Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia and Porsche catch Shelly in yet another lie .. “How can she lie so much ..she’s a mom”

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12am All the houseguests are in the backyard but Porsche. Porsche is in the kitchen doing the dishes. Kalia and Rachel get scared by a wasp and Shelly comes to the rescue to kill it. Adam asks if everyone is going to bed. Rachel and Jordan head inside to go to bed. Porsche comes out side and say all the kids are going to bed its time to party. Adam asks Porsche when she is going to open up her Champaign bottle. Porsche asks I dunno when do you want to .. right now? Adam says its your bottle ..whenever you want it. Shelly says maybe tomorrow when we go on the block. Porsche asks what and make it a celebration? Adam says thats if she even uses the veto. Shelly says she is using it and we are going up on the block… Adam says we’ll see about that .. Shelly says why would she not use the veto.. Adam says lets see if we can convince her. Shelly says we will be sitting up in those chairs come Thursday. Porsche says if it was any other veto we would have a chance. They continue to talk about the veto competition. Porsche says that it was soft and cushy … so I could just squeeze it between my legs and just sit there… Shelly says …that’s what she said! They laugh. Porsche talks about how she’s softer now because she doesn’t do as much exercise as she does at home and work. Meanwhile Kalia, Jordan and Rachel are in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Rachel talks about her high school boyfriend that used to buy her pizza and Oreos every day because he thought he was being nice …but really he was making her fat.

12:20am Adam, Porsche and Shelly talk about how they need to start being nice in their goodbye messages because everyone is going to the jury. Porsche says that she wasn’t that nice with Brendon … she was just honest. Porsche says that with Jeff he just told her that she was tired of being second place. Adam says that at least the jury people have time to think about the game for awhile. Porsche says sorry for what happened to Adam and Shelly. Adam says its not your fault. Porsche says that she will definitely stick by whoever stays and whatever deals you have to make to stay … but just know (laughs) and says even though it will probably be broken! Porsche says just know if its one of them its their boyfriends that will automatically give them the votes if they are in the end. Adam says that would be the icing on the cake for the season …if they actually take game into consideration or… vote for them. Kalia comes outside to join them. Adam heads inside. Shelly tells Porsche and Kalia to keep tabs on him. Kalia asks if Shelly has talked to them yet. Shelly lies and says no …I will talk to them tomorrow ..all I need is one of them. Porsche says we shouldn’t have told them about the purple room (Fortune Teller). Shelly says I know for a fact its not anything. Shelly says if it was going to say anything I gave it 3hrs ..its nothing. Meanwhile, Jordan and Rachel are in bed talking about how awesome it would be for them to make it to the end because they have been fighting all season. They decide to go to sleep.
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12:40am Porsche, Shelly, Adam and Kalia are talking in the backyard. They talk about past events and competitions of the house. They start studying the days of the house. Adam is really helping Kalia who has no idea what day things happened. Shelly heads to bed. Kalia asks if Shelly has gone in there and made a deal with them… even though we have a final five together. Porsche says that she has to say whatever she needs to stay. Kalia says but is she lying to us like she is lying to them? Kalia says that she thinks she lies and has lied a lot during the game. Adam heads inside. Porsche and Kalia talk about how they need to start studying and about how paranoid Shelly has been. Porsche says that Shelly says she hasn’t talked to them yet …but I saw her walk into the candy room to talk to them. Porsche says that she lied to us straight up. Kalia says that she wants to talk to Rachel and Jordan to find out who they should vote for. Porsche says that she just doesn’t trust Shelly …she blatantly lies to our face. Kalia and Porsche head inside. Adam, Kalia and Porsche head up to the HOH room. Kalia tells Adam to keep an eye on Shelly and see how much she is talking to them. Adam says what can she even offer them. Kalia says that they could be thinking that she can’t win anything. Kalia says that Dani told her to stick with Porsche and Shelly . Adam talks about he wants to make the moves to show why he should win … but Shelly just wants to others to make the moves. Adam says that Shelly told him that she was the one that convinced you not to put me up. Porsche says are you joking. Kalia explains that it wasn’t like that.

1:20am – 2:50am Adam and Kalia talk about how Shelly lies so much and how could she … she is a mom. Adam then puts zit strips on with the girls. Kalia, Adam and Porsche talk about movies and other random stuff. Kalia coaches Adam what he can say to Rachel and Jordan to help get them to keep him. Kalia says just say that you helped try to keep Jeff, you don’t lie and that you don’t run back in forth with information. They talk about how Rachel has wanted Shelly out since Cassi. Kalia and Porsche tell Adam that they know Shelly lied to them tonight about talking to Rachel and Jordan. They talk about how they need to get Rachel out because she is fighting. Kalia and Porsche agree also that they can’t let Jordan get to the end again ..she has done nothing to get here …her boyfriend did everything. Kalia talks about how quick Jeff wanted to throw out Brendon and Rachel and vice versa. Adam heads down to the backyard for a smoke. Adam talks to the camera about how he needs Rachel and Jordan to keep him. Adam says that he needs to win HOH to prove his worth. Adam then heads to bed. Up in the HOH Kalia and Porsche are in bed together talk about past events of the house, getting to the end, and past seasons of BB. Kalia and Porsche talk about sticking close to and taking turns being with Rachel / Jordan and Shelly. Kalia and Porsche go to sleep.
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6:20am All the houseguests are still asleep..

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Ok so I have to call Bull Shi* on CBS for dictating who goes home yet again. The newbies were in control fair and square and now they add in a Pandora’s Box to get rid of Shelly. Wow, this is not even a game anymore. The veto was probably geared towards Rachel to win, Jordan would have went home this week. Shelly made the perfect move and now she is going home because of the production, if I were Shelly I would just go home and not go to the Jury. The current vets were done and they are rewarded for sucking.

For sure this Duo twist was never a part productions plans they just made it up. I don’t blame Chima for quitting at all. You can tell this wasn’t their plan, if Jordan and Rachel were nom’d than Shelly and Adam wouldn’t even be able to use the veto on them, always someone can be veto’d but not this time. This show is a joke.


Porsche didn’t have to open Pandora’s box was $5,000 for god’s sake ..she was so close to winning $50,000 at the least ..she ruined it for herself and her team ..can’t blame production for that.


In Porshit’s case, I would call it…..GREED!


amen! “WAH WAH WAH, the vets are making a comeback…no fair” … no one forced Porsche to open the box, she saw the money and took it.. might I add, LIKE SHE SAID SHE WOULD! I would also like to mention that I am pretty sure Dani told her, NOT to open pandora’s box no matter what! …

No name

Theres a trade off for opening pandora’s box and the trade off is usuAlly a negative one. P knew that but she got Greedy so stop complainling and blaming CBS. It’s entertaiment people


well said. shelly laid in her own bed and porche made her own choices… not production.


So sick of the crapping and crying of people. So production forced Rachel/Jordon to win Veto and forced Porsche to take pandora’s box? REALLY? Cmon.

