Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel took a pregnancy test and it came out negative.. she is not pregnant.. *Updated*

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1:20pm – 1:30pm Rachel comes out of the diary room and goes to the candy room to talk to Jordan. Rachel tells Jordan that she took a test and its negative. Rachel is not pregnant. Rachel says that if it was a different result then she wouldn’t have been disappointed. Jordan says oh good. Rachel says that is one less thing to stress out about… now I just need to figure out why I am sick. Jordan says that it might be stress. Rachel says maybe. Rachel tells Jordan that Shelly came up to her and asked if there is anything else they need to talk about or if there is anything else she can say to them. Rachel says that she said we are still thinking about it …and that we really need to win HOH. Rachel says that Shelly said if they do need to talk they can talk later. Rachel says that she misses Brendon. Rachel heads into the kitchen.

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1:40pm – 2pm Rachel asks Kalia if she knows what she is going to do with the votes. Kalia says that its important that they all stay united in their votes… and that it is six in one …half a dozen in another. Kalia talks about how Shelly has been putting all of us against each other. Rachel says that there are pros and cons to keeping them both but that Shelly has been very manipulative. Rachel says that Adam at least has showed that she sticks to his word. Kalia tells Rachel that both Dani and Jeff threw the corn hole POV. Rachel says oh.. Kalia says so really Adam never won anything. They talk about whether or not Adam has been throwing competitions. Kalia says that Adam has been studying dates for so long and knows the game inside and out …and he goes out as the first person in the before / after competition. Kalia says that she asked him and he said he just had a brain fart.. and was really mad that he messed it up. They talk about how no one can trust or tell Shelly anything. Rachel says that a pro for keeping Shelly is that she will freeze and not win HOH or POV. A con for Adam is that he might win HOH or POV. They talk about how they wish the purple room wasn’t locked and wonder why it is locked. Kalia tells them that her vaginal area does not look the way she wants it to look. Porsche says I did not want to hear that! Kalia start complaining about how it has been 55 days since she has had some bootylicious…

2:20pm Rachel leaves and Kalia asks Porsche if it was a little too much. Porsche says no, I think it was good and we don’t have to bring it up again for a little bit. Kalia says that we need to just keep planting the seeds. Kalia starts going on about how long its been since she’s had sex and how bad she wants it. Shelly joins them out in the backyard to suntan. Kalia starts telling Shelly about what Rachel and them were talking about …how they are still undecided and the pros and cons to keeping them both. Rachel joins them back in the yard again. Rachel starts talking about how she would really like a boy and a girl. Shelly asks what Brendon’s middle name is .. Rachel says Joseph. Shelly laughs and says Brendon’s middle name is Bj..

2:25pm – 2:30pm Adam and Jordan are in the HaveNot room talking and Jordan is telling Adam that he needs to just pick a side. Adam says that he has and that he is with them. Jordan says that he can’t just keep riding the fence and that if they win HOH next week he can’t flip again. Adam says no I won’t I understand and if you save me this week …then I will owe you… if you feel any doubt then vote me out. Jordan says that she has already had someone burn her and if it happens again then I will FLIP OUT! Adam says that he knows no one will take him to the final two. Jordan says you don’t know that. Jordan says that they want to talk to us today …and so if you hear anything …then just know that we are saying whatever they want to hear. Adam says he knows that and that they know they can trust him because they have never heard anything come back about me. Jordan tells Adam that Rachel and I already discussed it and we are taking you.. in a perfect world if we all make it the final two we are taking you ..100%. Adam says that he wants to earn it and that his word will speak for itself. Jordan says that they are worried that he is out there talking to them late at night and they are offering you deals. Adam says that last night they were talking about Shelly and how she can’t be trusted. Jordan tells Adam just because he is third ..doesn’t mean he will be third out. Adam says thank you .. its who I would rather sit next to. Adam heads up to the HOH room to listen to the music cd. Jordan goes out side to work out.

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2:45pm Kalia, Shelly, Porsche and Rachel are suntanning. Shelly is talking about how it was the most humiliating experience she has ever had to go to the bathroom in the HaveNot room while she was on lock down. They continue to talk about random stuff…

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I vote to evict Rachel’s Baby




And I thought they were gonna drag that pregnancy drama until the season ends — just for ratings. 😉

Go Team Production, yo!

I miss Dan. He used to make things really funny and interesting.

C’mon CBS. Put ShellyAdam in “Amazing Race” yo!


thank God she isnt pregnant ! can you imagine how homely and annoying a combination of her and brenda (sp on purpose) would be ??????????


This comment is just plain not cool. Now you’re picking on a baby????


there is no baby to pick on. rachel is has an ugly face and an uglier personality and brendon has shown his true colors with his actions outside the house ( not to mention what a jerk he is in the house. ) you’re entitled to your opinion but I own this one.


