Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel promises that she is going to make everyone scramble, fight and turn on each other when she wins HOH this week..

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12am In the lounge room, Rachel and Brendon are talking. Rachel is talking about how Jeff and Jordan say that they won’t vote for Brendon to stay. Rachel is pissed at Jeff and Jordan and continues to talk about the fight that happened earlier in the day. Rachel says that Jeff and Jordan wouldn’t even play cards with them earlier. Rachel promises that she is going to make everyone scramble, fight and turn on each other when she win HOH this week. Rachel says that she has no other options …that if she doesn’t win HOH this week she will be the next one going home. Rachel says that she thinks if Jeff won HOH this week, he would nominate her. Brendon tells Rachel that he doesn’t think Jeff would do that. Rachel says that if she wins HOH she will nominate Jeff and Dani, and if Jeff comes off the block …then Rachel says that she will nominate Jordan.

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Meanwhile the other houseguests are in the living room talking about random stuff and just hanging out. Jeff asks Adam what he is thinking? Adam says that it’s just a game. Jeff leaves. Adam and Dani talk about Brendon and Rachel. Adam says again that it’s only a game. Adam wonders where everyone went? Adam says lets go to the purple room.. Dani says that it’s so tainted I’ll never lay there again. Dani calls Jeff America’s Player when he is called to the diary room.
Kalia and Porsche are talking about how they think Rachel and Brendon will take and hide their stuff. Porsche says that this is the second time my bathing suit was thrown on the floor and Shelly’s too. Porsche says that they cornered me again! Porsche says that now they are not talking to me. Porsche says that she was the one to offer them a bed too.

In the kitchen Porsche, Adam, Jordan and Dani talk about the missing chess pieces. Jordan says that she hates Wednesdays. Dani says that she hates Thursdays. Jordan talks about how she gets nervous for the live shows. Dani says that she is tired. Kalia says that it was one of the nicer Wednesday. Kalia says that Brendon and Rachel excluded themselves from the great time. Jordan starts cleaning up the kitchen. Kalia complains that Rachel left her hair all over the sink. Dani says shocker! The conversation turns to talking about past unitards being skin tight and how this seasons costumes weren’t that bad. Dani says that if it’s an endurance competition then the first to fall off will probably be havenots for the week. Meanwhile, Porsche and Shelly are talking about Brendon and Rachel. Porsche says that she is worried Brendon and Rachel will go through her stuff. Porsche says shocker! Porsche says she hid the bathroom sign so that Brendon wouldn’t take it.

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1am In the lounge room, Jeff and Adam are talking. Adam says that he is bored. Jeff says that Brendon and Rachel are pouting in the other room. Adam says that they take everything so personally. Jeff says that you can’t tell them anything. Jordan joins them. They continue to talk about Brendon and Rachel’s bad mood. Jordan says that she has a good feeling about tomorrow. Jeff says that he thinks he’s going to win. They start singing and big brother gets mad at them. Adam and Jordan are now practicing the Kruddy Chubby in his pants song and dance. They then go and show Kalia, Jeff and Dani their dance. Porsche missed it and wants them to do it again. Jeff and Jordan are back in the lounge room. Jordan says that she is thinking about doing some workouts. Jeff tells her not to because he says that tomorrows HOH might be physical. Adam joins them again. They start playing an alphabet game. Porsche joins them. After awhile Jordan decides to go to bed. Porsche, Adam and Jeff start talking about the beds in the big brother house. Adam says that the spaceship bedroom might look cool on tv but it isn’t functional. Adam says that tomorrow there will only be eight people left. Jeff says the table will be smaller after tomorrow’s eviction and they’ll finally get chairs.

2:45am – 3:20am They talk about tomorrow HOH competition and how it will also determine the havenots for the week. Adam wonders if there will also be prizes. Jeff says that he hopes it won’t have prizes because he is hopes there will be a luxury competition this week that will include a movie viewing prize. Adam says that he wishes he could get three hours out of the house! Adam says that Shelly was lucky to have the time away from everybody when she got her phone call home. Jeff says that they should randomly pick teams if there is a luxury competition to try to avoid any cattiness. Porsche says that she is ready for it to be fun again! Jeff and Adam both tell her it isn’t going to be fun anymore! They laugh. Porsche says that she is bummed the fortune teller hasn’t done anything. Adam says yet!! The conversation changes to Jeff talking about wanting to move to LA and find a hosting job. They talk about past seasons, houseguests and celebrities. After a bit they all decide to go to sleep…

6am All the houseguests are still asleep…

9:10am – 9:30am Shelly wakes up and heads into the kitchen, she makes coffee and then sits at the kitchen counter by herself staring off at the memory wall… Brendon gets up, goes to the bathroom and then heads back to bed.

