Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel is how many weeks late?? ..and thinks she isn’t feeling well because her period is coming.. *Updated*

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9:15am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Shelly and Adam are in the backyard smoking. Shelly says in case you haven’t noticed they are protecting themselves like mother and daughter. Kalia joins them in the backyard. They talk about how their bodies really take a beating in the big brother house. Kalia heads back into lay back down. Adam says that he is nervous. Shelly says don’t be nervous know we’re going up. Just think its more camera time. Adam says it’s not the camera time I want. Adam says that he wishes everything would just speed up. Shelly says that at least we know what is going to happen. Shelly and Adam discuss how everything changed because Porsche opened up Pandora’s box. Shelly says that $5,000 wasn’t worth it, especially after just getting through the fast forward. Adam says that they make it really tempting. Shelly says that 1% of the prize money is not worth it. Adam says that our fate is now in Jordan and Rachel’s hands and they will do what’s best for them. Adam decides to go lay back down. Meanwhile, Rachel and Jordan are laying in bed talking about how they need to buckle down and strap in win stuff. They try and go back to sleep. Adam comes in and gets back into bed. Rachel gets up and goes to the bathroom. Jordan gets up and Adam tells her that he really doesn’t like that Shelly is talking shit about everyone.

9:40am – 10:15am Rachel walks really fast from the bathroom to the bedroom. She grabs something from the dresser and then walks really fast huffing and puffing all the way back to the bathroom. Jordan asks what is wrong with you? Rachel says nothing. Jordan says well why are you acting like that. Rachel says that she just doesn’t feel good .. she feels sick. Jordan asks her if she needs to throw up? Rachel says she thinks she may have the stomach bug, and that she feels really weird. Rachel then says that maybe it’s just something she ate yesterday …like all that cheese. Jordan says well you haven’t been feeling well for awhile ..maybe you caught a bug or something. After Jordan’s shower Rachel says that her body feel like what it feels like before you get your period. Jordan wonders if its just stress. Rachel and Jordan start talking about their dogs. They talk about working out after the POV ceremony. Rachel asks are you excited to get our keys back? Jordan says yeah. Jordan asks are you excited there are only 17 days left? Rachel says yeah! Shelly joins them in the bathroom to take a shower.

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10:30am Adam and Jordan are in the candy room talking about how they are all still good. Adam is really annoyed with Shelly and says that he could just go off but it won’t do any good. Adam says that he doesn’t think he needs to keep campaigning. Adam says that he feels like they are good. They talk about how Shelly is trying to cover her tracks ..she is trying to be good with me, you and them. Adam says that he wants her out! Jordan says that basically one of us needs to win HOH this week.

10:40am Rachel, Adam, Jordan and Porsche are in the kitchen. Jordan forgets her mic and Big Brother tells her to put it on. Jordan is all surprised that she doesn’t have it on and can’t remember where it is. Shelly and Kalia are getting ready in the bathroom. Shelly says that maybe she should have been getting ready this morning rather than sitting out side looking at birds like an idiot.

10:45am – 10:50am Adam, Porsche, Jordan and Rachel are out in the backyard. Adam says …just one more plea .. please don’t use the veto. They laugh. Jordan asks if anyone has even not used the veto while being on the block. Adam explains that its happened and they went home. Shelly then comes out into the backyard complaining about her boobs being wet… Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen… Looks like the POV ceremony is happening now..

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i took a huge deuce this morning and had to flush twice cause a couple chunks wouldn’t go down and i just could not stop thinking about adam and shelly. FLOATERS!!!!


Love it!

Head of Household

LMAOOOO! That is freakin HILARIOUS! It’s right too haha

Adam is a pussy!

Thanks for the visual, dude! I sooo appreciate it.


‘Somedude the Duece’……. the only one that might care about your potty habits is your mother…………. get some class…. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I think you and Kalia are long lost soulmates! You should look her up and share long, intimate chats about bodily functions and such. Fun times.

Uncle Cool

I had a Jordan this morning…


Sounds like she has her period, but does not want anyone to know because the possible pregnancy gets her attention and is good for ratings.




They haven’t shown any of her pregnancy concerns on the show, always cut the feeds when she mentions it, etc. So the whole “she’s doing it for ratings” bit doesn’t fly.


She would have no idea what they’re showing on the show or when they’re cutting the feeds. Not saying I agree with the attention theory.


Have you ever been pregnant because you can feel like you’re going to or even have your period while pregnant.


Exactly, what I was going to say, too bad Roachel didn’t take her pills, but I’m thinking she was just trying to make sure that Brendumb wasn’t gonna leave her.


well, every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. We don’t know how Rachel feels when she’s going to start her cycle and we don’t know how she would feel if she were pregnant, so really that doesn’t make sense. I know when I was pregnant and didn’t know it, I never had morning sickness and I feel like I was going to start my cycle.