Any man would loved to have thier dicked suck and for thier lover to swallow

comment removed

Texas Twin Mom

Your Gross


I think Rachel is pretty and find it rather weird that so many people hide behind their computers and bash
someone they don’t even know on something as superficial as looks. Maybe she wouldn’t find you attractive


ITA. Rachel is by far the ugliest and most hateful player to ever stink up the BB house. I don’t care how much money she wins. She’ll always be a low class loser — whiny, stupid, a crybaby, and thoroughly ugly inside and out. She’ll always be miserable no matter how much money she has because she is just a worthless person. I hope to God she and Brendan never have children. What a horror those two would be as parents. Who would be whining, squealing, and crying more — Rachel or her demon spawn? lol


maybe you should take a look in your own mirror before casting stones…I think rachel and brandon are a nice looking couple.


if by “nice looking” you mean fugly… then i agree.


Yes, they’re a good looking couple…but they need to seriously think about whether or not they are good for each other…a baby would not allow them the freedom to.


Ugly, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life. HAHAHAHA!


Sounds like you speak from experience…


If it was a boy it would look like Jeff and a girl would look like Jordan YUCK


I know, thank god she’s not, I never really believed she was to begin with.


You can be pregnant and still get a negative result on a home pregnancy test if taken too early and not yet producing enough hCG to be detected.


Your right I was 6 weeks pregnant and took 2 of those home tests both said I wasn’t the doctor beg to differ LOL


If all she did was pee on a stick there is plenty of room for a false negative. When I was pg with my son’s I got the positive at four weeks but with my daughter I had negative results up to seven weeks.

I don’t think she is pregnant though, she said she had her period the first week Brendan was on the block/evicted. Maybe she just forgot with all the stress.


You’re rude


Yes we can imagine since we’ve seen a photo of you and almost lost our lunch. Thanks for giving us an example.

Nicole - TEAM DANI

Rachel’s not pregnant, not “late” because she’s had two periods in the two months they’ve been in the house, her last cycle being 4 weeks ago, so sorry Rachel, you’re not “3 weeks late”!

Team Kitchen Table!!!

WOW! you, my dear, need a hobby! I don’t even wanna know why you have her menstrual cycle locked down the way you do! I hope you pay as much attention to your own period as you do to Rachel’s!

Texas Twin Mom

Way to go

Nicole - TEAM DANI

it was posted here earlier dumbass, you clearly need a hobby too if your going on blog sites to bitch at other people for going on blog sites


I am glad Rachel isn’t pregnant. She can FIGHT now and win competitions without worrying if she is hurting her baby….All I can say is “watch out” she is happy and gonna be out to WIN!


Get a life picking on a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rachel is GORGEOUS and her baby would be too.

They should have more pregnant women in the show.



Team Lawon and the Regulators – yo!


Hell yeah! Go Lawon!


I’m glad for her, they wanted to wait five years now just be more careful and good luck , team JR


Rachel WANTED to be pregnant but her dates didn’t add up for her to be late and pregnant if you pay attention to the feeds. She is manifesting these pregnancy symptoms because she wants to be and she’s obsessed with Brendon who is “like a God” (hahaha) to her.

Thank God she’s not pregnant because those 2 can barely take care of themselves let alone another person. Besides, bringing a baby into a TOXIC relationship never helps matters.


what makes you think their relationship is toxic they seem to get along quite well from what I saw, I think there are an awful lot of jealous people on here of BR and JJ’s personal lives they all seem quite happy. Some people are so miserable in their lives they aren’t happy unless they are making everyone around them miserable


Me being forever the skeptic, never really thought she believed she was pregnant. She need a bit of drama and I’m sure she was counseled in the DR about playing up that possibility. But I agree, accidental pregnancies are some of the worse things to happen to the child born out of such conditions. Oftentimes the parents are not emotionally or financially stable to support a child and it just starts a bad cycle that no child should have to endure. Both BR have major issues that hopefully in time they will resolve before they even consider children.


I wondered as well whether she playing up a possible for some sympathy, but thought it would be too low even for her. I suspect you’re right about BB Production counseling HGs on what they might say or do, in order to help boost ratings. I’m wondering what’s up with the FT in the locked purple room, and if there’s going to be another twist. I suspect they’ll need be something coming, given the lack of entertainment and entertaining personalities left in the house (even R is momentarily taking on a moderately low key role).


The Twist is that Shelly will never leave the BB house because she will replace the fortune teller in the Purple Room. Go Team Shelly, yo!


And the name-calling continues. Go Team PorKa, yo! Shelly for America’s Fave, yo!


Me too! GO TEAM JR!!!!