Nick B

Name one time Pandora’s Box has been offered but not taken.


That is the player not production. Of course she took it she hasn’t won anything but the choice was hers to make. Every time that box is opened it has bad consequences, she has seen the show before, she knows how it works. She did it to herself. Production didn’t hand Rachel the Veto. This wasn’t production it was the players.

Nick B

Keep telling yourself that.


Yes, it was Porsche’s choice, but when does somebody choose not to open the box? How can we know that Production didn’t just specifically choose this twist on the spot when Porsche won HOH, knowing that Porsche was most likely going to open pandora’s box? How can we know if it would have been the same twist if Jordan or Rachel won HOH and opened the box instead? Julie Chen never mentioned pandora’s box returning. The fact that it came back without warning just reeks of Production resorting to a last-minute effort to keep the vets safe.

kathie from canada

But opening the Psndora’s box has always come with consequences – something good, something bad. The newbies had a lock this week, but it was Porsche who decided to risk it all. I agree – GREED was her undoing!


rachel would have won the pov anyway, regardless

Team 500 G's

You are absolutely correct, no one forced Porche to open the box. But in defense of the poster….it should have never basically wipe out an entire HOH. Maybe there are others with better memory, but I dont think Pandoras box ever effected the game as much as it had this time. It totaly shifted the game. Not only did it give J/R but also a degree of power in the house.

But I also will say that after this, IF! there is another chance for someone to open the box….they will think long and hard before they do it. Production blew there one shot at Pandoras box. Expect the fortune teller to come into play soon. Depending on who production wants to help….or hurt. It is theyre choice. So to say that production dosnt have a part in what goes on is just silly. Production decides who is offered Pandoras Box….Production decides when the fortune teller does her thing….Production decides what comps happen when and how. Maybe there should always be a set order of what comps come when. Production cuts feeds whenever they want….what do they want us not to hear. If it is on the up and up….whdo they have to hide? They advertise to watch BB 24/7 but do we really? We see what they want us to see.

That said its a TV show…..scripted as any other show. I will watch and know it is what it is. Thats whay it is really sad to see so many people attck these people….threaten their lives and absolutely slam people unmerciful. When you take a TV show so seriously…its time to get help. Even Smelly, a lot of people just kill this woman. She is no different then any charecter in any other show. You people have to lighten up. Its not your local rilvary highschool football game…..its not the Yankees and the Sox……Not a Ravens Steelers …or Steelers vs Browns….its a TV show.


A voice of reason afloat in a sea of absurdity. Excellent post.


I agree no one should take a show that serious!!!I’m so glad they did the pandora’s box,if Rachael or Jordan left the show ratings would have been low and CBS needs to keep the ratings up no matter what,also even through it’s a game play with some class!!!SPK MAKE ME SICK!!!!They tell each other they said this and they said that to RJ and they don’t say a word TWO FACE B****** TOTAL COWARDS!!!!GO RACHAEL&JORDAN!!!!!!!


First of all, I expected (knowing Jeff’s nature) for Jeff to have EXPLODED on Shelly after what he found out right before eviction.. but instead everything he said was completely true and to the point …he was calling her out on her bluff and she got uncomfortable and lied some more.. the only reason she evicted him was because she didn’t want to have to deal with all of the aftermath and it was her only way out …she didn’t think jordan would get so fiesty on her.. anyway i also think its funny someone on here wrote a couple days ago that you know when shelly is lying because she has her gangster walk and its soooo true hahah

shelly talks shit about every single person in the house behind their back …im so glad shes getting caught in all her lies PK are gonna call her out on it and shes gonna go plead to JR about keeping her to “push them to the end”



I totally agree, Anon. Shelly’s true colors are waving now. I gave her the benefit of the doubt for the first few weeks but no more. She bashes on Rachel all day/night and pretends to be the model citizen. Rachel has been behaving and playing the game and deserves a shot at the prize. I hope Shelly goes out on Thursday and Jeff is there to meet her at the jury house door. To modify one of Rachel’s qhotes…LIARS, GRAB A BODYGUARD


Did you watch the show last night? The Producers did not force P to open Pandora’s box nor did they create the teams. Just as the show started, the houseguest picked their partners. P picked K then R picked J. Nothing the producers could have done. P didn’t have a chance to mix and match Rachel or Jordan up with anyone else to ensure one of them were leaving.

Some people who say “the show is rigged” seem very bitter and foolish at times. They go by what they hear and not what they see. Watch the episode if you haven’t already.

anon anon

It is rigged. When the coup de tait twist was introduced it was obvious CBS knew Jeff was a fan fave and they’d vote to give it to him. I loved that twist and voted a million times for Jeff, knowing full well it was all an ochestration by production. That’s reality Tv there, folks; and regardless, I love it.


Until I read your comment, I didn’t think of something, but I do now. Porsche said opening the box was the dumbest move she has made, wrong. Her dumb move was in not splitting up J and R. She could have chosen to partner with one of them, kept one safe for the week, but whoever was partnered with the other would have thrown the veto comp. and one would have been gone. But now they stay together and have a better chance of getting HOH next week and the numbers are evening up again. I know why she chose Kalia, but maybe she should have thought ahead instead of in the moment. However, all of that above is assuming J or R would have said yes to being her partner.


it wasn’t up to Porsche to pair up the house guests. She read to the house guests what was in the second envelope after she opened Pandora’s Box (jeez, she was just so cocky, arrogant and too confident while she was in both HOH and Pandora’s Box rooms!). It was up to the house guests to pick their partners. Kalia picked Porsche who had that “Jordin, pick me” look. Jordan was quiet and was looking at Porsche. Then Rachel asked Jordan, “Will you be my partner?” twice. Adam thought he would be picked by either Rachel or Jordan as he also had that “pick me” look. When he saw Rachel pairing up with Jordan, Shelly asked Adam to be her partner. There you go. It was up to the house guests whom they wanted to be partners with.


And also, Porsche didn’t have a chance to think through. After she picked the $10k, she picked the envelope that said there was a twist to her opening Pandora’s Box. She then had to pick the second envelope which she had to open in front of and read to the house guests. Ah, the look in PKSA’s faces after they heard the “duo twist”! They were despicable and annoying when Kalia won HOH and Porsche won POV, then again when Porsche won HOH. The way PKS walked past Jordin and Rachel who looked defeated. It was like there were no persons in their path. The 3 were already planning their next move while walking past JR and ignoring them. Rachel has been amazingly good the past few weeks and Jordan the whole time, and yet PKSA were basking in JR’s defeat and making remarks about how pathetic Rachel was because she lost. PKS had been so sure of themselves…giggling, dancing, laughing, making comments which JR could hear. Rachel is an angel compared to Shelly (who’s a liar and a traitor) and Porsche who’s ungrateful (Jeff took her off the block, she even made sure Jeff felt her wrath when Jeff told her “I saved you”. And Kalia? She’s a hyena! The 3 are all hyenas waiting (and salivating) for their enemies to drop dead. Well, the underdogs were given a new lease on life and win POV, and all of a sudden, PK and especially S are begging JR to send Adam instead of Shelly??? Just when you’re all defeated and hopeless…Karma bites.


