Big Brother 13: Rachel tells Jordan, Kalia getting Jeff out wasn’t a big Move getting Rachel out would have been

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3:30pm Backyard Suntaning Porsche and Kalia Kalia is telling Porsche how bad everyone wants Shelly out.. she looks up at Porsche asks her if she’s sleeping. Prosche looks up says she’s listening…

Porsche: “It sounds like they are getting rid of Adam..” Kalia thinks that Shelly is going.. Porsche disagrees they are worried about Adam winning comps. Kalia: “the bottom line who ever she keeps is still working with us”.. Porsche believes Adam wants to win comps he’s “building a resume to win Big Brother 13”. Kalia isn’t sure that Adam can win comps even if he tries.

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3:38pm JR Havenots They are trying to figure out who KP want to have safe this week. Jordan thinks they need to get rid of Shelly because she is such a liar and a backstabber. Jordan says she had a long talk with Adam today they really figured things out. She pressed him to start making a choice of who to be with JR or KP. Jordan: “I told him he saw me yell at Shelly and I told him I would get mad if he screwed us”

Jordan says she told Adam if he’s not final 3 with them then he’s going home this week. She demanded a answer from him and asked Adam for a straight shooter answer. After the conversation Jordan felt like he was honest with her and she thinks they can trust him to put up KP if he wins HOH. Jordan is also confident that Adam will not try to take Rachel out Jordan really pushed the fact that Rachel is one their team. Jordan laid out to Adam their plan for the next week is to get Kalia out.

Rachel says that Porsche’s Veto win was hit or miss it have nothing to do with Brains or physical. Rachel thinks Kalia has really stepped up her game and needs to go next week. JR start to size up the remaining players and how good they are in the final comps. Rachel thinks Adam has been throwing comps all year he’ll be good at questions, She thinks Prosche is only good at Skill comps. Jordan agrees but thinks Porsche might have a edge on physical comps.

Jordan: “Shelly got to go”
Rachel: “I think so to”
Jordan: “We need each other we have to work together and Shelly’s first opportunity she will screw Rachel over”

3:50pm JR walking around the baclyard they are laughing at Dani for being in the Jury house. Rachel says that Dani lied to Brendon twice she swore to him she wouldn’t put him up the second time and she did. (Ahh Rachel is shooting straight Shelly style now)

Jordan starts talking about the comps that ask you questions about other houseguests are hard because she really doesn’t talk to many people. She says she really struggled with the questions in Season 11.

4:05pm Kitchen KP Both are agreeing that Shelly needs to go but are worried that they might keep Shelly because she’s cut a deal with them. Kalia wonders if JR will split the vote and make her be the deciding vote. Porsche doesn’t think so because that will shift the power over to them. Porsche calculates there’s a 5% chance.. (lol she really said 5% ) They wonder who will go up if Rachel wins HOH and Adam goes home this week… There not sure, but they think it’s possible that KP will go up. Kalia: “If rachel is smart… which she is she will put up 2 threats Kalia and Prosche and use Shelly as a backup”.. POrsche: “Then I will need to win Veto and Jordan and I vote for you to stay”

4:30pm Quad Adam sleeping… JR running laps.

They take a break and start talking about Kalia.. Rachel says that Kalia think she will win the game, “that is why she offered Adam that Final 2 deal she’s covering all her bases” (I didn’t know Adam told JR that.. damn KP are screwed unless Kalia wins this next HOH)

Rachel thinks that Kalia getting JEff out was not a big move she thinks the biggest move in the game at that point would of been getting Rachel out.

Jordan thinks Rachel will win BB13 if she makes it to final 2.. Rachel thinks if it’s JR int he final 2 then it’s a 50/50 shot.. Jordan tries to convince her otherwise.. Now Rachel goes on and on about how she’s playing for second place..

5:13pm Rachel working out

5:20pm JK Kitchen Jordan tells Kalia that Dani was talking shit about Kalia the night when she was drunk and talking to JJ in the backyard. KAlia: “umm really?” Jordan: “Ya.. you, Adam, Shelly, Porsche and Rachel she said something about you all.. I told Jeff some people will be upset when they hear what she said” Jordan now starts knocking Dani for being Drunk and always playing with her hair.. Jordan does a small impersonation of Dani during that night. (Hasn’t Jordan pulled out most of her hair this season while sober?)
Jordan does mention that Dani is the type of player that can separate game and personal relationships.

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Rachel: Por, Kalhia, Adam
Adam: No one.


Like it or not, Adam played a quiet game. Another fan said he and Jordan both don’t have blood in their hands. I like JAR chances for the win. Any of the three. PorK will only win if they manage to keep PAK in the final three. Jury make up is one thing; production team’s interference is another. Shout out to Team Regulators – yo!


I think Rachel can beat Jordan , Adam and maybe Porsche yo
I don’t think Adam can beat anybody in that house………….maybe Jordan?



True that yo.


Big Game Move

I think Rachel beats Jordan because as much as Dani may dislike Rachel she does NOT want to hand over 500k to Jordan and I think Adam and Porsche would lean towards the same feeling..


I completely agree. No way adam, dani, porsche or even kalia hand jordan another half a million for riding cocktails. Dani respects this game way too much. Even adam said he would give rachel the vote if she gets to final 2. Jordan can only beat adam at this point.


Dani will give vote for Jordumb because Dani will try to make a statment that in order to win you have to do nothing. That statement however will fail to all the delusional JJ fans, who are teh majprity of viewers.

Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!


