Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel and Jordan want to save Adam and shake on keeping him 100% safe..

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1:40pm Rachel says that she doesn’t think Adam would nominate you. Jordan says she doesn’t think he would win HOH anyways. Rachel and Jordan agree they need to talk to him and make him feel comfortable. Rachel says that if we go to the final two there are more newbies in the jury house than vets. Adam joins them in the havenot room. Rachel and Jordan tell him that they are going over everything. Adam says that he doesn’t envy them. Jordan asks if Adam has a final two deal with Kalia? Adam pauses and says …did she present it to me … yes. Rachel says thank you for not lying to us. Adam explains that he felt really really bad how everything went down. Jordan talks about how Dani said that Adam was in on the plan. Adam says that knowing about a plan and being a part of a plan are two totally different things. Jordan says that she knows him and Rachel haven’t talked a lot of game.. Adam says he knows and doesn’t know why.. Jordan says that when Porsche one HOH he came to talk to them and that Shelly didn’t. Jordan says that he have helped you a lot in this game and if we help you again …then you really owe us. Jordan says just be honest … if you was to work with them ..then just tell us. Adam says that before the vote for Jeff happened they came to me and I said no.
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1:55pm Jordan tells not to repeat this but Kalia came to us to make a final four deal with us and to get rid of who ever we don’t keep this week. Jordan says I don’t know if that is honest or what. Adam says that there is a lot of bullshit going around in this house. Adam says that his hands are being pulled in all directions. Jordan says that Shelly said to us that she will throw the next HOH. Adam says will she throw it or just suck at it. Jordan says that we cannot let Porsche or Kalia get to final two deal. Adam says that what makes him mad is that he doesn’t even know how it got to them that he had a final tow deal with Kalia. Rachel says that Shelly just told us. Adam says that Shelly shouldn’t have even known ..and that maybe it was just them trying to see if they could trust me to see if I talked about it. Rachel tells Adam that Shelly said you never had a deal with her. Adam says that we didn’t really. They ask Adam what his hesitation to work with them. Adam says that he worked so hard to get here …and that all they had to do was answer a phone to get back here. Jordan asks do you want them to win … with Kalia sleeping all day and Porsche walking around wearing the HOH key all day.

2pm – 2:20pm Rachel tells Adam wouldn’t you rather fight to the end with the best players. Adam says that what hurt him is that there is no trust there between him and Kalia. Adam says that all he knows is that if he wins HOH next matter because then he can’t play the next one. Rachel says that doesn’t matter ..all that matters is the POV … the HOH just guarantees you are safe.. the POV keeps you here. Jordan, Rachel and Adam shake on that if they keep him…he is 100% safe with them. Adam talks about how pissed off he is that Kalia has spread his final tow deal with her around the house. Jordan tells Adam that we will not flip on you. Rachel looks at Adam and says that it looks like you don’t trust us. Adam says no …I do ..I trust you. Jordan tells Adam that he needs to help them win. Rachel says that if I don’t win I am going home because I am the biggest target. Adam says that the hardest thing is knowing who to trust and that’s all it comes down to… Adam says that he trusted them and they have now screwed him. Adam says that he is putting his trust in Rachel and Jordan now. Adam says that he wanted to fight and know that he earned the spot to be at the end. Rachel says that Shelly told them that Kalia thinks she made the biggest game move. Adam disagrees and says that we still have yet to make the biggest game move yet. Adam says that he is still going to walk around with his head down. Adam says that they have always been honest with him and that he sees the signs and all signs point here. They tell Adam to still be friends with them or whatever because it will look better that way. Adam wants them to shock Shelly on Thursday. Adam thanks them and leaves…

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2:30pm – 2:40pm Jordan asks Rachel if she feels good? Rachel says yeah. Jordan says yeah a lot better. They talk about honest Adam was and that Shelly couldn’t even look him in the eye. They talk about how Kalia blabbed her deal with Adam to Shelly and that they can’t trust her. Jordan tells Rachel that she cant turn on me for Porsche. Rachel says OMG are you kidding me!? I wouldn’t!! Jordan says that with Shelly they didn’t feel good but with Adam she did. Rachel says yeah and I would never turn on you for Porsche. Meanwhile Adam heads out into the backyard and Shelly asks him what he has been doing? Adam says eating … Shelly asks all this time?? Adam says yeah and eating. Adam starts talking about how Dani was talking about a celebrity cheering for her …and that would be insane to have a celebrity cheer for him. Adam heads back inside to lie down. Back in the HaveNot room Rachel and Jordan continue to talk about how they need to trust someone and that their best shot is with Adam. The conversation turns to trying to think about what the upcoming competitions will be like. Jordan and Rachel talk about how they won’t say anything to anyone … Rachel says that it is obvious they are making deals to get rid of us. Rachel and Jordan start studying the events of the house. Rachel and Jordan talk about how much better they feel after talking all of this out with Adam. Rachel heads outside …and Jordan goes to the kitchen..

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Just read up on what some of these so called fans have been doing to Shelly’s family… It doesn’t surprise me seeing some of the stuff people have tried to post here.

A sad day for the rest of the BB fans makes us all look like crazy cat ladies.

No Suprise

Just wait until tonight when they air what went on Thursday when the feeds were down

Then it’ll probably get worse

Nicki Minaj

How much do you want to bet they wont show the fight on Sunday’s show (tonight), because they dont want to portray Jordan as who she was when she fought Shelly.


