rachel fan but I think she is the only one that would keep the nominations interesting and Id love to see Shelly up again.

Rachel's shrink

I saw that on Michael K site very funny


i don’t care how many times you say it… You just are NOT gonna keep your mouth shut are you Rachel? You NEED to WIN BEFORE you start talking your trashy smack any further!!! Go JJ & D….take that stupid b***h OUT OF that house!!!!!!


i was just thinking about what the comp for hoh could be tonight…cant wait!!! i was laughing thinking about married with children when al-peggy faced off against steve-marci in the newleywed game. remember when peggy was strapped to the wheel? or when al was wired and peggy ran about 2000 volts through him? ha ha ha.



HAAHAHA you are so right that was hilarious classic tv! you just reminded me of something good from my childhood! thank you for that

Rachel+Brendon = modern day PEGGY + AL Bundy lololo


if someone has a minute – can you remind me of the how the fast forward works?

do they have a live eviction on a thursday and then as soon as the person is voted out – that same HOH is asked to put up another two people and then they have a POV, change a nominee if necessary, and then vote out a second all on that same night? i can’t remember exactly….


i think this is how “fast forward” works. when it comes on a thursday…2 will have been nominated from the regular week. they evict one…then have a immeadiate comp for the new hoh. whoever wins puts 2 people up. then a quick pov, and then they evict one more time. but i dont think they have another hoh comp until the following thursday…


Hey Chrissy, the way it works it this. There will be an eviction just like any regular Thursday night however it will happen prety much right at the beginning of the episode. The houseguests vote, someone is evicted, they talk to Julie then back in the house there is a new HOH comp where the same rules still apply i.e. the previous HOH can’t compete. They then come back inside and that person nominates two people for eviction and then a veto comp is held where the winner decides if they are going to use it or not. After that another vote is held and a second person is sent packing that night. Usually the episode then ends with another HOH comp in progress (usualy something physical) with the results of that airing the following Sunday.

Usually Julie would give a heads up a double eviction was coming a week before hand. My guess is it will be the week when there are 7 people in the house. One is evicted right off that bat and the remaining six compete for HOH/veto. I believe thats usually how it worked in the past.


Peggy was skanky so Rachel would be her. Brenda wold be Al when he’s all whiny making excuses of why shit not going his way


Rachel heads into the kitchen and jokes with Brendon that she will make things really dirty

So c*** stains on every bed isn’t dirty enough?

Dark Horse

hahaha…so true
maybe she’ll wipe her crotch on everyones stuff…


ugh watch rachel win tonight. Shes already going back to her bitchy ways. Hopefully someone makes her cry soon and puts her in her place. I want to see some drama!!! and rachel if your going to throw jabs at people be prepaired to get some in return. Im just happy to see brendon go. sick of his damn shushing all the time when hes the one that talks louder. If rachel does win HOH id like for her to nominate jeff and get him the hell out. I think she even said shes going to nominate him and dani(hopfully dani wins pov) then jeff will be out the door.


Hopefully someone makes her cry soon and puts her in her place.

everyone left in the house (except Adam) will be able to do that…. Think either her or Porsche will win HOH


Skank Hos can’t throw that many jabs, because when the TRUTH hits Rachel all she does is cry like a baby


One of my most fave scenes is from BB12 when Ragan ripped Rachel a new one in the back yard. She had no come backs, he really let her have it, much deserved. Now they are “friends”…?…and he is going to be in their wedding….? (if there ever is one, IF they don’t kill each other first, if if if.


Racheal will be done after brendon is gone. She will be the next on evicted


Rachel wont win not even with real TITS!!!!!!!


If its endurance it will play out like this;

Adam – 1st out
Jordan- 2nd
Jeff- 3rd


Shelly 5th
Rachel 6th
Porche wins HOH


I love how rachel says people are jokes. If it wasnt for those people she would have been gone. I hope she bombs tonight in the HOH competition


Shelly makes Russel Hantz from Survivor fame seem like a compassionate guy. She takes deception in reality tv to a whole new level.


