Rachel reads the Bible, Kalia plans the next week plays, Porsche cooks, Adam works out and Jordan sleeps

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5:15pm KP HOH bathroom Doing hair and planning on the talk with JR that hopefully seal their final 4 deal. they are going to focus on the fact that all threw the season Adam has been playing both side of the house with Shelly.

Kalia says that before she wanted Shelly to stay and Adam to go but she’s got the feeling that Shelly will jump to the other side. She’s pretty sure both would flip but thinks there’s a better chance for Adam to stay loyal. Kalia brings up that JR might split their vote and get you to make the call its way they each gain a jury vote.

POrsche says she feels sorry for Dani being in the Jury house with Brendon and Jeff because Jeff really holds a grudge. Kalia agrees says that at least they will be sending a buffer home this week and if it’s Shelly Jeff will be all over her mad as heck.

(Kalia is starting to think a bit more clearly now.. the bottom line is Kalia needs to win HOH)

5:42pm JRA backyard Jordan is telling Adam she’s really glad they have had the chance to talk. Adam brings up how empty the house feels now.

(Shit got real boring.. bring back KIETH cmon production introduce another twists)

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5:51pm KP kitchen Kalia brings up the reason Jordan is going around telling everyone she so bored is because she only really developed a relationship with Rachel and only talked to Jeff and Rachel. Kalia points out that Jordan did the same thing in BB11 once Jeff left she stayed by herself on the hammock and hottub. Kalia -is going to start talking to Jordan but she only can do it when Rachel isn’t around which lately has been tough.

Kalia starts talking about the pu$$$ cat doll.

5:58pm Backyard something happens to the bible when Rachel reads it

6:25pm Backyard

Adam workign out in deep thought
KPR talking about a Jay Z and a Lil momma
Jordan sleeping on the hammock

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Tonights episode really showed what happend between Jeff and Shelly and personally I think Shelly looked horrible trying to act like she wasn’t planning to take out Jeff….I really miss Jeff! I know people think he is a bully but I didn’t think that he “let lose” the way it was described and for Shelly to act like she isn’t going to vote for him just because of their last minute conversation before the vote is ridiculous. I Feel bad for Jordan! Hope Rachel and Jordan are in Finals! (Probably won’t happen, but a person can always hope)


You are right, I am sure that some editing took place, and I know that I am biased because I was always rooting for Jeff and Jordan so I am one sided in how I see things (even though I am trying not to be) I just was thinking that Jeff was going to look worse or come across worse and I just think Shelly was very forceful, even after the vote I was shocked by how Jordan reacted but really felt that Shelly pushed her to it, she really was in her face and very aggressive. Not a good role model for her daughter….(I have a very soft spot for Jordan and was very upset for her)


I disagree, I think it showed what an a$$ Jeff really was and it reminded me how HAPPY I am that the douchebag is gone! It also showed what a whiny, cry baby, sore loser JorDUMB is. Shelly made a HUGE move, the biggest so far this season, and JJ fans are just sore losers that she send their “precious” Jeffy home, boo hoo!!


If it was such a great move why is she kissing butt and telling all of kp secrets to rj what a joke.


I also thought was a great move and that JJ looked bad. I was actually finally liking Shelley because she was finally getting her nose out of their butts but now I am disappointed in her again


Part of it was a great move, and part of it was a horrible move. I understand the thinking that you need to split up JJ. You do not want to take them to the final 3, especially if you are shelly (since she cant win a competition). So trying to break them up is a great idea.

The bad idea was trying to get Dani to stay. There was no need for that on Shelly’s end. Actually getting rid of Dani would have helped her out as well. The next HOH Jeff wasn’t going to be able to play in, obviously. So Shelly should have stuck with JJ for one more week, until Dani was gone, then since she cant win anything, plant a seed in the next HOH to break them up. JR would have been the only two that wouldn’t have done this. Plus if Jordan had won HOH you still would have been on “their side” and safe.

The bottom line is, Shelly should have stayed with JJ until JJ wasn’t in power anymore, then flip.


How can you feel sorry for her, she already won $500,000 and now has a 2nd chance at it……boo hoo hoo. She is such a spoiled brat! It’s funny when their side wins comps and they are all smiles & yelling, but when someone else wins, they go cry somewhere. Worse sore losers ever!


I’d much rather hand the check to Jordan and Rachel, and even Adam, than the three Dani-clones. I was sick of the mess when Jessie left 2 seasons ago when he left, and Natalie and Tattoo broke down. Dani is not her father. She wants to be but she’s not. Maybe all that hair dye soaked into her brain. Kowlia the Hutt and Porsche de Fakie need to go home!


Ditto, Bravo, Well Said, I agree with you.


I also thought what I saw on tonight’s episode showed Shelly looking bad and left me feeling bad for Jeff. And it isn’t because CBS spinned it that way, it was Shelly’s body language and her words which made me rethink ever rooting for her. I think she means well in her head, but she doesn’t know how to approach people.


I saw it .. they made shelly look so bad


shelly is the hissing snake…. if wasnt so skinny would call her a whale and say there she blows when she gets caught in a lie .. she blew at Rachel… then Jeff bust her, and again she blew… Adam said the trueth and yes ..again she blew … first time i have ever seen a snake with a blow hole….lol…. Shelly has now sunk to the lowest and she not only looked bad on tonights show .. production was nice .. cause she was alot worse…


no one made shelly look bad she does that all on her own


No one made Shelly look bad except for Shelly. I can’t stand her and hope she gets voted off this week. She is horrible and has to be the worst liar in BB history. She is way over the top with lying. Porsche is a total idiot. I am at the point where I hope Jordan wins again. I loved when Jordan told Shelly off, go Jordan.


