Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan tells Adam that she has helped him a lot in the game…and if you doesn’t work with us.. then that is like a slap in the face..

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11:45am – 12:20pm Big Brother puts the houseguests on an outdoor lock down. Adam is laying out by the pool, while Jordan is in it swimming. Adam tells Jordan that he gave Rachel a pep talk this morning about keeping her head up. Jordan asks what Adam is thinking. Adam says he is just thinking about how crazy this game is… Jordan tells Adam that she is embarrassed about the way she acted on Thursday. Jordan asks him if he expected that of her. Adam says that the game does crazy things to you …and no one understands just what its like … he says that the people that are really close to her will understand and listen to her explanations of why she acted the way she did. Adam talks about hopefully we can look back and laugh about our time in this house. Adam says that he is similar to Jordan in that they both try and play inside the house how they would outside the house. Jordan tells Adam that she thinks she has helped him a lot in the game…and that if he doesn’t work with us …then that is like a slap in the face.. Jordan says that Rachel and I know we have to win on Thursday… and that if you don’t work with us …then you will be all on your own. Adam agrees.. Jordan says that you only want to work with us because we won the veto.. Adam says no ..we should talk when we can be more private and I don’t need to whisper. Jordan says okay…

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12:25pm Shelly, Porsche and Rachel play cards over on the backyard couch. Jordan is now laying beside the pool, while Adam lays in the lounger. Jordan joins Adam on a lounger beside him. They talk about his girlfriend Fara.

Adam says that he thinks it sucks that he has to go against Shelly and he doesn’t want to bash the person he is going against. Porsche tells Adam to please not make any deals with them or it will not be votes in the jury house. Adam knows that Shelly will offer them the world. He will have to offer them something. Adam says UUhhh.. Porsche says I know that is hard because it means breaking deals. Porsche says that we think we are stronger than them. Adam says I know.. Porsche says just please just don’t make it so we are fighting against two again next week. Adam says that he is still going to need to say thinks to them. Adam tells Porsche that he wants to work with her to stay in the game. Porsche tells him he has to win HOH to show he can do something and that if he makes a deal with them he is gone. Adam says that he is in a tough spot because he doesn’t want to turn on Jordan but he gets it. Porsche tells Adam that her main allies were Brendon then Dani and she’s having to rebuild. Adam says it’s funny that she a 23 year old is giving a 40 year old advice. Porsche says that it’s not advice they have just been living the same experience.

12:45pm Shelly is talking to Rachel and Jordan about trying to work with them and that she will do anything to get their votes. Shelly says that she will swear on her family and her daughter… Shelly tells them that she won’t swear on the bible …she will not go out of the game with them thinking she is the biggest piece of shit. Shelly says that she knows that she will never make it to the final two but that she wants to stay and work with them to help them. Shelly says that she apologizes and that whatever I need to do to make you feel comfortable then you come up with that.. and I will do it. Shelly says that you will have complete control… Shelly says that she will vote herself out if we make it to the final three. Rachel says that we need to win HOH this week. Shelly says that she swears to god, her daughter and her husband that she will not go against them. Shelly says that if you guys vote for me to stay then I will become a target in their eyes …because they will know I am against them. Rachel and Jordan say that is not true we will always be going up. Shelly says that she does NOT have anything …does not have a deal with them …not any of them.. I have not made a deal with Adam the entire game. (Shelly is lying she made a final four deal with Porsche, Kalia, Adam and her) Rachel says maybe if we can put it all behind us and build a new relationship together. Shelly says that she will show them with her actions, not my words. Shelly says that if they can’t trust her then don’t vote for me. Shelly says that she needs to now earn their trust. Rachel asks so if we didn’t win the veto would you have voted for me.. Shelly says after the thing with Jeff and wanting to make things right …yes I would have voted for you if you came to me. Shelly says that she is not an idiot …I am an adult …I would not go down the same path again. Rachel tells Shelly that they need to think about things and talk about it all. Shelly says okay.

