Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Straight Shooter is Back Tells JR about the Fortune teller and KP’s HOH planing Sessions **updated**

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2:55pm Backyard Rachel, Jordan and Shelly JR are being nice to Shelly now trying to help out their jury votes. Shelly says the Fortune Teller started up for her the other day. Shelly explains everything that happened. Rachel mentions that early in the Season Dani had plugged it in and it started.. but later it stopped working. Shelly didn’t know that.

They all start talking about dani. Shelly wonders what they are all doing in the jury house. rachel thinks Jeff and Brendon are having fun. Jordan: “BJ are probably siting at the pool and over on the other end is Dani”. Rachel thinks they may have gotten over it by now.. but it’s only Sunday. Shelly says that Jeff’s eviction interview will probably be one that she will miss watching. Jordan comments on how mad Jeff was when he left and he hit the door.

Shelly tells them that Dani probably doesn’t have very many fans, Shelly is sure that Dani’s 2 biggest fans are in the house.. She brings up that Porsche and Kalia are planning things up in the HOH room they have a shot glass with these little coloured things in it and each colour has a name. “There’s one for you.. you … me … Adam.. and each of them”
Shelly says Kalia thinks she’s running Porsche’s HOH.. she’s telling Porsche everything to do, “they actually think they shouldn’t win the next HOH..” Shelly mentions that they are thinking things through much more than she ever did.

Rachel says Porsche really doesn’t know Janelle they worked at the same place and POrsche jut met her once. Shelly brings up that Porsche has that ring Janelle gave her for good luck. Rachel smirks.

(So rachel is still a BLANK, Jordan still hates Dani and Shelly shooting straight again)

3:35pm Pool JR Talking about the fortune teller and how whenever her a Dani would mess with it they would always get in trouble from production. Rachel wonders if maybe something will come from the fortune teller. Jordan says she really hopes there is another Pandora’s box they really need something to go their way. Shelly joins them and they begin to Chit chat about suntanning.. Rachel says she’s not much into laying out in the sun she just does it in the BB house because it’s so boring.

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3:40pm all cams on suntanning.. no talk
Shelly leaves..
Rachel: “You know that we’re in a house with 4 floaters” Jordan: “Yes I know that”

Jordan feels bad for not winning the HOH and losing Jeff. Rachel thinks they can do it this Pandora’s box has given them a real chance. Jordan: “I’m getting really nervous.. I haven’t won anything since week 2.. If you go I don’t stand a chance”

Adam comes out.. JR tell Adam that KP are planning upstairs they’ve made little models of players and are making plans. Rachel: “Shelly just told us everything”

Adam is pissed, “I’m really aggravated about these BLANK people.. trusting them when they really don’t have your back” Adam says he feels like BLANK.
Jordan says to him that he needs to keep his mouth shut and not tell anyone because it will just cause Drama and they don’t want that. Jordan wanted him to know so he can stick with them. Adam says that he knows Shelly is a liar so he should of never trusted her.

Adam starts blowing smoke up their asses saying how bad shelly is and how what she did to Jordan after Jordan giving her a family phone call wasn’t very nice. Adam knew that his chances in this game were nill with JEff and Brendon in it but he wanted Jeff to still be in the house till the end.

Adam goes on and one telling JOrdan everything she wants to hear about Shelly being a horrible person and Adam always being on their side. Jordan asks Adam which one should they get out Kalia or Porsche. Adam says they need to get Kalia out “Dani has taught her the game” Jordan agrees. Rachel thinks they need to win HOH first.

Adam says he will open Pandora’s box he think everyone should. Adam: “If I have to stay in a room with Dani for a hour and you guys get a Margarita party please save me one” Adam thinks the last week has been anything but boring. Jordan thinks this season has been really exciting she only thinks that Dani was saying it’s boring because PT was gone.

(Adam Sucking up to JR BIG TIME.. and in case you are wondering which side is Adam on, he’s on the side that has the power. JR have the power right now so thats the side he’s on. Adam is the ultimate floater this year)

*BTW If i was Adam I would be doing the same thing as he is doing JR control who is going home.

4:50pm HOH KP They are talking about Adam. both are sure that he will fkip if the other side has the power but there’s really nothing they can do now about it.. They just hope Kalia wins HOH. Kalia wants to bring in JR and solidify their situation with them just in case.

Kalia reminds her they need to work on Adam to make sure if he wins HOH they don’t go up.

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I totally agree Simon will be so disappointed if he wins because people taking things so personal instead of judging on game play

Nicole - TEAM DANI

im effing offended shelly doesnt think dani has fans, she has the most and hopefully *crosses fingers* she wins americas fav! VOTE FOR HER!!!!! im however, also offended adam called shelly a bad person when shes not, i hate adam so much, more than sour milk with vinegar and piss in it.


Lol you are so right his voice irritates me almost more than kalias


When Shelly and Adam talk, if you aren’t watching, it’s hard to tell who is who.


ZiiiiiiiiiNG! Good one!


I know she has fans but i would agree she has the most jejo have just as many and jeff could win fan fav again especially if jordon stays in the house i know i will be voting that way

Head of Household

Ohh no way…I don’t even think Dani will come close. Even if she does, she won’t beat Jeff. That was the only time this season when the audience sounded upset when Julie announced he was evicted.


Um, you’re wrong, Dani by far got the biggest applause, while I heard people CLAP when they heard douch Jeff got evicted BEFORE he even walked out. People may have liked Jeff during his first season, but this season everyone saw what a douchebag, pr*ck he really is!


