Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia thinks Rachel and Jordan wont take Adam back even though he voted to try and save Jeff.. *UPDATE Shelly’s family receives DEATH threats*

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10:45am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Shelly and Adam are in the backyard talking about past competitions. Shelly says that she hopes she never has to hang off anything ever again… Adam says unless it’s your husband and daughter. Shelly says yeah. Adam heads inside. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Porsche and Kalia are talking in bed. Porsche says we need to battle it out and get to the end. They talk about how Adam has done nothing. Porsche asks if Adam thinks he is safe with us and them? Kalia says that even if he can go back and argue that he voted to keep Jeff… whats done is done.. and it is very clear he is on our side and they would still be pissed at him for jumping ship. Kalia says that he may say yeah that Shelly is still ahead of him …but that’s a big risk for him. Kalia says that she thinks he is still with us and that what’s done is done and that it’s a big risky for him to go with Jordan and Rachel and that thinking they won’t put him up. Porsche says Jordan and Rachel know they can beat Shelly later and that HOH will be later and they can pick a side. Kalia says but that’s after we solidify the final four with us. Kalia says we’ll talk about it later…
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11am – 11:10am Adam talks to Rachel about how it will be weird being out of the house and not having cameras watching them and needing to change their batteries in the mornings. Rachel heads out into the backyard with her bag to do her laundry. Adam is working out in the backyard. Shelly is sitting on the couch. Rachel asks Shelly if she is sore still? Shelly says that she is.. and that she has jumped out of a plane before and it didn’t feel like that.. Rachel say yeah but you didn’t need to hang there. Rachel then joins Adam walking around the yard.

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11:10am – 11:45am Shelly asks Adam why he seems so down today? Adam says ..just the thought of having to go back up again …and wondering if this journey this going to end. Adam and Shelly start talking about his fantasy football league. Meanwhile, Rachel is in the candy room talking to Jordan about how she has been feeling sick. Rachel say s maybe its just because I’ve been running in the heat. Jordan says yeah or maybe you just caught a bug or something. Jordan asks how many days have you been sick? Rachel laughs and says just a few. Right then Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When the live feeds come back, Jordan, Rachel and Adam are in the bathroom. Up in the HOH room Porsche and Kalia are getting ready for the day in the bathroom.
Shelly’s Family Receives Death Threats Over Jeff’s Eviction

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312 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia thinks Rachel and Jordan wont take Adam back even though he voted to try and save Jeff.. *UPDATE Shelly’s family receives DEATH threats*

  1. I just heard that Shelly’s family is getting death threats because of her vote to evict Jeff last week, even threatening the kid…how sick is that?! I know this show brings out all kinds of emotions but good grief, in the end it’s just a stupid game show, people need to relax! I’m not a Shelly fan but nobody deserves that kind of treatment…kinda feelin’ sorry for her.
    Anywho, go RJ!!

      1. Well, if her husband is anything like her…..then he’s tellinga LIE and trying to get America feeling sorry for her and give her America’s vote $$. Maybe, crazy….but so is she.

        1. Rachel last year got over 2,000 death threats and Brittany got about the same number. It’s part of being on TV and being EVIL. Except, Rachel told them to “BRING IT ON” and no one showed up.

          1. I am amazed by how “cool” you sound by downplaying the whole thing, (almost) accusing her husband to be a liar (too). I wonder how many death threats you’ve received in your life, over a friggin’ game.

            1. Seriously Death threats over Big Brother that’s so ridiculous it is actually pathetic, and you wonder why the World views America as crazy , now I am a reasonable Person and know that you shouldn’t lop everyone in the same basket but alot of people see the whole Country this way because of a few bad apples . And when you read these message boards it makes even the most reasonable Person wonder you people get so emotionally involved in this stuff as much as I dislike Shelly’s behavior threatening anyone especially a 8 year old Child over a TV show is stupid people need to grow up and get over themselves its only show its not life and death unless you make it that way . As for Shelly she has a lot to live with after this show I hope it was all worth it to her .

          2. Since when is it OK to receive death threats??? And some of you are accusing her husband of lying?? What proof do you have of that?? This should be taken seriously and why would ANYONE be upset that lying, backstabbing, bully, douchebag JEFF was evicted??? What, he’s NOT allowed to be EVICTED??? This is A GAME people! I have to say I’m not all surprised that J/J fans are deranged like this, you all need TO GET HELP!!

            1. What proof do you have that he isn’t lying? Besides, I’m not a JJ fan. I know CBS and what they will do for RATINGS.

            2. I am definately not a Shelly fan, but it is not ok to be threatening people for playing the game. Yes Shelly was the worst in regards to lying, backstabbing, and overall starting drama. She will not make it to the end and that is the best punishment ever. Leave her family alone, she was just playing a game and she will eventually lose that game. Jeff made the best move ever and it got hime evicted because the girls only play for payback. Also the person who posted that J/J fans are deranged, it just goes to show what kind of people would possible be fans of Shelly. Need I say more.

            1. I’m a Jeff and Jordan fan and I think that it is horrible that anyone would threaten any person in any way. I like Jordan more than Jeff and from what I have seen she is a sweet, hard working Southern girl. In the beginning of the game as much as I like Jeff and Jordan, I wanted Shelly to win. I have completely changed my mind. Watching her try to shame them for accusing her of lying when all of America saw her lying over and over again. It is a game but to make a solid stance on saying that it is not in your character to play any way but honorable and then go completely the other way disgusts me. I am embarrassed for her and I’m sure that she will be embarrassed when she watches all of this later. We had all planned to vote for her for America’s favorite if she didn’t win the game. Now it won’t bother me at all to see her walk away with nothing. I would think by this age she would have learned more. Like I have said before, my child has been back and forth to the war zone for 10 years now going the first time when she was 20 years old. When I watch young adults acting so ridiculous over a game it makes me laugh so hard but also sad in a way because the 20 year old kids that I know are either in college, working hard or fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. Our grandsons live with us and at 12 and 14 they are more mature than ANY and all of the cast this season. They both work hard all summer and fall doing ranch work. They buy all of their own clothes and pay for everything their horses need. I hope who ever is threatening Shelly’s family gets caught and prosecuted. No matter how disgusting she has acted playing this game, no one deserves something like that. No matter what, I’m sure her family and friends will love her just as much when she finishes this game but no one in this house has any respect for her at all. Our kids had planned to maybe send her some fan letters later but not any more….. they won’t even watch the show with me now. So………….I record it and watch it in the middle of the night while they are all sleeping. The fan letter idea came in the beginning when Jordan was saying how she got many letters from children after her first time playing. Shelly said she would love that and she would answer every last letter. I kind of doubt that she will get any fan mail now. I know that I won’t think about her too much once the game is over. I do wish her all the best in the real world though! No one deserves to be treated badly in the real world over a game. By the way, the kids didn’t start disliking her because she voted against Jeff. It was earlier when she was crying and lying trying to defend herself because she had been caught, trying to make Jeff and Jordan feel bad for inquiring as to whether she was lying or not………… Out of the mouth of babes. They know already at this age how far lying and trying to use people will get them or anyone else, even playing a game.

              1. I kinda feel the same way (kim). I am forever more a jj fan but I liked that the 5 of them could of made it as in JJRAS but now shelly made a game move and it just HAD to be on jeff… he wins an hoh and a pov and suddenly you gotta get rid of them. i mean getting rid of dani who was controlling even AFTER she left that night, is stupid. i’d get rid of porshe who cant make decisions for herself. and adam and shelly who have floated their way thru the whole game. kudos to shelly for the most backstabbing move since .. a while now in bb history, but i am tired of floaters, so im glad adam or shelly go home this week bc neither one of them have won anything, (adam didnt win pov, jeff and dani gave it to him) but it sux to see that both leaders left on the eviction becuz that makes the show more exciting but now its floaters and rachel and jordan and kalia. I think the pov double eviction night was rigged to see how porshe would use the pov or not, but it was ultimately kalia’s decision that sent jeff home, although shelly was the one who coulda prevent it. it wasnt even a power move for her, i mean you’re on his side!! and like ive seen in these other posts, she coulda got lucky at final 3 or 4 and be able to get americas vote but now… NO. plus its obvious how america loves the vets even if they have already been on. not sure all about the ratings stuff but i love this entertainment and cant get enough, but i never vote until the end and dont get too caught up on all the garbage such as death threats that are probably just a sick joke… but usually nothing to worry about tho

    1. TMZ reported that Shelly’s family has called in the FBI. They are taking this seriously. What is wrong with these people? I know Jeff is in the JH but I think CBS should have him make a statement asking people to stop doing that.

        1. Since this has gotten out all over the Internet, wouldn’t CBS HAVE to tell shelly? In which case I’m pretty sure she would just get up and leave the show to be with her family.

          1. I don’t like Shelly’s lies but come on.People are sick. How can they do that to someone’s family. That poor kid. The sooner Shelly gets out of there the better for her family. Then maybe the sick people who have done this will shut up. So sad and so sick.

            1. I am not at all surprised that J/J fans are deranged and would give out death threats! Why would anyone be upset that the biggest douchebag of all, JEFF, was evicted?? He’s not allowed to get evicted??? Come on people, this is A GAME!! Get a life and get some help, so pathetic!

              1. It sounds more like a Dani fan trying to blame it on a Jeff fan so people might turn on Jeff nobody knows. It also could be an enemy of hers that are just taking an ideal situation for them. So go be a detective before you accuse.

                1. JJ fans are the lowest form of life. She votes againist him and their “fans” are issuing death threats. I always knew that JJ fans got the short end of the stick when it came to brains. But apparently they are classless losers as well. JJ fans have hit rock bottom and kept on digging.

                  1. you need to shut up, I am a fan of jeff and jordan and I don’t think death threats are ok
                    just because dani fans are crazy doesn’t mean all jeff and jordan fans are

              2. lol so just because a few Jeff fans sent death threats, that means ALL JJ fans are deranged? You’re an idiot, even Jordan is smarter than that.