They are two supposedly “smart” (and I use the term lightly) adults, they should know, that if you play with fire you WILL eventually get burned, that ol’ pull and pray, just ain’t gonna cut it anymore. Hey stupid either stay on your birth control pills or use a friggin’ condom . Geez, it’s 4th grade sex education information.


Say what you will about Rachel’s personality, but she is the most deserving player left in the house. She has won competitions and managed to stay in the game despite being a target most of the weeks.

Can’t believe I am saying this: Rachel FTW!


nobody in the house deserves 500k. who ever wins it gets it but no one deserves it more than anyone in that house.

Crooked Shooter

that’s right.
Team kitchen table… FTW!

I have thought since the 1st episode aired though that I wanted Rachel and her annoying laugh OFF the show, but I don’t feel really anyone left is a good game player.
Maybe a new twist will bring in Dr. Will and HE can beat the kitchen table in the final 2?


go team chair the chair should win something after having all that dead weight sitting on it all season lol


lol! Priceless comment…and so true.

This is the worst final six ever.


Well inside and outside the house nobody really deserves 500 grand. Jeff probably has the best case in terms of competition, although he made himself a target socially and didn’t seem to know what was going on around him. I’m sure Dani is another one brought up but apparently people missed the 4 free weeks of not playing she got where others were having to compete, she didn’t last long when you look at how long she actually had to compete to remain in the house. She did do well in a legit endurance HOH comp.

Generally I ignore the wins that are based on random pick a number between 1 and 1000 (random luck is not impressive) or the before and after comps where it’s based on random luck in terms of which person you are being asked about and whether you were at the right place at the right time. You should look at what the actual competition is besides wins.

The mental stuff should be puzzles rather than luck based. Then endurance, and perhaps throw in a little strength and fitness based comps as well. Rachel had a good win in the recent POV endurance comp. Won a couple HOHs and POVs. She’s got a legit argument at least in comparison with anybody else in or outside of the house.


Well if you’re putting that much importance in competitions, then I actually think Brendon can dust Jeff in any competition. And I’m not a Brendon fan I’m just saying.


And if I was a judge and had to award the 500K to a contestant, I’d give it to Dani 1st, Brendon 2nd, and Jeff 3rd. I’m just just saying…don’t hate me.


Let’s vote to give it to the fortune teller to hold and maybe somebody from next seasons group will actually play to earn it


I so agree with you Mike … I have also noticed a change in her… and be dam if i would believe a thing coming out of shellys’ mouth saying Rachel is doing this and doing that … LIER SHELLY … I am so enjoying watching her (Rachel) now .. would like to see anyone that bashes her take her place and see how they hold up … YOU GO GIRL *** RACHEL**** see you at the end …


The change in Rachel is largely due to the fact that Brenda is not around to brow beat her. She is able to be herself & say & do what she wants.

We’ve never got to see Rachel play this game on her own. I like this Rachel. Up until now I have never been on Team Rachel, but RACHEL FOR THE WIN!!!


I agree with you. I have never been a Rachel fan but since Brendon left she has really stepped up. She has really supported Jordan and pulled her out of a big fight with Shelly. Normally she would have jumped in and been doing all the shouting. She was able to put behind her that Jeff and Dani through the Corn hole POV comp and not get too emotional about it. I think she may be the only one now who deserves the win if she can just get to final 2. I’m willing to change my mind about her.


When this show is all over Shelly is going to be mortified with herself and she’s going to apologize and guess what RACHEL WILL ACCEPT because she’s a really nice girl. Kalia might too but she won’t really mean it. Dani and Porsche won’t say a word because they are america’s heroes


Say whatever you wanna say, but Shelly still gets that phone call from CBS for BB All-Star Season. American TV has never seen a character like Shelly before. She will have her own star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame (before Omarosa, Richard H., and Russell H. does).

Go, Team Shelly, yo!


I’ve heard a couple people say that she has changed. Wonder if Brendon brings the worst out in her. SO controlling. She should be thanking Shelly for saving her from evic when she and Lawan were on the block but she’s totally forgotten that.


The BB12 HGs (including Brittany) had mentioned that Rachel wasn’t as bad at first,but when BR formed, it paved the way of Vegas Rachel…and lets not forget Rachel is the #1 threat in the house for KP!


i love and miss vegas rachel


It’s doubtful they will get her meds stabilized. Chances are she will loose it at some point and it will be by her own doing since production seems to favor her. Team production!


Rachel has grown in this game. I think that she needs to be around postive people in her life supporting her. She must of had no support growing up. She herself said it that she was different. In the begining Shelly gave her good advice, motherly advice. Jordan also gave her some truth.
My reason for wising her the best in winning this game is that the she truly is a competive person.
The Wrap party is schedule for Thursday Sept 15….good luck to all the fans!!!


I still can’t stand Rachel, but I wouldn’t mind her winning, not Jordan though. She’s won already and she definitely does NOT deserve it.


