Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel expresses her doubts with Jordan and that she is also worried about something else.. (Being Pregnant)

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12am In the candy room, Rachel, Jordan, and Adam are talking about the POV competition. They talk about how long Rachel was hanging up there. They all talk about how hard it was and says that they are all weaker now than in the beginning. Porsche says that outside the house she used to walk a lot more and now she just doesn’t …all we do is sleep an d eat. Adam says that he wonders what the secret about Dominic was… like maybe he was a full time super model. Porsche says I don’t think so … if he was a super model he wouldn’t be here… the secret I hear was that he was adopted. Porsche says that she did a Gatorade commercial with Peyton Manning, and was on the re-enactment on America’s Most Wanted and a few other commercials. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Shelly is sitting by herself at the kitchen table. Kalia comes in from coming out of the diary room and asks where everyone is. Kalia says that as soon as she finds something to worry about …it aggravates her …she is worried that she (Rachel) got something out of that room this morning. Kalia says that Adam asked if the fortune teller is going to do something soon. Shelly says well that is odd why would you bring that up all of a sudden. Kalia says that Porsche said that he was asking about it too. Shelly says that well she did get something .. there’s no reason why he would bring it up from nothing. Kalia wonders if Adam got something? Shelly says he could have ..he keeps saying that he is only worried about himself.. Kalia says I don’t know what that means. Shelly says well he isn’t that worried about competitions. Shelly says that if you are going to flush out the power .. you got to vote him out then he’ll use the power and I’ll go … you got to ask him. Shelly says that Adam says that he said he has a plan and that he is not worried about it. Shelly brings up Jeffs power from his last season. Kalia talks about how she thinks Rachel has a power. Shelly says she thought it was late for a power but that if he brought it up ..then maybe he does. Shelly gets called to the diary room.

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12:20am Porsche and Kalia are in the candy room. Porsche says that Rachel is acting really happy. Kalia says that she saved herself thats why she is so happy.. you know the difference between a Rachel that thinks there is no hope and one that saves herself. Rachel comes in all happy and smiling. Porsche leaves and goes to the kitchen with Rachel. Rachel and Jordan go stick their legs into the hot tub. In the kitchen Kalia and Porsche are talking about the fortune teller room. Kalia says that she is not sure but that Adam was in the room earlier and he asked you and me about it … Kalia and Porsche talk about how Adam says he was not worried about the competition. They both wonder if Adam has a power, and worry about him being able to walk to the end of the game. They decide to have a meeting with the four of them and get Shelly to bring up that she saw the fortune teller moving. Kalia heads outside to sit with his feet in the pool.

12:30am Adam, Rachel, Jordan, Porsche and Kalia are all out in the backyard talking and joking around about random stuff. The talk about past events of the house, movie stars, and other personal stories. Shelly comes out and starts folding the laundry. Porsche helps her and takes some towels inside. Kalia starts talking about how Dominic was combing Cassi’s hair in the pool and she was like does no one else have a problem with this …because I do!! Rachel comments that Kalia peed in the pool. Kalia starts denying it and says that it was a lie …wanted to make every one wonder….she says she never peed in the hot tub. Rachel is like ya right.. Jordan and Rachel head inside to lay down. Jordan tells Rachel that she was talking to Adam she asked him if he wanted to still work with us (Rahcel and Jordan)… Jordan says because that’s something we would want to probably talk about… Their conversation stops as the others start coming inside the house.

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1:30am Kalia is out in the backyard talking to Adam about how they are worried that Rachel got some kind of power …because she was in the fortune room and now it is locked. Kalia talks about how Shelly was in there babysitting it hours because she thought if she left someone else would get a power. Adam says that he didn’t even wake up early and that he saw it was locked and went back to bed. Porsche warns them that Shelly is coming out. The change to conversation, Shelly comes out and goes back inside and they continue to talk about the fortune teller. Adam wonders if they put a quarter in it and thats when it talked. Kalia says she put a quarter in at one time and so did Shelly. They continue to speculate and talk about the fortune teller and whether someone got a power or something.

Meanwhile, Jordan is in the havenot room and Shelly comes in and says okay …let’s talk. Jordan asks are you going to jump down my throat? Shelly says no… Jordan says first I should apologize for what I said in the purple room …I was upset ..I was mad. Jordan says that she completely embarrassed herself. Jordan says that Shelly is an adult and she was very disrespectful to her and she is sorry. Shelly says I totally accept your apology, you had every right to be upset. Jordan explains how she felt like Shelly was someone she could trust just like she trusts Jeff. Jordan says that you turned on us. Jordan says that Jeff walked out the door thinking it was Adam who voted against him. Shelly starts crying and says that she has always held Jordan in the highest regard and never called her a bitch or anything like Jordan has called her in the last few days. Jordan says that she never called Shelly a bitch. Shelly cries and says that the biggest pain to her is that her mom, dad and husband saw what Rachel and Jordan did after they thought they were hurt… went with a person who was part of the plan 100%, that was their choice in the game …she is not with them (Porsche and Kalia). Shelly says taht she came to her a few days before the live show and told Jordan that she was uncomfortable with Kalia and she could win in the end. Shelly tells Jordan about her thought process. Shelly says that her alliance coming into the game was with her family, not to do what happened, but to get as close as she could for her family and that it became clear to her that she was pushing Jeff and Jordan ahead of her family, everyone in the game ahead of the two people (Josie and Tony) who matter most. Shelly says that Dani never came to her …never said a word. Shelly says that Jeff was saying that Adam was his boy. Shelly says that Dani told Adam that they could not beat Jeff and Jordan to the final two and she went to Dani and asked what she would do to help her get something for her family if she kept Dani and Dani promised to never nominate her, throwing Kalia under the bus. Shelly says that she knows she can’t win challenge, that’s what she has to overcome. Shelly says that she chose to use her social game and strategy, aligned herself with Jeff and Jordan. Shelly says that week one Jeff and Jordan promised they would never nominate her but week two, they put her up to get Cassi out. Shelly says that you did what your alliance told you to do, then you accused me of throwing the HaveNot competition, but even though I was absolutely devastated, I still held you in the highest regard. Jeff was the leader of the alliance, running the game, who did what, when and how, that’s fine and I chose to be in that alliance.
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Shelly says that she made a decision to go outside of the box on my own ..I tortured over the decision.. I didn’t want to lose you two as friends …don’t care what you said, what you did, I really enjoyed meeting you two and feel like a fool for trying to make a game move, the only way I can make a name for myself at the end of the game is to make strategic moves and playing a social game, all I have done is stand up for people, help people, put everyone else first until that one day. Shelly says that it’s been torture. Jordan says we have been very open to you, why didn’t you just come to me and tell me how you were feeling instead of what we saw as going behind our back and being sneaky? Shelly says that she wasn’t sneaky. Jordan says but you trusted Dani? Shelly says that she didn’t trust Dani, do you really think I wanted to align with Kalia, Porsche and Dani? Shelly asks do you listen to what comes out of their mouths? Their arrogance, the disrespectful for the game? Shelly says she knew there would be a cost for making a game move but she looks like a fool at this point, she was playing for her family, Jordan gave her a phone call and she will forever be indebted for that, it has nothing to do for what she did, she took it as this is who Jordan is. Jordan says that in this game you never know anything, my decision to give you the phone call was instant, not game. Jordan says that she felt that she had stuck up for Shelly, she genuinely cared for her, talked to when she was upset, talked through the door and then she tries to keep Dani and votes out Jeff.. Jordan asks how was I supposed to feel? Shelly says that she absolutely sees that, has every right to feel that way but at some point in the game you have to take the personal out. Jordan says that it really hurt at that time, and she felt that everything they thing they had shared was fake. Shelly says that she didn’t back stab Jordan, she stabbed Jeff. Jordan says that Jeff knew he wouldn’t make it to the end, everyone promises final two but that Jeff felt like he helped everyone. Shelly asks if Jeff felt he was helped by anyone? Jordan says that she can’t speak for Jeff. Shelly says that they took Adam’s word and started shouting at Shelly and he never gave her a chance to explain and that it was an accident that she told Rachel that Jeff threw veto and Rachel used that to make a deal with Dani. Shelly says that she will take the blame and suffer the consequences but hers was not the only name on the paper, but that it hurts on the personal side and she is truly sorry to have hurt her, it was never her intention to hurt her, she thought she knew Jordan before she walked into the house but didn’t really until she met her. Shelly says that it will take time but all she asks is to give her the benefit of the doubt.