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157 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel promises that she is going to make everyone scramble, fight and turn on each other when she wins HOH this week..

  1. I love how the people who can’t win a comp always talk abt what they’ll do when they win. i.e. Straight Shootin Shelly, Jordan (who was handed her’s), Pinto, Jeff, Adam… How bout you actually WIN a comp, then lets hear who you’d put up!! I’m sick of people going around asking who these people would put up if they won! News flash, THEY WON’T WIN! lol

    1. I wouldn’t call Jordan’s HOH handed to her. Who knows what Jeff and Brendon would have done. She had a pretty good score and beat everyone else beforehand so it’s really a moot point. We all are sure to say who we’d nominate if we were in there, so I don’t think anyone could talk really.

      1. +1… believe me, I think Jordan is very sweet but also dumb as rocks. However I think it is ridiculous how everyone says the HOH was handed to her. Like you said, she had a very good score, better than anyone up to that point and no one knows if Brenda or Jeff would have beaten it.

        1. but that was in the beginning and there were several people who threw that comp as well….and i am referring to other besides Brendon and Jeff

      1. I agree with you 100%. Production wants the power to shift. I remember Dani saying something like BB doesn’t want me to win HOH or something to that effect.

      2. Yep Jeff will win tonight… DK have made such stupid moves lately I’m kind of looking forward to seeing them sweat. If Dani would have put up Jeff this week he would be going home and she would be safe next week – but I guess production wouldn’t allow it…

        1. i very much agree with you but i have been thinking about it and how could production deter Dani from putting Jeff up?? what could they say that she somehow wouldn’t have repeated to someone else so that we would know. I just think this was Dani’s bad game move. I swear, that girl takes one step forward and them two steps back…


      1. The use of CAPS doesn’t make your point any more or less valid. If Jordan could get that score, I am certain that Brendan or Jeff could have tied or beaten her score. Seriously, anything Jordan can do, anyone could do better. Surprised she has the mental capacity to pick out clothes each day and then manage to get dressed.

    3. Just because Jeff and Brendon didn’t try to win after Jordan scored a 3 doesn’t mean that she was handed the HOH. A 3 was a great score, she beat several others. No one knows if J or B were going to beat her. I’m so sick and tired of everyone saying that it was handed to her.

      1. If you think about it both of Rachels HOH’s were given to her. The first one Dani and Dick gave it to her and on the quiz Brendon threw it to her with the A/b questions. They even talked about it before the competition that if B/J was up again Jordan or Rachel give it to them.

        1. I am so gald you said this Natalie. Rachel walks around like she is the be all end all of BB…. she is crap, all she has done in 2 seasons is make the majority of america and canada hate her and brendon… People talk about how Jordan is stupid, etc…. well she won BB… that says something, maybe the other players should be playing more like her.

          1. AGREED! ppl talk about jordan so bad, but she obviously knows how to win the game. why would she change her strategy this time? THAT, in my opinion, would be stupid. i actually think she is playing pretty good so far….

          2. Jordan only won BB8 because she was up against someone who, IMO, played an even worse game. If I remember correctly (& I could be remembering wrong), on BB8, she only won two comps… one being HOH that Jeff let her win. If Jordan is in the final two this season against Dani or Shelly or maybe Jeff, Jordan will probably win BB again. She’s a great floater.

            1. Point being, that Rachel and Brendon were the ones who started this whole “floater” attitude, and they are they ones saying that Floaters shouldnt win…. If you look at facts, a “floater” won 500K, and Brendon and Rachel have only won the majority of North America hating them.

        2. i don’t know about that – even if they did discuss it, with those kinds of questions, noone really knows the answers since they are not based on observational facts but rather people’s opinions – so you are kind of guessing the best you can the whole way through – but what you think is right/wrong could very well be the opposite – you have no way of knowing that Brendon actually gave the wrong last answer

    1. You and I agree, I’ve said along time ago Shelly is one of the twist this season, but others think I’m blowing hot air! Guess we’ll wait it out and see.