Im a straight shooter I forget that im being tapped 24/7 and im on a tv show


I almost feel like it would be better for Rachel not to get HoH right away, because it’s just gonna make herself a target, and also she would have to pick a side and piss off the other side, which isn’t good. It would be better for her to play both sides for now, make sure whoever gets HoH isn’t gonna nominate/backdoor her. The 2 sides of the house both said it would be better to keep Rachel for 1-2 more weeks cause they think she’s useless without Brendan and they wanna go after each other first. Rachel should take advantage of that, let Jeff or Dani get evicted this week, and win HoH the week after and send home a floater. She should just try to lay low… And IF she wins HoH, she should actually flip to the dark side (Dani’s alliance), I think Rachel would have a better shot at making it far if she’s with them. The 3 of them (DKP) talked about how they need Rachel after B will be evicted, even though they are annoyed by her. If Rachel plays smart, she could very well make final 2.


do you think tonight is double eviction?


I’m rooting for Rachel to win HOH. put Jeff & Dani up. if Jeff wins the POV, place Jordan as the replacement. if Dani wins POV, place Khalia as the replacement. this is how simple it should be, but these idiots make the most dumbest moves, that I’m starting to believe Porshe will walk away the winner of BB13.


That is funny. You would last 1 week in that show. So your “easy” plan consists of pissing off both sides so Rachel is guaranteed of having one side gunning for her the next week? Brilliant.

Or she could play smart and not emotional by choosing a side and coming up with a deal and go after just ONE side. Maybe like Dani did and getting a deal with JJSA that they will not put her up for 1 or 2 weeks and then going after dani or Porsche. Or vice versa and go after Jeff and Jordan.


Is it 7pm yet?


I’ll be pissed if Rachel wins HOH and puts up Dani. After the last week, how does she not put up Shelly and Porsche? BTW, I would do dirty things to that Dani. Wrong things. And I know I just pissed off some of you Dani haters. And by Dani haters, I mean women that hate her because she’s beautiful and is actually a great competitor too. She friggin’ rocked that cornhole game and didn’t miss until she wanted to. DANI FTW!


I asked the Hubs if Dani was hot, because I think she’s cute. He said no, the only good looking girl on the show is Jordan. Now before anyone gets all stupid & says he just said that so it wouldn’t hurt my feelings, it’s not how we roll. We’re secure enough to admit when people are hot. Anyway, not hot according to my husband. But he did say her body rocks, just not her face.


Who else is she going to put up? Dani put Brendon up, so Dani should be her #1 target. Jeff would be my next choice, since he didn’t exactly fight for Brendon. I believe this is another mistake by Dani and unless her team wins HOH, she’s probably out, wether R wins or JJSA do.

Rachel shouldn’t worry about Shelly or Porsche for the time being. They’re small fish.

chief c

Sorry Kobe, dani ok bod cute face better than her last anorexic season ooie she didnt throw it she just said she did what a liar better to admit ya missed one then to lie and say oh i thew it sure ya did she aint that good got luck first couple shots by the way im female and think she is very cute so yeah go ahead if ya canget some or just keep dreamin bad boy but she aint all that her personality is whiney and mean she is a pretty good thinker but her choice of kalia sucked ugh what an obnoxious person kalia is self rightous and likes to mention race a lot we get it your black ok big deal so is the majority now ,so there. Porshe could be ok if she wasnt so dumb for all her life hm sex experience youd think she would contribute to conversation but she really cant even cook duh what side of reynolds wrap should i use duh try reading box idiot.

Big Sister

Will the village come claim its idiot? The post is a poor representation of any intellectual ability. By the way, Kalia only mentions race when the other HGs ask her a question about it that illustrated their ignorance. (Examples: Straight Shooter asked her if she had ever been discriminated against. Jeff indicated he had no clue that a black person could tan.)