Only people that know about a possible pregnancy scare are people that have the live feeds or read blogs like this a lot. Otherwise, CBS hasn’t made one mention of her period. Pretty sure subscribers and blog readers are going to watch the show regardless of an unsubstantiated pregnancy scare. Does reality matter?


I don’t think she is doing is for attention, I think she is seriously pregnant and the reason they are not televising it is for liability reasons. If she is pregnant and she loses the baby during a competition or something, they don’t want a lawsuit on their hands. They wouldn’t provide her with a pregnancy test when she asked for it. I really hope that she isn’t pregnant because she has a lot of growing up to do before she is ready to raise a child, not to mention from the sounds of it, her and Brendan are not financially capable of providing for a child right now.


When did she ask for a test?


They wouldn’t provide her a pregnancy test?

That seems a little off.

Feeling bad for the girl here.


not to mention all of the alcohol she drinks in that house…eek!


Rachel has her period and “B” just saved about 2 Million it takes to raise a kid now-a-days.


Jordan is one of those sweet Carolina girls that can be your best friend or if you cross her- then your worst nightmare. When Jordan defended herself vs. Shelly I knew she wouldn’t take Shelly’s crap anymore. Evil Dick had a bunch of wimp ladies in his season, but he wouldn’t have ran over Jordan, Rachel or Shelly in this season.
Again, the best player that season was Eric by a long shot. Next HOH wins.


Erik was the best player that season, but America screwed him over in favor of Dick. America won the game for Dick and lost the game for Erik.


Erik lost the game for Erik. He had a choice as to whether or not he was going to complete a task (which he got paid for doing), he chose the easy money over the hard money. I don’t believe for one minute he would’ve won that season anyway, but it’s a good copout for him (and his fans).


Sounds to me like she’s going through an early miscarriage. You feel like you’re going to have your period and get really nausous (?). The show really needs to get her a pregnancy test, this is ridiculous. If she’s pregnant she should be taking vitamins now. If something happens to her, they will be partly to blame.


Oh my! It really sounds like you care.

Team KaliAdam, yo!


Or she could possibly be having a miscarriage with all the stress she’s been under.


no matter what, the lies will catch up to Shelly! You can say it was all for the game but sooner or later you have to face the truth, that you were just a liar! I think Rachel is making that stuff up! What people do for attention is mind blowing!


Rachel isn’t lying about anything! Stress really takes a toll on the body and is known to throw all kinds of things out of whack including someones period.


I am just wondering how her employer is going to perceive all of her actions, even though she is playing a game, this lieing is coming so natural with her, that how can her customers and employers feel she is being honest with them. I am in management, and there is no way I could trust her and feel she is being loyal after watching her actions on BB13. I believe there will be many instances when this is over that will not be very favorable to her.


r u talking about Shelly?


are you talking about Rachel or Shelly?




Honestly, if I were her employer and I knew her expertise was in sales, I’d be impressed with her performance on this show. She’s been very persuasive and flipped the game more than once. Even after she got caught, she was still able to persuade before the other house guests knew what was happening to them. She understands, as well, how to cut loose a losing deal before she’s in too deep and not let her emotions run over good business sense.

I’d also know that she was participating in a semi-scripted tv show, not real life.


Those are some dramatic run on sentences! WOW! First of all Mr/Mrs Manager, Shelly ownes her own business. Shelly does not have employers, she has employees, being manager you should know that. Furthermore it would be nice to indicate who you are talking about when you CHANGE the subject!




Alabama’s post is marked as 3.3.3, indicating it’s a reply and not a change in subject. Calm down already.


This is news to me that she has her own business. I am under the impression that she is a VP for a certain department in the company. If you check out her website it will tell you. If I am wrong then someone please ley us know


I’m not talking about ratings. I’m talking about attention inside the house! She graves attention and that’s a fact!
I was not a fan of hers last season and I’m not a big fan now. But I like her better without her fiancé around! And I think she deserves to win but she needs to be center of attention at all times!


Hey illiterate! Learn to spell. It’s craves not GRAVES. DUMBASS!


Temper, temper. You get her drift. Team, JorDUMB, yo!


English is not my first language you dumbass!


Rachel is so pregnant


Shocker! 😯

I hope cool Adam wins. ¯\_(?)_/¯ Team KaliAdam, yo!


It’s weird how they cut the feeds every time Rachel starts to mention a possible pregnancy. I figure they just don’t want it getting out yet, because then other houseguests who’ve been evicted (ahem, Dani) would pitch a fit and threaten a lawsuit. Being pregnant is probably forbidden if you want to play BB. If she’s pregnant and they’re aware, then others could claim it’s a violation of rules and therefore unfair and sue or whatever. You just never know!