…everyone in the audience groaned when Jordan lost the HOH. The majority of ppl will vote for Jeff. But it’s not true to say Dani has NO fans.

Head of Household

The reply was ment for CCCMM-I agree with what you said.! The only outroars I’ve heard from the audiance was when Jordan lost, and jeff was evicted. Both were dissapointed.



Head of Household

I still don’t think so…i don’t think Jeff will win, no, definately not. But I don’t think Dani will either. I think Porche just tried to emphasise Dani’s applause, Jeff’s was just as loud. And when he was evicted, I heard many “Awwwhhhss.”


Dani received the biggest applause because everyone was glad she was gone!


The clapped for Dani because the Studio tells you to clap with a big sign overhead. I’m glad she got evicted. Such a big head for a little body………………………………….and I will vote for Jeff for Fan Favorite……………………..hope he wins again!!!!!


I’m with you. Jeff will be the favorite again this year. He kept it interesting.


They applauded Dani because they knew she was the one being evicted.
When Jeff came out everyone was in shock and didn’t know what to do – seriously we all had our mouths open and hearts reeling and couldn’t respond because it was expect the unexpected. They didn’t clap because they were not happy he was evicted…that simple…


Wow, if ur talking about voting for the fan favorite (25 grand), vote ur little heart out but Jeff will win by a landslide

dani's fan

I liked Jeff until his eviction interview. He complained that he did all the work, no body had a sac, and that people who were asleep for 45 days suddenly woke up. His ego turned me off. Did he think they were all supposed to roll over and wait for his coronation? Everbody in that house was trying to win. As Evel Dick said “People have been murdered for a lot less than $500,000,00 dollars. Jeff is only the center of Jeff’s universe.


right on jeff is a dweeb


kudos to your comment!

Shellys Cig

Big brother productions will make sure that abuser jeff wins fan fav and jordumb wins bb.. im so over how rigged the show is.. only person ledt that derserves to win bb is porsche

Head of Household

Porche does not deserve to win. Racheal deserves it the most; then Jordan. Porche doesn’t deserve it any more than Jordan because she won two competitions. Porche floated the whole way then she switched to Dani’s side and still she wasn’t even threatened until Jeff’s HOH.


Yeah, well, Porche allied herself with the two players that the whole house was against and helped them win. Jordan did nothing for her alliance. She useless at comps and her social game is walking around with a blank stare. If you love Jordan then you hate the game of Big Brother.


“if you love Jordan then you hate the game of big brother”

Not sure if truer words have ever been spoken in here. Very well said. Summed up her existance on this show perfectly.


That statement is way out there… or dislike has nothing to do with Big Brother. The players make the show and are actual people with some feelings too! Jordon is a great person with a big heart and that is more than I can say for some of the players!


I for one beleive CBS rigs this show there is no way Brenda got voted into the house we all know it was DorC but the latest Pandoras box was a fix to ngive JR some life They meaning CBS are always going to manipulate it when a big move is made and its not there favorite I was going to quit watching but hey i love BB AND i beleive we have more super fans on this site than CBS even knows about and Adam could not even wipe our asses


He takes care of his own rear end and I don’t need him to do mine so why should he wipe yours?.


Some people are just stupid and full of hatred. Probably how they were raised to be hate mongers and the same way are they raising their kids, if they have any, to follow suit. According to TMZ, some hater(s) called to threaten Shelly’s family and daughter because she voted for Jeff. The loser(s) also called Shelly’s employer asking that they fire her. Please get a life people, it’s only a reality show that you are merely watching on tv. Only a very low life illiterate idiot would dare do that BS.


What has Jordan done to even be in the game? She has no game plan riding behind Jeff! Jeff is a whiner and definetly not the only strategic game player! Dani had by far the greatest moves and had no fear of anyone! Kalia will take a lead to an extent, but needs someone to back her! Rachel is all tak !!!! Adam is a follower and has no nerve or guts to change his game! Oh that’s right he has no game and never has! Porsche I am glad she changed from J&J to Dani that took alot of courage and nerve! Shelly what can I say she plays everybody even her self! I don’t think she knows who to follow she sure isn’t a leader! I am waiting for Jordan to be gone as she already one and I saaw another side of her that shows that she doesn’t have to do anything as long as she gets people to like her! Drama Drama


Sorry guys not a fan of Dani. Was at the beginning then she changed to much lost all respect for her.


I’m voting Jeff 🙂 I can’t stand Dani. She’s a whiney, spoiled brat that’s jealous of her own father having better game play than her.


I thought Shelly and Dani were buds shelly turning on Dani big shock.


Floaters unite! This is the Floaters Game! Thank you one of them is going home! then there will be only 2 Kalia , Jordan, and Rachel the floaters are Porsche, Adam


Shelly can only get away with her antics because there’s a bounty of stupid people left in the game. Whatever damage she does to the remaining players is totally their own faults.


not really only Kaliah is stupid enough to trust her even after she screwed her last time and dani warned her before she left she never learns


Adam can make a strong case if he gets to the finals for being loyal to JJ and then playing a survior game from that point on with “NO” blood on his hands. He was up front with Dani about not voting for her and can say that he won the one POV that he had to win. He can say, that he had thrown the others (I think he did throw 2 of them). He’s been fairly nice to everyone and hasn’t said bad or nasty things. He should be happy to be final 3 with RJ for they would take 1 vote each (JB) if it is a final 3 situation and not just a final 2 (CBS can change it). I’m also against the attacks on anyone’s family, but as one post said: “Shelly family gets death threats and they call TMZ.”