Well, after seeing tonight’s show, I’ve seen lot BIGGER blow ups on this show in past seasons. Jeff took it lot better than some of those in the past. Also, we only see 20 second soundbites from the DR after they been talking for 30 mins or more (so the edit may not really show how the comments came about). I think whoever wins the next HOH has a good chance for getting the votes to win. P is wrong that in the jury house Jeff will laugh and cut up with Dani just like he did with Russell and Jessie. Tonight’s show gets some credit to Adam’s loyal behavior and now I wouldn’t mind him winning.


Absolutely correct! It showed Shelly’s colors coming from the depths of the abyss. Another fact is that Jeff is confrontational, not a bully. Dani’s cheerleaders are just spewing out their animosities towards Jeff because he proved to be a better competitor then Dani and he is very well liked by the public. Disfunctional people are mostly always jealous of good people that are liked, popular and appreciated.

Truth hurts some, sometimes.


Oh please, are you for real???


Proved to be a better competitor? HAH! Both had two seasons. Daniele went farther on average in both and had more comp wins. Jeff is a bully and a horrible strategizer.


As I said, the truth hurts sometimes.


Dani only reached the final 2 in BB8 because she rode daddy’s coattails!


You are welcome to be wrong as often as you like. And you do it rather well. Jeff is a prick and not nearly as many as you think are sad to see him go. He lost a lot of fans this year.


You are welcome to keep telling yourself that. Truth prevails.


The truth?? You wouldn’t know the truth if it fell from the sky, landed on your face and wiggled. The truth is Jeff isn’t now, nor will EVER be good enough to win this show. Dogs can even learn from their own mistakes, but not Jeff, he repeats his mistakes over and over. And yeah, cornering people and yelling at them because they aren’t onboard with pushing you to the win is being a dickhead and a bully. And you and Adam can fight over who’s lips need to be on Jeff’s ass next.

As you said, the truth hurts and you have to be numb by now.

Stomping out ignorance, one post at a time.


Jeff’s a great person. That’s how he was able to mold Rachel.


You are absolutely right! Who wouldn’t be upset if you discovered one of your alliance members was secretly plotting against you?! Jeff handled it very well and all we saw was Shelly lie lie and lie! Shelly took advantage of JJ and then backstabbed them in the most horrible way.


so you’ll agree Shelly has the right to be upset when she watches this season on dvd and finds out JJ were going to cut her before the final 3? in other words, they planned to backstab her. she just beat them to it.

at least CBS didn’t totally spin it. they caught Jordan saying, “i’m so stupid.” ah, she finally has an honest and clear moment. yes Jordan, you are so stupid!


Jeff’s plan was NOT including Shelly to win the big bucks, or even the second largest amount available to win. He wanted her or anyone else he could get on their side to help him and Jordan advance. Isnt that what the game is about? Why is it so right for Jeff and so wrong for Shelly? Why can’t people see that Shelly is playing the game–her game, to advance to WIN. I think if Shelly gets evicted, the game will definitely become boring, not that I will stop watching, but it will be boring. She made a big move in the house. Just as big of a move as Dani made. Dani was admired for it, yet Shelly is despised for it. I don’t get how people feel. When $500,000 is on the line, I would think that a HG will do what needs to be done to win with the hopes that whatever they are doing is not discovered. When people start ‘ratting’ each other out, GAME ON! It adds excitement to the game. The vets had every intention of using the newbies as stepping stones. Even the beloved Dani stated that if Kalia was a casualty then oh well. The vets intention backfired, and quite frankly Shelly is the reason why the vets plans did not work. In her own way, she is acting as if she is a pro at this game. BB is a game, and entertainment. Shelly provided a great deal of entertainment. I wish she would have won something. I hope they rethink it and keep her and evict Adam.


Totally agree. Jeff was forming a little army of expendable allies. He made Shelly and Adam think they were good to final 3, but really he wanted to take Rachel and dump her. Or maybe he was hoping Rachel would win the last comp and take Jordan out so he could win the whole thing. Whatever. Shelly gave Jordan the heads up before she flipped to Dani’s side.. She told Jordan that she realized that she couldn’t beat JJ in the end and that she was going to have to start making moves of her own to get her into the money. Jordan sat there twirling her hair and saying she understood. She really didn’t understand, but that’s not Shelly’s problem. Jordan didn’t even tell Jeff. Jeff just wanted to use Shelly and then dispose of her. Same with Adam. He has done the same bonehead thing as he did in his season. It was his game to lose and he did. Both seasons, and the reason why was because he made promises and broke them. He promised Russell final 4 and then took him out a week later via backdoor. Russell was a great player and Jeff didn’t want to go head to head with him. Same with Dani this year. He thought he could bully his way to the end by threatening Nat, Kevin and Michelle, but he got played by Kevin who Jeff didn’t even see as a threat. He thought Kevin was in his pocket. Same this year. He threatened Shelly and Adam and he gave Kalia no credit, and she took him out. And if that wasn’t enough deja vu, Jordan’s blowup reminded me of when she chest bumped Russ. This whole season is like watching reruns of past seasons. I hope Shelly gets saved this week, but I don’t think it will happen. She has played hard and she would be sitting nice if not for the stupid twist that obviously was crafted for RJ. They got where they are because they were attached to their boyfriends. Shelly got where she is by herself. I will be sorry to see her go.


