Big Brother Spoilers- Adam’s 3 Things when he gets out 1) Watch TV 2) Hits from tha Bong 3) be with Fara

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7:35pm Rachel working out in her bedroom with JJ sleeping.. Brendon is laying in the bed smiling. (rachel is preparing for the comp tomorrow she’s going to win it)

7:50pm rachel moves to the bikes to do some Pilates

8:12pm Kitchen Dani, Prosche, Kalia, Shelly are joking around saying that Adam’s top 3 things when he gets out are Smoking pot, Seeing Fara and checking out his facebook Fanpage.

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8:54pm Shelly, DKP hanging out in the living room. Shelly is trying to clean up some cobwebs

8:59pm Adam wakes up. Dani makes a big deal about it because 30minutes ago she guessed he would wake up at 9.

(Just a side note.. Shelly is getting very friendly with DKP she’s altered her social game a lot She’s still creepy loyal to JJ but she’s able to plug into other groups socially with ease even after they outed her for numerous LIES. )

9:30pm Dani is reading the Rule book gets called into the DR
Shelly walking around cleanign random things. Kalia and Porsche talk about Racndom things like what they are going to do tonight, “Shave my legs, Listen to music, Take a bath”

Brendon, Adam, Rachel are in the kitchen playing cards.. cht chat.

10:00pm Living room everyone but BR. BR are int he purple room playing cards.

Dani asks Adam what 3 things would he do when he gets home. Dam says watch TV, I can’t say on TV 2 or 3. dani laughs says that is what she said he would say… 1)TV 2) Ganjah Hit 3) Be with Fara.

10:30pm Blah Nothing is going on.

11:35pm Feeds are CRAZY holy cow 😉

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teri b

I’m stupid, I guess, but I enjoy the guessing games on BBAD. Don’t get to see many, but just hear about them.


First bitches!!!!


You’re the first not to be first. Congrats.


Simon, Are they now on lockdown?


Adam turned out to be such a disappointment. I’ll be fine with anyone winning as long as it isn’t JJ or Adam. (Yes – even Rachel) I doubt Shelly will win either though.


Agreed. At least he is not letting JJ bully him into voting for Brendon that is the first move he’s made all game. He hasn’t made one move all game though. This strategy of sitting around waiting for all your potential votes to be picked off (lawon) so you can be 4th man in a 3 person alliance is pretty stupid. If Jeff stays two more weeks he is the winner.


hasn’t made one *good* move all game.


I think adam was the biggest dissapointment out of the entire cast! He created a persona for the interviews then everything deflated once the cameras were rolling 24/7. I find it so annoying how he becomeos this whole other person on the live shows!


Shelly would have to get social with the others. JJ do very little. Jordon tonight just sit there while the others were playing and didn’t say much. Now she is gone somewhere (probably to bed\) while the others are still playing. Oh wait, they just showed her and she is under a blanket on the couch with her eyes closed. Wow, she is a live one!

Aqua Bernie

That’s the one problem that bothers the hell out of me with Jordan. She’s cute as a button but she doesn’t know how to be social. Even when she’s talking to Jeff alone she’s boring and doesn’t say much. She has her cute funny moments, but very very very few!

Booty Booty

I love Jordan and I love Jeff. Despite his temper at times. I just really like the two of them. But Jordan is different this year, I see it too. At times she reminds me of someone that has been abused. She looks beaten, downtrodden, or maybe just sad. She has moments where she brightens up when she gives Jeff one of those little kid kisses on the cheek. Then he smiles and says “all the world is unicorns and sunshine”. That makes me crack up. I think Jordan is just afraid to say the wrong thing and she is very weary of the back stabbing. I also think she doesn’t feel well most of the time. She was on slop a lot and now the unitard…and girl stuff. But she is a doll, through and through. The best thing she could do for herself would be to take a course in public speaking. It would help her self esteem and she would become more aware of her “wool…” that she insists on starting every sentence with……IMHO


Agreed about the Jordan not feeling well thing. Remember how she was having “the runs” all the time, and then Porshe got busted by production for putting laxatives in the muscle milk. Not only was she on slop for two weeks straight, but her slop was spiked to make her sick. I think she is just run down this season (both physically and emotionally). Not to mention, she probably doesn’t need to be there stressing herself out… she is likely just doing it to help Jeff out.