Benny Hill

I seriously doubt Shelly’s family called TMZ. They called the police and FBI and then the moles that TMZ has in place told them. Just because you see a story on TMZ about someone that doesn’t mean that is was them that contacted TMZ.


Exactly what a moron if you think shellys family called TMZ like they need the uh maybe 5000 tops for a picture and story…Some people just blow me away with dumbness..


Well that makes sense. Give the money to the people who did the least. Adam and Jordan get carried along like rocks because they’re not a threat and make no moves.


You still need help.


Finally someone talking game and players without using foul language or making vulgar derrogatory remarks. I wish more people on this board woud follow your example.


I ditto that exactly and am just stating my opinion as such!

Even though Adam has rode whatever he rode to get where he is, he did it with probably the best morals out of any of the house guests, and should be applauded because it seems by reading some of the comments too many people think a game should be played lying and back stabbing others. But for myself, it speaks volumes when a person (doesn’t matter what they look like on the outside) plays an honest forthright game.

The Meow Meow

I can’t wait until Adam gets out and sees how much the fans actually think he is a pathetic player and a waste of skin in the house he really is.




Exactly he will not be back..unless they change the name of the show to Big Boredom


I don’t know if i agree with that adam didn’t really float from side to side he gave jeff his word and was true to it till he left he could have voted jeff out and it would have been better for him but he still chose to keep jeff (not that it mattered at that point)


As much as Adam has studied this game, remember he is still there! It could be that his strategy is to be laid back, be likeable, don’t tell tall tales, speak when spoken to, be respectful without giving too much away, not appearing as a threat. He sees year after year how if he makes it near the end that a lot of self-destruction happens and if he can stay out of the firworks he might have enough friends on both sides *regardless of not winning* to get jury votes.

Pinto seems to have modeled her behavior after the previous season’s Jor-dough. Eat like crazy and act stupid and non-threatening. After all she might get a contract with Jenny Craig. Remember she mentioned to Adam that she wouldn’t have to ‘play dumb’ any more (to which Adam replied, ‘you were playing?’) She’s no brain, but waitresses learn to read people and she might be playing to a lesser expectation, and now she is starting to show some skills.

I think if production told Rachel if she knew she was pregnant that she would need to leave the house — and Rachel is choosing to not know. After all, stress can make a woman completely miss a period.


If she is pregnant, the more she needs the money for the baby. I do not think whatever the comp will be will not hurt her game.


Dani, Porche, and Kalia took on the whole house and their side ended up taking control of the game. Sure, Adam and Jordan have maybe the best strategy. Do nothing and you are no threat, but you can’t argue that they deserve any money at all.


Ill buy that Electra you made some good points


WHo cares if thats Adams strategy…I think his strategy or whatever he had planned went out the window when teh vets came back…IF he is such a fan though he would know that he is boring us to tears…

i would rather watch a bowl of mash potatoes go cold…


What is wrong with this chick I think she might be bypolar.


Well Adam may be the ultimate floater , but at least he is doing it without being real nasty like the three stooges…got to give him some credit … keeping his cool with RJ … and the CATS…lmao GO RJ .. YOU CAN DO IT ….LOL


Agree’ Adam is not the ultimate floater. I think his game has been O.K. He has come close in some comps, won one, and really believe he’s tried to play a good game. He’s one of the people that I’m happy to see still there. Love the possibility’s of JR and Adam working together. We got a game folks!


I dont think begging Jeff to let him have it, constitues a win.


How bout it!


Anonymos i kind of agree Adam has been haging but I do not buy this altimate fan stuff who said that anyways was that a self proclomation?


the whole thing with the death threats to shelly’s family is beyond words. i cannot stand shelly and would never want to meet her out in the real world, but her family has nothing to do with her and her behavior in the house. they should be considered off-limits. it just shows how crazy some people are in this world. reguardless of how much i don’t like her, it’s just a game and other than for entertainment it doesn’t affect me, the same for all the other fans out there. it’s a bit scary how seriously some people take this. REALITY CHECK- it’s just a t.v. show and you’re not the one on it getting screwed by her. and i know that she backstabbed jeff and jordin, but not with a real knife in the back HELLO!


I agree her family should be off limits.

She took this “game” to another level – beyond human! I would not be her friend, I would not hire her to work for me, and I would not wish anything bad on her or her family. She needs professional help but that probably would not help her because she is so accustomed to lying that she actually believes she is the greatest.

That was her downfall and will continue to be until she is actually gets to the point in her life that when she looks up she will see the bottom and realize a change is needed. Hopefully when her husband and daughter leave she will realize what is important in life….then again she may never really understand.


The reason there are floaters left is because instead of the actual players coming together to get out floaters, they decided they didn’t want people in the house that could possibly play the game….so they got all the “players out” so yeah now there are only floater left. With the exception of R. But in their own right the floaters are still there so they must evidently be doing something right.


I feel bad for Adam he thinks people like his game and yet we don’t.


Hot girls ex. Dani and Cassi, hahaha you are another deluded Dani fan. Cassi drop dead beautiful. Dani ape faced skeletor…please dont put theses 2 women in the same category. You can drink the Dani Kolaide all you want but you sound plain dumb if you compare Dani to Cassi in the looks department…


I lol’ed at that too.


you’re kidding right, the only reason they got rid of cassi is because she was pretty? not because she was the obvious leader of the newbies. Dani the same thing…team dani is little closed mined I think.

let’s not forget when production saved dani when she was sure to be booted. and she wasn’t even in the situation the girls are in now.