I am on the fence if it ends up to be Rachel and Jordan in the end the Jury may not want to give Jordan another win since she won already hard to tell but I agree with Rachel if its JR final 2 she has a 50/50 chance

TEAM Don'tGet InMyFaceBish

If JR go final 2.I say Rachel wins as of now,but if Jordan can pull a hoh and veto,then it’s a toss up…I think it will come down to gameplay actually.


I think the only way Rachel goes to final two is she HAS to win final HOH…no body is going to take her to the final two….and i dont think she would take jordan with her if she did win. I figure she would cut Jordan and take Porche or Adam. If she takes Jordan she loses her vote and Jeffs cause obviously Jordan dont get a vote and Jeff’s is going to Jordan…if she cuts Jordan then she may get Jeff and Jordan along with Brendens


I didnt even think about that you are so right. That’s def 3 automatic votes for her. As much as I don’t like Rachel I do believe she should win over Jordan. I know ppl diagree with that but Jordan hasn’t really done much. I hate when say she doesn’t have to win she playing a social game by being nice to everybody. In order to play a good social game you have to at least impact the game in some sort of way when your not able to win anything. She said herelf she doesn’t really talk to anyone so how can her social game be good at all, she just cordial wit some people.


I agree with this. She said she doesn’t talk to people so what kind of social game is that? And she certainly hasn’t done anything comp wise. And maybe after the Shelly fight she’s not so nice (not that I don’t think that fight was out of line). Just sayin’ I HATE to see Rachel win anything but she has played a more “pit bull” game in her staying power. She does, however, owe one of those near misses to Shelly getting Lawon on the block and saving Rachel.


It’s impossible to figure out who would take whom to the final 2. Jordan surprised a lot of people the year she won by taking Nat. And with dummies Porsche and Kalia, watching them try to think something thru, well who knows what those two idiots would do. If Adam doesn’t win something his only chance to win is float to the end and hope the other person gets disqualified, or taking Rachel with the hope that everyone hates her and votes for him. Not much chance, but remember Jessie voted for Jordan, I’m still not over that.


I’ll second that…

TD4L Yo!!!


Rachel can not beat Jordan. Kalia, Porsche, Shelly, and Dani all HATE Rachel. Plus with JR in final 2, Brendon and Jeff just split votes.

Rachel has to have Jordan on the jury to win BB13.


Even with Jordon in the jury not sure if she would have the votes but i don’t see rachel screwing jordon over the only way jordon will leave before rachel is if kaliah or porche win hoh and rachel pulls herself off the block with the veto. Then jordon will go but that would be the only way because none of them will want to keep rachel over jordon


Hopefully NOBODY!!!!!!

love jordan

Honestly as long as the liar, Shelly, the animal abuser, Kalia, and the hitting Rachel in the stomach, Porsche, all go home and do not win, I will be fine with either Rachel, Jordan or even Adam winning. At least these three are not hateful, cruel, vile individuals like the other three have shown themselves to be over and over and over again. TEAM JORDAN and RACHEL ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!


I know Shelley is the biggest liar ever, but what do you mean K is an animal abuse and the P hit R?? What is wrong with these people?


Apparently Kalia said that she had thrown her small little defenseless dog up against a wall, and wasn’t it Porsche that made the comment that if Rachel was pregnant (which she isn’t) they should throw a medicine ball at her stomach and that it would save Brendon $400. Sorry, but anyone that would do or say those things I do not think deserve to win money. Granted cannot stand Shelly but those comments take a very cruel mind to think or do either. The only two that I see that are at all deserving are Rachel and Jordan. I mean Jordan bought her mom a house with the money she won that both her and er brother who is apparently disabled live in, and loved how Rachel took care of Jordan after Shelly attacked her. It shows that both of these young woman have compassion and kind hearts. Those are the type of persons that I want to win BB 13.


I couldnt agree more! I loved Rachel last season and I love her this season! She may be annoying and bitchy at times, but I rarely hear her talk shit about anyone unless its reguarding their game play. She doesnt chop people down and try to hurt them. ALL ANYONE talked about the last three weeks was Rachel. ESPECIALLY DKPS! They blame all their downfalls on Rachel. The comments recently made by Porshe are disgusting! HOW the hell can a woman say that kinda thing about another WOMAN! Anyway I hope RJA make it to final three and Rachel FTW!!!!


Oh please everyone lies in this game including JJR they had there chance to win Jordan already did so why does she deserve to win again & Jeff won Americas Fav both couples’ have had there 15min of fame on the Bold & the Beautiful plus JJ had a shot on the Amazing Race let somebody else share the spotlight already!!!!!!!!!!!


love this comment! team JRA!


Hi love Jordan, I agreed with you. I would really hope that Adam Jordan and Rachel makes it to the final three. I like Jordan too, but the house guest will probably be fair when it comes to giving the 500,000 to the deserving winner. I would say that Jordan gets America’s favorite player and either Rachel or Adam in first or second place, but I think the house guest will give it to Rachel and will put aside personal feelings and will be fair. .


Both scenarios would be Shelly.


LOL. At this point, Team Regulators can beat Shelly. That woman totally ruined herself on national TV, and we, the fans, are watching her train wreck. I could not think of any positive outcome for her and her family from this experience. Is that why a lot of us fans are just watching and not joining the show as HG?


depends if it is personal or not. If it is personal the newbies will vote for anyone over rachel. Based on skill and gameplay rachel has it hands down. she has come from bottom and back on top time after time. the newbies even say she just won’t die. next to jordan in the final two, i think jordan will take it. they will say she played the game more honestly even though they don’t want her to win twice. adam doesn’t have a chance in hell. he is the ultimate floater who has done nothing this game other than latch onto whoever holds the power.

Melissa S

rachel can beat shelly because of her lies,Adam can beat kalia for the same reason they both are liars.