1. Porsche DIDN’T have to open Pandora’s Box.

2. The other HG’s had a chance to win the POV comp and lost.

Nick B

1. When has the contestant ever NOT opened Pandora’s Box. Tell me production doesn’t tempt them like crazy until they give in and do it.

2. HMMM…given their track records…yeah, Shelly and Adam were totally going to pull this out over Rachel and Jordan. Especially given the nature of the competition.

Not 100% rigged, but I’ve got to agree to disagree, the odds were vastly shifted to the vets favor, and anyone with an intuitive mind can see this.


These people in the big brother house are employees of CBS. If production wants them to open pandora’s box…they do that…or face the consequences. Jeff refused production in the DR, when they told him to not backdoor Dani, and Dr responded by setting up the very next series of HOH and POV for Kalia and Porsche. Yes they wanted to save Rachel and Jordan with the Pandora twist, or maybe they are accellerating the demise of Shelly, so she can exit the house and be told in more detail what is happening to her family on the outside. They manipulate the game to get better ratings. It’s all about the money, they don’t do this to entertain you. They look at us schmucks as people they can steal money from as a whole, the entire business of television is setup to condition you, and take your money through the products they advertise.


CBS did not FORCE Porsche to select Pandora.

Nor did CBS FORCE the teams to align like they did.

Shelly is going out the door because she is completely worthless in the game of Big Brother.

Flip it like this….had Shelly saved Jeff and took out Rachel, Porsche still wins the HOH…Jeff goes up with Jordan.

Then Porsche gets greedy and selects Pandora, allowing “team play”…then Jeff/Jor win the POV and Shelly still goes home.

In the end, Shelly was gone either way.

Because of Dani and Shelly’s greed, all of them are in the Jury House while “Floaters” like Kalia, Porsche and Adam still play.

Nick B

If Jeff wanted a floater out, he had an HOH to do it; he took out Dani.

If Rachel wanted floaters out, she had two HOH’s to do it; she targeted Keith and Dominic. (Regulators)

If Jordan wanted to take a floater out, she had an HOH to do it; she targeted Cassi. (Regulator)

The reason floaters are left in this game? The vets are full of crap. They target competitors they are scared (or jealous) of.


or maybe – just maybe – players who are their direct competition in winning the game. The stronger players. What a idea.

Nick B

I think you may have missed my point. I agree they were competition, absolutely. Dominic and Cassi were real threats, as was Dani. I can’t blame any of the vets for targeting them, despite the risk it posed to their game.

They just shouldn’t be whining now about how there are floaters left in this game. If anyone had the ability to see to it that that didn’t happen, it was Rachel and Jeff.


To be fair Porsche didnt have to open Pandora’s box. She was greedy and opened it though. Porsche was in a great spot in the game and made a bad decision. It’s not like she was told that she had to open Pandora’s box, she chose to do it. It was her choice not the producers or Jordan and Rachels.

Nick B

Name one time a contestant had the option to and didn’t do it. Then tell me production doesn’t have a hand in it.


It’s their OWN choice to open Pandora’s box. Regardless of what you’re assuming that production does, when it’s all said and done it’s up to the player to open it or not.


Cmon man… production knew she was going to open it. Everyone always opens it. If things were to stay as is, the vets had this pretty much locked up (prior to PB, if J/R go up and one wins veto, the other goes home via votes from Kalia / Shelly), which makes for boring television.

Is it 100% rigged to the point where everything is pre-determined? No, but I don’t know how you can argue against the fact that production stacks the deck in certain situations to get a desired outcome. You don’t have to be a stats professor to see that.

If you watched the live feeds at all you hear comments such as “I’m not doing that regardless of what the box (what JJ call the DR) wants me to do”. That was a comment from Jeff regarding production trying to talk him into keeping Dani. It’s pretty blatent.


Forgot to mention…

Shelly was in the DR for a full hour prior to her decision to flip on JJ, at which point she immediately went to Adam to try to get him to flip. Prior to that she showed no inclination that she was planning on flipping.

Translation? DR was trying to get them to keep Dani, at a minimum stirring the pot and making things interesting this week.

Was it still Shelly’s choice? Yeah, but would she have done it had production not campaigned for her to do it? Hard to say…


Well she nows have two weeks worth of money to go to her resort in Mexico, its like soryy about the like, anyway its like the girls on wipe-out who said her mother and father said she is lazy and needs to get a job, and when they ask her what she will do if she wins the 50,000 she said geet a nose and boob job

Nick B

Sorry, what?

I said the same thing as soon as I saw it on the feeds. CBS = Complete Bull Shit. This show is done for me just give the money to Jordan and Rachel already. I am done with this crap.


I agree that Porsche did not have to open Pandora’s box. But I would bet that CBS had a plan B. Production could have still made them pair off again for the POV competition without it.


Then you hang out with Shelley and KALIA




Kahlia and Porsche paired up because they thought they could defeat everyone left in the house. The other night when they were talking they were saying how they have a clear field to the end, they are the strongest and the smartest. They were talking how strong their legs are. the only one they are a little concerned with was Adam, because of the questions, Yeah, did you see Adam win the last contest???? That is why they wanted to keep Shelly.


Of course the show isn’t fair, it’s the only way they have to keep it interesting. And Porsche was told to open Pandora’s Box, she did have a choice. She was smart enough to figure out something was up when she saw the $10,000 in two $5,000 boxes. The whole point of Pandora’s Boxes when they do them is to offer temptation and a choice and see if they will pass up the temptation. To date, I don’t think anyone has. Former houseguests have said in post show interviews about how they manipulate the show by what they say and the questions they ask in the DR. It’s what they sign up for. If you want fair, then a reality “game” show is not the place for you to be.




Here is an idea, if one of the newbies won the POV it wouldn’t make a difference. So blame Porsche for opening the box and the rest of the newbies for not winning the veto. These conspiracy theories are ridiculous. Get a life.


Yup. I love how blind people choose to be when it benefits the player that wants to go home. I won’t say it’s rigged because I don’t think it is, but I do believe CBS does all sorts of shit to keep the ‘stars’ in the house for ratings. It doesn’t always work (I can guarantee they wanted Jeff to stay on Thursday and he would have if he did unknowingly heave one of his clown shoes out of the pit in the first few seconds).

But to deny that this ‘twist’ wasn’t set up for a very specific intended purpose (save poor Jordan) then I have some oceanfont property in Kansas I want to sell them.

