Big Brother 13: Kalia hints final 2 with Adam and Jordan finds BB13 Exhausting compared to BB11 **updated**

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7:00pm Adam and Kalia Backyard couch Adam is saying he has to win HOH this coming week everyone has gotten something from home except for him.

Kalia says if it’s questions which she sure it is and it gets down to Adam and her she’ll throw it to him.. Adam goes over parts of his talk with Jordan.. he explained to Jordan that the reason he “backed away” from her before the POV ceremony was because her emotions were running high with her so he thought she needed space. Kalia goes over her some of her conversations with Jordan..

Kalia says that going into the next week her and Porsche are not jumping ship they will stick to the plan. Kalia says she wouldn’t mind it being adam and herself in final 2 and KPA final 3. Adam tells her he just wants to worry about final 4 before worrying about final 3 final 2. Kalia says oh of course. Adam knows if he doesn’t win the HOH he knows he’s going home. Adam says it’s so important that they win the POV because all that matters is having the numbers.
They start talking about the comp. Both are convinced that it will be a mental HOH. Kalia thinks it’s either odds/evens maybe the order of events.

they start wondering when the finale is.. Adam brings up that their “package” said they will be gone until September 23rd. Kalia thinks they might mean that the entire process is down in the 23rd.. after the show they all have special events to attend.

(I’m saying Adam is telling the vets more information but he’ll float to whoever wins the HOH. Who can Adam beat in the final 2?)

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7:45pm Quad back yard Rachel running laps around the backyard. Adam grilling, JPSK on the couch eating and Chatting. Jordan comments that she feels really sore today after that POV. Shelly says she’s sore to but she’s also been on pain medication all day so it’s no too bad. Jordan comments that Rachel says she fine and she latest the longest. Shelly jokes: “She’s a freak of nature” Everyone laughs.

7:46 Kitchen Adam and Jordan JOrdan tells him he’s guaranteed final 3. Adam thanks her coming from a person that’s won before he really appreciates that. Adam: “Hopefully it’s you and me hanging on a banana at the end”

Adam leaves

7:55pm Kalia tells her that she will still honour her deal they made week 2 that they won’t put each other up. Jordan says if she would of won in double eviction she wasn’t going to put Kalia up either. Kalia hopes that Jeff understands that she put him up because there is no way she can beat Jeff. Jordan thinks Jeff will understand, he was mad when he left but he’ll get it.
Kalia also points out that no one knew it was double eviction and they were all kinda shocked Kalia didn’t have time to talk to people or anything. Jordan : “Rachel kept telling me all day that it was a double eviction.. We didn’t believe her but she was convinced… ”
Jordan says she’s been playing too personally and she needs to stop and make the moves needed.. Kalia tells her its impossible you cannot play this type of game without emotions. Jordan is saying that this year is so much harder than bb11 she finds herself exhausted at the end of everyday/.

8:50pm Chit chat and straight shooter doing her hair

9:34pm Kitchen Shelly and Jordan Jordan walks through the kitchen right when she hits the backyard door she says. Shelly: “Jordan it’s music to my ears to hear you talking to me again.. ” Jordan says she’s glad their talking to.

9:39pm Backyard JRKP Rachel saying that apparently the fortune teller is moving around. Kalia: “Huh.. their moving it” Rachel says it’s been moving it’s head. Kalia didn’t know it was moving she knows the door is messed up.

10:18pm Everyone getting along playing bullshit

10:58pm Adam and Jordan in the hottub Adam is saying he wants a son more than a daughter (Feeds cut so we don’t get his reason) . SKP on the couch start teasing Adam about his hairy back. Porsche asks him if she can shave his back. Adam says he has no hair on his head so he needs it to grow somewhere. Kalia jokes that from what he’s been saying there’s enough hair on his balls. Adam: “Hey.. real men are hairy”

11:21pm Hot tub POrsche and Rachel they are talking about how the final 6 really surprises them. Rachel keeps saying: “I know what happened… I know exactly what happened..” Rachel doesn’t tell her what it is exactly but hints something about floaters and tells POrsche she’s not implying her because she’s winning comps. Porsche points out that the first month she didn’t get to play in comps because of the gold key.

Rachel brings up the few interviews she gets when she wins HOH, she says she only has had one interview out of 4 HOH’s

backyard Couch KSJ. They are talking about what they would do on fri,sat and sunday nights. Kalia would go out to dinner, Shelly says that she spends alot of Fridays alone with Josie because her husband has that big contract at the women centre. Shelly looks up at Jordan with a funny look on her face (I would almost say it was a bit of a smirk), “We have big killer dogs and a body guard.. we’re never alone”..

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293 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Kalia hints final 2 with Adam and Jordan finds BB13 Exhausting compared to BB11 **updated**

  1. Great, thanks Allison Grodner! Just when we thought we had a bit of certainty, you throw a Pandora’s Box into idiot Porsche’s head. But I guess that you knew when you throw $5K in front of a bimbo, they’re gonna take it now and think later. Hurray for you. Great planning.

    So what’s next in the plan? Probably Shelly is gone. Adam, the ultimate floater, will join the 2 most incompetent players, Rachel and Jordan. That’ll leave it as JAR vs KP. That means that you will have an HOH comp very favourable for Kalia. Should she win then Adam will go, right?

    Then you’re down to KP vs JR, which is probably as good as it can get for your ratings with this completely unlikable and inept cast of remaining HG’s. Did you hire some former WWE scriptwriters? The good/bad edits, good/bad characters are really transparent. Obviously it’s all fooling the idiot death threat crowd. That’s a part of your demographic that you should want to lose asap.

    So let me guess, is final 2 going to be Porsche and Rachel? Two of our finest cocktail waitresses, one of whom is likely to spawn something? Visions of Rosemary’s Baby come to mind. At least with Porsche it’s visions of 3-somes with another young busty dunce. She’s not evil, I suppose…unless she goes through wallets while the guy sleeps, hahaha.

    I’m all for Porsche or Shelly winning. They have either played the game, or won comps, or both. And in Porsche’s case, I do believe she won comps that were not made for her to win. I’d bet that Big Jerkoff was supposed to win that POV comp, but the idiot pissed himself when it matter most and chucked the 2nd yellow shoe overboard. This is the guy CBS has plans for? Geez, the male Jordan. You better write a tight script for him, and don’t allow him to think.

    Anyways….go Shelly (finest example of game play after Dr. Will and Evel Dick), and go Porsche!

    PS. Allison, can you puh-leaze edit Kalia out before she nominates her own alliance instead of Jordan? Thanks…appreciate it.

    PPS. You came up with the Pandora’s box scam to help JR out. A good idea would be to come up with another scam to bring Dani back into the house. Would love to see her and Shelly as final 2. No 2 others would be more deserving of winning. Dani’s moves are still going on, while Jeff’s alliance is…well, I don’t really know cuz I don’t see them doing anything.

    1. Porsche knew not to open the box, everyone on her team told her not to, and she said she wouldn’t, no matter what… Guess what, they threw it in her face, and she went for it!
      Shelly has been a snake, and not done anything this season apart from talking crap about Rachel, and float around to whomever she believed would have the muscle at that point in the game.
      Rachel has been an awesome player all season, and deserves the $$$ more than any other person in the house, she has been the nicest, and most pleasant person in the house this season apart from Brenden!
      Rachel is the best BB Guest In BB HISTORY! YAY
      Team JR for life, YO!

          1. this should read expect the obvious, like when BB needs a certain player, duo, to win a comp they suddenly have a new “twist” yeah, go rigged BB go. Have watched a lot of seasons, but do believe this is truly my last, didn’t want to really believe all the rigging (sorry, “twists”) that were involved, but just can’t take it anymore, would like to see a nice clean game, and may the best player (on their own) win.