          2. I am sure her husband has spoken with CBS and wants her to stay knowing she would leave. I think they may just let her be evicted this week to calm the situation down. If TMZ has gotten a hold of it, and the producers of CBS has responded I think they probably already discussed it with the husband, and if he felt Shelly should leave she would be gone by now. Say what you want about Shelly and i don’t like her game play either, I believe she really loves her family and would leave kowing that they are threatened because of her. I am just wondering if she’s going to think now she was classy and moral, and how this is going to affect her daughter, and at the end of the day that is what the people making the threats need to think about. HOW IS THIS GOING TO AFFECT HER DAUGHTER WHO ASKED FOR NO PARTS OF THIS SHE IS A CHILD LET HER BE.

            1. Safest place for Shelly is the jury house. That’s where you will find her on Thursday night… But really folks, only cowards make phone threats. Cops know this. Nothing is gonna happen to Shelly’s family. This is just silly shit. Law enforcement knows this is just random cowards at work. Nothing to worry about.

            2. Its funny how most of the people making EVERYTHING personal are on this website, people need to remember that this is a game show. Shelly has made some mistakes, like not excepting the fact that she is lying to EVERYONE, but this is her game play. People need to remember Big Brother is a game show and these people are away from their families and sometimes deprived of food.

              I hope Shelly doesn’t win Big Brother, but I hope her family safety and wish her well on her future endevours.

            3. I think the threats are not directly because it was JJ but more that she backstabbed her alliance in such a cold hearted way when they totally trusted her and carried her the whole way.She is the true Judas.

              1. Get a life it’s a game show just because jordan gave her a phone call didn’t mean she had to let them win you jj fans are pyscho

              2. This is absolutely ridiculous. Almost every person who has ever won the show has back stabbed somebody. Shelly has lied more than anyone else, but obviously she has done it for her game play. She is playing to win 500,000!!!! This is supposed to be entertainment. I like when people lie and back stab because it makes the show more entertaining!!! Why do people care so much?? Are these people directly affected by Jeff not winning the show??? I’m so confused. I wish Shelly would just admit to lying more than she has in the diary room but who really cares?? I hope Shelly wins the show! And I hope these people who are making threats seriously face consequences from the law.

              3. Why are you even trying to justify/explain/excuse the threats? Unbelievable!!!! How did she backstab those friggin i-can’t-see-the-plank-in-my-own-eye morons?They’d have done the same to her. Besides, hadn’t she have a nasty fight with Jeff before the show that CBS refused to air, even on the feeds, meaning their friggin’ deal was kaput? So how all of this could be a reason to threaten her family? It’s a TV show, it’s a game for crying out loud and for all the JJ fans out there, they don’t give a rat’s about you so stop this madness about these two.

              4. Um, that’s part of BB, they shouldn’t have come back to play if they didn’t expect things like that to happen. Jeff is the biggest backstabber, he promised Dani he wouldn’t backdoor her, but the lying douche that he is, DID!! Shelly’s not allowed to make moves and try to win the game?? She knew she couldn’t win with bully Jeff there, I was SO proud of her. At least she had the guts to do it, unlike balless Adam.

              5. Just remember that jj was using shelly and adam also and was waiting for the perfect time to take them out. jj lied to dani talked behind peoples back they are no better. jj just felt like they had entitlement somewhere along the way and they were the biggest bullies in the game. jeff talked to jordon like shit and jordon took it like a battered women. I can’t stand them. Good for shelly for finally playing the game a point where she could make a move good for her. And i’m not a shelly fan at all.

              6. I agree with you and would take it further to say that it’s not even so much that she voted to evict Jeff but it is her whole ‘use who you can for as long as you can, discard them when you see a new opportunity…and lie the whole way along, saying only what people want to hear’. That is Shelly. That is a despicable trait to have and you end up alone with no one to respect you ever again. Shelly is forever tainted by this show because it gave her a world stage to show her true colours – her ego is huge to think that she could have pulled this off without showing her true side. She says she is moral and classy! A joke! I would be embarassed to claim her as family and to have her as an employee. This is one messed up woman on so may levels. As for the threats, that’s another matter entirely and is so wrong…go ahead and dislike her all you want but threats are serious…don’t even go there. No one deserves that.

          3. Not necessarily they wouldn’t remember when 911 happened and one of the HG’s had a relative missing and they didn’t tell her

        2. It is disgusting what people are saying. Even Ragen from BB12 twitted that there is a woman on facebook (forgot her first name but the last name is CALDWELL) who is posting and requesting that everyone call Department of Social Services and tell them that Shelly is an abuser to her child so the child will be taken away. It is so sick. I hope that woman is found on facebook AND arrested for suggesting such a thing.

          There are sick people out there and I am glad that her family is taking the necessary precautions. My goodness, she is playing a game and she made a great move to try and shake up the house and get out the team leader. All these Jeff fans are crazy to bash her for doing what ADAM refuses to do.. (Now that guy doesn’t even deserve to be on Big Brother and having lasted this long has been crazy…he is the worst player ever and I’m sure he doesn’t have many fans but his little inner circle of people that he personally knows; but there is nothing that he has done that shows he is a gamer…my 9 year old son has better strategy then him!)

          In any event, Shelly has redeemed herself in my eyes and while I was hard on her in the beginnning, I’m glad she got Jeff out because he needed to go…Hi arrogance is just not camera worthy…)

      1. They didn’t report that the FBI was on the case, but that they were ready to call the FBI. This case wouldn’t fall under the FBI but the FEC or local police.

      2. I saw some screenshots of an “i hate shelly moore” facebook page, and it was vile. It gave numbers to call to have Shelly reported to CPS. Someone talked about raping & murdering them. This is f’ed up. I feel sorry for her family.

        1. I have seen the facebook page and haven’t seen any vile threats, but people on there are saying there were some
          posted 4 days ago and that they were posted by Shelly fans who are trying to take the page down. The page is
          still there and the comments aren’t any worse than some some of the posters here. Anybody going on reality TV
          or running for political office is subject to this type of thing. Its called free speech and is allowed, but threats of
          course are not.

          1. If you think this is ok, then you’re sick too! How would like your family getting death threats??? Free speech my a$$!!

        2. I am just tired of Shelly and all of her lies and want her gone. It’s tiresome to watch her, not fun. If you look at
          who is left in the house the only ones IMHO who deserve to be in the final two are Porsche & Rachel.

          Whoever winds up in the final two, it will more than likely once again be Adam casting the deciding vote.
          So Rachel & Jordan need to kiss up to him big time. Hopefully Rachel will figure this out, even though
          Kalia has not, it’s not rocket science.

          Even if Adam votes against RJ in he house, if one of them is in the finals he will vote for the best game player
          whereas the girls are not likely to do so. They say Rachel is mean but as we can all see, KP are no better, in fact
          they are worse. They fed off of Dani and now they are feeding off of Shelly.

          Porshe was a lot nicer before she teamed up with Dani, but she has been a good competitor and
          she is right, she needed to get Jeff out to have a chance so I respect that and won’t be upset if she
          wins, but my favorite is Rachel. That girl is a survivor.

          GO RACHEL!
          as good game play.

        3. I guess you haven’t seen some of the photos on this site. The facebook pages (and I’m against the serious threats) is considered FREE SPEECH. How much HATE has been written on all the blogs here for all members of the cast including production. Heck, most politicians recieve over 1,000 a week. No, it’s not right, but it is a fact.

    2. Where did you hear that at? Post a link. Otherwise, I don’t believe it’s true. I can’t imagine people threatening a child over a reality game show.

      If it is true, that’s just sick.

        1. its very disturbing to see that, i really hope they find the people who are doing this. thanks for your post and this site, do you guys do this for other shows?

      1. Found the link. WOW!!!! That’s just nuts. I hope the FBI can track down the people, and put them away before they harm the innocent child.

        I didn’t like the way that Shelly backstabbed either, but c’mon people. It’s a game. How can you threaten to hurt people over it. What a sad world.

      1. Huh?
        Shelley hasn’t done anything wrong either.
        Like her or not, she is playing BB and just like, ALL, of the
        BB HGs lies are told in the game.

        The Producers have to go back to the original premise of BB and
        stop feeding the public $howmances and soap opera
        for ratings. They are attracting more wackos than BB gamers.

        1. Dr. Will LIED FAR MORE THAN SHELLY but it is all in the “HOW”…he managed to pull off the impossible and lie in such a charming and hilarious way (remember his diary room posts??) that he could do almost anything and be forgiven, or actually admired is more accurate. Plus, unlike Shelly, he admitted he was lying and that he was playing a game….he didn’t go into the diary room and act as though he didn’t know he was lying and scheming.

      2. game show reality whatever People need to hear a resounding STOP THAT STUPID Shelly’s family are hearts are with you be safe GOD bless I hope team RJA go all the way Shelly if she can

    3. Where did you read that:? If that’s the case, CBS and Endemol should do everything in their power to ensure that family’s safety.

      Talk about JJ fanatics taking things WAY too far.

      1. Anyone who would threaten someone over a TV show is obviously a pyscho but why would CBS need to get involved? It’s not their fault there are crazies out there.

      2. i know jordan’s still in the game, but maybe they could have jeff say some kind of address out of jury house. maybe if he tells his fans its just a game. at the end of the day i cant see any one wanting that kind of B.S. happening

        1. DIdnt Jeff threaten to kill sombodys family on his other season? I don’t think threats like that should be aloud on the show because it opens the door for people outside of the show to model this behavior. It’s just a game but threats against the life of another should never be tolerated.