CBS knew that Porsche would’ve likely opened Pandora’s box (it’s not like she could’ve predicted that the twist would’ve been this one-sided)
CBS also knew that Rachel and Jordan were going to pair up if given a choice (like seriously, that was a given)
CBS used a variation on the first HoH comp which Rachel won as the veto comp ensuring she had maximum chance at winning and pulling both her and Jordan off the block

Did they outright rig it? No. But they played the odds as best they could to get the outcome they wanted (Rachal and Jordan both staying in the game). Watch the Dick at Night show where past contestants, who would have a greater insight into how the whole thing works than anyone on this board, all say the exact goddamn thing.

Anyone who can’t see or admit to these undeniable truths is existing in a plane of reality so far removed from the real one that I can’t even talk to them.

anon anon

Semantics, in other words, rigged.


And let’s not forget that Julie Chen said nothing about pandora’s box returning, which she usually does. That alone can give reason enough to believe that this “twist” was a last-minute, last-ditch effort to keep the vets in the game. I would bet that as soon as Porsche won HOH last thursday, Production said “Let’s bring Pandora’s Box back.”


Ummm… to Name: Yours is not an original thought. People have been complaining about the exact same thing for a while now.
Can we discuss something else for a change?


I agree 100%… totally set up so that rachel and jordan stay for ratings…


So you think Shelly should just leave, that there is no hope. How about turning the clock back to last thurs/fri. Under your way of thinking Jordan and Rachel would have just left like you think Shelly should do, they were feeling completely hopeless. Heck Jordan was so hurt and crying so much she couldn’t eat. But they stayed and were begging each other to let the other one leave first. Not talking about just leaving. And Porche made a seriously bad move just like her own partner Kailia said: When you have a full house, you dont ask for new cards and by opening Pandoras box Porshe changed the game from a sure thing to maybe no thing for her group at all. And they never showed but who got the other 5000$? Did P get both of them or did K get the other… no one ever said. Production is not involved here, according to Danielle they were helping her…. yeah right out the front door. What Chima did was simply ridiculous and anyone in the Jury house gets a stipen(sp). They get something. Porsche saw the money and feared she get only that stipen and grabbed it without hardly a second thought. Dont be so gulible…


Are you listening to yourself, of course she was going to open it, it was 10,000. They realized Jordan can go home so lets save her for not doing anything. C’mon you guys can’t be that dumb, well I guess you can be. Pandor’s punishments are little stupid things, this was major. And, don’t they usually know what the punishments are?

No one has ever said no to pandora’s box. This is totally production and they would have probably tempted her again if she said no.


Have u ever watched BB. There are always twists like this. And past guests including Evil Dick, have admitted in interviews that certain hgs are pushed forward. Its called ratings. That is why CBS does the show. Duh. Shelly was not forced to do this show, and she’s watched it before, so let it go already.


Then don’t watch it.


Are you kidding??? What do you think “Big Brother” means?


Yeah Shelly, continue to lied. Beside, Rachel will use the Veto on herself and save Jordan for replacing Shelly and Adam. You newbies are continue to persuade Rachel of not use the Veto. That’s stupid. What if you guys are on the block and Brendon has a Veto to remove a closes ally on the block replacement nominee? Beside, Rachel will use the Veto on herself and save Jordan. That’s tough. You newbies should learn that taking the easy way out get you nowhere. Don’t blame CBS Production, fired AG, or none that crap. It’s Just a game. Okay! AG did a great job of doing this. If you guys complaining that this game is rigged. Who cares, its just a game. The newbies has to try sometimes and complain about it, so what. Who cares. Just get on with it and don’t blame the CBS production or AG. Blame yourself. But give death threats to Shelly family or Co-worker. Just Chill for that one as well. It’s just game. We know were pissed over the aftermath of Jeff’s Eviction. So what, I’m mad too but I get over it. Just move on. If Porsche and Kaila are so Cocky and doing stupid moves, they will loses. If your Team PK, and ended up losing. Don’t blame CBS Production for having Porsche and Kaila lose. That’s your problem. Don’t get so overconfident of having Porsche Kaila going to final 2 deal and win the 500K. They will be screwing up. Just have fun. Guys, think about the competition of the newbies has done. 2 out of 3 HOHs for Kaila and Porsche, it’s nothing. They will lose sometimes.


Several people have said there is a script they follow, I am sure they have backup plans when random things happen {like ED leaving} But basically they follow this plan, it is in some way a matter of luck on when things happen and where the players are at. If it was totally rigged Dani or Jeff or both would still be in the game. When Brendan came back in there is nothing new there. The duo thing coming back, it was going to be done, it so happened that it helped JR, I think they originally put that in to help the newbs, but this had already been planned from the start of the season. if this is your idea of being rigged, then I guess it is rigged. Don’t you remember Dani aslking to see the script???


It’s not Shelly getting rid of Jeff that people get upset with Shelly for. It’s all her lying, backstabbing, and mean girl stuff, like STEALING Rachel’s dog and saying she wanted to cut it up, and everyday put a part of it on her bed. real nice. I’d love for her to be my mother, friend, mate. NOT


Yeah exactly its a game, so let them play it fair and square without unfair advantages. And those people who call and make threats to Shellys family are complete morons and clearly have nothing better to do with their lives. So what she got rid of Jeff, nothing special about him anyways. If you call and threaten her family you are going to hell and you are pathetic.


Just looking at the live feeds… seriously… Kalia is sleeping in the HOH bed again??? She knows it’s Porsche’s HOH, right?
Ugh. I can barely watch live feeds or AD anymore. Her constant talking, humming and singing out random words are making me crazy!


Hi Simon/Dawg…. I have been away since Thursdays eviction…. can you, or anyone give me a recap of what happened this weekend, and what the houses thoughts are now?


You do realize the recap you are asking for is already posted in this site, right? All you have to do is go back and read them ;p


Good ole Shelly! At least she isn’t fooling anyone, anymore.


Mark my words: SHELLY is going to be a TV ICON along the same league as Oma rosa (Apprentice), Richard Hatch (Survivor) and Russell H. (Survivor). We have never seen anything like her before. Team Shelly, yo!

Melissa H from So. Fla

GET RID OF SHELLY!! Tired of her already. Can we nickname her FlipperFlopper?


Just as I suspected….Adam isn’t the only man left in the house.
Nice shot of Shelly’s Adam’s apple up there. Boo to the Yah.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Shelly has multiple personalities and one doesn’t know what the other does. I think she honestly believes that she doesn’t lie.


Everyone lies in this game but she plays sooo dirty. She jumps down other peoples throats when she is caught in a lie it’s horrible. I feel bad for her family because I am afraid people in her personal life will start to wonder if this is how she truly is. She is going home this week and good riddens!! Adam will be next and I like to see the 4 ladies duke it out in the end. KP must both know that they have to take either R or J to the end to get the 500K!



Midwest Fan



It’s just that she plays so dirty. It’s a shame because I feel that the people in her personal world outside the house may be doubting the type of person she truly is. She is going to jury house anyway. Hopefully next will be Adam and then the girls can play to the end. May the best woman win!!


