Big Brother 16 Spoilers: New Commercials “WE’VE GOT YOUR SUMMER FIX!”

The Canadian television network Global has released a few new Big Brother 16 commercials to promote the new season of big brother that premieres on June 25th, 2014. The première will be a TWO-NIGHT PREMIÈRE event with the first on Wednesday, June 25th and the second on Thursday, June 26th. In the new commercials there isn’t any new information released about the season, however, we expect the photos/video of the newly re-designed Big Brother house to be released around Monday, June 16th. In addition, we expect that the new cast of big brother 16 will be released around Wednesday, June 18th.

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Post Big Brother 14 Interview List

Big Brother 14 finally comes to a end. It was a great season with some of the better Players we’ve seen in a while. Ian Terry finally defeats the DAn Gheesling and the fabled Dan “Mist” is gone. The Vote was a shocking 6-1 with Danielle being the only vote for Dan. The image above was taken from the superpass interviews where Danielle was told Dan said said to Shane right before Shane left that Danielle was playing him from the beginning. It’s sad to say that for the most part these interviews are filled with fluff and really do not get to some core questions. We’ll need to wait for Evel Dick’s interviews for that.

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Danielle wants to write a note for Wil to give it to Trey Gorman

9:35am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds come back, Wil and Frank are in the kitchen making breakfast. Joe Jenn and Mike join them. Danielle is in the bathroom studying the events of the house, competitions and evictions. Frank goes to shake the hot sauce and the top wasn’t on it and it goes everywhere. Boogie says that it might have been him, what happened? Frank says yeah I know it was you. I always give it a shake before I squirt it out and the cap came off. Joe goes back to bed.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Shane says as a precaution, even with a cond0m he pulls out.

12:30am Dan and Boogie continue to talk. Boogie says that he thinks they need to keep Shane around as a target for a few more weeks. They talk about how they can get one more HOH out of him. Boogie says that he wonders what Ashley would do if she won. Dan says that he isn’t sure. Boogie says that he doesn’t think anyone will be targeting Dan or Boogie. They talk about the banging coming from the HoH room and wonder if it’s Pandora’s box. Ian joins them. They ask him about the towels and ice packs under his armpits. Ian tells them that he had to go to see the medic because he got a chemical burn from the waxing. Ian asks about tomorrow. They talk about the possibility of a double eviction tomorrow and how it would work with the POV. Ian tells Boogie how it worked when Danielle and Jeff went in the same night. Ian says that he would be fine with that instead of an endurance competition. Boogie agrees and says that he isn’t in the mood for another endurance competition. Ian talks about what happened with the Nair. Ian says that Britney did it wrong and says that you should not rub it off. Ian says that he is now pink with hives from it.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Boogie: “a lot of weak players here” Frank: “Ya.. Ian’s rubbing his foot fungus on the mat”

7:11pm Cam 3-4 Wil, Frank and Boogie
Boogie and Frank talking about how the players this year are very weak.. Frank mentions that Ian has fungus on his feet. Boogie feels sorry for Wil because Wil is now understanding that he’s made some major mistakes in this game and he’ll be going home because of it. Boogie: “This is one eviction I won’t be all HAHHA Get him OUT”

Boogie: “I’ll never understand people that come on this f**king show and say ‘ never conduct myself like this in the business world”.. What the F**k i never act like this outside the house either.. You just gotta let it rip”

Frank and Boogie very confident… Crazy (Danielle Crazy) confident. Frank goes on and on about AShley saying the people in the house are feeling sorry for him for the road he’s travelled in this game. He thinks this will benefit him in the end. Boogie: `thats good keep that train rolling”

Boogie: “I don’t think Dan or Danielle will make a move.. I don’t think Shane or Britney will.. I don’t think Jenn or Ian will.. and Ashley won’t do sh!t.. I’m telling you we’re in a great spot”
They both agree that Dan is super paranoid. Boogie says he always keeps an eye on Dan because he knows Dan’s Sh!t. Boogie: “He won’t make a move on us.. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about going deep with Dan.. but not too deep” Frank chimes in that the way they have it set up they can sit back and watch each side whittle the numbers down a but. Frank: ‘You know Ashley, Joe and Jenn are going to put up one of them”

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Big Brother Spoilers – Frank Spills Protein Powder SNAPS “This is F*CK!NG ridiculous.. this is the sh!t that gets me mad”

3:03pm Flashback… Cam 1-2 Frank and Wil

Wil”So if it’s a tie you know what you are going to do”
Frank: “I hope it’s not a tie.. you know I haven’t given it much thought i keep forgetting it’s 8 votes”
Britney joins them asks him about his date with Ashley.
Frank: “A lady never asks an a gentleman never tells.. “
Britney: “You mean if you go on a date and your friend asks you never tell”
Frank: “THAT’S NONE of their business”
Frank: “It went good THAT’S all you get”

Britney is making a protein shake using the blender. Frank is looking for the shake cup to make protein.Asks britney if there is any.. She says no” she’s is using the blender.
He can’t find one so he’s making a funnel to pour the protein powder in a water bottle. Frank spills protein powder all over: “This is F*CKING ridiculous.. this is the sh!t that gets me mad… When I see F*cking joe walking with a Protein Shaker With F*king ice tea.. that makes me Mad”

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Wil says that he isn’t campaigning because he doesn’t have jack sh*t to offer..

12:50pm – 1:15pm Wil, Joe and Jenn are in the kitchen talking about the votes this week. Joe talks about how no one has committed their votes yet, they all keep telling him they will let him know. Joe says that he thinks it might come down to a tie vote this week. Wil says that he doesn’t have jack sh*t to offer. Joe agrees we don’t have much to offer. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Danielle, Ashley and Frank are talking. Danielle complains about how she keeps having to move in and out of rooms each week. Ashley talks about wanting to win HOH so bad! They talk about food. Ashley says that she can eat a whole watermelon to herself. Danielle and Ashley head down stairs to get ready to lay out by the pool.

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Boogie says he would just like to put it on record, that 2 people will be gone by Sunday night.

9am Boogie heads out into the backyard. Boogie says that he would just like to put it on record, that 2 people will be gone by Sunday night. The show is over a month from Sunday, and there are 11 people sitting here right now. Technically it’s a month from Wednesday, 5 weeks from today. We got to get some people out of here. Boogie wonders how Franks date went with Ashley. Boogie then starts working out in the backyard, stretching, running around the yard and lifting weights.

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Ashley says I just wanted some ice cream, and I got a lot more than I bargained for..

12:30am – 12:45am Ashley and Frank are still up in the HOH room. Frank starts talking about how the tickle monster went away after Danielle put him up on the block. He says that he wasn’t going to play with her anymore. Frank comments on how the diary room asked about the tickle monster. Ashley says that they didn’t ask her. Frank tells Ashley about how mean Janelle was to him. Frank says that he heard her comment that the tickle monster better not come after her because he stinks. Frank explains he was stunk that night because he had just worked out. Frank says that Janelle was nice to Ashley. Ashley says Janelle was always talking about showmanaces. Ashley says that Janelle asked if she was mad about Shane and Danielle were having one. Ashley and Frank start making out. When Frank grabs her a$$ she laughs and they stop making out. Ashley says I just wanted some ice cream, and I got a lot more than I bargained for.. Frank says what you didn’t think I would make out with you. The conversation turns to Wil masturbating and how it’s not helping his game right now. Frank tells Ashley that he hasn’t done it. Frank tells Ashley that she can sneak up to the HOH later tonight and they can hide under the blankets after Showtime. Frank talks about how Danielle has two sides to her personality, one insecure and one fierce.

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