In Jordan’s season that showed the Jordan and Russell show down.


Shelly provoked the fight and was vicious.

Shellys Cig

Simon, wondering if that Captain person that post here is behind any of the threats?


I have been thinking the same thing.

Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!


no he doesn’t seem that type and i read a lot of his posts this year if not all.


Do I look like an idiot making threats? Seriously, I’m not that guy. So, just calm down and move on.


Team Shelly 4 life, yo!


Seriously, Shellys CIG. I’m not that guy goes around making threats. I’m not an idiot. I went to RHS with Jeff but I’m not that low. So, stop blaming me okay.

Nick B

Well, at the very least, I’d believe that you’re not making threats. People who would do that are real sickos.


Are you for real? How could you ask that? SMH in disbelief!!!


Like Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna or Jennifer Aniston usually call TMZ to have their names in big fonts on a gossip website?


No offense but going to tmz and not the fbi (but saying they might go to the fbi) kind of puts doubt in my mind. I work cases like this and the actions of going to tmz (who does not vet stories, and even makes up crap and photoshops stuff galore) would make me say REALLY?!!!

Remember saying it does not make it true, and they’re is a reason they’re not going to the fbi. Filing false information is against the law.

I feel for her family, but maybe lying is their way. When Shelly feels her back against the wall for being caught in a lie, she comes out swinging to kill. Husband can be the same way.

Shelly’s employer took her photo down way before Brendan and Jeff were voted off. I would have no problem with the lies she tells if they were game related but she made them all personal against Rachel and got up in Jordan’s face, enough to scare Rachel who got in the middle and dragged Jordan away. Shelly is a bully and has no class. Bet as my mother says, you don’t get class with age and Shelly is the proof of that one.

BB needs to pull all those hg aside for comments about kicking people in the shins, hitting people in the stomach to induce a miscarriage etc etc. Personally the death threats are not as bad to me as the comment to hit Rachel in the stomach to cause a miscarriage. Rachel might not be pregnant, but even so, they think she is (keep talking about it) so they’re willing to kill an unborn child.


Did they? How does one conclude that? I thought TMZ reported it, like it’s news. Team ADAM, yo!

BB Never Missed an Episode

Seriously Simon…I have never missed an episode of BB and have had plenty of contestants that I loathed, but I never wished harm to them…just wanted them to lose 🙂 Several posts on here have disturbed me over the last few weeks, especially the ones talking bad about Shelly’s daughter….don’t take out your hate on someone’s family. I can’t get over the name calling and personal attacks on the players and other posters. It is a game for goodness sakes. People who are so personally invested need to get a life of their own and stop living so vicariously through others. I’m sure there have been similiar incidents over the last 12 seasons, too. Saddens me that there are so many haters in the world.


yes, it seem to happen every year.


100% agree.

Was Team Jeff now Team POrsche

Bravo… I’ve been saying the same thing for two weeks in these forums, and (mostly) only getting flamed at for it.

Never underestimate the ability of the general population to sicken and disgust you.

Simon said it best – these people make the rest of us fans look like crazy bag ladies.

kalia the hut

“Was team jeff now team porsche”??? Adam? is that you? lol!


speak for your self Simon. You might LOOK like a crazy cat lady but apparently I AM A CRAZY CAT LADY lol but not cause of Shelly. Recently took in a 3rd cat (would have been 4th but my older cat recently passed) that was abused.

but anyway, back to your point, it is ridiculous how people act. I mean did I want to reach in and strangle Shelly for a few hours Thursday night? Yes. Did I act on it or threaten her or her family? No. I got over it. People are just sad really.


Agreed wholeheartedly!

I mean I haven’t talked about Shelly in a positive light, but some people just go to far.


Death threats are inexcusable, and these people need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Team “Not a Crazy Cat Lady” YO!


Simon, I don’t making threats. I’m not obessived but I’m also a High School classmates of Jeff but I’m taking very seriously. If you believe me that cool but if you don’t believe me that I’m making threats go ahead and banned me. But, I’m not making threats. I posted the other comments which has to do with Jeff’s eviction. I’m not making threats. So, if you can respond this to me cool. I’m just want to make comments the positive way. Not making threats. I’m not that guy. I post that one I read. This is way gone too far. I know I’m not making threats. So, can you respond ASAP.


yes capt i agreed with you. they were thinking you were a jeff stalker.

Not a PHD student

oh spare us firstmate. You don’t make threats?? What happen to your comments about you’re from chicago and you’ll fight anyone, anywhere on the street cause that’s how you did their? Newsflash, you’re that person!!!!!!!!! I guess you have selective memory. Seek help ASAP (that’s as soon as possible) seeing how you have the same education douche bag jeff


You read his posts? SUCKER! I give him a pass because I don’t think English is his first language.

Quackers captors

u strike me as someone who keeps exotic reptiles & monkeys… keeping on eye you capitan (doing the eye fingers thing to you)


Simon, what does Adam mean when he says that all they had to do was answer a phone to get back here.


dunno I didn’t cover that conversation.

acme made

he means adam’s been trying out for big brother for years but the vets only had to answer the phone to be offered to come back this season, instead of having to try out many times.


does adam realize that the vets have been thru the same process before? And the reason they got called back is because they actually made some kind of impression on the fans or staff, unlike him


I believe Adam tried out several times, and he even lost weight to get on BB. Where the vets they called up and asked them to play again and they didn’t have to go through all of the vetting process.

