Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Dominic Briones Pretty Boy Pics and a New BB13 Commercial

BB13 Commercial Showing the New Houseguests

and guess what they are saying to get ready for a SHOCKING SURPRISE… Heres the links to the “Dynamic Duo” and Cast Bios posts if you need to catch up with the silliness that is BIG BROTHER 13

Big Brother 13 Returning Allstar Poll June 30th, which allstar do you want to see back

Dominic Briones

He has his own web site here and twitter account @dominicphillip

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Dynamic Duo and Confirmed Cast Bios

Here they are folks the BIG BROTHER 13 CAST BIOS. We revealed the cast this morning at 6am and it looks like a great bunch. Before you get excited there is a catch, looks like they are dragging 6 former houseguests out of the gutter to be on the show. Hmmmm not sure what you all think of this could be awesome could be a BLANK storm of suck, the thought of having Eval Dick in the house going to war with Rachel is WICKED but then there is the chance of of having to listen to Mike Booger talk about his big hips.. UGH.

OBB favorite for the year based on looks alone goes to Cassie check out the BB13 Cassie bikini pics Also Porsche is friends with Janelle or at least they know each other. proof

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