Yes they got rid of them because they were the leaders, but I never said that JR were trying to get them out because of the way they looked. I just said that JR are envious of Cassi and Dani’s bodies. Don’t assume.

LOL Team production has never helped Dani. Don’t bring the stupid golden key into this. They had to give her one because Evel Dick left for a real emergency not a made up one. Since at that point it was Duos Dani got one.

When Dani got rid of Brenda everything was going her way. Then Kalia won HOH and because of the stupid twist Lawon was evicted when it should have been Roach. Instead of it being JJSA vs DKPL it was JJBRSA vs DKP. Also that twist was rigged. Production was going for a final four of JJBR. Brendon would not have come back if “America’s” votes had been counted. Prodcution has been team BR this season if you haven’t noticd. Pandora’s Box anyone? POV being Endurance anyone?

So lets go back to it being JJSA vs DKPL after Roach is evicted and there is no twist. Dani wins HOH and would have nominated Jeff and Jordon. Dani was domianting the corn hole game and Jeff would have been gawn, because Dani was going to win that POV (she had made 3 straight shots, she threw it after that to Adam).

Then Porsche would have won the dish washer game (no Jeff and Porsche was second in that comp) so Shelly and Adam would have been nomianted and one of JAS would have been evicted and the final 6 would have been DKPL + 2 memebers of JAS.

So don’t tell me that it was rigged for Dani if anything Production screwed Dani over. Prodcution is team BRJJ

Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!


….I’ll give you Rachel but Jordan wanted to keep Cassi lol! Like, are you serious right now? Jordan was crying when she had to backdoor Cassi.

As for Dani…Jordan’s wayy prettier. Dani’s face is so boney, it looks like a skull with tan skin. She does look better with black hair than blonde though.


1) “Then Kalia won HOH and because of the stupid twist Lawon was evicted when it should have been Roach.” —You mean because Kalia was dumb enough to nominate AND vote out someone from her own alliance. Dumbest move in BB history. Production had nothing to do with that.
2) America voted Brendan back in. Not Big Brother. Big Brother’s success hinges on fans. Therefore, they will give the fans what they want to see. To doubt that America voted Brendan back in and Big Brother just chose him against America’s wishes is doubting CBS’s ability to sell and market a product. I’ll give you a hint they a major company and know what they are doing.
3) America has participated in the Big Brother experience for years now. Part of game play is to be likeable and stick to your word. You know America will be voting at some point for something so it’s simple don’t go off trying to make a big splash in the opening weeks me verse the house like Dani did. Stick to your alliance, be social and likeable. Part of gameplay. Since Danielle made it to finale in BB2 CBS production & America’s fans have not tolerated that type of gameplay.
Try and blame production all you want but Danielle, Kalia, and Porsche are terrible game players and they paid the consequences. Dani tried to backstab an alliance in Week 3. Everyone would agree this was a terrible move (even Evel Dick). Kalia nominated and voted out a member of her own alliance. Worst move in Big Bro history. Porsche flopped from a good side running the house to the side doing all the backstabbing. Not a terrible move, but nothing positive could come from that. All of these players made terrible moves that blew their games. Jordan, Rachel, and Adam have not made any terrible moves and thus they are in the end. DKP blew their own games. STOP BLAMING PRODUCTION!

chief c

your wrong it was dani jealous of cassi and kalia and rachel jordon thought cassi was nice. in the beginning anyway. wow really people lets talk about the ones left not bygone members


Yes, she way jealous with envy of Cassie and that was obvious! Dani wanted Dom all to herself and Cassie stood in her way, like he had the half million in his pocket! Cassie was another great honest game player IMO….and would like to see her come back in another game…

give me a break

Dani is the one that wanted Cassie gone Jordan did not want to so check your facts…


Casting sucks, more interesting people could have played Adam’s game. I’m sure he’s a nice guy but the bromance with Jeff was distasteful. Hero worship never looked do desperate.


RC24 they do not even realize the gift they got that is how dumb Jordan really is by the way what is up with Rachels teeth freaky look next time she is looking at camera


it does not matter from here on…CBS has made it loud and clear…they want a vet to win…if kalia wins HOH and puts JR can rest assure there will be another twist…this duo comp was CBS exhalting its authority to control the game.

they will finish like this:

1. Shelly to the Jury house this week
2. Kalia next week
3. Porsche to Jury house
4. Adam exits
5. Jordan wins $50k
6. Rachel wins $500k


no one in that house will vote for Rachel Dani hates her Shelly hates her Jeff will vote for Jordon Adam will vote whatever way Jeff will P & K will vote Jordon because they don’t like Rachel lets face it since day one these guys have played off nothing but emotion.


I don’t know. I think Rachel COULD get the votes. Jeff and Shelly will vote for Jordan. Adam – who knows? Doesn’t matter. If Rachel can win more competitions, she will obviously get Brenden’s vote. As much as it might kill Dani to vote for Rachel, I think it might kill her more to ‘write a cheque to Jeff and Jordan’. Jordan can’t seem to win much of anything and I don’t think Dani respects her as a gameplayer. If Dani votes Rachel, her Kalia and Porsche minions may as well. Afterall, without Dani guiding them, they would probably end up voting for Lawon or Keith, not fully understanding how the voting process works.