      1. I also said it FIRST (drink my coffee) or after you that I think she is a total plant by CBS and is being paid 10 G’s an episode. She says she tried to win but she tries to lose. Which I think being a plant she was instructed not to win but throw comps. Yay Blame.

        1. What do you thikl of this ideal? shelly is a twin! this is one of the reason’s she act’s like she has no clue of any deal’s that have been made and she keep’s saying she isn’t lying, like she actually believes herself. Maybe we’ll call her Kelly makes the deal’s and Shelly has to come in the middle not knowing what deal’s has been made and clear herself. Everyone say’s she has money, she say’s she’s there to help the young one’s win in the end, and she made the remark she went to the interview as a joke. Do i sound like this is all coming from nowhere or maybe making alittle bit of sense?

            1. A twin. Wow. If true you deserve the $500,000 for figuring that out. I think she can’t win at the end. Prohibited from going beyond #3. This is like X Files.

              1. Well thank you for listening, guess we’ll wait and watch till I find out I am full of hot air. I do agree she is working for production ( twist ) for some reason that word call’s her name out to me.

                1. What a great “twist” that would be. I’ve been thinking all season that something is going on with one of the h/g, just no idea which one. Dani seems to have inside info a lot of the time, and now Porsche “got something” in the DR that she’s “not allowed to talk about”.

                  Season of twists, indeed!! Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

          1. I think you are both wrong. When BB has a big twist like that they give America the heads up at the beginning. That’s what they’ve alwyas done. She’s NOT America’s player, or we’d already be voting for things for her to do in the game! And, she’s NOT a twin, or they’d show when they switch back and forth in the house. There will probably be another twist, or other surprises in the game, but NOT what you’re all thinking. BTW, she’s NOT Jordan’s mom, as one person was guessing once before.

          2. I finally saw last nights episode, and in the diary room she said “i hate liars”. She really doesn’t see herself as a liar. Coo coo

      2. i think that we would know…isn’t that the whole point of Big Brother? that we can see them but they can’t see us? part of the whole ratings draw would be to watch how this plays out with the whole twin thing or plant thing – whatever you think she is….i don’t CBS is trying to blindside us too bc that is not how the game works- also doesn’t fit with the whole Blessing and Curse thing

        1. True, that. I just don’t know enough about this show, I think. Maybe I should keep my opinions to myself until I can speak with knowledge. LOL

  2. Porsche thinks it’s gonna be fun in the house with Brachel split up? She can’t be this stupid……………can she?

    1. Between Jordon and Porsche they give blondes a bad rap. I liked CBS intro last night with Jordon saying “I was never good in science”

  3. I can’t understand how Shelly believes her own lies so bad, her DR sessions on cbs this show just proved it more. Seriously JJ are dumb for keeping her over Brendan. They could work for Adam’s vote for B too, they’d have more pull in getting it than B would. Sure BR might have tried to deal with Dani but they’re still trying to be loyal for now to JJ. They can win stuff for u, Shelly can’t win shit.

    1. JJ have gotten mighty smug. they think its ok for Brendon to leave so they keep non winning shelly who only claim to the game is chain smoking, drinking coke after coke and cleaning the house, oh yea and lying to everyone but yet she clamiss to be such a truth teller. I seriously am thru with BB because it is atrocious to watch at times. Not saying BR are perfect, but Dani the things she says is hideious. How would she feel if it were being said about her. JJ are letting the newbies walk striaght to the end with Dani watch. If they do not get Dani out then it will def be a newbie or two sitting at the end. JJ and Dani should have stuck together, got out the newbies and then battled, or why is it the women do not stick together and take out the men and then it be the women at the end battleing. wowo so silly this game is. Come on Survivor I miss that. more actoin and better game play. Its like they have nothing to talk about except to bash BR, classless and childish. Adam and Shelly and Porsche are snakes. Kalia is Dani’s flunkie, JJ are true idiot. See none of them feel they have to fight to stay. Cannot wait until Adam and SHelly turn on JJ then the grenades will surely drop.

      1. Completely agree. JJ are smug and stupid. This season sucks. ED said it best with regards to Dani’s game, she should have stuck with the vets and then they could have picked each other off one by one. May have been just a tad more interesting to watch!

