Elissa Slater

Amanda tries to get GM nominated “She’s not going up because I’m not stupid and you are” -Elissa

4:25pm HOH Amanda and Elissa
Amanda saying that Gm told Aaryn who told AManda that you JUDD and GM have an alliance and were making plans to makes sure Amanda doesn’t win the veto because they wanted to backdoor her
E: “Yes because I’m working with GM and Aaryn “
Amanda says that Aaryn tells her everything
E: “obviously”
A- she thinks we are still working together
E- nobody wants you out of the house that is why I put mcCrae up
A- Elissa everyone wants me or McCrea out of the house..
E -Amanda you are crazy
A- all i’m telling you GM is a flip flopper.. this week she is up your a$$ and next week you can play for HOH and she won’t have anything to do with you
E- I know you want Aaryn here.. do you know Aaryn comes up here every day and talks about you..
A -I know she does
E -why do you want to work with aaryn
A – she’s been loyal to me and you’ve been loyal to me

Non stop tears “She’s a moronic idiot robot.. a f*** moron.. oh my god.. oh my god”

3:53pm Andy, Amanda and Andy
Aaryn tells them that GM says two people are trying to get GM nominated. Aaryn thinks it’s Spencer and Elissa that told her.

Andy: “I F*** hate Elissa.. She’s a moronic idiot robot, in her head she has it set that I am going up and she won’t change her mind.. oh my god.. how did this f*** happen”
Aaryn leaves.

Andy:” I feel like a spoiled b!tch being so worried about going on the block when all of you have been on the block before”
Amanda wonders if it was JUDD or Spencer that told GM. Andy:” I trust Spencer”
Amanda:” I don’t.”
Amanda tells him if it’s him against Aaryn he will stay he has Amanda, McCrae and Spencer votes locked. Andy is worried that Aaryn is going to turn this house into a bloodbath dragging his name through the mud.

Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Competition RESULTS!

10am – 1:pm The Big Brother Live Feeds switched to TRIVIA for the Power of Veto Competition. When the feeds return – we learn that AMANDA has won the VETO!

1:15pm Amanda WON THE VETO! McCrae and Amanda are in the bedroom talking. Amanda says I was going to say no one comes between me and my man! I won something and it was a hard one to win. I am going to start winning things now. Amanda comments that Ginamarie was close to winning it. Was I the only one that never dropped? Could you tell that I was going to win. Spencer says Gina was at 242 when you won. McCrae says that he was doing piss poor in that one. Spencer says the best thing is that neither of you are going anywhere! Judd joins them and says that he thinks Elissa might put me up now thinking I didn’t try hard enough! Amanada tells him to push for Elissa to put up Gina. Amanda, Aaryn, Spencer and McCrae head into the rainbow room and talk about pushing for Gina to go up. McCrae says don’t push too hard. Whatever you push for she will do that opposite.

Aaryn says Elissa told me she made a mistake. Great, you made a mistake! I am on the block now!

1:20am In the lounge room – Judd talks to Andy and tells him that the best thing would be for me to win it and not use it. Andy agrees. Judd says it wouldn’t really piss anyone off then. Andy says no, McCrae said not to use it. Judd asks why would he not want it used on him? Andy says I don’t know. Andy says its just that there are a lot of different scenarios where if Elissa is pissed at Amanda and wants Amanda to go, she might want you to use it. Judd nods and says I don’t really care what happens as long as I don’t go up. Andy says yup. Judd says this sounds awful but.. Andy says no this is how I play this game. Judd says as long as you or Spencer aren’t the replacement vote because I don’t want ya’ll to go up either so I think it would be best for me to just not use it. But try to win it. Judd and Andy worry that they might look like they aren’t playing when they really are trying and Elissa might put them up because she said if she sees people not trying she will put them up as the replacement.

Jessie f!ng*red herself during Dawn of the Dead “90% sure” JUDD

10:18pm Bedroom JUDD, Andy, Spencer, Amanda and McCrae

Aaryn: “it’s funny how JUDD told Elissa he didn’t want her hug and he’s not on the block”
JUDD says he told Helen the same thing .

Spencer: “He gave me a fist bump then told me to f** off” They laugh
Spencer: ”We did stick up for you ability to get your d!ck hard”
Spencer explains that Jessie was going around saying that JUDD couldn’t get his d!ck hard. He adds that they all stuck up for him and told her he just wasn’t interested.
JUDD: “Thats the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard in my life”
Andy:” That was a weird fu***g week:”
JUDD: “Two times before we came back here.. last week. I’m pretty sure she was (shows his two fingers implying mas@sterbating. see image) when they were watching a movie.. I’m like 90% sure”
Spencer wants to know if he helped her along. Judd says he didn’t. Tells them Candice was in the room.
JUDD says he say the movement and heard noises.. “like a soft sob I was right next to her”
Aaryn: “did candice notice”

“GM is a piece of Sh!t.. She’s loyal give me a f****** break.. she’s an a$$ kisser” -Amanda

7:22pm Amanda and Aaryn

Amanda:” Best case scenario I win veto pull McCrae off the block” Amanda thinks that Spencer or GM would be the replacement nominees.
Amanda brings up that GM said she doesn’t know what to do if she wins the veto, “If you get houseguest choice.. pick me.. that is the only way the four of us can stay”
Aaryn – When did she say that
Amanda – in the kitchen earlier today
Aaryn: “ I’m not mad at Elissa I’ve put her up twice and we’ve never gotten along.. it just sucks.. we’ve all fought so hard.. for anyone going up it’s hard.. and a week just got erased.. it is really hard. “
Amanda: “If I don’t win veto either you or me are leaving.. it will be 20 days maybe 24 .. it’s not that bad”

Big Brother Nomination Spoilers “She’s going to bad mouth her so hard”

4:38pm HOH JUDD ELissa

JUDD: “I’m going to stick with you.. I do trust Spencer.. he doesn’t have anybody”
E: “You and I are the only ones that have no one in this house”
Elissa says she trusts JUDD and wants to go to final 2 with him. They have to act like they are not close to throw the other players off. Elissa wants to take out Aaryn first then Amanda the following week. She says that McCrae use to be a very good liar but now you can tell when he lies because he looks all around the room. She points out that McCrae lies almost as much as Amanda.

McCrae tells Elissa if I go home this week, Amanda will be pissed and who knows what she will do!

Elissa tells Ginamarie you’re sticking your neck out for Aaryn and she is spitting on you!

Andy asks what if Aaryn comes down? Elissa says I would put up the person that doesn’t fight hard for the Veto.

What if Elissa gets Pandora’s Box? Spencer “It doesn’t always mean it’s a power, it could be money.” Andy “Like she needs more money!”

“We’re f****d if any of us go up.. the house will turn on us.. F*****g nightmare” -McCrae

Big Brother Spoilers JUDD back in the game “I’m starting with a clean slate I don’t have any Allies”

Big Brother 15 Eviction, HOH and Returning Player Results

Aaryn says 100% Helen is the right decision! If you two do not vote out Helen I will freak the F**K OUT!

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