2am – 2:30am Jordan starts talking about Dani’s speech. Shelly says that she had no role in that. Jordan says that she is glad Dani is in jury house with Brendan and Jeff because they are killing her. Jordan says that Shelly never acted like she was doubting it. Jordan says she’s not like that, they would have listened to her, they have always been honest and straight forward and who would want to follow Dani. Shelly says that she never wanted to follow Dani. Shelly says that she doesn’t hang out with them, she has been alone, doesn’t do things with them, doesn’t listen to them, she’s been locked in the house all this time and all she wanted to do was to get to Jordan but she respected that she needed her space. Shelly tells Jordan that she has to go fight. Jordan says she doesn’t care about winning this year. Shelly says that if you want to take any advice from me, you need to change your attitude and take the Jeff’s attitude because she can get to the end. Shelly tells Jordan to stop saying you can’t and start doing it. Shelly says that she will be the first one to stand up and cheer, not for the money but because you are a great woman and I’m sorry and hope that one day you will forgive me. Jordan says she already has, she is sorry for what she said as well, and that we’ve come full circle. Shelly says that what finally turned her was that without asking her.. Jeff tore into her and never considered she might not vote him out, he never let her explain. Shelly says that when all is said and done, though, I got the chance to play this game with the two greatest people, Jeff and Jordan. Jordan tells Shelly that in her diary room session she said that Shelly took the knife and stabbed her in the back and she’s going to take the knife and stabbed her right back. Jordan and Shelly hug. Shelly warns Jordan that Rachel will poison her with the thing she has said. Shelly tells Jordan that she needs to protect herself against Rachel as well as push herself further. Jordan apologizes again and they hug again and leave the havenot room.

2:10am The camera switches to Kalia and Rachel are in the candy room talking in mid conversation. Rachel says that she can’t win no matter what. Kalia says thats not true.. if you win veto and HOH’s and make it to the end people will vote for you. Rachel says that she though they weren’t lying to me …and no I find out they were… Kalia says you heard people talking? Rachel says yeah.. Rachel is mad and upset. Rachel and Kalia talk about how Adam and Shelly did so bad in the veto and that they always throw competitions.. Rachel talks about how Jeff and Jordan had a final three with Shelly and that they were with Adam too. Kalia says its now you and her here… and probably most all of that was Jeff and not Jordan. Rachel says that it hurts and that Brendon did nothing but fight and stick up for everyone that was with us.

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2:35am – 3am Rachel and Jordan are in bed in the candy room. Jordan asks Rachel what is wrong… that she can tell when something is bothering her. Rachel asks if Jeff and Jordan were ever really in an alliance with her and Brendon. Rachel and Jordan are in bed in the candy room. Jordan asks Rachel what is wrong… that she can tell when something is bothering her. Rachel asks if Jeff and Jordan were ever really in an alliance with her and Brendon. Jordan asks are you kidding me … Jordan holds up her hand and swears on her mom and her brother that they were in an alliance with them. Rachel says that she just doesn’t understand …and feels like Jeff and Jordan were waiting to get us out. Jordan says that they were just scared that we would never get you guys out because you guys were so good. Jordan asks who have you been talking to …what makes you think that? Rachel says I don’t know Jordan …. I guess we’ll find out this week whats going on.. Rachel says that it seemed like you were going to bring Shelly instead of us.. Rachel says that me and Brendon never knew that was happening. Jordan says the HOH you won ..we talked to you. Rachel shrugs. Jordan says that people are in your ear making you doubt us. Rachel says that I was just an easy person to vote for because everyone thought I was coming back. Jordan says that I stuck up for you the entire time. Jordan brings up how Shelly was in our ears talking about you .. but I didn’t believe her. Jordan asks what else is bothering you.. Rachel says I just miss Brendon… and I have plenty of other things on my mind other than this game. Jordan tells Rachel she needs to tell her if she doesn’t want to be in this alliance. Rachel says that she is worried about stuff. Jordan asks what are you worried about? Rachel says you know ..I am not going to say it out loud (Pregnancy?)… Big Brother cuts the live feeds. Jordan asks if Rachel was planning on keeping Dani. Rachel says no. Jordan says that Kalia is trying to talk to us now …only because we won the veto. Rachel says that Kalia told me I would never win because I have no friends. Rachel agrees and says she is probably right ..I have no friends. Jordan says that if one of them takes you to the final two, we’re all voting for you. Jordan says that you have Jeff, me, Brendon and all you need is Adam. Rachel doesn’t think Adam will vote for her. Jordan says yes he will ..he is voting for a player. Jordan says don’t tell them that you will win if you are in the final two though. Jordan says that you will win. Rachel says everyone turns everything I say and do against me. Jordan and Rachel talk about Dani and then decide to go to sleep.