I don’t think Rachel can beat anyone. If she’s up against any of the Porsche,Shelly or Kalia, Dani and the two of those three not in the final two vote for the remaining one,and Adam said he didn’t want a vet to win,so they would win. I don’t know who Adam could beat though,probably no one.

Big Game Move

Rachel beats everyone in a final 2 scenario.

Adam doesnt beat anyone in a final 2 scenario.


Jordan could beat Adam, Porsche or Kalia in final 2 because she’ll probably get 3 loyalty votes between Jeff, Brendon and Rachel then only needs one more which would probably be Shelly since she is still desperate for JJ to like her. Against Rachel would be a crap shoot, I think, 50/50.

Rachel would be 50/50 against Jordan or Porsche and could beat Adam or Kalia. Like Jordan she would get the 3 loyalty votes and I think against A or K Dani would vote for Rachel since she has more respect for comps and strategy and Adam doesn’t win comps and Kalia has awful strategy.

Porsche would definitely beat Kalia. She might be 50/50 against Adam because he could get loyalty votes from JJBR.

Adam v Kalia 50/50, maybe 60/40 edge to Adam.

I think that most final 2s would result in a 4-3 vote, except for Rachel v Adam or Kalia. There’s just a lot of mediocre players left in the house it’s hard to say that anyone has a clear advantage in terms of strategy or skill, and it will probably come down to social game.

Leaving Shelly out because I’m convinced she’s going home Thursday.


Yeah that would not happen. Beside, Kaila or Porsche are going to final 2 will not Does not met anything? What did they do? Screw their plans and backfired! Cockiness and Aggrogant. That why Rachel and Jordan are going to the Final 2. Rachel vs Jordan for 500K. BB11 Alumni vs BB12 Alumni. Wait till Porsche and Kaila go on the block and lose again.



Head of Household

Rachel: Porche, Kalia, Adam, Shelly (i Shelly makes it an Adam is evicted)
Adam could beat no one….


Rachel : Shelly , Kalia, Porsche (Deciding vote for all of these is Adam. Adam will probably vote will JJ)
Adam : Rachel, Kalia, Jordumb (deciding vote is Shelly so IDK), Porsche (deciding vote is Rachel)
Kalia : Porsche
Porsche : Kalia, Adam (deciding vote is Rachel)
Jordumb : Rachel, Adam (deciding vote is Shelly)
Shelly : Not happening


Jordan can beat anybody except for maybe Porsche (Adam being the swing vote there, will he vote on gameplay or will he vote as Jeff’s bitch?)

Adam will beat any of the newbies. (JJBR would have majority votes and he’s been their faithful lapdog). Adam will lose to Jordan or Rachel.


LMAO. With the way Jordan goes on you’d swear Dani was still in the house. Talk about leaving your mark. TD4L!


Wow, just read that Jordan spent her money she won the first time and bought her mom a house for her and her brother who is disabled to live in. Guess we all know now where this young lady learned compassion and did the sweet thing she did of giving Shelly, the snake, the phone call home that she won. That really says a lot about her especially to be so kindhearted and unselfish especially at such a young age when most of us are at our most selfish. VERY impressed and glad to be Team Jordan and Rachel.


I hope you’re not team DPK if you’re saying that…because they have all said much, much, much worse and crueler things.


Everyone makes mistakes. Jordon apologized and has even stated that she was very embarassed by her behaviour. Any of the others who throw those words around (either) apologize or expressed embarrasment? For that matter, what about all of the posters around here that post those two insults in every other post? Shelly didn’t apologize and she is the one who started the whole argument with Jordon….give it a rest. You can’t deny that she is a good person.


Rachel can beat anyone in the F2. I honestly believe taking her to the Final 2 is the worst move anyone can make at this point.

Adam can only beat Shelly.

Nicole - TEAM DANI

rachel beats : shelly, adam, kalia
adam beats : farah.

shoutout: jeff sucks major ass balls on monkeys and fish.


Rachel vs Kalia, Rachel wins 4-3. (Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Adam vote yes, Dani, Porsche, Shelly against)

Rachel vs Porsche, Rachel same outcome, just change out Kalia for Porsche.

Rachel vs Shelly, Rachel wins 7-0.

Rachel vs Adam, tight vote, Rachel wins 6-1 with only Shelly voting against.

Rachel vs Jordan, Rachel wins 4-3. (Brendon, Adam, Dani, Porshe for while Jeff, Kalia and Shelly are against.)

In the end, as much as everyone HATES Rachel, she plays a hard in your face game and people will vote her to win because of it.

If she did make it to the end, she deserves it.

Candidly, when she spoke about Shelly taking out Jeff…Shelly was a friggin moron because Rachel was just as big a target. By burning her bridge with them, she had no shot at winning unless her side won out and she would have been cut at 3 anyway.

Shelly was a goner at 3 or 4 regardless of the side.


Hey simon if you dont mind I’d like to post a link to a good article by Ragan about the Shelly hate.’s-character-it’s-the-measure-of-your-own/

Midwest Fan

Very good article.


I agree. I don’t like shellys game play at all. I liked her big move I didn’t like her reaction when caught. I wrote a couple of times that I feared people in her personal would wonder who was the real shelly and I feel bad for her family. I had no idea there was an I hate shelly moore FB page! That’s horrible!


Excellent article! I have found myself “hating” on Shelly a bit more than I should and I really don’t want to be that kind of person. I know beyond a doubt that if I was in that house 24/7 for an entire summer with cameras watching my every move there would be plenty of fodder for the haters ;p So, who am I to judge.

fer sure

Great blog by Ragan. I’m a little taken aback by the level of vitriol by some of these fans. They actually think that Shelley, Dani and Rachel are evil. Hitler was evil. Bin Laden is evil…these are contestants on a stupid game show that people are taking too seriously. I was a Dani fan. When she was voted out I got over it in 2 minutes because it’s a game. Nobody’s dying. Enjoy this tv show for what it is…a tv show.