1pm – 1:10pm Adam Rachel and Jordan are in the kitchen and they tell him that they will all talk later. Jordan says that we need to go over all of the scenarios. Rachel and Jordan go to the havenot room to talk about what they should do. Jordan says that no matter what happens they will protect Shelly. Jordan tells Rachel that she told Adam if he doesn’t work with them …then it is a slap on the face. Jordan talks about how Shelly is trying to be all nice now. Jordan says that Kalia and Porsche have a final two deal together …and they will probably take Adam to the final 3. Jordan says that the one thing for Adam is that he tells it to you straight. Rachel and Jordan talk about how they need to talk to Adam as well and get his side. They talk about how they need to win HOH this week. They discuss what the final competitions will be like and who it would be better to be up against. Jordan says that she saw Shelly tell them to hold on in the competition. Jordan says that she saw Porsche talking to Adam during the competition. They talk about how excited Shelly has been after the others win competitions and it show she is with them. Jordan says that she thinks Shelly is the one that needs to go …we just can’t trust her.. Rachel agrees. They talk about needing to split up Kalia and Porsche.

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First in!!


Adam for the win – yo!


Kahlia for F2 and $50k – yo!


Shelly for $25k America’s Choice – yo!


Keep dreaming – yo


Dani for America’s Choice yo! Oh and Jeff gets a power.


Jeff wins Americas vote GUARANTEED !! Pinto wins BB and Adam wins 2nd mark my words !! Anyone thinking hideous Shelly wins Americas vote is delusional, pron most hated BB in history for many, including me !! What a waste of space !!


SO I win HOH of OnlineBigBrother!! XD


Oh Jordan, if Shelly fools you once shame on her, if she fools you 10 times, shame on you. Will Jordan be fooled again ?


I was watching the feed and R & J agree they don’t trust Shelly. Finally a brain cell works.


Probably not. But she is still dumb. Team KaliAdam, yo!


OMG HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH SHELLY! if rachel and jordan actually eat up her crap i will die a little inside.


Yeah, I agree that Jordan should simply have told Shelly that she forgives her but that it wont have any effect on her gameplay decisions.


Rachel and Jordan will choose to evict Shelly.


An once again team DANI MEMBER bites the dusk, shelly would of been sitting pretty if she stayed the course. But, she had to have her 15 min of fame AND she is paying the price. What a loser


Does Rachel have to put up Shelly/Adam? Or is there a twist with Pandora’s box that she can also put up P/K? Or do we know?


what are you talking about? i’m genuinely not being facetious or anything but are you new to big brother? rachel & jordan both have the POV so they’re coming off the block… there’s no way rachel can “put up” anyone since only the HOH can choose replacement nominees… and there’s no way porsche is even an option to go on the block since she’s the HOH… the only choices left for replacement nominees are adam shelly and kalia (but since porsche is in an alliance with kalia she isn’t going to put her up) so adam and shelly will be replacement nominees and jordan rachel and kalia will be voting (but since jordan and rachel are in an alliance they’ll be voting together and essentially get to decide which of the nominees will be evicted)…


Can someone tell me about the conversation last week that Shelly had in the bathroom telling people about having to have a muscle taken out of her starfish when she was younger? What and where is this all about?

Nicki Minaj

You guys do not understand.. I know everyone hates Shelly, and its wrong to do so, But I absolutely HATE her. People like her are the reason Earth is as shitty as it is. Big brother is by far my favourite show, and ive never missed an episode, but she makes me want to not watch it. If she doesnt go home soon, Im going to wait til next season to watch big brother.


“People like her are the reason Earth is as shitty as it is. ” Did your little fingers just type such garbage !!!! Those thoughts roll around in your thick head? Please stick your head as far down the toilet as possible and fush…..Thank you


I hate Shelly for other reasons. I don’t mind Shelly’s game play, but she claims that she is still playing this game “honestly” and “with integrity”… EVEN IN THE DIARY ROOM! THAT is the sole reason why I hate her.

You don’t need to lie to America, Shelly. We all know you are full of shit. Just say “I AM LYING TO EVERYONE! HAHAHAHA!!!”


Thanks Nicki. Love your comment.


I feel ya babe and im right there with u!! Ive not read any further than this comment and im sure theres ppl that have bs to say to what u just said-but i know ur right and u know ur right so screw em….they r prob just like shelly!
Oh and hey-what is up w/ the starfish(?) operation….and lol-ive never heard it called that b4


I do agree with Nicki .