Was Team Jeff now Team POrsche

Adam was referencing the Vets…. how they didn’t have to go through the casting process like the newbies did; the producers called THEM and told them they wanted to bring them back.

At least, that’s how -I- read into it.


He means they didn’t have to go through the interview process because they are returning house guests.

Big Jim

Wow Brilliant Adam. They didn’ have to go through it because they already have. Duh.


I think he’s saying that the newbs had to try out while CBS called up the vets to come back. Basically that the vets didn’t have to do anything but answer a call from CBS to get on this season.


I think he was referring to the vets. They were invited to come back and he had to work hard through all of the interview process.

No ones fan

I think he ment that He had to fill out an amplication several times to get on the show and JR were just called and asked to come back to play.


He meant that the vets all they had to do to be in the game this time was answer the phone call by CBS asking them to come back, whereas the newbies had to go through a long process of auditions and call-backs, etc.


True. But the vets had to go through all that for their original seasons.


I don’t care for Shelly at all. I think that the way in which she played Jordan is awful – especially since she continues to talk about her integrity. That said, it’s just a game folks. No one deserves to get death threats. A few unbalanced individuals are making anyone who states their dislike for Shelly suspect. I don’t care for Dani, Kalia or Porsche either. I think that they are mean girls and Shelly joined right in. Based on the past few weeks, I would really like to see Adam, Jordan and Rachel in the final 3. Don’t really care who wins at that point. At the end, Adam was loyal to his alliance through last week. Rachel is emotional, but seems to have gotten it more under control and I do feel bad for all of the mean girl comments that have been going on. Jordan, while only winning one HOH (and I don’t think she had it handed to her since we will never know how Jeff and Brendan would have done in the golf), she let Jeff take the lead for her duo. She has been much more engaged since Jeff left.

BB Never Missed an Episode

Which is a really stupid argument in the scheme of things, because they had to go through the same thing he did to get on their first season of play.


It meant thay didn’t have to apply and go through all the auditions, they just recieved a call and came on the show


the producers called them to be on bb 13


Adam is playing a solid game I think hes blind to this, but its working he can win


Well Shelley you really did it this time letting everyone know about kalia deal with Adam, boy shelley you don’t know when to shut up


The vets might have just had to answer the phone this season, but they had to go thru the whole application/interview process to get on BB in their first season(s). Geeeeze Adam, grow a pair – who knows, maybe BB will phone you next year.


Yeah I woke up this morning reading about all that on another website and it made me embarrassed for BB fans and sad for Shelly…. why I haven’t had much of a voice on this blog today. Just crazy. People need to get a LIFE

Team JR


do u think because of what happened to shellys family they will cancel big brother for good?


Unless the threats become reality no I don’t.

No Suprise

Even if the threats became reality they’re probably not going to cancel the show

People from reality shows have comitted suicide before (one of the guys on kitchen nightmare’s and one from hell’s kitchen relatively recently) and they didn’t cancel either of those shows

they’d probably write it off as a lone nutcase


Evel Dick from season 8 got death threats himself. the seasons continued.


Forgot about Dick’s problems.. there’s been a lot of death threats over the years


no. these threats are not unusual for reality tv stars. i mean they are not common either but it has happen a fair amount of times on other shows and they didn’t cancel.


I agree. Unfortunately, it took something like this to make people take a hard look on the comments they make.


I’m surprised how there isn’t more talk about how Jeff made threats to kill houseguests families on his season since the threats against Shellys family seem to be related to Jeff being evicted. I think BB should have addressed the issue more seriously back when Jeff did it on the show. I think some fans might not be able to understand that you can’t get away with things in real life that you can on BB. I hope it’s just people acting stupid and that nobody actually does anything otherwise I am done watching BB. I’m still team production but the did drop the ball here.


This is a perfect example of why I would never go on BB or any other show for that matter. Anonymity in this connected age is a commodity. Most of us are one level of seperation from any idiot who has an internet connection and enough sense to launch a search for any personal information on you.

Television, like sports, is for entertainment value. Not to be taken seriously and certainly shouldn’t be used as an excuse to attempt harming totally innocent people.

I’ve talked trash about all BB players every year since season 1 and will continue to no doubt. When the game (if you can call it that) takes a turn I don’t like, I have the option of not watching any longer, thereby quashing any festering anger I might have about the whole season. I don’t waste my time searching for the players families. That’s just way overboard. I am not personally vested in any of these players and have no desire to be. I’m just baffled as to why people get this wrapped up in total strangers, to the point that they cross the line and break laws. Let’s just hope the perpetrators are caught,even if it they were only pranks.


I hope no one is really harrassing shelley’s family, but you make a good point why go to tmz instead Of law enforcemet? Unless you are are lying? Death threats are serious, going to tmz tells me you just want attention from the media instead of trying to keep your family safe which makes me think the husband isn’t telling the whole truth. Team jeff, jordan, rachael forever.


YESSS shellys goingggggggggggggggg! i cant wait to see her interview with julie … wonder if she will even lie when shes out of the house…?


