Big Brother 13: Brendon tells Rachel to Play both sides. Rachel: “I’m going to make them all f*ck!ng dance next week”

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3:33pm Backyard Lawn Chair BR

They talkign about how much they hate everyone else in the house. Brendon recapping his conversation with JEff.. How jeff says to him that JJ are still on BR side. Brendon: “F that you’re on my side.. thanks for sending my fiancee home since we’re on the same side. Rachel thanks Brendon for sticking up for her with JJ earlier today. brendon says not problem mentions that JJ will do whatever they need to do to make it till the end. BRendon insrtucts her to play nice with everyone in the house, whichever side gets power make sure you’re in good with them. He doesn’t want to see rachel talkign shit about Jeff, porsche, Shelly or Jordan becuase you never know they might have the power next week.

Rachel “jordan is so f-ing stupid.. she’s going to make it to final 3 and not do anything this year”
Brendon says something about JJ not being a couple, “After the show they will disappear and We’re going to discover a year from now that they are not a couple anymore” (Brendon flashback if you wish (3:33- 4:00 cam 3)

Rachel: “you going to talk to Kalia try and get her vote?”
Brendon: “To be honest I don’t think there is any chance.. we’re wasting breath”
Rachel and BRendon know that Dani wants Brendon out, Rachel wonders why she didn’t put him up to begin with. Brendon explains that she listened to our deal we offered her. If the POV was used then she can gain you if the POV isn’t used she gets rid of one of JJ’s minions and has a least one week safety from us.

Brendon wishes he had a chance to play for POV but whatever, “I don’t care we’ve really done everything we can now it’s time to get you ready”

Brendon thinks Jeff is going to fly off the handle again especially after Brendon leaves. He tells Rachel to be ready to defend herself, but doesn’t want her to stoop to their level.
Rachel: “I’m going to win HOh and make all these people dance”
Rachel: “I’m going to make them all f-ing dance no one is going to be safe if I win HOH… If i can win HOh and POV i’m going to raise some hell”

Rachel: “I promise you on our marriage I f-ing kill myself in this next HOH”
brendon knows she will she doesn’t need to promise. He adds that Rachel should just be careful because if Jeff wins and knows she’s talking shit about him then she may go up. Brendon also recommends that if theirs no chance of her winning HOH then she needs to makes sure the person that does win it isn’t going to target her.

Rachel doesn’t think Jeff is going to win shit until he absolutely needs to. Brendon agrees but says Rachel and Him still need to study just in case, he suggests they study all night to get ready.
brendon says that the only reason Dani wants to have fun and is always pushing people to play more games at night is because she wants the ratings to be good she doesn’t want to make to the end and the season is a bomb. brendon also mentions that Dani is worried with Brendon gone the season will get boring.

Brendon adds that JJ are really not bright players he also thinks that DAni was been telling JJ that BR were throwing them under the bus. rachel wonders if it’s Shelly, Brendon thinks it could be both but is pretty sure that most of the information is coming from Dani. He points out that Dani has been making the rounds with everyone trying to be friends.

Rachel :”Dani’s got to go”

Rachel thinks that they JJD are the worst game players they are all so stupid.. Brendon says that Dani wants to be known as the mastermind player when she’s totally off base with everything. Rachel says that Dani was telling her that she’s really good friends of chris from production.. Feeds cut

Feeds comes back with Rachel saying she’s going to backdoor dani this week because she needs to go. Rachel will put up Shelly and Adam. Brendon tells her to wait and see whats happens after he goes home next week.

Brendon tells her she should just be herself and do what she wants.. Just don’t be taken down to their level.
rachel agrees she plans on playing her own game after he leaves but still stay classy. Brendon says at the end of the day Rachel is going to need to win some comps though. Rachel swears she has all her emotions in check.. she’s ready to win the HOH, doesn’t mean she won’t throw some gabs when she wins HOH or some gabs after she wins POV. BRendon wants her to throw gabs and push people around but also make sure not to go over the top because in the end she needs to make friends to survive the following week.

3:35pm Cam 1 JJ
Jordan is giving Jeff a quick run down of her conversation with BRendon by the pool. Jrodan tells him that Brendon feels like he’s had to work hard from Day one. Jordan: “Yeah!! I told him I had to work hard to”. Jordan goes on about how JJBR never had a week off that let them sit around and do nothing. Jordan continues about how brendon brought up how he campaigned last week saying that Jordan already won the 1/2 million and didn’t need to win it again. Jordan understands why brendon would say that and didn’t mind it.