This ?free sharing? of inofmtraion seems too good to be true. Like communism.


I agree she has had a huge target on her back since day one and for that reason if everyone is voting on game play then she should win if she is in the final 2


Let me be the FIRST (?) to say, Thank Heaven she’s not pregnant!


and I’ll be the second!


Ill be third.


OK, I’m 4th, but let me get this straight. Did Rachel P in the DR to get tested? Did she P in a cup or P on a stick? Please give us the details.

Production must have seen Rachel’s hoohaaah. Team KaliAdam, yo!


Smh is all I can do


what is smh?


shaking my head lol


LOL thankx


Smh = shaking my head


Which head?

Sorry, It’s all Kalia’s fault with all that sex talks. I think I’m beginning to lust after Kalia.


HUH to all those that kept harping on Rachel being pregnant and saying all those nasty … You ALL discuss me … can only hope those on the bash Rachel train DERAIL … would look good on all of you……. 🙂


F–k Rachel!!!


I wouldn’t touch her with your junk.

love jordan

I LOVE Rachel this year, and hope that her and Jordan stay friends after it is all over. I loved how Rachel took care of Jordan after Jeff left and Shelly started screaming after her. It was like she was Jordan’s big sister and she was watching out for her. I wish they had been partners from the beginning. They are cute together. Still wondering about the comment on Facebook. Did Kalia really say that she once threw a poor defenseless dog into a wall. If it is true, then I am more on the Rachel/Jordan train than ever because none of those other three nut cases, Shelly, Porsche and now Kalia, deserve to win. It would be like paying someone who is purely evil, cruel and just plain hateful. GO TEAM JORDAN AND KALIA!!!

love jordan

WOW, that was a typing error!! MEANT TEAM JORDAN AND RACHEL!!!! Guess that is what typing too quick gets me.


I totally agree, however…I was about to say HUH until ur correction! I have ALWAYS been a JJ fan, but I liked RB on there season too! This year she is different most days!! You can tell she has a HUGE heart by the way she cared for Jordan when Jeff left and bad people don’t even have that in them to pretend! I’m with u I hope they continue their friendship after BB!!!!!! GO TEAM JR


I can’t wait for JR fans too see Rachel come to the realization she can’t win unless Jordan is on jury.

Rachel will cut loose of Jordan eventually.

love jordan

I know I almost died when I realized what I had posted. I am just so mad when I think of Kalia throwing a poor defenseless animal up against a wall. I am an animal activist and just think that it takes a really cruel and hateful person to do something like that. There just is no excuse for it, but agree think that they really have the beginnings of a great friendship and it truly shows that unlike the other people still in the house they both know what the word compassion means. TEAM J and R all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I already Dont like kalia-the animal abuse really disgust me! She really should ashamed of herself! Im all about R/J for the win! When it comes down to it they have really been there for one another when it really mattered. I believe they’ve actually bonded


How do we know that she threw a helpless dog on the wall? People will post anything on Facebook and if she did how do we know that she was not being attacked by the dog. I am pretty sure that if that happened something would have been done to her. I am a dog lover my dog is spoiled rotten.

All I hear on this board about Kalia and Porsche is always negative and talking about them eating all of the time. How rude is that these women are not fat slob’s they represent what a real woman should look like not some stick that will blow away with the wind. That is what is wrong with people today always want to sit back and dump on other people. They have nothing to do in the house but sleep and eat. What else is there but to lay around and eat?

kalia the hut

it’s true though, she threw the dog at the wall so she could steal the dog food. No one goes between her and her food.

love jordan

From what I understand she admitted throwing a defenseless small animal against a wall. Sorry, but that disgusts me and then when she was actually “bragging” about it. I mean you have to be really be a cruel and heartless evil individual to abuse an animal. Have nothing good to say about Shelly, Porsche or Kalia at this point. They all three need to go. Seriously all three have talked about causing physical injury to either Rachel and now a defenseless animal. All three are disgusting. GO TEAM JORDAN AND RACHEL!!! You are the only two left in the house that deserve to win anything at all.

love jordan

Apparently you are not an animal love if you are condoning her actions. They are actions of a really sick individual. Wonder if PETA will be sitting in the audience when and hopefully she will be evicted!




Even if Jordan wins she can’t buy class.


Jordan is classier than many of the others who’ve been on the show. Most.


Wow. If I did drugs I’d ask for some of what you’re on.


you must be ..if you think that girl does not have manners and class….. i watch bbad and you can tell her mom brought her up with manners. She is the only one that i hear use” excuse me”. this girl has been brought up with manners and respect. you don’t have to want her to win or think she is the smartest but she does have class!


I like Rachel and it’s so funny to see all the jj fans rally behind her now that she’s carrying jordan, it’s too funny. Jordan finally has come around to how decent Rachel really is because now she has no choice but to see it…JUST LIKE JJ FANS. It could have just as easily been shelly had things gone differently.


cute together? oh please.