Well said CanadianBacon, Dani fanboys are the most hypecritical and delusional of all BB fans. Im just happy that Jeff got Dani out before he got voted out proving Big Jeff is the better BB player


What??? You wouldn’t mind Adam winning??? He hasn’t done ANYTHING except switch to whichever side has the power!!! He never won anything, Jeff and Dani GAVE him his POV, I’d even rather Raunchel win instead of him and I hate her! He’s jus plain old lucky that he’s still there.

Nicole - TEAM DANI

agreed simon. cbs shows 5 mins of a 2 hour fight and it’s always in favor of one person or side.


Based on Jeff’s plea to Shelly to vote for him to stay, there was more to the fight than was shown obviously, but BB production has to keep its choice HG’s looking good and since the fight was not shown to LFs, we will never know the truth.

Midwest Fan

Absolutely correct.

Jeff’s favorite “F” word wasn’t bleeped due to CBS cleaning up the video.
I’ll bet Jeff’s behavior was bullying, vulgar and threatening but we never got
to see it.


Jeff win money 15 000and Jordan win 500 000,they o.k
but jeff isa good player’s to much arrogannnnnnnnnnn
Danielle deserve to stay, sh’s win nothing?and she’s very good player’s….
Rachel,Brandon,Danielle and posh, dominic,kalia are a winner…and i miss them they so good player’s
jeff, i like to see them to final 6………Porsh now playing to rest time is finish and pool,bikini…
Jordan,Adam,Shirley…bad player do nothing…..except to vote??????????
jordan win because sh’s have jefffffffff, but she so stupid, but kind and sweet, sh’s have to stay with her mammy and grand mother verybig baby need a bottle…
no affection to much with jeffffffffff, is jokkkkkkkkk they are couple???????????????


Team give me a translation, yo!


ENGLISH, do you speak it?? LOL


well that was hard to follow.


Reading this gave me a headache. U r retarded


no need for the word retarded. I have 2 differently abled children and this word is disgusting. I’m sure there are many other words in the English language that can facilitate what you need to express.


dona, who is shirley?
is that the name of the fortune teller?


wait dona—jordan shoulda stayed with her MAMMY??? Umm I think u took us back to 1911 boo boo. Something definitely got lost in translation luv.

Girls Ruled

Y’all what in the world you trying to said…..


totally agree.


you mean.. “Let loose?” good grief people. you win or lose. your pants feel loose.


I agree tonight’s show did show beyond a doubt how much shelly lied and mislead jj. Even she admitted she was caught and burned her bridge with jj. That is exactly why she did not vote for Jeff she was afraid of him. I do not think Jeff was a bully at all. If u saw tonight shelly got decisive because she was caught and was the one who jumped all over Jeff and then turned around and says don’t bully me. Is she kidding? She needs to go I am so sick of hearing her she man voice and watching her walk around that house like the man in charge. She has won nothing and flipped over more than a fish and has the nerve to talk Bout Adam. She is the worst game player ever


Tonight’s show was not very flattering to Shelly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she got more death threats against her. I don’t see why people would threaten her husband or daughter, or really Shelly either. Yes she is a vile person and I know this is a game, but this behavior didn’t just come out of nowhere, she has never owned her lies and deceit in the diary room like Dr. Will did, and for that I have no respect for her as a person or a player. I think she is a pathological liar who believes her lies.


I agree with you – If Shelly went into each DR session completely owning every lie and explaining how these are her game moves, then I would be rooting for her 100%. You have to lie and deceive in this game, so she should of been praising herself in the DR each time she got away with something, but instead, she denies it and convinces herself that she isn’t lying. Granted, tonight she did come clean a bit in the DR, but that’s just because her lies got way out of hand and it was blatantly obvious. Dr. Will’s honesty about his strategy is what I loved about him and what most of America loved about him, so if she had been honest and witty in the DR about her moves, she could of had many more fans.


Its funny Samantha cause I was just watching some of big brother season 2, the one dr. wil won. He never won any comps or hoh’s either and he lied!!

oh man how that man lied! lol by his own admission he had about 150 lies floating around the house. His reasoning to that was one or two those lies had to stick lol

The difference between Dr. Will and Shelly are many but the main one is this. The man totally owned his lies!! I loved his dr sessions cause he’d be smiling and laughing saying ” of course I lied” lol He had charm wit and personality to spare. He proved you did not have to win comps to win big brother!

But again, the man totally and happily admitted that he lied. Where Shelly is constantly accusing everyone else of lying while she is this “straight shooter” honest person. That’s what bugs the crap out of me about her .. Also I agree, Jeff isn’t a bully is is just confrontational! I think too that if you are by nature a confrontational person you are bound to be more so when you are locked up in a house with the same people for that amount ot time. You may not like people who are this way but it does not automatically mean they are bullies. Anyhow, wish we could have more houseguests that were like Dr. Will!!!