I read on her blog, where she said she enjoys getting in the guys faces and making them shake. ( the ones she’s over ) I sure wouldn’t want to work for her, it sounds like she gets high on putting people down. how sad is that?


she is the carlos mencia of big brother


lol i agree. shes delusional.


i think it’s hilarious when Adam talks shit about Shelly and Shelly talks shit about Adam. because they are both equally useless, they just don’t realize it πŸ˜›


We all know Rachel has problems, whats Shelly’s excuse ?


Finally, Kalia and Porshce are now admitting that Shelly lies a lot.


It’s only taken them almost 2 months to realize it! πŸ˜›


Last night on Showtime KP were saying that it must be true that the fortune teller moved because Shelly told everyone
the same story. So they are well aware of her lying, but I thought the fortune teller moving was supposed to be a secret
and wasn’t Shelly the one who told JR? They were all getting along really well last night which is pretty funny because
when KPS thought they had everything all sewn up, the house was split into two obvious camps with KPS hanging out
bashing Rachel. Now they are all one big happy family, or at least they were last night because KP no longer have the
power and S is trying to get back in with Jordan. Jordan is being nice to her, but she’s not buying whatever Shelly is
selling. Shelly is so dumb. She didn’t have a chance to win no matter who she allied herself with but eventually Jeff
would be taken out as he is a power player and if she had kept her game play a little less slimy she would have had
a chance against Jordan. Instead she sold out to KP and for what. She’s headed out the door with nothing, not even
a little bonus prize.


You know Shelly is in trouble when two very slow girls finally catches up with him (She-man, that is). I say Adam FTW. I hope everyone votes for Shelly as America’s fan favorite. Go TeAm Production – yo!


I can’t believe it took them this long to finally realize that she’s a LIAR!!!


Don’t give me wrong but Rachel and Jordan has a chance of going into final 2. However, Porsche and Kaila yet continue to be so cocky and stupid which cost you guys to lose your ally. Come on, your strategic plan would not work. Better come up with good strategic move. Beside Rachel and Jordan will go to Final 2 of winning competition than you two Yo-yo’s by eating and sleeping. That’s not being a good players of BB. You two don’t learn anything but for Rachel and Jordan, they fighted, Scratched, Clawed to win competition and you guys call them floaters. Rachel and Jordan are not floaters, they fight hard and win. Not like Porsche and Kaila, they win of doing nothing. 2 out of 3 HOHs is does not worth a scraped. Beside, Porsche will be next to go to the Jury House and so is Kaila as well. Have fun at the Jury House. One thing, Brendon was right. You have to win by fight to the end, step up, and work hard not just float by. Rachel and Jordan definitely going to the final 2. Porsche and Kaila, I will be laughing at you that your stupid plan will be backfired.


Actually, I think that if Rachel wins HOH and Porsche goes home, Kalia will get into the Final 3. All she would have to do is beat Jordan and Adam to win HOH. She’s by far the best at questions and she’s better than Jordan at endurance. I actually think the same could be true for Porsche. Should PK not be in power next week, whoever survives will be in the Final 3.


Who deserves to win?? Lets take personal opinion out. Then any of them should win for they each made it this far. Big Brother is made up off Social, Physical and Mental.

Adam – terrible comp player but been honest with his voting would be interesting see how he would us HOH this week.
Social: B Physical: D Mental: B

Shelly – flip flop gets things confused leaches to whoever has power.
Social: B Physical: D Mental: C

Rachel – pouts when losing on a high when winning opens.
Social: F Physical: A Mental: B

Kalia – getting sick of Dani would do…play your own game.
Social: B Physical: C Mental: B

Porsche – distanced herself when Rachel (who lost Brenden for the first time) was mentally breaking down. Jumped to Dani’s ship which had a hole.
Social: C Physical: A Mental: B

Jordan – talking to people being herself making friends and trusting her alliance. Putting trust in other people is time even outside the house.
Social: A Physical: D Mental: C

Floaters should be people whom go from one alliance to another back again so as to take out each other. Let’s say someone came in second every comp, would they be a floater?

Lets change it to a point system. A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, F=1
Score: Adam 10, Shelly 9, Rachel 10, Kalia 11, Porsche 12, Jordan 10.

On a personal note would not like to see Kalia, Rachel or Shelly win the game. Much more drama this season then last.


your saying porsche is a better competitor than Rachel? i don’t care how many times she has come into second place, she is not better than Rachl.

Big Jim

What criteria did you use to come up with these grades? Adam gets a D in physical even though he has won nothing? Even better you gave Kalia a B in mental even though as HOH she evicted one of her own allies for a chance at “super powers”. Come on now.

Nick B

Yeah I don’t agree with your grades, but I’ll give you an “A for effort” :p


Are you kidding me? Porsche wins 500K, It’s like buying more clothes. What will Porsche do with the money? Come on, I know her Aggroant and cockiness will end up losing. Seriously. Kaila going for 500K or 50K. What money they will do with it. Buy more food. The newbies are luckier and luckier for what. Sit around eating and sleep. She will guaratee she will go to the jury house for what did she do was wrong. Jeff use the power the veto on Porsche and what she get? Nothing. So, she has to go next week. Kaila will go next as well because of Jeff get the evicted by decided vote. Come on Anonymous, use your command sense. How would two idiotic floaters like Kaila and Porsche win something that they don’t do anything? They just like to follow what Danielle tells them. Your scale doesn’t mean anything. Beside, I would rathr have the best of the best going to Final 2. Like Rachel and Jordan. If you don’t like my opinions, well its tough. Kaila and Porsche, Just cost their votes by the Veterans. I have to warn you. If you better think that the veterans will control the Jury votes based on hardwork fighting to the end not floating around. So, better check your scale again. If Jordan and Rachel will be evicted. There goes the veterans votes. Think, use your command sense because Porsche or Kaila goes on the block and evicted. Game over for the newbies. So think about the strategy. Again, be warn if Jordan and Rachel get evicted, The Veterans will control the Jury votes. So, think again before who will deserve the 500K. I would rather go for Jordan and Rachel final 2. Both made that far, just like before. Rachel will have a first final 3 and Jordan will do this again. This will be a first big brother History that Jordan winning 500K since Female contestant from survivor win 1 million dollars (Twice).

Head of Household

I like how you sorted it out…but Porche doesn’t deserve it more than Rachel and Jordan. She really didn’t do anything until now. Kalia deserves it more than Porche…but the vets deserve it more than Kalia.
I think Adam and Shelly are out of the question. Shelly deserves it more than Adam, I think, because Adam hasn’t done much of anything. But if they got to the final two (I know it’s impossible since when of them will be evicted on Thursday) I think Adam would win because he is more likeable and by then, all her lies would be out in the open.


You’re right, Jordan has done WAY more than Porsche has in this game.

Please note. The above is sarcasm.

Head of Household

Porche didn’t do anything until the final six. Or, final seven, because she won the POV.
Jordan won HOH week two.