If Julie Chen asks Shelly about her lies, Shelly will say:

Julie, everything I have done is for you and your family. I never cared if I won. (Crying starts)
I am only here to help the CBS ratings and your family Julie. You are my favorite TV host and I left my kid for you.
If I can ever help you just call me and we will be friends for life.


hahaha that is so Shelly …. you are funny Dom!

Tyler Durden

“Julie Chen, everything I ever said and did was for my family and for you Julie Chen. You know I would never do anything to cause you or anyone harm. That’s just not me..cuz im a straight shooter (lights a cig as she folds her manly legs ).


Really? Adam- seriously are you this dumb????


Jordan says to Adam, ” do you want them to win … with Kalia sleeping all day and Porsche walking around wearing the HOH key all day” what has jordan done this WHOLE game besides winning an Hoh that Brendon and Jeff threw. She always talks about how all these players have done nothing, but she has too!!!

Big Jim

True. That is why I want Rachel to win! There I said it flame on!

Shelly's Shell

Team Rachel 4 life, yo!


I agree I want Rachel to win too.


OMG…………..I completely agree with you!


She won that HOH fair and square she beat out all the other players didn’t she? Do you know that if Jeff or B had really tried they would have scored better than a 3? She also won a veto comp. So get it straight she has won something. I agree she isn’t the best at comps but be fair. Even in the last HOH she was last one standing next to K so she managed to beat out the other 4 players. Wether you like her or not she must be doing something right because the HG all seem to like her. As for her fight with S I really don’t care how badly she would have gone after S she was hurt people lash out when they are hurt. She really trusted S the most out of everyone except Jeff. It always hurts most when you are betrayed by someone you really trusted and some people will hold that grudge forever and never forgive. I think J is a forgiver. She is kind hearted and told S she was sorry for her blow up.


When did she win a veto comp this season?


What veto did she win by herself I must have missed it


id just like to randomly throw out there, what if next season they do a celebrity big brother, that way we dont have to deal with past houseguests and stupid super fans like adam, just throw in a few celebrities for 3 months, have them battle it out for the half million to give to charity or something, that would be way cooler to watxh than this shit

Was Team Jeff now Team POrsche

Great minds think alike – that’s EXACTLY what has been in my head since Thursday and seeing any chance of interesting BB episodes follow Daniele and Jeff out the door.

It would be awesome – I would watch!


I think they should just start throwing in all the celebrities who are or have been on house arrest. Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton etc. Perhaps they could even strike a deal with David Hasselhoff and Kit.


there would tiger blood everywhere with charlie sheen

TEAM Don'tGet InMyFaceBish

I wanna see best 6 BB players go against best 6 Survivor players in BB 14….then they can do a Survivor with the same cast!!!!!!!!


Now, that would be a great show ….. best of BB vs. best of Survivor!! Game on!!

Go team Rachel and Jordan!

I’ve watched Celebrity Big Brother from the UK. It was a great show and they had some of OUR celebrities there.
YES BB producers….THIS IS A FABULOUS idea!


IMOO A celebrity Big Brother would be horrible.


All depends on the cast, throw Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey, Russell Crowe, etc into a locked house for three months


Simon quote:”crazy cat ladies”

Hey I resemble that remark…lmao


i personaly cannont stand shelly and wouldn’t want to know her outside of the house. if in some other dimension she tried to talk to me i wouldn’t. but attacking and threatening her family is well beyond way too far. DEF NOT OKAY


Shelly doesn’t deserve threats from these strangers.. She just doesn’t deserve the money.


Good move rachael and jordan! get those 3 ladies out of the bb house asap.


Hmmmm….. JAR final 3? Delightful!

It’s obvious now that we have 3 groups: JR, KP and A.
It’s the time Adam picks a side!
Now let’s see if Adam is really going to go along with JR.

Benny Hill

I can tell you right now which side Adam will exactly be on.

The side that wins HOH.

If Adam just so happens and wins HOH himself and has to really make a choice I think he would be better off siding with KP. I think he has a chance of beating either one of them in the final 2. If he is up against J or R he has no shot. Either one of them has 3 lock votes and would only need one more to win. Dani prolly wouldn’t even give him a vote since his vote got her out and she see’s him as a coaster. That would be 4 votes for J or R.

If Adam went to the final with K or P I think he would get JJBR’s vote. They wouldn’t want to give it to K or P just out of spite since they was the opposing team thru out the season. But the last 2 paragraphs is about if Adam wins an HOH and I doubt that will happen so Adam will side with whoever else wins.


I really don’t like Horseface Shelly but there is a big difference in not liking someone and treats to her family. I’ll be glad to see her go but wish her no harm.


Oh Please! Horses look better then her! 😛 As for the rest I agree.


Adam, you did the right thing. You should go for the Veterans (Jordan and Rachel). Look at the newbies, Porsche wearing a key on her head and for Kaila She sleeps and eats. You don’t want Porsche and Kaila going to the final 3 right. Go for the experience who knows the stuff and fights till the end. Jordan and Rachel already been there and they will help you. Porsche and Kaila going to final 3 is nothing but sit there and not doing anything. That why, JRA are going to the final 3.


And jordan has done so much lol gtfoh

Harley GIrl

Yes, I read it too, it is crazy… I can not believe people would actually threaten a family over a tv show.. I feel so sorry for her family. Even though I don’t like her game play. I would not want something to happen to her or her family. so scary. Didn’t Rachel say she got death threats too. What is the matter with people.



