Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche refuses to Give Brendon her vote, BR Pissed “Good luck Then I’ll see you in jury”

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5:46pm Purple room BR (Mega whispering, unfortunately you can’t hear it all) Brendon says if Jeff wins HOH he’s not going to put Rachel up.. he’s going to backdoor Dani because he’s too scared to put her straight up. Brendon is nowe sure that Kalia and Porsche will go up. Rachel says if she wins maybe she will put up Kalia and Shelly and Backdoor Dani. Brendon isn’t sure about that thinks she’ll make too many enemies.. After a bit of thought BRendon decides that no matter what Rachel does she will make enemies.

Brendon explains to her that JJSA and DKP will want Rachel on their side.. she needs to play it cool until she wins HOH.

Rachel says Adam is the wild card he really knows his days/bb13 dates better than anyone. Brendon isn’t sure he’ll be able to “RBing it” he might get nervous during the comp. Brendon believes that your confidence in the comps is more important than your ability. He’s seen too many times very capable players fall to pieces under pressure. Brendon doesn’t think Shelly, Adam or Jordan will win comps. He’s thinking the wins will be Dani, Porsche and Jeff. this is why she has to stay in a good standing with those 3.

Rachel: “If I win HOh i’m going to be a big target.. 3 HOH’s”
brendon: “you will always be the big target”
Rachel says she plans on putting Jeff and Dani up because one of those 2 will win POV and they will shake up the house because nobody will know who the replacement nomination are.
Brendon tells her to play the game she wants to play but do not ne snotty to people..

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6:00pm Kalia running through scenarios using the jelly beans
Dani joins her. Kalia asks if Jordan and Shelly are up will Rachel vote Jrodan out. Kalia says that Rachel is smart about the game and she sees Jordan getting second place in so Dani is pretty sure that rachel will evict Shelly. Dani adds that Rachel knows that JJ the strong voting block and will want to split that up.

Kalia if Adam wins HOH he’ll put up Kalia/Rachel …

Dani: “I can’t believe it’s going to be endurance.. they are trying to prevent me from winning another HOH.. it’s soo not fair” (I guess Dani thinks this weeks HOH is endurance)

Kalia asks who will Jeff put up. Dani: “Porsche and you” .. Kalia says the worst is the POV isn’t used and Kalia goes home. Dani says that the worst thing will be Porsche uses POV and Dani goes up.

Dani: “I’m tired of this game revolving around 2 relationships.. ”
Kalia agrees.. she’s nervous that a lot of their long term plans hinge on rachel jumping ship and joining them. Dani says there’s nothing we can do we just need to hope she does because there is no other option. Dani points out that big Alliances fall apart this late in the game because people start to see the money.

6:30pm Porsche, BRendon and Rachel
They ask Porsche where her head is at. Porsche says that she kinda has her mind up. She voted for Brendon then after he left POrsche was a outcast with JJR. Brendon says that has nothing to do with this week, Rachel just did that because she was upset Brendon left. rachel butts in says that she was upset for being on the block. POrsche doesn’t buy it.. Rachel asks her if she thinks it’s smart to get rid of a strong competitor that isn’t Targeting you.

Porsche know but would like to point out that she doesn’t feel like she can beat Brendon in the end so the chance in now to get him out, “when I was trying to be there for you… After brendon left you left me you would only talk to JJ.. even though I stuck my neck out and voted to keep Brendon”
Brendon: “You gotta make it to the end first.. don’t think there’s other players that won’t target you”.
Rachel: “why do you think that getting rid of brendon is bad”
Porsche: “because he’s the strongest player in the house, both mentally and physically.. and I can’t win with him in the game”
Brendon: “there is tons of people in this house that will put you up and backdoor you I can protect you ”
Prosche knows she’s not a target but out of whose left in the house she thinks she can beat them in Comps”
brendon remarks that she hasn’t won any comps yet.
Porsche says she felt Burnt by rachel and JJ last week so why trust them now and why should she keep someone that will beat her in the final 2 around.. Porsche also brings up that Brendon hasn’t even tried to talk to her until today..
Brendon interrupts says thanks for talking to them. as Porsche leaves Brendon blurts out ” HEY Good luck I’ll see you in jury” POrsch closes the door.
Rachel : “Porsche is on my list to… this is actually bad”