Midwest Fan

Porsche couldn’t play the first 4 weeks because she had a Golden Key.

Jordan got an HOH but no one knows if she really won it since Brendon and Jeff
gave it to her. It was a stupid thing for them to do. Jordan did have the highest score
but if Brendon or Jeff had won HOH, it wouldn’t have mattered since
they were all on the same Team. Brendon and Jeff should have played instead of giving
the HOH to her. They took away Jordan’s bragging rights.

Head of Household

So what if it was given to her? And even after Porche’s golden key was expired it took her awhile to wake up and actually get into the game. As in this week. Jordan’s been in the game the whole time


How many cats do you own?



Midwest Fan

“……..Jordan’s been in the game the whole time.”


I must disagree. Jordan rode on Jeff’s coattails the entire game and got one HOH thrown to her. Jeff and Brendon did most of the thinking in the vet alliance. Jordan just did what she was told. Porsche just stayed under the radar and coasted with her golden key. Porsche admitted to someone (I believe it was Adam) that she played dumb to further her game. Jordan depended on Jeff to get her to the end, and the one time Jeff needed Jordan to win HOH, she lost to Kalia. Even now, Jordan had to depend on Rachel to save her, thanks to the duo twist. Strategically and physically, Porsche is a better player than Jordan. Jordan just knows how to be likable, whereas Porsche can win comps when she needs to.


This is just my opinion, however, I think Rachel is the most deserving to win among the house guest left and/or Adam. Jordan America’s player for some money simply because she already won before and has not really done so much on this game, do not get me wrong but I like her. For her social conduct she deserves that win as America’s player as seems to be a very nice girl. Rachel has endure harsh comments and criticism from the mean girls, she has won several comp and as for her emotions, at least you can read her not faking like the mean girls. Rachel is most deserving to win this game and again this is just my opinion and observation watching this reality show.


F = 0
D = 1
C = 2
B = 3
A = 4

– = -0.25
+ = +0.25
— = -0.50
++ = +0.50

B++ = A–
C++ = B–

Max points 13.5

Adam – Social: B- Physical: D+ Mental: C = 6

Shelly – Social: C+ Physical: D Mental: C+ = 5.5

Rachel – Social: D- Physical: B+ Mental: C = 6

Kalia – Social: B- Physical: C- Mental: B = 7.5

Porsche – Social: B Physical: B Mental: B = 9

Jordan – Social: A Physical: D+ Mental: D+ = 6.5

**Evicted peepz**

Dani – Social: B– Physical: A+ Mental: A++ = 11.25

Evel Dick – Social:*** Physical: B++ Mental: A++ = 8+ social game
*** I don’t know how I should rate him for this.

Jeff – Social: B– Physical: A Mental: B- = 9.25

Brendon – Social: B– Physical: A Mental: A+ = 10.75

Lawon – Social: A- Physical: F Mental F- (wanted to be evicted) = 3.5

1. Dani or Evel Dick (I just don’t know how I should rate his social)
3. Brendon
4. Jeff
5. Porsche
6. Kalia
7. Jordan
8. Rachel
9. Adam
10. Shelly
11. Lawon

Was late to start watching this season. I started watching when Dom was evicted.
I tried to get rid of as much bias as I could.
This is based on people of this season so an A+ doesn’t mean best ever just best in this season.
BTW: I will edit this later so it is a little more accurate and so I can elimnate bias.


I didn’t have time to take everything into account so I will update this and make it better.


Jeff’s boy is the most dangerous of the bunch. Now, he wants to keep Rachel. OMG there is no end to this flip flop bacon head. Everyone has protected him and he would stab anyone of them if he needed to. I can’t stand to hear him or see him-he is by far the most disgusting BB player ever.


Jordan has everyone saying “like” uou know like, like etc, if you notice know one talklike this, but over a period of time thier sub con has pick p on this like you no what I mean


Team PK!


I’m with ya there Kevin! If my gal, Dani, can’t win it anymore, then PK are my next choice.


I agree Summer. I really think Shelly doesn’t even realize it or something. Either way, I still like her…


Sorry, Simon for posting twice, but I forgot to post two links I thought people should look at:

Thank you.


Can someone help me to understand this Pandora twist? What If Adam and Shelly had won the veto and Jordan and Rachel are on the block. Then AS takes them off the block. Who goes up?


I guess production explained veto was only to be safe. Adam/Shelly were safe, they couldn’t also use the power of veto to veto a nominated team… the were no other teams to nominate.


No, if someone wins POV, they have the option to use it or not. Since it’s in groups, clearly the POV would not have been used is AS had won.


I love how Khalia still isn’t thinking for herself. Dani told her to stick with Porshe and Shelly so she like totally should!
What an idiot. She doesn’t even realize she’s actually not very good at this game she just thinks she is.


If Khalia is such a bad player, how is she still in the game? This whole notion that the “vets” are good, and the rest are “floaters,” is pretty much DOA. Alliances change from week to week. Jeff floated off the BR ship and handed Adam a get out of jail free card. Brendon and Rachel floated when they tried to backdoor Jeff in order to save Brendon. The switch-a-roo game goes on and on. Stop being so D-list star struck. No matter how people play the game, if they’re still in it and not on the sidelines, they’re playing well enough. If anything, the newbies are beating the vets by introducing a new and better way of getting to the end. So float on floaters, float on….!


Shelly is a liar a liar her pants on fire, I do hope she leaves next


Who cares if she lies its part of the game. Now she is going home because of production and thats the only reason. Its very unfair.


All the houseguests should be camped in front of the picture wall cramming. The next two POVs will be the face scramble and OTEV. Not much you can do with OTEV but hope you remember housemate trivia, and run/search. I guess cardio would be an asset, sorry Kalia & Adam. However the face scramble is something anyone can really study and kickbutt. So far I’ve only noticed Porsche studying the faces. At this point POV is more important than HOH. You are safe that week and can still play in the next HOH comp.


I think in honor of the Jordon and Jeff fans, BB &CBS should send them both home. I’m sure they would not want idiot fans threatening others on their behalf. BB should remove them both, make them offer a statement that violence is not the answer and offer to pay for their wedding. Awee see, I have a heart.

Midwest Fan


Wedding? To Jordan?
Jeff wants his freedom from this phony $howmance before all
of his one night stands begin selling their stories for cash and he loses
his complete fan base.


I blame our society for the formation of Team JJ and as a result their actions as well. For far too long we have added safeguards to anything that we can. These actions have interferred with natural selection and as a result we have weakened the gene pool. The direct result is that the weak-minded and unfit were allowed to prosper and reproduce. This watering down of the gene pool over the years has resulted in Team JJ.


First Jeff and Jordon have no control over what a few nut cases do, heck the threats
could be coming from only one nut with a few or more online personalities.

Secondly, if the nut job was serious, removing Jeff and Jordon, would really set him/her off.

Neither of them should have to bear any responsibility or consequences whatsoever in this matter.