As much as I hate Shelly, of course its wrong. I don’t think anybody is gonna do/hurt anybody (I pray to god they don’t). It’s just s#*t talking from messed up people feeling like that’s the only way they can say she sucks. But where the threats are just plain sick, everything you do or say has consequences. No matter how unfair it is, when you have millions of people judging you, you have to have possibilities like this in the back of your head. It was in Rachel’s head. That’s why she predicted it. I’m sure other HGs have NOT done or said things for this reason. It’s not fair but when you sign up for a TV show, you gotta know that this can happen.

It looks like Shelly will be leaving on Thursday and it could be the best thing for her and her family. When these people aren’t looking at her on every show they will forget about her and tell themselves that she had it coming. I can’t stand the way some people think but this is an example of how our society works. Sad really. Wish people were better than this.


Didn’t Jeff warn the newbies about this kind of stuff happening after they leave the show?


So did Dani. Remember, she said fans are scary. That fans act like they know you.


So did Rachel. Rachel even mentioned that she got death threats afterwards.


I’m still reeling from just catching up here and reading the fact that some people are taking all of this seriously enough to threaten Shelly’s familly. I’m seriously speechless here.


get over it. every single person who has ever been on big brother has received death threats. including their immediate family.


Good to know you feel this is acceptable. It’s a detestable action regardless of it’s happened before. It’s people like you that wish this form had an ‘ignore’ button for certain posters.


Thanks, Skulk!:) Can’t help but agree with you here… hard!;)


Shelly acting in typical floater fashion! Oh please JR do NOT fall for it!! Jeff and Brendon will kick both your asses!!


I don’t think they actually believe her i think they are trying to see who they have a better shot at winning against kalia/adam or kaliah/shelly


Look at little Jordan playing the game and figuring things out. She’s may be dumb when it comes to book learning stuff but she’s got good common sense.


I have always thought this about Jordan. Look at Kalia, book smart, no common sense. Jordan is not as
dumb as a post like people like to think, you can’t have that much common sense and have the IQ of
a pet rock. She’s not a rocket scientist, but she’s got people skills, good looks and common sense so
she will do fine in real life.


You’re so right (and I’m no Jordan fan)


Thank you! Not much in book smarts, but that girl has great people skills (with a few exceptions this season) and knows how to make friends. Plus she’s generally very sweet and kind. (And before anyone yells at me, I know that no one is perfect and Jordan isn’t always nice, but out of everyone in that house, she is by far the nicest overall).


I can’t believe that Shelly is still lying. The woman has no shame. I don’t think she really likes
KP that much, she hangs around by herself more than she hangs around them at least from what I have seen,
I don’t have the feeds, just Showtime but she is not playing a good social game, her game is just
spinning stories and lurking about like a snake.


Seriously, no newbies can’t go that far. 2 out 3 HOHs. Does not mean anything. I rather have Rachel and Jordan go to the final 2. Newbies are bunch of cockiness and Arrogants. They still never learn that you two girls can’t beat Jordan and Rachel. You two have to lose. Seriously, your plan will backfired! Just give up already. Porsche, you have no chance of going into final 4, 3, or 2. Too bad, your plan will continued backfired until you going to Jury House. And so is Kaila.


Am I the only one that finds this wildly ironic? The vets talk long and loud about how they hate floaters and want to take them out. But they’re working hard on figuring out which floater they want to take to the final 3 (Adam and Shelly are the only floaters left in the game).


Just because Porsche stepped it up and won veto and HOH, doesn’t take away from the fact that she is THE biggest floater of the season. She hasn’t done crap, and now she struts around like she owns the place.


i don’t think she’s the biggest floater. she received the golden key in week 1 when she said she didn’t want to go up on the block but the vets wanted keith out. also she hasn’t done terrible on the comp. she usually finish in top 4. top may not mean anything but at least she’s trying to win unlike others.


You have no idea what the term floater means do you?


did i say she wasn’t a floater? no. i said i don’t think she’s the biggest floater of this season. which is a big difference.


opps i thought you were replying to my comment.


no worries, I see you were making the same point I was but with more detail 🙂


Amen, amen, and amen!!! Laughable, huh? Hell, it’s BB… expected the unexpected, and for everyone to be the ultimate hypocrite;)


Jordan FORGAVE you Shelly for being a nasty human being, but she hasn’t FORGOTTEN. Shelly knew that Jordan would calm down and that she could “play her” again, but it isn’t working this time. Next HOH winner should get the $$.