Remember, Jordan & Jeff took care of Rachel when Brenden left the first time. She was overwrought and they had to keep her calm. Jordan did the most and I think it is Jordan’s influence that has calmed Rachel down. I hadn’t relly noticed it until someone else pointed out how much calmer she is without Brenden. He seems to keep her emotions stirred up. I do agree that they seem unaturally co-dependent and I hope they get premarital counceling. He still has to get his medical degree, so they really do need to wait on kids for a while like they planned. I think Brenden would be angry because they have discussed this but he is just as responsible.

That said, I do like how Rachel & Jordan are taking care of each other. I would love to see J/R/A final 3. Anything to get arrogant Kalia out. She is acting like this is HER HOH.


Do you mean disgust? And yes Rachel disgusts us all


“discuss” sounds about right. We are all talkin’ about her now.

Go Team KaliAdam, yo!


NO, Rachel does NOT disgust us all!


You must be her father or mother


I love Rachel


Well, that makes a grand total of 1


Of course you do! (0_o)


I team rachel all the way..throughout this whole game she stayed true to her alliance…she looked after jordan and competes better than anyone in there..I never liked her on her first season but ive come to this season..I see a totally differnet side to her..and the amount of cattiness she put up with from dani,kalia.porshe and shelly was terrible…I felt so bad for her..when most would throw in the towel she kept going…she deserves the win this year…team rachel all the way !!!


She did not stay true to her alliance she only does that when it suits here. The only reason that she took care of Jordan was because she has no one else. Jordan is too sweet and will look over anything if you are nice to her. The only reason Rachel is not being catty is because Brendon is not there for her to complain to. She has said and done bad things too. It is funny that since she has finally showed some class in the last few weeks everyone is poor Rachel. Give me a break she still acts like a child. When she was out of the HOH this week she started to pout like a little 6yr old. I could take her better if she would just act like an adult all of the time and not just some of the time.

People say that Jordan is dumb but at least she acts more mature than Rachel. Those two are together by default and that is it.


Sounds like you went to the same school Porshit and Kaliah went to. The Mean Girl’s school. You people are so mean. Rachel is just trying to win a game and doesnt deserve to be treated the way she has been. The way Porshit and Kaliah are acting they don’t deserve the big prize either.


What should we discuss about you, Marianne? 😉


discuss me

Which A-hole Will Win?



lets ‘discuss’ you then


If you’re going to insult a group of people, at least use the right word.

I think disgust is the word you were looking for. But we can happily discuss you if you like, but I don’t think you would like where it would go once we were to discuss you.

Aqua Bernie

Thank goodness!! GO JR!!


Kalia is an idiot. And she looks like an oily ewok.


Lmao omggggg she does!!! Haaahaaa too funny!




Floating Season starts now: Evicted Shelly-Bam, Rachel, Jordan, or Adam wins HOH-Bam, Porsche and Kaila Nominate for eviction-Bam, Rachel open the pandora box which her something good while Evicted Houseguest Brendon comeback and Terrorize Porsche and Kaila 24 Hours-Bam;Jordan open Pandora Box which her something good while Evicted Houseguest Jeff comeback and Terrorize Porsche and Kaila 24 Hours-Bam; Adam open the pandora box which is something good (Select two Houseguest going to final 3: JR or PK)-He Choose JR over PK while other houseguest notified that one of the HGs is going to final 3 while other two HGs is on the block-Bam, Rachel wins POV-Bam, Keep the nomination-Bam, Evicted Porsche-Bam, Rachel, Jordan, or Adam wins HOH-Bam, Adam as a pawn and Kaila as a target-Bam, Rachel wins POV-Bam, Keep the nomination a same-Bam. Evicted Kaila Bam. Final 3: Rachel, Adam, and Jordan (Priceless). Members of BB13 Jury:Brendon,Dani,Jeff,Shelly,Porsche,Kaila, and either Rachel/Adam or Jordan as a final Jury. Final Jury member (Adam). Jordan wins 500K (Big Brother History winning it twice), Rachel runner-up 50K, Jeff or Adam wins the America Favorite House Guest. If you guys don’t like my comments. Tough and move on. BTW, Rachel not Pregnant. Finally Rachel will kick butt. Kaila and Porsche, Better run because JR will crush you.


You’re an idiot if you think that’s going to happen-Bam!