      1. Let’s get this straight, nothing JJ does is smart. It might be a good game move, but to imply that they use a bit of intelligence in their everyday life is similar to telling me that the world is flat.

  4. rachel needs to check herself, she only truly won one HOH, dani let her have the first one, she isnt the powerhouse she thinks she is…

      1. But with that logic you cant say Jordan wasnt given her HOH either because whose to say se wouldnt of beated Jeff and Brendan anyway during the golf comp.

          1. What comp are you talking about im not talking about her final HOH win in BB11 im talking about the golf comp in BB13 the second HOH comp Brendan and Jeff threw but will never know if they could of beat her anyway.

            1. When a fighter lays down or a golfer walks off at the 18th they threw it to other player. You never know the outcome if it’s not played.

    1. Brendon said it best to Rachel when they had yet another fight in the have-not room. He said, “your ego….you think people are going to vote you out because you win competitions. Wake up, you haven’t won that many. People want to vote you out because you’re mean!” Well, I am paraphrasing here but you get the idea. Brendon also said that Rachel suffered post-traumatic stress disorder after their last season. My immediate question, why on earth would you let her come back then? That applies to Brendon, her family, etc. It is “obvi” that she is not a stable person, why would you come back in the house with her again? Greed. Greed. Greed. Greed.

      And Simon, we had a TPB marathon last night. Propane…propane. Propane….propane. A shit storm is brewing Randy…………..

          1. Absolutly! Imagine that BB house….. Rickey, Jullian, Bubbles, Conkey, Lahey, Randy, Sara, Lucy, Corey, Trevor, Phil Collins, Jacob, and about 3 lawyers, and 3 Police officers LOL

    2. Dick ripped a hole in the banana to help him hold on. If he wanted to win then he would have. No doubt.

  5. God how many times do these people have to say shocker? I like dani, but i hate hearing her talk. And now everyone is starting to copy some of the same shit she always says.

  6. I do believe Jeff, Jordan and Adam have won a comp so why should they not talk about winning. Everyone has a chance to win so of course they need to talk about it. I am still waiting for someone to point out at least three lies Shelly has told just dont keep saying lots of lies. I know she talked to both sides about the other but where were the lies please let us know considering you all keep talking about them you must know.

    1. 1 lie is she did say when Jordan is voted out can her and BR have a final 3 and then she said R was lying. I went back on on demand and heard this plus bb flashed back to it. so that is lie one. Lie two, she said she doesnt have final two deals with anyone. bullcrap, she has a final two deal with adam so that is lie two. lie three, she says she is a straight shooter and tells the truth all the time. no she doesn’t she goes back and tells each side what the other side is saying and thinking of doing. I mean there are other lies too but just thought i would give you the three u asked for.

      1. The episode flashed back but Shelly said nothing about when Jordan is gone and she said would you entertain a final 3 and br said yes. If that was the end of the conversation then that is not a deal.

        1. 100% agree with Shelly and B/R about making a deal. She said consider taking her. Not ok deal and I am 100% with you B/R.

          1. I am sure with all the stories/lies Shelly has said – she doesn’t remember what she has said to whom, except for JJ. she probably misses her PDA.

      2. She also made final deals with Kalia and Dani! Another lie. Cause she was trying to cover her butt. She also said she’d never put them up, but tells JJ she’ll be putting her upm for sure, and/or backdooring her.

      3. The flashback from last night’s episode has Shelly saying, “would you consider taking me to the final three?” That isn’t a deal…….it is thought planted in their head.

        1. that’s a question she asked – I believe BR said yes – that would make it a sealed deal. but she dealed final 3 with everyone except maybe porche

    2. are you frickin serious?

      ok here are some lies IN ADDITION TO the ones she told BR about final 3:
      1) i am 100% on your side – to JJ and then to Adam (“it’s you and me”)
      2) i don’t talk game to the other side – to EVERYONE
      3) i cann’t stand liars bc i only tell the truth – to the WORLD

      1. and she is also lying by calling Rachel a liar and repeating it so much so other people think it –

        and the most dangerous lie of all – telling Jordan she would be a good employee and that she would hire her, c’mon, now that just ain’t right….

        1. Rachel never said that she doesn’t lie but shelly always says she doesn’t lie so of course we are gong to call her out

      2. All of those are know different than the others have done so how can you just pick one person out and call them a lier dont make since, that is all about game so still dont understand why people can point one person out.