I wish I could yell at them to not listen to shelly I hope they know better


Honestly, I don’t care if Shelly or Adam goes this week. Neither of them have really won anything and/or deserve to win a half a million dollars, but it would be cool to see a all girls final…I am not sure that has ever happened??? I don’t think Shelly is a bad person at all. She just played the game the only way she knew how cause she cannot win a comp to save her life. I think she made a great move by evicting Jeff. There is no way any of them would have had a chance at beating him in this game…Alliance or not you have to think about yourself FIRST in this game! Adam on the other hand has been a lap dog this whole game. That being said Shelly will most likely get evicted this week and Adam will probably float to the final 2 and win the whole game…which IMO will suck!


I think the death threats are and should be taken seriously. There are some sick people in this world and I hope CBS/BB will protect her family and I pray that the FBI catches the psycho’s that are threatening Shelley and her family! We all love BB, but come on people it is just a GAME and not REAL life!!! Leave these people and their families alone! I mean we don’t have to like every cast member, but hate is a very strong word and you don’t even know the real them outside of the crazy BB house. I just hope the show doesn’t get canceled because of all of this craziness!


Totally agree…. if anything pls get Boy George out…


I really can not stand how shelly plays this game. And she needs to tell rachel where her dog is I mean how immature can u be you have a kid for gods sake

Team bb

Shelly, pls pick a side and stick to it :/


I hope Jordan doesn’t fall for Shelly’s crap. She’ll just straight shoot her in the back given the chance.


This was my first year on a message board and this crap is intense lmao. I think I’m going to finish this season here (on this website) and then go back to being my regular, no feeds, CBS edit watching self lol.

I didn’t like learning abt the shows being rigged, and all these threats and crap. I guess it’s true when they say ignorance is bliss lol.

But Simon and Dawg, your website is awesome and your spoilers are very entertaining 🙂


DaybyDay, I hope you’ll change your mind and be back next season; it can get crazy here, but as i’ve found since I started visiting here a few seasons ago, amongst some of the craziest stuff are alot of regulars it’s worth staying around and getting to know:) And I agree that Simon and Dawg do a fantastic job:)


DaybyDay, kudos for a great comment. Yes this website is entertaining and revealing, I hope more people take a moment to donate a bit to Simon for their hours of entertainment here.

Reality TV is becoming so important lately and the recent suicide (housewives of BH) of a husband, NOT EVEN a contracted participant, should give some indication of how intense these shows are, bringing such strong emotion from a sharpshooter, anonymous mentality. In Jessie’s seson I despised Natalie, but I no longer hold those emotions as I watch BB this year, it did no good for my emotional life and in the bigger picture there are really important things to spend my brainpower on. I am choosing “up.” This is intended to be entertainment not a platform for working out ones agression on whatever’s wrong with the rest of the world.


Jordan tells Adam that she thinks she has helped him a lot in the game…and that if he doesn’t work with us …then that is like a slap in the face..

Really Jordan, name on single time you helped Adam, by putting him on the block week 2?

Oh Jordan, slap yourself in the face girl, you lie and manipulate as much as Shelly does. Jordan you’ve floated the entire game, even when you were thrown the HOH, you did Jeff’s dirty work putting up who Jeff decided he wanted out.

Guess you (Jordan) forgot you were throwing Adam under the buss in the HOH room when talking to Shelly about going forward huh?

Guess you forgot throwing Adam under the bus just a day ago when talking to Kalia and Porsche huh?

My gawd what a phony you are Jordan, win something on your own that does not involve guessing or luck and prove finally you are a competitor……that day will NEVEZR come!


well said…. Please evict Boy George out…..


Ummm BB producers already evicted Shelly, has nutin to do with RJ & you all know it. Shelly has been scammed this week by cbs & I really hope she sues them. They change the rules of the game during game play….isn’t there something illegal about that? Porche opens a stupid box & it gives Jordan saftey for the week? Thats favortism! If they had to pair before pov then when one of them dropped then the other should of been DQ’d also. The HG’s having to pair up only benefitted Jordan in this game. Such a disgusting rigged show, if anyone is getting death threats it should be the BB producers for playing god over their reality shows.