Great article, thanks for posting!


I think the pecking order is Jordan, Porche, (Rachel and Kalia will be a toss up), Adam, and Shelly. Everyone will beat Shelly in the final except Shelly. Jordan beats anyone in the final. Rachel can only beat Adam or Shelly, and too close to call against Kalia. Shelly totally ruined her reputation by going on the show. In her moment of greed, she dropped to levels lower than Rachel. I think the Zing-Bot was right when he called Shelly a douche.


I thought it said a DUDE.


I dont think Jordon will win if she is in the final two. It depends on who she is up against and who is in the jury house. She might win if she is up against Adam because he hasnt won anything. Personally, Rachel has done a great job at this game. I know she is irritating at times but she is still there and she wins comps.


I don’t know about that. Jordan been final 2 before and she will do it again. She know the competition either the rolling ball event. Because Jordan has advantage on part 2. In part 3 of HOH competition, This will be a toss up Jordan and Rachel of Jury Question A or B. Jordan won that one in BB11 and take Rachel as well. This will be Rachel’s first final 2 spots.


Sorry for the correction. Jordan and Rachel part 3 HOH Jury Question A or B. Flashback Jordan vs Kevin. 2-2 tied. Tiebreaker question. Jordan wins that one. Jordan wins part 3 of HOH BB13 takes Rachel Final 2.
It depend on the question.


funny thing is…at the end of the game…adam may still hold THE deciding vote. AGAIN!!!! its amazing. not only was evel dick correct, but adam has held that tie breaker all season.

Im glad KP are down here, I mean cmon…they screwed their chance at the top, now I hope they have to win POV next week and deal with what R and J have dealt with, then we all know a power will get tossed their way


If Adam does win HOH and puts up Kalia and Porsche and one of them win POV. Adam will decide who goes home. And he’ll most likely send one of KP home. They’re screwed lmao!


Ding Ding Ding. You are correct sir.

Adam will be the deciding vote at the finale.


Adam can beat Shelly thats it.

Rachel can beat The newbs not Jordan.

I hope a newb wins not Adam though.


Rachel can beat everyone except jordan (she needs jordan and adam in the jury house unless porsche is in the jury than a or p). I don’t think adam can beat anyone except shelly unless he starts winning competitions.


Adam can beat Shelly thats it.
Rachel can beat The newbs not Jordan.
I hope a newb wins not Adam though.


Honestly, at this point the only people that deserve to win are KP cause the rest of the house has 2 HOHs and a veto between them.. Shelly hasn’t won anything and Jordan and Rachel haven’t a comp in AGES!! but all that doesn’t even matter cause CBS really wants “Americas Sweetheart” to win. They should just save everbody the trouble and crown Jordum the winner no way she wins another comp EVER again, but BB will still carry her to end like Jeff was doing all along! I don’t think Rachel will win if she’s in the F2 with anobody other than Adumb! Prsche finally “woke up” and decided to step her game up and CBS had to take back the game to make sure ANOTHER one of their precious vets didn’t go home, especially not their “Sweetheart” Next season better be an All-Star Season minus JJ/BR or anyone from this season or I’m completelt done with BB!


KP have a combined 3 HOHs and a veto and in 2/3 HOHs they managed to evict a member of their own alliance.

JR have a combined 3 HOHs and 2 vetos and have gotten their target out every time.


I think the fix is in. Jordan and Rachel were out and then suddenly it is announced they are back in the game. This will probably put an end to the game next year. I am thoroughly disgusted with NBC for allowing this to happen.


It’s CBS….Anonymous


1. rachel won the most recent comp dude

2. it doesn’t matter how recent you win, by that logic you can win just one comp at the very end and outclass an early power player


I think rachel would win against adam or jordon only because out of the three of them she has played the best and won the most. I am hoping adam wins this hoh because he hasn’t won anything and i think if he wins then their will be no question as to who’s side he is on but i do believe that he trust jordon not so much rachel. The fact that after everything shelly has done that she thinks that RJ will keep shelly and send adam home and that jordon would vote to keep porche i think kaliah can play she just isn’t good at the social aspect or reading people because i think kaliah believes more in this deal she made in week 2 with kaliah then jordon does she has already said she will get rid of her if she wins


Have they said what happens to Adam if Shelly is voted out? Might he get a golden key gauranteeing final four? Or did pandora’s box say the duo was only for one week and next week they go back to singles?


The duos was only in effect long enough to save Jordan


You mean save Rachel don’t you…dumb and dumber would have definately taken her out before Jordan, right?


Rachel had a good chance of winning veto. Without the twist she would’ve taken only herself off the block sending Jordan out the door. That was simply unacceptable.


ITA Simon!


I think Jordan threatened to leave after the blowup with Shelly, thinking that her image was blown.


only way adam could win is if had to do with bacon or attaching lips to a pair of cheecks, he is the weakest player ever, but id still dump shelly just because ofher actions, thinking she pulled of the biggest move of the year, and then gets sent to spend some quality time with jeff, she wont be able to sweet talk jeff into liking her again….


Who do you want to win?


Say it’s Jordan and Adam?


Rachel has been essentially a rag doll in these last few competitions so getting her out, would’ve been a good move but getting Jeff out was a GREAT move. He was beyond insufferable and with the remaining lames in the house, he would’ve easily bested them in competitions.