    4. That is so true it is just a game people should not bring someone’s family into this. How would they feel if someone did that to them. They have also set up a facebook page to hate Shelly. I don’t agree with all that she has done but people get a grip it is only a game. It is funny to me that they call her the B word because of what she did she is trying to get to the money like everyone else. This woman no matter what people call her (she/he) is totally crazy how do you think that she became a VP in her company? Oh I guess she got there by being so nice. No way she had to be as cutthroat as a man. But I guess it is okay for a man to be that way but not a woman.

      Also; I think that her company took down her picture because of crazy people calling them up and wanting her fired. Get a grip people no company is going to fire someone over a game show. From what she has said and also with me being in the business world they gave her permission to be on the show. If they had a problem with it and truly thought that it would hurt business they would have said NO!!!!!!!!!! So get a grip the company does not care about what the people think. They just want her to do her job when she gets back to work.

      It is funny to me how people forget how the other people have played the game. Everyone has lied and turned on their so called alliance. Let’s face it people are mad because she voted out Mr. America don’t get me wrong I am not a hater I liked Jeff in his season but not so much this one. I have always like Jordan and I still do I just do not think that they should have come back this year. BB should have cast all newbies or an All Star cast.

      1. I don’t think Shelly’s employer would fire her because of her behavior on BB, but I do think it’s highly probable that she could lose that job anyway. If her employer’s customers and/or clients refuse to work with them because of Shelly’s now-tarnished reputation (game-show induced or not), they may have to let her go at some point. She holds the position of VP of Business Development–how can you continue to develop business and client relationships when you’ve practically replaced Casey Anthony as the most-hated woman in America?? Please note–I’m not agreeing nor disagreeing with whether or not these clients should let a “game-show” or a “reality show” influence what they think about the company they transact business with…the fact is, if they do and her company loses revenue/profit because of it, she could lose her job.

    5. Wow people need to relax and remember this is JUST A GAME!!!! If what TMZ is reporting is true and Shelly’s family is getting Death Threats then these people need to get caught and made an example of. I for one am not a big fan of Shelly but I would never take it out on her family. It’s one thing to make threats towards an adult but if you make threats towards a child you need to be taken down quickly.

    6. Give me a break I think her family is full of it they just see how many people dislike her and cant deal with it . Maybe they should of thought about this before going on a reality tv show .People see everything you do and say and some of thoses people are crazy! Did they really think everyone would love her not every one loves Jeff I have seen some very nasty coments about him .Im sure shes not the first person on reality tv who has to change their phone number.

    7. I don’t feel sorry for Shelly in the game, but this is wrong on all levels. It’s as bad as convicting a innocet person. Why is her husband ad daughter being treated this way for Shelly’s actions? For those who think they are true Jeff fans really aren’t, because even he said Thursday night he was upset, but would get over it. People need to stay out of. Jeff is a big boy and I am sure he wouldn’t take it to that level. Even Jordan has managed to let it go. I guess once again he’s America’s Favorite and not Dani, and that’s good, but Leave Shelly to her own demise, and anyone that threatens a child is SICKER than Shelly.

    8. great role model jeff. you act like a condescending prick bully so your loyal following decides to do the same? such class you and your fans show there lil jeff. may as well start calling you david koresh or something.

    9. I say that 90% of the people in the BB houses over the years have had threats against them (just read all the Dani lovers post here). But, Shelly talking about killing Rachel’s “so called future baby” isn’t helping. Shelly is going to be so SHOCKERRR when she gets out and see the tapes. Heck, even Kalia might go after Dani with threats when she realizes that Dani used her like a wet rag.

      1. Are you or do you know the person who issued the death threats because even hardcore Jeff fans on this blog are outraged and are not condoning this kind of behavior? You’re the only one saying: “It isn’t a big deal since it comes with being part of BB”.

    10. Wow, What dumb f***k decided to take this game serious
      Is a dam game no need to take as far as threatening Shelly family. One they not
      Playing the game and two JJ could defend for themselves. Now Jeff is going to
      Feel like a YO,YO having dumb fans taking this show BB to serious. He sure ain’t going to be your fan.
      And Jordan is really going to be screw up when she hear that fan threaten Shelly Family she is going to blame herself.
      Even cry for weeks ( are you getting it JJ Fan it did not do anything except upset your idols) Let’s get a Reality Check People.

    11. Wow… Jeff and Jordumb fans are nut jobs.. Can’t believe they would threaten to kill Shelly’s family, especially her little daughter.. how disgusting!

    12. First of all people need to grow up. Shelly is a sleeze and sure we’re all upset with her and her actions, me in particular I hate how she treats Rachel. She is the one who causes the fights and then talks smack behind her back. She has made everything person. She was a bully in what she did to Jordan and Rachel was so scared she got in the middle and pulled Jordan clear across the house. I think the type of people threatening (that’s is if it is really happening, would not be surprised if the hubby is just trying to save face, his wife does it all the time. When she is caught in a lie she turns it around etc) are the same type of person she truly is.

      The live feeds show how cruel she is, and I’m shocked the bb has not pulled her aside. Now if Rachel is pregnant, the ones talking about kicking her in the stomach to have her miscarry should be brought up on charges. That’s a threat of bodily harm, and of an unborn baby (that’s is if she is pregnant).

      In any case, I would never stoop to her level, but people get emotionally involved when they see sleeze like her.

      1. Personally, I’m still offended by the comment about kicking Rachel in the stomach to end a pregnancy. That comment has me fuming and the ones involved are low life. Any person, especially a woman who could even think of such a thing is beyond redemption.

      2. Yes it is a disgrace she should be ashamed of herself, especially because she is a mother. I remember her talking earlier in the game about how even though its a game you dont do certain things because of integrity…….biggest hypocrite ever!

    13. As frustrated as I’ve gotten with various people on this show, I canNOT imagine being so ridiculous. It’s just so disgusting that someone would threaten someone’s life over a game show – especially the life of a child!!!

    14. I agree this is a game. Where do people get off threating someone’s famil and children, not only that telling her boss to fire her because she lied???????????????? Wake up Idiot it’s not like she killed jeff……Grow up

    15. Conman.

      People are soooo crazy, this is a game based on lying and backstabbing. Jeff thought he was going to win because of social status, the same with Jordan. in reality they are no diffrent than the rest of the guest. They should have just called it the jeff and jordan show and we should have watched how they live for 4 months, right? Shelly is no diffrent than the rest, she’s trying to win a million dollars. What would you do for a million dollars. People need to get real. GO SHELLY!

      1. The final 9 are all girls.

        I think your idol has the biggest balls among the final 9.

        You sound cute when you day “team dani 4 life.”

    1. shelly’s gone lol.

      But they’re planning on reeling adam on to their side to get porsche out. But they don’t trust Adam.

    2. I would say that shelly is going but it is funny how kaliah really is so clueless she thinks jordon will honour their deal till the end even though they are on opposite sides and it really would work against them. They want shelly to stay because shellly (they think) is 100 percent on their side where adam is a toss up they are not sure because he does seem to want rachel out but he is still loyal to jordon and they are afraid his loyality to jejo will push him to RJ. This hoh is very important which ever side wins this will be the side that will be at the end. If kp win then either rachel or jordon go if RJ win then either kalia or porche go. Adam is probably in the best position because either way he is safe next week.

      1. oh ok thanks Hallie and DaybyDay…bc it seemed yesterday that it was a given Shelly was going (makes sense) and then later on it seems as if Kalia is talking like Adam is most likely going or at least has a good chance to (yes, prob bc she is clueless) and then i saw that Shelly and Jordan were having that talk….but it would make no sense to keep Shelly unless JR WANT to lose this game —they have a better chance of getting Adam to their side
        but you are 100% all depends on this next HOH

      2. Adam benefited the most from Dani’s decision to turn against the vet alliance. Adam now holds the “deciding 5th” that both JR and KP camps are trying to woo. If only Dani waited a week or two before making that “brilliant move.”

        Adam FTW, yo!

  2. What JR need to do is make a deal with Adam, let him know that they have the power to send him home so they need to make a deal that he wont put them up next week if he wins HOH. And that’s a big “if” they can tell him KP is trying for shelly to stay and they don’t have his back

  3. Kalia and Porsche is going nuts on figuring out how to get rid of Rachel. Why can’t they just play fair and get Dani out of their head and just do what will benefit them in this game. Anyone that will take Rachel to the final two, has a very good chance of winning the big money, however, if the newbies will think of this as just a game, Rachel should win. She has received a lot of bashing, and lies being thrown at her which is far from the truth and she is still here. Good riddance to the mean girls.

    1. Whomever takes Rachel to the final two, aside from Jordan, would absolutely NOT win against her at this point.

      If Kalia or Porsche take\ Rachel to the final two, Rachel will have JJB’s votes. That’s already three up. Dani and Shelly vote against Rachel, that’s 3 vs. 2. Kalia or Porsche would vote for each other, so that’s 3 vs. 3. Adam would then be the deciding vote and he may very well vote Rachel because (a) he’s a fanboy and (b) use her comp wins to justify that he voted for gameplay.

      If it’s a Rachel vs. Shelly, it’s pretty much the same scenario described above except it’d be JJBA vs. DKP’s votes. If it’s Rachel vs. Adam, the decision for Rachel becomes even more clear because even though DKPS don’t like Rachel, a couple of them would vote for Rachel over Adam in the interest of better gameplay. DKP are so conscientious of how they perceive the game (and how they view themselves in the interest of the game) that at least two of them would vote for Rachel as a winner over Adam, who’s done nothing.

      1. I think in the rachel vs porsche, or rachel vs. kalia, rachel loses in both cases. I don’t think Adam will vote for Rachel at the end. He’ll feel OK with her leaving with 50,000 and let a newbie win. But you never know.