3:30am – 5am Shelly is out in the backyard smoking. Porsche and Kalia are in the kitchen eating and studying the memory wall photos for the morphing competition. Porsche says that she is focusing on the eyes and the distance between them. Kalia tells her to cover up parts of the faces to study as well. They talk about all the features each houseguest has. Shelly gets called to the diary room. Shelly comes out of the diary room and they head out side to sit on the couch. They talk about random stuff. Shelly asks what Kalia’s plan is to keep her. Kalia says that we need to try and convince Rachel and Jordan that Adam is the bigger threat and that if we keep Shelly it will buy you a week. Porsche says also opening up the doors with Jordan helps you too. Shelly says that was not game ..that was personal. They talk about how Adam has been throwing competitions. Shelly says that she is not giving up.. Shelly heads inside. Kalia tells Porsche that Shelly actually said that she thinks she has a shot at winning the game. Porsche asks is she crazy. They both say there is no way anyone would vote for her. Kalia says no one is going to say …why what good game you’ve had Shelly.. Kalia and Porsche head up to the HOH room and talk about how they got this far.. They climb into bed together and talk more about the game …then decide to go to sleep…
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7:30am All the houseguests are still asleep..

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People like Jordan scare me. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I am so sick of people passing off her stupidity as cute or innocent. JORDAN IS NOT A DAMN BABY!!!

She is a grown woman who has told lies and has been talking trash about people since the beginning of the game. She floats around the house with that dumb dear caught in the headlights/ Duckman look, plays with her hair and for some reason so many people are in love with her. WOW AMERICA! The newbies were just a bunch of Fanboys and girls put in the game so I know they have their faults, but I really think Jordan and Rachel have so many fans because a lot of people actually relate to them. The thought of this makes me almost want to cry for your country.

WTF? Is being a bitch, a moron, a bigot, an attention seeking drama queen, or an emotional psycho the new pass to gain respect in America? Damn right the country is in crisis. I feel sorry for the remaining citizens who have to deal with it all.


If you dislike our country stop watching our shows!


Amen to that!!!!! I second that!…what an IDIOT!


If Jordan trusts Shelly – …. I guess she’s totally blind



RigBrother, i tottally agree!


Rigbro u r rt on!

Not a PHD student

courtesy of TMZ

“Big Brother” contestant Shelly Moore pissed off America when she voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder last week — and now TMZ has learned her family has been receiving death threats from deranged fans because of the move.

Sources close to Shelly tell us … the reality star’s family has received multiple phone calls from people threatening violence … even making threats against Shelly’s 8-year-old daughter.

We’re told Shelly’s employer has also been receiving harassing phone calls — demanding the company fire Shelly immediately because of the way she voted on the show.

Sources tell us Shelly’s family is preparing to get the FBI involved — because they’re taking the threats VERY seriously.

We reached out to “Big Brother” for comment — so far, no response.


you need a strong cup of coffee!! ffs they all play the game , relax and try to remember this is a game and not real life!

and answer this honestly, if you were in the game, would you be as good as gold, no lying, backstabbing, deal breaking?



ok, I don’t think you can name one person who hasn’t lied in the game to someone. I do believe Jordan is being sincere with the relationship she has with Rachel NOW. So, I’ll give you a lying thing but how is she a drama queen?


So is Adam porche Shelly or kalia more deserving of Americas respect?


jordan is not the downfall of our country, hypoctrites like you are our downfall. I would also be willing to bet that jordans iq scores doubles what you would get, at the end of the day though its you who will lose sleep over your moraly twisted outlook.


Jordan’s IQ isn’t double my dog’s IQ… The girl is seriously dumb.

And she is an example of what’s wrong with our country today… The dumb, lazy & useless are not only rewarded but turned into heroes.

love jordan

Jordan is anything but lazy or dumb. She works everyday and has since she was a very young girl. She loves and respects both her mom and her grandmother and has the best heart of anyone I know. She would do anything for anyone and has on numerous occasions. She is a sweetheart!!!


I agree that J isn’t the brightest lightbulb but that isn’t her fault. The good lord gives everyone different gifts some people have brains, some beauty, etc. What J does have is a sweet spirit. Has she lied in the game sure they all have. But she has been loyal to those she believed were loyal to her. If you remember her season she won, she was loyal to her allience to the end and was the last one standing and won HOH when it counted the most. She and Jeff I believe were falling in love on that show but she showed class and a good moral character by not behaving as a tramp. I believe in this day and age the way sex is flaunted and glorified showed a strength of character that I don’t see often. That trait to me is much more important than IQ. I can totally see why Jeff fell in love with her. In my opinion he is an idot if he doesn’t marry the girl. I would have been so proud of her if she were my daughter and I’m sure her parents were. I’m glad she won that season and I would be happy to see her win this one as well.


Violins playing, YAWN!


AMEN!! Thank you for that. I have been defending her all along and getting ripped apart for it. She has a heart of gold that girl and a little nieve about people which I guess is why she felt so hurt by Shelly (the witch). But you are so right. And I would love to see her win again. What a wonderful start in life if she did for her and Jeff. And I hope they do get married. He loves her you can see that. Thanks again for those great words. We all can’t be as smart as others but what she lacks in that dept. she makes up for in kindness, generousity and love for others.


I agree that is my favorite thing about Jordan. That she has showed restraint, not just last time, but this time as well with Jeff, which has to be super hard (@;. Most people don’t even think about the impact that the show will have on thier family, but Jordan does. I made a comment to my 10 year old the other day because we were talking about wanting Jeff and Jordan to win, she is a super fan, and I made some comment like, well hopefully they will still have bb when you grow up and you can be on it and win it. She said ‘oh, no, I would never be on that show because everyone sits around judging you’. That is pretty smart for a 10 year old.


Just because someone isn’t super intelligent doesn’t mean they are dumb, lazy and useless. Jordan comes across as sincere, kind and loyal – qualities treasured in someone you want in a life-long friend. We should all be so lucky.


No, they are turned into Rap artists.


I agree GO JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!


If Jordan is so annoying to you then don’t watch her. I am sure if you were on camera 24/7 alot would be said about you too. 🙂


Goodness, I literally lost track of how many lies shelley said in her convo with jordan. This woman is beyongd pathological. It is one thing to lie as a strategy, they all do it. But to then go in the DR room and deny the lies you told and act as if u r the victim is just sick. And she keeps trying to claim that rachel is some sort of liar because she discovered shelley wwas in fact lying thru out the game. WOW!


I think Shelly has some sort of memory problem….she can’t remember anything she says or does. Maybe it’s Alzheimer’s.


I think Shelly’s is f#$%^#$%&d up because she’s gay and is in denial. This creates tremendous internal conflicts. She is obsessed with Jordan in an unhealthy manner. She’s a neurotic, pathological liar and is in denial about that too. I think if that if she “comes out of the closet” then she’d be alot happier. I know that she’s old but she may not realize that times have changed and many more people are accepting (as they should be) of the gay community. As for Jeff’s remarks about Dumbledore…I don’t believe he meant a whole lot by it–He appears to be a terrific well-adjusted guy!


I think Shelly has some sort of memory problem, maybe Alzheimer’s. She can’t remember anything she says or does.


Good one!!!


shelly is a tranny but i don’t want to disgrace the tranny community.