7:05pm HOH Shelly and DK Shelly says that BR pulled Porsche into the purple room to get her vote and she turned them down. Shelly adds that once BR found that out They todl POrsche she’s their number one target. Dani: “Oh my god they really said that” Shelly: “Well thats what she told me”

They start chit chatting about houses and Shelly explains the house she lives in. Shelly leaves to get some food after she’s gone.
Dani: “She’s loaded”
Kalia: “Who? Shlely”
Dani: “Yeah”
Kalia: “I know all the things she was explaining I know about and they are not cheap” (I assume these are aspects of her house that she told DK… I’ve heard Shelly explain her place before when talkign to JJ it sounds pretty hardcore)

7:15pm Porsche joins them Porsche explains her conversation with BR that they offered her a final 3. She told them that last week after I voted for Brendon “It was a shit show”. Porsche recaps the conversation says that Brendon and Rachel are being a bit pissed. Porsche was trying to leave and Brendon wanted her to but everytime she got tot he door Rachel would pull her back and pleaded her case.
Dani: “Why is rachel doing all the campianging”
Porsche adds that right when she left brendon said that He’ll see her in Jury .. “I was like WOW I made a good decision”
Dani: “they are so nice until they don’t get what they want”
Kalia Agrees. Porsche says they need to eat a lot of protein to prepare for tomorrows endurance. Kalia says she stuffed right now.. leaves..
Porsche: “You know if rachel wins HOH she’s putting us both up”
Dani :”Yeah probably”
Porsche: ‘It got real in there with BR.. they hate me”

Dani starts to give her tips about how to survive endurance comps telling her it’s mind over matter. Dani asks Porsche who adam will put up Porsche thinks it’ll be Rachel and Kalia not Dani. prosche thinks theres a chance Adam will put up Jrodan as a pawn, “Don’t worry about Adam he doesn’t want to win HOh this week”. Dani: “We’ll if it’s endurance I doubt he will”

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117 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche refuses to Give Brendon her vote, BR Pissed “Good luck Then I’ll see you in jury”

  1. B/R need to give it up, this browbeating will ruin Rachel’s game while Brendon is booted out the house. They tried, and it didn’t work out..let it go.

    Rachel will definitely be seeking revenge if she wins (Highly likely she will) so Porsche and Kalia are in trouble. Adam, a non issue and J/J will continue their season of BB vacation house.

    Onto Shelly. She lives in Baton Rouge, LA. The cost of living there is relatively low compared to the rest of the country. So she can live large off of a whole heck of a lot less than those of us in major cities. If any of that is true of course, since she lies so much you can never tell what’s real.

    1. Baton Rouge cost of living is 5% higher than average US city. That’s not a while heck of a lot less than the rest of us.

      1. it doesnt matter what cost of living is compared to another place because wages usually reflect cost of living. in other words blue collar workers get shit on while middle and high class suck as much money from them as possible.

    2. It’s still not too late for Danni to play the smart move and vote out Shelly or this will be her stupidest move to date.
      She is going to be voted out very soon if her alliance do not win HOH.

  2. Dani: “I’m tired of this game revolving around 2 relationships.. ” SMH…this is the worse BB season ever. everybody in the house are IDIOTS.

    1. Yea, this whole bunch is not very bright. The smartest guy Brandon is about to get booted.

      I may just root for Jordan to take it again as most of the other house guest aren’t playing like they deserve to win it all. At least Jordan is just playing to hang out for the summer.

  3. A little advice for Brendon. If you want people’s vote the best thing to do is be persuasive not threatening. But for the two seasons I watched him play he has not figured that out. Oh well I guess I shouldn’t expect Brendon to be Will or Dan.

    1. U are the first person to say that. I loved dan. He played a perfecr game. Jeff is great to hes just working with dummies

      1. I liked Dan too. I was pissed when they shited on my girl Keesha. If thete is All Stars next season wouldn’t seeing her

    2. Actually the best move for Brendan is to go up to HOH and threaten Danni. She’s the queen bee of that alliance. Brandon should say, you either keep me in or Rachel will just keep her alliance with JJSA. It would be 5-3, and you may win here or there, but you will lose 1 week and then you won’t have the numbers to stay. You can either have a 5-3 advantage with Rachel and Brandon or be down 3-5. We can work together and you don’t even have to tell your alliance members (KP). Either way, you vote us out, you cannot win the $500,000 because we have 4 of the 7 final votes (JJRB)