This is the same snickerdoodle that said she hates when people who do nothing win, right?


CJ, I think you are right. Jeff seems to hang with the others, too.


My mother and I are huge JeJo fans and have been since season 11, but we both said the very same thing last night. Jeff will be very board and quick all they seem to discuss are bodily functions!!

Sara Jay

I’m starting to think that Shelly is the one to beat. She lies so effortlessly that even she believes her own lies. Nobody in the house is playing on that level and nobody will have a clue about what happened until they watch the video.

Kalia for life

did shelly just say someone going to make fun of cause she cleans or because she always clean all the other house guest bare botton. cant wait for R to win it and watch shelly lick her ass clean so she doesnt have to wipe.


Hahahah. Me too.

BB King

Aren’t other people worried about the comp on Thursday? I heard it was an endurance comp. No one seems to be physically preparing besides Rach.


Jordan…..she is resting so she can outlast them all!



Kalia for life

good rach is going to win and everyone is going to start kiss her ass it will be funny


Kalia and Porsche have been preparing most of the day.


I think JJ are not as much of a couple as they once were and I thing BR will get tired of each other. So, I think JJ will be JR and BR will be BJ. Can you see Jeff with Rachel?


No, but I can see Jeff with Brendon. They are meant for each other.

A Nono Moose

i seem to recall brendons x girlfriends mom saying he had control issues with her daughter. to a degree he’s ruined rachel she grown dependent on him. since he’s leaving her game will become stronger.

that said VIVA ADAM! win it all for us overweight uglies

Kalia for life

Simon do we have to hear kalia voice fot one more week atlease? is it me of do you people think kalia voice is hard to listen to


“do you know what I mean?”
“do you know what I mean?”
“do you know what I mean?”
SHUT UP kalia. Everyone knows what you mean!!!

chief c

yes amen kalia please fall on your face during comp and not be able to talk i so wantrd her to get the outfit jordo is wearing itd be funny lol


I personally think Shelly’s is atrocious. Somebody please muzzle the crypt keeper.

Nikki Tomberlin

Man I wish I could have some home b will stay but I think the lier will luck out!!!!! Ugh jj are really pissing me off, wasn’t it them bitching earlier in the game and calling all the others idiots that where scared to vote against the house now look who is doing that very thing!!!! I wish they would at least put dani in the spot ugh


No shit. Now the figure pointers are pointing 3 figures at themselves.


Ligers are real! Porsche is a real straight shooter but they don’t give her the credit she deserves.


i had a dream today that i met dani..i think i might love her <3333 she's soo hott! #TEAMDANI ftw


This is the first season I have really gotten into it but I’ve read every online post from the site i just need clarification on a few things because I haven’t fully watched previous seasons. What does the jury mean and who do y’all think Rachel is TRULY leaning towards. Would she choose JJAS or KPD? What would be her best game move after brendon is out. And theres allot of talk about double eliminations and twist from past years that are expected. What is yet to come and the most likely and how will it effect this next HOH? Lastly does anyone else feel as if Adam absolutely has his shit together? I know he is a huge fan and knows all the rules and aspects but I think he has it so fine tuned that he can only be his own worse enemy and I dont see him slipping soon. They all seem to know Jordan is the best bet for final two regardless who Jordan is up against no one will vote for her to win twice (is that basically what jury is, the voted off cast votes who wins in the finale?) I am rooting for Dani and absolutely can’t stand Shelly!


-What you guessed abt jury is right.
-I think Rachel is like those easily persuaded ppl except she’s persuaded by anger. I think the last person to really piss her off will be the one she’ll turn against. But her best move would be to start laying low because when brendon leaves she’ll be in a position to play both sides, and she’s not the main target on either side (DKP want jeff out and JJSA want a member of DKP out). If she did that, she would be able to make others forget about her and sneak into the F2, but that’s very unlikely given her temper. I don’t think there’ll be any double evictions or any twists this thursday because it’s too soon (since they JUST brought someone back).
-And Adam, i do think he’s in a great position (I think Shelly and him are in the best position) but I think it’s just all kind of fell onto his lap, he’s not really doing much. I’m sure he thinks strategy but I don’t think his current position has much to do with that. It’s just that he’s not a huge threat and he’s in with JJ.