4:45pm Food Prep Chit chat

5:00pm Shell, Adam and POrsche Sleeping ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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bb is just starting! i cant wait to see how shelly bitches about rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Am I the only one who thinks R is going to end up (might have already) screwing herself and have no shot at winning?


She already did. The only way BR would win BB if they both made final two. Otherwise no one would give them the money.


I love how brendumb is telling rachoe not to go down to other house guests levels! Earth to brendumb, rachoe is a bottom feeder when it comes to her reactions and how she treats people. And fyi you don’t talk to rachoe any better than j does to j.

Team Dani

Big Brother need’s to tell Rachel to wash her hair. It look’s greasy and nasty!!!


I’m officially a fan of Brendon. Just sucks he’s attached to Rachel. I use too love Jeff lots, but he’s just losing so
Many cool points.


If you are a Brenda fan you dont even know what a cool point is


HAHA love this comment


Jeff and Rachel in jury room. Ahhh


rachel agrees she plans on playing her own game after he leaves but still stay classy.

Don’t you have to be classy at some point to stay classy?


On a side note, I saw that pic near the bottom of Jordan from behind. With that tutu on, I thought it was Porsche for a minute.


Wow obviously great minds think a lot I read then scrolled down to leave a comment and you had left the exact comment I had planned.




I believe that story by Rachel the same way I believe the same story Jeff said about all the girls he has sex with. Who the hell would do Jeff? -shivers


wait, what story did Jeff tell?


Shelly won tons of new fans from the episode tonight. She not only fawned over Jordon which the public loves, her hubby and kid were a major win.

Midwest Fan

No one got to see SSS The Maniac, however the Bad News for
SSS is her diatribes and non-stop lying will be on YouTube FOREVER!!
Someday her daughter will see the videos. That’s life.

I’m sure Shelley’s corporate competitors will be sure the “lady’s BB behavior will
be used to influence potential clients. Hmmmm
Shelley may end up locked at a desk job with absolutely no contact with clients.


Midwest – it might be but in the grand scheme of BB, we the live feeders and spoiler crew amount to a very small percentage of who would know or even care

Midwest Fan

Good Point,
however, Shelley’s Employer has removed her name, photo and bio from the company’s website
and that happened while SSS was having her breakdown.

I have BBAD this year.
What a waste of DVR space.
I have watched no more than 30 minutes of BBAD. It is more fun coming here
and getting BB news and opinions.
My preference is BB with all newbies. Imagine what these players would have been like without
the Vets impacting their games.

Keep the Vets for All Star BB.


Yea I know I’m a little .late to the party on this but after watching the first 5 minutes of big brother tonight and the WAY shelly walks…. she is definitely a man


Why is Rachel thanking Brendon for sticking up for her earlier with Jeff? Did Brendon talk to Jeff later? Because from what I saw, Jeff reamed her and Brendon stood there and went “uh….uh….” wetting his pants all the way. Just curious…I was expecting an all out confrontation, the two of them are still alive, so what gives? Or is this just another example of how Rachel lives in another world and imagines her man is not a coward after all.


They (BR) live in their own parallel universe. This is the time for Jordon to call a mini house meeting again.


Brendons a non-athletic nerd. Jeff would demolish him.


macho man shel saying she cant see straight dah we know that


shel HE said she never said she had a deal with brenchel then CBS showed the clip of her making final 3 deal w brenchel lying ass is busted and disqusted


Shelly said, “Would you consider a final 3?”, and BR both said, “Absolutely”. Talking about the consideration of a deal is NOT A DEAL!


whatever she still is a skanky disgusting piece of crap (even worse than Rachel) and everyone watching knows it so whatever.


Exactly! I agree. I never heard Shelly throw Jordan under the bus. Rachel is a liar. Cannot wait to see her out after she blows.


that was day 11
she fogot lol


Doesn’t matter CBS caught Rachel in lies last year too but still invited her back.


I’m no Rachel fan, but watching Shelly lie about her lies then scream about her lies covering her lies isnt entertaining. I just want to punch her in the face which would probably break my hand




The finale is going to be hilarious. She can’t run from the lies.