    3. Dan is my fav . I didn’t like Memphis at all. Couldn’t stand Jesse either. Truly loved Renny. April and Ollie had more sex in that house than Rachel and Brenden

  4. And once again Rachel show us she is the worst game player in the house. She is going to kill herself to win HOH when the last thing she should want to do is win HOH. After Brenda goes she is in the perfect spot right in the middle, with alliances on both sides. Winning the HOH will just screw all that up. She is a moron

    1. No doubt about it. She’s a moron. She’s a psycho moron. oh my, I really hate Rachel. I usually don’t get like that with people on Tv/people I don’t know, but I absolutely hate the crazy R.

    2. She changes who she’s putting up every other sentence that comes out of her mouth. I think she has got to be the worst BB player in the history of the game! Oh yeah…and one of the ugliest looking people on the show. I feel sorry for the drunk guys that went home with her and had to wake up to reality looking at that!!! I can’t believe CBS put a cast member on the show with Herpies.

  5. Good luck with that. Brendon gone. Yes again, If Rachel wins HOH. Dani is totally Screwed. Jeff, please win HOH next week.

  6. Dani, Shelly, Porsh and Adam are playing this game to the max. P and A letting everyone else do the dirty work and they still need a little luck with comps, but so does everyone at this point. Shelly, warmed up to Dani after Jordo made her a little nervous questioning her being on JJ team (and she is 100%…..for now). P and Adam will team up with Kalia and be the final three if the rest don’t watch out. Yes, Jeff and Jordan will be making babies in the future (there love is not in question….if you really look close enough).

  7. Hate to say this, but I think Rachel will win HOH because she is good in endurance comps. Shelly and Porsche likely to be on the block. Dani to get backdoored if necessary.

    1. LMFAO she’s good? where did you get that from? Lats endurance she was in she lost and she didn’t even last that long, I wouldn’t call her good Porsche or Kalia could beat her

      1. Last endurance she played was WEEK 1 HOH , she won HOH after Dani gave it to her… She never lost.. if you’re talking about the ski competition she was the current HOH she couldn’t compete

  8. Brenda just proved himself to be a lower life form than Rachel, the writing is on the wall he is leaving unless a rabbit is pulled out of a hat tomorrow and he is burning all relationships Rach could have to keep staying in the game……..cure for cancer, not by Brenda that is for sure, he is a cancer!

  9. I am watching show. Shelly has never been my fav person but watching her call …You r a great mother and it is obvious by your sweet daughter. you dont need to win… you already have

    1. anyone into a conspiracy theory that shelley is jordan’s biological mother? why else would she be protecting her he way she is. they did it a few years ago with that girl Nakomis and her long lost brother…. just food for thought.

    2. I just don’t get the woman at all. Unless everything she has bragged about, (Bentley, McMansion) is false, why would she subject her reputation for a reality show like this? The ego and self delusion must know no bounds.

  10. BR really thought that people were going to believe that “we will protect you” bullshit, yea now they say they will put up Dani, but we all knew she was going to do it anyways Dani knew too, she better patch things up with the Idiot Alliance she’s going to need them.

  11. PLEASE PLEASE let Porsche be the one to go next week, the Idea of her and Brenda in jury alone, will drive Rachel batshit, live feeders saw them strain at each other while the HOH room

  12. Ok if it is endurance KP actually stand a chance against the smokers.
    Snow Ski results
    Adam (1st out )
    Jeff (6th standing)
    Jordan (5th standing)
    P (4th standing)
    S (3rd standing)
    K (2nd Standing)

    Roach didn’t compete
    Dani is current HOH

      1. Pople keep forgetting that Dick and Dani threw that HOH to her, Dani would’ve smoked her, so LIKE I SAID she has not proven to be good at any Endurance

          1. And Kalia kicked her ass in the knock out comp. Rachel hasnt really competed in an endurance and the banana one was thrown to her, Prod wants Rach to win for the drama because them bringing Bren back was a bust. Hopefully this blows up in prod face too and Porsche wins HOH

      1. I think Shelly is a good family person per her telephone call with her family. ….but I’m a bit worried about her in the game. At times, house guests lie to each other….but they never lie in the diary room (that’s the time to come clean….the house guests can’t hear you).

        Shelly actually went in the diary room, crying full tears saying that she has never lied in BB?

        there is footage showing her lying. I have watched this show since season 3, and i have never seen any one cotinue to lie in the diary room.