It comes as no surprise that Shelly’s family recieving death threats from JJ fans…Think about…Jeff yelling and threatening everyone to the bitter end…see thursday…Jordan practically wanting to fight Shelly thursday and saying that Jeff should and is going to kill Dani…Their fans are merely taking a cue from JJ’s behavior.

give me a break

Taking a cue from Dani maybe looking at the post from them on here it probably was. Just like lying everyone of them bullyed look up the definition.

Was Team Jeff now Team POrsche

You’re so far off-base it’s not even funny.

Jeff was a strong personality in the house. The reason everyone says he was “bullying” everyone else is just because nobody else had a damn spine and basically gave him free reign. Besides that, what did he ever do or say that was really so over the top? Telling people they should follow him and vote his way? HG’s do that all the time. Talking shit about people? Others in the house have said far worse than anything he did. So what’s the big deal?

As for Jordan’s “kill” comment – she was speaking M E T A P H O R I C A L L Y. She didn’t ACTUALLY mean Jeff was going to literally kill Daniele – what she meant was Jeff is going to make her life miserable. Use your brain, geez…


Of course it was M E T A P H O R I C A L L Y speaking….You and I know that, but just like anything(sports fans) else…Rabbid fans take things literally and act out on what they think is reality…Use your brain, and you know this is true.


The newbees were never going to win no matter what they accomplish…and why?

1. CBS paid the Vets to play this season, and expected one of them to win, but didn’t realize how much they are former HG(other than Jordo and ED) not vets.

2. Newbee wins HOH, CBS throws a twist to make Kalia doubt herself, thus losing a newbee.

3. Brendon returns to the house, with a 2-1 vote against D&C(note had Rachel been voted out, CBS would have said Cassi won the vote to return).

4. CBS plan backfired and Brendon went the next week.

5. Jeff wins his 1st HOH, CBS allowed him to choose would be the havenots without a competition and since there were nine HG then why only 3(DKP) were put on slop not 4(even split)

6. CBS was shocked when the newbees took the 3 competition on thurday, and it was evident that JR were going home.(AG couldn’t have that)

7. Another newbee HOH, and another adverse effected HOH, of all things, duo pov comp. Jordan benefited from her being teamed with Rachel(the 2nd physically strong competitor this year)

8. The outcome was set from the start…and comps and twist were set to insure vet wins.

9. one can only hope that Jordo does not repeat by coasting again, But CBS will give her no less than second.

Was Team Jeff now team Porsche / VoxDaddy

Uhh… how did my name get changed?


I DON’T agree with people messing with Shelly’s family and daughter because they are not responsible for Shelly’s actions and lies, and I would never do something like that, but with that being said I won’t feel bad when Shelly comes out of the house and finds out what has been going on in her personal life. Shelly deserves it not for voting out Jeff, but because of the way she is as a person. She’s not a good person she is a PSYCHOPATH. I don’t think she lies for the game, I think she is like this outside the house in her REAL LIFE; she is delusional and thinks she is not lying when clearly she is. I think she needs to get medical help ASAP!


Of course Shelly’s a liar outside the house, she works in upper management.


I totally agree with Jenny


Gee…seems to me these exact same words were being used to describe Rachel…hmmm…just saying


Shelly does not deserve death threats against her family or her person because of the way she acts on a reality tv show. The fact that you can’t comprehend that, after all the postings here, is more telling about your own character than anything SS did on BB.


I agree 100%.

give me a break

And it was not just Jeff fans it was also Dani fans so dont put it on just one side. On this site alone people were acting crazy about everyone. I dont understand why people cant keep it about the game not personal attacks on people. You never know that person could have been on here seeing alot of the post and again not just a certain side it was both. It actualy makes more since that it came from the other side but God knows maybe this will show people on here to keep it at a game level not personal….


Dani has nothing to do with the threats lol gtfoh

give me a break

How do you know were you involved gtfop.

Team Adam

Go ADAM…… BB13 Winner!!!


Shelly won’t be gone this week. Adam will be gone. CBS & BB will use these death threats for ratings. people who have not been watching BB this season will curiously tune in just to see what this Shelly character is all about. you can bet on it that BB will have another twist before someone gets evicted this thursday. as easy as it was to use Porshe to open pandora’s box and blame Porshe for what happened in the POV comp, it will be easier to set up another twist. BB knows Shelly & Adam got screwed the most with the duo veto. BB is gonna balance out these blatant mistakes by production.


Hope not. shelly cooked her goose and it’s time for her to go. I think it’s better for her to go and heal, because she doesn’t even feel good about what she did. The death threats are ridiculous. Nobody should do that.
On a complete other note, as I watched BB tonight I thought it made Shelly look vicious. She denied and never came clean and try to be a victim. Not good for making herself look good.


Simon, I’m not making threats but I’m posting the postive of what happening. If you believe me that I’m making a threats just go ahead and banned me.If I writing something that doesn’t deals with her family. I’m not that guy. So please respond of posting it.


don’t worry you’ve never posted anything on this blog that would get you in trouble…


Thank you, I’m not that guy who doesn’t do that. I’m writing the post of what happen and I went to Ridgewood High School with Jeff. If you believe me that I knew Jeff at Ridgewood High School great and if not. These people think that I’m obessive with Jeff. I’m not that guy. Can you respond this one and also if you agree with me great? If you have a question about How I know Jeff Schroeder? Please post this to me ASAP!