Also, did I go to the washroom or something when Porsche did her whole, ‘who wants to see my HoH room?!’ bit tonight? Either I completely missed it or production decided that nobody cared to see a bunch of pictures of her and her friends doing jello shooters at the bar.


I agree, there is no way in hell that rachel will win if jordan is around.

dani's fan

Rachel can only win if she takes Adam to the final 2. Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and Dani will vote for Rachel. Dani thinks Adam is the worst BB player ever and would not vote for him to win.


If Rachel and Jordon make it to the end, they are both winners no matter what. They will be happy with what they get because people who don’t have much $$ are thankful they finally get some money and some $$ is better than no money and probably beats the stipends they are given!

anon anon

Right on. If Kalia wins HOH then Jordan will be gicen a coup de tait which will give her the power to overthrow the HOH and even Evict her if she so chooses;


Agreed, if it’s Rachel and Jordan at the end, Jordan gets another 500Gs, which is why Rachel fans cannot be Jordan fans. Actually, Jordan shouldn’t have any BB fans. She’s useless.


Everyone has use in this world – some more than others but who are we to decide? She is human with feelings too – try not to be so harsh. Just saying…


I hope you’re RIGHT!

Midwest Fan

BB13 – awful.

Okay, let’s give the WIN to the nicest person in the BB House.
If it was good enough for Jordan to win her season, then it is good
enough for Adam to win BB13.
Restore Adam’s reputation for his life outside of the House.
Who doesn’t like “marshmetals?” Sweet!!!


If being the nicest gets someone the win – then good for them.


It’s not that Adam and Jordan are nice, that move them forwards. It’s that they pose no threat at competitons.

chief c

Adam and Jordon are nice geez when did that become a crime and jordon has won and is not there for the money really so she isnt obcessed with money thats why shesntired of it all she just wanted to be with jeff for summer. no crime in that. Leave nice people alone you BB fans. Hope jr win perhaps theres room for rachel to be taken in a new light Shes more likable with jordon as an ally. I give porshe credit and she is not fat just muffin top probly more from barfly days and now just eats. Dani was good looking not a doubt but cassi was much prettier especially inside. sorry she was. and id prefer being there with nice people so go RJA hope hes done flipping oh well maybe RPJ that would be ok by me Kalia hmm liked Lawon though he never played only acted. Kalia though grates on my nerves with her heavy attitude of im better than you so ill explain it for you.

ife is more worthwhile with a few nice people in it


You’re verbose.


I agreee 100% nice people rock! 🙂


WTF now adam takes a side? hes been floating all game and now when its the best move to play both sides, he stops. he really does suck at this game


“Rachel says Porsche really doesn’t know Janelle they worked at the same place and POrsche jut met her once. Shelly brings up that Porsche has that ring Janelle gave her for good luck. Rachel smirks.”

” Jordan says she really hopes there is another Pandora’s box they really need something to go their way.”

“Rachel: “You know that we’re in a house with 4 floaters” Jordan: “Yes I know that””

It amazes me how some people still think these two are better than anyone else in the house……


now is this story true … i did some searching and found nothing other then what was posted here and what BB production had to say … Now this is just a thought so please dont beat me down … maybe just maybe hubby is so ashamed this story was planted… who knows… again recalling last year when meany Brit .. (and that girl was mean and nasty ) (dang she would of really fit into this group of nasties…lol ) when the house they rented burnt… like at the wee hours of the morn .. via a BBQ… fishy to me .. and she gets America’s Choice… NOW THAT WAS A SHAME AND SICKENING … Guess its an act looking for Pitty …


I was thinking that too.


I think you might be on to something there. I mean I know there are ways to find out where people live and all but Unless you have the means to do this it is not that easy to do. Now maybe her “friends” at work or in her home town could have sold her out because they are ashame to even know her. I don’t think her voting Jeff out was a bad thing it is game play lieing is game play. And as my granny would say dont go out to the bar on Saturday night get drunk and go to church on Sunday and talk bad about those who do go to church But her getting all bent out of shape because someone is talking bad about her and say how wrong it is anf yet she does it and it is ok. And I not a R/J fan but if R is prego dont talk about her unborn child Think about it how would you feel if you was prego and in her shoes. She could be a great and loving mother and Brend could be a great dad. All we see of these people is what cbs wants us to see we have no way of knowing how they are in the real world and not on tv 24/7


I agree with Mariann I think Shellys husband is totally embarrassed for his wives actions that he did leak a story. No one would actually threaten a family becuz of the way they play a game! So stupid to believe TMZ! Shelly is an old leather face hag. She probably gets her clients by telling stories and lying and back stabbing. If I was a client of hers I would sure be skeptical from now on how truthful she really is! E Dick never told one lie he just buggd the rest of the players crazy! Now that’s a way to play! Go Jordan and rachael. And my vote for Americas Player will b Jeff or Jordan!


Floater or not…if he wins, you can’t hate because he will have beat all of the other house guests, when they’re all sitting in the jury house. Even if he wins second place….


While there’s a certain point there, it certainly doesn’t make me want to watch another season of the show.


Fans should be allowed to vote to evict people if they are boring in polls. Then CBS sees if there is a valid reason and then kicks them on the live Thursday show.