Maggs, you are right. I am glad that you refreshed everyone’s memory about the Dr. He was a huge liar. Unfortunately that is how you win the game. It does not make Shelly worse than the Dr because she doesnt admit to her lies. A lie is a lie is a lie. Committing a murder and lying about not doing it or admitting that you did it does not change that fact that you murdered. Shelly IS playing a great game. She just happened to get caught with her lies. She also reminded Jeff, during their confrontation, that it IS a game. She told Jordan the same thing; its a game. She knows its a game and is keeping it on a game level while attempting to maintain a friendship with everyone, whereas the others are not. They are taking it personal. All of them try to be manipulative. Some are much better at it than others. The only one that can not seem to engage in such activity is Jordan. Jordan knows that this game requires a person to be sneaky and underhanded at times. If Jordan cant take the heat, she should not be in the kitchen. Once Jordan and Jeff are married, Jordan would do much better on one of those Housewives reality shows. Now that would be an interesting new reality show. Housewives of Big Brother. LOLOLOLOL


When she went in the DR she did admit it she just didn’t admit it to Jeff


Wow, she admitted ONE lie!!!!


You know I have seen every season and realize that people will lie in this game to get further . Shelly has just infuriated me and I was not sure why but I reading your post make me understand that it is because shelly doe not own her lies even to herself. She sits in the DR and tries to convince us all that she has alwYs been loyal and truthful but forgets the camera catches all of her snake moves. She needs to go And face Jeff

Ads made me realize that


Agreed and well said. I was a big SJJ fan at the beginning. I really thought she was a straight-shooter. Not so much any more. I think Adam’s a lot smarter than most people think, and I’ve actually become a bit more fond of Rachel seeing how she’s helped Jordan pick up the pieces. I’m proud of Jordan for cutting loose. I hope she has more in her.


Great post, Samantha.

I love BB and I get that lying is critical in the game. My problem with Shelly is HOW she does it. She lies under the guise of friendship, she doesn’t own her lies, she becomes extremely confrontational when her lies are exposed and then she plays victim when she runs out of excuses.

Other BB “villians” such as Dr. Will acknowledged what they were doing…..in the diary room, of course. Shelly firmly believes that she is a moral, upstanding person even in the privacy of the diary room.

While I DO like Jeff and Jordan, I feel that her method of lying is what makes her so despised. It doesn’t feel like “game play” to me. It feels as though I’m watching someone who has some serious issues and isn’t a very genuine person in real life or in the game.


that is so true, remember when she was like I never made a deal with rachel brendan I am so mad rachel would lie, then bb showed the conversation where she did say that. shelly lies so much


I agree with this post…I am reminded of the Dave Chappelle “Charlie Murphy” true Hollywood stories about Rick James…”Cocaine is a hell ova drug”!…(LOL)



J/J rules!!!!

i agree with you. Dr. Will lied alot in his season but at least he was straight forward from the beginning and told everyone that he was going to lie and be deceitful to win the game. Shelly is so underhanded and wont admit to anything and i think thats what makes it so much worse. Everyone lies on BB but she never owns up to it. I liked her in the beginning and was rooting for her at first. Now I hope she goes. I would hate to see her get anything.


I agree all shelly talks about is making final two cause she does not want to go home with nothing after working so hard to get this far. Really? What has she done to help herself in the game. She may have kept the money from Jeff but she won’t win. I want her to go home so bad


I totally agree on..i believe shelly believes her own lies and boy o’boy talk about shooting yourself in the foot, she definitely did that, but that’s what happens when you try and walk into someones conversation when you have no idea what they are talking about..BIG DUMMY! rofl


It is really time for Shelly to go.. She has already ruined her creditably, playing this game. nobody trust her.And she has really made herself look pretty bad. I dont like the threats against her family neither. That really needs to stop.Its agame that she is really bad at.She is rude and crude…that does not mean that people should take it out on her family..I hope the JRA make it to the end. KP can go find their Master Dani and kiss her feet for even talking to them. Evil Dani has two followers..that will do anything she says.Kalia even acts like Evil Dani now, and poor porsch, she just loves to get petted on the head for doing what ever Kalia says..Good Porsch, Good Porsch, Now sit and shake hands…Good Porsch….


Never thought i would find myself rooting for Rachel, but now she is the only thing keeping Jordan in the game. I also cant remember a season where 2 people ( Adam and Shelly) kept flipping so much.


Exactly, Rachel fans and Jordan fans should not get along. Rachel is a competitor. Jordan is ‘special’.

Kahlua yes..Kalia uh not so much!

Straight Shooter Shot herself! Priceless!


I agree 100%…someone said something that stuck with me…Shelly is lying so much that she doesn’t even believe that she is lying anymore…she can’t keep them all straight and I just laugh when she keeps saying “Jordan, just wait till you watch the show back and you’ll see”……you’ll see what?? that Shelly played Jordan throughout the WHOLE show, and not just at the end?? That she lied to her all along??? omg, Shelly has some real issues that she needs to deal with…when you can’t even admit in the DR that you are lying, even if it is just gameplay, there’s something wrong.


I agree 100%…someone said something that stuck with me…Shelly is lying so much that she doesn’t even believe that she is lying anymore…she can’t keep them all straight and I just laugh when she keeps saying “Jordan, just wait till you watch the show back and you’ll see”……you’ll see what?? that Shelly played Jordan throughout the WHOLE show, and not just at the end?? That she lied to her all along??? omg, Shelly has some real issues that she needs to deal with…when you can’t even admit in the DR that you are lying, even if it is just gameplay, there’s something wrong.


ps…love the name CUNextThursdayShelly!!!


Ha thanks lol! Shelly really has no one to blame for this, it isn’t editing to make her look bad, it is Shelly making herself look bad. I don’t see this ending well for her in her career either, She reminds me of Natalie from Jordan’s season, who lied and lied and believed the lies, even outside the house she didn’t think she had lied.


Death threats for what??? Playing on a TV show and making a good move???? It’s ONLY a show, JJ fans are totally DERANGED if they make death threats, get a life people!!!