    3. If those 3 sacks of feces can win a comp, then I would say that Porsche is due to win her first tonight. If its endurance, it’ll come down to rachel and porsche in the end. We all know these 3 have no chance, ZERO, at winning an endurance comp. They are weak mentally. And in Jordans case, that’s an understatement.

  7. Okay I am not a huge Jordan fan however its aggravating that everyone keeps saying her HOU was thrown to her. 1. There was no guarantee that Jeff or Brendon would of gotten a 1 or 2 she had a great shot she made all by her self 2. Does everyone realize people throw comps all the time like someone just said Dani threw it to Rachel… But Rachel is such a great player or how about when Rachel and Brendon had Porsche throw the pov? Or Dani threw the pov? Or Dom throwing the pov or Jeff throwing the pov. So back off Jordan. This is how the game is played. I’m so sick of that conversation. I’m not saying she’s the strongest player or she def could win every HOU but thrown to her when she was in an alliance. You guys need to give credit where credit is due. She had a great shot. And as for keeping Brendon stupid move of JJ do that 1. He’s a stronger mental player then they are 2. They want him out even if JJ don’t know that 3.shelly has less of a chance at winning comps then Brendon so that puts their odds of winning up and that could poss take them to the end. They are playing a game to win keeping Brendon would be stupid.

    1. You are completely correct. The other thing to remember is that Jordan has won at the RIGHT times, which is a HUGE part of BB. On the 2nd HOH this season all of the vets grilled Jordan that they needed her to win the comp so that BR could play in the questions comp which they thought was the next HOH. If you go back and watch feeds, BR, were constantly saying “you have to win this Jordan”. So she stayed up all night and practiced that golf game. Yes, Jeff & Brendan might have been able to get a 1or 2, but a 3 was what beat the other two scores & that was all she needed to do to win the comp. Jordan could have seriously choked on that comp, but she came through for the team. In addition, in BB 11 Jordan won 1 HOH of which only Jeff would have beat her & she won the POV when she was HOH. Then she proceeded to win the only 2 HOHs that matter in the entire season. Jordan is not clost to being a smarty pants, but she can come up big when she applies herself. The thing with Jordan, unlike Rachel, is she doesn’t feel that she has to win competitions to stay in the game. And she is correct. She knows she has to rely on developing real relationships that involve trust. And for that Jordan has won me over this season. I also like how she stands up to Rachel & tells her the truth to her face. :-) That earns a lot of respect from me. :-)

  8. With the numbers who want brendan and rachel out on both sides, it would be easy for them to get rid of them later on. JJ need to get their heads out of shellys ass and vote her lying ass out. BR will help them more than she will. Dani also made a mistake cuz she could have had JJ go down 3 players by booting SS out and keeping BR with their secret alliance. Now u have rachel who might come work with u but JJ are doing a good job of saying its not personal and they aren’t the swing votes, so she won’t be mad at them. Poor game move by Dani, she won’t win with her shitty moves.

  9. The minute Brendon is gone Rachel will make everyone in the house angry and this will be a repeat of two weeks all over again. She will isolate everyone from her, not win HOH. If she wins, I will be surprised. She will get nominated ~ again and try to win veto. Her luck won’t change at all because she has become the worst player in this game. Even the newbees are out playing her by aligning themselves with people who believe what they are telling them. No one believes Rachel. The best scenario for Rachel is to win HOH and make everyone run scared just like Dani did. Nominate Jeff and Jordan and let the chips fall where they may. If Jeff comes off or Jordan put up Shelly! Adam and Porche will float because they have been ignored ths long by the vets giving the newbees a change to win the $500K. At the end of the day Dani will have to outsmart all of the newbees if she expects to win and that inclused Kalia.

  10. Whodat good point for Dani but I was talking about JJ. As you just said they would be down by 3 votes so it would be stupid for JJ not to vote Brendon out. Not to mention that br had a deal with Rachel so JJ would be next. So for JJ it would be stupid to keep Brendon. They would have dkp br coming after them. This way he loose one ally and has a 50 50 shot with Rachel. That’s the best case scenario for JJ at this point. I just think that most people who are saying its a bad move for JJ are not JJ fans…. Because it is a good move for them. I’m not saying I want JJ to win I actually am a big brother fan not an individual fan I like seeing how each individual betters themselves in the game.