      2. The reason I would rather see Adam with Rachel and Jordan is because he has not play as cruel as the the mean girls. This is a game and in a game it should be playing fair. We have to admit that of all the players left, it is Rachel that is most deserving to win this game, annoying personality or whatever, she plays well and does not bash the girls horribly the way the mean girls are especially Shelly. Yes, you can lie but keep it towards the game like promising you will keep them and that is the strategy but when it is done in a very cruel manners, singling out a certain player and making lies and stories pinning it on one person, is not fair. Rachel has been ostracized, picked on and horrible comments were said even to her unborn child if any is not cool. That is really mean. They comment on one another but keep it civil and not personal and I thought Dani’s personal vendetta is over, apparently Kalia is still hang on that when the alliance that she wants to keep now chose to evict her and not Dani.

  4. God bless Shelly! She plays a game that is as honorable as can be under the present circumstances. And it is not easy playing with lying turncoat scum like Jordan and Rachel. Go Shelly! :)

    1. Honourabe????? Are you freaking kiddng me. Shelly is scum. I dont agee with the threats but she is nothing but a two face liar and a scumbag.

    2. Shelly has done what worked for her in the game- but it’s not honorable. Jumping up and down hugging K/P was just mean- it didn’t advance her game – just made her look small. P.S. Even though I don’t want Shelly to win – I hope the hate talk and threats aimed at Shelly and her family stop – that is over-the-top/psycho.

    3. OK – I get a strategic lie that is intended to advance yourself in the game, but lies for the sake of lies are pointless. Her trips to the DR make my head spin as she blubbers away about her integrity. No honour there.

      1. I am now convinced that her DR sessions are edited to support her portrayal as someone who doesn’t take one mn off from lying. I’ve never been a fan of her but I am now more than even convinced that it’s the editing. Even before she turned on JJ, it dawned on me that she was playing for HERSELF not for JJ. She used sales techniques to make people trust her, the “mom” thing was just to reinforce people trust in her. When it comes to the DR, I really doubt she lied there. They spent more than 30s in the DR and that’s what we’re shown on TV. Can you imagine the amount of information left out?

  5. What is wrong with Kalia…her thought process: 1. Jordan won’t put her up. (wrong) 2. Adam is still with us. (wrong, he goes with the momentum and right now thats Rachel, can’t count loser Jordo). 3. Underestimating Rachel and trying to sell it to SPA, fortunately they are not buying. She has not learned anything, who gives a crap about your honesty and seriously, everytime Kalia has won HOH, Jordo has been over the top upset about it…Kalia, wake up, Jordo does not like you, for one you talk too much, for two K is too BLACK and EDUCATED(Booksmart, and that’s obvious, no common sense). Jordo is a bigot, among other things. SO WAKE UP, But its probably too late for K and Porsche needs to cut her loose.

    1. Jordan is not a bigot. She was really good friends with Kalia at the beginning of the summer,
      but Kalia later changed sides, which is fine, but the friendship cooled over game, nothing to do
      with race. That’s ridiculous.

  6. Don’t know if it’s okay but TMZ posted the story of Shelly’s family reciving death threats. Anywho I was gunning for Jeff to win but, c’est la vie that’s the way the game is played. Shelly made a good move in getting rid of him. It was bold, and involved backstabbing. That’s how you win this game. No one deserves death threats froma game. I now am pulling for Jordan to become the first ever 2 time BB winner. Last survivor Sandra became the first lets see Jordan do it again

    1. Jordan doesn’t deserve to win again. It would mean she’d have to dominate competitions until the end of the game, and I don’t see that happening.

      1. You don’t need to dominate in comps to win. You need to be liked. No one is going to hand 500 g’s to a person they can’t stand. If they were out of the house longer before they had to vote for winner maybe. But when emotions are running high not likely. The guys are more likely to vote game play not the girls. When it comes to the guys Jeff is a yes for Jordan and if A is in jury Jeff would probably talk A into a yes for Jordon. If R is in the jury with the players left to choose from B would probably be a yes for J

    2. Let’s not disrespect Sandra. She sucked in competitions but her social game is great. Can’t argue against a 2million dollar winner.

  7. I think they should take out Porche and Kalia. They are better at the competition’s
    Adam and Shelly haven’t won anything, so they would be easier to beat for the next HOH and veto…and don’t deserve to win the game.

    1. I think for now it is better to take out Shelly because she makes up lies about Rachel and the other guest in the house. Shelly keeps your lying towards the game, maybe promises you will keep them but not, that is OK, however, when you make up lies that this person did this, this person this that, make up stories, I am not a supporter of that kind of strategy. After Shelly, Kalia or Porsche because at least Adam does not bash other players and say very nasty and horrible disgusting thoughts on an unborn child if any. Adam, Jordan and Rachel final three.

  8. Will someone please get Kalia some medicine…she trying to think without Dani’s jelly beans and buttons. She thinks Rachel (who Shelly has stolen from and talked very bad crap about) and Jordan (who Shelly lied straight to her face and backstabled) is going to keep her for a 4 girl house. Hahahahhaa…..

    1. Kaliah is very clueless about people jordan has already talk to adam about working with them so i doubt she would have done that if they were going to evict him. Kaliah thinks she is a master manipulator she thinks that she can convince them to keep shelly so it is an all girl finale and that shelly is easier to beat. It is not going to work this is personal and game wise it is better for them as rachel pointed out anyone can get lucky and they have shot with adam but no shot with shelly. Shelly can try and work jordan all she wants she will still vote her out

  9. Also, that picture of Shelly says it all. She still thinks that she can win this season and everyone in the jury house loves her. Sad, really.

  10. This week production played their “magic” again (by rigging the POV competition) and the newbies wasted another HOH (Porshe opened Pandora’s box because she’s a retard and needs mental help). 5 grand vs. 1/2 million or even 50 grand. I think everyone will agree the latter 2 or much better. I think Porshe is making a run at Kalia’s dunce cap!! LOL!

    1. Seriously she had to know that if there was money then something bad was going to happen how dumb was that and regardless of kaliah and adam saying it wasn’t they all know that it was

    2. I wouldn’t say rigged but they surely geared the comp toward Rachel’s strengths and the Pandora’s Box twist was a mighty convenient way to keep Jordan safe along the way.

      1. Oh! Did I miss something? Did someone twist Porsche’s arm and force her open Pandora’s box.
        Then she had the nerve to complain that she didn’t understand that it would have a down side. (and they say Jordan’s dumb?)
        Dani’s little girl scout troop has done well and won competitions. However, what they did with their advantages is ridiculous. They squandered their chances and don’t deserve to go to the end any more than Jordan does.
        Evicting Lawon? Pandora’s Box? Backstabbing JJ? All BAD moves!

  11. There is no way that R/J will keep Shelly. It’s actually better in the long run to take Adam to the final three. Of course, Khalia wouldn’t think that considering what a bad game player she is.
    I’m sorry but in my opinion the only three that deserve to be there are Porshe (even though I hate her), Rachel and Jordan. I know people say Jordan has not done anything this game but just because she doesn’t do the physical game doesn’t mean she doesn’t do the social game. Who says you have to be good at both? It obviously won her BB before.
    Oh and another thing. Everyone says Jordan doesn’t deserve to win because she already won before…. If Evel Dick were still there would everyone be saying he didn’t deserve it because he won before? I bet not… So that is kind of lame reasoning.
    I still do think overall this was the worst season of Big Brother ever.

    1. It’s more a case of Jordan didn’t deserve her 1st win, let alone winning for a second time.

      I can think of maybe three winners, i would root to win for a 2nd time

      – Will Kirby (season 2)
      – Evel Dick (season 8)
      – Dan Gheesling (season 10)

      Jordan is the winner i would be most pissed, if they won a second time.

  12. lol didn’t rachel tell Shelly that her family is gonna receive death threats, and shelly was like no. lol shes gonna feel stupid after

    1. Why should Shelly feel stupid? I can’t stand the way she’s presented herself but her family has absolutely nothing to do with the game and anyone who threatens them, justifies it, or thinks that Shelly should feel guilty in any fashion because some nutjobs can’t handle the fact that she made a game move and turned on her alliance should really put on a deer suit and hang out in Shelly’s backyard.

      1. Shelly shouldn’t feel stupid, it’s not her fault, but as a mother she will feel regret for even putting her child in that situation, she will feel responsible – and i don’t like shelly but it is not her fault that people are sick and crazy and have no life of their own and nothing else so they start to obsess and take this game so seriously that is becomes the crux of their emotional world

        i love this game but come on, it’s a game – and even in real life, there is never a good excuse to threaten a child, that is up there as one of the worst things you could do and CBS should really tell shelly

      1. Rachel was explaing how she got death threats and she told Shelly that she (Shelly) probably would as well. This was before Shelly flipped.

        1. Rachel really got death threats? As nutty as Rachel can be on this show, that should not have happened to her. People don’t seem to realize that it’s a SHOW! Now, threatening an 8 year old and the husband of a reality show contestent? What is the world coming to? So Shelly lied and voted Jeff out of the house. The only person that should be upset about that is Jeff because it was his game. And I emphasize the word GAME.

      2. hahahaha @Ill Will….seriously Rachel is a skank. Shelly is playing the game, just like everyone else. Made it to top five- I say it worked for her ;)

    2. As much as I hate Shelly, of course its wrong. I don’t think anybody is gonna do/hurt anybody (I pray to god they don’t). It’s just s#*t talking from messed up people feeling like that’s the only way they can say she sucks. But where the threats are just plain sick, everything you do or say has consequences. No matter how unfair it is, when you have millions of people judging you, you have to have possibilities like this in the back of your head. It was in Rachel’s head. That’s why she predicted it. I’m sure other HGs have NOT done or said things for this reason. It’s not fair but when you sign up for a TV show, you gotta know that this can happen.

      It looks like Shelly will be leaving on Thursday and it could be the best thing for her and her family. When these people aren’t looking at her on every show they will forget about her and tell themselves that she had it coming. I can’t stand the way some people think but this is an example of how our society works. Sad really.

