Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says I bet Shelly was a fan of Britney … she was a b!tch that talked sh!t behind people’s backs too.. *Updated*

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1:10pm When the live feeds come back from the TRIVIA screen.. Jeff, Jordan, Kalia and Adam are in the kitchen making lunch. Adam tells Jeff that he is a horny little devil this morning. Jordan tries to hug Jeff and he grabs her arms and says get out of here! Jordan laughs. Porsche joins them in the kitchen. Dani is in the candy bedroom trying to sleep. Brendon and Rachel are in the lounge room talking and playing cards. They finish up their card game. Rachel asks for a massage. Brendon says for you? ..that’s not fun… maybe later I’ll give you one.. how about you give me one? Rachel says okay. Rachel says that all the girls in the house are BLANK. Rachel says I bet Shelly was a fan of Britney from their season… she was a BLANK that talked BLANK behind people’s backs too. Rachel and Brendon discuss how they think they will find out about the jury tonight. Brendon complains about the golden key holders getting to get by for a month without doing anything.. …everyone benefited from us being here but us … Jeff and Jordan used us. Brendon tells Rachel that they should go lay down because by 6pm she will be tired. Rachel complains that she isn’t tired and doesn’t want to. Brendon convinces her to …and they go lay down in the candy bedroom. Shelly is now in the havenot room vacuuming the bed and window sills.
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1:40pm – 1:55pm Porsche and Kalia go into the havenot room and ask Shelly if she remembers which HOH Jeff won during his season. Shelly says that it might have been a physical one. Kalia says yeah it was. Shelly says it might have been the one where you got knocked in the head. Shelly says that she is cleaning the havenot room because she thinks the first to fall off will be havenots this week. They each says that they are going to win it. They all leave the havenot room. Meanwhile, Adam and Jeff are in the lounge room. Jeff says that he feels like he is going to win. They talk about how if they are both up there during the HOH competition that they will discuss throwing it to the other… Adam laughs about how Rachel must feel having Brendon come back just to be evicted again. Adam leaves. Adam comes back and they talk about how getting out Brendon is the best move …because this may be their last chance.. I know it moves us up higher on the hit list but … Jeff says yeah I know ..we have to still have strong players though… Kalia comes by the lounge room … Jeff asks her if they (Rachel and Brendon) are in the candy room. Kalia says yeah. Jeff says ..then I’ll stay here. Kalia says in the sex room. Jeff says this isn’t the sex room… They continue to discuss what tonights HOH competition will be like. Jeff talks about the HOH competition that he won against Russell on his season. Kalia joins them … they talk about how the have/havenots will be picked.

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2:10pm – 2:45pm Jordan and Shelly are in the bathroom talking about how Rachel can’t win HOH this week. Shelly asks Jordan which HOH Jeff won in their season. Jordan says that cans one. Shelly says that she will wish she could just tell Rachel what she really thinks about her… if she was 35 she probably wouldn’t have the same restraint. Jordan says that Jeff practically bit his tongue off trying to hold back. Brendon comes into use the bathroom and the conversation ends. Big Brother soon after cuts the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen… Shelly and Jordan talk about what its like to get out of the BB house and have people recognize them. Meanwhile in the lounge room, Jeff, Adam and Kalia talk about movies and other random stuff.. Kalia leaves and Jeff and Adam continue to sing and do the Cruddy song and dance… Adam says that the first thing he would do if he won would be to buy Farrah a gucci hand bag. Jeff says BLANK that go to china and buy her one for $5. Adam says that then he would buy a camaro. Jeff laughs and says like Adam Sandler going back to high school.. Jeff says spending the money before you won a bad sign..

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182 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel says I bet Shelly was a fan of Britney … she was a b!tch that talked sh!t behind people’s backs too.. *Updated*

  1. “Shelly says that she is cleaning the havenot room because she thinks the first to fall off will be havenots this week.”

    Does this mean that Shelly plans on being a havenot?!…smh

        1. uh jordan has won something. shelly hasnt. Shelly is depending on Jordan right now to even stay in the game .so no jordan is not more useless than shelly

          1. As much as I hate the catchers mit Shelly, I can’t stand that bag of rocks named Jordan. You may say Shelly is useless but I’m sure she knows what time it is when someone says it’s a quarter to 1. Can the same be said for the bag of rocks??

            The bag of rocks won something this year and it was completely LUCK.