But instead of eviction it’s a trap door. Adam walks out of the bathroom, a trap door opens up beneath his feet and he disappears from sight.


there has been many floaters in the BB seasons, Adam is probably the most annoying and boring ever. somebody is gonna carry this bum for F2. no way he even deserves 50 grand for absolutely be the worst in the house. time to cut loose this idiot. hope it’s this week.


at this point i don’t even care who wins, but i just have a question…is this Porsches HOH or is it Kalias? I mean seriously. Kalia is sleeping up there! Lordy me. lol


I’s gross. They even sleep together in her HOH room.


Kalia is so arrogant, she is acting like she is HOH. She is the one who talks when anyone comes in and she just has a totally entitled attitude. I can’t stand her and hope she goes home next. She obviously thinks she has it over Porche but I disagree. She is a moron and one of the worst players ever. I have never seen anyone in power before lose one of their own alliance members due to their own stupidity. At least with Dani, there was a twist that negated her HOH, but Kalia is just a moron and need to get over herself already.


Rachel is wrong. Adam and Shelly are for sure floaters jumping to whoever has power, but Kalia is not a floater. She may be stupid but she has been loyal to Daniele since week four and now Porsche. So Rachel and Jordan are wrong and annoying.




I’ve come to the conclusion that Rachel considers anyone who’s not a vet a floater. Her judgement on the matter is not to be trusted.


Yeah, Jordan too. She’s been talking about people floating by not doing anything since week 2. It’s too funny.


For sure Shelly is a floater, but I think it’s a stretch to call Adam a floater. He’s been pretty loyal to J/J and has not voted for the other sides target (since week 1 – Keith) other than Brendan and that is when all the houseguest, other than Rachael voted the same way. I think him being nice to all the people is taken as a floater. I don’t think he should win, because he really hasn’t done anything to get blood on his hands, but I definately wouldn’t call him a floater.


I get so annoyed at everyone talking about floaters lol. Who cares if somebody ever wins a comp or not? All that matters is winning either the $500 grand or 50 grand. It’s ridiculous how they think that because somebody won a comp or 2 that they are better than somebody who hasn’t.

chief c

she is only loyal to porshe to a point when it was dani in there she was loyal to dani(get a dog if you want loyalty) but she was constantly upping herself and dissing porshe to dani before she was gone. Posrhe is mor loyal ugh that is not what this game is about well no mostly about loyal hmm thats not her quality she is loyal to herself and what she considers her brain power dont like her attitude


I am sad I don’t care for some of the antics that go on in the game but it is the game and most of these people are going to be cool with each other after. These Psycho fans who will never know these people are acting like Shelley killed their mother. They must not understand it’s a game. I feel sorry for Shelley and her family. I wish they would all their hatred into good causes but that would be to productive and take them away from their TV because they have no lives

Benny Hill

“Rachel wonders if maybe something will come from the fortune teller. Jordan says she really hopes there is another Pandora’s box they really need something to go their way.”

And some people are calling Jordan DUMB !!!

Sure didn’t take her long to figure out the only way they can win is for BB to throw twist their way.

Rach calling the rest of the house floaters???? K and P have been on the oppossing side for a long time now and have won more than she has.

Rach must think the meaning of the word “floater” is someone who is not on her side.


Lol I thought that Adam just said yesterday that he wants 2 newbies to be in the final two, and that he doesn’t think Jordan should win because she had already won two years ago & that Rachel is a huge threat for him. Now he’s on their side? You have got to be kidding me! Daniele was right he is the worst player in the house & it will be a shame to see him in final two if he gets there. He has not done jack shit that POV comp was thrown to him yet he says he deserves to be there.. Give me a break you aren’t any better than shelly! And it sickens me he keeps saying “I just want to play an honest game” this is bigbrother honesty is not required! Also everyone hated Rachel last year, and everyone is on her side cause she’s against precious Jordan.. Come on now! This makes me upset :/


Excuse me, I meant to say because Rachel is with precious Jordan not against!


If Adam were to somehow win I can actually see him betting boo’ed at the finale.


nah. They didn’t boo the friendship alliance lady (maggie?) in bb6, so I don’t think they’d boo Adam if he wins.


It was. Maybe production were just getting their feet wet, still, and didn’t rig as often? I missed season 8-10, and the first 7 were so long ago that my memories are really vague. Other than the fact I loved Jennelle haha.


Geeeeezus. Well, Shelly I was really pulling for you but your dumbass just made the worst move ever by flipping if you weren’t going to stick with your new side. Once you flip the other side will never fully let you back in… and if you have to go gown with a sinking ship that’s what you gotta do! I don’t like her much now… It took her 5 minutes after reconciling with Jordan to start talking huge trash and spilling stuff about K & P. And you can tell it’s not game manipulation… she means what she’s saying 100%.
I’m definitely team Porsche now, officially. She’s the lesser of 6 evils

Midwest Fan


unless ……ADAM!


Adam, I’m feeling your pain. Kaila, Porsche, and Shelly go behind your back into the final 3. Rachel and Jordan, they never turn your back. Adam, you should stick with Jordan and Rachel. They have strategic and physical. Kaila and Porsche, they just eat and sleep instead of fighting hard. Both are bunch of trash talkers and cockiness. Kaila win 2 HOH and Porsche 1 HOH and 1 POV. That’s nothing, they don’t win by having Dani’s Spirit help you guys. Rachel and Jordan wins by believe and fight till the end. For Shelly, She lied and not being greatful for Jordan to give up a phone call for nothing. That’s being so selfish. Beside, Adam stick with Rachel and Jordan. They will never turn your back. Porsche and Kaila they will stabbed in your back and float by into final 2. So, go for the experience.