Bang on!! Rachel’s ego actually has her seeing herself as the bigger threat, which is typical of her character. I just hope K and P can win the next HoH and PoV and get R out.


I used to really like Jordan,but lately I think she is weird.If she keeps pulling at her hair she is going to be bald.She is constantly messing with her hair! Is she a mental???


Wow! of all the things you could’ve fixated on,you chose that. How ’bout Kahlia’s incessant eating habits,or Porsche’s ever expanding ass. Mental? far from it. go #Team JR


Why are people saying rachel can’t beat jordan in the final? I honestly think at this point rachel can beat anyone but porsche is too close to call because of adam. If rachel is against Jordan only jeff and shelly? will give jordan a vote. no one will give jordan another half a million for doing nothing again. rachel will get bren, adam, dani, porsche and kalia. Dani respects this game way too much.


the mean girls swore they would never give their votes to the “devil” rachel. they talk about about not playing a personal game and giving jordan another win would be hard enough even if she played hard, but I doubt they will admit defeat and give anything to rachel.

and yes, at this point she deserves the win
no golden key to get her halfway through the game…just saying


I say next season bring Russell and Boston Rob from survivor! Now that would be something to watch.

anon anon

Agreed! Take previous Survivor players, put them on Big Brother and take previous BB players and put them on Survivor.


lol true


Vote out Boy George…. I think Porsche has good chance to win BB13!


Jordumb says she’ll get mad …. Jordumb threatens to evict ….. Jordumb demands ….. LMAO!! Ah yes, her “so-called” halo is definitely gone this year. Jeff certainly has had a positive influence on his minion.


Just watched the Sunday show and she was all jealous of my girl, Dani! 😉


the mean girls(especially porsche) treat dani like a god and she’s really just a brat. jordan was mostly right there


Absolutely! Jordumb has taken many pot shots at our girl, Dani. Even with D’s eviction, she’s understandably jealous of D’s gutsy game playing moves, her intelligence and her social skills, all of which Jordumb lacks. D may have gotten the boot earlier, but she’s hands down, a far superior competitor than Jordumb who was so pissed when Jeff left because he took what little intellect these two had between them.


and of course being the bigger person who have no reason to resort to name calling hmmm? seriously it is laughable how we all feel it’s cool to call t hem any name we want cause they can’t see us.

Here’s a name I think we should all try on when we are in the midst of creative name calling; Cowards!


I agree with you MAGGS. Name calling is not intellectual nor should be acceptable when attempting to have a decent conversation among mature commentors, but one must accept that perhaps many who do comment are limited vocabulary wise and that is the best they have to offer. I try very hard, prior to reading a comment, to kinda skim the words to see if derogatory descriptive words appear, and if so, I simply dont read the comment. I much prefer to read a comment involving thought with genuine interest concerning the event being discussed in lieu of just words being thrown out there with childlike references.


CBS should stop the bullshit and do a quadruple eviction, so that they can get to their preferred RACHUL vs. JORDAHN final.


Oh YES, of course, whatever bothers you the most. I’m all for it! Go Team Not Dani!

May Dani’s next poop be excruciatingly painful for her and may she get a cavity in each of her ridiculously gigantic teeth!


Hey guys question…..has Porsche given the other 5000$ to someone else yet? Sorry for askin again if itz already been answered


Since P chose K to be her partner for the week (as per PB duo twist), K gets the other 5K. Unfortunately, the 5K each may have cost them the 500K & 50K. As much as I’m rooting for PK (due to Dani’s eviction), P accepting PB was a huge mistake.


It is so obvious that BB is controlled by production.Come on BB,do you really think we fans are this stupid?? I have watched BB for years and this is the worst.In all honestly I think BB has jumped the shark.I am no longer a fan,and will not watch anymore.




Porsche got 5k. Kalia got 5K.

Rachel Is Boy George, Adam is A Bozo

I will be happy if anyone but Rachel wins, she has the biggest ego on the planet, she don’t need to add to that ego


Um have you not heard a sigle word out of dani or jeff’s mouths.
what about kalia…


R actually has a split personality. One the one hand she plays the victim and flips out saying she’s a horrible person and everyone dislikes her (Ummm, yes, most of us do!) but, on the other hand, she seriously thinks that she’s the best competitor and has played a relatively moral and upright game compared to everyone else. She’s a nasty nut case whose own fiancé told her she needs counseling when she gets out.


How would Jordan beat everyone if she’s already won? No one will vote for her to win AGAIN. Don’t get me wrong I am a Jordan fan, but there is no way anyone in that jury will give her another 500k.


Jeff will obviously vote for her
I expect Rachel and Brendan will as well
and Adam could be the 4th vote (I’m not 100% sure he would, but he’s so starstruck I wouldn’t be shocked if he did)


Adam didn’t tell them that, Shelly did.


aww, I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Nice, so Adam told JR, hilarious. I wish ill will on the Dani supporters so this makes me monumentally happy, although not as happy as when Dani was forced to leave and face the fact that she is as bad a big brother player as she is a daughter.


You really don’t have a lot going on in your life do you?


That’s right girls, Kalia is your target if you win HoH. Leave teampinto alone, lol


By Dani supporters I mean within the game of course.


Why does Jordan keep talking about dani? Now she’s trying to turn kalia against dani.. Dani is gone yet your still talking about her Jordan.. Seems like you think she’s a god too


She’s just intimidated, because when you compare her to Dani, Jordan hasn’t done squat since evicting Cassi. Dani’s minions are still lurking! hehehehe


Yeah, I found that amusing too. It’s almost an obsession at this point.