Shelly says that she didn’t trust Dani, do you really think I wanted to align with Kalia, Porsche and Dani? Shelly asks do you listen to what comes out of their mouths? Their arrogance, the disrespectful for the game?

Yeah shelley i guess that wasnt you but some imposter who was hugging, high fiving, huddling and scheming with kalia after her hoh win. Or maybe rachel forced you to go arm and arm and vote with KP


that’s exactly what I was thinking when I read that comment. Shelly wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit her on her bony backside.


From what I understand, Shelly owns her own business. I can’t help wondering what her customers think about her lying, backstabbing and constant sucking up. She flatters people one minute and sticks a knife in them the next. She runs from one group to another spreading her poision.
I’d like to see her get to the final three, just to have it snatched away from her at the last moment.

Midwest Fan

Shelley is a VP for a Corporation and doesn’t own the company.


Amazed she got to be VP. She musta used the same skills she used in BB to backstab her way to the top.


errrr….maybe not. That corporation has removed any reference of Shelly from their website. Makes ya wonder if her behavior may have been something they don’t want representing their corporation. Maybe they were getting comments and too many hits and they just took away temptation for people to meddle in her work life….Time will tell when Shelly goes out of the BB house and returns to her life.


Shelly is eating crow & I love it. Shelly is getting exactly what she deserves, nothing. I still dont understand why she flipped. There was no advantage to flip to team dani when dani was going home. I heard her say that she hopes that people will clap for her when she is evicted. Shelly realized that she is a douche bag & is now worried about how she looks on TV.

On a side note, I do not feel that Shelly deserves the hate that she is getting on facebook etc. I’ve seen that people are trying to get her fired and get CPS involved with Josie. That shit is way more vile then anything Shelly has done on Big Brother.


Gawd Porsche, ENOUGH with the “I won HOH & a VETO”. No one wants to hear you. Anyone notice that up until recently, Porsche’s DR’s never made in the episodes? Don’t worry BB, I understand why & frankly wasn’t missing her. Porsche & Kalia are especially nauseating, mainly because they are always grazing on something while having a conversation.

In the beginning, I wanted a newbie to win. Now not so much. I almost want Rachel to win & that is hard for me to say! I guess I’m the ultimate floater this year because I don’t have a favorite.


Because of your comment I guess it gets one sheep in wolf’s clothing ( you) to know one !!! ( Jordan)

Natas Lived

right on, you nailed it. And they may not even relate too much to Jordan but they like the old timey fake southern charm, and speaking of someone living in the south, makes me sick.

If this passes as good game play, please CBS, pass on BB14. Or cast some interesting people. I said it last year, bring in some intellectuals, some atheists or agnostics, at least half the people with IQs over 120.


Hey Dani. I didn’t know they had the internet in the Jury House.
You need to calm down.


ha ha ha! i hope she soon steps up at the end of her season…and win aanother HOH or a POV! i personally think she is hot. we root for rachel because she is a drama queen…and a train wreck. we know one minute she can be somewhat normal…then the next a uber bitch who doesnt trust anyone other than “her man” in jordans case…on the outside you have a sweet north carolina girl who in her season met jeff, had a little romance and won her last 2 comps i believe to win against all odds (kevin/natalie) but i dont think she should have came back this season…she just doesnt care. she’s won already. still want to see jordan and rachel as the final 2 though. but if it doesnt happen…jordan will at least be final 4.

i hope they get rid of kalia this week. kalia has won 2 legit hoh’s.


they need to get rid of Shely…She’s the most dangerous player in the house


people like you scare me, if you are scared of jordan, there is something seriously wrong with you, jordan is a nice person


Wow. Chill out. I’d like to see how you would act having cameras on you 24/7. And but a competition in the middle of all that. Some people are so self righteous. Get a grip.


it’s because when compared to a real snarky “b1tch” like Danielle, Jordan has a mid-western heart of gold.


jelous much!!! Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t give you the right to insult everyone who does like them and also i am not american i do like them but to actually equivalate likeing a person on a reality show to the economic problems in the country is ridiculus and you should be a shamed of yourself for saying something like that. Everyone is intitaled to their opinion and just because it doesn’t agree with yours doesn’t make it less valid.


A wolf in sheep’s clothing is like a 2 for 1 meal for Allison Grodner.


HAHAHA! QAZ it’s people like you who make this world great. Thanks for all the laughs.


People like Jordon because she is better then the rest of the HG’s.With the greasy-haired waste of space floating Porcia and the do nothing but stir her cauldron pot of trouble creepy Shelly.Then there’s the yacky-yak moooost annoying weird kalia.I’m actually favoring Jordon (who I think is too dumb for words except for street smarts) and the annoying sqwinty-eyed Rachel.Good Gosh,this year had horrible,horrible HG’s. At least it looks like the back stabbing Shelly’s gonna go. How you lie in someone ‘s face so well and speak of setting an example to her child at the same time??? In reality Sneaky Shelly has been behind most evictions.


I think you need to take a pill and chill . I love Jordan ! I hope Jordan or Rachel win!!!!

Who Knows

I am done and all my friends are too! This is rigged and Vets needed to leave I watched long enough to find out about the Comp last night and who won. Then turned the channel to watch anything but Big Brother I hope they have the sense next year to do all newbies for a fair game. Maybe I will tune in then.


I totally agree. I won’t be watching anymore as I am sure production already knows who will be in the final two.


It is deer, not dear.


what you everyone’s spellcheck now!!!!


They spell it that way in Canada.


I was very pleased to see Jordan win 11. She lost me this season with her incessant whining about HG’s who haven’t done anything advancing. Of all people to say this. OF ALL PEOPLE TO SAY THIS! Someone who didn’t do anything strategically, socially or competitively until final 3 in season 11 has the nerve to so FREQUENTLY make this complaint!?!?

If I had a face like Shelly's I'd ______

How you can compare the state of the US economy and the resulting foreclosures and job losses, etc with Jordan being a ditzy blonde is beyond belief. You must be either highly medicated (thus the apparent clouding your thought process) or just trying to get a rise out of those who are sadly affected by the US economy.

I’ll say it again: comparing the state of the US economy to the pathetic actions of certain BB house guests is rather hard to fathom !!!


If you had a face like Shelly’s, they would call you George. Jordan and people like her have nothing to do with our country’s state of affairs,
it’s Obama.


no it was eight years of bush


Hopefully,Shelly (the cauldron trouble stirring witch) will go this week.To answer a question as to why Jordon is so popular it’s simply the lesser of many evils. Jordon certainly does not have much to brag about but compared to the greasy-haired boring Porcia,yacky-yak weird Kalia,Float king Adam and the ANNOYING Rachel,she actually looks good. Yes, this summer’s HG’s leave a lot to be desired.It’s like you don’t want anyone of them to win.