Dark Horse

Inside lockdown…
Shelly is dying for a cig right now…
Could that be Shelly’s downfall during HOH comps…
lack of nicotine?!…

Team Dani!


is she an idiot? i swear this is a SOCIAL game. is she not thinking about JURY votes.
she needs to get her head out of her ass & stop thinking that the world revolves around her.


Why in the tags at the end u never c Porsche name


Those two are really disgusting, but I do think if both of them are voted out the remainder of the game will be very boring. Both of them don’t have any pride it is not that long before they will be together in private to shag…so they have to do it in front of the world and everyone in the house???


I think Rachel may actually win HOH tonight because she’s right, EVERYONE is banking on getting Brendon out and watching her crumble but she’s already been through that. The shock of him leaving has worn off by now & she’s mentally prepared for it this time around. I think they are underestimating her & Production will love it for ratings. I just don’t know who she’d nominate tho. No one will ever nominate Jeff, especially her, so he’s safe. She’ll likely go after “floaters” like Porshe & Adam and that’s just lame & boring.


I’m willing to bet money Rachel will win tonight. It’s just the way it goes. There’s no way BB will allow the balance of power to tilt the entire season to one side. It makes more interesting drama to see Rachel drunk with power when she’s the HOH. Rachel has thin skin though, so she better be ready to take the tongue lashing she’ll get from other HGs if she starts trouble.

A Nono Moose


Being a person with a 3rd nipple I know whats it feels like to be left out. Angry? Of course I’m angry I got 3 nipples! My point being at 1st these people loved Rachel now they hate her now shes ostracized…I say she works with Adam and form the dirty duo


Yay go Rachel go Rachel go… I hope she stays with Dani. I want Dani to WIN IT ALL!! BOoooooOOoo SHelly!


tonight Brenda leaves, before HOH comp, Porch and Dani go up to Rachel and tell her to put them up for eviction, they’d love to spend a week alone with Brendon in the jury house, who’d win HOH?….rotflmao


Good one!


Keep Brendon in the house! This is the first season of Big Brother that I have watched. Brendon should be staying in the house. I hated & stopped watching Big Brother when Brendon left the first time – I COULD NOT WATCH Kalia as HOG, I mean HOH. Brendon COMING BACK caused me to START WATCHING AGAIN. Dani & Kalia are annoying to watch. Dani’s face is manly – Dani’s face reminds me of the lion from Wizard of Oz. The way Dani speaks is obnoxious! Kalia is beyond annoying. Porche gets fatter by the minute.

Entertainment is generated from Brendon and Rachel. The show would be very entertaining with Brendon, Rachel, Jordan & Jeff. Adam is gross – it’s not enjoyable watching him do anything.

Keep Brendon in the house & have Shelly leave tonight! If production does control this show – they should KEEP BRENDON. Jeff should have won the POV & not have changed the nominations causing either Shelly or Adam to leave tonight. I would have loved to have seen Brendon win HOH tonight – BRENDON AS HOH would be ENTERTAINING. I can understand people not liking Brendon & Rachel but I don’t understand why people would want them out – without them the show is a bore. I haven’t seen the anger problem in Jeff many people post about – but if Jeff does have a anger problem I hope Jeff goes off on Dani & makes Dani feel worthless, pathetic & like a joke – I hope Jeff makes Dani feel the way she feels about everyone else in the house & probably in the world.

Brendon should be staying for entertainment value – without Brendon in the house there is nothing going on.


I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but after watching her continued lack of understanding and bitchyness I want her gone. She is so warped in the head its not even fun to watch anymore.


This cast is boring. Its effing 3pm here and this is the only post for the ENTIRE DAY!!!! They need to do some fun stuff fast… shank someone or something (violence is not promoted or affiliated with this website)


Hey simon, is there a place I can find a copy of a big brother rule book?


I have never seen a digital copy


Can someone tell me what was Jeff ‘s reasoning for throwing the veto comp.? He said he was aiming not to win and got scared when he almost got a good hit on his last throw, and even asked Dani on the bench who she wants out (Brendon). I mean, this isn’t Dani kicking Brendon out, it’s Jeff. He could have saved him, as far as I’m concerned. What’s his strategy with this, if someone can explain to me.