U have obviously never watched bb. Give me a break. It has always been this way. Nobody is forced to sign up!!! Shelly can self evict if she doesn’t like the way the game is.


everyone knows that if you choose to open Pandora’s box that the opener may get something good but the rest of the house will have to suffer a consequence. This is not a rule change nor does CBS have any reason to be faulted for it. Perhaps Porsche should have chosen game play over her own greed. She effed her own team over with her greed so now let them suffer the consequences.


What r u talking about? P didn’t have to open pandoras box? Or did I miss the part where she said no I don’t want to open it? And BB forced her to! For a few seasons now they have always done that! Did you watch other seasons? Dr Will? E Dick? RJ won it get over it move on! If Adam had a brain he would say to himself…. Self I think I have a better shot with JR becuz if I went to final two with either one the JH will give it to me not them. But Adam isn’t thinking like that! Shelly needs to go then Kalia then let the others battle it out!


give me a break … your comments are so foolish. Shelly the Snake .. lied, (part of the game i get it ) but after getting busted by Rachel she became one crazy snake in the grass… seems to be continuing … she has stolen personal property … (not part of game play) have to wonder what she would of done if someone took her daughters dog … i think the house would have to hide the knives… As for the threats… Could be the family is discutted with her game play and want to find or get sympathy in what ever way they can … (only a thought ) . heck Brits BF touched their place just before the finals…….. (not confirmed… just looked fishy ) So anyone who condones Shelly’s actions… can only say WOW … now as for you … oh heck not gonna waiste any words… only word that comes to mind is IDIOT ..


For your information I have wanted Shelly out since she stabbed Dom in the back & rat him out to Jordan. That does not change the fact that producers rigged the show. If this pandoras box happened during Jeff’s hoh & Dani got a endurance pov, you all would be singing a different tune! So I guess that makes you an IDIOT & a POS that believes it’s ok for the producers to cheat as long as it favors the ppl u want to win. Not to mention every single “twist” in this game has benefited JJBR. Rachel & especially Jordan can no longer “win” BB, but rather it has been handed to them.


Lol so funny how you all accept BB rigging the game because Porche opened a box….so someone opens a box & it’s ok for the producers to change the whole entire outcome of the game? Ok let me ask you this….if RJ were called into the DR & they were both handed POV’s would you think it was rigged then? Because thats exactly what happened, they just used the pandora box to sugarcoat it.


huh so adam plays the same inside the house like he would outside. i can see why fara is with him.


if Shelly really wanted to make it interesting she could of given Rachel her dog back. This might make them lean towards her, because it would look like she is turning over a new leaf. But, the fact is JJ knows that none of them can be trusted. Adam and Shelly both move to the power, that is their game plan. Rachel needs to win HOH and PV, this is a tall order, and hard to accomplish.


I agree with the person who says they think Shelly’s husband is making up these death threats. Given to what type of person Shelly is (hard core, liar, backstabbing), why is her husband not the same. I don’t believe what she is doing is just playing game, she is showing her true self. I cannot believe people are making death threats because Jeff went home. Why should they be making them to her husband and child, they didn’t send him home. They know Jeff accepts this as a game and why would someone do what her husband said they did? I agree he is only saying this to get America’s pitty vote as America’s choice. I hope everyone is smart enough not to vote for her.


I hope everyone is smart enough not to listen to you. I don’t know how old you’re but any adult with some common sense knows that it’s a bad idea to make up bogus death threats because you’re wasting the time and resources of law enforcement authorities, and you could be sued for that. Besides, I’m quite sure these ppl are educated and smart enough to know not to go to such extent for friggin’ America vote.


It’s a game. Shelly is a player of the game. It has nothing to do with who she is as a person, and absolutely nothing to do with her family. Do you judge a person harshly because they bluff at poker? Do you judge a hockey player as a person for tripping an opponent or smearing him into the boards? Do you hate a football player who creams the opponent? IT’S A GAME! You can’t be like you are in real life and make it far, unless you are favored by CBS. Shelly chose to play the game this way. Like or hate her strategy, she has stirred the house up every week since the beginning and only just got caught now. Barring a miracle, she is leaving. I’d like to see her stay, because she has been playing hard all along. Hate the player, but realise that the game doesn’t define who they are as people. Dr. Will was the biggest liar of all time. He never won a competition, but he is a fan fave. Is it because he is a man, he’s handsome? Being a liar on TV sure didn’t ruin his career.