Dude! That’s terrible. You want a newbies go that far to win 500K for eating, sleeping, or suntanning, or better have a Veterans fight hard and win most competition. Come on, face the reality. The newbies will lose and end up in the Jury House for being so cocky and Aggrogant. Newbies running this House for what, doing nothing but floating by. I will laugh at your face that Porsche and Kaila will go to the Jury House with a disappointment. So, that’s my opinion. And secondly don’t call me an idiot. You need to stop all these whining and complaining that Rachel and Jordan took themselves off the block. Its Sucks doesn’t it. Think about it. 2 out of 3 HOH and POV does not mean anything. They just talking trash that the veterans will beat the newbies. Keep talking.


The vets are everything you said about the newbies and why would I want somebody who’s already had a chance to win or already won to win again that’s stupid


OMG, are you serious. I’m not that stupid and secondly. I would rather have the Veterans going to final 2. You like my opinions or not. Take it or leave it. That why the Veterans are much better. The newbies, what they do? OH wait, they are good competition with eating and sleeping. Think carefully. Because the newbies will lose and make sure they will loose. Because of cockiness. That why Jordan will be the first female ever to win back to back Big Brother History since Sandra Diaz-Twine who also won Survivor twice. So, better check your history. Because no other contestant ever win BB history. The newbies, what they going to with 500K. Porsche, for 500K is like buying more clothes and Kaila for 500K what she going to do with the money. Buying more food. I will laugh in your face that two newbies will go up next week and Porsche will go to the Jury and Kaila as well. So, you have a problem about my opinion. Because your opinion doesn’t matter to me. I would rather have Rachel and Jordan going to the Final 2. Rachel never been the Finals before and Jordan been there once and she will do it again. So, Game set match.


You need to STOP talking, seriously.

derrick s

does Illinois know Jeff personally too?


was it a blood test or home test


OH PLEEEEEEEASE don’t let shelly float back to you jordan!

Head of Household

JR rocks.

Go JR!!!!!!!

Good now go win HOH Rach! Team JR!!


Rachel needs Jordan to be on the jury for her to have a chance at $500k.

Big Jim

Yay! Go Vegas!!


Didn’t you mean Yah, Go back to Vegas (and please stay there), maybe you can accumulate your 500k after another night of being shitfaced and waking up in a pool of puke wondering where the hell you are and where your clothes are. Dirty skanky bitch.


The baby self evicted itself.

Crooked Shooter

that is a nasty thing to say… yet, it made me snicker


Simon, did Kalia make a goodbye speech on Jeffs eviction cause she mentioned it but I didn’t see it.


not simon, usually in a DE, the other houseguests goes back and make a speech and they will send it to jeff on a dvd and possibly show it on one of the CBS shows.


Finally, Rachel is not Pregnant, Thank goodness. Jordan will probably be in trouble. JR let’s beat those Newbies (floaters). Get those two Cocky aggrogant bigmouth Porsche and Kaila out of here. The Veterans will control the house and make newbies who they mess with. Quote from Rachel, “Never mess with me and my BFF Jordan”. “We love you Brendon and Jeff” or “Jendon or Breff” For Kaila and Porsche, your HOH and scheming plan will come to the end. Rachel will take names and even though Jordan is really cute but she has aggressive side. Team Jorchel or Racdon. Game On!


I was wondering if Rachel was pregnant, would they tell her she has to leave the show. Would it not be hard to compete in comps? And, if they were not sure if she was or not, shouldn’t they have not had comps that could hurt her or the unborn child? Not sure who I am cheering for right now, I did like to see Jeff and Porsche for the final two. But, I guess that isn’t going to happen.


She really is skeezy. Who does that? Hey, if $500K will buy her some self-respect, I might just jump on Team Rachel ftw.


whew glad she isn’t pregnant, her and Brendon need to start their life first!! I am team JR happy with either one of them winning!


It’s the circle of life duh….just kidding, I actually like Rachel this season, she has moments of clarity.


Her skin doesn’t have any moments of clarity.

Team pimples.


Team Pimples YO!!


Matthew … seriously? Such a man thing for you to say. What a idiot! Like these players or not … something serious really could have happened if she was


Don’t group us with what Mathew said. If he was 1/2 a man he would have a little bit of respect. How can you be so offensive and be calling someone else on the same sentence? Don’t worry all, right about now his mom is about to get home from work and he will log off.


thank you for saying that he really is an ass for saying such a thing about something that could of been a tragady if she was. like i said its non of his business if she was or was not. GO team JR


I am sure he was quite serious, there are many people here that would wish that on someone and then laugh gleefully to themselves. Sad.


I don’t like any of these fb pages, people have gotten viscous on these things!! I spent some time and reported the hate sites against Shelly. This is a game people, you have no idea how these people are in RL!


I loooove Rachel!! She is a competitor and deserves to win it if she makes it to the f2!! I didn’t want to root for a vet at first, cuz they have already had their shot.. But these are the cast members and out of who is left, Rachel is by far better than anyone! I’ve been quietly hoping Adam would surprise us and turn out to be a strong competitor… But it dosent seem he has it in him….as for shelly.. Well this is the big brother game, her reason for voting Jeff out is strictly game move and I applaud her for making such a bold move…but also, it shows nobody can trust her and her “alliance” which I feel she will be leaving on Thursday b/c of this.