I love to hate Rachel. And I just plain hate SHelly.


What lies? Yes, she played both sides and got caught in that; however we all know her allegiance is to JJA. I don’t understand why people are saying she lied. As stated above…she asked them is they’d consider a final three; she never made a deal. I am not a Shelly fan, but come on.


So now B/R are questioning J/J’s relationship? I personally don’t care for either of the two couples and the sooner they are all gone, the better.

I do,however, believe Rachel will be the next HOH and that’s when J/J will be sticking to her like glue.


Are Jordan and Jeff still a couple????? Seriously, I’m so confused. I’ve been in a 5 year relationship, and I’m the least PDA person and I get that there are cameras all around and stuff but they barely even touch each other….so, you share the same bed, sit next to each other, swim together, tan together and you never touch each other ONCE…hmmmm…this is becoming more and more suspicious and more and more clear: THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER


I’ve seen on BBAD Jordan rubbing Jeff’s leg or her hand on the back of his head and talking about going on a trip together when they got out with Jeff’s money. And it’s been mentioned in here that they kissed I saw just in the last couple days . I think they just laid down their rules before hand and they are sticking with it.


Amen kudos to Jeff and Jordan we like to watch BB as a family and also watch the feeds together and I am not a voyouer thank you very much. How about 1 teaspoon of respect for your fellow HGs and then to bitch because they would not give up their bed ” because your engaged”?????


they tell each other they love each other etc. too. There is plenty of evidence that they are a couple, I think. I was skeptical until I saw the feeds though. Both have addressed that they agreed not to be Rachel and Brendon (i.e. make their family cringe every time they watch the feeds).


Once her and Brendon gets married she can audition for one of Bravo’s Real Housewives shows. She’ll fit right in there too.

Midwest Fan

Jeff didn’t invite Jordan on a trip. lol
She asked him if he would take her on a trip with his winnings?
Then she asked, if he did would she need to bring her own money.
Jeff, “Yes. Bring some bucks.”

What a lover …………… lol


there was different convos (b/n j and j) about going on a trip. The whole bringing cash thing is a ‘bit’ between them. Jordon hates to carry cash (there has been reference to this) and asked Jeff he she ‘and I don’t have to bring cash’…Jeff says, “put a few fives in your wallet just to make Jeff happy’. It wasn’t quite like you’ve laid it out. I’m not sure what anti- JJ fans believe most – Jordon is a dimwit or that she is smart enough to keep all of her back story right and carry out the charade. There is plenty of J and J moments on live feeds and BBAD. There has also been hinting that they plan to move in together after BB.

Midwest Fan

And I think BB Production told J/J that fans are seeing through their phony $howmance, so they
had better spice things up a bit or their easy money is over.
During the first half of this season, they behaved like brother and sister.


I haven’t noticed a significant difference in their first half, in the feeds. They have seemed like a couple from the start…but they aren’t being aired. Of course they aren’t having sex in the house so we don’t hear about their little moments. Most people don’t care if they exchange I love yous before bed etc. lol. Just not interesting to report on. lol


I think they are, just the other night she called him lover…and gave him a kiss goodnight. I did get a kick out of BrenDone saying in a year JJ would no longer be together, but JJ has been together for a few years now vs. BrenDone and RacHell and they didnt even make it to a year they broke up over his internet sexcapades. They have embarassed themselves and their families having sex in the BB house…gross.

Just because you have to constantly be re-assured that you are in love and getting married doesnt make your relationship solid. Also you dont have to be constantly giving PDA’s to let the world know you are in a secure relationship; its called self-control….BrenDone and RacHell take notes…lol!


There is a feed where Jordan, specifically, talks to Rachel about how she and B are together/all over each other 24/7 and that she and Jeff just couldn’t do that. They’d ‘kill each other’. They BOTH seem to like their space. Them seem way more secure in their rltship, IMO, than BR. There is no way my dh and I would be doing anymore than JJ in the big brother house. I can’t imagine putting on the show that they do. UGH. How embarassing for their families.:(

Midwest Fan

I recall J/J being very touchy/kissing/feely on their first BB.
Lots of action under the blanket back then ……………………


Jordan’s family, in particular, asked her to keep it clean… Jeff has referenced this too. He’s even told Jordon he won’t be able to keep it clean (so to speak) if “she touches him like that”. lol


I actually saw some clips on YouTube of JJ acting adorable when they were alone, I don’t believe the notion that they’re faking it. They even talked about eachother in the HoH room on tonight’s episode, they were so cute.