I’m rooting for Shelly. FINALLY a woman who’s actually really playing the manipulating game. She reminds me of Dr. Will, she doesn’t rely on comps (unlike Dani…) to make it ahead.


Simon do you think dani and rachels gonna team up for sure?


BB Production, here is a suggested rule change for you:

Either allow everyone to play for Power Of Veto, or do not allow non-participants of the POV competition to be put up for eviction (backdoored).

As much as I am not a fan of Brendan and Rachel, they did not have the opportunity to fight for their lives. They were essentially viewers at the POV competition, the outcome of which may ultimately effect them negatively.

Make it so that if you play, you might pay, but not that you might pay even though you are not allowed to play.


Backdooring is an intrestimg part of the game. They could always campaign which BR aren’t good at.


idk, I think it would make it boring though because then a physically and mentally strong person like Brendan would not need to do any strategy since he would be able to fight (and probably win) when he’s on the block. It’s just takes the fun manipulation out of BB. I’m glad they made it random though. The six-finger plan pissed me off lol, poor Jase.


I agree.


Brendon has had 3 chances to play the game…It’s time to go! But I don’t like the way Veto is played either. I think they should go back to letting everyone play instead of “random” choices.


I seem to remember that they changed the Veto rules about who could play as a result of the “Five Finger Plan” that Nakomis came up with years back. It worked perfectly. It used to be the nominated house-guests that chose who would play in the Veto comp, but that plan made it very easy to get a particular person out if all players wanted the same person to go.


That is my thoughts exactly.


If they all got to play, Brachel would not be allowed to snivel and whine about how if they played they would have won. It is not a fair game…that’s the point! If they were to let all players play in Veto, then why not tell everyone what all comps will be (ie, mental, endurance, etc.) It is all set up anyway. Do you really think America voted for Brenden to go up against Lawon?!? Either they did because they thought he would have gone up against Rachel and one would still be leaving (which would only be for cruel irony since he was already out!) or they really did vote for Dom, but BB put Brenden back in because Psycho Rachel and “I have a PHD” Brenden are way better for ratings.


Simon is Rachel and dani really gone team up sorry don’t know if last one posted what do you think


Do you think Rachel will do it and not get caught.


LOVE JORDAN; cute as a button and at least she is not the bitch that the others are all turning out to be. I do like Shelly and would not mind her winning this season. Did like Dani but now tired of her trying to play all sides of the house and cannot stand Rachel. I would actually love to see Jeff and Shelly as the final two and whatever happens happens.

Aqua Bernie

I agree with you! This season everyone is so harsh on Jeff. I like him he’s funny. Everybody plays the game different Shelly plays the ued car salesman, she lies alittle, but you still think you got a good deal. I think it’s smart, she plays with your emotion. And Jordan is cute I don’t know how anybody could hate her! As for Dani she’s a mean girl. She makes friends but then puts little digs at them, to belittle them, and thinks it is funny. And then says only kidding! BUT my question is, is she?


I agree three to Sheri, Aqua Bernie & DaybyDay. I see Shelly’s lies in a different way from most of you here tho. I think SSS understands the power of symantics and impliction and that’s why she believes her lies, because she did not commit and shake on it (in some cases) — but sometimes she’s just manipulating like everybody else to get further in the game. That’s the point, eh? Her persona is memorable, like a rugged cowboy, good at her craft, and I’m sure that her strength has aided in her personal successes. She is lucky to have a great home connection.