Anyway, whoever wins the tonight’s HOH, gets to kick out the other person. JJSA win, Dani’s probably out. Dani’s group wins, Jeff’s probably out. Unless they win POVs. Rachel’s in a pretty good spot for the time being, as swing vote.

I can’t believe Dani feels Rachel will work with her after putting Brendon up and not putting pressure on KP to vote to keep him. Is she really that over-confident? She thinks she’s smarter and more sneaky than everyone else.

This is a crucial HOH, and it’ll be intersting to see both sides trying to get Rachel’s vote next week.


jeff said that he didn’t want the decision to use or not to use the veto if he won, that way people wouldn’t be mad at him. dani also threw the veto.


Can’t wait to see Rachel spank everybody’s asses tonight! Karma’s bitch! Jeff and Porsche up on the block!!!!


Rachel’s just talking. Jeff is protected,she will most likely go after Porsche and Kalia and possibly a backdoor to Dani. J/J are safe,as much as I’d relish her putting one/both of them up.


Please BB Gods — DO NOT let Rachel win HOH & please let her be the next to go!!!!!!!! Here’s the order in which I DO NOT WANT people to win BB13.

#1 Rachel – not the person I want to see win $500k or even $50K; train wreck; will end up on Celebrity Rehab
#2 Kalia – most annoying this season
#3 Porsche – done nothing all season so this would be a boring winner
#4 Shelly – doesn’t need it; doesn’t own up to real strategy; if she didn’t act so pias as to her integrity I would respect her as a BB player
#5 Adam – has good relationships with everyone & no real enemies right now. He has three targets ahead of him in Dani, Rachel, & Jeff. if he can win some comps & make some interesting moves like getting one of the vets evicted, then he would move ahead of Jeff for sure. But a couple POV wins by either of the big 3 vets and he is the likely evictee; would be an ecstatic & sincere BB winner; dream come true type of winner
#6 Jeff – he’s playing the best game so far IMO, but it will depend on who wins what comps & when for him to have a chance; this season he has some allies, but he will need to win some mad POVs and hope his allies pull through for him in the next few weeks. The further it gets he will have to win to save himself as his allies will see him as a threat between them & the prize. Otherwise it’s all for nothing. hopefully this advances Jordan though & my guess one of them will be the sacrificial lamb for the other
#7 Dani – would be #8, but too many dumb game moves. if she makes it to F2 even after the dumb moves then she deserves it
#8 Jordan – would love to see her beat Dick to being the 1st ever to win BB twice cause that would REALLY make him MAD!! 🙂 Plus I think she’s playing much better this season & her late night strategy talks with Jeff show she knows the game this season. Her instincts on people have been really good so far. I love that she tells Rachel the truth & stands up to her. She has the strongest bonds in the house in Shelly & Jeff. She is the only winner & is still low on the radar.


De ja vu…its get “Rid of Brenda Thursday” once again….hope he stays out this time. Can’t stand Rachel and I’m sick of seeing her and Brenda swap spit and other bodily fluids!


Straight shooter!


I hope Jeff wins hoh. I don’ t want Rachel to win, but I have a feeling she will. If Jeff or Jordon doesn’t win, I guess I want Shelly or Adam to win. They really need to put Porcshe and Kalia on the block and Please put them on slop. Jeff and Jordon need a win to be safe. And, YES, I am a Jeff and Jordon fan. I know Jordon isn’t the smartest person in the house, but she is the most caring, compassionate, and considerate person in the house. I just adore her. Her family should be so proud of her. If she were my daughter, I would be!!!!!


As much as i dislike Rachel and Brande, I think I would have more pleasure seeing Shelly the snake and Jeff the douche being evicted.. I’m actually shocked that there’s really a Tony and Josie… I was expecting Tony be a Toni (female) and Josie be a cat : ) Was it me, did’t Tony appear to be a little on the fem side.. I’m betting Shelly wears the pants in the family!!!