Oh no shelly gotta go

Hey shouldn’t CBS inform Shelly that her family is getting threats…I mean they know how she feels about her daughter and husband this is something they should let her know. I would hate to be evicted and find out you keep this kind of information from me….HELL TO THE NO


By this point in last year’s show Rachel and Brittany had over 1,000 death threats. The show goes on.


She lies all the time so how are we to know what she really think about her family> Just saying…
The point is she made the decision to go on a show like this which opens the door to all kinds of opportunities, good or bad just like Pandora’s box.


I agree she should be notified, there is no doubt she loves her family more than anything else. Reality tv needs to get a reality check!


rachelwill tottallywin next week espiciallyif its endurance


I can’t stand Shelly. Such a two faced liar. I wish Adam would have spoke up sooner and warned Jeff and them. If Adam had told them sooner maybe things would have been different and Shelly would have gone home. I can’t sand her.


wow. this cbs episode doesnt look good for shelly!


OMG i am watching tonights show and how funny is this shelly thinks that adam spilled not rachel and she is trying to avoid answering the question and blaming everything on Adam. She is unbelievable if you want to flip own it.

give me a break

There was alot messing out of what happened with Jeff’s fight with Shelly she deserved every bit of it and he did not bully her at all. Jeff was right why does the blog on here not tell everything the way it really happens or is that when you cant see whats going on in the house. Shelly finaly got caught in her lies and could not get out of it.


PLS Jeff barely said a word shelly was the one talking in circles she was like a rat trapped in a maze but shelly called him a bully even though she barely spoke lol


considering the fight was edited to see what producers wanted people to see, usually favoring their choice players, like Jeff, what happened we will never know since it was blanked out from the live feeds.


shel got got by jeff


Then shel got jeff…..evicted lol


When do Kaila and Porsche learn that your idiotic plan will not work? Guys, Face it, every time your planned in motion. It backfired. Beside, You guys has no Chance. Shelly will go to the Jury House with Big Jeff. If I were both of you guys, you have no chance of winning the competition.


And neither does your hero Lil Jeff. Taken down by Dani’s minions. Jeff will never win a TV show, he is incapable of playing logically or learning from his mistakes. And that’s kind of sad, even a dog learns from their mistakes.

Jeff – Two time BB Loser and one time loser of Amazing Race. If he walks like a loser and talks like a loser…he’s a loser.

chief c

only thing your exposing is your venom hate on bbexposer wow you make up that handle ha ha jeff is just trying to have a career so are the rest of them so what that doesnt make any of them losers But then what are you LOL


He’s building up a rather impressive resume of reality show fails.

And if I have venom towards Jeff, its because of these pathetic “fans” of his that feel it’s alright for death threats and for his “fans” to call someone’s employer trying to get them fired over something she did while trying to win the same prize that their beloved hero was trying for. As far as Jeff trying to start a career, umm he signed up to play a game show, not applying for a job. However, his fans are trying to cost someone their career, yes a real career, not trying to be a reality tv star. And that’s OK, because their favorite isn’t going to win? Even if I liked JJ, which I don’t obviously, I could never condone the death threats and other actions of Jeff’s cult of losers.

Jeff got got. Get over it. Actually Jeff’s fans should be used to his failures by now.


A career she may have had before going into this house by doing what she does best, (lying, backstabbing & walking on others to get ahead) but the difference now is everyone got a glimpse of how she got there because she was in true form day in and day out. In a game that people say is all about lies, back stabbing…the truth will prevail and it is all on TV for everyone to watch and see the true Shelly.

She did it to herself and many people think her time is up on the show as well as “the career” she built just the way she built her foothold in the house which is now falling apart – Karma. Predicting is an American right too! Players get played sooner or later…..


So jordan says that there are 4 floaters in the house, and then says that she hasn’t won anything since week 2. Uuuuum, so is the in that 4? Jordan gets on my nerves, can’t stand her.


even if adam is “floating” has it not been working? seriously if you think about it he has beaten all the evicted house guests by not causing drama like jeff or brendan. if you were in his situation your not going to go against the power because your just making your death bed in the big brother house. i respect people who sink with their ship but if you really look at it its kinda stupid if ts for a money prize…


shelly is this season’s number one floater not adam… she hasn’t won a single competition… not even a pov to save herself when she’s on the block… but when shelly leaves then yes for sure adam will be the biggest floater left lol he goes where the power is… everyone seems to say that jordan is a floater but she’s nothing compared to adam… she may pout and get upset when her alliance doesn’t win but she doesn’t kiss butt just for the sake of kissing butt like adam… and she’s already proven that she can balance (1) staying under the radar, (2) ruffling minimal feathers, (3) kissing minimal butt, and (4) winning a few comps to avoid being a complete floater to make it to the end and actually win the whole entire game! did anyone see the extended interview with jeff on (hilarious! banana pancakes! lol) but he made a good point, people underestimate jordan and that’s how she won last time and that’s what’s going to help her this time!


Adam was GIVEN his POV, LOL!! JorDUMB hasn’t done a damn thing either, she was given her HOH! JorDUMB, Adam and Shelly are ALL floaters!

Watching tonight’s show reminded me of how ELATED I am that douchebag Jeff is GONE!! Best move this season, thanks to Shelly!! Also, JorDUMB is such a cry baby, whiny a$$, I can’t even look at her stupid face anymore. As much as I HATE Raunchel, I’d even rather she’d win than loser JorDUMB!!

kalia the hut

@CCCMM taking the game a little too seriously there aren’t you? you need help.