  11. who will be evicted from the big brother house? brendan OR shelly,and who will become the new head of household, find out live thursday 8 7central on big brother da da da,da da da da, da da da da da da danu

  12. Tired of hearing the bashing about whose a real couple from Brendon & Rachel. It’s very tiresome. It is what it is, so move on and focus on game. So stop trying to one-up on who is the real deal. I really think the DR is trying to pit against each couple. I really don’t care about whether not a relationship is real or fake, but stop putting all your energy on it. Focus on game/yourselves and stop worrying about another couple.

  13. It must be REALLY tough living without music, TV or internet.

    I would go insane.

    That said, I doubt BB would have ‘real’ people as contestants such as: Plumber, shipper/receiver, customer service rep, bank teller, factory worker, daycare worker, accounts payable clerk, short order cook, movie theater usher, crack dealer, etc…

  14. do Brendan and Racjhel not remember last time they were on BB? Camera’s on 24/7?
    or do they enjoy having sex on camera.

    no class.

    good luck getting a job in the real world.


    1. I agree with you totally…..Brendon and Rachels private life should not be on camera for everyone to see.
      Big Brother should have stricter rules concerning the behavior or conduct of couples.
      light kiss on each others cheek is acceptable or handholding is fine, but some of their actions are not acceptable.

  15. Rachel and Brendon are on here for one reason and that is to get their wedding and honeymoon paid for. They were so pissed when Kalia won the trip and Jeff won more money. I think they want to be the next Rob and Amber. That is why they aren’t as upset this time when Brendon is getting voted out. Last time it was costing them a ton of money because he didn’t make jury. This time at least he’s in the jury and will get paid the rest of the season. And for whoever keeps asking about what Shelly has lied about….open you ears and eyes. Every word out of her mouth is a lie of some sort. CBS even showed it and that is very unusual for them. The easiest way to spot a liar is to listen to how often they tell you they aren’t lying. That is all Shelly says….I’m playing with honesty and integrity….I never lie….I’m the most honest person in the house…..blah blah blah. I think her biggest lie is telling Jeff and Jordan that if she is in the finals with either of them, she will just give them the win because she thinks they deserve the money and she doesn’t need it. BULLSHIT. I do believe she has money though. Those sex change operations are not cheap and it is an elective surgery so you have to pay for it yourself. To bad the doc can only change parts and not personalities and actions. She still smokes like a man, talks like a man, walks like a man, eats like a man, drinks like a man. Yep….she’s a post op transsexual for sure. I wonder if she knows Cher’s daughter/son?

    1. I never really bought into the Shelly being a tranny topic, that is, til I saw her husband! Look at Chaz Bono and his girlfriend, she fell in love with a woman but has stayed with him. The meds Shelly takes could be hormones, which facilitate mood swings. A lot of things don’t add up to me- on the premiere episode when they show the HGs leaving home and saying good-bye to their families, Shelly’s husband had brown hair and during the phone call, he had black hair. Weird.

  16. The only reason I’d prefer to see Shelly leave tonight is so Julie can ask Shelly about the confrontation with Rachel over the lie. Then after Shelly gives her “I am such an honest person and detest liars” speech, they play the convo where Shelly asked for a final 3 deal with BR and Brendo agreed to it. Then watch the snake squirm out of it!

    1. All they showed on CBS was Shelly asking if Brendon and Rachel would consider takin her to final 3. They did not show a “deal”, they did not make mention of Jordan, they just showed Shelly asking a question. Period.

      1. Who said anything about Jordo, I didn’t.

        Also, Shelly asked the question and Brenda agreed to it, if that isn’t a deal then wth is a deal, having lawyers draw up contracts and HG’s signing them…..sheeshhhhhh

        1. She didnt make a deal. She was talking game to them yes, but all she said is “would you guys take me to the final 3” meaning would you consider me as a person to go to the final 3 with. After they said “sure” the deal would come next. It has to work both ways. There were no details, no plans, nothing…. if you consider this a deal, I want to play BB with you!