            1. Please! I don’t think anyone made her open Pandora’s box……I believe everyone in the house are told
              what they are going to be faced with they just don’t know what week it will happen that is why Kahlia and
              Shelley begged her not to open it…..That was her choice not JR or production…..This game never goes as
              planned and that is why they say expect the unexpected…..I’m not saying KP won’t win this game I’m just saying
              you shouldn’t celebrate until you have the money in your hand.

        1. Rachel is the coolest player. She fight hard, she campaigns, & is loyal 2 her alliance! Did she snap when Shelly & Porche his her personal property? No! Which is not kool @ all! How many other guess talk sh!t & pick on her in the house? Keep it real!

      1. Are you SERIOUS??? Roachel the nicest player??? I guess you haven’t been watching the same show I am. And every HOH I’ve ever seen has opened Pandora’s Box, I bet if someone offered you lots of money you would too!

        1. I am rooting for Rachel too. Go Vegas! Especially when faced with all of the cattieness from the other girls. Wonder what Cassie thinks about their behavior?

        2. While I agree she isn’t the nicest player, and she does give people death looks when they do things she doesn’t want, she isn’t a complete A-Hole like SKP, whom seem to seem to take pleasure in bad mouthing Rachael, and hiding her stuff.

      2. rachel nice? im surprised they didnt show on tv rachel saying on the feeds when jordan was crying and saying she feels stupid that rachel said the only people that watch this show are fat ugly people… i was hoping they would so america can see what kind of people they voted back in

    2. Enjoyed reading some of your posts in the past but this one is all over the map. Let the Dani obsession go, shes gone and without Daddy Dick around dani has proven to be a below average BB player that let a 14 year old mamma’s boy ruin a chance at $500,00.

        1. Actually, her biggest mistake was that she allowed herself to be a lying backstabbing little shit. It don’t matter how much sugary pink bonbons you put over a pile of shit, it’s still a pile of shit, just sayin.

            1. Dani is the lying backstabber. yeah, Jeff lied-so what? Everyone in the game does. Dani was in the alliance and tried to wedge herself between it and get Racheal to backdoor JJ. She backstabbed them…

        2. She didn’t believe Jeff anymore than Jeff believed her he just won the power to get her out before she did. Get real. Her and Jeff were the best players left in the game at the point where she left. How do you think he should have gotten out? Dani’s mistake was back stabbing Jeff so early in the game the vets could have run all over the newbies and they would all be there fighting it out now. Which would have been a much more interesting ending.

      1. i agree dani rod her dads coat tails to the end we see what happens when she doesnt have him to relay on.she is the could shelly be and more this point i dont care who wins as long as its not shelly

      2. Dani was the best player there…unfortunately she was not surrounded by fools and had to latch onto one (Kalia)…if Kalia had run her HOH right..Rachel would not be there anymore….they actually fear Kalia because they think Danni taught her the game….they are still afraid of….Dani would have done much better in an “all star” game….these newbies are some of the worst players I’ve seen…excluding Shelley since she can twist anything (she likely a good poker player…lol)….but Shelley is not smart enough to understand it’s really about getting the votes at the end , I think she feels she can even twist the jury when the time comes…I am glad she is leaving

      1. Jdoe you are as delusional and whiny as SPK..Your comment is about as stupid as they come..Which show are you watching..

    3. After hearing about Shelly’s family and the death threats, I think CBS knew about this toxic situation as early as friday – which is most probably when this situation began! The whole Pandora’s Box was CBS’s way of trying to get in front of this WITHOUT LOOKING GUILTY. Either CBS leaked this story to all news outlet on friday with the stipulation NOT TO REPORT it until today (sunday) or just release the story today in order to draw as many viewers to tonight’s broadcast as possible! Tonight’s show had “a lot of splainin” to do, specifically Shelly and Jeff’s fight, and a minute by minute rebroadcast of thursday nights events including the current HOH competition and the Pandora Box. I am sure that there was no Pandora’s Box or any more twists planned for this season, that is until someone “took the SJJ situation” way out of context! I hope tonight’s broadcast was viewed by the person/s who was making these threats!

      I hope CBS’s last minute scramble works!

      1. No. I am sure if she knew, she would have left immediately! At this point, I am sure the FBI is heavily involved thanks to our “Patriot Act.” This whole Pandora Box scenario has two purposes:

        1. Psychologically, to, “in the sicko’s” mind, put Jordan back up on her “pedestal” and restore the “America’s Sweethearts” image!
        2. Buy time so the FB! can do their job.

        Obviously, the only way for this to end peacefully is to show Jordan evicting Shelly!

    4. I agree, has been fasinating to watch shelly. She’s like a diabolical genius who is smart enough to know that muscle-heads don’t win BB. I think her downfall was being over-zealous. But considering that she didn’t get to get this far from being carried by a boyfriend is impressive. Jeff got caught up in trying to spin too mant lies about final threes and thrown comps, and had zero respect for Adam, shelly or even Jordan(nothing she ever did was right in his eyes). Could be fun to flip on the fortune teller and let it give shelly a power but I think CBS wants to make sure Rachel and Jordan make it to final three so Porsche can take them out (I hope)


    5. I truly believe in my Christian heart that the game would have been a more accurate portrayal of the human drama if Jordan and Lawon would have made an alliance.

      I think Kahlia and Shelley are secretly flirting with each other.

    6. Blame that on Porche 4 opening P. Box. If she & shelly all that then Y can’t win anything? She road the JJ train 2 get where she is @! Porche & Shelly unkool things Luke hiding person property! Which is just not kool! Keep it real!

    7. WOW, are you for real?? Boo hoo, the show isn’t going the way YOU wanted so the conspiracy theories are all over the map. Don’t watch if you don’t like the way its going. You honestly think that Will or even ED didn’t have the production aligned in their favor? Really? ED should have been thrown out of his season with the abuse he inflicted on everyone except his pathetic excuse for a daughter, but I’ll be you cheered him on. Will tells everyone he lies in the game & yet he wins? Not once but twice (2nd in all stars). ED wins after burning Jenn but manages to stay without a penalty. Production KNEW to keep him in for the ratings.Sorry no show is a true reality show, with the exception of the NEWS

    8. you need to get off the drugs! Shelly’s play was nothing like dr will or evil dick. Main reason is they owned it, while Shelly is too busy denying and playing the victim.

      She’ll go this week cause Jordan is all sweetness and light to her face while getting ready to evict her on thursday.

      bye bye Shelly! Say hi to Jeff for Jordan!

    9. you know I tried to understand your logic there buddy, but unfortunately you have to have some first, if this is the way you see big brother being played, you have to be stuck on stupid, sitting on ignorant and must be waiting on dumb…I would rather tickle a lions behind with a feather rather than see kalia, porche, or floaters like shelley and adam win, jumping from side to side when convenient, and yes we awlays knew jordan could not win competition, but she was smart enough to treat everyone with respect, keep her mouth shut, trustworthy, and honest, and ramined with her alliance, which is more than i can say for the rest, porche made the biggest dumbest move from her own greed, jordan does get credit for this, it takes alot to reamin faithful to one alliance, be nice in the big brother house and not stab anyone in the back, if yu can get through big brother like that then you deserve to win.. which is why she won her last time playing, by playing smart, even if you might call her stupid..JORDAN RULES! morals,character,and sweethearted ways, got her far and you cant even argue that point…where is danni??????

    1. About as fail as Adam. Way to go, bud.

      Seriously, though… Join the “Adam is the Worst Player in big Brother History” Facebook page. That way you can learn the ultimate ways to be a fail, looser, fake-metal head floater like Adam!