            My comment may come off as harsh but after all I am from the north and we all have tempers, just like all people in the south are as gifted as the bag of rocks Jordan

            1. haha yeah of course you think you’re correct. b/c you Yankees up there think your so much better than the rednecks down here. That, my friend is a load of BS. Just because you live in the north or south does not have anything to do with how smart you are. And that Bag of rocks as you refer to as Jordan has won this game before and it is likely that she may again. She may not be as smart as you think you are but atleast she has a good heart and doesnt take after you and your Rude so called bad tempered Yankee self. She def gets my vote over someone like that. :)

          2. Well even a 5 year old can hit a giant golf ball with a giant putter. and it happened to roll into a slot with a low number. It was luck. Not skill.

            1. the Jordan hate is at maximum right now with due cause. it’s the same way a puppy is cute for a little while..and then you realize it takes alot of work to keep and is just sort of annoying. jordan is as dumb as anything (in all honesty i’m surprised she’s lived this long..apparently darwin made a few mistakes..). jeff and jordan need to go.

  2. Rachel says that all the girls in the house are bitches.

    pot meet tea kettle

    Brendon complains about the golden key holders getting to get by for a month without doing anything.. …everyone benefited from us being here but us … Jeff and Jordan used us.


      1. As opposed to the idiot Jordan winning despite doing very little?

        All-Stars was based on personality first and actual game play second.

        1. She managed to beat Kevin when it mattered! She was likable that season when she was surrounded by a bunch of nut jobs, not to mention the odious Jeff- but I have to give her credit where credit is due, she had a great social game. This season she’s just existing, and listening too much to Jeff, who lacks tact in dealing with people who don’t find him charming. It’s too bad she came back with him, but, I guess her brand is entangled with his now as “America Sweethearts”.

    1. It’s a two way street, Brit tweets hateful things about Rachel still to this day. I don’t think either will get over it anytime soon.

      1. Britney MADE BB12. I hated Rachel then (nothing had changed) and Britney would put her in her place. It was amazing. HOWEVER, I had to grow to love Britney, at first I found her and Monet to be that horrid type of female who never really leaves highschool and spends their days talking shit about other females. I’m not into that kind of behaviour..but since I disliked Rachel so much I could look past it.

        ALSO, just keeping it real here, Rachel is a 5 or 6. Her body is good but her face is BUSTED. Britney was a 10. Cassi was an 11. Obviously Rachel is jealous. She shouldn’t be though…nobody is pining away for her domineering, lispy BREENNNANNN.

        1. Britney would have won all of America over if she would have stuck with the humor more and the catiness less. Her DR sessions were things to look forward to and she provided some good one liners during the feeds. But what hurt her was how often she was just picking people apart for everything they did. Kind of like this forum. Big Brother is truly a unique show in the fact, that no matter who it is or what they do, someone is going to hate them for it.

  3. I loved Britney last season…
    more so because she would make fun of Rachel.

    So Jeff won’t even hug Jordan…
    wonder if he has a ‘crush’ on someone else in the house – lol

        1. Then the joke is on you, they are definitely not a couple outside this house. And there will never be a Jeff and Jordan wedding.

    1. I loved Britney too. She was so funny! I loved how in her DR sessions she would rip on Rachel and do it to her face as well. They should have brought her back.

    2. He doesn’t like her. She’s like the annoying girl who has a crush on a guy and wont leave him alone. But we’d still bang them when we’re horny or talk to them when we’re lonely. But otherwise – “get lost”

    3. Why is everyone so convinced they are not a couple? I think they are an extremely cute couple who’ve made a decision they’d rather not be sexually intimate in front of millions of people (unlike skanky RacHell and Brenda). I say Brenda’s gettin sick of her and will kick her to the curb within the next three months. Only way they seem to be able to enjoy each others company is in bed. Any other time they seem to be toxic – he even had to talk her into going to bed again because he was sick of hearing her negative vibe. I’d wager she immediately commenced to putting that mouth to use anywhere. I say he probably thought well the only way I can get this Bitch to shut up it to stick my dick in her mouth.

      In my opinion, no matter how stupid yall think she is, Jordan knows better than to be rubbing up against a grown man who hasn’t had sex in (what’s it been – 6 weeks).