        I don’t understand that….and i’m bit concerned for Shelly. She seems like she might be reall cool peeps outside the house….but why lie in the diary room….and also be in tears about it. Maybe she is related to Jordan and she know Jordan will watch the entire season from begining to end? I don’t know what is up with that. Maybe she truly does not remember what she said; or is there alcohol in the BB house?

        I got everybody in that house figured out…but Shelly is a mystery to me.

        1. Shelly is delusional. She’s been shooting the breeze so much, she has forgotten what she says. Aliar will eventually get caught because they have to continue to tell lies to cover up the other and then they can’t keep up with what was said. Not buying her fake tears at all. Only sincere tears were for her family.

  13. And dont forget it was hanging on a banana and we all know Rachel is good with them. I think Porsha is being Jordan (11) just floating by till the end, but she wont win. Rachel wont win HOH she wont be able to see with all the crying she’ll be doing when Brendan leaves. Only thing she has going for her is that Dani cant play. But if she dont win she probably will be on the block cause she only gets more annoying without Brendan. Cant wait for HOH tomorrow.

  14. Simon, who do you think is going home? I now it is probably Brenden but I hope it’s Shelly, god i hate her!! And do you think JJ are going to vote to keep B or S?

      1. did you hear porche tell DK, that she got called in DR and got something good? dani called her on it and she said she couldnt talk about it, maybe d power of veto?

  15. I can’t wait for Dani to lose. She’s a fool for not taking BR’s deal. She will NEVER get enough Jury votes to win.

    1. The Problem both B/R and Dani have is that they are in an alliance with dumb allies that can’t protect them. That is why it would’ve been great if Dani/Kalia and B/R formed an alliance and rode that alliance to the final four. Trust me after Brendon is gone the next target is most likely Dani if her team does not win HOH. Oh well, she dug her own grave by playing the game too strong too fast much like B/R.

    2. They were not going to keep the deal , only a complete idiot would assume that they were doing more than trying to save their own asses because they were not in power, but soon as they got HOH they were going to be after her, Dani saw through that bullshit… They were still not going to vote for her to win after what she did..

    3. She will if she’s sitting next to Porshe or Kalia, otherwise they’d just be poor sports, and they certainly don’t want “America” to think that!

    4. If Dani makes it to the finals I think just off GP she will lose. She has that Russell from Survior thing going for her. I just think they’ll stick it to her just because.

      1. Yea , they were sore losers when it came to voting for Russell , and for his 1st 2 seasons a floater won because everyone was butt hurt by Russell, more reason why the player should not be aloud to vote the winner, it;s not fair

  16. Anonymous, Dani played it as perfectly as possible with her circumstances. She put up 2 people she wouldn’t mind seeing go, knowing she could still backdoor Brendan. Then she was able to work the whole other side. She has created good feelings, friendships with Kalia, Porsche, Shelly, Adam. She would never get Brendan and Rachels vote anyway. She wins in final 2 against Kalia, Porsche, Jordan, Rachel. She only loses to Jeff, Shelly and possibly Adam. You may be shocked with the beating Jordan thing, but I also agree they won’t let her win a second time, and they will recognize how hard Dani plays. She has also created a perfect scenario. She will have the chance to get Rachel on her side. Rachel will be all flipping out if Jeff and Jordan vote for Brendan to leave. AND if they vote for Shelly to leave and shelly stays, she will give up on Jeff and Jordan. Dani is a psychological mastermind. Now saying that, hope Jordan, Jeff or Shelly wins.

    1. Not true.

      Jordan v Dani Jordan wins (Shelly, Brendon, Rachael, and Jordan’s vote) guaranteed
      Jeff v Dani Jeff wins (B, R, S, J) guaranteed
      Kaila v Dani Kaila wins (S, B, R, J, J)
      Porsche v Dani Porsche wins (S, B, R, J, J)
      Shelly v Dani Shelly wins
      Adam v Dani Adam wins
      Rach v Dani maybe Dani wins probably the only time it could happen
      Jordan v Dani Jordan wins (S, B, R, J) guaranteed

      bottom line, if Jeff and Jordan are against Dani, Dani loses as BR will not vote for her, Shelly loves JJ, and then the other half of JJ will vote for either J or J.
      If both JJ will NOT vote for Dani because they already don’t trust her and she broke away form the alliance to try to backdoor them, Shelly will vote whichever way they vote too.