Aww man… there needs to be a warning for Kalia da hutt bikini pics….


Can someone tell me why Kalia is lying in sun… get a suntan or ??????

Casual Observer

WTF are you trying to say? What do you think, black people can not lay out and get sun? If ignorance is bliss, you definitely must live in the Garden of Eden!!!


Yeah…….I AM DARK SKIN…..that’s why I’m asking…..My Family don’t lay out and was just wondering why…..don’t get racial on me……fine, so she’s looking for suntan….


with all the seman brendon left all over the place, i’m surprised the whole house isn’t pregnant




you are a jerk Matthew…


Can Satan’s spawn show up on a pregnancy test?…rotflamo



The first guy evicted made a big move by trying to call his own alliance members out – evicted.
Cassi – was too beautiful – evicted
Dom – tried to get more camera time than Jeff/Jordan and Rachel/Brendon with his showmance with Dani – evicted
Brendon – had a passive/aggressive personality -evicted
Brendon – thought he could come back and not have a target on his back – evicted
Dani – tried too early on to eat her own – evicted
Jeff – called himself Big Jeff a couple of times – bad move -evicted
Shelly – lied, lied some more, lied again, lied to cover the lies. Since she will need a straight jacket and a padded cell soon – pending eviction


and lawon between the 2 brendons???


lol u forgot lawon who asked to be evicted thinking he would get special powers


I almost forgot about Lawon myself!!! He received this special magic dust and disappear!!!!!!!! PUFF!!!


Lawon – had a date with the wizard of oz, she gave him his special power…A Brain – too late..evicted


Just curious…..has Kalia or Porshe ever worked out? I know Shelly doesn’t cause I always see her smoking in the BY…..

kalia the hut

Kalia does some cardio. She tries to burn around 200 calories because she thinks it’ll make even out with the 10,000+ calories she takes in daily.




Their is a lot of hatred on this board. Especially when you talk about an unborn/unconcieved baby with disgust. I think some of you posters should grow up.


GO Carolina Girls. YO!
To Shelly: As my grandmother use to say, “If you lie, you’ll steal. If you steal, you’ll kill, and personally she don’t like murders.”

Big Jim

*News Flash* Showtime after dark is not “National TV” and neither are the live feeds.


*New Flash* people can still watch idiot!


OH GAWD… Enough about the pregnancy crap already!! Time to move on and bash the HG’S in all your usual fashion. Love the commentary on the gameplay on this site but the personal assaults on their appearance say more about those who bash them than it does about the HG’S.


What is wrong with you people you all discuss me big time if rachel was pregnant is none of your business. and come to find out she was not pregnant so how could have she miscarried and if she was and miscarried I would understand why she would be stressed out and upset. you need to quit ragging on her she is a good person and as far as i have seen has not done anyting really to warrent all of your haterad towards her. GO TEAM JR KICK SOME ASS

Rigged Brother

I think my favorite quote of the game was from Jordan (paraphrased), “I don’t want to be carried through the game; I want a secret power”.
What she really meant was, “I just want to be handed the victory like I was handed my HOH and not have to do anything to earn it myself”




You can’t miscarry if You have are not pregnant idiot! You have a serious character flaw.


I don’t think you know what ‘character flaw’ means. lol. Your context is all wrong here.


I have a feeling she is lying about not being pregnant. She doesn’t want to tell everyone else before she tells Brendan.


With today’s technology pregnancy tests do not have to be taken first thing in the morning, you can literally take them any time of the day!

rigged brother

If porsche can’t win the only other person that deserves the 500k is production because except for jeff backdooring dani & porsche not using the veto on jeff production is the only ones to make big moves like bringing brendon back, come on does anybody really believe he got over half the votes, if it was between him and dominic then that means cassi didn’t get hardly any then & u know that’s not true and then they bring back the duos twist to save boy george & the scarecrow & before anybody says anything they know that everybody opens pandora’s box. Even Evel Dick, Matt from BB12 & James from BB6 & all stars were talking on ED’s website about the obvious rigging. It’s just become a complete joke why don’t they just hav the fortune teller tell everybody that boy george & the scarecrow r going to final 2 and be done with it.

*point to elbow* "my shoulder"

I actually really like Rachel this season. Rachel and Jordough’s friendship reminds me of sister who look out for each other. When Brendon got evicted, Jordough took care of Rachel and when Jeff got evicted, Rachel took care of Jordough. A baby right now might not be the best timing but I wish Brendon and Rachel the best of luck in the future when they do decide they want a baby. TEAM RACHEL+JORDOUGH<3


Pregnancy tests can’t tell time…most tests just recommend first morning urine because that’s typically when the highest concentration of the pregnancy
hormone is present (the lapse of time since the last urination if you’re less than four or five weeks pregnant.)