      1. Man this is a straight up joke right? Why is it when anything about JJ is questioned every single wanton excuse comes into play? You’ve got to be kidding, right? Why must people act as if sex is some sacred act? EVERYBODY has sex, it’s a part of nature/life so why should it not be a part of the BB? Amongst the millions of viewers if they’re not atleast half of them that haven’t had sex in the past month then my goodness I guess maybe it shouldn’t. The world is perpetuated by sex it effects every aspect of our daily lives. And I don’t know your orientation by say your approached by someone of your sexual preference on BB… your going to tell me you wouldn’t? Let’s not kid ourselves.. Now I’m not questioning your character as a individual but why must you go on the salacious attacks on BR? Is it really far? But you’re in titled to your opinion and I’m just blabbering at this point…

          1. LOL…not hardly. The thing is, it’s really not any of my business and I for one appreciate them keeping it that way. To STFU…your response makes me start channelling Brenda—“only way to shut this BLANK up…”. By the way, not a prude in any way…Personally find Jeff hot, hot, hot and hope that Jordon enjoys him half as much as I imagine I would/could. LHM!!! Just not wanting to see it carried out on prime-time TV…I have an idea. Why doesn’t someone create an all adult version of BB where the competition is how many “alliances” can be formed in the most rooms? Then RacHell can be guaranteed a job when she finishing up this gig…and with Brenda…or has that already been done?

      2. This is very true. And to the below remark (SDFUP or whatever) yes, perhaps sex is a part of most peoples’ lives. However, just like everything else in the world, there is a time and place to enjoy it and to censor it. Example: when you are at a romantic restaurant with your loved one, do you just throw down on the table and go to town on him/her? Or better yet, do you censor your physical and sexual activity in the presence of your parents? Just like you don’t drop trou in the middle of the mall to take a $hit on a sweater display because you have to “go”, you also don’t engage in sexual intercourse in front of cams that broadcast to America, including your family members (and expect people to still respect you)…unless you are Tito’s wife. :)
        Self control, self discipline = Key components to living a classy lifestyle.

        1. Just like you don’t drop trou in the middle of the mall to take a $hit on a sweater display because you have to “go” — best. line. ever

        2. Just because you’re nothing show it doesn’t mean your not doing it… you’ve got to be joking? right? Your parents know you’re doing it and it they don’t want to watch just turn it off.. very simple… and although I haven’t seen such illicit acts as you mentioned in a restaurant they’re are plenty of people undergoing many ‘unspeakable acts’ underneath the table, bathroom, what have you… If you had a camera(s) follow you 24/7 to every place that you go over the course of three months in the outside world you go about your business, all your bodily functions continue. As towards taking $hit goes it all depends on the circumstances and your ability to abstain/restrain and if one or the other fails you’ll go… it almost out of your power at that point.

          1. Have you considered that you may actually be in the minority that think and behave along these lines. Though, I’m wondering if you are a bit younger. If so, when you are older and start to see how your actions will affect your loved ones (and your children, at a later date), your opinion(s) ‘may’ change.

            I’ve been married for 14 years and I’ll tell you, with certainty, we would not be putting on a show for the BBAD fans. lol. Not even 10+ years ago!

  4. Shelly the Merry Maid is obsessed with smoking and cleaning. Does she ever stop? Sounds like the next HOH is tailor made for the other side of the house to win since Dani can’t compete.

    Jeff and Adam talking about tossing the win to one another..hahaha..what comedians! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

    1. The reason she cleans is no one can get her to sit and have her look into thier eyes this way she keeps cleaning and walking away from the person and tells them she hates lying this is great game play and it works…Dni the othe night when she was cleaning the rug wanted to talk she kept cleaning moving back and forth say I hate kying dANI GAVE UP AND SAID YES ME TOO SO IT WORKS

    2. LMAO! One has to wonder about the quality of air they’re pumping into that house cause some of these people are becoming delusional.

  5. Jeff or Adam WILL win HoH tonight. Think about it – all of the HoHs have been women. They’ll want a dude in power and likely Jeff.

    1. My wife wants me to ask you what you mean by that comment (she’s not smiling). She says that an endurance comp or one requiring strength could just as easily be taken by a woman. (Oh shit, the women had better win HoH or I’m not get nut’n tonight or for the rest of this week).

  6. Rachel is such a bitch if she doesnt get what she wants she ll always be pissed. Cant wait for the look on her face when she loses the HOH.