I didn’t say she deserved the death threats, so don’t put words in my mouth. BTW you sound like a DanielleSkeletor fan they way you are generalizing all J/J fans.


I didn’t put words in your mouth, so calm down, LOL!! Just another deranged JJ fan.


I don’t understand how some people say that Dani is too skinny. I think she looks perfect, at least she’s not fat like JorDUMB!


Yeah, It’s too bad Jeff and Jordan were cast this year. Their fans can’t handle losing. It’s scary how people react when a character on TV that they like does not get their way.


It seems like the Danielle fans can’t handle losing either, she didn’t have her daddy to do it all for her.


You have just made my point. Thank you.


why say JJ fan’s? could be any of their fan’s to make it look like JJ fan’s. people that sides with a team that go’s for hiding peoples stuff, stealing food, hitting them in their stomach to loose a baby or kick them in their leg’s couldn’t possiblity be doing the crazy stuff to blame on other’s?


Agreed. I don’t think it’s just JJ fans. I think a whole lot of people dislike Shelly. It’s silly to make death threats though.


That’s cold Simon… but if it’s that boring then go crazy!


Final 4 deals, Are you still joking? Beside, Porsche will be next either backdoored or put on the block. Rachel or Jordan better win HOH next week. Kaila has no chance of winning HOH competition. Let see if Kaila wins HOH and open Pandora box again. How clueless Kaila does? So, if I were you Kaila. Let Rachel or Jordan win HOH next week.


Why doesn’t Kalia have a chance of winning HOH??? She’s already won two of them, all by herself too! She has about the same chance that incompetent JorDUMB does, who on the other hand hasn’t won anything, except an HOH that was GIVEN to her. GO KALIA!!!


I don’t think Dani will have a problem with Brenda when she gets to the jury house, I think Jeff will have one with Brenda tho considering Jeff voted against his original alliance and when Dani mentions to Brenda that Jeff threw the vote to Adam, Brenda won’t be too pleased and unlike Jeff who is a whimp as seen in his previous season when confronted by a guy, Brenda isn’t one to back down and will get in someones face.

As far as Dani dealing with Jeff, Dani will stand up to him in a heartbeat, as Russell from Jeff’s season said to him before Jeff ran off like a baby, Jeff is all talk and nothing more, has Jordan fight his battle for him when someone stands up to him!


I think Dani likes Brendon but because he ditched her once she hates him. lol.


Brenda is not Dani’s type.


Porsche owned the HOH. No one had a chance against her, she must have practiced forever.

Can’t believe production nullified another anti-JJBR HOH.

That is twice that had to manipulate the game for a certain side.


I think they will all get along in the jury house.


Agree!! As much as I feel sorry for Dani at the Jury House with Dumb and Dumber, I know she’ll be just fine with those two pathetic fools!!


Perfect example of how R/J fans are, real classy!


come one. enough with this. you think you look good in your comments? so over the top…


No way…Brendon was a different person when he came back in the house the 2nd time—he was calm, collected, and resigned to his fate when talking with Dani to stay. It’s the damn BB house that drives them all nuts–I bet they will all be cool together in the jury house even Jeff and Shelly because their game is over and they can just relax and unwind.


How much does everybody want to bet that if Porsche hadn’t opened Pandora’s Box, the Fortune Teller would’ve reinstated the duos instead?




Lol, you’re probably right about that . I guess they are waiting until after the next HOH to decide if it’s going to really talk or not. Maybe it depends on ratings or who has power.


Probably, BB seems to want JorDUMB or Roachel to win, even though JorDUMB already won $500,000.


I’d put $5000 on that.


Yes, only Rachel is capable of winning a comp. If Rachel had won, then Jordan would be evicted. CBS was not about to let that happen.


You’re probably right. However, I still expect there to be an additional twist involving the FT.


You’re right, Simon, unless Kalia wins the next HOH, she’s gone. And if that happens, Porsche will be by herself, because Adam will probably flip again. If the Porsche doesn’t win the HOH 2 weeks from now or the final POV, I”m going to predict that Rachel will win BB13.


Help me out here. Why is anyone rooting for a Vet (JR) to win? Here’s reasons why I’m not:

1) They’ve been on BB before; in short, they’ve had their chance.
2) J won 500K already ( Nuff said).
3) R is evil personified, a truely nasty and self-absorbed person who had her chance on BB before, blew it and, was despised by most viewers ……….. for valid reasons we’ve all been reminded of again this season.
4) The Vets, by the simple fact that they had played this game before, had a better handle on how possible comps went and what was physically expected, which gave them (however slight) an advantage over the newbies.
5)The Vets came into the house with at least one person they could completely trust and with whom they could be aligned ….. again an advantage over the newbies.
6) I’m all about voting out floaters but the term floater is open for interpretation in this game, despite some of the well argued opinions given on this site. However, I also prefer to root for the underdog which, despite the fact that they initially out numbered the vets, I always considered the newbies to be the underdogs (as per points made above). P & K have won 3 HoH’s between them and P has come in 2nd on many occasions, in short, they’re not floaters.

As soon as Dick left I saw Dani as flying solo and at a disadvantage to the other vets, which is why she wanted to gather someone whom she felt would be a strong male partner (slim pickens from which to choose!). With my gal, Dani’s departure (No, not a newbie but an underdog nonetheless), I’ve been wanting a newbie to really step up their game play and kick butt. PK were the fore runners of the newbies but, between K and her talk (however brief) of throwing the next HOH, and P opening PB at this late and risky stage of the game, I’m struggling to restrain myself from reaching into the TV and throttling them both. Neither S nor A are even an option I’d consider rooting for due to the fact that they’ve ridden the coat tails of vets for the entire game and suck at comps. So, I’m sticking with PK until the end but ………….. they’re not making it easy!