You can recreate first morning urine by not using the bathroom for at least four hours.

Most tests these days – after at least the fourth week of pregnancy the levels are high enough that it doesn’t matter whether there has been a time lapse at all.

Girls Ruled

Hooray Rachel Not Pregnant now Brendon could take another five years getting his


I have slowly evolved into a Rachel fan. I especially like Rachel and Jordan together. I’ve always thought Jordan was adorable and basically a sweet, simple southern girl, I’m liking and sympathizing with Rachel more every day. Rachel FTW! I’m disliking Shelly more every day and Kalia is… just disgusting on so many levels. Adam is a nice guy and Porsche is…well, Porsche. At the moment, I am indifferent about her.


Magpie, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and you have justified yours. However, please dont fall into the same trap that so many do. This is a game, and nothing else matters but how the individual played to advance themselves to win the prize; regardless of HOW they advanced themselves. BB does not have any rules that state a person can not lie, or manipulate, or back stab, or whatever one might find offensive. And certainly, there are no rules on how much someone can eat, smoke, drink, etc. I know if I were an HG I most definitely would be over eating cause my nerves would get the best of me. I most probably would become a chain smoker as well and would hope that no one would judge me on those issues, but instead form an honest opinion on how well I am playing the game and entertaining them. The lying and manipulating is encouraged no doubt. If not, this game would be soooooooooooooo boring and pretty much impossible to win. With this ‘game’, there will be heroes and villains. People who are well liked and people who are not liked. In the end, I truly hope that the person who wins the prize will be the one who played the game and did whatever they needed to do in order to win that prize. Just like in a game of chess. Move the pieces on the board towards the goal hopefully in such a way as to confuse and distract your opponent. Use the powerful pieces to achieve that. Sacrifice some if need be, then CHECKMATE. Have a very good day.


Wow, we think alike. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now lets see who attacks us on this comment.

Head of Household

Not poor Kalia…

@rigged brother
Lol no. Rachel deserves it the most. Second most, Jordan I’d say. Third, Kalia or Porche, I don’t know which. Kalia started having to fight and play the game much before Porche. Porche doesn’t deserve sqaut.

JR F2!


Kalua and porka sleep together every night. She might already be gettin some. Not bein mean, just sayin looks kinda strange yanno??


Jealous much? Por is hot, sure you are not.


Wow ya it doesnt work like that buddy… Stress will make you be late for your period and if your sick it will push it back as well. I’m really thinking she was not pregnant because of all the stress that she has been thru with this game and with brendon leaving twice and all the drama with her and Dani. Dani is the one that started the whole thing with Rachel being pregnant.


Rachel NOT being pregnant should not be a shock to anyone. BB would have never allowed the endurance competition if she was. Rachel looks sick all the time to me. Her skin is very ghostly looking so who knows if she is pretending to be sick or is actually sick. ‘Pretending’ to be sick gives her a great excuse if she would fail at physical competitions. Some people, like Rachel, when failing at something has tons of excuses or reasons as to ‘why’ they failed, instead of just admitting that the other person was better. It is simple deduction. If those who are in control of who will be evicted this week is smart, they will evict Adam. It is very obvious what Shelly’s game plan is. She uses lies to pit them against each other. They have figured that out, so Shelly is no harm to them now which is a plus. Knowing that she is not capable of winning an HOH or POV is also another plus for keeping her over Adam. Adam is very wishy washy. He is still hard to read. He is just as ‘disloyal’ as Shelly is. He steers towards where the power is. He is at least 50% capable of winning an HOH or POV. There are still odds stacked in his favor to cause a ripple in the plan of the 4. Whereas Shelly, there is not. Adam, like Shelly, has portrayed himself to be loyal, when in fact, he is not. Considering how many times he too has flipped. Like I stated prior, he steers towards the power. Caution, BOA: Beware Of Adam.

Casual Observer

Great assessments! I appreciated both of them.


it’s too bad both Shelly & Adam aren’t both going to the jury house at the same time. that would have been ideal…..




Everyone knows there is a twist coming.

I’m a smart educated woman with 3 college degrees and have watched this for years.


But more importantly, I’m baking a cake in honor of Danielle tonight. She is a special player.

WHAT FLAVOR CAKE SHOULD I BAKE???? Suggestions please!




Kathy :-)

LMAO you’re a “smart educated woman with 3 degrees” who is a LAWON fan!!! I think those things cancel each other out. While he was hilarious….he contributed nothing to the game (except rivalling Marcellas for WORST. GAME. MOVE. EVER.)


If you can see into the future, why did you choose Lawon?

Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!


Go Porshe!