I’m just hoping whomever is responsible is caught (and it shouldn’t be hard to do) and punished to the fullest extent
of the law.


Last night 9pm, Shelly talking to Rachel and Jordan in back yard:

“Tony understands.. we had a long talk about this.. he realizes there are all these people online and half of them will hate me and half of them may like me, but you’re going to read stuff that is going to hurt your feelings about me.. people are going to say stuff on the show .. they might hate me and be calling me every name in the book.. he said, but they don’t know you.. it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out..because he’s probably going to ask me “why did you do what you did?”… Tony is very direct.. he can’t lie, he can’t exaggerate.. so I’ll get it straight … and I’ll know right away, looking at him, whether it’s good or bad.”


I have a feeling that Adam will be in the final two, i don’t think he will win next week HOH, it will be most likely R or J and they will get out K or P, then the following week we will see Adam finally winning an HOH, and also we will see K or P out. Then for the final Three it will be ARJ and adam will win and take R with him because he will be afraid that everyone want to see jordan win. What do you think should i work for CBS production


Hi TK, we both have the same analysis of this game unless on Thursday Adam goes home but I doubt that. Shelly needs to go, her backstabbing and lying does not stop. House guest can lie part of an strategic move on this game but limit it towards the game and not make up stories and lies all the time, first thing that comes out of Shelly’s mouth are lies.


So i’m confused is kalia HOH because she hasn’t left Porsche alone up there all week

Aqua Bernie

I truly believe Kahlia thinks that is just her room it doesn’t matter who is HOH. She also takes over their baskets, it’s amazing, she gets away with it. WHY I have no clue!!


Say what you will about Rachel’s personality, but she is the ONLY one who deserves to win. She has won competitions and somehow managed to stay alive despite being a target for almost the whole game.

Everyone else has either done nothing in competitions (Jordan, Adam, Shelly) or been horrible games players who prefer to sleep/eat (Porsche, Kalia).

Never thought I would say this but: Rachel FTW!


So it will either be JJA vs KP or JJ vs KPA?

Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!


Adam says that he needs to win HOH to prove his worth.

That’s about as likely as the sky turning green.

Midwest Fan

The sky often turns a greenish color just before a storm hits.


Love the name, surprised I haven’t seen others, such as

IbackdooredRachelinVegas2, IbackdooredRachelinVegas3, etc, etc…


Shelly is lying so much, that she doesn’t know she is lying! How long can she play both sides like that? She has got to go and now is the time.

Casual Observer

They all fricken lie! It is apart of the game.

Rachel lies to Jordan, she knows that she could not beat Jordan in a final 2. Also because they backstab B.

Jordan lies to Adam/Shelly to keep them in her alliance. Jordan lies because she can’t stand the HGs.

Shelly lies as a strategic game play, however, it has finally caught up to her because of the number of players left

Adam lies to stay safe from week-to-week; at the end of the day he wants the targets on the others so he can move forward without winning in competitions (but he knows that at some point he has too win at least one)

Kalia lies to herself mostly and in general to advance herself; she actuallys thinks Jordan likes her and she thinks she has the ability to think strategically (her logic is seriously flawed as to game play); but guess what she is still in it

Porsche lies but somehow it does not come as intentional and/or malicious; of all the players beside Adam she appears to be more trustworthy.


I can’t believe Shelly’s family is getting death threats over the game. Shelly made a bad game move by getting rid of Jeff otherwise she may have won. I don’t think anyone would vote for Jeff or Jordon final 2 to win because they already won money. It would have been smart to ride to the end with them because of that. Had Shelly stayed true to her alliance she would have got more votes in the end. Now it looks like she will be evicted and is getting death threats. It’s crazy people are threatening her family. It’s only a game.

Benny Hill

Shelly did tell the truth when she told Adam she talked Kalia into not putting him up. Kalia just doesn’t want to admit someone else influenced her HOH. She wants it to look like she had made a major move by herself. HAHAH


Is shelly really receiving threats? Or is this a ploy for us to forget her lies and like her a little more? Well guess what IT DID NOT WORK!!!! I feel sorry for the threats against her family but not her. I personally know this is a game but always remember every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So be careful what u say and do-one day it might bite u in the ass!


If Dani didn’t make that horrible game move all of the vets still would playing and it would of been the greatest bb history, but no that simple little coat tailing want a be had to try to make big brother history, or sur she will say well I got you two out big deal you still screw up and thats what you will be remeber fool

fer sure

I’m amazed by this ridiculous conspiracy theory that shelly’s family is not really getting death threats. The FBI is involved people. The whack-job faction on these fan sites is at an all time high this year and it’s alarming….


A real good friend of mine lives in Prairieville, LA where Shelly lives and said that her husband is having a hard time with what she is doing. Supposably, some people in the town are upset with how she is playing the game and he and their daughter are getting the backlash from it. My friend said it was not a good thing and most of the town want her off the show. I never really cared for her from the start but I do feel bad for her family. She is going to have a rude awakening when she gets out of the jury house.

Midwest Fan

The CBS BB interview of Shelley’s husband, daughter and friends told a different story.
It appeared Shelley has their full support.


I hope they show the Jury house and the look on Jeff’s face when Shelly walks through that door. I will laugh my butt off


There has been a trend lately were the HOH or deciding vote walk in after teh person they elminated.

Brendon evicted – Dani HOH
Dani evicted – Jeff HOH
Jeff evicted – Shelly deciding vote
Shelly evicted – JR deciding vote
J or R evicted – ? deciding vote

Nick B

Evict the biggest target, become the biggest target.

I’ve been saying it all season, loudest when Jeff targeted Dani, and the JJ fans HATED IT. BUT IT’S TRUE. Saw Jeff’s eviction a mile away.

Captain D

Porsche and Kalia talking about Jordan not doing anything. Funny. Jordan won an HOH and came in second in the last two HOH’s to Kalia and Porsche both in pretty close competitions. Porsche won one HOH and came in second a couple times, Kalia has won 2 now beating out Jordan on a question about Dominic’s actions which I think a reasonable person could agree is not much different from the last question being something Jeff did before or after. Yet Kalia says Jordan has done nothing, lol, come on now. It’s not like Dani really did a ton of stuff to win 2 HOH’s, one endurance comp, a pick a number between 1-100 comp. Keep in mind she recieved 4 free weeks of floating safety because of her father’s actions.

Not saying Jordan is a “great” player. Honestly, I’d put any of the four PK, JR, up at this point and none would really be in a top ten list of greatest BB players but any one of them could win it and not look like the worst choice. Shelley and Adam wouldn’t be great, if Shelley could have won a competition, or 1 HOH then she’d help her standing.


Jordumb handed her HOH partly.
Porsche has been second 3 times(?) and has won a POV and HOH + she had 3 weeks of Golden Key.
Kalia has 2 HOH’s.

Head of Household

Together, Jordan and Rachel have 3 HOHS and a POV also.