I wonder after the suicide of the BH househusband if BB & AG will be more careful with the aftercare of the “Rachels” who are visibly scarred & traumatized from the experience. Even Dr. Drew mentioned the narcicism and fragile/needy characteristics of people willing to be on reality tv. As much as I dislike watching Rachel and Kahlia & Brendon I sense those three will struggle with their identity post show and need psychological help — Rachel for one is on the edge.


people dislike Jordan because it’s upsetting to watch a woman be so casually dumb in this postmodern era…sure, she may not have been born smart, but read or go to school dammit – do something to be more than a woman who follows around a man who treats her poorly – and accepts his abuse blindly!!! and says/asks stupid things all day – i mean that’s all she does, even at home, i don’t think she does much else — and then to be rewarded for it with money and fame – oh Lord.

and Jeff was funny last night – with the “you’re whole life is a mistake” thing – and i started to remember why I sort of liked him during BB11 (I was never a crazy fan but i liked him). But he has been apalling this season with his vulgarity, mistreating Jordan, faking this relationship, bullying, and my favorite, homophobia.


LMAO @ Rachel getting physically prepared for tomorrow’s HOH. this year’s house guests are pathetic. as much as we hate on BR, just imagine if they weren’t in the BB house this season. when BR leaves the BB house, you people will be praying for one one Shelly’s cigarettes to accidentally burn down the BB house. worst BB cast and season ever!


THESE HOUSEGESTS Shelly gets outed for her Lies and they still keep her and befriend her No more Hope for season 13 watch as Jordan bags another 500k


Team dani FTW


it’s a shame jj chose not to keep brendon since they would have been able to get adams vote but they chose shelly the liar over him after BR told jeff about the backdoor plan of dani

Aqua Bernie

Listen even if JJ voted for brendan and got Adam to vote for Brendan that was still going to be 3 to 3 Danielle said she would still vote for Brendan to be out. So get over it. The hands have been dealt!! Period!!


I agree that that the hand has been dealt but it was dealt because JJ couldn’t get Adam’s vote. If Adam voted to keep Brendon, it would have been 4 – 2. Jeff, Jordan, Adam, and Rachel would have voted Shelley out. JJ tried several times to get Adam to change his mind, but it didn’t work.


How would it be 3-3 if JJ voted to keep Brendon and got Adam to do the same. Rachel JJ and Adam would vote to keep Brendon with Porsche and Kalia voting to keep Shelley. That’s 4-2 with Brendon staying. Did you forget to count Rachel’s vote?


No it wouldn’t be 3/3.
Here is how the vote would go: Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, and Adam voting to keep Brendon.
Dani, Kalia and Porsche to Keep Shelly aka Crypt Keeper.

Unless you think Jordan would vote for Shelly, but I doubt it. She would vote for who ever Jeff is.


That would be JJ, Adam and Rachel 😛


not a 3-3 tie with rachels vote as well votes for shelly to leave


would have been 4-2 to vote in favor of brendon staying


Ouch, and you actually posted that? Did you take Jordans school of Math?


big brother 12 was horrible. big brother 13 is almost as bad. this cast had potential but alot of big time characters left to early like imagine if keith stayed and was super cocky imagine the evil dick fights what if cassie and dani fought over dominic and imagine lawon and his even dumber antics. i wish shelly porshe adam and kalia got evicted first then it would have made this season so much better.

Aqua Bernie

I wish Cassie had stayed.She seemed to be a spitfire!


if Rachel wins HOH, she needs to put up Jeff and Jordan. enough of this boring shit that’s going on this season.


who were the guest tonight? Did PT, Cassie, Keith? did Lawanda show up this week? I missed the live show and tonight’s video is not posted yet.


What is the rule book???????

Aqua Bernie

Simon you answer some stupid questions, is that normal? That would drive me crazy!


Simon– This official rulebook could be quite interesting…. is there anyplace to read it or parts of it?


Adam has really disappointed me thus far. Maybe his kryptonite was a bong hit all along!! Damn!

Simon, is your prediction actually Rachel for HOH?!? You seem to be always right.


Adam is the most annoying houseguest. What a waste.

teri b

REALLY fun games they’re playing tonight. Shelly ROCKS at conducting “Simon Says”. You can tell she does it a LOT. Everyone laughing. Good times. Oh yeah, and RB are in the Lounge room alone playing tea bag cards. Woe are them. Wahhhhhhh.


What sort of games would past season play?Everyone keeps mentioning how boring this cast is so I was just wondering


This season sure is predictable, so i’ll say rachel wins hoh.