PK (Dani’s protégés) til the end!


The vets had their chance. After the golden key handcuffs were removed all the vets were still there. It started with everyone against Dani. After that, the HOHs were Dani, Kalia, Dani, Jeff, Kalia, Porsche. One out of six to the veteran alliance? Dani, Kalia, and Porche took control of the house, one of them deserve to win.


Um actually dani(a vet) won two out of 3 hoh’s(one of which was hers to loose) and during that time kalia made an extremely weak decision by anyone’s measure and should be considered a weak player because of it. CBS may have stepped in but looking at when keith went into sequestor, no one can say this wasn’t planned all season. Anyways Brendan earned the votes to stay and kalia and dani both sent lawon instead of rachel to face off with him. Dani was a spoilt brat that only made it as far as she did last time because her dad( a strong player) all but sacrificed himself to save her. This time he just gave her a golden key and called it a day.
These dani girls are the epitome of petty and you people know it. I love how easily morons rush to call rachel evil(even the moderator of this very site apparently when she’s probably the most decent person in the house(notice how easily she forgives). She craves attention but that’s about it.
grow up.


Sorry, she was not a member of the veteran alliance at the time and she did not lose an HOH that she competed in. I have no idea what you mean by ‘hers to lose’. She was a huge part of her and Dicks win in S8. You should go back and watch. If you want good manners watch Martha Stewart.


LOL at picture of Roachel reading the Bible, waiting for her head to start spinning and green bile getting sprayed around backyard. Now that I keep looking at her she does resemble Linda Blair


I know, Roachel reading the Bible is the funniest thing I’ve seen yet!


Can you imagine how boring this season would be without Shelly?


Imagine how great it could have been with Evil Dick.

Dick told production prior to going in the house, it was his goal to get someone to self-evict.


My guess is his target would have been Kalia. She seems somewhat insecure and she’s always trying to please everyone. Look how quickly she lost her composure with Brendon.


Kahlia is evil as hell…after the east coast feeds, I really think she’s more sneaky, devious, and shitty than Shelly


live Kalia alone.sh’s play the game bad sometimes….but loyal with dan and posh even jeffffffffffff,big lawer think is a kinggggggggggggggg.
Kalia play sentimental before with jjbr……………..now sh’s play bad like themmmmmmmmmmm


honestly, now that Daniele is gone does anyone REALLY care who wins?

I sure don’t. I guess that’s a good thing though.


No but there are people who I don’t want to win and that zombie red haired b*tch is one of them.


How long before Rachel realizes she can’t win unless Jordan is on the jury. She won’t have the votes against Jordan. Rachel has a chance to win against any of the newbies.

When will Rachel turn on Jordan?

Head of Household

Yeah, but even if she does think of that, she has to think:will Jordan be livid and end up voting a newbie to win?


LMFAO @ bible burning good one simon

Rachel pretending to read the bible again LOL


Maybe, the reason Rachel has been calm for 2 weeks is the fact that she’s been reading the Bible. Maybe, if it was a Koran, then I bet Simon might be to scared or political correct to burn it. Again, attacking Rachel for no other reason than to try and show her in a bad light. Simon, I thought you were better than that too.


All the posters who are offended by swearing, name calling and bible burning can visit the Christian Big Brother site at http://www.bbsgoingtohell.com and pray for us sinners! Sheesh!


is there never a time K is eating, in that picture she is just oozing fat………….


Rachel and Jordan, don’t give up. Just man up and keep winning. I know you two can do it. You two face the odds. Your stronger than that. I know you guys can. Do it for Jeff and Brendon. They are watching at Jury House. Make you two proud. If Shelly should always tell a truth instead of lying.


Te hell are you talking about? they can’t watch the feeds from the Jury House.


There is no contact in the Jury house they have the same rules as being in the house no contact with the outside world the jury house is nicer then the bb house the only thing they see is when the evict houseguest comes they bring a tape of the hoh comp and that eviction. They are not allowed to see any previous episodes or the live feeds


Man whats your home phone so I can make a ‘hurt your feelings real bad’ threat to your people…


CBS is pushing them forward, so they don’t need to try that hard. ‘:I


I’ve been wondering where you have been. So, Jordan really can’t do anything if it isn’t handed to them. For example (Jordan wanting a coup’de tat, Pandora’s Box, etc. Rachel is only good at endurance, which proves the Veto was intended for her since the past veto’s have never been endurance.


are you trying to induce vomiting?


Rachel needs to get Jordan to the jury house or she won’t win $500k.


whAt is a fast forward? is it like a double eviction???


i thought pandora box was suppose to be good for opener but bad for the rest think it was better deal for jr then anybody else


actually pandor’s box can go either way if it is good for the hoh (porche getting money) then it is bad for the house (veto partner duo). If it is bad for the hoh then it is good for the house eg. HoH being locked in the hoh room for 24hrs and the house gets a margarita party it is always opposits


Just to clarify, I don’t mean the lovely actress Linda Blair, I mean the Demonic Regan Macneil


So…..go Kalia?! I got no hope for her, but she’s really the only one that would take out Rachel and maybe even Jordan if K gets close to the money. NEWBIE final 2! Adam is back to (oldschool) floating. Come on, Baconman. If Shelly leaves then her straight shooting won’t matter in the future. I’m avoiding all the shows til thursday, ’cause of eviction and HOH.