If only the remaining HG’s each had theme songs for when they they are introduced at the

beginning of each episode:

Shelly: Get An Ugly Girl To Marry You – Harry Belafonte

Kalia: Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Adam: Locomotive Breath – Jethro Tull

Rachel: Cum Stains on the Pillow – David Allan Coe (sung by Brendan)

Jordan: Barbie Girl – Aqua

Porsche: No Tengo Dinero – Los Umbrellos (sung by Keith)


The only case that Shelly should apologize what she did? Jordan shouldn’t forgiven her what she did was wrong. Make up lies and manipulation, that’s wrong. Porsche and Kaila, are you still thinking that your brain is not working. Either Rachel or Jordan wins competitions. You girls don’t stand a chance against them. Still are you stupid of blaming Adam throwing competition. That’s still be a stupid move. You girls should give up already. shelly going to Jury House anyway. Adam did a great job stay low and keep calm.

Only "rigged" for viewership

Totally agree with captain!

Nick B

“Make up lies and manipulation, that’s wrong.” -Sorry what show are you watching? And how many seasons of it have you watched? Because you clearly don’t get the point of the game.

Porsche and Kalia do in fact stand a chance against Rachel and Jordan…not every competition is going to be forcing the players to play in duos, and playing in duos is the only way RJ has been able to even win ONE of the last FOUR competitions. Kalia and Porsche have swept this game since double eviction night. Again, what show are you watching?

Adam has lied and manipulated as well. Why are you praising him for the very thing you’re knocking Shelly for?


OMG! Nick B. First of all, I watch the show okay. If you have a problem, let it go. Okay. I’m writing my thoughts. okay. Secondly, Kaila win 2 HOH that’s nothing. She already won because she is done anything but eat and sleep. Thirdly, Porsche come on She won HOH and sucked in POV because she has a hearing piece from Danielle. That why she sucks anyway. For the fact, the newbies will wipeout and the veterans will never give either Porsche or Kaila votes anyway. So, I don’t care. Just move on. I’m rooting whatever I want. If you have a problem about something. Say it, Say it. Yeah, That what I thought. I’m rooting Team Jordan/Rachel for final 2. Beside, remember bb11. Jordan has a same strategy and she will do it again. Rachel is use to be mean but now she change. For newbies, picking on the veteran Rachel. It’s like newbies are bullying Veterans. So, if you don’t like my comments. It’s too bad. Live with it. In fact, I’m not buying Shelly lying scheme. She will go to Jury House and have Big Jeff make Shelly more miserable. So, get over it. Don’t tell me what to do? I’m writing my own thoughts. I read them and I’m making comments. I don’t care about your stupid comments. I care my comments, Mind! Okay, Nick B.

Not a PHD student

yo First mate, I’m not sure if you’re a bigger douche bag then douche bag Jeff is!! Just stating my opinion


Shelly takes it to a whol new level though. She gets personal. Personal insults do not help game and are just meant to hurt others.


The problem with Shelly’s game is that she is self-righteous about her lying and manipulation (and a little crazy too). For example, Evil Dick doesn’t deny what he does. Shelly wants to have her cake and eat it too. Disgusting!


you think that Adam is just waiting to win in the final 3 like Jordan did and win the votes.


Poor SHELLY lies again and covers her Azzzz. Good job, Jordan for not believing that crap. I would told Shelly “Pack your bags”.


well i would give her an A for effort you have to love how she takes no blame it is everyone’s fault they all made her do it and i guess her last try to save herself


Uh oh, Straight Shootin’ Shelly is shootin’ straight again.


If these dumb ass newbies don’t play their cards right J&R will be in the final 2 & J will win another $500,000 for doing absolutely nothing I can’t stand her this season, Dani told P & K several times if they win HOH & something good has happened & they received a Pandora’s box DO NOT OPEN IT & what did her dumb ass do ….open it!!now J&R are coming off the block it serves the newbs right if they lose the game because K&P both during their HOH reigns have made bad decisions, I have not watched since Dani left but have kept up with the updates on OLBB, If they were smart they would get J out first she’s already won!!! This season is the worst ever, I’ll probably tune in again finale night!!!!!! LOL


What do you mean you haven’t been watching since Dani left…uggghhh the last show was THURSDAY…when she left! come on they’re newbies for a reason…they don’t know how to play this game…


Maybe they meant including BBAD dumb ass!!



team Rj

i really want rachel to win this season, that is the only way i feel like this season will be saved , rachel to win she deserves this…go RACHEL win this, pls let her win or else it would be a wasted season.


I agree with wanting Rachel to win & it takes a lot to say that. I like Jordan- but she just doesn’t try hard enough. Rachel may be unstable but she tries. I am in the minority by liking Shelly. She has her issues but she’s better than Adam, Kalia and Porshe in my opinion. Adam just seems wimpy and Kalia & Porshe I would rather not hear a word come from their mouths. They both talk just for the sake of having words come out.


Did Adam find anything in the purple room? He sure is talking about the room alot.


I doubt it i think he is just messing with them. I doubt their will be any kind of power at this late in the game and if there was we would vote who gets it so i would doubt that. Adam pays attention so i am thinking he caught on to a convo they had and ran with it


Well, CBS got their wish – they re-instituted the duo twist and lo and behold, Rachel won the Power of Veto, which means she can take both herself and her partner Jordan off the block.
Since Porsche and Kalia are safe because Porsche is Head of Household, this means Shelly and Adam will be put on the block tomorrow. Who will stay? Probably Adam – Porsche and Kalia have made a deal with Rachel and Jordan in the event of this happening and “Rojo,” as they have decided to call themselves, want Shelly out.
goodbye shel all you’ve done since day one is lie, lie and deny.


Big loser, no self respect, maybe they can call the kid Veto. This will probably introduce a spin off to BB in the next couple of seasons, “Kids conceived in BB” (by nasty participants) Production is probably lovin’ it. Can’t believe what a rotten season this has been. Like I said earlier, stomach turning, rigged, and the worst bunch of players ever


I’m sick of everyone saying the show is rigged, it happens every season, I did not like when dani kalia or porsche won hoh but I dd not complain about the show being rigged, THE SHOW IS NOT RIGGED now shut up about it


ok Michelle, now who’s delusional?

Nick B

*yawn* you mean like Porsche conveniently getting a pandora’s box that allowed Rachel and Jordan to play as a team to take them both off the block?

Don’t think for a second the game’s been rigged for the newbies…if production is rigging anything, they’re keeping RJ in this game as long as they can without coming out on television and just blatantly admitting it.

Didn’t see them do Dani any favors. Nullifying her first HOH by bringing Brendon back, and announcing the power the week her closest ally was HOH (seriously, they didn’t have to announce that, they rarely ever do, but it totally threw Kalia’s game).


kalia’s first HOH was convenient too. She already knew all the answers before Julie got done asking the questions! The show is somewhat rigged. But not for the vets or for the newbies. It’s rigged so that one side doesn’t pick everyone off. It’s rigged so that there’s a shift in power, or the season would be boring.