  13. That TMZ story seems staged (probably by shelly’s own family) TMZ is like the national enquirer. DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ. come on why would someone threaten to kill someones family over a mindless game show called big brother. really but it gets shelly’s name out there.

    1. For the same reason idiot Big Brother fans chose to try and get contestants fired from their job becasue of how they played on the game, this shit is true, after some of the things I read on here about Shelly and her daughter.

    2. I agree with you 100%. I believe Shellys family
      Started this becuz it makes them feel better. NO ONE of
      BB fans would threaten a family like that! It is so unbelievable. Yes this is a game
      And yes people lie but What Shelly did was just wrong! Childish name
      Calling hiding things of Rachaels things not expected by an adult! She needs to
      Go to JH and let Jeff blast her again. TMZ is no a reliably source!

    3. So you’re saying that Shelly’s family started the facebook page? It’s there. Sure TMZ is sensationalist, but the page does exist and people have liked it. Even people here have been saying she should be fired, her kid should be taken away, her husband should leave her, viewers should boycott her business. Some people take it way to seriously. They can’t separate real life from a game. I have hated my share of players, but I hate them in the game. Outside the game I don’t care who they are and what they do. It’s sick to accuse her family of making it up. It’s just a game, and Shelly hasn’t done anything that the rest of them haven’t done. She just does it more and has done it effectively. Had it not been for this stupid twist, she would be in a good position to make it to the end.

  14. Why is it hard to see that keeping Shelly until Final Two is the best move anyone can make right now? No one likes her and she hasn’t won anything. If you get all four of BRJJ in jury, not one of them will vote for her and no one else would vote for her because of the way she has underperformed in competitions.

  15. Kalia just expanded on her plan to throw the next hoh… wants to let rach when hoh so she can get voted out. Then she will find lowan and get the super power from him that he was expected to win and she’ll bring it back with into the big brother house via pandoras box. Team kalia!

    1. I don’t agree if true that shelly family should be threatened it is just a game but i don’t think one thing has anything to do with the other she should get voted out because she lost fair and square and RJ have a better shot with adam

    2. you realizing bashing JJ fans is still mob mentality…the same thing the crazies are doing to Shelly’s family. Instead of alienating a specific section of fans. How about we all band together to stop the Shelly hate OUTSIDE the bb house? Your bashing is doing nothing but making matters worse.

      1. Sorry if you took it that way that I was talking about all of J/J fans. That is not what I meant I was a J/J fan on their season and I was for them for a while this season. Things that they did I did not like and things that other people on the did I did not like either. I am just saying that the people who participated in this kind of behavior have the Mob mentality not normal and mature people who can tell the difference between Real Life and Reality TV.

  16. curious how many fans here actually paid to vote by text.
    please let us know if you did, and how many times you voted.

    to those who did:

    did you think your vote would be tabulated and actually count towards who came back?
    …or did you think the vote was rigged and big brother would just bring back whoever they wanted to?

    the purpose of this isn’t to call you out for being stupid – I am just curious how many actually paid money to vote because you were led to believe by big brother that your paid vote would be counted fairly.

  17. woah .. that is just crazy.. I mean I am not a Shelly fan by no means.. but threats to her family.. that is gone really far.. It is a game . Crazy fans should have realized that these people signed on to do a game and be on a tv show and it is really bad when their family is threatened..

    1. Jeff is not an ass. It is not his fault some JJ fans are taking things a little too far. I am a huge JJ fan and threatening someone’s life, that’s just crazy. America should stick up for Jeff by voting him for America’s player and not Shelly.

  18. They have the mob mentality. I like J/J in their season but not so much this one. Jordan is still a sweet person but she needs to think for herself and do what is best for her. To call someones job and to make death threats is just crazy plain and simple. These fans are going to cause CBS a problem and if it becomes to big of a problem they will cancel the show and then no one will get to see it anymore.

    I do not and did not like Rachel and Brendon but I did not call their jobs and make death threats to them. The bottom line is no matter who wins it does not effect my life. I don’t get the money it is just for entertainment for me but, I guess other people do not see it that way and that is a shame

    1. Enough said back to the game, Jordan will win 500 Rach 50 and jeff americas vote 25 you they meet lattter and split the 500 wow what a game plan and meanwhile Team DANI IS WORKING IN HOOTERS TO GET MONEY FOR THE CRUISE

    2. I think fans out there are taking it to the limits but if Shelly would have not been that cruel and made up lies and stories and would have just played this game in a more civil manner then this would have not happened. We also do not know whoever is doing these threats and I am sure if any, the police, FBI is already on it. Threats should be take seriously.

  19. The reason Shelly’s family and work is getting these phone calls is because of all her lying and manipulations. If you notice Porsche voted to evict Jeff also and her family is not getting these phone calls. It’s only because America is disgusted at how this 40 something year old women has acted in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Did she really think that there would be no reprocutions for acting this way. Seriously? If I was her job I would fire her simply because I would not want a women who acts this way as part of my business. Good for america sticking up for Jeff.

    1. JEN! Are you serious? “Good for America sticking up for Jeff”? So it’s good her family is getting death threats? That’s Okay because she lied IN A GAME? You are one sick, Disgusting human Jen.

      1. Just for the record, this is a different Jen than me…I’ve posted a few times in the last few weeks and don’t want anyone thinking that I would ever think or say this even though I’m a JJ fan.

    2. I am no way a fan of shelly’s and will be glad when they kick her ass out but with that said it is a game and no one should be threatened over it. I get she is the most hated player but i think that is taking this way to far. You can’t really compare porche to shelly though because it wasn’t about voting jeff out it was that it was by someone he trusted. Porche was on the other side her allience was dani and kaliah so jeff had no reason to think she would vote to keep him but shelly betrayed them and after everything they did to save her.

    3. No matter how she acted NO ONE I mean NO ONES family should be getting death threats or calling someone’s job. Jeff is not their son/husband or their boyfriend and she did not hit him or kill him she just voted his butt out. It is a game people and no one should get this type of treatment. And yes I do think that people are that crazy. I saw the Hate Shelly page on facebook and it was just sick. People don’t really think they hide behind their computers and say things about people that they really don’t know. I would love to see their face when the FBI show up on their door step. I guess they forgot that that is a form of bullying. Even if it is against an adult it really shows how mature people are when they do that sort of crap.

    4. No, there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of thing. Anyone trying to justify this as being okay is just as bad as the people making the threats and the phone calls to her employer. I can’t believe you’re trying to explain it away. That’s whack.

    5. I respect all simon and dawg’s work her and will honor their policy of no personal attacks….. but you make it so hard….

    6. At it is cleary apparent that “@Jen says” is definitely WTF is wrong with some people. Girl for real you should try getting a life and seek therapy; because you are one fry short of a “Happy Meal”!!!!

    7. So you are actually defending the disgusting actions of people who take their loyalty to a game show way to far. So far indeed, that they risk serious criminal charges? Wow.. that is taking sticking up for somebody to another level!!! I am actually speechless

    8. Mel how can you talk about JJ like that when you do not know them. This is reality TV, not real life. Don’t make judgements about people because of outside people that are taking things overboard.

    9. i am offended by this post bc America does not condone the actions of a crazy few people and even moreso bc there is no excuse to threaten people, esp. over a damn game, and MOST ESPECIALLY to threaten a child

      why don’t you keep learning to read and write Ms. “Reprocutions”

  20. I feel the need to comment that as a Jeff/Jordan fan not all of us are insane. I mean the group threatening Shelly’s family is very disturbed. But I would never do that. Ii may dislike Shelly for her delusions and lies (not for voting Jeff out) but she and her family do NOT deserve to be threatened. All I want is her out of the house this week :)

    1. i agree shelly lies and deceives a lot. if I were her boss, I would be scared that she might backstab me one day. I would fire her.

  21. I am a jejo fan and as one I am offended that you are classifying us all as doing that and for one thing i wouldn’t do that I didn’t like what she did and she does deserve to go home. I also think that it was a bad move because it guarented her not winning I think if she wanted to be on dani side she should have just played with them instead of doing it the way she did. I think most fans were mad because she used brendon/rachel to get so far bad mouth jejo when rachel caught on to her she jumped to Jeff/Jordon and when she felt she could get further she jumped to dani without ever even contributing to anyone. At least adam had loyalty but YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHOUT. Not all jejo fans will take it that far and it was not only the jejo fans that had issue with her the Dani fans, Brendon/Rachel fans didn’t like her much either. It is the small group who take the game to fan so stop accusing everyone and acting all superior

    1. Hey KALIA you are the best BB player I have ever seen and I go all th way back to chicken George, boy if you weren’t so interested in being such a great player you might see that you are screwing yourself and Por. Adam has his s… together and RTAC AND jORD know what thye are going to do, so stop this master plan all your doing is helping them which I am gald, because you are a loser, as well as with you partner shelly.

  22. I wouldn’t be surprise if Shellys husband didn’t make up this crap…shelly
    didn’t play a good game, will be evicted and sent to the jury house…Just like the others….
    No big deal….Go Rachel and Jordan!!!

    1. It makes for a good distraction to make people feel bad for shelly rather than hate her, if there is threats they should actually call the police rather than TMZ! Get real people!!!

  23. Come on! If people are mad at shelly its not because of the way she voted,that is game play, its because she used jordans on a personal level. She used her kind heart. She took the game to the dirtiest level. Its one thing to lie in this game its another to use people the way she did. This is who shelly is in real life. You can not do what she did to jordan without so much as of a thought of the pain she was causing her if you truly arent heartless. She is haertless. She took a personal gift that was given to her from jordans heart. Jordan and all the veiwers have a right to be upset that someone took a game to such a nasty level. But I do pray the viewers do not try to play shellys game outside the house and involve her family. I personaly do not want to believe there is more than one shelly in this world.