Anyway, Rachel’s one deluded individual along with Brenden. “Don’t stoop to their level.” Really Brenden? I hope to GOD Rachel bombs that competition so impossibly badly. I think I get a sick sense of satisfaction when Rachel fails….it doesn’t really bother me. lol

Still loving Dani for getting out Brenden twice!


how can you be in a house for 40 some days with you lover of 2 years and not even like do a crazy make out session. The closest thing to PDA with them are kisses goodnight. Rachel is making sense with SOME of her points I don’t think JJ will last and when Rachel was like dani acts like a mastermind but is far from it I COULD NOT AGREE MORE and srsly my parents who are 45 show more PDA than JJ my grandparents share more PDA than JJ and my grandad is senile.


I Agree… I mean if they have been doing that then I mean it maybe those relationship problem when you guys don’t enjoy each other as much! I don’t know I think they just don’t want to get too tired of each other, but if they are already showing signs like this… then I really would want to know how their “marriage” works out…


Jordan’s always been up front about how her grandma told her she better not do any “boom-boom” (or something to that effect) on tv…I got the impression early on in the season that she and Jeff had set rules about PDA and are probably just trying not to push it. In fact, I think Jeff told Jordan once that she better watch what she did (I think she had touched him somehow) if she didn’t want him all over her in the house. So despite all the people arguing they aren’t a couple anymore, I think they are intentionally just trying to keep things clean.

In my opinion, any couple that has to be all over each other all the time like BR feels like they have something to prove. That relationship is already falling apart, we can all see it happening.


Shelly definitely has a screw loose. I can see someone with her professional background going on Survivor, I’d go on Survivor! But BB? Hell, no. 500gs is not enough money to have to live with some of these asshats. Shelly looks like such an idiot on this show.


I hope her husband doesn’t allow their daughter to watch that lunatic Shelly and her lies on BB. No 8 y/o child will understand that lying and believing your own lies iis just a game.

I’d do ‘Survivor’ as well and possibly ‘Amazing Race’ since its physical and requires brains.


Yeah, I forgot about Amazing Race, I’d love to do that one too.

Midwest Fan

The “Amazing Race” is my favorite reality show.
Love it!!!!


Watching CBS episode. Triple S is a trip. She says she isn’t lying and someone else is. CBS shows flashback and shows where she is the one that is lying. Hilarious!!!


for some reason I think Triple S forgot about the deal she made on day 11. I don’t shes that messed up in the head to lie in the DR on national tv. But u never know


Brendon doesn’t think Jeff and Jordan are a real couple. “Jordan doesn’t even give Jeff his nightly blowjob that all women are supposed to give their man on live feeds.”
“I haven’t found one cumstain on Jeff or Jordan’s sheets yet….that can’t be true love.”

And Brendon says if he was JORDAN’S father he would be waiting on the cbs lot with a baseball bat to go after Jeff.?. I’m sure Rachel’s dad just loves to watch BR fight, bang, fight, bang, cry, bang, fight, fight, cry, bang.


So true.


Finally, a words of wisdom. I really wish BB would tell them not to have sex period.


Not that a women shouldn’t give her man a blowjob once a day(cunnilingus/fellatio should be in the marriage contract) It will be in mine, or I’m not signing.

But live on TV I couldn’t do something like that, it’s a like a live sex tape.


how did Jeff figure he threw the veto, that game was all about where the pillow landed when they threw it. Adam won because it landed on a 7 (Jeff 8)


By watching the rotation of the wheel and timing your throw you could pick the number you landed on.


that doesn’t sound right. it was all about how you threw that thing but whatever.

Midwest Fan

I know.
I loved it when he said he could always get it on the 3, 4, or 5 anytime he wanted.
Sure, Jeff.


On todays show adam proved what a loser he is. He had the veto handed to him instead of him winning it

Midwest Fan

I agree.


Simon, what do you think will happen at the eviction? Ty for all the updates.


Question…don’t they refer to people who play both sides as floaters. By that definition, brendon is telling rachel to become a floater


Floater = Porsche = Doesn’t win competitions, isn’t on the block, goes with the house.