Since the time frame doesnt seem to be adding up to me,,, I have a feeling since they brought back the duos this week that the twist will be their is no voting that Shelley & Adam will both walk out the door to the jury house,,, Theres not enough time left if it ends on the 15th to have 5 people left in the game unless they have another twist planned,,,, Any1 else have an idea??


Another double eviction this week? That’d actually be extremely shocking yet kind of amazing! I hope it happens.


i think so, too!

i tried to work out how many episodes there are left and i’m thinking that there has to be another double eviction, too! someone could correct me if i’m wrong (because i got confused with counting episodes and people) but there aren’t enough episodes left to evict all the people that need to be evicted for a final 3 on live finale day (where the 3rd person is evicted live and then the full jury votes between the final 2)…

i’m thinking that each year there’s usually a fast-forward double eviction week but since we got brendon back this year (to actually play in the game and not just a day-visit like rachel last year) then that cancelled out the effects of fast-forward week so we still need another double eviction… idk someone please explain what will happen on the remaining episodes if i’m wrong!

whatever happens… with the ppl left in the house i find myself rooting for JR and rachel to win!


My prediction for what happens:

Shelly is evicted. Rachel wins HoH. Doesnt matter who wins veto, P/K evicted.
P/K win HoH. Rachel wins Veto, Adam evicted.
If it’s Kalia who makes it here, she wins HOH, evicts Rachel, and wins Big Brother by a 4-3 vote.
If it’s Porsche who makes it here, Rachel wins HOH, evicts Porsche, and wins Big Brother by a 5-2 vote/


I don’t know this one but one part is okay but P/K.
Rachel/Jordan/Adam wins HOH Porsche (N) vs Kaila (N). Rachel win POV, Porsche evicted
Rachel/Jordan/Adam wins HOH Adam (N) vs Kaila (N) Jordan win POV, Kaila evicted
Rachel vs Adam vs Jordan, Rachel wins part 1,Jordan wins part 2, Jordan wins part 3
Jordan wins 500K, Rachel Runner-up 50K. There’s no way the newbies going that far. What they do? Winning (3)HOH and (1) POV does not meaning everything. So, Jordan will win Big Brother Twice.


But that would require Jordan or Adam to beat Kalia or Porsche in a competition. Not going to happen unless it’s a dumb luck comp like the clown shoes or the golf game.


What has Jordan done? Win one golf hoh? Your predictions require JR to win every competition form here on out, which is just wildly unrealistic. give it up.


*from here on out


Dude, The answer is no. I will never give up. How many time combine did Jordan win from BB11 and BB13? How many times does combine did Jordan win POV? Including the Twist. That why Jordan is going to the Final 2. Like it or not.

Porshe's creamy bikini bottom

Porshe rocks and she will win every comp she can play in from here on out. Rock it baby. Some of us love you and have your back.

Brendon V.

I wouldn’t mind Porsche taking her panties off them me sucking them bone dry all night while sniffing her feet and icing her toes.

On a less serious note, why didn’t jordan’s mother let her finish junior high?

Natas Lived

You mean Porsche. Check those pics out, she is a freaking hottie.

Brendon V.

well you’re right about one thing, she does have a dog face.


my F2 with rachel thoughts are:

1. rachel can beat jordan FOR SURE (jeff will vote for jordan while brendon and everyone else will vote for rachel since jordan already won)

2. rachel can probably beat adam (brendon-jeff-jordan will vote for rachel to win, shelly will vote for adam, and dani might vote for rachel bc of respect a fellow competitor, and kalia-porsche will most likely be persuaded by dani bc she is their god lol)

3. rachel will likely beat kalia (brendon-jeff-jordan will vote for rachel, dani-shelly-porsche will vote for kalia, and adam will probably vote for rachel)

4. rachel will likely beat porsche (brendon-jeff-jordan will vote for rachel, dani-shelly-kalia will vote for porsche, and adam will definitely vote for rachel)

all in all, rachel has some pretty good odds at winning this game! i never ever ever thought i’d say this but… GO RACHEL!!


Should win seeing a shes done more than Jordan, but most of the Jury don’t like Rachel


A much more interesting finale would be Rachel vs Shelly. Two people basically disliked for different reasons. Both females are colorful and exhibit, at times, having 2 or more personalities. Rachel is just a younger version of Shelly. The slight differences between them will develop as Rachel ages. 15 or so years down the road, both ladies will be exactly alike. I am not saying that its a bad thing. Its just my observation. I find all the HG’s are interesting in their own. Obviously, BB selected these particular individuals for a reason. I believe if one would ask the producers of BB if any of this years HGs are a disappointment, I feel they would say one name. That name would be Adam. He exhibited a zest to play with determination and to make sure that everyone would know before its all said and done that Adam was big and bad, but unfortunately he has proven to be more like Custer at the last stand. His overall game play is disappointing, but he is playing the game the way he wants to play it and that has to be respected. Not admired, but respected. As all of them; respected but not necessarily admired. Yep, I would definitely like to see Rachel and Shelly as the final two. I would be gripping the arms of my chair, as my walking cane slides to the floor, anticipating the jurors votes. Any other combination would not be as thrilling nor entertaining. I watch BB for entertainment and to observe people. I also enjoy very much reading the comments I choose to read; also entertaining. My thanks to the person/s who provided this website. Presently, I am retired and do my best to stay afloat from paycheck to paycheck. However next year, I hope I am in a better position to be able to contribute funds to help keep this site alive. I do enjoy it very much and this old lady says thank you so very much for allowing me to throw my two cents in here and there.


I think if Jordan is in the final two without Rachel, she has a good shot of winning. I think she’ll get 3 loyalty votes and Shelly will try to make amends. If she’s up against Rachel, she’ll lose. I think a lot of people will say Rachel played a better game. Rachel has been winning comps and has held it together. Now if Jordan wins something this could change a bit. If rachel is up against a newbie, the only one she may beat is Adam b/c I think then she’ll get Dani’s vote (plus 3 loyalty votes).