Jordan is absolutely not a floater. She doesn’t have to change alliances. She will always be the last person standing in her alliance because she is so useless at comps that she is no threat.


it would have been so funny if jordan would have punched shel in mouth.


That would’ve been awesome if that happened then her useless partially self entitled ass could be sent home.


I mean get real, Evil Dick gets called to the DR on day 6 about a friend??? in trouble and leaves the game, yet BB Producers don’t tell Shelly of the danger her family is in at the hands of mentally deranged idiot J&J fans is rediculous!

Midwest Fan



After Dani left, I really have nobody to root for left in this game.

Shelly’s a disgusting liar who’ll throw anyone and everyone under the bus any chance she gets. Adam has absolutely no spine, period. Jordan has done nothing in this game yet whines all the time about the other “floaters” — and she wants ANOTHER twist that favors her!? Geez, get her out PLEASE. Rachel is annoying as hell and has been driving me batty all season. I still haven’t forgiven Kalia for nominating Lawon and royally screwing over her alliance. At the end of the day, it wasn’t Dani trying to backdoor Jeff that screwed her– it was Lawon going home. If Rachel had gone instead, Brendon would still have been evicted twice, and the next week Dani would’ve had enough votes to stay since Shelly was turning on JJ anyways. So yes, I blame Dani leaving on Kalia. And now Kalia’s acting like she’s soo smart and deserving to be there. Porsche is probably the only one I may root for. She’s been loyal and seems to be thinking smarter than Kalia, though she did open PB, so who knows.

The worst possible final 2? Jordan and Adam. Both of them are worthless in this game and don’t deserve to be there. And Jordan will win simply because Adam has just been a little bit more useless than her.


Simon- who are you thinking are gonna make final 2? After this Pandora box thing it seems like there is no way it won’t be RJ….boo 🙁


I was going to say maybe Porsche and Rachel in the finals, but after what production pulled this weekend , I don’t even care who wins because it’s seriously obvious who they wanted to win all season long will win, Jordan(Jeff would be in the equation of he has not messed up in the POV).. What could’ve been exciting seeing the Newbies besting the Almighty Vets has been tarnished by productions constant meddling.


shelly AKA Man Voice! Got 2 Go! Then Porche!


If I had my way, I’d wipe out this whole cast and just donate the $500k to charity. BUT, since that is NOT how it goes, I’d say that Adam should go. Whether I’d like to admit it or not, Shelly deserves to be there more than he does. While she may not make the smartest moves in the game, she’s still attempting to play. (i.e: her lying, running back and forth, and having more deals with people than the Sunday ads). Adam does offer up his loyalty, but it’s only a matter of time before he too, does what Shelly has done, which is begin playing for herself.


Not only does Shelly shoot straight, her makeup makes her look like a raccoon and she walks like she has a penis.


I just want to know why they all(houseguests) think Kiss ass Adam is so good at questions?…there have been how many hoh’s or vetos with questions and he wasnt even close!!! After he gets out hell say he threw them but I dont buy it!


It’s funny but RJ losing the HoH was the best thing that happened because if Jordan won then this week Porche could play but not only are RJ are safe but they can kick Shelly out and only have to worry about Kaliah.


That skank and that dumbass still calling everybody floaters? OK Adam yes but Shelly has been turning around the house for 5 weeks now, and Kalia and Porsche won comps, STFU about them being a floaters, because if their floaters than what does that make Jordan who had done shit the whole season and expected everyone to bow down to JJ like their king and queen and hand them 500k? Oh I’m sorry they’re not supposed to play for Dani but they supposed to play for Jeff and Jordan(that’s the attitude they had…


I think if I was Jordan, I would have hurt Shelly. For once Rachel was on the side of actually pulling someone away – I was really glad she drug Jordan out when she did. For Shelly to come in so soon after the double eviction and try to convince Jordan to feel sorry for her was just stupid.

For everyone saying the game is so incredibly rigged – sure, I highly doubt that every single thing that happens is coincidence. But all the comps and stuff are planned out way too far in advance for them to be rigging it. Now the Pandora’s Box, that may have been a boost for JR, but there was still no way production could guarantee 100% that JR would win the veto. Plus, Pandora’s Box has been done before, so it’s not something totally new. And they had no way of being 100% sure that Porsche would take the box. She could have ignored the box and there would have been no benefit to JR. So yeah, they may make efforts one way or the other, but ultimately, the players made the final call on what actually happens.

Every minute that Shelly is on screen, I have to keep myself from throwing things at the TV. Has she said a single honest word during this entire game?


Based on your comments, you should drop the Not from your name. I swear JJ fans will spin anything those two losers do. So if Jordan stabs someone, it’ll be the person’s fault for moving into the knife. WTF, JJ fan’s are cult like in their obsession and blind faith in their false idols.


watching porch win hoh on cbs and then watching her gloat was Hilarius. she def was a special student when she was in school.


Did Rachel get help when she received death threats last year? There are some whacko’s out there.


Does anyone know if there is going to be a Dick at Night show tonight? Been waiting for it to start the past 10 minutes…


Hope the $5,000 was worth it yo. No way I would have opened that. Who gives a shit about $5,000.



I still think its funny that all of y’all are STILL spelling their names wrong when you see it on tv 3 times a week lol