Enough said. I think a lot of fans have had it with your HS stories. Team Shelly, yo!


i posted it here after the double eviction night. shelly will have probs in the real life. and look where we are….

its not correct how people or “fans” are acting BUT shellys behavior also is reason for all of this. no excuse, but a fact.

better for her to go to jury now. and the correct game move by JR.

overall it looks like porsche has really good shot at the money. kalia will have trouble to get votes from JJBR.


Thank you for the filter, I can’t imagine what you have to read. Cheer up Simon! For every bad apple there is a good seed. I’m very confident they will catch this creep….

big brother lover

rachel and jordon are of the block and adam and shelly are up i have a big feeling shelly is going home cuz it sounds like rachel and jordon are going to vote to keep adam and then kalia votes for who ever it dont matter cuz it will be 2-1 or 3-0 i think adam will stay and i really hope im right

team not rachel

I absolutely makes me sick to hear that someone would make death threats to someone’s family in the house! It’s just a game! I know Shelley would be irate and all the rest of the hgs would be outraged if they knew this…..almost makes me wanna stop watching….


OMG, Come on people, do you guys think that I going around and making death Threats of Shelly family. Seriously, do I look like an Idiot making threats. Simon, I’m not that guy who goes around and threatening Shelly family or her job. I’m trying to make comments of what happen in double eviction. Do you think that I’m been threatening Shelly family. Whoever making threats is needs to stop. I’m not making threats of Shelly family. I don’t know Shelly’s family. I’m not an idiot. These people think that I’m making Threats. Do I look that guy who making threats about it. I’m taking very seriously of saying something stupid. If you believe me great and if not go ahead and do whatever you do. I’m not that guy who goes around and making threats. Post this up.


You’ve literally written the same comment word for word about 77 times.

We get it, Cap. You wouldn’t threaten her family. You’re not the guy.

Quackers captors

bullshit…ye who protests too much…GUILTY! also i dont believe your a captian probably just a seaman

Tea, JR yo

So let me ask you something capt. Are you the one making threats I couldnt tell with your last post


No I’m not making threats. Believe me. I’m not that stupid. I know Jeff since Ridgewood High School and I don’t make threat of Shelly’s family.


Good. Move on.

Tyler Durden

Cap saying 77 times that he is not responsible for making the death threats against Shelly makes myself and EVERYONE else on here think that Cap is indeed responsible for making the death threats against Shelly and her family. Sounds like Cap is good ol “STRAIGHT SHOOTIN ! “


Honestly, I’ve been shocked about many of the things said about all of the contestenats in this forum. I’ve mentioned it before. This is the problem with social media…it’s nearly anonymous and people feel like its ok to spew hate and call people vile names without any repercussions. I have sincerely been shocked by some of the things said about many of the women, in particular, here. It’s horribly vile. I am not a Shelly fan but, at the end of the day, this is a game. I hope those responsible are held accountable. Terrorizing her family (or her for that matter) is completely unacceptable.

Another sick ‘twist’ – another site has suggested that the threats are rumoured to actually be Shelly fans trying to make like they are Jeff and Jordon fans. Don’t know how true it is…but I can think of one Shelly fan here (that likes to type in all caps, spouting off all sorts of obscentities) that might fit that sort of weirdo category.

I know its a lot of work, but perhaps the moderators would consider taking a stance by filtering the ‘hateful’ language a bit more. People get carried away and the ‘wrong’ person might take the comments as validation or encouragement. Just saying….



i do agree with what u say about some people taking it to far ………. i really dont like shellly but most folks really go over board trying harm or threatened people’s family that’s going too far

i hope adam sticks with rachel and jordan rachel needs to win hoh


I am amazed by the lengths that some people will go to….that being said…makes me wonder about future BB contestants…who would be wiling to put their family and friends in harms way for a game?…means that we won’t get the best candidates for future BB’s…what are your thoughts?


I think the whole thing will pass…it’s pretty rediculous though that people are actually making threats over Big Brother. It’s a just a game and TV show. I bet when she get’s evicted she’ll be shocked to know about this whole thing. Hmmmm..stay tuned :o)


“Rachel tells Adam wouldn’t you rather fight to the end with the best players”

Shouldn’t this read “Rachel tells Adam wouldn’t you rather fight to the end with the best player” singular not plural.

I can’t believe that Rachel is willing to carry Jordo to the end…Seriously, Rachel is always talking about…floaters, non-competitive HG, Rachel has always maintained that she is for competitors not coasters.

Jordo talking about how they won POV and how they need to win HOH…Jordo has not contributed to her alliance this season at all, but will reap another, no less than, 2nd place finish. As conniving as Rachel has been, I hope she has an exit strategy for Jordo, but CBS has made up their minds and wants a vet to win but not Rachel.


adam is lame.




I’m a JJ fan and to think that someone would take this show so personally is appalling. I don’t like Shelly’s game play either but I have and never would make remarks about someones family! The boards have been crazy with the name calling, judgmental accusations! Sheesh….