I don’t think Dani could sue if the pregnacy came durning the show.
I wouldn’t be surprise CBS already had her sign a waiver.This is a very delicate situation to CBS and they need to take precautions.

Good luck to all parties involve, including baby!

Midwest Fan


Midwest Fan

Ooops – I failed to read the comment above.


Rachel, you will be okay. Just hang on and wait till finale. Wait till final 3. Just hang on and keep compete with Jordan. Do this for Brendon and Jeff. All floaters must to go, Shelly will be the first at the Jury House. Porsche will go next and Kaila to follow. You will do it.


i’d like to see rachael or kalia winning it all!


No 30-year-old who pees in the hot tub deserves half a million dollars.


2nd to that!!!!
Sadly, no one likes Rachel and on one wants Jordan to win again, Adam has done nothing AT ALL. Both Kalia and Porch are so mean but Kalia is worst. She talks and talks and talks and if you didn’t notice, ALL her diary sections are dogging vets especialy Rachel with no regrets at all!! I would give it to Porch at this point.


They are not even showing anything about Rachel being pregnant.. if you havent noticed they dont even interview her when she is HOH! lol


Does anyone have an idea as to what time the Veto Ceremony will be today?


A lot of times when you are pregnant, it feels like you are about to start your period but you don’t.

brittany scott

i hope rachel goes soon i hate her she’s the only houseguest left that i hate and i want porsche and kalia in the F2


Adam is a little B


17 days till finale. Yes, Shelly going to Jury House (Check). Rachel or Jordan win HOH (Check), Put Kaila and Porsche on the block (Check), Adam, Rachel or Jordan wins POV (Check), Keep the nomination the same (Check), Porsche goes to the Jury House w/5Gs (Check), Rachel wins HOH again (Check), putting adam as a pawn and Kaila as a bigger threat (Check), Rachel wins POV (Check), Keep the nomination the same again (Check), Kaila goes to the Jury House w/5Gs Split (Check). Rachel vs Jordan vs Adam Final 3 baby. SPK-Cocky and arrogrant. Priceless.

Head of Household

I so hope that happens! PK are arrogant. They think they rocked this game, they didn’t do crap. Porche and Kalia both messed up HOHs.

Brendon's cancer research

production ruined kalia and porshe HOH’s.


VERY WELL SAID THANK YOU (CHECK) i agree one thousand percent thank you


Your correct until you say “Rachel wins HOH again”. Since she’ll win it the first time, she can’t win it again. Kalia will beat out Adam and Jordan for HOH. Rachel will win the veto and Adam will go home. Either Kalia or Rachel will win the final HOH. If Rachel wins, she’ll evict Kalia and win Big Brother. If Kalia wins, she’ll (hopefully) evict Jordan and win Big Brother. If Kalia wins and evicts Jordan, Rachel will win Big Brother.


Someone had to post this thread (check) they think they are funny (check) in all reality they are not funny (check)
Shown for what they are (douche)


Can they allow Rachel to remain if she is pregnant?

kathie from canada

Why not??? Pregnancy is a condition, not an illness. She is young and fit and if she were seeing a doctor, she would be told to carry on with normal activities. If she were to miscarry (God forbid), then the pregnancy probably was not viable from the beginning, and Mother Nature knows best. Many young moms attend fitness classes right up to the end. As to the stress – life is stressful both inside and outside of the house. I just don’t see the need to panic.

Dont be a dumbass

If she is pregnant she shouldn’t be participating in any physical event that has even the remote possiblity of causing a loss of pregnancy. CBS would not want that liability on their hands.


if rachel is pregnant though, i think it’d be wrong to allow her to compete in physical comps that could be harmful to her baby. if they really won’t let her take a pregnancy test thats very wrong


They should definitely send a doctor in or let her take a pregnancy test. It’s so so wrong that they’re not letting her do that. Yes I agree, she can do anything, but she should be taking prenatal vitamins, and slop is definitely not the diet she should be on. That’s wrong.


Not telling anyone she might not be pregnant and making everyone think she is bc of the ratings? Pretty sure no one knows she might be pregnant unless you’re reading this site. Its not shown on tv. Idiots!


if rachel is going to have a baby and if she is this sick she might be having a miscarry hope bb is watching her and hope she had a test to see if she is prego i know alot of women that had miscarred and acted just like rachel


We are done with this show, all this excitement that the newbies finally played game and BB handed over the competition to J&R again. Like how many “lifes” does production give to the ones they favor over the ones fighting in the game. We can find the winner out in a month and enjoy other TV shows now. Thursday is great TV night without BB.