    1. She plays a social game that makes everyone like her. That is doing something. She has one as many or more comps than Shelly and Adam. She has finished 2nd in the past 2 HOHs. I do not get why everyone thinks you have to win comps to “be doing something” in the game. The first half of a big brother season is all social game. The people that get to the final 6 are the ones that have the best social game and let the people people with targets on their back for winning comps take each other out. Once you get to the final 6 is winning comps comes into play. That is exactly what Jordan did the season she won, and that is what Hayden did last year.

      1. No, she’s inept at competitions. That’s what keeps her in the house. Walking around with a blank stare is hardly a social game. Who did she recruited for her alliance?

        1. Well, she got Shelly and Adam to fall in love with her. She also got Kalia to make and keep a ludicrous promise to NEVER put her up. The girl has some skills!

          1. Adam is in love with Jeff, not Jordan. He looked lost when Jeff was evicted. Jeff did as much to put that alliance together as Jordan did. Using the line, “pick up off one at a time” and twirl her hair have been her biggest contributions to this season. And for her “social game”, all I have seen Jordan do is lose a large number of fans this year, that liked her two years ago. Of course, Jeff did the same thing, except he seems to have lost even more than Jordan has. Now their misguided fans are issuing death threats.

            Say what you will about Brenchel or Dani fans, but they haven’t been going off the deep end with death threats againist Dani or Jeff’s families. Team JJ, hitting rock bottom and kept on digging.

      2. Yep likable. People forget that if you are not always a nasty backstabbing ass you can go far too. Being underhanded isn’t all there is to the game. Neither is winning comps. If you are seen as a non threat and people like you – that is also game play. People who don’t like it – tough titties. Got her to win her season so suck it up. Besides she has said she didn’t want to even come this time but Jeff did, she only came for him. Until now she hasn’t given a shit enough to even try by the sounds of it. She has done enough that the other players let her slip on through – enough that she has a shot at winning – again. On doing nothing more than just being her.

      3. hard to say she’s playing a social game she doesn’t really talk to anyone. before it was jeff doing the talking and all she did was just talk to jeff and rachel.

  2. “Jordan is saying that this year is so much harder than bb11 she finds herself exhausted at the end of everyday/. ” Really, Jordan? Go home!

    She only came back because Jeff wanted to and they’re too cheap to afford some real vacation. Jeff’s gone, so go see finish your summer with him in jury house. Of the 2 vets left, Rachel is the one who deserves to be in F2. Jordan has done squat. She couldn’t even say her own name without Jeff’s permission.

    1. Jeff and Jordan probably didn’t have a choice to come back or not. Jeff has a contract with CBS, for show development. CBS wanted Jeff on the show either to boost this summer’s ratings or to Market Jeff for Around the World or another CBS project. Either way he probably had no choice due to his network contract. He also probably really wanted to win. He was 3rd jury member his season and out really early in Amazing Race. Jordan was probably pressured by Jeff or even offered money by Jeff to participate. After all its, “duos” season. Now this summer must really suck for her.

  3. May the good lord help Jorden if she flips on Rachel… dang complaining already just after getting her butt saved… give me a break J … use that brain cell… stop playing on stupid …lol .

        1. I agree .. he did say he would vote for her … have to say he is the only one that hasnt been catty .. i think he would vote on game play .. now Rachel may have drove almost every house guest over the edge but I have noticed a difference … she doesnt seem to be so off the wall….she is talking to everyone .. she isnt doing all the crap shelly is saying she is doing.. and knowing how evil many have been to her and be able to come this far … well bottom line i am impressed… she is doing pretty good dealing with that stress … GO GIRL .. :-)

          1. I surely believe that among the house guest left Rachel deserves to win this. Agreed, that she was annoying before but she has played the best at this point and won several comp. The mean girls picked on her and have said horrible things about her even to her unborn child if any, that is not cool. Shelly has made up lies about her that she did this, she did that but Rachel has never done that. I am and hopes for the one that was ostracized and picked on to win this game which is Rachel. In this game lying is part of it, strategically the lies should be limited towards the game ( promising that I am on your side and agreeing to whatever the other alliance say, promising to back them up ) but not what Shelly has done who focused and on making up lies pinned it all on Rachel. The mean girls constantly bashing Rachel and they still do. Go Rachel, Jordan and Adam final three.

    1. I think Rachel has the best chance against Jordon. B and D will vote R. I think all aside from A would vote R. S might give J a remorse vote though. This all depends on Rachel continuing like she is right now. Is it Brendon that makes her so squirelly? SHe more likebale now + gameplay/winning comps = 500k.

  4. I have voted for Shelly in the poll before veto and Pandora’s box. Seems now everyone is starting to agree with me! ha ha

      1. Rigged it?? No one made Porsche, the nasty little thing that she is, take the money. If she hadn’t Rachel or Jordan would be gone. I love how people rationalize things to fit their agenda. And I love how people are always saying how horrible Rachel is yet post the most nasty comments. :You can hide behind your computer but you are still not a good person.

        1. Hi Emmy, agreed. Rachel by far is the best player among the house guest left in the house. She has been picked on and ostracized and Shelly has portrayed her that she lies, lies , lies and did this and did that which is far from the truth because Shelly is the one actually doing it but throwing it all on Rachel, not fair. Shelly needs to go, not a good strategy when she seems to have picked on one girl and the other mean girls did too and still do as they seem to gather around at all time and have always made nasty comments towards Rachel. Keep the strategy towards the game, mean girls.

      2. I love it, every year the whiners come out about how the game is rigged because it didn’t go how they wanted lol you don’t like it change the damn channel.

        1. Yes, Kamaray, agreed. Rachel won that POV and it was not rigged. DKP alliance went wrong when Porsche opened the Pandora box, however, when there is money involve why not. I am sure that anyone of the house guest would have done the same thing.

    1. What would be exciting to see is if Kalia does a Chima (or was it Cheetah? or whatever that pyscho girl’s name was).

  5. “Adam: “Hopefully it’s you and me hanging on a banana at the end””

    Really Adam?! The only “banana” he and Jordan will be hanging on is Jeff’s “banana”; if you know what I mean;)

    1. He also said, real men are hairy. That may be true, but if so, then that still doesn’t explain why he’s so hairy.

  6. Adam can possibly only beat shelly in the final 2. The final 2 combinations are tricky. Rachel and jordan could beat adam, shelly, kalia, and porscha. Porscha can’t beat kalia but beat shelly. Rachel is 50/50 against jordan. Kalia and rachel would be 50/50. Thats just me

  7. Adam can beat Kalia for sure in F2 and has a chance to beat Rachel. Jordan and Porsche would beat Adam. Actually I think Jordan probably beats the whole house and Kalia loses to the whole house if either one makes Final 2.

    1. i think kalia could beat adam and only adam unless something changes and he starts to win some. kalia can argue she knock out jeff and won 2 hoh while adam been floating and winning nothing. kalia didn’t go back and forth like adam. dani and porcshe will vote for her and all they need to is two more and i think brandon and rachel will most likely vote for her since they really hate floaters. unless he wins one i don’t think many of the vets will win. so he really has to win at least one competition.

    2. Sorry, but dont think adam could beat any of them except Shelly right now. The vets are going to take comps into account. He has floated way too much. I mean if he wins a couple comps between not and the end maybe but he has been pretty pathetic. Rachel makes it to the end she should win hands down. Everyone hates her and she still makes it to the final two. She has already won 4 comps and will have to win more to make it to the end.