      1. Humm… Not true either. I’m a Jj fan but I think Dani can easily get the votes from the Jury. She’s playing a hell of a game, especially considering that she was all alone after the “let’s backdoor jeff” fiasco. I’d love to see Jeff or Dani win.

      2. If Dani makes it into the final 2 I don’t see why they wouldn’t vote for her. She has pretty much 2 outcasts as her alliance. She will probably have to win every HOH and veto possible to secure her safety. I think she has a good chance if she can get there. She hasn’t “floated” to the final 2 by an means.

        1. She will NEVER get BR or JJ’s vote. If you think JJ like her, just watch the show,. Jordan barely talks to her and Jeff is lying to her face and plans on back dooring her. So that’s 4 not for her. And Shelly is so far up JJ’s a**, that whichever way they vote, she will vote with them too.

          1. BR constantly say how they hate floaters and consider everyone but Dani a floater right now. A lot can change once you leave the house and sit in jury and discuss everyone’s big game moves. I wouldn’t want to be sitting next time Dani in the final 2.
            As for if Jordan makes it to the final and ppl don’t vote for her cuz she won the money last time – yes, she won the money, but let’s be honest, she needed it. She still probably has less money than most people on the show. She is playing the exact same game as BB11. You saw who came out on top before so if you can’t figure out that she’s not someone you should take to the final you deserve to lose to her just like Natalie did.

  17. Did anyone notice that Shelly’s husband looks more like a woman than Shelly does? She not only looks like a man, but also talks, walks and dresses like a man…. She is a man!

  18. Commen
    The veto ticket doesn’t give Dani any special powers it lets her play for POV…THAT’S IT. If she goes up she plays anyway and in all likelihood Dani would have played for POV even if she doesn’t go up or didn’t have the veto ticket. This week only one house guest is left out of the POV.

    1. The best move would be for Rachel to tell Dani we still have a deal and you are super safe so she does not use the veto tix and then back door her.

      1. That’s never going to happen why would she not use the veto ticket. She will prob be picked for veto and give the veto ticket to either P/K if they dont get picked

        1. IDK? Can she really give the ticket away to one of her alliance? My gut says she can’t, but maybe I’m wrong. Go Team Dani!!!

  19. You know how Jordan will not go talk to Dani in the hoh. For example on tonight’s episode, it was just Jeff up their talking to her.

    You think Dani has done something in the past to piss Jordan off?

    Maybe Dani and Jeff hooked up one night, possibly after a BB event. Or Jordan thinks or was told they might have hooked up. Honestly, Jeff has to see Dani on occasion in LA doing events.

    1. No Jordan is too nice of a person to be deceptive and throw people under the bus. She lets Jeff do all the dirty work for her so that she can show the world she is sweet and innocent. But I see right through her game.

      1. why would she go talk to dani, dani turned her back on the aliance and broke any trust that might have been there. Jeff goes up there because his moral compass is broken and has no problem sleeping at night when he lies. I dont see why everyone is obsessed with jj they dont actually pose any threat, and would be good to take to the end because in the end no one is going to give them the money.

        1. What are you talking about, Jeff has a broken moral compass? Good guys rarely win BB. I think Jordan is the only exception. If you’re here to be a saint why come to play BB?

          1. that was a horrible argument, you didnt disagree just pointed out that good guys dont win and jeff isnt a good guy just a good salesman

    2. I have not seen Jordan talk to Dani since Dani and Dom tried to backdoor Jeff. I think that really upset Jordan.
      Of course, Jeff was super mad too…but men don’t hold grudges outwardly like women. Jeff has not trusted Dani since then, but he will go up in the HOH room and talk to her because he knows it is neccessry to stay in the house and also to keep communication lines open so he can (try) to determine where Dani’s head is. Jeff probably finds Dani attractive….but he is more of a Jordan type man….you can tell that he is in awe of her sweetness & personality.

      Did you see Dani playing the Power of Veto? She hit every shot. I’m not sure why people would think she should not win BB. Dani has played the hardest with fewest people on her side. I think she deserves to win.

      I love this website,but it only tells who won a comp. I knew Adam won the veto, but tonight was quite enlightening to see that Adam asked Jeff to let him win. ….so then he really did not win…it was by default. quite interesting when we consider who continues to be a (drink) floater.

