TVGN Gives Big Brother 16 Fans 1 More &#$%ing Reason to Subscribe to the Live Feeds!


The TWO-Night première of Big Brother 16 starts on Wednesday, June 25th at 8pm with the second première episode on Thursday, June 26th at 9pm. Big Brother After Dark will première on Thursday at 1a/12c on TVGN!

The nightly big brother after dark segments used to air on the Showtime network, where any content on the live feeds was fair game and viewers got the same unedited / uncensored experience. Since CBS moved After Dark to the TVGN network in 2013 the aired live feed segments have been censored due to it being a family channel. This change upsets fans as they appreciate being able to watch it uncensored to see the Big Brother house guests as they really are, unlike the 3 weekly edited episodes. TVGN just aired a commercial that highlights all the words that you’re not going to hear because they’re going to bleep them out.

“Now a list of words you won’t hear on Big Brother After Dark! F@#%! S#@*! C&%# S%#@&$! M@%$#& F&#@%&! P#$$ and T#&$! Everything else is cool! Big Brother After Dark Season premiere Thursday, June 26th 1a/12c! Commercial FREE only on TVGN! TVGN to Find your channel go to, F%$# YEAH!”

As if you needed another reason to Subscribe to the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds, but this is just one reason you can’t deny. The best part of the Live Feeds is that you get a chance to see the house guests how they actually are AND see things the way they really happen days before it airs on the edited television episodes. The other benefits of getting the live feeds is that you decide which camera view / conversations you want to watch, flashback to re-watch great moments, live chat with other fans and vote on things that will impact the game. The live feeds are so cheap at only $23.99 to watch the ENTIRE season of Big Brother! That’s less than 30 cents a day making it the cheapest summer entertainment you will ever find! In addition, by signing up to the live feeds through any of the Live Feeds ads on OBB, you help support all the live feed updates we provide at no extra cost to you. Simon and I will be posting up-to-the-minute live feed updates so you can flashback to all the moments you want to watch while you enjoy your summer.

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When will the Big Brother Live Feeds begin?
The Big Brother Live Feeds Season 16 will start on June 26, 2014 at 10:00 pm (PT).
Big Brother After Dark will start June 26th @ 1am (NT).

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Good luck with that TVGN, you can’t censor EVERYTHING… ugh, thank god I got the live feeds this year.


Unless it’s like last season where after Elissa left, tons of people dropped the live feeds… I really respect you guys for putting up with that final 5.


I have a lot of respect for you being able to look at elissas fake Barbie face that made me want to throw up


I hate TVGNs coverage of After dark. Total waste of effort. Might as well not show it. Wish they would go back to Showtime


I agree! Go back to show time. After dark was much better there!


I agree with you Jeff! Please put it back on Showtime! U-verse TV doesnt pick up TVGN channel anymore!


Dawg or Simon,
I know you said earlier that the house guests would enter the house on 6/21 which is today. I was just wondering if you knew about what time that would be? Also, when do the live feeds actually start? Thanks for all you do and I’m looking forward to BB16!!!!!


Ok got it. Thanks Dawg.


I have a feeling it is going to be a great season. I’m interested to see how the 2 HOH’s will change the game. I don’t mind them changing the game a bit cause this is season 16 and things get stale after a while. I just hope production doesn’t meddle too much and let them play. I got a feeling there will be lots of showmancing going on. Lots of good looking singles in the house this season.

Pinocchio Obama

I hope you are right RJ. Let’s get this game started.


I’m looking forward to the twists as well, but hope there’s not too much viewer involvement as far as evictions go. The hated house guests are the ones most entertaining to watch and dont like seeing them go. If we vote at all, let’s get the boring ones out!


How do you sign up for tgvn? How much is it?


Still so pissed they switched to tvgn! Not everyone has they channel

Summer Social Experiment

Smart marketing ploy to get more live feed subscriptions; it worked for me. I was an After Dark fan, I could only watch about one hour of TVGN… much editing you cant tell what the f@%k they are saying, besides the editing, you have the maddening commercials . My second year on the live feeds , the price is def worth it


really think it is funny how big brother is always STOP SINGING I would be big brother I’m going to SING!


Big brother needs to have Australia’s Big Brother. I really love how he interacts with them in the DR. I think BB always yelling at them would drive them more crazy then anything else. They need to have rules like AUS , like if you keep doing this then you have to sing everything and you can’t talk. By the way this year is the BORINGest year ever! And yes I’m a true fan.