I am truly baffled by all the comments concerning Shelly. Sure she lies, and a lot, but that is the way the game is played. BB fans have reduced BB to a personality contest instead of best game player contest. Evil Dic was no better. Personally, I did not like him as a BB player nor as a person. He is nothing but an old hippie that has skated by in life. Spewing foulness from his mouth and picking up a lazy buck here and there. How can anyone admire someone like that is beyond me, but I do respect the people who do admire him. Its called freedom. Blessings to all.


I hope porsha and kalia or final two. i cant stand jordan or rachel they always want pity and i am so happy that jeff is gone he was a big bully. i hope jordan goes home next week

give me a break

I hope Jordan and Rachel are the final two and am so glad the bully Daniele is gone to try bullying others.

Jeff/Jordan Fan

I hate how no one knows the definition of floater anymore…because Jordan isn’t one.


100% agreed. The only floaters currently in the house are Adam and Shelly. Even Rachel’s a little borderline sometimes. But not Jordan


Someone here coined the term “coaster”. That is what Jordan is.


I can’t believe that some fans would actually threaten a player’s family.. Although I hate what Shelly is doing and saying in the house, I find it disgusting that her family is paying the price. I don’t think anyone of us can understand what it’s like to spend every waking moment in a house with no interaction with anyone outside for that amount of days. She is not very nice in the house but people are different outside the house. Her daughter should not have to pay this high price because her mother chose to be part of realty TV.


one thing I do respect about Adam is that he is clear that he will do what is best for him and he does not go around bashing other HGs. He is upfront with almost everything unlike the snake Shelly. Adam even says if I dont win comps, then I dont deserve to win. Hope JR sticks to keeping him and vote out the snake

Midwest Fan

It sounds like you would like Adam to Win BB 13.

While Adam may not be like “snake Shelly” then he is, also,
not like “snake Jordan.” She and Jeff have bashed the poor
guy behind his back when he was loyal to them.
Jordan is a sugared snake and Shelley is a smoked snake.

IMO, if you want the nicest person in the BB House to Win, then
Adam is the one.


ADAM needs to go seriously dude hasnt done shit but float from power to power but every week he is deciding vote or somebody is kissing up to him for something get the dude out already


You want to know the worst thing? Adam’s also likely to be the deciding vote in the jury house.


It would not surprise me if J&R end up in the final 2….these newbies are whack! Adam’s big ass can’t win nothing to save his life a big 6ft tall ass man should be dominating @ these comps especially the physical ones I don’t know what his strategy is but it’s damn sure not working! Shelly i’m just sick of hearing her tell lies although it’s part of the game but she takes it too far!!!


PEOPLE!!! Some of you are STILL missing the point:
THIS IS A GAME!! Everyone plays differently. Stop hating Shelly! Lying and playing both sides may not be acceptable in our real lives but Shelly is playing a game where you can throw morals straight out the window! She is no floater like Adam, she jumps right in there and figures out how she can manipulate the situation to her advantage.


Shelly sucks bc all she talked about was her “integrity” and tried to discredit other HGs for not having any when come to find out everyone in that house has more than her.

Yes she was just playing the game. The social game, which if fine. She can’t win comps and when her social game back fired, she has nothing left. What is she doing now to be a player? After all this, she looks like a dumb ass.


I am glad rachael won veto to save jordan and herself. shes the only one whos played the game. shelly and adam do absolutely nothing. kalia thinks shes so smart and in control and shes not. porshe and her didnt even start playing til late in the game when dani needed people. jordan hasnt done anything. people may think rachael is crazy emotional but maybe if she wasnt picked on constantly and always the target even when she isnt winning anything shed feel better. i hope that shelly goes home. i hope jordan wins HOH and puts up kalia and porshe. get porshe out then rachael wins the next hoh and gets porshe out. final 3 adam rachael and jordan. i then hope adam and rachael go to final 2 and rachael takes the whole thing. she deserves it.


I noticed that the ones who hate Shelly are a little bit more careful with their wording. GOOD! Before TMZ reported, you guys called her all kinda names and acted crazy. Good to see, that you guys don’t take it to that level no more!


Get help.


Ugh!! None of this really matters though, does it? Production will just manipulate it to have the outcome they want. It sucks!