  8. So rachel knew it was double eviction night last thursday but nobody believed her (if im not mistake b and r figured this out before he was sent to the jury house). If they don’t get rachel out soon and she wins 3 of the last 5 competitions (1 of those being the hoh she will have to sit out in unless she was the veto this coming week and then the last 2 hogs of the season) she will end up winning bb13. Unlike shelly, porsche, jordan, kalia and adam she has not ridden anyones coattail and hasnot had a week off like p and s did with the golden keys. She has been on the block 4 times so far and still is in the game! This is game play at first her social game was horrible but she has picked it up since b left for the jury! Other than kalia I don’t see who else comes close to it really in terms of playing the game. I just don’t think I could vote for p or s at the end unless p won more hoh because she did nothing for the first 54 days of the season but the last impress makes the mark

    1. Rachel can only win if Jordan makes it to jury. Otherwise PKDS all hate her and would never vote for her.

      1. If Jordan and Rachel are final two, then the newbies will have to decide…I don’t think they will all vote together though.

  9. This was posted on the previous post:

    THE INSIDER says:
    August 28, 2011 at 7:22 pm
    ******SPOILER ALERT******* I’m not saying my inside source is totally correct with this information, but what I was told, Dani and Jeff are not in the jury house at all. they were separately taken to two different hotels after the show. Jeff and Dani will be back in the house for a twist before thursday’s eviction. they would only be used in a twist that will allow one of them to make the deciding vote for Thursday’s eviction. they will be introduced as the deciding duo and it will set the much needed drama this season needs. Dani was evicted by a deciding vote by Adam, and Jeff was evicted by a deciding vote by Shelly. no matter what happens, Dani and Jeff will be at the Jury house for good after Thursday’s show. I don’t know what type of comp Dani and Jeff will be involved with to win the deciding vote privilege. all I know for now Dani and Jeff will play a big part in Thursday’s show.

    So, just how does this work with an odd vote of three people?

    1. i read that on the other post, its interesting and may be cool if it happens, but its hard to tell if its true considering theres no other talk of it.

      1. Most fans here agree that it was Shelly’s vote that sent Jeff packing. If Shelly didn’t flip, Kalia wouldn’t have had the deciding vote. Let’s not get technical here. Team KaliAdam 4 life, yo!

      1. Lemme do the math for ya. If it’s true Jeff can vote, then JJR evicts Shelly. If Dani gets to vote, DK vote to evict Adam, JR vote to evict Shelly which means only one outcome – P breaks the tie to evict Adam. Without this twist, Shelly’s fate is sealed. If this rumored twist is true, Judas or BigJ “decides” who leaves.

        Now let’s hope Shelly leaves so the bashing stops. Then we can all go back to blaming BigJ for being bipolar: too arrogant with the newbies and coward with the strong vets (he had to backdoor Dani and threw Brendon under the bus for $5k).

        I say Adam for the win – yo!

        P.S. I’m surprised no one has blamed Production Team for the death threats. It’s not like Production wouldn’t stoop down any low for ratings. Something to think about. Go, Team Production – yo!

    2. Hmmm, you obviously crave attention. Just tell me how they can be a deciding vote when Jordan and Rachel get the only votes and then the HOH team would split any tie? BB likes twists, but their twists have to make logical sense. Please be more creative in your silly little hype posts.

      1. their twists make logical sense huh? really?

        like the Pandora’s Box twist that conveniently saved Rachel AND Jordan… even though the POV comp had nothing to do with duos? and it was a comp that Rachel had previously proven she could win.

        LOL… sure, makes perfect sense… if the game is rigged and CBS wants to be sure Rachel and Jordan stay in the house.

        Go Team Production Yo!

        1. It doesn’t make sense numerically, there are only three people who can vote, no tie possible for a “deciding vote”

        2. You mean like how conveniently the Double Eviction twist happened on Jeff’s HOH week insuring he couldn’t compete for HOH and didn’t have time to fight for votes? I guess you’re right, BB is rigged!! ….NOT!

        3. Production didn’t choose the pairs, and Porche has been doing better at physical comps than Rachael. These conspiracy theories are ridiculous. Sure production provides some intel in the DR, but it is impossible for production to completely determine who will win a comp. The comp was more geared toward Porche to begin with considering she is the best physical player left.

        4. Every year that Pandora’s box has come out – people whine the same crap. She didn’t have to open it, she knew it could be bad. No one’s fault but the idiot Porsche. Sorrrryyyyy

    3. that sounds like bs because the deciding vote for jeff wasnt shelly it a kalia… and plus why would u need a deciding vote when it is pretty clear at this point that shelly will be leaving in a 3-0 vote….. your entire inside scoop makes no sense

      1. The scenario does sound strange…. but what if JR vote to evict Shelly, K votes to evict Adam, Dani and Jeff compete to see who will be the tying vote, and then Porsche votes out either Adam or Shelly. Seems like a stretch just to see Dani and Jeff sort of in the game again.

    4. I would LOVE for this to be true, but Dani HAS to beat Jeff, that would be just what P/K would need to get ahead. I’m confused on how this will work with 3 people voting?? J or D’s vote would make it a tie, so it wouldn’t be a “deciding” vote. The show does need some drama, it’s getting pretty boring now, espcecially with BB changing things to help JorDUMB and Roachel.

    5. If true. A freeroll for Shelly. If Jeff wins some deciding vote power, it means nothing.

      But if Dani wins and some how Shelly gets to stay in the house. Crazy Jeff fans will go bonkers again.

      1. True, it’s not even a “twist” because if Jeff wins, Shelly goes home, which would’ve happened anyway without one. The only difference it would make would be for Dani to have the deciding vote, then she’d vote Adam out.

    6. Most likely Jordan and Rachel will vote the same way and probably against Shelly. I had assumed that Kalia would not be voting. But even if K voted for Adam, there is no tie. Am I missing something???

        1. Kalia doesn’t get to vote because she’s Porsche’s partner. Porsche’s HOH so Kalia’s also HOH. Which means they both can’t vote. Who goes home is only up to Jordan and Rachel (unless there’s a tie)

          1. no kalia gets to vote. during the first 4 weeks the partner of the hoh always get to vote just not the hoh. all the partner gets to safety from nomination. i don’t see what that part would change.

          2. That’s wrong. The partner of the HOH was still allowed to vote, and allowed to compete in the next immediate HOH comp.

    7. With three votes in the house there will be no tie so i wonder if another vote is necessary unless production wants that other vote to create for the HOH to break.

      1. But they haven’t even shown the Jury House yet, so we don’t know for sure. If they don’t show the JH by Wed., then it might be true, but who knows.

    8. sounds interesting but it doesn’t seem to apply to this week’s three-person vote… maybe another week where the vote could possible split? anyways, i’m really looking forward to bb showing us the jury house so we can see brendon’s reaction to dani coming in (when she got him out) and dani’s reaction to jeff coming in (who got her out) and jeff’s reaction to *hopefully* shelly coming in! just like one big happy family lol

  10. I can’t believe they make Shelly look like a bitch in Big Brother today. So she’s a bitch because she did the best thing to further her game..

    1. Viper do you watch the live feeds??? Totally different on live feeds than on tv. You have no idea the filth and evil-ness that spews from sheldon’s mouth and actions. She looks so nice on the tv version. It’s creepy how diff she is on live feed. Hatred for Sheldon is not brought on by her strategic game moves. It’s how she talks to and about ppl and the evil things she does. Case in point….she is always worried about Josie watching and wants to be a good example to her lil girl. Then she tells DPK in front of America how she is cutting up Rachel’s stuffed puppy that her mom gave her and putting red finger nail polish all over it and putting it back on her bed. Josie won’t be traumatized by her mother doing that….not at all. How about wishing a miscarriage on Rachel be having an accident and getting hurt in a comp?? Josie, your thoughts please….

    2. Funny I thought they only showed the tip of the iceberg. I wish production would show all the shit Shelly has pulled. They also gave Dani some favorable editing. They should have shown what a terror she was that last week. But, they didn’t and then out front with JC she makes comments about them giving Rachel favorable editing. Made me wana puke. Thank goodness for this site and the live feeds so atleast America can see the truth if the choose to look.

      Buh bye SS….