    1. Good Grief!

      How do you explain what Jordan and Jeff did to their most
      loyal supporter, Adam?
      How do you not blame them for the hurt feelings he is going
      to experience when he finds out the truth?

    2. Jordan told Shelly if she wanted to back out of the Final 3 deal she’d understand!! When JORDAN told Jeff he was mad and said maybe we should end the deal (Or something like that) GEEZ you JJ fans a delusional.

    3. “she took the game to the dirtiest level.” “I personaly do not want to believe there is more than one shelly in this world.”

      Mararet, get help. You’re living in some delusional bubble. Shelly and Jordan are playing a game on TV that tells people to “outwit, outsmart and outplay”. Shelly actually made a good GAME play and if Jordan had her heart broken then shame on her for thinking anything in the Big Brother house was applicable to life outside those walls.

      Good grief is right! What kind of imps are out there, thinking this is a game of moral character and integrity. LISTEN UP, IT IS NOT, AND IT NEVER WAS!!!

      Get lives people. IT’S A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. First…GMAFB.. people are deranged threatening Shelly’s family. Shelly has made some of the biggest moves in this game…GAME people. Yeah I think it was shitty the way she did some of those things but I never forgot that this is a game.

        Second…Could some please tell Kalia to STFU..this woman overthinks everything.Hey Kalia remember Lawon…LMAO.. Shelly stinger!

        Third..Porch has finally stepped up her game. I hate that she floated on a golden key for 4 weeks but that’s part of the game.

        Fourth…RacHELL..ok.. so she’s mellowed out (drugs)..of all the players in the game, she’s got my vote (today) that is based strictly on competition play!

        Fifth…Jordan.. I love the girl, she’s a sweetheart but dang she’s either got to win or go to jury.

        Sixth…Adam.. what is his game strategy?? It seems like whoever wins HOH also wins the attachment of Adams lips to their ass! Did Dom take Adams brain with him right out the door??

    4. Wow, after reading your comments, bring so much into perspective, J&J fans should not play Checkers because as Jordan says CHECKERS are for smart people!!!!

      So what if Jordan gave Shelly the phone call, what you are saying is for Jordan doing that, Shelly just like everyone else should write J&J a $500k check?

      Shelly voted to evict JEFF not Jordan, Shelly is playing a game of lying and manipulation for $500k just like Jordan is.

      Jordan entered BB13 on a lie, how do you reconcile that, all she wanted to do is play to the jury house and spend the summer with Jeff, these are Jordan’s own words, BULLSHIT, Jordan is as greedy and heartless as anyother one of the players playing for the $500k, just like Jeff is when he threw the veto to Adam for a lousy $5k when he could have won and saved Brenda from being backdoored.

      What is really funny is seeing how many people (J&J Fans) have been manipulated and gullable into J&J’s lies and deception!

      1. Wow talk about jealousy! It’s a game to be played out! Dr Will won twice! He never won a comp! Buts that us the difference between that season and this season. People are meaner and more full of hate and I think it is becuz more people today are more miserable with their life due to the economy! No haters back then. Somany haters now! Gee lighten up people it is a TV GAME SHOW! Goooooooooo Jordan or Rachael!

    1. 100% agreement.

      He is a coward, bully, egotist, hypocrite and dictator. He thought the game should have been handed to him. It was great seeing him get booted out.

      Jordan should be the next one booted out just to piss him off.

  24. I can’t stand the woman, but that’s sick! What the hell is wrong with people?

    That explains why her employer took her picture down. It had nothing to do with her behavior it had to do with the phone calls they were getting from crazy Jeff and Jordan fans.

    Get a life, people, it’s only a stinking game!

  25. It would be smarter for JR to keep Shelly and evict Adam. Shelly can’t win competitions anyway and JR know for a fact where Shelly’s loyalties lay (PK). However Jr need to avoid Shelly like the plague for the next 4 days because she’s a silver tongued devil (especially where Jordan is concerned).
    Adam a little iffier. He flip flops more than a landed fish.

    1. which is why they want to keep him they think they might be able to flip him where with shelly she is obviously on KP side

    2. I think this is the craziest thing that has happened i don’t remember any other season that the fans got so violent that is insane I do hope that RJ win but i don’t get how this game went from a healthy competition to a crazy violent one that has the fbi getting involved.

  26. OMG will ppl stop with the JJ fans are crazy?

    I guarantee that the majority of JJ fans disagree with what is going on with Shelly’s family. Generalizing is ridiculous.

    I was one of the first ppl to say that threatening Shelly outside the BB house is wrong and I’m a JJ fan.

    You guys have to understand that most fans’ lives don’t revolve around big brother, but there are some crazies out there and they’re not all JJ fans.

    1. I see no other Hgs fans bashing Shelly because of the way she played besides JJ Fans… and umm a JJ Fan made the threat to her family, and that’s who I’m referring to when I say Retarded JJ Fans.

  27. This is why some people are so uncomfortable with being JJ fans. Because there is an element within that group capable of this shit. No other HG’s have “fans” like that. The devotion can be sickening. It’s not JJ’s fault, but I don’t to be on that trite and apparently dangerous bandwagon.

    1. IDK why ppl take the game so seriously. JJ are awesome, but at the end of the day, i’m not getting the 500,000 dollars along with them lmao!

  28. That news has been going around for a couple days now. I first read it from a poster’s comments on this site after the FB pages were setup. I also heard it said that her company took off her picture from their site a long time before I heard about the threats. Not sure that they are related.

  29. Chill… you imply that everyone who pulls for J or J are psychos who would threaten someone’s family. I have cheered for J/J and I think anyone threatening Shelly’s family is sick and should be prosecuted.

  30. Retard JJ Fans coming our the woodwork saying that Shelly’s family deserves to get death threats because she played the game…. Only Big Brother can bring out the most pathetic fans…..

    1. first of all, the word retarded is offensive. Second of all, and I’ll say this for the last time (because I know I’m getting repetitve simon) but it’s not all JJ fans. You do realize that yours and other comments like yours make innocent JJ fans feel uncomfortable right? JJ fans are being judged for something a minority did. It’s wrong.

  31. I read on a couple of comments and another blog that Porsche, Kalia, Shelly & Adam were joking around about hitting Rachel in the stomach to make her lose the baby (if she’s pregnant) and save her the money for a baby. But I haven’t seen any recap on here about it – can someone confirm whether or not that actually happened??

    1. Adam made a comment about the upcoming POV including
      throwing balls into each others stomachs …….. something like that.
      After his comment, I think Porsche made the comment about
      saving Rachel abortion fees.

      Thoughtless like so many comments made by all of the HGs.
      No different than Jeff saying he would massacre HGs voting
      against him and Jordan telling Jeff to kill Dani in the Jury House.

      BB 13 HGs sound like idiots more times than not.

  32. If Shelly’s family does (and they should) gets the FBI involved, then this and other BB websites will be under heavy scrutiny! They can then subpeona site owners, like Simon and Dawg, to turn over all the IPaddresses for everyone that has commented here – good, bad or down right hatefully, about Shelly! If they do – they can only ask for IP addresses – NOTHING ELSE! The FBI has to then subpeona the individual IP’s service providers. Just an FYI noyhing else!

  33. I read on a couple of comments and another blog that Kalia, Porsche, Adam & Shelly were “joking” around that they should hit Rachel in the stomach to make her lose the baby and save her the money for an abortion. I haven’t seen this mentioned in any of these recaps, though…could someone confirm whether or not that was true???

  34. I TRULY hope they find each of the idiots who harassed Shelly’s family and plaster their names and faces all over the internet so the whole world can see what TOOLS look like.

    They should also be lock away for life in rooms with rubber wallpaper.

  35. Everyone who doesn’t like Shelly lying then don’t watch Big Brother! I don’t like lying either in real life, But this is just a game where lying is a must. Did you guys get upset over Jeff telling Danielle she was safe? Don’t forget earlier that day BEFORE the live show Jeff called Shelly out(we haven’t seen that yet) Get over it.

    1. And who is “you guys”?

      Come on, everyone was pissed shelly was lying because she was attacking people personally. The point is, it doesn’t condone death threats and violence threats. This crap has been going on for years in BB and hopefully with this awareness made by many BB fansites, it will stop.

  36. I know for a fact BB production will rig the america’s player award to Shelly for a positive exposure and positive publicity for CBS and BB. SMH @ the sick people taking BB this serious to actually send death threats to a player’s family. didn’t Dick also get death threats on season 8?

  37. i think shellys problem is the diary room. she cant be so stupid she doesnt know she has been lying, etc. her game is stupid, but i respect em more if in the diary room, they say,,hey i did this , i said that, i wanna win and will say and do anything in the house to get there. but dont go in diary room acting like your an angel and act like she never did a thing wrong. its the diary room, the others cant hear you til later, just fess it all up in there, laugh it off and try to win. people are stupid for making threats against her and her family. they are the sick twisted ones, bent out of shape over a reality show. its big brother, its what makes the show, the deals, the backstabbing, the lying.

  38. Its unfortunate there are some really sick people in this world, but Shelley isn’t helping herself by constantly talking about Rachel & trying to turn the house on her. She’s stealing, lying, & just displaying an immoral behavior. Everyone needs to get a grip& realize its just a game. Shelley will see how poorly she behaved & that is punishment enough. Once a stone is thrown its very hard to recover. She has a family to go home & answer to after all is said & done. I’ll keep her family in my prayers.

  39. people this is just a GAME!

    jeff n jordan fans — if you guys are seriously dying because shelly chose to evict jeff. then get over it. sending threats to the family?! really?! get a life. this is for entertainment. i dont agree with how shelly plays the game but it is a GAME. personal attacts, specially from viewers is just pathetic.

    if you guys really feel bad for jeff and jordan — why not just send them some money. make a jeff and jordan charity foundation. im sure if all you big fans of jeff and jordan can raise more than 500 grand for them. and im sure they will be really happy. so get over it. instead of writing threats to shelly’s family. why dont you guys get together and write jeff and jordan a check with your money.

    there — problem solved!

    go team dani! hope porshe wins. kalia is so annoying thinking she knows it all and talks and talks and talks and TALKS! get over urself already.

    adam hasnt done anything and i would hate for him to just slip right into the finale. he needs to go.