To those who think S should be notified of threats to her family:

If S is pulled from the game, that would mean the end of sequestered reality TV. Adam haters would threaten Farah, Rachel haters would threaten Quackers, and so on and so on. Every player is disliked by some over-the-top viewer. Like with terrorists, can’t give these nut jobs the power. Just look at the range of extreme dislikes voiced here over this past season, no HG has been spared. And if viewers thought they could control the outcome to their liking through threats, there would be no players left.


the only reason why people want Shelly to know what is going on is so they can have her gone to make room for Jordon to win and have some sort of restitution for Jeff




So true, sadly the JJ cult are showing their true colors. I am sure Jeff’s family didn’t recieve any death threats by Dani fans. Quite sure Dani’s family didn’t recieve any by Brenchel fans. This speaks volumes to what low life losers Jeff and Jordan attract. It’s bad enough to make the death threats, but there are many JJ fans on here that make excuses for it. But one fact you can’t dispute, JJ fans are the ones taking it to the level of threatening another competitors family and their ability to provide for their family by calling her work over a game show on TV. Way to represent.


You know they’re going to bring Big Jeff back somehow, they have to do some image rehab; because he went out begging and so desperate acting. Not heroic at all to all the ladies who think he’s dreamy.


Daniel evicted by Jeff. Jeff evicted by Kalia. Shelly evicted by Allison Grodner.

“Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner has previously admitted to making up the show’s rules as they go along”


works for me…………


I googled Rachel’s possible pregnancy and it’s all over the internet……here’s link to one of the sites………http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/8331115/big_brother_13_player_rachel_reilly.html?cat=2


******SPOILER ALERT******* I’m not saying my inside source is totally correct with this information, but what I was told, Dani and Jeff are not in the jury house at all. they were separately taken to two different hotels after the show. Jeff and Dani will be back in the house for a twist before thursday’s eviction. they would only be used in a twist that will allow one of them to make the deciding vote for Thursday’s eviction. they will be introduced as the deciding duo and it will set the much needed drama this season needs. Dani was evicted by a deciding vote by Adam, and Jeff was evicted by a deciding vote by Shelly. no matter what happens, Dani and Jeff will be at the Jury house for good after Thursday’s show. I don’t know what type of comp Dani and Jeff will be involved with to win the deciding vote privilege. all I know for now Dani and Jeff will play a big part in Thursday’s show.


Maybe that’s why we are not seeing clips of Dani, then Jeff entering the jury house? Didn’t they do that in the past and the evicted person brings a DVD to show what happened?


are you alllowed to give anymore information? no other sites have any mention of this. if its true it’ll be and interesting thursday.


If true. Adam could get screwed.

Basically a freeroll for Shelly. Jeff wins comp his deciding vote doesn’t matter.


Well, if Dani, Jeff and Brandon are at three different locations, then they could just bring back J & B and not Dani for the twist. But, I think your WRONG. They most likely took Dani to her Daddy’s so she can say SORRY and thanks for giving her a 4 week pass.


It’s also possible that this year BB isn’t letting any of the evicted house guest talk with each other before the final show.

Girls Ruled

I hope that’s true than the show will be worth to watch we all love a twist. BB give us something this BB13 has been
lame to many floaters not enough players SHOCKER!!


did anyone see how many time Porsche pulled up her pants on tonight episode!?


Simon helllp,where do i watch tonites show,?im so frustrated!cbs doesnt have the full episode on their site yet


Does BJD get to watch the feeds of what is going on in the BB house while they are in the jury house?


no they don’t the are sequestered all they see is when the evict hg come they show them their tape of that hoh, pov and the eviction


I can not stand Shelly; of all the big brothers she is the biggest liar and turncoat ever, her word means nothing.


Thanks Simon


Kaila and Porsche, yet again continue to be so cocky and stupid plan. But, still backfired. First, Porsche opened the Pandora box and compete as a duo. Second if Kaila wins HOH next week open the Pandora box again win something bad which means that again Rachel or Jordan has something good again. Golden Key for Final 3. Geez Kaila and Porsche, when are you guys never learn that the Veterans will not going anywhere. Your 0-2. Just face it, the Veterans will mold you two into pieces. Just keep this up. You two don’t have a chance of winning 500K. Enjoy 5Gs and buy yourself looks and Order McDonalds.

biily bob

evil dick talks alot of crap.u think he would of won any of these comps this year? i think not, he would of got his butt kicked by daniell ,brendon, and jeff even rachel and kalia and porshe would of beat him,he would of been right next to shelly ,jordan,and adam.he’s lucky he left the game.let’s keep it real dick.anyways lol


Porsche owned that HOH. No one had a chance against her, she must have practiced forever.

Can’t believe production nullified another anti-JJBR HOH.

Wining HOH doesn’t mean anything anymore…I guess.

rigged brother

U got that right i agree 100% every twist has went there way and jordan even had the nerve to say today that she hoped there was another pandora’s box because they needed help, hell why don’t they just hav the fortune teller say that they r in the final 2 and get it over with.




Yeah it was funny. I didn’t mind Rachel until I the wrong tap on my IPad brought up the skins link. Exposing herself like that knowing cameras are everywhere. All bibles should go up in flames after she touches them.