I think the term “floater” is a polysemous. I think Rachel`s definition is more direct, if you will, because she uses it when people are not doing anything, and getting far. Floating, between alliances, or a division is actually playing the game…


also those that are not kissing her ass are called floaters


floater has many meanings

1. Person who flies whoever is in power kissing their asses.

2. Those who plays under the radar, and be on everybody’s good side, so they are never thought about being a target.

3. Those who play the nice sweet person game, and is never thought of as a big target, and are overlooked. then because they get a few lucky comps wins close to the end then wins the whole things, they JORDAN is this type of floater

4. Those who mostly sucks at the game, until they are giving a power then the make a move, and the arrogance grows from there, then they start pretending that they are a strong player. JEFF is this type of floater

5. Those who doesn’t win shit, but stirs up the drama in the house with their lies, Natalie(BB11) and Shelly are these type of floaters


Adam is 2. floater Porsche is 1. floater

T that's Me!

All I can say is Jordan was so sweet to do what she did for Shelly. All game aside, that was the most decent thing I have seen in a while. Good for Jordan! It was nice to see that!


Jordan was crying because she did not want to be stuck in isolation for 24 hours, on slop. Last time she was on slop she cried, and cried, and cried, but Production gave her a bullshit edit to make her look good.

Shelly was crying because she was losing the power of veto. That lying tranny could not care less about getting a phonecall from home. She chose to leave her “beloved” family alone for what, 3 months? In the end she was stuck in a room for a day, on slop, and had to shit behind a curtain…maybe like a Shitter Of OZ.


So BR is mad at JJ after THEY threw them under the bus to dani. That is hypocritical. They also are saying JJ stink well……Jordan has won previously and they are still playing and brendon is going home…comical.


Adams voice is so annoying


What happened with Jeff and Jordan on the 330 flashback


Get a load on that smirk on Shellies face


Just finished watching BB, Jeff is a greedy smuck, and really dumb. obviously, he was under the table when someone hollered brains, he thought they said trains, and being he had gotten one for Christmas from mommy and daddy, he passed.


I guess Jordan thinks since she gave Shelly her phone call and isolation for 24 hours, Shelly should give her the half millions dollars now.


Corky! PRICELESS!!!!!!


I am in awe over what a whiny bitch Rachel is – she never ceases to amaze me. JJ at least gave her a good argument about why they cannot vote for Brendon if the rest of the house is against him. Then she says BR would never turn on JJ like that – to JJ. How many times have BR tried to convince Dani to put one of JJ up as replacement nom?? Isn’t that going against their own alliance? Yet JJ cannot vote with the house when they couldn’t save B anyway?? BR wants everyone to play for BR, not play for themselves. Ugh it drives me insane. I thought they were starting to look a little more mature and then she proves me wrong once again!

What is up with all the hate to JJ?

you took the words right out of my mouth. couldn’t agree with you more


May I just say that i’m feeling obnoxious every time jeff talks in the diary room?
“I want to stay”
“I don’t want blood on my hands”
“I’m so great”
“I have to be safe”
“I’m the biggest threat”
“Jordan is super cutie puppy rainbow doggie!”
“I don’t know what to do… I’m in a big drama!”
“Omg, my life is so awsome!”

And now, more than ever, Rachel is my favorite. Once again, she knows she is playing SOLO in big brother.
Once again we have the following groups:

1) Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Shelly
2) Danielle, Kalia, Porsche
3) Rachel

Go Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is like Jeff was promised he’d win this year as when Jordo won huh????

Midwest Fan

It sure looks that way.


so if plastic face rachel wins HOH, we can count on her taking own life??? neato……..


No, according to her, if she wins this week she is taking out Dani, Shelly, Kalia and JJ. Brendon must have smuggled in a gun up his ass when he came back. That is what they were doing under the covers. She is going to take every one out at once and win.


Rachel thinks that they JJD are the worst game players they are all so stupid

pot meet kettle


What was once the definition of a floater is not the same now that the houseguests refuse to compete. They throw competitions and or believe that the social game is more important then the physical game. For instance Dr. Will was a floater and played the social game, Dick was a competitor and had no social game. Dick would not be classed a floater because he competed and was out to win.