Don’t have to wait a month, I’ll give you the run down. JR use the veto and Shelly goes home . The HOH is won by Kalia and she puts JR on the block, Rachel wins veto and jordan goes home…. wait the door won’t open Jordan has to stay. Adam leaves instead, people ask why The feeds cut. next HOH is questions like what street does Jordan live on? what is Jordans zip code? what is jordans mothers maiden name? Well Porsche wins HOH by getting one out of three right. Jordan don’t even get one, but a surprise power falls out of the ceiling that reads Jordan you can have HOH until the game is over. Jordan cries and explains how hard this game is.


I understand this is a game but you are just downright mean lets see how you handle all the stress of having to win every comp and veto I happen to like jordon she is so sweet and i would be honorned to be her friend big brother or not. im for rachel and jordon all the way so what if she wins again more power to her if she does. i have said my peace for now GO JORDON AND RACHEL KICK SOME BIG BROTHER ASS AND GET THE NEWBIES OUT.


It’s just mean for CBS to expect people to give up a summer to compete in a “rigged” game. Losers never have to try and all is given to them. Jordan is the most boring player in BB history with an IQ of a paper weight.

Midwest Fan



One last thing Jordan hasn’t had the pressure to win s**t until Jeff went home talk about a “golden key” float on until only six are left, wait isn’t this the same game that she played last time. BB has now become a welfare program, don’t do for yourself what others can do for you.




Lmao! I love this one you are so right

anon anon

I agree with the fact that production influences the game, and I’m Team KP and feel they were screwed. But then again Jessie and Chima were screwed when Jeff was given a power and I didn’t give a rats ass about Jessie’s game coz I couldn’t stand him. Infact I was thrilled production was interferring to please the viewers. Point is, rigging will always happen to keep the ratingds high. It really sucks when it’s MY team being screwed. I feel you Karen, but keep watching. I know next season if there is some douchebag I can’t stand I won’t mind a power taking them out. This is just the way it is. Production doesn’t care about their game; viewers don’t care about their game. It’s all about entertainment. That being said, I’d love for either Rachel or Kalia or Porsche to win.


Chima is a worthless piece of crap. She should be removed from BB history for her horrible gameplay and attitude towards is.

If you couldn’t tell by my name, I hate her.


wow get some help soon


really? You think Kalia and Porkchop are fighting. First I all you can’t call it a good fight if you sleep while the good competitors are knocked out. They are both so lazy that they are the only two who have either ripped their pants out or can’t keep their crack from showing due to weight gain. They have floated to the endand it’s so obvious!


I think this Wed and Thurs should be the lowest ratings BB gets. People need to boycott and then production will know to quit influencing the game so much. The winner should not be set forth before the games even begin.


Yeah… I’m sure that’s going to happen. In fact, I hope more people tune in just to see the reaction from Shelly being kicked hard in the gonads by JR.


Yes, roll Smelly to the curb!


Keep dreaming bye bye shelly !!! Cant wait to see her go!


I don’t think Rachel is lying about not feeling good…I think shes either on her period or preggo .


Im an Adam fan and hope he makes it and he is sitting great for final three either way. But truly the girls did alot of work for production to just give it back to J&R.

Girls Ruled

Hey I never though there is an Adam fan who likes floater that for every competition he had an issue to win.
With the exception of the POV he won because jeff threw it not to safe Brendon.
The only thing Adam did is wear an elf suit how hard is that.


What about all the work Jeff, Brendon and Dani did?


Whats up with porsche with the sweat suit. She needs to pack it away. I am tired of seeing it.


It is the only thing that fits her – have you seen how tight her jeans are now? She has flab hanging over the waist!


If she is preggo…Hopefully she doesn’t get put on slop. That would be just wrong…


no more have nots


wow….live feeds are now down because of a secret game being played by the houseguests….SHOCKER! LOL


OK…I am going to try this again! I posted this earlier, but lost it.

My (wishfull) thinking is:

The duo twist isn’t what they think it is!! They were told the duos are “back”. Everyone just assumed it meant they made new duos…but In the Veto they competed “with” their original partners. (I am not sure what is looked like, but they have been talking about how they had to hang onto Brendon, Jeff, Dom, Cassie, Kieth, and Lawon look-a-likes).

So maybe Rachel won’t be able to take Jordan off the block with her 🙂

That would be the BEST twist ever.

Anyone think this could be possible?

Head of Household

I don’t think so because when Porche announced they assorted partners. Porche asked Kalia Rachel asked Jordan and that left Adam and Shelly to be partners


dude the competition has already been done so what are you talking about

Head of Household

I know the competition already happened…I ment before it.

Rigged Brother

They said that whoever wins POV is safe and so is their partner.
If it wasn’t that way, either Rachel or Jordan would be going home, which CBS obviously doesn’t want.


If CBS wanted to rig the game, they would have announced that R & J were partners by default instead of allowing the houseguests to pick. Since Porsche wasn’t smart enough to think “hmmmm, I should pick of them to split them up” and right away picked K, you can’t say it’s rigged.