  7. Please Please Please let Brendon leave the house tonight. Maybe….just maybe Rachel will walk out with him. It’s amazing how these two people act. Words can not describe how I feel towards Brenchel. They have got to be the sorriest and sorest losers ever to play a game.

    On another site where you can rate each house guest, Rachel is #11 and Brenda is #12. That’s pretty bad when your ranked lower than Cassi, Dick, Dominic, and Lawon, all evicties, lol. That ought to tell you how America feels about these two psychopaths

    1. I dont hate the woman so it dont represent how the USA feels about them but it does indicate how many petty people watch this show. That Ragan guy & Rachel get along away from BB so this should be called unreality tv.

    1. Yes I know that. What I meant is what time will there be spoilers? It doesn’t come on my tv until 9pm. When can I get spoilers?

      1. Hey Martin although it comes on later yourvtjme, we still see it at the same time…. It’s a live show. So the posts/spoilers won’t be any earlier than 9pm your time!
        Hope that answers your question

    2. Jordan is not dumb, she’s just nieve and very sweet. She also won Big Brother last season so that should show you she’s smarter than she acts.

      1. Exactly. Jordan never tries to pretend she is anything other than who she is naturally. She is “sheltered” and may not be “book” smart but her personality is very sweet and innocent She is also the first person to laugh at herself. Maybe all the people out there that are so used to being “phony” can’t relate to someone who is genuine and actually ok with being themself.

        1. So? Does that make her somehow “unworthy” of winning? do you have to be a scheming, lying, backstabber to win? I like her game play. She is loyal and she talks to everyone. In her season, she won when it counted and deserved the prize at the end. People pick on her because she is perceived as weak and bullies always like to pick on the weak. It makes them feel big and strong. Sad.

          1. ummm have you been paying attention to this season at all? BB11 Jordan is gone. BB13 Jordan is a self-righteous retard who doesn’t talk to anybody other than her broth- oops, i mean lover, Jeff.

        2. Yep, that pretty much sums it up! Whether she’s nice/sweet is irrelevant. She just wasn’t blessed with much upstairs.

          1. you people must be rejects from jordan, why you hate her so much, she is not nearly as bad as Rachel, she is the biggest backstabber in the game and throws everyone under the bus, when she is backed into a corner. So what, if she is not as cultured as you people, (BB4 & goofy in particular), lighten up.

            1. Matters of opinions my friend. Not trying to change yours and you are no where near changing mind..Agree to disagree and keep it moving.

            2. no one is calling her a backstabber….just what she is. dumb. so if its fair for everyone else to bash people for their faults, or their negative attributes….jordan would be classified as dumb. most likely an under 95 IQ

      2. August 8th
        Shelley and Kalia were discussing politics when Jordan joined them.
        Jordan overheard one of them mention the name, Jimmy Carter.
        Jordan: “Who is he? Was he President or something?”

        LOL – DUMB AS A ROCK!!!

          1. All this HATE talk about Jordon. She gave that phone call to Shelly and showed she is very sweet and kind. Something, most American’s can’t relate too. Also, 90% of the folks her age wouldn’t know about Jimmy Carter. Heck, 80% of the folks who voted for Obama couldn’t name his VP as they exited the voting booths. The fact that she hasn’t wasted her winnings shows she’s smarter than 80% of America. Now, talk game play and get off the personal attacks. Your jealous she won…FINE.

  8. There is no way Rachel losses tonight. Not because she such a “competitor” but because CBS has a way of making drama of the HOH winner. Not saying it’s flat out rigged! just saying they have a way of playing to the strengths of who they want to win. Hate Rachel but can’t wait to double hate on her when she becomes “Super full of crap/herself Rachel” Floaters get your life vest!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

    1. Part of me wishes that Skank would win HOH, I want to see JJAS scarred as shit, and if she really puts up Jeff and Dani….HILARIOUS we know Dani will win the POV

    2. With B booted out of the house, if R wins, she’s going to her true annoying as he’ll self. If she loses and thinks she’s going to be on the block, she’s going to be a ticking time bomb!

        1. Oh ya, absolutely. As much as it’ll kill Jeff to do it, he’ll be kissing ass with the best of them, and Jordon, well, she’ll walk around the house with a blank look on her face, wondering what just happened and what’s going on ……. in other words, nothing different there.