I agree Amy, Way too much name calling. It just shows that the majority of people are nothing more than children in an adult body. Children name call. Adults are suppose to be above that. When the name calling is about someone’s physical appearance, it is even more disturbing. No doubt those who resort to this cant win a beauty contest either and more than likely has nothing intellectual to add to the conversation. Bottom line is BB is a game. Its popularity is off the charts because of the prize. BB has to select colorful individuals to keep the ratings high. Not everyone selected will be model types or individuals with the best of character. If everyone were gorgeous looking and or Mother Teresa types, how boring it would be.


Oh boy, I see it now–ADAM will win this season. The least deserving of all will win. Kalia, regardless of how awkward her thinking is, tries. Porsche reminds me of a little girl sitting around a little table having a tea party with her stuffed animals. She is just simply empty. Jordan, dear heart, tries to be mean and vicious but she just doesnt have it in her to do so. A person like Jordan gets sympathy votes. Rachel is a person with extremely low self esteem but constantly tries to convince herself otherwise. If the movie Three Faces of Eve is ever remade, she would be perfect for the lead role. Shelly is very extreme with the lying but she is playing the game. I just dont understand why she is critiqued so harshly for how she is playing the game. When she lies, is she suppose to tell everyone ‘ok you guys. I am lying’ or is she suppose to convince them that she is trustworthy to advance herself in the game? Adam is just too scared to take a stand. Adam reminds me of the bashful buzzard in the Bugs Bunny cartoons. I believe this is the most controversial BB of all, and its because BB tried to mix oil and vinegar. It doesnt work. Either all newbies, or all vets. Now all vets would be very interesting to watch. A house full of Shelly’s is what it would be whether you want to agree with me or not. If all the fans want to truly be honest with themselves, if you like a HG regardless of how they play the game you will continue to like them. If some of the moves that Shelly has made would have been made by an admired vet, everyone would be cheering them on and congratulating them for their brilliant game move, but Shelly is condemned for it. I am no fan of hers, but right is right and wrong is wrong.


I like Rachel, Jordan and Adam final three. I have no problem him winning the game, although better if Rachel does. Hoping for either for Adam or Rachel first or second and Jordan America’s player. Rachel will be happy even if second place, however, she is a better player than Adam but if Adam wins also.OK. He has played honestly and fairly in this game.


These BB fans really need to just tone it down a couple of notches. I feel people cross the line when they write very unappropriate coments about the player’s families. Their individual gameplay doesn’t necessary tell how the person acts in “real life.”. This game is for $500k; sometimes competition brings out any actions they may feel needed to get that money. We should keep our comments strictly for thier individual gameplay and not to thief outside families. Anyway, I hope that Adam just picks who he’s going to align with and stick to it. Just like Shelly, he’s not very good in the comps but has a great social game. The different is that to his point he’s has not or been caught up in lies in the BB house. We shall see from this point forward if Adam either chooses who he’s going to align with or latch on to who he sees has the power in the house.

*point to elbow* "my shoulder"

It’s insane what some people will do over a game show. How can someone threaten little 8 year old Josie just because her mother is playing a reality tv show game. It said on the article that they are getting the FBI invovled..omg crazy shit. Joise probably cant even go to school and her husband is scared shitless for his kid right now. If Shelly knows what happening to her family she will probably quit the game right now. And also is Rachel seriously preggo? Production needs to get her a pregnancy test.


Really hard to tell with Rach, she might be doing for attention. Can’t imagine what Brendon’s family is thinking since she basically told the whole T.V. viewing audience. Maybe they will announce it on finale night, “Shocker” to Brendon that would be priceless……


Rachel is not pregnant…BB producers would have removed her by now…and sure they gave her a prego test…CBS does not want the image or liability placed on their network.

Shelly's Shell

It’s really bad all this shelly hatred, but why is her family calling TMZ for help?


Is that a rhetorical question? People calling TMZ for help, wow!!!! Always thought that people usually call the police for help and TMZ pester the police services to get some juicy things to write about.


Go to and read what they say. Nowhere does it say the family called TMZ. TMZ goes wherever there’s a juicy story. They don’t wait for an invitation

Nick B

I hope JJ fans that have taken matters to this level of extreme realize they may be screwing JJ’s chances out of an All-Stars season. Think about it, most of the houseguests were already scared to death to put JJ up this season for fear of America hating them. What about during All-Stars when it comes time to make the best game move and put them up, but everyone’s too afraid because their family may receive death threats? I’ll tell you what happens, Grodner avoids that headache altogether, and doesn’t invite them back. Don’t get me wrong, JJ is a cash cow for sure, but they’re novelty is wearing off, and they aren’t worth compromising an All-Star season. There were great players before them, and there will be again.

Nick B

their* novelty. ARGH!


ITA and I thought JorDUMB didn’t care about winning?? She’s already WON before and is a GREEDY b*tch!! As much as I hate Rachel, I’d MUCH rather she’d win than JorDUMB, who’s done absolutely NOTHING except LIE and stuff her fat face.


I am not a dani but dani did give kaliha advice that she apparently chose to ignore and it will be her down fall dani told her to not trust shelly and tell her anything important because as soon as she can she will turn on you. Once again Kaliha tells her something that she shouldn’t and now adam doesn’t trust her the thing i always respected about adam is he isn’t the greatest at challenges but he is honest even when dani was hounding him he could have lead her on but he didn’t he was honest about it. I think if it was just rachel he wouldn’t trust her but i think he trust jordon to be honest with him and i think that he was being straight jordon gave him an out she told him if he didn’t want to work with them anymore then just say so. I really respected how adam has played the game


I think we’ve established that bringing Shelly’s family into it is wrong. A hundred posts saying the same thing gets old.