This is the first Week Rachel has held it together since Brendon left. And she won two comps during the first like three weeks. Hell Kalia and Porsche are tied with her right now.

I agree against Jordan she might win because Jordan is a terrible player. But then again, she is playing the same as last time and she won then. So who knows.


Everyone keeps saying Dani won’t vote for Rachel, but I disagree. She told Kalia and maybe Porsche was there too, that she hated Brendon, but if he makes it to final 2 she would vote for him. Because everyone was gunning for him and Rachel the whole game. So why wouldn’t she do the same with Rachel. Dani respects the game, NOT the people playing it.




Taking out Brendon and Jeff, the strongest male competitors? Don’t think so, buddy.


ADAM watch bb 11 and 12 coast and float then win a hoh or veto at the end thats how u get in the money not by making big moves


And that is how you bore your viewing audience and don’t gain popularity.


Wouldnt it be great, just for one season, not allow HG to form any alliances? Each individual play their own game, and let the chips fall where they may. If there were no alliances for all the past seasons, the winners would have been completely different. The winner would have truly been the most strategic and strongest player.


Shelly, I’m going to shoot straight with you. I’m 100% sure you’re going home. For real. I’m with ya on this one. You’re going home! Cee ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya! lol


kathie from canada

Hilarious! i miss the humour was more common in years past. You have a new breed of aggressive posters this year. Let’s put out an APB for BBGrandma and Rockstar 🙂

kathie from canada

I hear ya’ !

Casual Observer

Simon, its called blind allegiance. They can recognize everyone’s faults, idiosyncrasies and imperfections. But somehow have a blind eye to those they are rooting for. You know that “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil” syndrome, when it comes to their chosen one or two.


Every negative comment towards Jordan is the TRUTH and JJ fans can’t handle it.


hahahahaha! true dat!


It’s because all the JJR fans are crazy people lol & we’ve learned that from all the threats their fans are making to shelly’s family. Jordan hasn’t done shit, I’m sure she’s a nice person & all but gameplay wise she hasn’t done crap! no more than porche or kalia.. & yes she plays with her hair way more than daniele ever did!!


I’m a Heather too & I agree 100% ASJ have not won anything w/out it being given to them!


Simon, J&J fans are just like Adam to Jeff, heads so far up their asses they don’t see or hear a damn thing.

As far as Jordan goes now being the only one of J&J left, they ignore the fact that:

J&J are compulsive liars, but claim enough times of having intergity, only head up butts won’t believe it.

Jordan is as greedy as anyone else in the house, even though she said she was just there to spend the summer in the jury house with Jeff.

Jordan is a greedy backstabber because her partner Jeff took money over POV that resulted in their alliance buddy Brenda to be evicted a second time.

Jordan is not a floater, she is a coattailer and is otherwise useless as hell.

Jordan is as readable as a book on tape, when she plays with her hair SHE IS LYING!

Jordan is a backstabber worse than Shelly considering her partner Jeff threw the POV comp that would have saved Brenda from second time eviction.

Jordan is a liar concerning the agreement to not BD Dani and swears on her mother and brother they did not have such an agreement.

Even though Shelly is obvious about her lies and bullshit, Jordan is on the same level as Shelly, she is just sneakier about it playing the sweet and dummy card.

Remember last year when Jordan took on HOH by passing off the leotard outfit to Lydia, then she claimed to feel guilty about it, that is when the bullshit was exposed about Jordan to any reasonable thinking person!


people should know that on nearly every website and by every blogger/recapper – Jordan gets mercilessly bashed (as does Rachel, Jeff, Brendon, and Kalia)….so it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone and noone should take it personally. Jordan has many flaws, like all of us, she chooses to put herself on TV and so is subject to our opinions and comments and overall exploitation – and if people are over-emotionally identifying with her to the point where they are attacking one another in some kind of illusory defense mode , then that doesn’t say good things about them…..


You dare to cast darkness on the name Saint Jordan? She who farts rainbows? Who sings so sweetly that all the little birdies sigh at sound of her dulcet tones? Who cries tears of the purest crystal that crack the surface earth with her sorrow (and you thought the earthquakes last week were an natural phenomena, silly fool!)? She who could have been the only person on earth to tame the wild heart of Sir Jeff, slayer of the wicked enchantress Dani? Sir Jeff who is of such masculine beauty that he turns maidens and matrons (with a lot of cats) alike into quivering masses of jelly. Whose thunderous voice echoes in the very halls of righteousness and falls back to the earth, where it is reformed into wind and rain that cleanses the land anew (and you thought the hurricane last week was a natural phenomena…for goodness sake, Simon!)?

Oh Simon, for shame, for shame! Hang your head low. How could you?

In all seriousness, I enjoy your updates even when one of my favs takes a hit. I’m also very sorry for people who have so little in their own lives that the build ridiculous fantasies about the lives of others. And for Jeff and Jordan (two very human people), who are not allowed to be who they are, rather in some fanatic’s mind, forced to be what they want them to be because real life is not good enough.


Great writing ability! Loved it.


Hahaha! A poet with the gift of words ….and humour! Well done!


This year everything and I mean EVERYTHING will depend on the Jury questions to the last two HG’s. That is why I doubt Jordan will be one of the final two, since CBS has tried so hard to edit the show around J&J and they don’t want Jordan to be called on the floor as a liar, which Dani WILL do for sure.

Dani will call Jordan out on the Jeff throwing the POV to get the money, on the backdooring and F3 agreement J&J made with Dani and lied about it all.