  11. Really Jordan you’re exhausted after floating/riding Jeff’s and now Rachel’s coattail each and every day…..hhhmm wonder how you would really feel if you were actually playing

  12. So that spoiler alert said that one either Jeff or Dani will be the deciding vote. How much do you wanna bet that Dani’s the deciding vote and then Shelly will end up staying. Then it’ll be back to R/J v K/S/P again. I just hope that Jeff is the deciding vote.

    1. if it is a comp and one can win $50 and the other cast the eviction vote, Greedy Jeff will take the 50 bucks like always….rotflmao

      1. I like your way of thinking. So, unless Dani gets to vote, it’s JAR vs PAK. Adam for the win – yo!

        I’m guessing, not just for the sake of having a twist, they production needs to protect Judas from Brendon’s wrath, so she needs to be sequestered separately. Hurray, Team Production – yo!

      2. Or it could be $5000 for one person and vote for the other. Porsche got $10,000 in Pandora’s Box but it was never explained which other contestant gets the other $5000.

        1. Ohhhh! I forgot about that $5000. That definitely sounds plausible. But don’t you think they would both go for the money. If anything, Jeff has more at stake in the game. At this point, Dani probably doesn’t care who wins (unless her friendships are really that close). But Jeff does tend to go for the money first, so who knows.

  13. I wish, they would just let them play. Enough with all of the twists. I think I am exhausted by this season of BB. LOL

  14. Help me out here. Why is anyone rooting for a Vet (JR) to win? Here’s reasons why I’m not:

    1) They’ve been on BB before; in short, they’ve had their chance.
    2) J won 500K already ( Nuff said).
    3) R is evil personified, a truely nasty and self-absorbed person who had her chance on BB before, blew it and, was despised by most viewers ……….. for valid reasons we’ve all been reminded of again this season.
    4) The Vets, by the simple fact that they had played this game before, had a better handle on how possible comps went and what was physically expected, which gave them (however slight) an advantage over the newbies.
    5)The Vets came into the house with at least one person they could completely trust and with whom they could be aligned ….. again an advantage over the newbies.
    6) I’m all about voting out floaters but the term floater is open for interpretation in this game, despite some of the well argued opinions given on this site. However, I also prefer to root for the underdog which, despite the fact that they initially out numbered the vets, I always considered the newbies to be the underdogs (as per points made above). P & K have won 3 HoH’s between them and P has come in 2nd on many occasions, in short, they’re not floaters.

    As soon as Dick left I saw Dani as flying solo and at a disadvantage to the other vets, which is why she wanted to gather someone whom she felt would be a strong male partner (slim pickens from which to choose!). With my gal, Dani’s departure (No, not a newbie but an underdog nonetheless), I’ve been wanting a newbie to really step up their game play and kick butt. PK were the fore runners of the newbies but, between K and her talk (however brief) of throwing the next HOH, and P opening PB at this late and risky stage of the game, I’m struggling to restrain myself from reaching into the TV and throttling them both. Neither S nor A are even an option I’d consider rooting for due to the fact that they’ve ridden the coat tails of vets for the entire game and suck at comps. So, I’m sticking with PK until the end but ………….. they’re not making it easy!

    PK (Dani’s protégés) til the end!

    1. Because the noobs are unlikable for the most part. Kalia pees in the hot tub, constantly eats/sleeps, or yammers on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, and she’s a terrible player, evidenced by putting up her whole alliance. Adam is a wannabe superplayer who can’t pick a side, and is marginally competitive. Shelly is playing an interesting social game, but not owning up to it in the DR like she should be. She seems to have multiple personalities. Porsche comes across as ditsy, but now that she’s doing more than stuffing her face and actually making the TV show, she’s alright.

    2. Sure Dani’s Proteges or refer as Dani’s Screwups. Porsche winning 500K yeah right. Her Brain is getting stupidier and stupider. Kaila other hand winning 500K would buy 500 McDonalds Quarter pounder until Biggest Loser is coming out . 2 out 3 HOHs It’s nothing. They are bunch of cocky and arrogant. I’m rooting Jordan/Rachel Final 2. Besides Porsche open Pandora Box and win 5Gs, however, Jordan and Rachel Roadkill 4 newbies to win POV. In fact, it takes two idiotic newbies don’t know what is going to do about Pandora Box. “Shocker” Dani’s Screwups will continue screwing up their plans. Jordan will win 500K again Twice since Female Contestant from Survivor. So Rooting for Jeff’s Army (Rachel and Jordan). So keep screwing their plans. All two newbies are toast. Bye-Bye Newbies.

    3. DR dead-on again! My thoughts EXACTLY. I have my opinion on why people are sticking to the JR rooting but I’ll keep it to myself since we all know how crazy the JJ fans are now ;)

  15. can someone answer this…didnt rachel win the veto comp, so wont her and jordan be safe this week because of the duo rule from pandoras box??

    1. Yes, J/R are safe, S/A will be put up and this “twist” may help one of them stay by being the deciding vote, IF it’s true. I have my doubts, but production does seem to be butting in this season a lot. I wouldn’t mind this one if it helps P/K.

  16. So Production have now nullified two different HOH’s by twists. Only one side of the house has benefited, both times.

    I guess HOH doesn’t mean crap anymore.

    1. How did production nullify HOH’s? Production didn’t put Lawon on the block. Production didn’t put stick em on Rachel’s rope to keep her from falling…..

      1. Dani’s HOH when she got Brendon out the first time. Undone by a twist.

        Porsche HOH, her nominations of JR. Undone by a twist. (Jordan would be going home, saved by duos)

        * Kalia’s HOH was just her dumbass.

  17. Wow, You two newbies girls like being so cocky and arrogrant instead of confidents. Just give it up already. Porsche open Pandora Box and got 5Gs and Rachel and Jordan wins POV. Now Kaila wins HOH and open the Pandora Box again, Jordan and Rachel probably get a special power to get into final 3. Geez! How thick is your brains? As right now, both your brains seems not working. The Veterans will keep screwing you two until all the newbies wipeout. So, Better luck next time. You learn something, you will get from it.

  18. people need to really shut up about the whole Jordan being stupid. calling someone stupid does not make you any smarter. at the end of the day, she’s walking out that house with money in her hands and you are not.

    1. Definately, she could win this thing 10 times in a row. It makes sense. Everyone thinks they can beat the mentally challenged one at the end, so they carry her along.

  19. “Jordan is saying that this year is so much harder than bb11 she finds herself exhausted at the end of everyday.”

    Oh poor Jordan. No little CoupD’Shit power this year.

  20. Does anyone remember Shelly telling Jeff and Jordan,
    That she wanted Jeff and Jordan to spend the summer together
    and wanted them to win the 500.00,
    she did not need the money she wanted the BB experience.

    Then when she gave her vote to evict Jeff, she said he was
    in her of her way of winning the money for her family. . .

    wasn’t he always

    1. Was it a lie from the start or did something snap? That’s why she should have said something in DR. Her whole deal makes no sense. She supposedly makes good money, so she goes on a show to, lure in, and ultimately backstab ‘America’s Sweethearts’? I don’t think that was a good business decision. I loved it though.

  21. At this point in the game, I completely agree with Adam. It is about taking and winning each competition. Forget about Final 3 and Final 2 deals. Stick with your alliance which is currently KP and JR, with Adam being the perpetual floater who will side with the winners of the HOH.

    However, if Adam were to win the next HOH the dynamics of the game would completely change. Talk about a twist. I think he would nominate Rachel and Kalia, with his target being Rachel.

    But again at this stage its about winning competitions. You win you move closer to the prize.

    Stop with all the strategizing and scenarios. Get off all your collective asses and compete.