Aqua Bernie

I didn’t know what durian was so I looked it up. Oh it is too funny it has an awful smell like farts. That’s perfect for BB!

Aqua Bernie

I didn’t mention it was this huge thorny fruit!


I can’t believe I actually got to the end of the comments and not a single comment about the first shot Rachel squatting in that dress looks to be looking at her ass in a mirror can’t that really be considered working out even if she is doing shake weights?


What don’t you guys get about Shelly.

Everyone is friendly with her because she will be a jury vote. She is very emotional, so it is easy to lose her vote.

Shelly absolutely sucks at comps. It is a toss up between Jordan and Shelly who is worse. Shelly will be on jury at some point.


the truth is, Jeff/Jordan/Adam/Shelly are huge floaters. They literally haven’t done anything to affect the game at all. They don’t deserve to win, Dani or Rachel deserves to win whether you like them or not. And Jeff is a huge douchebag who gets a great edit. Everyone in the house has said it before. I hope he goes next week.


Seriously? Jordon took out Dom in her HOH. Shelly saved Rachel from certain eviction during Kalia’s HOH. What sort of things do you consider to be game changers?


Rachel took out Dom. Jordan took out Cassie.


their whole alliance was a strong game move – and shelly has been working night and day to stir up stuff in that house…the floaters are Porsche, Adam – Shelly and Kalia are second tier players (meaning their moves are directly or indirectly influenced/controlled/manipulated by the “heavy hitters”/strong “tier1” players (JJBRD) so I think they get labelled as floaters but they aren’t


Beer pong was the best game they played in bb.

Team 500 G's

I really dont think you can predict anything that will happen in the BB house, things there change on a moments notice. Except the fact that Smelly is in for the long haul with J/J. But dont for one second think that will last till the end of the game.Just when you think is a sure thing it will change. J/J said they would vote with the house. If the house was going to vote out Smelly, so would they. That shows how much they are dedicated to Smelly. Say what you want about J/J just (uggggg do I hate to say this) float (drink) to the end. It has served them well. Got to give them some props…they do have game. People like to be around good looking people.

The real “X” factor in this game is Adam, he actually is sitting better then anyone in the house. What he should do is atleast give DKP a false sense of security that he could be “flipped” sure sooner or later he will be exsposed. but this is a game of what is going on right “NOW”

B/R have beenoach absolutely killed Brendumbs game. As much as people like to be around good looking people they hate as much to be around people who are acting ugly. Roach will ultimately go to DKP….Smelly hates her and will never work with her. She wants her ASAP.

This week is Dani’s time to sweat it….yes she needs one of her peeps to win HOH, This is the week where one of these teams takes control of the house. But dont forget the deal ( for what its worth) that she made with Jeff. That Dani wouldnt put him up if he keeps her safe this week. Dani did as good a job as she could to protect herself this week comming. Jeff and Jordan might really want to consider teamming up with Dani. They just might have jury votes if either of them make final 2 with Dani. Dani is one of the strongest players in the game and would be quite the duo ( not counting Jordo….she dosnt bring anything to the table but a vote) Final three actually sounds plauseable for these three. J/J will dump Smelly when its the right time.

Kalia and Porsche unless they start to show they have anykind of game will just be pawns for the rest of the players. As much as Dani has controlled the game to this point tonights HOH comp will determine a huge shift in the balance of the game….right now its about even. The question to be answered….what will Roach do? All of this said.

J/J will not win BB 13….take it to the bank


Couldn’t make it all the way through your way too long post but just for the record, Shelly and Adam are planning JJ’s demise as well so I wouldn’t be too shook up about JJ being willing to dump them if the need arises. It is a game.


I agree! Too long of a post. Don’t want to take the time to read it.




trust this if nothing else, jeff will get dani out the first chance he gets i don’t care what deal she makes, i don’t care if she promises him her first born child – without her he for sure has the numbers and the power- she is the only thing keeping him from decimating the alliance and walking (yes walkking, maybe even strolling) to the final 2 –


adam isnt that smart when it comes to music, he blew the whole bob marley thing, he needs to go back and study up on the great one…………. he wasnt murdered, died of cancer,


Shelley keeps telling them she hates lying, and then she will lie, this is a good game play she convince people she straigh and the repet over an over she hates people who lie so now people belive her what agame play


I have a hard time associating being a pathological liar to good gameplay.