Until it’s aired on Wednesday, we don’t know how the POV played out or how JR won it. So all those who really truly want to claim the show is rigged is just as stupid as Lawon for thinking he’d get a special power when getting eliminated. Yeah, he got the power to watch the show from home.

Rigged Brother

keep telling yourself that.
Watch the episode where Kalia won her first HOH.
She is so smart, she answers the questions before they are asked.


That was very obvious! Great point!


Simon already let us know 5 posts ago how they won it and how rachel did all the work as usual because jordan is useless


Does anyone seriously have the mental handicap to think Jordan and Rachel would’ve chosen partners OTHER than each other?


Not a chance! The card Porsche read out clearly stated “they are nominated as a duo and if the veto is used they are saved as a duo”.


CRAP!!! Sorry to sound stupid…I didn’t get a chance to watch last nights show. I didn’t know that is what the card said :p

But you have to admit…that would have been GREAT 🙂


No. When Porsche read what was in the envelope it said they were bringing back the duos for a week and all the same rules applied. Before when the duos played individually, if one won then the other was rescued (ie. bubble gum challenge). So both R/J are safe.


Ok the rigging thing is getting ridiculous.
1. If it was really rigged there’s no way they’d let Dani and Jeff leave in the first place.
2. If you are going to say they are rigging it for BRJJ then what about the fact that Shelly was 100% with JJ, went into the DR, came back out and flipped. Then they were rigging it for Dani right? And their meddling is the very reason Jeff went home (he no longer had Shelly’s vote).
3. Porsche didn’t have to open the box and anyone could’ve won that competition.

I’m not saying productions isn’t getting involved, but people are acting like it’s for one particular person when it isn’t. The only thing that could be argued is that the twists usually help the veterans. But Dani had comps come up that were geared towards her when she needed them and there was a long period of time that physical comps weren’t played (which may have benefited Jeff). I’m just saying everyone has an argument for a certain person getting a benefit at a certain time. If everyone has an argument, then really does anyone have one?


Here’s a hint. Dani was a vet. The vets were this years returning stars and CBS has done everything in it’s power to ‘twist’ the game to keep them in as long as possible. The newbies were intended to be fodder from day one

Rigged Brother

Jeff going home was an accident in my opinion. There was no time to rig it, he was up and out in the span of an hour.

Did you notice that the shoe game was tailored to his strong points?
Did you notice that he threw out that first shoe almost immediately (meaning it was on or near the top)?

As you point out, Shelly walked directly out of the DR and switched sides. Coincidence?
Kalia knows the answers to the questions before they are asked. Coincidence?
Jordan guesses David Hasselhof with literally ZERO information. Coincidence?

I’m not saying they are rigging it for one individual – I would say they are rigging it so the sides stay relatively equal.
After the vets had 3 HOH’s in a row – I believe they gave Kalia the answers to the quiz to balance the power.


Jordan and Rachel please keep begging for “some power”. Don’t try to earn it on your own that’s the cheap way, just sit around and complain how sorry you are and America will come to your rescue.
I have said it before that CBS should get the Emmy for best editing. Those of us who watch more then just the broadcast shows know exactly what Jordan is and how hard CBS tries to edit that out. If Shelly got the “soft edit” her family wouldn’t be receiving death threats. Jordan is a spoiled child with a bully mentality, Jeff is just a bully who is probably compensating for some personal short comings in his life.
But I get it, in this welfare state of a country we have JJ are role models to you, don’t try to earn anything just sit around and tell yourselves that you deserve it and you are good people (gag) Sorry had to vomit.

Head of Household

i watched it, too…and they did the right cut. Shelly went to talk to Jordan and Jordan said twice she didnt want to talk. Then shelly started yelling at her and Jordan yelled back. Jordan did the right thing and Shelly deserved it. Shelly followed her out of the room and continued yelling at her. Shelly is 20 something years older than Jordan and Jordan was acting more mature in the fight.


I agree…Shelly came at Jordon first, and as you stated Jordon declined to talk but Shelly pushed forward and that to me is bullying.
Wondering srill if Shelly was supposed to be productions “America’s player” and get paid per duty she performed in their favor?
Just saying….




You are exactly right. I know Jeff in “reality”, very well, for many years, and he is a 33 year old man, living in his parent’s basement. He has a b.s. ‘advertising job’, in which he dials the phone, gets someone on the line and then hands the phone over to a “real” salesman. He is angry, depressed, aggressive, arrogant, etc., etc., just as he is on the show, except to more of a degree. He is very self-centered, very full of himself and thinks he knows everything about everything. If you don’t do it: “Jeff’s way”, then you are wrong and he will let you know. He thinks he and his “girlfriend”, who sometimes seems more like his daughter, is entitled to win the money. I personally can’t stand him and neither can many, many people from his “real life”.