    Rooting for KP final 2 — just to see the Jury House votes

  22. shelly is a pos its one thing to lie in the game i can understand that but to go to the dr and still lie about lying is just sad… and then i loved how she tried and failed to put this all on adam she deserves to go home…. but u people making death threats to her family need to cut that out it is just a game and if jeff stayed he wasnt sharing the money with any of you fans so calm down

  23. Ok I hated Rachel last season and most of this season. I am rooting for her to win it all. Funny how opininions change! If she is in final 2 with Jordan even better. I kinda want Adam to maybe be in final 2 with Rachel and win something. I wud be happy with Rachel in F2 with Jordan or Adam. Even tho he did shit he is a super fan like all of us. I kinda want him to win something. Shelly is well off and a snake and I don’t want her to win anything. The death threats are way wrong tho. I aggree with that. I don’t want Kalia to win b/c she is just obsessed with Dani and wants to do whatever to please her. Yes Porsche stepped up her game, but should have long ago. I want Jeff to get America Vote. And if people think Porsche deserves something then America Vote but I dont think she has a chance. Too little too late. I know Adam is ultimate floater but he is a genuinley nice guy and want him to win something for being a fan like us and for being a good honest guy. I amy change my mind with in a few days but it’s where I stand now!

    1. Good thinking and you are more then welcome to read Shelly her “Miranda rights” when she gets the boot! :-)

    2. I’m the total opposite. I liked Roachel last season, but cannot STAND her this year. I wouldn’t mind her winning though over JorDUMB because she’s won BEFORE and she’s done NOTHING this season to deserve it. I don’t even want her coming in second, she doesn’t deserve that either.

  24. @Hmmmm. I am not sure that makes sense. What if the vote is 3-0 then their vote will be 4-0 or 3-1. If its 2-1 then it would be 2-2 with HOH breaking the tiebreaker or 3-1. I think its best to leave it alone

  25. at this point i’d even settle for a Shelly or Adam win. no way do i want to see Rachel or Jordan win this season. Rachel believes anyone who isn’t on her side is a floater (clearly she doesn’t even understand what it means). and Jordan is as useless as she is dumb.

    Porsche deserves to win, played a good game. but Team Production is against her.

    Kalia may be the worse player in BB history… but i’d still take her over RJ.

  26. It was priceless Jeff assuming that 30 second talk to Shelly puts her in line to vote to keep him when 20 minutes earlier He told Shelly she was done, Captain Jeff spoke and expects everyone to jump……lol

    Pricelss him accusing Adam of not voting for him while Adam still had his lips wrapped around Jeff’s pants banana as you could tell by Adam’s muffled answer….rotflmao

    1. Exactly. Jeff just got done unloading on Shelly.

      He thinks then Shelly is going to vote to keep him. Lets be realistic.

    2. Jeff had lied and backstabbed all of his supporters so when he found himself
      in a trouble spot, he became paranoid and began his bullying, again.
      Jeff should be proud of Jordan; she is just like him.

  27. I am starting to think there is more to Pandora’s Box. $5k and duos doesn’t sound like the whole story.

  28. DUDE! what happens if jordan and rachel go up and then adam wins the veto and takes jordan and rachel off, who goes up?

    1. LOL. We already know that didn’t happen. I guess they would’ve had to call the game off and start over with 5 houseguests… all vets.

  29. So lets see here, Shelly plays for the $500,000 and Jeff flips out, Jordan acts like a spoiled child because her coat tails got evicted has a hissy fit. JR lose HOH comp and have idiotic melt downs so BB makes veta doubles and a game Rachel already won. BB REALLY needs to go back to basics and stay out of the game

    1. In the past Psych. classes at universities studied, analyzed and
      discussed BB HGs actions and motivations, but not any longer. There is no need.
      BB has become a pre-determined corporate Soap Opera.

    2. If BB completely stayed out of the game it would probably be too boring. I don’t care if they have a hand in the outcomes as long as I’m being entertained. Just think, Dani probably would have been gone sooner, we would still have the most boring player Lawon (remember him) and if Brendon didn’t come back…. Actually I’m not sure what that accomplished.

  30. Anyone notice that they showed so much of Thursday’s drama that they had to leave out showing P’s HOH? They just cut straight to Pandora’s box.

    1. Yeah, they also cut out the part were Jordumb said, “Yall think Dani’s some kind of God!”
      First of all Jordumb she would be a Goddess, and secondly Dani IS a Goddess!!

      Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

    1. When Jordumb and Roach make it to the Final2. The season has been made for BRJJ. This was my response to “production is trying to help Dani.”

      LOL Team production has never helped Dani. Don’t bring the stupid golden key into this. They had to give her one because Evel Dick left for a real emergency not a made up one. Since at that point it was Duos Dani got one.

      When Dani got rid of Brenda everything was going her way. Then Kalia won HOH and because of the stupid twist Lawon was evicted when it should have been Roach. Instead of it being JJSA vs DKPL it was JJBRSA vs DKP. Also that twist was rigged. Production was going for a final four of JJBR. Brendon would not have come back if “America’s” votes had been counted. Prodcution has been team BR this season if you haven’t noticd. Pandora’s Box anyone? POV being Endurance anyone?

      So lets go back to it being JJSA vs DKPL after Roach is evicted and there is no twist. Dani wins HOH and would have nominated Jeff and Jordon. Dani was domianting the corn hole game and Jeff would have been gawn, because Dani was going to win that POV (she had made 3 straight shots, she threw it after that to Adam).

      Then Porsche would have won the dish washer game (no Jeff and Porsche was second in that comp) so Shelly and Adam would have been nomianted and one of JAS would have been evicted and the final 6 would have been DKPL + 2 memebers of JAS.

      So don’t tell me that it was rigged for Dani if anything Production screwed Dani over. Prodcution is team BRJJ

      Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

    1. what show are you watching?
      Dani was the best player in the game. for a 25 year girl she’s very impressive. she had the guts to flip on the vets in an attempt to take out the presumptive winners; JnJ.
      JnJ seemed to think they were entitled to win; untouchable. and it was jeff’s game of intimidation that ultimately led to his demise. good riddance.
      Dani’s allies let her down (kalia’s hoh noms were stupid) otherwise she’d still be in the game.

    2. Actually All the people that were voted out may be good player but they messed up at some point because they are no longer playing. They are in the jury for how they played.

    3. I think the reason so many of us dislike JJ this year is the same reason so many people dislike Shelly. All three lied numerous times (which in my opinion is fine and part of the game), but all three went into DR and acted all virtuous and innocent. Can’t respect that. Lie to you teammates and then come laught about it in the DR – that’s awesome. No one like that this year (like Matt and Ragan used to do). And then JJ definitely had this attitude that they were owed more respect and attention than the newbies. It was rather irritating. Jordan has done nothing but whine and cry (as a woman it’s insulting). I can’t stand it when people cry on TV instead of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. And you have to admit that Jeff bullied the women he thought he could Bully. The way he yelled and intimidated Kalia during her first HOH turned many fans off of Jeff forever. Never mind the way he treats Jordan. That can’t be OK with her family.
      That’s jsut some of the reasons why not everyone is a JJ fan.


    I just turned it off, and then stopped the nightly recordings. I just can’t take this nauseating group of people anymore BLEH!
    OBB is now my only non-CBS source of BB info. No pressure Simon

  32. Just wondering does anyone who knows the HG personally read these comments and if so are you going to tell them what America says about them when they get out

  33. Adam is like shelly if not worse .. I am sure everyone can see that now .. Adam is a huge liar and keeps flipping to whoever has the power ..

    oh and Jordan is the biggest floater .. and Kalia is very very stupid for even thinking of throwing the HOH

  34. Jordan is not bright.

    No one listens to me on this forum. I’m a smart, independent, college-educated woman. I’ve watched this show forever and know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, I think Adam might win. I fear for this.

    I wish Keith and Lawon would have made out. They liked each other. Not because they are black. But because they were both young, atttractive players in this game.

