Dominic Briones

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Dominic-Briones Date of Birth April 17, 1986
  • - Big Brother 13
  • - Various Modelling jobs (
Rivals: None
Alliances: The Regulators (Keith Henderson, Cassi Colvin Lawon Exum )
Twitter Account:Dominic's Twitter account

Games Stats

  • -HOH wins = 0
  • -POV Wins = 1
  • -Nominations = 2
  • -Evicted = 3rd

Dominic Briones AKA PT was the 3rd person evicted in Big Brother 13. He was partnered with Adam Poch. Early in the season Dominic, Lawon, Cassi, and Keith were the core of players against the Veterans Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Danielle and Rachel. Dominic's group was only able to win 1 POV Competition in the first 4 week and were subsequently decimated in the first month of the show. Dominic was considered the "head of the snake" for the Regulators. Dominic will be remembered for declaring he was still a virgin on the live feeds as well as founding the least successful alliance in Big Brother History, The Regulators.

Dominic had short flirtmance with Danielle Donato and are now supposedly together a year after the show aired.

Jordan thinks Rachel is getting “better”, Kalia: “Umm you think.. I guess if we’re talking zero to one Vs. zero to ten”

Live Feed Screen Capture Gallery

9:40pm Metal Room Kalia and Shelly Kalia starts talking about the conversation they had with JR a hour ago. Kalia goes over the reasons JR gave them for not talking to Porsche before nominations. Kalia says Jordan gave her honest reason but Rachel gave them a load of bull shit how Rachel was honest the entire game. Shelly: “BULLSHIT!” Kalia mentions how Rachel was telling her she’s finished with the cattiness in the house. Kalia finds this amusing because all the cattiness comes from Rachel

Porsche joins them..

Shelly says that Jordan is going around sayign she was stabbed in the back but all we did was make a move in the game. Porsche brings up that JR were saying how they didn’t want it to get awkward in the house. Porsche thinks this is complete bullshit because yesterday when Porsche won her HOH JR were crying when she got her room. Porsche continues that Jordan blamed it on Shelly being happy and giving Porsche encouragement. Shelly: “HUH” kalia says Jordan is basically saying that Shelly was on Jordan side than 5 minutes after she was on Porsche side.

Big Brother 13: Porsche must be HOH Rachel offers her final 4 (JRKP), they don’t want a floater to win

8:56pm KP HOH

Kalia says she was talking to Jordan and told her nobody has a problem with her they have the problem with Rachel… feeds cut..

Kalia thinks they will be having the Veto tomorrow night because they were given alcohol. Porsche brings up a previous POV that they had where they were given booze the night before.

Jordan comes in, “since they are all outside smoking can we just talk about it and get it over with”.
Porsche offers her a snack. Porsche says no.
Jordan starts: “hmm OK I never talked game to you yesterday because i have never talked game in the past.. I dunno .. we can all work together for this week if you want. .. Clean slate now.. there’s no grudges.”

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Big Brother 13 – Porsche opens Pandora’s box gets 5g’s, Players in Pairs for the Veto

4:50pm bedroom SKAP POrsche opened Pandora’s box and now I have to eat my Keyboard..

SKAP are scrambling saying that the Veto comp will be duos Jordan and Rachel, Shelly and Adam and Porsche and Kalia. Porsche leaves.. Kalia asks them why the BLANK did Prosche open pandora’s box.. it was perfect yesterday.. Shelly: “We’ll a kid her age 5000 dollars is a lot”
prosche comes back.

Adam is trying to be optimistic.. telling them it’s the same as before they need to win Veto this week because the goal is about to get Rachel out of this house.

They start going over the possibility of the POV comp.. Shelly points out that JJ did not win one duos comp the entire time.. Brendon and Rachel won them and it was mostly BRendon.
Porsche: “Their going to scream at each other the entire time”
Adam points out that rachel does not do well under pressure. Shelly mentions it might be the comp were they take punishment. Adam: “Dude i’ll take everything to win that” SPK all swear they will to.

Kalia thinks it’s better if they play in singles.. Prosche thinks it’s better for duos.. Adam thinks it really depends on the type of comp.

( They don’t know if the comp is played as single or duos.)

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Big Brother 13 Jordan to Rachel “you can tell your baby.. you were conceived on Big Brother”

3:07pm Pool Kalia and Adam Kalia is saying when she makes a deal she’s stands up for it. She says the 2 deals she’s made are with dani and JOrdan and she’s kept them right to the end. This is what she wants to. She brings up that SKAP will get together in the HOH and agree to a final 4 and shake on it. Adam says this is what he always wanted to be in a final 4. KAlia adds that she didn’t want to make a million deals in this game she wanted to make a few and stick bu them. At this point in the game Kalia feels she can say to people that her deals can be trusted. Kalia: “I genuinely believe the remaining 4 people (SKAP) here can be trusted” Porsche joins them..