They didn’t do Dani any favors? Convienent that ED was only be there long enough the get Dani a golden key & 4 weeks of safety.


I’m not the one who is delusional, this show is not rigged, ITS A TV SHOW THEY ARE TRYING TO KEEP IT INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you really think kalia and porsche are that exciting?


If you truly believe the show is rigged, I baffled as to why you didn’t realize that when the Double Eviction came conveniently on the weak of Jeff’s HOH which made sure Jeff couldn’t compete in the next HOH and didn’t get a chance to fight to stay?

The show is not rigged. End of the line.


I am SO glad to know there’s somebody thinking the same thing I’ve been feeling. I completely agree with everything you said.


yet you still watch, and complain


That’s right!


I have every right to watch what I want and ‘complain’ too, but how exactly am I complaining if I’m only agreeing with the initial poster? All I said was that I agree with what he/she said which I DO. If you don’t like it then too bad.

Bubbly Pie

Ugh I can’t stand Shelly she is so two faced! Why is everyone so obsessed with calling Rachel evil, its getting really old and people are just making themselves look bad. How does Shelly not see that she is the worst person in the house, she believes her own lies, I bet when she watches this season she will still see that she only helped her “alliance”. She will go down screaming I did everything for you Jordan, even evicting the person your closest too. Geez so pathetic


I am a fan or Rachel. I was last season. I like her because she is vicious. I don’t enjoy her attention seeking, and whiny attitude. I do like that she is there to play a game, she isn’t worried if someone gets mad at her. She says it how she sees it. And she isn’t afraid to make a move in the game. I like Jordan, however, I don’t like her as a player in the big brother house. She doesn’t do much. But, I believe she is a genuinely sweet person and yes, the only reason she is still in the game is because people don’t worry about her making a move, and that is dumb. GO RACHEL!

Not a PHD student

Bag of rocks Jordan sweas on her family…….needledick says when someone does tht they are lying.

question for bag of rocks Jordan……final 3 douche bag jeff, catchers mit shelly and bag of rocks, who do you pick to take to the final two? Of course you would pick douche bag jeff. Catchers mit shelly made the right move. Get over yourself and let me know the next timje you are coming on this show so I can buy stock in tissues with all your balling. Does bag of rocks Jordan even know she is on the show fo the second time? If not maybe someone should tell he to do something for once!!!!




ok final 3 shelly kalia and porsche who does kalia take to final 2? who does porsche take to the final 2? the answer to both is not shelly
that is why shelly is an idiot


Omg get a life… Rigbrother13…it’s a frickin game…Jordan only came back in the game because of Jeff…and yes I watched the season that Jordan was in and she truely is a sweet and kind person…you must have Jordan confused with Danielle or one of the other lame ass catty women on the show.

Midwest Fan

For some very funny photoshopped pics and commentary about
BB 13, check out the weekly blog,

(Check the pics from the older BB13 posts – humorous, especially when
she puts herself into the photoshopped photos.)

Tallulah’s Names for some HGs:

Jeff – H. A. ( Homophobic Asshole)

Jordan – Jordumb

Rachel – Voldebitch and Boobiac

Brendon – Burkie

Shelley – Leatherface

Kalia – Queen Kalia

Porsche – Edsel


btw, Jeff explained the Dumbledore thing in an interview where he was evicted


And what exactly did he say? That’s a tough one to spin, I’m curious what he said.


He said that he wasn’t trying to say that families shouldn’t take kids to a school with a gay principal, he was trying to say that families shouldn’t blindly send their kids off by themselves into a school in a magical land.


Hahahahaha, oh please tell me he actually said that.


Shelly is ONE LYING, BACKSTABBING DUDE!!!!!!! She walks around like she just got off from riding a bull for two years! She has lied from week 1 going against the newbie alliance. And Kalia the HUT is so domineering and rude to people. She talks down to people like Dani did to her. I loved the comment Kalia stealing Porshe HOH basket.

Midwest Fan

I’m not sure Rachel and Brendon would vote for Jordan.
Jeff and Jordan have not been honest with them and they know it.
Jeff threw a comp to Adam and B/R needed Jeff’s support.


I actually think that BR would vote for jordan as for the jeff throwing a comp they don’t know that rachel asked jeff and he denied it but i think at the end of the day they would vote for each other.


I’m pretty sure the vets would vote together, minus Dani who would obviously vote for Kalia.


To Dani, Porsche, Kalia, Adam and all of you on these boards who talk trash about Rachel:
You all waited (or are waiting) until marriage to have sex, right?
What the hell does it matter where Rachel’s baby is conceived. The BB house, the back seat of a car, in a crappy apartment, at a drunken party.
Where were your kids conceived?


Rachel could just be under stress. You generally do no have morning sickness in the first few weeks. Usually around three months.


Speaking from experience, not true, alot of women have morning sickness very early and the worst is usually the first trimesiter, then it eases up and sometimes a lot again in the third trimester. Everyone is different.




Not true. Morning sickness usually happens at the very beginning. Even before you realize you are late. Other signs are chronic tiredness, increased trips to the bathroom and swollen/sore boobs. These symptoms usually go away at the end of the first trimester. Rachel has complained about feeling sick in the morning, she has made comments about her boobs being sore, she has admitted to going to the bathroom a lot and she sleeps a lot, she doesn’t seem to have the same energy as before. Sadly, I think she is pregnant. That is the last thing Brendon will want. I can understand why she is worried. Maybe CBS will set them up with their own reality show, since they conceived on live tv. I don’t like Rachel and Brendon, and even though it’s their own fault (Brendon may be a PHD student, but he should know that unprotected sex causes babies to be born) and even though I was disgusted that they were so willing to have sex on camera, I know this is going to be life changing for both of them. I was never convinced that their relationship is strong, and a baby could be what brings them together and forces Rachel to grow up, or it will tear them apart. It all could have been prevented if they waited until they left the house, or at least wrapped it.


BTW, I am a Rachel fan. Was last season also. She is a good player, has a few personality flaws, but we all do. Porsche is very jealous of Rachel.
I hope Rachel can pull off final 2. I intend to vote for Jordan for fan favorite.


i think everyone will if jordan isn’t in the final two she probably get fan favorite


I agree with everything you just said. One thing about Rachel, she’ll tell a person to their face what she thinks of them instead talking behind their backs. I can’t stand the mean girl talk that Dani, Porsche and Kalia love to do. Cowards.

Benny Hill

most peoples kids are not concieved in a place where a whole bunch of people would be watching.


Then what are you doing watching the show if it bothers you? Aren’t you the wonderful perfect person! Two young people in love…what do you expect. Give me a break. Go back to bible thumping and leave the rest of the world alone.

Benny Hill

@Bob, I could care less about their sex lives and I’m hardly a prude. But it’s about repspecting those who do not care to witness it. I’m sure there was some people on the production crew who felt uncomfortable while it was happening and I’m sure there was others on the crew who are perverted like yourself, watching ever move with delight. Just because you are in love doesn’t mean you should be able to have sex in front of other people rather they want to watch it or not. I really don’t expect a pervert like yourself to understand this.