  40. Guys, there’s a STOP THE SHELLY HATE page on FB if you want to join!

    Other than the demonizing the JJ part, I think this discussion is very good. It’s important to shed light on the fact that at the end of the day, it’s just a game. I don’t get the 500,000 and neither do other JJ fans, or Dani fans, or Porsche fans or any other fans. It’s a show made for entertainment. The show makes you laugh, cry, get annoyed, etc. That’s the best part of BB!

    So, let’s stop the JJ fans hate, the Shelly death threats, and the personal attacks on a player’s looks and just talk about the game.


    1. agreed what is the site is it just Stop Shelly Hate page on facebook? I will do it this is just sick and we as a nation need to stop this kind of behavior or try and counteract it. Let’s go people who are true fans and know the difference in Reality TV and Real Life. I know that you can like the people on the show and dislike some. But lets do this as a statement that true BB fans will not put up with this type of crap

    2. Agree. I’m for whoever wins. Adam, Jordan, Kalia, Porshe, Rachel, or Shelly. It is a game and I enjoy all the lies and fights and jokes and laughter. I can only imagine how I would act if I were in the house. Probably just as crazy if not more.

    3. I’m glad Shelly broke away from Jeff and Jordan. She was so far up there. Her flipping around the whole house. Hell she had a deal with everyone in that house. Team Shelly YO!!!!


  42. It’s pretty obvious it’s some Dani fan posing as a Jeff fan. Terrible people, unstable morons, lock them all up.

  43. Yeah, some people in the this world seriously need their brains checked. Most BB viewers disagree wholeheartedly of Shelly’s behavior and being in denial about it, but attacking her family verbally and making physical threats or even to Shelly after the show is being a complete nut job. Why aren’t these people concentrating their insanity on people that truly deserve it like GW Bush? Dick Cheney? All Gore? and the likes?

    Anyway, GO JR!!

  44. I am a true fan of j/j and r I do not agree with threats to shelly family and take offence of small minded ppl saying anyone that is a jj fan are insane or would condone something that terrible everyone need to realise it is a game and take out there angry on the person doing the harm not ppl at home .and let me say what i mean by take out there angry is post your comments the right way that why this sight and others are for . or at least that is the way i see it could be wrong ,just remerber that is a little girl she has done nothin wrong so think of her if nothin else words do hurt

  45. This is crazy — i’m not a fan of Shelly’s — and frankly not too many of the HG this season, but this is a stupid game and no one is deserving of death threats — not the people playing the game or their family and friends. Too many violent irrational people out there. Hope they find out who’s doing it — i feel so bad for Shelly’s daughter — poor kid, she says “her mom should stop lying” and now she’s got to deal with death threats? the world is going crazy.

    1. and what sucks the most is that it’s probably going to be traumatic to the kid and she’ll remember this as an adult. Shelly’s kid and family didn’t sign up to be on big brother, it’s not cool.

  46. What makes you think anyoneon here has done this? I understand your mindset, however, your accussatory rank is totally unnecessary! I know this site attracts alot of BB fanatics, but Simon and Dawg are extremely meticulous regarding postings! I am sure they have “spammed” many a questionable comment! If threats were made, it is more likely to be someonewho IS NOT an active commentor on a website, but more likely an irate tv viewer!

    Just an aside, but I remember a time when soap operas ruled daytime tv. There was one soap opera, Days of Our Lives, that had a recurring character who had an “evil” twin sister (how cliche). Anyway, when they killed off this very popular character, the viewers when ape-shit! They actually believe a real person was killed! Anyway, as the storyline played out, this beloved characters unknown “evil twin sister” was killed, not the heroine! Since that time, soap operas had to carefully crutinize their storylines and “bumping off” main characters. Anyone remember General Hospital’s “Laura” of “Luke and Laura” soap lore?

    1. nope, but I have seen a lot of old soap opera actors saying that their career was ruined because ppl would think that their characters are real. Like in the old 90210, when (I think it was her, or another character) Tori Spelling’s charcter was in an abusive relationship. The actor who played the abuser would get stopped on the streets by insulting him and saying that he should be ashamed of himself for treating Donna (Tori’s character) like that. People are crazy lmao!!

  47. shouldnt CBS let her know about the threats?? if something did happen does that make CBS liable? Personally i do not like her, she took the game to a new low, there is nothing strategic in taking stuffed animals, saying she will save rachel 400 bucks and hit or kick her in the stomach, for that she gets what she deserves…but some how she has a sweet kid and no one should be picking on her child.

  48. I am a Jeff fan wanted him to win. And I agree with S decision to vote Jeff off. But please explain to me how it was a good game move to want to keep D over K? How was it a good game move to try and flip R who you should have known would go talk to Jeff about it. If she had only talked with A even if she had voted to keep D and then voted Jeff out she could have blamed it on A. Then she could have continued to play the kind of game she has been playing all along (both sides). I hate the game she is playing but she choose it and obviously she is going to have alot to deal with after the show. However, anyone making threats against her or her family should be ashamed of themselves. For her she had to get Jeff out with any chance of winning (same with all the other players except Jordan) I just hoped they would not suceed.

  49. I don’t think CBS had told her because I don’t think it’s true. I think this is a publicity stunt b/c they’re worried people won’t watch now that Dani and Jeff are gone. I can’t imagine anyone sending death threats to her family.

  50. Shelly is only playing a game that involes lies, new alliances etc. She is playing it better than Jeff did! ~ Jeff tried to bully people while. In the he was vored out!.. Whatever trash has threatened Shelly’s family is more of the Brutish Simpleton that Jeff is!! ~ I want Porsche, Kalia or Porsche to win! ~ Do Not allow Adam,, Jordan or Mama Rachel in final that order!!

  51. Didn’t sweet Jordan say that Jeff and Brendon should kill Shelley when they get her to the jury house? That’s vicious. And nice speech by disgusting R at Dani’s exit…shows zero class when you beat a competitor. Dani could of busted her about being with Brendon, but she didn’t play that card, shows class. P could of told Jeff HE should of come to HER to talk game. Classy on her part.

    And no, Adam doesn’t need to know about H Irene. Bergen county fared better than other areas of the state. Tornado threats didn’t materialize. Have power…biggest problem is flooding and downed trees. Have a week of gorgeous weather starting in a few more hours to dry out.

  52. Here is the problem I have with Shelly. She believes that she is full of integrity and honesty and I think she truly does believe that voting out Jeff was the best move for her (which let’s be clear, it was). However she is playing both sides of the house with the same integrity and honesty. Shelly floats to whatever side has power and she does it with everything shes got! but I think when she watches this show she will see how it was edited to show her being deceiving and manipulative. I dont agree with the way Shelly has played this game and I am not a fan but she is still there and Jeff, Dani and Brendon are gone.
    As for floaters, the true floaters in this game are Adam, Shelly and Jordan and I also want to include Kalia. Only Porshe and Rachel are real competitors and have some game sense. Jord was only there to be with Jeff and she has never really shown any interest in playing the game. Adam and Shelly are the definition of floaters and they need to float right out the door. Kalia thinks that she is a much better player than she actually is. In fact some of her decisions and some of the things that come out of her mouth make me lol.
    I would like to see the evictions go like this: Shelly / Adam / Kalia / Jordan. Leaving Rachel and Porshe to fight it out in the end.
    I have watched BB since Season 1 and I love the game as a whole but I do have to admit that the vets and newbie idea was not the best. I dont think Jeff/Jordan nor Brendon and Rachel should have come back. They have enough going on with their personal lives. Dick and Dani will always only be “Big Brother” so it was fine bringing them back.
    Just my thoughts

  53. As much as I hate Shelly, of course its wrong. I don’t think anybody is gonna do/hurt anybody (I pray to god they don’t). It’s just s#*t talking from messed up people feeling like that’s the only way they can say she sucks. But where the threats are just plain sick, everything you do or say has consequences. No matter how unfair it is, when you have millions of people judging you, you have to have possibilities like this in the back of your head. It was in Rachel’s head. That’s why she predicted it. I’m sure other HGs have NOT done or said things for this reason. It’s not fair but when you sign up for a TV show, you gotta know that this can happen.

    It looks like Shelly will be leaving on Thursday and it could be the best thing for her and her family. When these people aren’t looking at her on every show they will forget about her and tell themselves that she had it coming. I can’t stand the way some people think but this is an example of how our society works. Sad really. Wish people were better than that.

  54. I think this equates to how ticked off people were when Matt lied saying his wife had a rare disease or cancer. Also Natalie’s lie about her age that had even her allies vote against her in the finale so that Jordan won the year before.

    Yes we know folks lie in this game but we still want to see dignity and class in how the lies are handled. Shelly crossed the line. And it WAS wrong of her to take Jordan’s phone call KNOWING she was going to stab them in the back shortly.

    I DISAGREE with folks threatening Shelly’s family. As so many others have said – it’s a TV reality show but still far from real life. Leave the families out of this people. If you love the show that much then realize you are jeopardizing it with the threats.

    Now….Shelly….when you read this after you’re out again — realize how you react on public TV DOES have a bearing on how people will treat you once out. Remember that even Rachel said she couldn’t get a job because of her behavior when last in the Big Brother house. At least she learned something to carry forward THIS season because she has improved immensely. We still love Rachel’s competitive spirit but now she’s improved her social game as well. Perhaps you could learn something from that too. America LOVES Jeff and Jordan. They loved you initially….but ALL your lies changed their mind. Karma really can be a bit*h.