Sorry to hear that, I also know delusional people the real funny thing is they are so sure that they are innocent of any wrong doing. Hope he reads the comments from this season or as I suspect he would have to have some one read them to him. Jordan will need it explained using crayons.

You Know Who?

I love when people say “I know so and so in real life” because they know there is no chance someone will call them out on it. However, in this case you’ll be proven wrong. Jeff does not live in his parent’s basement as there has been cameras showing his house and how he lives. Also, his job does not involve handing the phone off to someone else. If you knew him in real life, you would know this already but sure enough, you’ll just spreading lies across the internet to make yourself feel better.


People like to start rumors just to be writing sometimes and that is pathetic.


If I remember correctly Jeff was living with some boyhood friends in an apartment. Also, he part-time models for one of his friends, besides doing his full time job of some type of sales.

BB follows a script everything is planned out in advance of the game. They have to have a backup plan {in point ED leaving} the duo was coming back and I think it was geared to help the newbs, the only thing the newbs had control, so they didn’t need the help. It ended up helping JR. Doesn’t anyone remember Porsche and kahlia talking about how there was no one left in the house they had a clear path to the end. They were stronger and smarter then anyone left in the house. How strong their legs are, so any strength comps were in the bag for them. {this was just the other night} They do want Adam out, they think he could win a question comp.


You sound jealous…or maybe scorned? You were really hurt when he told you that he wasn’t ‘in to’ guys?

Head of Household

Everyone who is complaining about production should have been complaining a week ago whenever production was in favor of Dani staying in the game.

And this is very off-topic, but who would have guessed the first duo completely out would be Dick and Daniele?


Did production give Dani a gift? No I didn’t say earn something but they were given a gift.
When Dani wins America’s player the looks on JJ faces will be all I need to see from this years BB.


Cant wait to see Dani face when Jeff wins!


The look on Jeff & Jordon faces when Dani wins will be just like when Jeff got “got” priceless..!


so shelly is complaining her nutsack is wet? TMI………….




She cannot remain on BB if pregnant. It would be a liability. I’m sure thats why they cut to feeds. All she has to do is take a test, but probably does not want one and I am not sure BB can force her to take one.?


i would imagine that in their contracts, cbs owns these people. if they want her to take a test, she does.


She asked BB for a test and they said no they don’t want her to know because then they would have to let her go and they can’t have that


Do you know for a fact that she asked for a PG test?


i wonder why production hasn’t stepped in to make her take a pregnancy test just to know one way or another for sure… they know from the live feeds that she’s said she’s late on her cycle and that she’s nauseous and feels sick…

wouldn’t cbs want to cover their butts since there will be upcoming physical and endurance comps? you can’t count on much in life but you can definitely count on a major corporation to scramble over liability risks… this all makes me think that maybe rachel is leaving it in the air for attention!!

it’s only my guess but this won’t be the first time she does something for attention…


did daniele have an interview with julie chen on the early show?????????


Dani & Jeff haven’t gone to the jury house yet. They were taken separetely to a hotel. They will have a competition between them with the loser going to jury house & the winner coming back in the BB house and being able to cast a vote of eviction on Thur. (They then will immediately leave to jury house with the evicted person). That is the duo twist. This is what I’ve been told by a well placed source.


Because they knew she was pg all along, all they had to do was get her to the end and let the hg’s give Rachel the money because they are so excited over a BB baby.


Watch, BB will switch places with her and Brendon because she can no longer play pregnant. Won’t that be a good production twist too.

Team Nobody

If they do that I will never watch another season again or if Dani comes back I will never watch again.


Porche was stupid, she was told by the Diary Room what would happen. All she had to do was play dumb and let it all happen. Kalia was told what to do her week too that is when Lawon went home. Im tired of the whole show it is stupid. Right when things get exciting, production says wait a minute we have to step in and make it dull or what will get us ratings until the last night. I say America quit watching, wait a month until they announce the winner.


And Shelley was told to flip jefff and she is screw now, she will go in bb history along with Dani as the worst players


That’s why I say Go Production, they did everything that had to from DAY ONE to ensure a Vet wins, people can ignore the evidence all they want , but the PROOF is there. They must pay the contestants A LOT of money to keep quite about all the rigging going on throughout the seasons, but Chima obviously didn’t want to take the bribes.


What bribes were given to Chima? Sounds juicy!


I love Jordan but I am really hoping Rachel wins. This girl has fought off so much crap all summer. CBS shows the worst of her and the best of everyone else! I watch the feeds and they all have filthy mouths and each one thinks they are the only one deserving to win. Go Rachel there are many people who see what a raw deal you have been dealt by editing.