    1. The best I can figure, Adam’s strategy is to float to F3 and then take his chances in the finale comps.

      He’ll make himself attractive to take by not winning everything. The only problem is that he’s showed he’s a whiz with dates/events and Rachel is on to this.

      If that isn’t his strategy then I can’t figure him out. Maybe his is just that pathetic

  35. Everybody is complaining about how JR were kept in the game by production. Well..Porche opened Pandora’s Box, and with it comes a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing was the possibility of RJ both being safe…correct?

  36. Just a “What if” Scenario..Remember BB lost a week due to Evil Dick leaving the house. What if Jeff and Dani.. are a Pandora twist… The Pandora twist could be they had to choose between A Box or a door.. one contains Jeff the other contains Dani… I know this adds a vote and possibly ties it up… but either way someone will get evicted..

    What if Dani and Jeff have something to do with a twist orchestrated by the Fortune Teller… It’s kinda interesting to me that in the house preview show they showed the fortune teller twice, yet they have not used it yet? Maybe it’s just a nice decoration, but I kinda doubt it.

    Either way I am leaning on BB getting back their week of production.. I do believe that Dani and Jeff are not done yet, Grodner loves drama, what better way to get it then to feed it back into the house.

    I have spent the last 3 years trying to believe the game wasn’t rigged, and production wasn’t leading around the houseguests. However after the Pandora twist being thrown in, at what mostly every fan thats been around since season 1 (even some who weren’t) truly believe it was timed in favor of two Vets that production apparently are in love with? And after 2 seasons of houseguests coming out of the diary room telling other Houseguests production was pushing them to keep so and so.. I really can’t I believe it isn’t rigged anymore.

    1. Wouldn’t that be funny if the Fortune teller recorded everything in that room! And then they play everything all day and night. That would drive everyone crazy…

  37. SImon so who got the other 5k? Did the hutt get it when porcha chose the hut as her “duo” partner? It wasn’t mentioned on the show who got the other 5k but I guess it would make sense that since porcha chose the hutt that she would get the other 5k or is the person getting the other 5k going to be decided by another stupid twist?

      1. they haven’t announced that it was the hutt only that porcha choose her for a partner. It makes me wonder that part of the punishment is that porcha cant choose who gets the other 5k. On the other hand it would make sense that the hutt gets it because porcha chose her but its weird that CBS has not said nothing about who got the other 5k yet. Unless I missed something on tonight’s show?

  38. “Kalia says if it’s questions which she sure it is and it gets down to Adam and her she’ll throw it to him”

    Kalia you are truly an idiot. If you are going to throw the hoh, you deserve to have your ass nominated.

    1. She just told Adam that. She isn’t going to throw it. If she does, she is the biggest idiot and my neighbors are going to kill me for screaming at the stupid bitch. I swear, I am going to lose my voice, because of these idiots. I wish cbs would just go back to all new ppl and have the all star game. I think it is better that way and they will get more ratings that way. Everyone likes to see good competitors playing against each other. Oh well, we keep watching. I need to learn to calm, because it is just a game.

    1. no, they didnt show kalias room bec she didnt get one. It was immediately given to porshe when she won the same night

  39. Jordan was just upset.Get off her back. I think she is a good person, and judging from your posts being a good person isn’t very important to you. It is just a show and you being right or your “side” winning doesn’t make you a better person- but your nasty posts definitely make you seem like a horrible person.

    1. Jordan doesn’t seem like a very “nice” person to me. Did you hear the names she calls Dani??? She’s a lazy, whiny, sore loser this season. I liked her much better in BB11, she never should’ve come back. And you shouldn’t judge people who post on here, after all, it’s ONLY a game, but JJ fans don’t seem to know that.

  40. You are right in that when you do something for a friend you do it without expecting it to be paid back. However, you do have a right to expect loyalty. Jordan gave Shelly the opportunity to go her own way when they talked up in the HOH.

      1. Thank you. I can’t stand Shelly. But Jordan giving her a phone call from home apparently means she should just step aside and let Jeff, who wasn’t even the one who gave it to her, win. Plus Jordan’s reasons for giving Shelly the phone call weren’t as pure as she claims if she expected something from Shelly in return.

        Shelly is everything Jordan says. She forms close, almost intimate friendships with people then stabs them in the back, lies to them, and makes nasty and hateful comments about them, then giggles about how she got one over on them. All while preaching from the mountaintops about her honesty and integrity and how she can’t handle the bad behavior of people who have not sunk anywhere nearly as low as she has.

        The thing is where was Jordan’s outrage when Shelly made friends with Kalia and had her complete trust. Then made a fool of her and giggled to Jeff and Jordan about it? Where was it when she was making unnecessarily hateful comments about Rachel? Shelly was a wonderful person to Jordan and Jeff until she did the same thing to them that they were fine with her doing to other people.

        That is what really has bugged me about Jordan this season. She seems sweet and loving, and she probably is. But she will sit there and watch Jeff scream at, intimidate and bully other people. Usually women. Without ever once so much as a “maybe you should calm down Jeff.” It makes me uncomfortable that she is so nice to others, but seems to have no problem when someone is making with the nastiness, often on her behalf.

        It’s easy to be a sweetheart when someone else is doing the bullying and intimidating for you. It sure went out the window when things stopped going her way and Jeff wasn’t there to pick on people for her.

      2. I wouldn’t get over it. I would hate myself for giving that lying backstabbing piece of sh*t a phone call home when I could have talked to my family. I believe jordan when she said it had nothing to do with game because she already thought Shelly was with her and Jeff until the end. To make myself feel better I’d have to say I did it for her daughter. Oh and you’re crazy if you think if you were in that situation that you would just “get over it.”

  41. Adam seems like a nice guy and all but in this game he might be the most useless player in the history of Big Brother! What in the world does he do???? He stinks at games!

  42. Does anyone else notice how every time somebody says something about their Husband or Boyfriend Rachel says “Brendon too” OR “Brendon does too” It’s like she’s jealous. Shut up about Brendon!

  43. I can’t believe how stupid K/S is when it comes to strategics. They should have put Adam and Shelly straight up on the block. That way if R/J didn’t win the veto they could have backdoored them. (thank God they did win) I don’t need buttons to figure any of this out! And now K is going to throw the comp. These Girls drive me Crazy!!!

  44. people you scare me .all the hate for dumb and greed people that will do anything to win. I can’t understand how anyone on BB can have any kind of fans because they lie, back stab and cheat, and if they are good at it on BB, how about in real life.

    We are trying to teach our kids not to bully but some people on this site call people names like kids in school. We as adults suppose to lead our kids. I know you know kids read this site also. Things some of you people write on this site is disgusting. It’s just a game and you act more like kids than adults.

  45. Shelly’s family talk of death threats, but this is a family that has “killer dogs” and “body guards”?

    I don’t blame Porsche for taking the money. Sure, it screwed over Shelly probably (maybe Adam) but they only show loyalty to who has power that week. If she did not take the cash, there is no guarantee Kahlia would not have screwed her over (whether intentional or through her over-analyzing to the point of stupidity). Who is to say that if she would not have taken the money production wouldn’t have thrown in a twist from another direction?

  46. Whether Dani would still be in the house or not, a large part of why Dani’s game fell apart was Kahlia’s stupid move of sending her own alliance member home, i.e. Lawon. One of the reasons Jeff got Dani out was because she was the biggest threat and he thought he had the numbers (he had the numbers at that moment because Kahlia’s move negated Dani’s HOH the week before and Shelly had not yet flipped).