              1. Not bitter at all, just don’t agree with your “meaning”. Sure hate to say to you on the phone, “would you take me to the hospital” and you say “sure” and sit around waiting and likely die waiting for you because you ‘meaning” there was no deal to take me to the hospital, “meaning” you were considering taking me to the hospital……….lol

        2. Rachel mentions Jordon. That is what Shelly took exception to, specifically. Rachel said that Shelly approached her with, “When/if WE vote out Jordon, would you consider final 3 with me?”. It comes down to semantics, in a way…clearly Jordon would have to be gone for BRS to be final3. BUT, saying it the way Rachel did sort of implies that Shelly was plotting Jordon’s evictions. Which was not true. Rachel embellished to make Shelly look worse. Rachel knows what she did…she does it often. Like her telling Brendon (insert her whiny, sucky voice here) that Jeff and Jordon were so mean to her while he was gone…and then, in contradiction, tells him that Jeff was hitting on her, too.

      1. Rachel and Brendon are just as guilty. They say things like “this game isnt meant for us” because they believe they are too honest and up front in the game???? They have been trying to make deals with everyone! Porche, JJ, Dani, Shelly… honestly the only one I cannot think of a deal with is Kalia… but I am sure they did when she was HOH

        1. Hmmmmmm how could Brendon make a deal when Kalia was HOH considering Brendon was evicted the night Kalia won HOH……..guess your “meaning” was they as in Rachel huh?…

            1. “honestly the only one I cannot think of a deal with is Kalia… but I am sure they did when she was HOH”

              Brendon wasn’t even in the house when Kalia won HOH, he was already evicted, so to repeat your using “they” must have the “meaning” just Rachel huh!

    2. She could easily get out of that because she did not ask them for a deal she asked if they would and that was it and Jordan’s name was not even mentioned.

    3. I dont recall shelly “asking” for a final three deal…I do recall her asking if they would take her to final three…BIG difference

  17. Shelly makes Russel Hantz from Survivor fame seem like a compassionate guy. She takes deception in reality tv to a whole new level.

    1. yes. and people wont understand what you mean for the most part

      but russ adopted the “this is a GAME” mantra…which is fair…totally fair. but if you act like russ or shelly, then cry when others claim you play that way….there is something different and wrong about that. its sadistic, its weird, and its a tad scary. watching shelly’s phone call showed me enough to know she is freaking nuts. how JJ dont see it Ill never know

      I just think that you believe someone when they cry and cry over “someone lying about what they said”….problem is, unless you have come across a shelly, you wont believe its possible….having come across one, and DATING a crazy, I can safely say that they have no remorse, believe they are in the right, and not for the reasons of its a game, but for the reasons of….because I can

  18. I wonder if there isnt a ASPK alliance in the house. It seems strange that each of them has (or in Porshe’s case-had) a close relationship with a Vet. With all the excitement in the first days of ED leaving, could it have been forged then? A secret “Bragade” if you will?

  19. Omg, this season is weirding me the HELL out!!! Between Shelley’s increasingly stalkerish yet straight-shooting obsession with Jordan, Brendon and Rachel’s trainwreckingly scripted-looking high school spats, Kalia’s hyperactive speech, synthetic personality, and increasingly obvious need for approval, Adam’s constant mouth-breathing, lackluster and scrotumless behavior, everyone constantly eating, the unbelievably boring games they all come up with and play, thinking we viewers will enjoy it as much as they are, when in reality, most of us are wondering why in hell we still pay for the feeds or for Showtime subscription, Dani’s infinite smirking, Porsche’s faux velvet jogging suits, Jordan’s constant bouts of ‘zoning out’ and being too nice for real game, Jeff’s getting aggressively douchebag’ish’ every time he finds out someone’s actually playing game that might not benefit him….

    Seriously, who in hell do you root for when your choices mostly involve people you’d rather slap the living shit out of than cheer on? I said this early on, and I’m still saying it… this for me is going to be a season of me not rooting for one person to win, but instead just being grateful other people didn’t win.

    Of the choices provided to me, Dani’s my personal choice. And still, I don’t say that with the passion I’ve had in past seasons. I have a feeling she’ll be gone in the next week, maybe two, a direct result of her alliance totally not able to carry her as much as she’s carried them, her game play I think is that much ‘not’ flawless.

    Seriously, after this season, If I were Allison Grodner, I’d really consider bringing in completely new blood when it comes to casting the next season. I’d hire better psychologists, psychiatrists, former FBI profilers, and yes, at least a couple of BB fans from sites like this to decide who the next houseguests are. I’d also try to drop the twists and rely more on better casting than twists aimed at fixing/patching up the bad casting decisions. Some twists have worked (Coup D’etat, for example), but most have failed.