I am starting to agree with you. She can be annoying at times but she is still a human being and has played her heart out in this game. She does deserve to win. I personally think Kalia is more annoying than Rachel. Every sentence that comes out of her mouth has ten or twelve “likes” in it. She is like totally like bored like with the like competitions and like really needs to make sure that like they like win the HOH. She irritates me!! LIKE GROW UP and learn to speak correctly!!

Aqua Bernie

I agree that the editing is whacked. KPS all are so mean and if you watch just CBS you’d never know!


Rachel may be having preg test as we speak. Been sick all morning & called to DR Trivia..


doesn’t rachel know about a thing called “safe sex” I thought CBS provided condoms for the HG’s.


When Shelly gets evicted on Thursday won’t CBS have to take precaussions because of the death threats? Will they have an audience for her eviction? Will they tell her about the threats and will she say I’m not going to jury, I have to get to my family? How will this be dealt with? I think it is crazy that people are threatening her family, however I would love to see the audience boo her when she gets evicted. Has anyone ever been booed before when they were evicted?


It is called “plausible deniability”. If CBS does not confirm her pregnancy, they are not liable if something happens to her in the house.


just read that Rachel and Brendon are gonna be in peoples most beautiful 2011 magazine issue for being the most beautiful “reality tv” couple.
I will be the first to get that issue.


Oh, me too, I need something to get the bar b que started, ran out of lighter fluid.


HAHA Wow even the magazine editors are blind, most beautiful? are they kidding? according to who Stevie Wonder?


Link?? Source?

Casual Observer

There were fireworks on last night’s double eviction episode of Big Brother. And there were fireworks today when Jessica Shaw and I spoke with Daniele Donato and Jeff Schroeder on the latest edition of the TVInsiders Podcast. First up, Daniele called in to talk about playing in a house full of people too afraid to make a move. Of course, her strongest words were reserved for Rachel, whom she describes as a “disgusting person” (among other choice things). Then it was Jeff’s turn, and the big fella — who admits to still being in a state of shock — laid right into Shelly, Kalia, and Porsche. And then the interview got really awkward. Asked about the controversial comments he made while in the house about having a problem with Dumbledore from Harry Potter being gay (“He’s in a school with little kids! You don’t want to make that guy gay!”), a clearly annoyed Jeff defended himself (while not really explaining what his issue with it was) before eventually apologizing and saying “I have no problem with gay people whatsoever.” Like I said, awkward. And confusing. Listen in to hear for yourself.

But that’s not all. Also this week, Jessica and I discuss some of our early favorites from the recently announced Survivor: South Pacific. Who are my players to keep an eye on? Listen in and find out! To hear the entire thing, just click on the audio player icon below. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you on the go. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the podcast right here. And to send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast. But first let us know what you think: Sorry to see Daniele and/or Jeff go? Satisfied with Jeff’s explanation of Dumbledoregate? And which Survivor players are you already loving or loathing? The message boards are now open for business!

Casual Observer

There is an old adage…To find the gayest person in the rooom, one only has to look & listen for the loudest person speaking anti-gay BS. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Jeff Schroeder, latent heterosexual.


so true. A coworker of mine that we all suspected was gay (he had the lispy voice and the swishy walk) was always making anti – gay comments then someone else who was openly gay at work was at a gay bathhouse and ran into the “closeted gay” and boom out he was. (he still talks smack about gays but now it’s his gay friends he talks about) 🙂


Enough with the Rachel pregnancy bashing. If she’s pregnant, she’s pregnant. Her business! She is not a fragile china doll. If she is a normal, physically active woman, the competitions she has been involved in will not hurt her. A woman’s body is designed to protect an unborn baby – especially very early in a pregnancy. MANY women do not even realize they’re pregnant until they are well into their 2nd month. On the other hand, she may not even be pregnant. The stress of the roller coaster ride she has been on the past few weeks can seriously mess with her cycle. Reaction to stress can also mimic some of her other “symptoms”. At the end of the day, whatever is going on with her, the choice to continue to compete should be hers and hers alone. I am sure CBS has all HGs sign a waiver that covers any number of possible occurences just to cover their butts re liabilities.


What, Rachel never heard of morning sickness?


I know Jordan talked to Shelly for votes at the end and because she fell once again for Shelly’s lies. I wish she had not started talking to her. Shelly would be as miserable as she makes others. She would go on and on about how lying is part of the game and how she has so much integrity all the way out of the door.

However viewers should leave her family alone. It is a game and Shelly has shown her true colors. Lying comes very easy to her. Her family is probably very aware of her lyingh ways. But she has a child so her family needs to be left out of this

Shelly and Kalia had a chance in the very beginning to stick with the newbies. They turned on the newbies on the very first vote to be best friends with the Vets. If they had stuck together from the beginnning, we may be looking at all newbies playing right now. Of course, they have forgotten that play and so has everyone else


Kalia, is a busted Oprah Wanna Be….Kalia better bring Shelly with her to the end, the only way she’ll win…. Kalia will backdoor Porsche before it’s over… Leaving Adam with the best chance to win Bis Sister this year. The Rules to this year are Horrible…. Bad game play? blame the rules. Please let us have OLD RULES next year…..