    Come this next Thursday, Shelly will be evicted…not Adam. So Bye Bye Shelly! I will be glad to see you go.
    Yet I would never threaten you or your family. That stoops to the level you yourself have fallen.

  55. It’s a game for $500k. You are not required to win competitions. You are not required to tell the truth. You don’t even have to be liked by the audience at the end to win it. What you see on the show and of the DR sessions is closely edited to portray people a certain way. When Jeff got upset during live feeds, he was quickly called into the DR room, where he would emerge all calm. The edited shows always put Jeff in a positive light. If Rachel or Brendon would have made the remark Jeff made equating homosexuals to pedophiles, you know it would have been shown on CBS.

    1. So true things are edited for the show. But some people do not stop and think about that. We do not see everything that goes on in the show even the live feeds. BB controls what we see and what we don’t see. Maybe now they will stop all of the editing in making people look a certain way and let people see the real person.

      I truly do not think that the people on the show are the way that we see them on TV. Perfect example Rachel last year they had her looking like a total Bitch and a Skank. Her and Regan got in to it but now they are friends go figure. So yes there is a lot of editing in these types of shows and people should think about that before they get all riled up about a person

  56. So Shelly leaves behind her family & job to play a game she thought she would have a fair chance to win, now her family being threatened, & big brother producers rigging the game costing her a fair chance to win the game. Porche opening the box basically said Shelly is evicted this week. They changed the rules of the game to save Rachel/Jordan. I’m not sure what the HG’s contract says, but if it says anything about a fair & equal chance to win this game, then cbs breached Shelly’s contract & I hope she sues them.

  57. It’s a game!!!!!!! Get over it, Jeff is gone. One person wins the grand prize, we don’t get to pick who that person is. There are so many other things to get worked up about, this is just stupid! Threaten my family, you better have something to back it up. I hope those people who are doing that get in trouble. Not a big Shelly fan, but come on!

  58. I am guessing that the threats came after the final straw the broke the camels back … jeff’s eviction . bottom line Shelly is one nasty person … how can anyone like this person … Nice print BB… come on .. America has heard all the nasty and i do mean NASTY things that woman has said about Rachel… even when all was quiet .. Shelly would start the trashing … She is one discusting excuse for a human …. Sure hope she does realize just how nasty she was… PS… again telling fibs is part of the game … but the stealing and constant nasty talk .. way to hard to take … I was a Shelly fan till she went nuts after Rachel busted her on a lie … Good luck Shelly … you are gonna need it …

  59. Ok. Follow the bouncing ball…
    1) Jeff is a homophobe that speaks of himself in third person.
    2) Most homophobes have sexual identity issues
    3) JJ’s FB page is JJ & Braden Bacha
    4) Braden was on a TVMA gay soap opera plenty of intimate man on man nude scenes too
    5) JJ show more sibling type love than intimate
    6) “Big Jeff” really?
    7) Jeff has nooo issues with man crushes
    Any remaining believers in this “couple”, please put your MD 20/20 down and go feed your herd of cats.

  60. shelly, why would we believe your family has had death threats. does your whole family lie. whow, all of you must be one big disfunctional family. are we to feel sorry for you? if it is true, which i truly don’t believe, then i am sorry. if you are as smart as you pretend then you have accept the consequences of coming here and playing the game you are playing. not good shelly, not good.

  61. Not a fan of shelly and I did not like hwo things went down. I totally get it is just a game and I simply did not like her game play. That is not personal toward shelly just did not care for her just like I did not care for Rachel last season. That being said.. it is just a game. No one was hurt by Shelly flipping sides.. why in the world would someone take her decisions in the house out on her family. That is just crazy. IT IS A GAME. I do not have to like the winner or agree with the winner.

  62. I do not like Shelly at all, but to do this to her family is wrong, where the hell are you people thinking. That is an 8 yrs old child that you are putting in danger. I hope Shelly hubby does get the FBI involved in this case. That is so wrong and you bunch of idiots that are doing this I hope they put you all away for a long time. Stop this madness.Get her out of the bb house is one thing but leave her family out of it. That little girl does not deserve that. Jeff did it to hinself by getting voted out. Shelly should be next to go. She has played a terrible game and she does deserve to go, and I hope she does. But please folks use the little bit of brain that you have and leave her family alone. Who ever did this is a sicko. Most of you also have been very mean in your posting about Rachel,she also does not deserved what most of you have been saying. No wonder this Country is all screwed up.So much hatred. Why dont you use the word dislike instead of hate.

  63. Gee and I always thought I’d like to be on BB. Not worth any amount to have your family threatened. It is true that if BB does not start to clean up its act, it will have more crazies than fans watching it. I like to see the gameplay but this is too much. Jeff made a move, it backfired, end of story.

  64. I’m a JJ fan and I am shocked (although maybe I shouldn’t be) that people are making death threats over reality television. That is just disgusting. I was sad to see Jeff go too, but it’s a game and it was fair. Anyone actually investing their time into trying to personally attack someone and their family, especially over REALITY TV, needs professional help.

  65. Ok it’s official (and sad) but Rachel is my favorite. That girl is a fighter! I like her so much better then last year (and so much better without Brendon!). She is the only one who deserves to win. Go Rachel!

  66. come on ppl its just a game lets be adults.i don’t like shellys game play myself but i would never go that far. outside the house shes probably a very nice person

  67. Ok…. First of all … I am a proud team J/J person…but I am NOT deranged.
    Second…Death threats? Really! I think that people who are doing that should get the fullest extent of the law. They suck. Their sick.
    Third… Shelly’s a big old liar and needs to go….NOT because she is a liar…NOT because she is a backstabber…NOT because she voted against her “alliance”…but because she has not done JACK!

    I have NO issue with a newbie winnin this game. But what I have issue with is the bunch that is left behind to win that hasn’t really proven themselves…or WAITED will day 55 to “play”. Kalia…two HOH…but seriously…the first one… Dani totally controlled FOR her … so do we COUNT that as a Kalia HOH? Porsche…ok…way to go…. Winning this late in the game and then saying “she came to play” really??? Adam…. Seriously. Enought said on that waste of BB space. Shelly… I’ve said MORE than enough on her. And sadly, thought I love Jordan….she hasn’t done a thing. Too bad too…because, as I remember right, in BB 11 she was a good player. So that leaves Rachel. The “cockroach that won’t die”? For that reason … and early on competitions and social game… I would give her the $$ … I swear I’m choking on that sentence folks…REALLY. But as I see it… the game needs to be PLAYED. Not TALKED out constantly. And what I’ve seen is nothing but talk…no real strategy. And certainly no real play. Jeff, Brandon, Dani, even Dominic… I think they were all players. I think Cassi would have been a bit of a force too… maybe even Keith … had he been thinking with the head above his belt.

    So….all and all…. I’m kinda over this season… and really kinda disappointed in it. I’ll finish watching to see who gets the $$ … but… I just think that all the Vets coming back may have been bad for this … because … well, I think we all kind of compare the newbie and their game play skills to those we know and loved.

    Honest? I wish that Dick would have won it in the end.

  68. people you scare me .all the hate for dumb and greed people that will do anything to win. I can’t understand how anyone on BB can have any kind of fans because they lie, back stab and cheat, and if they are good at it on BB, how about in real life.

    We are trying to teach our kids not to bully but some people on this site call people names like kids in school. We as adults suppose to lead our kids. I know you know kids read this site also. Things some of you people write on this site is disgusting. It’s just a game and you act more liek kids than adults.

  69. people you scare me .all the hate for dumb and greed people that will do anything to win. I can’t understand how anyone on BB can have any kind of fans because they lie, back stab and cheat, and if they are good at it on BB, how about in real life.

    We are trying to teach our kids not to bully but some people on this site call people names like kids in school. We as adults suppose to lead our kids. I know you know kids read this site also. Things some of you people write on this site is disgusting. It’s just a game and you act more like kids than adults.

  70. Shelly should be ashamed of herself. we are all watching the lies that you so profoundly state that will not be tolerated in your home with your daughter and family. What a great example you are to your family

  71. Has anyone ever played “Risk” or “Monopoly” . They can result in very nasty play. I have been known to take out some countries in “Risk” and own a good share of property in “Monopoly”,( and that is with pretend money!!!) Does my game play and the competitive spirit I exhibit and the “heartlessness” I display while playing the GAME in anyway reflect on me as a person in the REAL world?

    Shelly, as with all the HGs, is not privy to see what we have all seen. They do not know if the deals that they make are to be trusted or not. Usually …not. They do not see what others in the house are saying to each other or to us in the DR. Therefore, they are really playing the game blindly. People are angry that Shelly is not being “honest” about her diisceptions. We see that she is torn up and hurting about her choices in the game.Is it better if she was laughing rather than crying about voting Jeff out?

    Shelly and Jeff did have a falling out prior to the eviction. By then the alliance was already broken. Her voting Jeff out seemed logical to me. As for the telephone call that Jordan sweetly gave to Shelly, I believe Shelly was truly grateful. Was that done only as a ploy to keep Shelly on her side or out of genuine kindness? I believe it was out of kindness. Shelly by the way, did NOT evict Jordan. She evicted Jeff. They are not the same player, but TWO people trying for the half a million.

    Lastly, If BB was purely a friendship based “lets join hands and stay true to our original alliances” what a boring game it would be!!! Embrace the drama. Don’t get sucked into it!!!

  72. um, correct me if I’m wrong but there was a tie and wasn’t it Kalia that had the deciding vote to send Jeff to the jury house? Just saying, Jeff got two votes – sure one was from Shelley and one from Porsche but the vote that sent him packing was Kalia’s…..maybe I’m wrong??????

  73. this is crazy why would anyone try to make any of these comments ok.its wrong anyway u look at it.And i’m a big SHELLY fan she is very smart.

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