If Jordan makes final 2, the only votes she will get after the Jury has talked together and the Jury questions will be from Jeff and possibly Shelly.


I just wish there was more fans of the game and less of individuals.


Funny how people come down on Porsche, here is something to consider with her good friend and likely BB advisor as to why she played as she did this game BB13:


Mob mentality.


Simon (& Dawg), if it’s any consolation, you’re not alone! However, I actually get a kick out of reading some of the responses and opinions that are in complete contradiction to mine. I enjoy a good debate, especially if it’s well argued and articulated. Some responses however, are mindless drivel that I can’t help but either laugh at or skim over as they’re not worth the time to read in their entirety. If nothing else, you certainly have attracted an interesting mix of BB viewers to your site! Keep up the great work guys. Excellent site!


Simon, it wasn’t Kalia who told JR about the final 2 deal with Adam…Kalia told Shelly who told JR – and then JR told Adam that Shelly told them…and he figured out that he couldn’t trust anyone really – which I think gave him the slight edge toward JR…he was kind of not happy about it, kept bringing it up (but didn’t blow up or confront anyone about it)


I’d like to see a final two of Rachel and Porshe, with Rachel taking it. Rachel is a gamer, she needs to remind the newbies that Jordan’s already won the 500Gs, and how hated she is. I’d also like to see Julie Chen have to finally interview Rachel. Hope she dumps Brendan though, that skyping bullshit must have been humiliating


So LETS ME GET THIS STRAIGHT MIKE jORDAN WON mvp in basketball so he was not entitle to win it again I am confuse so your saying because Jordan one one she can’t should not win it again oh I see if you win the pga once you cant win it again get a life go jordan EAAT YOU HEART OU TDANI




your right

kathie from canada

… speaking of Julie Chen, Shelly’s final interview and the good-bye messages could be priceless! Unless everyone is planning ahead for jury votes (except for Kalia who just doesn’t seem to have a filter)



Casual Observer

ROFLMAO…Yeah Evel Dick, James and Matt where saying the same exact thing. It was going to be three Veterans evicted in a week and they (BB) could not allow that to happen. Because no way was Jordan going to win that POV.


If Jordan followed the next week. JJ fans might have burned down CBS headquarters.

Jordan would 100% be going home if it wasn’t for duos.


Seeing how it was a JJ fan who made threats to Shelly’s family that don’t seem that unlikely.


Ah yes, of course… and all the Dani cheerleaders are freaking saints lol

After reading all the tripe posted by Dani cheerleaders, I’m sure y’all are angels. I might actually believe that if I had not
read all those posts… in blissful ignorance.

Keep telling yourself that by pegging horseshit on all and anyone who root/rooted for JJR, one day you might actually believe it like
Shelly believes she’s a straight shooter! lol


LOL … erh urm… Are you with Team Adam Simon? 😉

Casual Observer

Simon, maybe their too busy eating bacon and drinking fruity drinks, while doing the Cruddy.

Actually Adam appears to most rational and sane person on the show. He definitely seems to be grounded. I think at this point he would love to walk away with $50K.

Casual Observer

Opps, s/b appears to be*


Well I wish I cold be team Adam, unfortunately, his only gameplay is Butt Kissing. But if I were him, My lips would be welded on Porsche’s ass, cause it’s the finests one left in tha house! XD

Casual Observer

LOL…Tell us what you really are thinking CanadianBacon…


Tried to answer, but the website screwed up and did not post my reply to you and when I tried again, it said that I already said that… so I guess I can’t tell you.


and I wanted to be an Adam fanboy so bad.


Dick said it perfectly on his tweet, So are you saying Jordan didn’t have to do Jack shit once again and she’s off the block? The coup deShit

Mad Hatter

Rachel said: “Porsche’s Veto win was hit or miss, It had nothing to do with brains or physical” God Rachel is a loser. I’m so sick of her acting like she’s better then everyone. If it had nothing to do with Brains or Physical why didn’t you win it Rachel?! Come on, if it was so easy you should have won it!

Rachel honestly thinks getting Jeff out wasn’t a big deal? What a load of crap. She has such a big ego. Getting Rachel out wouldn’t have been as big as getting Little Jeffery out.


Like her veto win earlier in the season was any better. She competed in a puzzle competition against two people that threw the veto and Jeff and Jordan (who actually did worse than the duo throwing the veto, lol)


Jeff is in first place…followed by Jordan and Rachel…:D


I know there is a fine line between BB and game shows (which are regulated), but the way production has rigged the outcome and eventual winner begs the question why this is permitted.


Wanna see Shelly on Survivor..for real! she’ll make mince meat outta Russell. Or better still see them team up! CBS are you listening?


if Jeff or Jordan get Fan Favorite, i’ll be convinced that America is dumb as hell, and that CBS did a hell of an editing job


What did Dani do to Jordan to make her hate her so much. She didn’t give her a phone call did she. I bet if someone ask her she would say, “because I think Jeff doesn’t like her. Yea, yea that’s right.” Such an air head!! Jordan talked about everybody too!!! So what if she wanted to back door Jeff, he got her back get over it. Dani, Jeff and Brendan has probably made up and having a good time. I guess when Jordan sees that Jeff is over it she will get over it. Yea, yea that’s right.


I honestly think it’s Jealousy, you hear what she said about her during her whine rant about shelly and jeff? Everyone treats Dani like a god, ? but it;s also a FACT that JJ expected everyone in the house to protect them and their alliance members to lead them to the 500k? HMMMM they also wanted people treating them like king and queen… All JJ proved this season as they are only a much nicer and popular version of Brendon and Rachel