  47. How can you call BB reality TV when it is clearly rigged by CBS? They tailor the comps to suit whoever they want to win for that week. Then when it is clear that either Jordan or Rachel is going home they throw in Pandora’s Box knowing full well that Porsche would open it conveniently bringing back the duos. This in turn helps save Jordan and Rachel. CBS obviously did not want those girls to leave yet although I cannot imagine why. This has been the worst BB season ever and there is not one HG that I am rooting for. CBS also ruins the show by not showing the HG’s true character. I read how Jeff doesn’t treat Jordan so nicely all the time but CBS protrays them as America’s sweethearts. CBS helps to form public opinion. I would also like to say to the so called fans that are threatening Shelly’s family, that it is a terrible thing you are doing!!!! If you cannot watch a tv show without going off the deep end like that then you shouldn’t be watching it. It’s a game and Shelly did what she had to do to further herself in the game and her family should not be living in fear because of it! Hope whoever is doing it gets caught. Anyways CBS thanks for ruining what use to be one of the best reality shows on television!

  48. Here is my issue with Shelly. I can commend her on big bold moves. It’s just that she plays dirty. When she is caught she actually gets MAD and yells at the other person. If you get caught and want to lie so what…it’s big brother. But when you get caught, want to lie and get royally pissed off at the other person and try to flip it on them almost to the point of you wonder what this woman is REALLY like. That’s dirtly and I don’t respect that game play. Props on the big move but that’s about it!

  49. What a season — frankly, there isn’t anyone deserving of the money — maybe America could vote that it go to a charity instead of these people. That would be a nice twist. Nobody in that house deserves the money.

  50. What a joke.They should leave the game alone once they get this deep.KPS won when it mattered and then had the deck stacked against them .This isn’t a competition anymore when outside influences butt in .

  51. Anyone who roots for Shelly/Porsche or Kalia is just as pathetic and disgusting as they are. They have zero class, zero morals and are just flat out horrible. I honestly have not seen such immature, arrogant bullshit in this house since .. well…Jessie, and at least he was honest about his over-inflated ego. And I dont’ see what the big deal is about Dani? She got owned, period. She was not a good player, if she was smart she would have stuck with JJ + BR and gotten down to at least the final 8 with that alliance and then started playing her own game, but no, she wanted to be “big and bad” and create drama, because that’s all her and her father are, drama bullshit. Also, Shelly is an idiot, if she was smart she would have kept Jeff, got rid of Rachel, final 4 with Jeff, Jordan, Adam and Shelly, gotten rid of the fatty (Kalia) and the bimbo (Porsche) and then I would have enjoyed watching the end of this season progress, now I have to listen to the insufferable crap that comes out of KP’s big flappy mouth’s, ugh.
    BB, I am seriously disappointed in you, every season just keeps getting more predictable, and the house guests are just terrible. Who is picking these jackass’s!?!
    Anyway, since it’s slim picking’s as to who wins the game, I like seeing people win who don’t lie, backstab, float and run their big trap’s constantly, so Jordan seems about my only choice left.

    1. Damn, sure glad I never dated you. Angry, hateful and clueless are not attractive qualities on a person and based on your comments, they seem to be all your about.

  52. Has anyone notice that all of them are saying “like” all the time it was a matter of time hangimg around Jordan that they would start saying like like like like like like Wtch afterhours and notice this

  53. Its amasing if Jordan could do this without knowing she has done this could you inmagine what she could do if she did LIKE WOW

  54. As far as “best player in the game” you couldn’t really put Dani in there, sure she won 2 HOH’s but got the boot before others that won as many competitions. What’s funny is if Jordan wins another HOH then one could even argue she’s a better player given how far she’s gone. I’m not particularly a fan of any (probably my favorite BB player was Dan Gheesling) of these players, would have rather seen a new season entirely with all new players. But it seems a bit ridiculous for these arguments concerning how “terrible” of a player Jordan is. You do realize the HOH Kalia won Jordan lost by the skin of her teeth in a before after question about someone she was less familiar with and then the last HOH she came in second to Porsche who basically played a perfect game. One could justify her winning it all. Kalia, Porsche, Rachel (love or hate her she probably has the best resume of the remaining houseguests in terms of POV wins and HOHs), could see any of them. Adam and Shelley probably not, Shelley played an extreme social game that I’d probably bump her ahead of Adam for that.

    1. yeah, one could argue that, but that one would be a fool. Jordan had better allies and was willing to work with people she don’t really like, but to even imply that Jordan is a better gameplayer than Dani or really anyone else in the house is absurd.

  55. Jordan giving Shelly her phone call was the act of a friend. Not a game move.
    Shelly stabbing Jordan in the back was the act of a traitor. Not a friend.
    Shelly has done nothing of merit in this game except ride Jeff’s coat tails and then switching sides when it benefited her. Her allegiance to the alliance never existed.
    Call that good game play if you like, but look where it got her.
    However, it might have worked if Porsche hadn’t got arrogant after two wins and turned a deaf ear to the advice of better players when they told her to not open Pandora’s Box.
    PK won competitions but made terrible moves in the game. JJRB made good moves with the power when they held it but lost important competitions.
    So who deserves to win.
    Silly Porsche, coat tail riding Shelly, bad decision making Kalia, non competition winning Jordan (and Adam), or Rachel?
    Rachel has hung on through multiple fights, being a have not, losing a close ally, being constantly talked about, being pregnant, being emotionally unstable (part of the time). Yet she’s still winning competitions.
    I hope she wins and goes on a fabulous honeymoon.

  56. Wonder if BB didn’t give Rachel medication to calm her down because she is an entirely different person since Brendon left. If so, maybe that has affected her period cycle and she isn’t pregnant at all. I sure hope she isn’t pregnant because it would be a big burden on Brendon and of course us as tax payers. I think he will flip out if she is pregnant. Of all of the players left in the game BR need it the most, so I hope she wins some money.

  57. “Expect the unexpected” should read “expect the obvious”, like when BB needs a certain player, duo, to win a comp they suddenly have a new “twist” yeah, go rigged BB go. Have watched a lot of seasons, but do believe this is truly my last, didn’t want to really believe all the rigging (sorry, “twists”) that were involved, but just can’t take it anymore, would like to see a nice clean game, and may the best player (on their own) win.

  58. Before Shelly even came into the game she stated Jeff and Jordan was her favorite houseguests of all time. Shelly was team JJ for the moment they walk back into the house. Every bit of lying and sneaking Shelly did was to get JJ to like one of their biggest fan even if it meant scarificing her entire game to help them win. I am gonna tell ya’ll the moment Shelly went from “I will do anything for JJ” to “I can’t believe I did that %$&# for JJ is when Jeff won HOH and he nominated K&P, well Jeff pulled the first key out and it was Rachel’s key. The look on Shelly’s face said it all. At that point her and Rachel had their falling out. To have Jeff pull out her key first was an insult to her and she felt that Rachel would always come before her in that alliance. The money thing was just her cover-up for the real reason she jumped ship. She finally realized JJ did not feel the same way about her that she felt for them. So for all you JJ fans hating on Shelly, just remember she was a fan too until she felt betrayed first.

  59. When the show started I hated Rachel. But now at the final 5, Jordan and Rachel truly deserve to be in the final 2 spots! Adam, Porsche, and Kalia have done absolutely nothing to warrant any kind of respect or to be considered good players in any way. People always say Jordan doesn’t do anything, but guess what…she does more than anyone can see. It frustrates me, because Jordan is a master manipulator! And she does it even better than Daniele, because with Jordan nobody knows that they’re being manipulated! People seem to forget that Jordan won her season of her own accord. She’s not brash and she doesn’t make “big power” moves, but she gets into people’s hearts and she can win when she gets fired up. Which is more than anyone can say for Adam Porche or Kalia!!! She knows that people underestimate her and she uses that! Rachel is obviously a great competitor and I hope to God that they can go all the way!!! They did this themselves, they stayed loyal to each other, they are both GREAT players, and either one of them deseve the win.

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