Shelly is an absolute douche bag. She is the best manipulator and liar that I have ever seen. She is bringing her family into it now, she will say and do anything to stay in the game and win the money. Don’t trust her RJ. Send her packing.

If there have been threats made to her family, wouldn’t it be in the news, not just news from a tabloid? What can we believe? If anyone has any additional info as to the “fact” of threats let me know.


I think Rachel is lying about the possibility of being pregnant. She is saying this for the cameras. She wanted a BB wedding, but BB wouldn’t do one, so this is the next ploy. If BB thinks she is pregnant they will take pity on her and fix the game(which already worked with the Pandora’s box bullshit). She is also counting on them to help the BB Baby by making sure she gets to the finals. She probably won’t win, but BB will have their hands clean with her. If Rachel was pregnant and nauseous there is no way she could have hung up there swing around to hang on for dear life. She would have been dizzy and would have been the first to fall. If she thought she was pregnant, she would not stop talking about the baby and Brendon-how he would be happy, or mad, but she would be talking about Brendon’s reaction. She has never mentioned a word about Brendon in connection with the baby.
There is no baby-just one of Rachel’s many lies to get to the 500 thou.


If there is one good thing Shelly does it is that she is the most entertaining liar and manipulator this year. If she had any competitive skill to backup her endless social bullshitting ways she would be a really great BB player.


I don’t think there has ever been such a lair on BB……Shelly has to be the best….I can’t stand her but you have to admit that she is playing the game…..I want Rachel to win this year…………she is a great competitor and must be a great friend outside the house…I have a feeling that BB is going to make her leave if she really is pregnant and guess who will be back, Big Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Shelly! I can tell your lying your lips are moving….


who is shelly kidding? is she really trying to convince jordan that she’s trustworthy and that she’ll vote herself out in the final three??? YEAH RIGHT this the exact same story she gave to them a few weeks ago when she swore up and down that she’d stick with them to the end and she only really wants to push them further… i know she has to campaign for herself but c’mon can’t she AT LEAST come up with a new story? something? anything?


Has CBS/BB confirmed the death threats to Shelly’s family? Won’t believe it until they do so.


They don’t have to. The facebook page exists and there are tweets. Google is your friend.


To all the JJ fans out there who are doubting or almost passively condoning the threats against Shelly and her family, are you aware that even JJ would be appalled by this news if they heard it? You have so much JJ’s shit on your faces that you can’t even see that your idols would be disgusted by your sick reactions and attitudes: they would run away from you and stand by Shell and her family, bunch of morons!!! And do you know why? Because they have a life, they don’t need your obsession to breathe so get your heads out of their asses, put yourselves together and regain some humanity and common sense!


I totally agreed! Even though I’m went to RHS with Jeff. Stop making threats and even though I don’t like Shelly in BB13 but this has to be stop. Just be careful what words will hurt. Because Jeff won’t like it. Please stop the death threats. does not mean that we have to hurt her family. I’m not cool with that. Just stop making threat and get over it.


Thanks Porsche, for open the pandora box. J/R did win the POV and replacement of Shelly/Adam. Have fun at the Jury House.


How easily we forget how ugly Shelly has been about Rachel. Though I don’t think any family should be threatened over this game and I am not sure I believe it but Shelly is more than just a liar. She is just an ugly person and I don’t mean physically. She has even threatened physical harm to Rachel and that is not game play. Porshe and Kalia are not far behind. They have taken this to an ugly personal level.

Adam is useless and RJ should keep him around til final three and then say see ya…


I love Straight Shooter! She will try anything to manipulate the others. Too bad she overplayed her hand and will likely be sent packing. Girl can’t win shit but she sure can keep everyone’s heads spinning. She got under Jordan’s skin better than Russell (remember when Jordo chest bumped him? bwahahaha)


Jordan and Porsha in final 2 . Then for some innocent sexual experimentation and tickle fights.


…And snakes were revered for their power in ancient Egypt!!
Love Jordan if she were my next door neighbor, but she’s ridden Jeff’s coat tails the whole season and now she’s riding Rachel’s. If Jordan wins this thing, yet again, you can all say “nice girls finish first” but only when they have no talent to really play a game the way it was intended to be played! Let CBS start another game that awards 500K to the nicest, sweetest coat tail riding HG…… this however is Big Brother and as I already said, morals should be checked at the door the day you enter.