And Most people don’t know when a peeping Tom is watching them either.


right on point 80 percent of peopledont know when or where they got pregnant and if its not yours who cares period


I like Rachel this season but having sex in a house with cameras everywhere is just disgusting.


rachel and brendan are not the first to have sex in the bb house, so get over it


And everyone else who did are disgusting. What people need to get over is that no one’s perfect. Your FAVORITES have faults too. I like Jeff and Jordan, but they are wrong sometimes too. You can’t always gets pissed when someone criticizes your favorite. Everyone has their opinion, boards are made to discuss opinions. Someone’s not always going to agree with you on everything. So you need to get over THAT.


I disagree with Shelly being a floater. She stayed under the radar, kept a fairly good social game for the most part, manipulated people, and lied to get herself further, which everyone does to an extent. Whether that strategy is likable or not, she played the game in her own way. Jordan just rode on Jeff’s coattails the entire game and did nothing but have an HOH thrown to her. She may not have *floated* to another side of the house like Shelly did, but strategically, Shelly played a better game than Jordan.


And that’s why Shelly’s going home. She could have played her cards right and voted Dani out. When Jeff was then on the block, she could have voted him out and made everyone think it was Adam. Jordan would have, bno doubt, taken her to F2. But she didn’t, and now it has cost her her game.


Problem is that Shelly doesn’t know she lies and manipulates. She is self-righteous and delusional about why she does what she does. If she were up front (in the DR for example) then we could respect her game. I respect Evil Dick and Richard Hatch of Survivor because they didn’t sugar-coat their strategies. Shelly is a psycological train wreck. Unlike Evil Dick or Richard Hatch, Shelly believes that she is doing wonderful, self-sacrificing things for the good of others.


I believe that Final three will be Rachel, Jordan and Adam. Jordan, America’s player, Adam second place and believe that Rachel can win the money.


i kinda agree i do think that jordan, rachel and adam will be in the final three but i think it will be rachel and jordan in the final two because i believe that they will take each other the only way it would work is if adam wins but he won’t take rachel becasue he said he will not give her 50,000 so if rachel and jordan can win the next two hoh then they are home free and the first two parts of the final is indurance and they can not adam out if they can knock him out of round three then they will win


The first part of the final HOH is endurance, the second one is a timed game of some sort involving past/evicted houseguests. I feel like if Rachel, Adam, and Jordan were in the final three, Rachel would most likely win part one. Jordan won the second one on her season but I don’t think Adam would do too bad, so who knows. The last round is the questions, and they all have a decent shot, I think.

dani's fan

Every time the newbies win an HOH (Kalia & Porsche) and have time to think about it they end up evicting one of their own alliance. This is a comedy of errors. They had Rachel and Jordan in the cross hairs. One of them was off to the Jury House. Instead they end up dropping the grenade in their own foxhole. Rachel will take Adam to the final 2 and win $500,000.00.

Benny Hill

If Porsche didn’t open the box than the Teller would have spoken and gave the POV duo status. Thats what BB wanted and why both came out at the same time..No matter what happened there was going to be a duo pov comp.


If they awarded money every time someone made a bone headed play, the newbies would make a million dollars instead of a half million.


What about Adam?

Go team Rachel and Jordan!

And I would be THRILLED if that scenario plays out. : )))


You forgot about Adam … LOL. Then again, everyone probably will by the end of the season.


If Rachel is pregnant, why in heaven’s name would people be so disrespectful and unkind to an unborn by calling it names? Leave the baby out of the comments, please. This is a game and let’s say whatever about the players.


couldn’t agree more!


I’m serious – who deserves to win this season? Jordan hasn’t done **** … I know people like her (even with her ugly attitude this season) but if Jeff was not in this game she wouldn’t have gotten as far. Kalia has made horrible moves… Adam is the worst player EVER … Rachel is a huge bitch … Shelly has lied and sucks at challenges but at least has gotten far … Porsche just recently started proving that she is a strong player.

If I had to pick a final two based on game performance – Porsche and Rachel. (as much as I can’t stand Rachel) If Adam or Jordan get to the final two – I will spontaneously combust.


Out of everyone that’s left I’d think I’d like to see Porsche win. I think she’s proving to be the strongest of the newbies that are left from both a comp standpoint as well as a social one. She didn’t win anything for the first month or so because she didn’t compete for 4 weeks after the first one (golden key). When she did start to compete she came in second several times and seemed genuinely upset when she didn’t win but more in a determined way than a weepy way.

From a social standpoint the fact that she’s won veto and HoH back to back but still isn’t even considered a threat by most of the HG’s says plenty. I have a suspicion there was more involved with her opening Pandora’s box than she’s telling anyone. I think she’s a lock for final 2 and I don’t see anyone beating her for Jury votes regardless of who’s sitting beside her.

She’s my prediction to win this year and if she does, I’d say she earned it.


Why do u like rachel???? Why?


I still think Shelly is playing a great game.

No one ever said that Big Brother was about winning competitions. Somehow Rachel has made people think that. Also, people confuse coasters and floaters.

Coaster: someone that doesn’t do anything and coasts to the end.

Floater: someone who floats to the side that’s in power at the time.

You can win competitions, be the person that everyone hates, coast or float. All strategy and if you get to the end, you played the game well.

Nick B



The frustrating thing about watching / reading everything is how easily / quick people forget things. Did Jordan try to strike deals to get further in the game, yes? But when it was just her and Jeff, she was CONSTANTLY defending Rachel. Even when she was frustrated with her. Rachel bashed Jeff and Jordan even when it was just her and Brendan. She complained how she had no one when he was gone and how Jeff was so mean to her. It was all BS. Jordan, for some reason, really likes Rachel. I’m glad they have each other now, but Rachel would be complete imbecile to go against Jordan now and believe even one word Kalia and Porsche have to say.


regardless of what rachel says she won’t go against jordan rachel isn’t that dumb. Also if rachel wanted to go against jordon she probably wouldn’t tell her she is just trying to see her reactions but i genuinely think that rachel also likes jordan but i think game wise they need each other especially rachel she knows she is the target and that she can’t trust kaliah. Though i do find it funny how hard kaliah is trying to not put jordan up because of their deal to bad that she doesn’t know that jordan is already thinking of putting her up if she wins


Disagree. Porsche did not just ‘wake up’. People forget that she wasn’t competing for 4 weeks as she was the first one to get a golden key. Since she did start to compete she was hanging in with the best of them but just fell short until the last couple of competitions. While she had the golden key she was cultivating relationships with Kalia, Dani, and Adam while still keeping herself under the radar. Personally I think she’s in the best position right now and wins it in a final 2 against anybody else.

