Big Brother Canada INVADES and the Season 2 Application Deadline is Fast Approaching!

Get ready Big Brother fans! After recently wrapping up Big Brother 15 we are now getting ramped up for Big Brother Canada season 2 set to premiere in February 2014. The casting auditions have been taking place across Canada since the beginning of September and will wrap up with the final casting call in Toronto Ontario on October 19th. If you’re planning on submitting a video application you have just under a month to do it as the deadline is Friday, October 25, 2013. Do you think you have what it takes to last 75 days in the big brother Canada house? Are you able to lie, back-stab and manipulate your way to the $100,000 grand prize?

During the Big Brother Canada season 2 auditions Andrew Monaghan’s brother Pete tried out to see if he had what it takes to be cast as one of the new house guests.

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Post Big Brother 14 Interview List

Big Brother 14 finally comes to a end. It was a great season with some of the better Players we’ve seen in a while. Ian Terry finally defeats the DAn Gheesling and the fabled Dan “Mist” is gone. The Vote was a shocking 6-1 with Danielle being the only vote for Dan. The image above was taken from the superpass interviews where Danielle was told Dan said said to Shane right before Shane left that Danielle was playing him from the beginning. It’s sad to say that for the most part these interviews are filled with fluff and really do not get to some core questions. We’ll need to wait for Evel Dick’s interviews for that.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Live Eviction and HOH Winner Results JOJO Vs Danielle

Speculated Vote results
Shane votes to Keep JOJO everyone else votes to evict.

The Swing Vote
No swing vote JOJO is going to be evicted..

Tonight on the live feeds
Janelle and Boogie “8 is enough” alliance will hopefully Break tonight.. Thursday nights are usually a load of fun on the feeds and with Julie chen saying the twist will be known it should be a entertaining night.
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My position: JOJO goes home and Shane wins HOH

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Joe says he’s going to give Jojo her Cig’s back because he isn’t going to vote for her.

1:50pm Jojo is talking to Britney in the bathroom. Jojo talks about how she realizes she is going home and says that sometimes you just have to accept that something’s are out of your control. Britney gives her a hug. Jojo starts bringing up Willie again and Britney tells her that she is tired of talking about it.

Shane and Britney are in the arcade room talking. Shane says that Danielle came to him and told him that she would be more loyal than Jojo. He says he doesn’t know and then asks for Britney’s opinion. Big Brother cuts the feeds to TRIVIA. When they come back, Britney is speculating if she gets to choose a player to come back.. she wonders if she should choose Kara. Shane says yes, Kara knows both Jojo and I voted for her. Britney tells Shane that he and Jojo have been clicky this week and that its hurt him. Britney says that Jojo being stingy with a $6 pack of cigarette is bad for her.
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Ian says he misses math. Britney says oh good Ian finally misses something.

9:50am When the live feeds come back from waking up the house guests. Shane and Jojo are up, they change their batteries and they head to the bathroom. Frank and Mike are up in the HOH room packing up their things. Frank asks Ted if he is sleeping in this morning. The other house guests are slowly getting up and getting ready for the day. Mike, Frank and Jojo are sitting in the living room talking. JoJo starts talking about Willie, she calls him a sociopath and tells them that he brainwashed her. JoJo tells then that she may be a physical threat but she isn’t the smartest person. Meanwhile in the bathroom Ashley and Danielle are getting ready. Danielle comments that Jojo is in the living room talking about her. Ashley tells her that it doesn’t matter, you are safe.
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Jojo says they will be left with a bunch of beast guys and a genius.

12:40am Danielle and Ian are sitting on the bathroom couch talking quietly. Ian tells her next week nobody here is safe. Ian tells Danielle that JoJo blew any chance she had to stay this week. He tells her that he is voting to keep her (Danielle). Ian says that he has no reason to keep JoJo. He says that she has nothing that I need. Ian says that JoJo has dug her own grave. They break up the conversation and leave the room.

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Joe, Frank, Janelle, Wil and Ashley are talking. Janelle asks Joe if he is giving Jojo a vote. Joe says that he isn’t if it bothers the others, he says unless we wants a couple extra packs of cigarettes. Janelle says that they should offer her some memorabilia she can sell outside the house in exchange for a carton of cigarettes. The conversation turns to how Big Brother doesn’t allow them to tell the evicted house guests they are the one going home. Ashley is surprised by this and wonders if she broke the rules by telling Jojo she’s the one going home. Big Brother tells them they are not allowed to talk about your diary room session.

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JOJO makes one last pitch Joe Shoots Straight “you’re one vote away”

10:44 cam 3-4 HOH Dan, Joe. Janelle, Jenn, Boogie
Joe comes up tells them that JOJO’s taken all the cigarettes back because ashley told her she;s going home because the house is voting against her. Boogie laughs says there is going to be some fun tonight.
They all run downstairs so Joe can confront her about the 2 packs of cigarettes. Dan notices Jenn isn’t too keen on egging Jojo on. He take’s her to the side to play chess. Says he doesn’t understand why people need to rub it in her face.. She’s going home just leave her be. Jenn completely agrees says she doesn’t want to torment people when they are down.

11:12pm Cam 3-4 havenots JoJO and Joe Joe tells her He’s 100% going to vote for her to stay and everyone knows it. Jojo give him back the 2 packs. Joe: “you’re one vote away.. work on ashley” Jojo is just worried about looking like a fool having given him 2 packs for a vote then he doesn’t vote for her. joe understands.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Janelle Stirs the pot tells Danielle “JoJo Called you FAT”

9:50pm HOH Danielle and Janelle Janelle tells her that last week JOJO was talking made shit about Danielle. She called Danielle fat and said her legs were huge.. Janelle is trying to cause a fight between JOJO and Danielle. Danielle clearly is mad from this (this is the girl that talks about her weight 24/7) Janelle asks her if she’ll call her out on it. Danielle says he’s not that type of person she’ll start crying. Janelle says she will do it because if she said those things about Danielle she’ll be saying those things about her. Danielle: ‘Oh I bet she is we’re the same size” Danielle: “This really making me self conscious now.. who else is saying that about me” Janelle: “no one just JOJO”

(AHAHAH finally something is going to happen.. Janelle is mean holy cow)

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Big Brother Spoilers – Jenn and Ian agree to Throw the HOH “JoJo made some valid points but she’s going home”

7:54pm Cam 3-4 HOH Boogie, Frank and Ian Watch using FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Boogie tells Ian to dump the HOH to Shane or Danielle. Ian has no trouble throwing the HOH competition this week. Ian says that Shane is pissed and Wil and Janelle.. Ian will vote out JOJO this week. The 3 of them are all feeling very comfortable about their situation. Ian leaves, Boogie says that sometimes he forgets how young Ian really is. Frank thinks Ian has brought up some good points about if Wil and Joe winning the HOH

Boogie doesn’t think that DAn has been throwing the Coaches competitions he doesn’t see the point they all know Dan’s good he won a season.

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Big Brother Prison Rules JOJO: “Joe Swore on his kids… 2 Packs of Smokes for a vote”

4:26 Cam 1-2 HOH JOJO and FrankWatch using Flash Back

Jojo is saying that she messed up listening to Willie and now look at where she is completely screwed. Jojo feels like a food for sticking by Willie. Frank tells her not to be so hard on herself everyone makes mistakes. She would like to start by saying the rumor going around that she went through Frank stuff week one is a lie.. She’s not going to tell him who did it because she doesn’t know for sure but she wants him to know that there is people in this house (Janelle’s team) that are trying to sabotage her.

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