Live Feed Screen Capture Gallery

Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche thinks there will be a golden token in the HOH room & when I want, I can put it in the fortune teller & it will talk.. *Updated*

12:50pm Adam, Porsche, Shelly and Kalia all head inside. Adam is doing his dishes. Shelly tells Porsche that they have to be doing something up there for you… Porsche then goes up to the HOH and tries to open the door with her key …but can’t open it yet. They wonder what they could be doing in there. Porsche goes to the diary room and comes back and says that they told her it should be soon. Porsche says to Shelly that he really won’t trust us now …because he didn’t know about the room thing. Shelly says yeah he will don’t worry about it .. it is your decision.. you do what you want. Porsche then goes to tell Adam that she misunderstood and thought they said it would only be a half hour.
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1pm Adam, Porsche and Kalia head into the purple room. Porsche says what if its Pandora’s box?! Kalia says that she heard them this morning up there doing the mexican hat dance. Porsche says that she kept checking to see if it was open. Kalia says that she really doesn’t think that if it is a pandoras box where we go and do something for the day … because we still need to do nominations today…. unless we do it tomorrow. They talk about how they don’t care if Jeff or Brendon come back …Kalia says that they can clean the kitchen for all I care.

Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche tells Adam that they want to put him up with Rachel.. Adam doesn’t like the idea..

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11:45am Porsche asks if they will tell her when her HOH is unlocked …because they said it would only be a half hour. Kalia says well it probably is unlocked.. why don’t you go and check? Porsche says what by myself? Kalia says yeah ..because if it is something like a box… Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the feeds come back, Rachel has left and Kalia, Porsche and Shelly talk about all the dirty looks that Rachel has been giving them all. Shelly says that she was in the bathroom and that if looks could kill.. Kalia says that once she is on the block for good, I don’t care about her vote.

11:50pm – 12:15pm Adam and Shelly are talking in the backyard. Shelly explains that she has always stuck with Adam and that she understands why he voted the way he did… you were trying to save your bacon. Shelly says that she will pay the price, but that I played the game for me. Shelly says that it was a point that you told me that you were going to do what you want. Adam says that the thing that I am the most hurt about is after the votes come down he looked at me and yelled at me.. that hurt! Shelly says that you were expendable to them. Shelly says that she won’t ever tell anybody that they played right or wrong. Shelly says that they had you and Rachel lined up to play for them and then were ready to take you out. Shelly says that was their game plan.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche is locked out of her HOH room.. Kalia & her wonder about Pandora’s box or if the fortune teller will speak.. *Updated*

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10am Big Brother cut the live feeds to wake up the houseguests. When the live feeds come back, Porsche is up in the HOH room and is having trouble working the spy cam TV. Porsche heads into the bathroom to brush her teeth and then tries switching the views on the TV again but can’t figure it out. Porsche gets frustrated and goes back to the bathroom to put on her makeup. Downstairs, Kalia is getting back into bed in the metal room. Adam is still fast asleep. Shelly is also laying in bed with her hand on her forehead. Porsche then heads downstairs and goes into the metal room to check to see if Kalia and Shelly are awake. Porsche tells them that she is locked out of the HOH room because production needed to go in there. Porsche and Kalia are in the bathroom talking. Kalia starts telling Porsche that when she went to bed last night she waved to Porsche at the spy cam in the kitchen and then went and leaned on the door and it opened… Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the feeds come back, Porsche and Kalia are talking about whether or not there will be a Pandora’s box. Porsche says that it would have to be something really tempting because I like the way things are in the house. They talk about how its something good and bad that happens. They talk about what would happen if Jeff came back into the house. Porsche says that she would push the button to leave ..because that would be ridiculous.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche & Kalia decide to take out Rachel this week ..and plan on an all girls final 3 with Shelly..

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – August 26th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

Jordan warns Adam JJBR controls who wins Big Brother 13, Adam: “Let the best man win” **updated**

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Rachel wants her Stuffed Dog back Jordan wants the coup d’état

Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan & Rachel discuss how if they don’t win HOH of them will be going home next.. *Updated*

Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche tells Shelly that Adam is with Jeff & Jordan ..we’re done with him! *Updated*

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – August 25th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

Big Brother Spoilers: Adam says he respects Dani and so he tells her that he is not going to vote to keep her..

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