Final 2 with Porsche and Jordan for example
Jeff, Rachel and Brendan will vote for Jordan
Shelly, Kalia, Adam and Dani will vote for Porsche

I don’t see any of the newbies giving the money to Jordan a second time.


it will all depend on who wins the next hoh if rachel or jordon do then porche will be the first target


I disagree. Assuming Shelly goes this week I see them going after Kalia over Porsche.


I believe Shelly and Adam would, to get back on Jeff’s good side. But even if she doesn’t, I’ll be happy if she makes F2.


Even though she never won a comp, Shelly is the real hoh all through the season. She controls and manipulates everyone to get her favor. Brendon was right, she is dangerous even to whatever alliance she is working for.

rigged brother

Hey rachel Boy George called and he wants his face back, and jordan the scarecrow called, oh wait i forgot he didn’t hav a brain, either.


you can say jordan is dumb all you want, but she won 500,000 dollars how much money do you have


You can call Jordan dumb but the fact is every competition she won on Big Brother 11 was mental other than the one Jeff threw for her.

rigged brother

yeah it’s funny how everyone wants to talk about shelly, but they seem to forget everything that rachel and jordan hav done too, they hav lied and manipulated just like everyone else, like jordan saying no we didn’t swear that we wouldn’t backdoor dani we just said that we wouldn’t, yeah that’s not lying at all what a hyprocrite they backdoor dani then she gets pissed when it happens to jeff guess karma came calling huh!




1. They didn’t swear. Jordan wasn’t even there when the Dani thing went down.

2. I have no problem with Shelly lying. Dr. Will never won anything, and he lied all of the time, just like Shelly. I was rooting for her in the game. I one time even went as far as calling her one of the best players of all time. But what I DO have a problem with is her bashing other people with personal insults. Yes, everyone insults one another in the house but she takes it to the extreme. Then, she makes herself to be the victim, cries all day, and boasts about how much integrity she has. She doesn’t even own up to it in the DR!


They didn’t swear so Dani exaggerated. There is no doubt however that they told her she was safe then put her up. Of course, Dani broke their alliance too but JJ like to pretend they never broke their word?


No, Jordan admitted that Jeff lied to Dani but also said that Jeff didn’t swear. So she isn’t acting like she didn’t break her word. Jordan said Jeff felt that it was okay for him to lie to Dani because they had caught Dani in 3 lies.


please shut up!! no one is mad that shelly lied its because she flipped sides for no reason, she was final 3 with jeff and jordan, she flipped for final 3 with porsche and dani, now she is probably gone at final 6


ok… ive been watching BB for 4 years in a row and i have NEVER seen someone lie as much as Shelly.

i just saw jordan’s and shelly’s have not convo on the feeds. this piece of poo is a super mega pathological liar. i just hope her daughter didnt inherit that trait.


Its funnny how some will leave big brother and live off the game, POR, DANI, PT for example and some will go home and be remember as the liar etc and thier lives and reputation are ruin like Shelley. When she goes home her town will talk about her, of course her inner circle will tell her how she played a great game. And Jordan and Jeff will go on and make some good money. Jrodan will either win the 500 or she will win the 50 and Jeff will win the AMERICA FAVORITE FOR 25 go team jj




Jeff will only win the 25k if they give it to him just like they gave Brendon Americas vote


no i don’t think their is any power and production did that for ratings where shelly is the most hated player right now and they game has to come to the end soon or it will never end lol They usually don’t do anything this late in the game we all know why they did what they did

rigged brother

what does everybody expect, do u really think people r not gonna talk about somebody that has sex on a tv show and maybe gets pregnant, normal people don’t do that but then again rachel’s not normal, and for people who don’t hav a problem with that there’s something wrong with u. it matters because just think when that kid starts going to school and the other kids find out who they r they r gonna start teasing them saying u were conceived on a tv show that people watched. poor kid!

Midwest Fan

ll:38 AM

Jordan mentions Big Brother called her mother about what
happened Thursday night. Cameras go to WBRB

Simon, is the above comment correct and if so, why would BB
call Jordan’s mother?


I never heard jordan say that.. What is the person username that posted it?


Apparently it happened on all cams aug 27 at 11.38am BB time

Midwest Fan

I read about it online. I don’t have the live feeds.
Like Mel stated – all cams and with the date and time given.


Probably because they were worried about Jordan and wanted her mom on stand-by


they didn’t rig anything for Jeff did they? you gotta get over being so one-sided


Jordan is Dumb and Stupid!!.. but she is alo Evil..Nasty. .B!! – it is So Clear that Jeff doen not want her! That is why she hates Dani!.. brendon and jeff have both tried to talk to Dani! – The Jeff and Jordan relation is a Jeff tries to get in show business..with his dumbb Bullying A !!


I guess Kalia got over her hair phobia!


Rachel and Brendon carried Porsche in the beginning of the game and she would have not reached this far if not Rachel. So, let us just hope that as I have stated before Rachel might be annoying however, the ostracizing and horrible thoughts the mean girls did to her is really bad. Shelly, Porsche and Kalia need to go. They have listened to Dani which will probably cost them to loose this game. If Kalia would only think that Porsche and Shelly chose to evict her over Dani and Rachel and Jordan and Jeff kept her. Hoping after Shelly, Porsche or Kalia go home/


Hey .vonney.. Its going to be okay.. These people will not affect the rest of your life, in fact you don’t even know them.. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that the scary evil people can’t hurt me..

Porsche's Greasy Hair

Please production make Porsche wash her hair.. Its greasier than vegetable oil… Yuck.. Looks like someone tossed their salad in it…..


i am sick of shelly saying she is doing what she is doing for her family. all shes doing for them is making them embarrassed to have a lying psychopath of a mother and wife


As for people bashing Porsche, you forget one thing, Porsche is friends with Janelle. What did Janelle do wrong in her seasons, she played a good social game and was a fierce in comps. No way Janelle would go to final 2 and win the game unless she was final HOH. She was too strong a player from the start. You not think Porsche was coached by Janelle how to play the game before going in?
Porsche was even takiing additional lessons from Dani prior to Dani’s eviction and has made moves Dani laid out. Watch Porsche when she is talking to the other HG’s, she plays dumb to them but she is soaking in everything, using the Jordan approach of keeping low profile to get ahead and fight like hell when needed. Her only downfall is having Kalia there to screw up her game with STUPID decissions I hope she doesn’t let Kalia make them like she did making the STUPIDEST move in BB HOH history against Dani’s recommendations, because Kalia wanted to make her own moves…….ughhhhhh!

Captain D

Jordan is dumb AND stupid. LOL Okay.

Why on earth would she hate Dani? Dani is not good looking and really doesn’t have much of a body.


Rachel has to have Jordan in the jury to have any chance at winning the $500k.

Will Rachel evict Jordan or put her on the block for the money?


people are making death treats toward shelly’s family and child.Get a life people..ITS JUST A GAME!!