BYE BYE Brendon!!! It will go down in Big Brother History that Dani was able to get him out twice!! Shelly will be safe this week! She is turning into a pretty smart social player! Yes she may have said something about a final three with Rachel and Brendon but that was weeks ago. She never said anything bad about her alliance Jeff and Jorden! To me its no big deal because all of them lie and back stab each other for the money!
So we will wait and see what happens! They can all turn on each other by the end! Things change daily in the Big Brother House! May the best person win!!!


I’m not really sure how so many people can talk bad about Jordan. When she got that phone call home and started crying because she won it because she was so happy and then it dawned on her to let Shelly have it. It was such a nice thing to do. It had nothing to do with game. It’s just because she’s kindhearted. She doesn’t owe those people anything. I’m sorry but I love her and I want her to win more money. Especially since she bought her mom a house with the money the first time.


I agree, i am not a jordan fan at all but that girl really is nice and has a heart of gold, every time i write about how dumb she is – i feel so bad afterward bc I am more frustrated with her than anything – but i keep doing it! but trust me i feel horrible bc i know she must be a purely nice person

The Meow Meow

Does Rachel think this is a Rocky movie?


So funny to see all the different personalities and everyone calling everyone else a liar, etc. etc. It’s big brother they ALL lie. However if you want to go by honesty on the game Jordan doesn’t lie…lol bless her nieve little heart she doens’t have a bad bone in her body.

Rachel – So insecure and needy comes off so annoying –
Brendon – If you watched his original season – He is the BIGGEST GEEK Rachel was the first flashy girl (vegas coctail waitress, flashy for a geeky boy) who ever liked him and now he thinks he is all that. Obviously he’s not!
Jeff- Everyone gets so upset about his temper??? Are you kidding I am an east coast girl! Jeff is not that bad. He’s just loud and passionate, add that to the occasional argument and all of a sudden he is a monster….men like that are nothing new on the east coast – espeically Long Island!
Jordan – So Neive so sweet you can’t hate her. But people look at her as a weak player but I don’t think so. She is good for winning 4-5 comps a season (has already won 2) and she lays low, gets along with everyone and doesn’t lie. Because she doesn’t lie she is not a good deal maker, so she lets Jeff do her dirty work. He has all the blood on his hands and no one hates her or thinks she is enough of a threat to evict HER. If you ask me that’s smart and I don’t think any one of us can be in that house with all those different personalities and pull that off. I know I never could!
Dani – So tired of being stuck under her fathers shadow and they say they haven’t talked in 3 years but if you remember when he won he bought her a car and came on the following seasons finale show so I am perplexed. Anyway she definitely has some daddy issues but all in all I like her and she is great in comps and is trying to play smart. Some bad moves but it’s much harder in the house.

If they were smart and really loved the COMPETITION of it more than anything then they would have stucked together picked off ALL the newbie’s one by one and battled it out in Competitions at the end.
So it’s not the competition obviously its the money like it would be for ANYONE and in that house most of us woul lie to win $500K I know I would.


If Dani was smart she would try to convince Kalia to tell BR that she was going to vote to get rid of Shelly. And then talk to BR telling them that B is going home no matter what (its either going to be 5-1 or 3-3 with Dani sending B home anyways) but that she can show BR that JJ are not with them and actually with SA. Tell BR to tell JJ that K is going to vote for B so JJ needs to vote to keep B as well to keep him. Two things can happen from this:

1) JJ vote to evict B anyways and R joins Team Dani.

2) JJ are afraid to lose R as an ally and vote to keep B (3-3 tie with R also voting for B). This will actually drive SA away from JJ and bring R into the final 3 with them.

It’s a win win for D and R because D could gain an ally in either scenario and for R she will know which side to choose.


Shelly makes Russel Hantz from Survivor fame seem like a compassionate game player. She takes deception in reality tv to a whole new level. She may have a job waiting for her with the CIA after this gig. Even Gnatalie fessed up to her lies in the DR.