    3. rachel needs to win for drama sake. but its also because she literally has 1 week left before they all throw her out, or she cracks. so its prob best for her to win HOH, drive everyone nuts for a week, then go nuts herself when some stupid deal she makes backfires after going personal and dani wins a POV after being nominated.


    1. Said it before and ill say it again with Brenchel poor social game the only chance they have to ever BB is if the other 12 HGs are their devoted fans, because they all would self evicted day one, and give their idols the 500k

    2. Rachel is going to win BB? WTF??? The woman is a moving target but, a target none the less. If R wins, it’ll be because the HGs have either:

      A) run out of bullets, arrows, knives, etc. (you get where I’m going her?!!)
      B) had a lobotomy and forgot how much they ALL HATE HER and what a whack job she is
      C) given R a lobotomy in the BB house and as a result, she has become a vegetable, unable to speak, and thus, has become less grating on the HG’s nerves

      In other words, IT AIN’T HAPPEN’N!

      1. I agree. The road to winning BB has pretty much been cosed to Rachel. In fact, she’ll be joining Brendon in the Jury House shortly.

        1. When R get evicted after B (whenever that might be), BB Productions should send their soiled bed sheets out with R. I’m sure the other HGs would appreciate it.

  10. The houseguests talk about how much they want brenchel out of the house but all the HG’s do is talk about brendan and rachel! get a life people, make BBAD and the live feeds enjoyable for once; im sad to see brendan going, he’s the only besides dani and rachel who, game wise, deserve to be there

  11. Brendon says giving Rachel a massage is not fun, but her giving a massage is the business. What kinda Bullshit is that, I wish a man would…

    1. Exactly and she agreed to give him a massage!!! Someone else commented on the other post that earlier this season, Brendon told Rachel not to mention the Skype thing again. From what transpires from the show, the dynamics of their relationship is odd (trying to be nice here): she pleases him and he lectures her. She’s like a little girl vying for her dad’s affections. I don’t like the girl but I feel so sad for her. She’s so needy, it’s unbelievable.

    1. Some portions of conversations are omitted if they are useless and boring that have nothing to do with game talk … and other times it is possible that some conversations are missed due to listening and typing another conversation going on in the house… we do our best to catch everything …but we aren’t perfect … feel free to flashback and catch whatever we miss or if you want to hear the entire conversations…

      1. Useless and boring???? Then why are you guys filming Kalia so much?….lol….that thing is useless and boring 24/7…lol

    2. I was wondering the same thing. The way it is written here sorta supports the whole conspiracy theory about JJ…but in reality, the feeds showed them being pretty playful (in a couple way). Jeff was checking for the feeds cuz he wanted to get some private time before they went up.

  12. both Shelly and Natalie while lying to everyone else still stayed true to their alliance.. whatever you say you have to give them credit for sticking to their guns

    1. The HOH comp tonight will be guessing how many zits are on Rachels face,closest to the correst number is new HOH!!!!!!!!

      1. I know how she gets them too

        its when she is at the jaquizzi

        she sits there with her hands all over her chin.

        Note to people with zits: dont touch your face

      1. The next BB14 should be Canadian vs Americans. Who would win? Canadians are too polite to win I fear. They’d be constantly apologizing and wouldn’t be cut throat enough.

        1. So exactly what are you saying about us Americans DR?! lol I’ve met some mean Canadians before. Especially the ones who deported me! But that’s a different story for a different website! haha

          1. LMAO! True, we have our fair share of hot heads. However, they’re concentrated in the province of Quebec. Kidding, just kidding! ;-)

        2. I really hope the next season is All-Star… with NONE of these weak/boring HGs, okay maybe Dani cause I feel like she could play with the big boys. The All-Star season (BB7) was soo good :) I’ve been kinda bored with Big Brother since BB10 cause these new twists just BLOW, wtf is up with this couples “Dynamic Duos” BS, I mean seriously when Brendon and Rachel become a Dynamic Duo? I wouldn’t even consider Jef an Jordan a Dynamic Duo! They shoulda brought back Dan and Memphis!! Bb10 was te best Season :)

        3. Canadians being polite and passive is a very incorrect stereotype.

          Having family, and having worked with people, from the USA and Canada, we are basically exactly the same as people.

          There are good, bad and ugly in both countries. We even have Rachel types up here. Lot’s of them. Unfortunately.