Well goodbye BB. This year has been the most boring BB ever. Dani is stupid stupid stupid. To backdoor Jeff would have been genius. He will win by doing nothing. The big “click” you heard was everyone checking out other channels when straight shooter aka horseface got her phonecall. Thanks for the website and all the hard work you put into it. Can’t wait a show where I don’t want anyone to win. Even Adam has turned out to be a huge loser. Bragging he won the veto on his own when he was begging Jeff to throw it…which greedy gus did…for the money…ho hum, boooorrrrrinnng.


Greedy Gus? You’re right…how dare he try to make some money in this game?!!


Adam begged Jeff to throw that POV to him?

WOW Team Bacon has lost a fan


this whole thing is getting boring. cant watch people like kalia anymore. thats no fun at all.


appears tomorrow night HOH comp is an endurance, so is Brenda going to be saved???


You ,may be right but production has to do just as much work for some of the more elaborate physical comps, so i think the only thing we can say for sure that it wont be a question comp…


RJ, idk because some of their quiz / question comps are really elaborate! With the stages, platforms, electronics, etc. It will be interesting to see for sure. Rach has the memory of an elephant so she did good at those comps last year….if I remember right.

Midwest Fan

Q & A Comp –
Question: Which remaining HGs are from the Midwest?

Answer: Shelley and Jeff

Jordan: “Jeff? That’s not right. Jeff is from the North.”


Dani mentioned it a few minutes ago that it was endurance


How would Dani know, unless the thing she has going on with the production guy is paying off…


when it is certain tyoes of endurance that involves things, production tells them things, Kalia is trying to figure out something to do with painted corn or rocks, missed it.


sometimes they have built a practice course for the houseguests to give them an idea what the comp may be about.

Roll Dog

I hope not.

I think that five people will vote: Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Kalia, and Porsche.

Adam and Daniele might vote. I do not know because they are the current Head of Household and Power of Veto.

I am sure that Kalia might be the only one supporting Shelly. Porsche, I don’t know.


Adam, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Kalia, and Porsche all vote, Dani only if it is a tie.


What’s funny is that the same people were on this page last year saying BB12 the most boring BB ever,


Ho you know it was the same people? LOL

Last season was boring this seaosn is boring

season 11 was boring

season 10 wasn’t bad

BB King

Now that Brendon will be gone, you can be sure that Jeff will be the next target. People will just see that Rach is pathetic and powerless without her man (in both HOH comps, someone threw the comp for her to win. Dani the first time and Brendon the second). So if I were Jeff I would try my best to keep Brendon and dodge a bullet next week. But Jeff is an idiot. He threw the POV for what? So that Dani would like him? So that Shelly would like him? In the end neither of them really likes him. Shelly will just go with whoever has the power.

Roll Dog

Rachel and Brendon say crap about Jeff and Jordan but yet JJ still supports them.

Rachel and Brendon are the biggest threats in the house. They need to be evicted.

Jeff and Jordan are cool. I do like Jordan’s character. The sad thing is that she is friends with Rachel who is really the opposite.

Midwest Fan

J/J say equally awful things about the HGs.


lol @ brendon calling jjd the worst players! well they’ve made it further in the game than that dumbshit, and he’s about to get evicted for the 3rd time!


Hey, how come Shelly’s husband has black hair now, but, when she left home it was brown? Is he wearing a disguise or something? I can understand and think it was very smart to show the child in profile only, but it doesnt really look like the same guy-

nc girl

What show are you watching? Kalia supporting Shelly? In what universe? TEAM DANI YO!!!

nc girl

Thanks Simon and Dawg for the great updates!


Vote for have-nots to eat dates and Durian…Durian is gross and smells bad so its perfect!


right on

Midwest Fan

And if you eat too many dates ……………………… not good.

Rachel's nipple

jeff tells adam “vote with the vets and i’ll let you blow me”
adam accepts offer
chain smokin lady boy goes home

give me a break

Why do people keeping going on about Shelly lying give me all the examples She did not make a deal with BR she asked if they would she did not ask them to. She never mentioned voting out Jordan. People on here just make up crap because they are for certain people. I agree that Adam won but yes Jeff did try to throw it to not sure if he would of got lower than he did but he also never tried to. And if you were watching Adam and Dani both asked him to throw it so your playing a game and you do what you think is best for you not someone else. And its very laughable when people on here slam people for playing for themselves to win that is what its about so give me a break.

Kalia for life

can someone knock out kasleepa out with that ball


I really liked the article, and the very cool blog