Hmmh, not much appeal left on the show…

Jordan – So stupid and so boring.
Shelly – Cleaning, smoking, lying also boring
Adam – Gutless, pining for Jeff and boring
Kalia – Boring, and boring some more
Rachel – Psycho, and boring if not causing drama
Porsche – Remotely likable but boring

I am seeing a theme here. Simon and Dawg, you guys have a rough couple of weeks ahead. I feel for you. Stock up on the drinks, you’re gonna need them.


Who does Porsche have to share the Pandora’s Box money with?

Midwest Fan

Perhaps her partner for the comp – Kalia.

Go JR!!!!!!!

Shelly is a piece of shit and not on a game level either.


CBS 100% shows favoritism towards jeff n Jordan! Two days before the last eviction all jeff n Jordan did up in the Hoh room was bash shelly and Adam and that’s before he even new she had flipped, they both like playing the victims! And Jeff did promise Dani three separate times then went back on his word!

Midwest Fan



Funniest thing tonight was that Shelly went in to the PR to chew out Jeff & Adam, tried to sell out Adam & told on herself!!!!


Funny but oh so true twitter by Evil Dick about Jordan this afternoon:

So are you saying Jordan didn’t have to do Jack shit once again and she’s off the block? The coup deShit


I do like ED. He wants to win the America’s Favorite 25Gs! I’d vote for him, but , I wonder if he’s eligible?

Midwest Fan



This most recent veto BS makes it impossible to take this season seriously. It’s a joke. A complete f’ing joke. They should move all the cameras over to the JH. Chances are it would be more exciting.

Team 500 G's

The best scenario I see is Roach needing to get rid of Jordan if she is too have a chance. If its J/R final two that splite that voteing block….so it will ultimatley come down to the Newbies controlling the Jury….of course if it is J/R final 2. Rigged? scripted? its all the same.

If J/R wouldnt have not won that POV ….Roach would have turned on Jordo so fast it would have made Shelly proud. Smelly should be working with Adam, If she has any hope at all is to get to final 2 with Adam. He hasnt made any real game play moves….other then to kiss the ass of anyone in power. If the jury had to vote for either of these two….I think Shelly actually has a chance to win the whole thing…sad news is that one of these two will probably go home……of course if production wants it to happen…..Fortune teller may just spit something out.

I think there are going to be many twist and turns in the remaining weeks of BB….they need to give us a reason to watch.Its like any other scripted show they need a big finale….There will be atleast one or two more things that happen that we never would have expected. Think about the last few winners in BB Dr Will…young good looking doctor…..Evel Dick….Big personality…. Great Player but if we think about it….we could have guessed from minute one he would win. So right now who do you think will win?…honestly….Dont choose some one because you like this one and hate that one….choose who you think CBS would choose….keep in mind the last few winners…Dr Will…Evel Dick….Jordan…Americas sweetheart….Honestly…..I am picking Smelly…the one we all love to hate. Second and very close….Roach….same reason…Heck CBS could ride that cash cow and recoup the $500 G’s with her somehow.

Smelly should work with Adam, If by some chance these two could make it to the final 2, Smelly would have a good chance against him. The voteing block of JJ/BR above anything else respects game play….Dani also…What has Adam done? In this scenario…Smelly would win.

The only way Kalia has any chance what so ever to win anything is to win HOH next week. If she loses she is out. Porshe…..She has a chance….small but a decent chance. What I hated about the Pandoras box is that it completely made her HOH worthless. So winning the comp ment nothing. That shouldnt happen. What ever happened to wakeing up every couple of hours….annoying music…..To eliminate an entire comp, nomination…is a little much for $5000….and no I am not Team Porche.

You got to give it to CBS, they developed two really good tv “Reality” shows that are a cross between “reality” and “scripted soap opera” A TV Genre they have perfected. It reaches a huge audience and makes big ratings….hence big revenue….got to give them credit where credit is due


Tonight’s Episode.

I don’t understand why Jeff thought Adam didn’t vote for him when he was clearly fighting with Shelly and he knew she wasn’t going to give him his vote.

Was he just so consumed in shock that he couldn’t think straight?

Wtf was that


Jeff unfortunately, was in shock and didn’t know who to believe because of all the confusing straight shots from She’ll lie.
Adam should of understood after he was faced with the lies she told about him to Jeff.

rigged brother

Hey maybe when the fortune teller finally works it will spit out Adam’s nuts, because he’s been without them all season because he’s afraid to do anything of course Jeff will hav to spit them out first. Also i’m so tired of rachel talking about floaters, she said there’s 4 floaters left in the house, what the hell is she talking about kalia and porsche were with dani, the only floaters r adam and shelly and how exactly has jordan helped out adam alot like she said she has, she hasn’t done shit since she got the 2nd HOH thrown to her, i know she’s not too bright but come on really!


I’m sure the are all nice people in real life but it’s a game, a game that includes lieing to further yourself to have a chance to win. jeff made a bad move putting dani up if he waited he would still be in the house. the mistake i see most hgs make is they play to personal i would think they would figure out you have to use people and munipulate them, and not take things so personnal when they hear about someone they made a deal with turn on them. WHATS WITH ALL THE CRYING!!! they are not getting sent to the fireing line they just didn’t win they will see each other soon.

oh and shelly made a great game move funny did’nt really care for her but think she played it perfectly.

Happy Daze

Not a huge JJ fan, but can’t stand the newbies for all all the stupid decisions and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the entire game then deciding at the 11th hour to step up! Can’t stand Shelly! Go Rachel!