  13. I am hoping Rachel is out next week. She won’t win BB. My points are on Adam right now. I think Jeff will be out before Jordan. He throws competitions and doesnt want the target on his back of being HOH and putting anyone up. Porshe is sitting pretty good to win. She is laying really low and loving it too.

  14. Okay I guess I missed something. Why is the lounge room being called the sex room? Did Brenchel have sex in that room also?

  15. Hmmm..I don’t know the price of a Gucci bag, but flying to China to get a fake for $5 is a good idea. Just one problem, a rount trip ticket to China MIGHT be just as expensive as a real Gucci bag. Not to mention the hassle of getting a visa to get into the country.. Good advice Jeff!

    1. That’s really crappy advice from Jeff… I’d slap the shit out of any man who gave me a fake Gucci/Prada/LV etc purse. I hope Jeff was kidding when he said that.

    1. If KP don’t win HOH it is possible that Dani does go up somehow yo. I could be wrong on this but I think just about everyone said they would put Dani up if they won HOH. What ever happens if KP don’t win DKP are going home yo.

      TEAM DANI YO!!

      1. She has the veto ticket and has a great record at winning them…. So even if she does go up on the black, good chance she’ll come back off.
        Then she can compete in HOH again next week :)

  16. America wasted their votes voting brendon back in the house last week now he is leaving again! If we all stuck to the plan and voted dom then atleast he would have been here for 2 weeks. Whoever voted for brendon is a douche eerrrr!

  17. Last season BB interviewed Brendon’s ex fiance, and didn’t she say the reason she broke up with him was that he was too controlling? Rachael better wake up to his controlling ways or she is in for a very unhappy life married to him.

    1. You’re on your own on this one, Rockstar!!! I’d rather be called a prude than satisfying the needs of some cheap voyeurs. BR is making a lot of ppl save money on their porn subscriptions. At the same time, they’re helping them improving their imagination.

    2. Hey, when I was in the military and went on maneuvers for weeks on end, I hooked up with my still partner in a Porto-potty! What I cant figure out is, if I ever got that desperate, why don’t they go into the bathroom?

      1. Being horny leads to being creative, just ask any h.s. boy. B/R are exhibitionists and/or incapable of gauging public sentiment so they don’t mind screwing with a full house and cameras recording. Hell do it in the DR. We never see anything that happens in there anyway.

  18. Why does Brenden think he’ll make it to the Jury house? Aren’t there Supposed to be seven jury members? There are nine contestants still in the house so why would he make it to the jury house?

  19. why are there so many naked pictures of Jordan in the big brother house over the internet?
    And you people keep calling Rachel a skank….

  20. I can not help but be sickened by how badly Rachel and Brendan what their “wedding” to be broadcasted like Rob and Amber. So I thought about what I would do and I came up with a poll that all of you might want to take part in

    To you, which would be more exciting

    watching Rachel and Brendan get married
    watching paint dry
    watching grass grow

    Me, I was torn between two, but after thinking long and hard about it, I think I would prefer to watch paint dry. I was thinking maybe watching grass grow might be more interesting, but then thought about how if it is the wrong time of year I might get too hot.

    1. id watch the divorce special after all the insane drama that would most likely go down(yikes)…THAT makes good TV

      the wedding?

      no one will want to see that. shes too over the top annoying. it’d be her “who wants to see my HOH room” x5000

    2. I still think these hg’s might want to tone down the B and R talk…they ARE still two jury votes…get over your hate for them and play the game. its like a stalemate right now and everyone is doing nothing but bashing those two.

  21. I think Dani is overplaying because she is in her Dad’s shadow. She is trying to prove she is a better player. It will bite her in the butt.

  22. I like Jordan I think she is funny.Jeff said when he gets out of the house.He will have a good drink,get some,and then get some more.Jordan said she will call her mom,say no,and say no again.

  23. Regarding Jeff and Jordan I remember on BBAD, I think the first show Jeff said they would not be all lovey dovey because that would put a big target on them. Does anyone else remember seeing that.

  24. There are alot of Jealous girls here that is why they keep putting Jordan down and the guys are just jealous because they could not get a nice girl like her.

  25. Shelly says she loves her little girl so much.It makes me wonder why she smokes so much.I had a sister-in law that smoked,drank coffee and coke all day long.She died of COPD two years ago.It was very said.I hope for her little girls sake she quits.

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