After sending Shelly home, Jordan and Rachel have to turn their sights on Kamala. If she wins this thing I’ll be very disappointed.

team-sweetheartjordan and radicalrachel

Please Rachel/Jordan come threw on the HOH and take out that lazy do nothing team P/K/S, then uncle featus…then J/Rfinal 2 either one wins i’m good.


kalia screwed things up for her side again, thats too funny


People that better not win this season.

Adam – this man has done nothing in this game and looks to just be happy to be on the show. He’s the ultimate floater AND coaster and yet has been the swing vote over and over again. He seems to understand the game but refuses to play it. Does not deserve to win a half a million dollars.

Kalia – she’s on the exact opposite side of the spectrum from Adam, she’s desperately trying to play the game but has absolutely no clue what she’s doing. Her “logic” is physically painful to behold. Does not deserve to win a half a million dollars.

Jordan – Queen of the coat-tail riders, someone (until now that she’s forced to) also seemed to refuse to play the game. Big Jeff made all the decisions and made all the moves while she sat around and looked ‘cute’ most of the time. Does not deserve to win a half a million dollars.

Shelly – I appreciate that she’s tried to make up for her lack of comp ability by playing a nearly pure social and psychological game and it’s certainly got her far in. But I think she overdid and has now become a target because of it. She didn’t learn that sometimes she needs to let off the gas a bit. She’s going home this Thursday with no doubt.

I guess that means I’m hoping for a Rachel/Porsche final 2. Say what you will about either of them (and I know many of you have said many things) out of the remaining HG’s those are the only two that have played the game enough to deserve to win.


may i remind you that up until jeff walked out the door porche hadn’t won a thing so why exactly does she deserve to win i am not a kaliah fan but she has won more then porche.


Are you certain of that? Kalia won two HoH’s and Porsche won an HoH and a veto. That sounds fairly even to me (unless one of us has a failing memory). Not to mention that Porsche wasn’t even competing for 4 weeks due to the golden key so her comp involved in/win ratio is actually significantly higher than Kalia’s.


Agree with everything. I would have liked a DP final two, but I can see a PR final with Rachel winning. I watched Matt from Rachel’s season, on ED’s show. He said that he and Ragan did the “Rachel” segment becuse her family wouldnt cooperate.Rachel and her family have had problems as a result of her appearing on BB. So, not only does Rachel get my pity vote, as least she’s a gamer.


I cant believe people are still thinking Rachel is going home this week….ROFLMAO… POV DAAAAAAAAAAAA….

shelly blows

Ok how many times do we need to hear from people about how wrong threatening shelly’s family is? We understand, and frankly who cares. The family sought out TMZ? after that they have no credibility in anything they say. Did i mention shelly is a disgusting specimen?


You’re going to hear as many time as we want to say it! It’s just as important as whatever drivel you want to spew.

shelly blows

no it’s not important and neither are you “moll”.


After running the scenarios (and NOT with jelly beans) I’m officially calling that it’ll be Rachel/Adam/Porsche as the final 3.

Russell K's baby momma

Shelly is just playing the game the way she believes is strategic. Its just a freaking game. To threaten her cute little daughter is pathetic! Anyway, I want to see Porche, Adam, and Rachel in final 3!


Good grief. The family didn’t contact TMZ. If true, the gossip rag learned about it from “sources close to Shelly” whatever the F that means.


Tales from the Big Brother House:
Newbies Winnings
Porsche 1 HOH (BB13) 1 POV (BB13)
Kaila 2 HOH (BB13) 0 POV (BB13)

Veterans Winnings
Rachel 2 HOH (BB13) 2 POV (BB13)
2 HOH (BB12) 0 POV (BB12)
Jordan 1 HOH (BB13) 1 POV (BB13)
2 HOH (BB11) 1 POV (BB11)
Advantage Veterans

Stop complaining Newbies. Stop blaming CBS production crew of rigging the competition. Just admitted that you guys have fight hard to make that far. Not eatting and sleeping.


Ok seriously, what veto comp did Jordan win this season?


This is a duo POV competition since Porsche open the Pandora Box and gave the advantage for the Rachel and Jordan.Since Rachel won, her and Jordan will go off the block and replacing Adam and Shelly. Shelly is going home.


It hurts my eyes!


I cannot believe some IDIOT or IDIOTS would threaten Shelly’s family over a GAME seriously how pathetic do you have to be to get so upset to threaten innocent people over a smart game move. It is a sad day that someone has to now worry if they compete on one of these shows and goes against viewers favorites that they and family are in danger of some sicko. Seriously stick to watching cartoons if you cannot handle watching this without doing something sick. GET A LIFE


People… Shelly did not start that fight with Jordan. She over heard Jordan talking about her and came to talk to her and Jordan flipped out. Ok maybe Jordan only did it because she was upset but she was acting like a poor sport about what happened. Shelly had every right to play the game for herself and vote out who ever she thought was a threat to her game. Jordan is a naive player and she and Jeff both take things too personal. Jeff came into the season thinking he had the right to win because he was so liked season 11 .CBS screwed up this whole season by mixing veterans with new people. A total all stars cast would have been better if they felt they needed to bring back JJ and BR.