        1. I don’t understand why people get mad about lying! It’s the BB house and a game where you can lie cheat or steal your way to 500 thousand bucks! I honestly thought it was brilliant last season of Matt lying about his wife being sick…dirty and awful as it was. The BB house is not one of integrity!!! I love it when ppl play it honest as they can but to win this game you have to be involved in some scandal or dirty work.

      1. is he a floater or is he acting like a floater until he needs to get serious about playing. He has said and done things that make me believe there is a slight possability he is just waiting, after all he has been with jj for awhile. Im probably wrong and he really has no chance, but since casey left i could there arent really any good personalities to root for.

      2. Maybe Jordan doesn’t like Dani. They have completely different personalities. Jordan is nice, silly, bubbly and all heart. Dani is sarcastic, confident, arrogant and smart. They both seem great but I don’t see them enjoying each other company…

      3. Competitions are not shown on the live feeds, therefore there is no way of knowing how a competition is played out until you watch the CBS episode.

      4. I agree! I love this website, but it was good that Dani was smart to trust her gut, and not listen to BR; when they said she’d be safe, etc. Because it was clear in watching the actual show on TV that they’d still be going after her, and were lying to her. You don’t notice those details from reading this website. Still love this website, even though I already know what’s going to happen.

    3. I missed tonight’s epi. What was Jeff talking to Dani about in the HOH?

      And if anyone knows the answer: I also would really like to know if Dani really told Rachel that D is good friends with Kris in Production or if Rachel is just lying…again.

  20. I wish u could switch cameras on BBAD, Jordan just got a “Jordan stop that” from production and the camera is on Shelly packing and Kalia and Pinto being the boring, dumbass, do nothing bitches that they are…my point- what was jordan doing???

  21. Jeff needs to go. Use to be a fan, but the guy is a jerk! What type of guy says to his GF “Hey Jordan, did you ever play hide & go fu*k yourself?” His parents must be so proud of him.

  22. I really hope if Brendon leaves we see Vegas Rachel.. She’s so feisty and spiteful i love it!!!! Seeing her standing her ground against Brendon last night i was cheering tell him to shove it.. Bring back Vegas Rachel and not poor crying feel sorry for me because my boyfriend controls everything i do and say Rachel..

  23. I agree cards would be much more fun to watch! But I wonder if the reason Production doesn’t allow (poker type) cards is because of the numbers. Just like they cannot have writing utensils, paper, etc. They could use numbered cards as a tool to count stuff, etc…? IDK it does sound stupid but I bet Production keeps all kinds of basic everyday things out of the house for that reason. I remember when Natalie and Kevin (?) used the chess or checker pieces to keep count of something…still not sure how that worked…

  24. BR will say anything to make you feel secure, but they will backstab you in reality. Brendon is also a vastly bigger threat than ShelHe.

    1. Porshe gave Brenden her vote the last time. After the eviction, P tried to console R and continue to be on her side. R pushed P away and was only talking to JJ. In actuality P was more on R’s side than JJ.

      If P ever forgets how Rachael treated her after B left, then she is stupid and not paying attention.

      The fact that P is not falling for it again, is smart on her part. As she said to B….”you have not said one word to me since you been back in the house…now that you are on the block….you want to talk to me”

      P knows that BR are not truly loyal to her. B is eating humble pie now, but in reality if he stayed….won HOH…he would change all deals made. That is what Brenden, Rachael, and Jeff do. they say one thing to stay off the block, but if they are HOH….all deals are removed. Portia knows this….and right now she is not trusting no one but Dani and somewhat Kahlia.

      The ONLY chance P has have being protected is NOT via Jeff or Brenden, but she can ONLY be protected if she wins HOH. That’s the real deal, and she knows it. ….so why fall for the fake.

  25. At least Brendon made a record. He and Kaysar are the only players in BB history to be evicted 3 times if I am not mistaken.

    1. he didnt make a record he simply tied with someone who already achieved that. I think r should be a little worried, you seem to have taken a liking to her man.

      1. I am not a homo. I only like Brendon because he is the best competitor this season alongside Dani. I am sick of watching losers like Shelly, Adam, Porsche advance in this game.

  26. Dani and Jordan do not get along because Jordan cannot hold an intellectual conversation with Dani. Jordan is just soooooo DUMB.

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