I can’t believe people are so invested in BB and in J/J that they not only call Shelly’s employer to fire her b/ of her vote but has threatend her family and her 8 yr old daughter. This is so absurd that its hard for me to comprehend. People need to get a f%*kn life and gtf over it. Kalia put Jeff up and Porshe POV not Shelly. All Shelly did was flip on her alliance and vote w/ Kalia and Porshe to evict Jeff, so what she lied its a freakin game you MORONS. Why people are so obsessed with J/J I will never know, I watch BB for the drama,lies,backstabbing,suspense, and for the unexpected not to see them sit around play pool,cards, and sit around the pool. Do these people know how ridiculous it is to call someone’s job and say fire her b/ she voted to evict Jeff, you people are freakin insane. Get a life you f*&kn bozo’s, I really hope they find these disturbed people and get them out of society. Threatening to hurt an 8yr old kid b/ her mom didn’t play a game like you felt she should and she lied. Totally insane. Shelly made her move and now she’s paying for it b/ she’s getting evicted this wk.


take your seat shelly


I think even if they wouldn’t have brought the Duo’s back both JR would be safe this week. Rachel won POV so she would pull herself off. If they put up Shelly against Jordan I think Jordan would have won since Rachel and I believe Adam would have voted to keep Jordan. If Adam was the replacement nominee I could see Jordan still staying cuz after what Shelly did last week I don’t think she would have voted Jordan out this week too and therefore Rachel and Shelly would have voted to keep Jordan.
Not sure why everyone’s focused on getting Jordan out. I think Rachel and Porsche could both beat her in the Final 2. Once people are in jury they tend to forget personal vendettas and vote on who the best competitor was. I think even if it were Kalia against Jordan in Final 2 it would be close. (Only thing Jordan has going for her is she’ll definitely get Jeff’s vote and as long as she sticks with Rachel and has no hand in getting her out, she’ll probably get BR’s vote too because of her loyalty.)
Only person I think Jordan could beat hands down would be Adam, but then again everyone could beat him at this point in time.


I can’t believe people are so invested in BB and in J/J that they not only call her employer to fire here because of her vote but has threaten her family and her 8 yr old daughter. This is so absurd that its hard for me to comprehend. People need to get a f%*kn life and gtf over it. Kalia put Jeff up and Porshe POV not Shelly. All Shelly did was flip on her alliance and vote w/ Kalia and Porshe to evict Jeff, so what she lied its a freakin game you MORONS. Why people are so obsessed with J/J I will never know, I watch BB for the drama,lies,backstabbing,suspense, and for the unexpected not to see them sit around play pool,cards, and sit around the pool. Do these people know how ridiculous it is to call someone’s job and say fire her b/ she voted to evict Jeff, you people are freakin insane. Get a life you f*&kn bozo’s, I really hope they find these disturbed people and get them out of society. Threatening to hurt an 8yr old kid b/ her mom didn’t play a game like you felt she should and she lied. Totally insane. Shelly made her move and now she’s paying for it she’ll be evicted this week.


For a long time I wanted Adam to win the game. But when he joined Porsche and Shelly talking about a game that could hurt a possibly pregnant Rachel, I changed my mind. I do not think she is pregnant, but if she was that was a nasty thing to say and to be a part of.

It is wrong for people to threaten Shelly’s family as well, but neither thing is game play. Wishing harm on people or any unborn child is not funny, even though they laughed about it. I am sure Shelly will deny this also, even when they show her the tape. Just like she denied stealing, even though they have proof and Dani told on her.

So to me, Shellys gameplay is not any more than 20% play. The rest is her true colors coming through and they are ugly.


Very ugly person inside as we can see and have seen for some time now. It is more than a game to her – it is her life.
Don’t tell us to get over it because it’s just a game…Not in her case this is who she is and we all have seen it first hand.
Leave Josie out of it. Shelly made her nest and has to deal with the consequences…that is the way it is and we can not
control what others do. Jose we love you!


If Rachel genuinely thinks she is pregnant then she needs to demand a test from production.

Everyone on here attacked the HG that were talking about throwing a ball in her stomach (Which by the way, I agree that, that was disgusting), but Rachel is doing no better. If I even thought for a moment that I was pregnant, I would NOT be putting my body through that kind of stress: Hanging off of things, freaking out over competitions, eating craptastic food, and drinking wine… It’s good to know that Rachel thinks winning 500,000 dollars is more important than a babies health.

Or she is faking feeling preggers, just to get attention and sympathy, which puts her right up there with Shelly in the deceitful bitch arena…