Head of Household

Oops, I messed up. They have 3 HOHs and two POVS together because week one.

Casual Observer

Sorry Captain D,

But as usual, some on here do not want to admit or give Kalia credit for throwing and giving Dani the HOH in the ski competition. Kalia for sure would have outlast Dani in that particular competition but she knew that Dani wanted to take out Brendon. So she told Dani she would let her have it.

Kalia may not be a strategic thinker but she is a competitor.

Objectivity is definitely not one of the strong suits of many of the BB viewers. Each HG has strengths as well as weaknesses.


Yep and that is strengthening Adams position and making Shelly’s “boot” ever the more absolute. YAY! πŸ˜‰


OK…bare with me! When I found out that the veto comp was them having to hang on to their previous partners…a thought (miracle) popped into my head. What if that is the duo twist? They “played” with their partners and the veto will only end up saving Rachel!!! I really don’t want Rachel to stay…but it is better than BOTH of them.

Simon, do you think this could be a possible twist?

Girls Ruled

Game On what’s done is done now Adam and Shelly as well as Jordan the only three who had done nothing except Adam winning a pov that jeff threw and Jordan getting a Hoh on a platter from Jeff and Brendon to me all three deserve to be voted out and let. The three PKR battle it out. The won more and are willing to play the game.


hey adam, at least shelly’s made moves, you’re just a worm that had a veto thrown to you

Shelly is the real JUDAS

I almost choked on my Coke when I heard Shelly tell Jeff that Adam said that he was voting to save Dani. What a character Shelly is. I know everyone says it’s only a game, but it is also a metaphor for Life. It shows what extremes people will go to when their backs are up against the wall.


I predict that either Kalia or Porsche will win this season. And here’s how:
Shelly is evicted this week (duh). HOH competition is physical/endurance, Rachel wins.
Porsche and Kalia nominated. Doesn’t matter who wins veto, one half of PK will go home.
P/K beats out Jordan and Adam for HOH. Rachel wins veto and evicts Adam.
Rachel and P/K compete to become the final HOH. P/K beat Rachel in questions and wins the final HOH (though Rachel could beat Porsche). P/K evict Rachel. All Vets (minus Dani) vote Jordan. All Newbies (+ Dani) vote P/K. P/K win by a 4 – 3 vote.

John T

Adam needs to win this to go down as the best Floater of all time. Some may say Jordan is the biggest but she doesn’t flip-flop. A true floater follows the power and Adam has done the best job of that in BB history. Hope he wins the whole thing, he’s playing the strategy to a tee.

BB Baja Fan

I have watched BB since the beginning and know what a fickle game this truly is, with people telling lies and doing whatever they can to make it to the end – we all choose our own favorites on this show. I personally like the players who can make it to the end with at least “some” of their integrity intact. There is a difference in my book between being loyal to your alliance and honoring a promise to an enemy in this game. That is why it didn’t bother me that Jeff backdoored Dani. Besides, the only reason Dani didn’t go after Jeff was that she wanted Brendon out first.

There is just something about Shelly in all her lies, acting out, crying, yelling and weird man-walk that makes me think that she really is the most obnoxious player in the game.

She has to go.

Would be fun to be a fly on the wall in the jury house to watch the faces/reactions on Jeff, Brendon and Dani when she walks in…


What exactly has Jordan done to deserve to win? Nothing IMHO


are you kidding Jordan has played a great game next to Adam, she has no blood on her hands and her adam will win the hoh and pov and go to the end and she willl win the 500,000 and Jeff will win americass favorite 25,000 and DANI WIL ACTUALLY GO NUTS. And on top of this CBS will give them a new reality tv seris


Sitting on my couch at home I don’t have any blood on my hands either. Does that mean Ive played a great game and should win the 500k?


Yeah Skulk, you have played the game as hard as Adam has, that’s for sure. Might say harder than Jordan too.


Shelley said early, that she didn’t care if she went home she has played an honest game and now she is trying to smooth Jordan and Jordan is playing with her thinking Jordan will come around and be her best friend for life….I don’t think so while Jeff and Jirdan sneak out after the finale the rest will be hanging around looking fot tv deals hahaha


if jordan becomes the first 2 time winner in big brother history it will be a travesty, just like survivors only 2 time winner sandra. but i dont believe that anyone has the game play that jordan wouldnt win it with nice votes. this season has become a joke there all terrible. hopefully next year is all stars i just finished watching season 7, soo good


Hey if Rachel is pregnant Big Brother should remove her from the house slop and stress is not healthy for that unborn child she needs to be taking pre-natal vitamins and if there is a physical game she could hurt it. I feel they are not being responsible to Rachel or her unborn child, get her tested if she is pregnant then make a decision CBS Brendon should atleast have a say in what happens to that child………


I feel crazy for even knowing this but anyone remember the ski comp that Dani won. I remember Rachel saying that she was glad she couldn’t compete because she was on her period. Wasn’t that week four? So Rachel, you’re not late, just bad at math!!!


The only reason Porshe has won a few competions lately is because there is no one left who can compete besides Rachel, who cares if she came in 2nd a few times.. She did not win 1 competion when there was more than 6 people… Rachel is the only one who is a good physical competitor. And Porshe was retarded and opened Pandora’s Box her self. She was not forced by CBS to open the door for $10,000. Stop blaming CBS for her being a selfish idoit.

Midwest Fan

Stop Clowning around ………lol
Remember, Porsche beat Jeff.


I agree, Stop blaming CBS production nonsense. Just go on with it. Don’t Blame CBS production of Porsche open the Pandora box. Just go on with it.


Keep in mind that the way the show was edited for last nights episode was different from what really happened in the house. Porche won HOH (never showed the “who wants to see my hoh room” scene) then she nominated Rachel and Jordan. Production knew that either Rachel or Jordan would be evicted leaving the viewers with PKAS who would do nothing for ratings. They had to figure out something and the Pandora’s Box was one of the ways,of making sure Rachel and Jordan had a chance. Last night they made it appear as though Porche didn’t decide on nominations yet. If Porche didn’t open Pandora’s box, I bet production would spit something out of the fortune teller that would bring us to the same situation. All I know is that David Spade needs to go home.

Head of Household

Pandora’s box gives you something good and bad. Good, Porche got 5000 bucks. And she took the chance, so the Veto was pairs. Thats a bad thing for her…Pandora’s box just did what it should

Nick B

Proud of Shelly for her convo in the kitchen with Adam:

Adam: “you know it wasn’t personal”

Shelly: “It was personal, but I forgive you.”

The woman plays the game, but she has a heart. Anyone that thinks for a second that she doesn’t…well…you’ve just been sipping on the JJ-aid too long! It’s cool though, us sane individuals forgive you! πŸ˜€


I don’t like Shelly, I don’t think she has a heart and I do love J&J, but I thought her comment to Adam was pretty funny.

P.S. I am sane and I can’t stand the taste of Kool-Aid. πŸ™‚