    Anyway, I guess my point is, yet again, that if it weren’t for this site, CBS and me would be done Nielsen-wise until the next season of Survivor started up;)

    1. i agree. it’s all for the ratings due to the drama. i think the Amazing Race, Survivor, and BB should all have a new cast each season. If they want to bring back previous players, then they should create an All-Star show. I don’t care what anyone says, any returning veteran will have a HUGE advantage over any newbie on any of the three above mentioned shows. Thanks.

  20. How is Dani still in the show when she is having an affair with one on the production crew? On the Bachelor the bachelorette hd to leave the show. I feel this year is being run by CBS and only CBS. They know who they want to give the money to. I have watched all of the previous seasons and this one is the worst of the bunch. I hope things change drasticly.

    1. I agree 100% Worst season ever because CBS and messed with it soo much. They gotta go back to the roots… big brother 1, where the guest had to grow their own vegetables, had chickens etc… Hell they even had a grocery budget back then…. now they live this high life, and sit around all day doing nothing…. Big Brother 1 had more weekly shows, more competitions, and was alot more fair to everyone in the house.

      1. At this point, I don’t care who get HOH, who gets nominated, evicted or who even wins! I loved Jeff and Jordon on their season, but they are boring as heck now! I love Dani, but the yahoos she is with are boring with nor personality or brains! I hated B/R last year and I still don’t want to see them again this year. I just check in from time to time to see what’s up. I wish production would just let whatever happens, happen. Don’t mess with it. Keep is as real as possible.

  21. For as boring, so far, as this season of BB has been , what a waste of money for the live feed, even if it wasn’t that expensive. Ya all could have given the money to a charity where it would have done some good for someone. If it wasn’t for Rachael’s outbursts and craziness it would not even be worth watching. BR porn activities at night isn’t even worth the cost of live feed. Next season, if there is one, better be full of smart, conniving, hilarious people with personality to make CBS BB the hit of the season because, so far, this season has been a dud. Who agrees with me????

  22. Where did you come up with Dani having an affair with one of the production crew? All she iterated was she thought one of the guys was “hot”.

  23. I think its a bit of BS for JJ to sit there bashing B and R….Im sorry JJ, but you get to sit OFF the block, and relax….its far different, and if jeff was up he would be acting quite differently…brenden has actually taken this one in stride, guess he got used to it.

    adam is playing it right, saying its just a game, and they take it personal, is once again SMART AS HECK….never say bad things like JJ are doing about someone down in the dumps, because rachel is likely to WIN a darn HOH, and she WILL put you up JJ….

    but if JJ is thrown an HOH, It will just piss me off…their betrayal of a FAR better duo for the saving of shelly has to be one of the dumbest moves ive ever seen. you b asically wipe away two allies, and 2 jury votes, because they cant stand rachel overreacting? I think I could handle it if it meant sitting next to her on finale night and winning by a vote of 6-1

  24. I want to laugh so bad when i hear you guys talking please stop with Dick gave Rachel HOH i didn’t see Rachel and Brendon falling during the competiton they just make a deal stop with this crap Rachel won and that’s it

  25. Does anyone have any idea how much the players are paid for each week they stay in the game…………..I mean CBS would have to be paying them something…………I would really like to know.

  26. If Jeff was up on the block he would be furious……………Doesn’t he threaten to massacre anyone who is against him………….He’s a complete selfish ass h…and I can’t stand him……………He and Jordan are a joke as a couple………..She knows it’s over……………It probably was even before they came into the game. Brendan and Rachel certainly deserve to go further along in BB. Jeff has been riding Jordan’s coat tails all along. Also Shelley’s bull about JJ is just that bull………….She’s one smart cookie though…………..she keeps staying while a great player goes.

  27. I would love to see Rachel win HOH just for shits and giggles. I love JJ but I still think it would make the house more entertaining. I really want Straight Shooter to go home but it’s pretty much official that my dream will not come true. -_-

  28. Dude shelly must have selective memory,i jus watched last nites show,rachel wasnt lying,that shelly hypothetically did ask them for final 3,shes the liar!i dont even think rach lies in this game,not as much as the others anyway

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