TVGN Gives Big Brother 16 Fans 1 More &#$%ing Reason to Subscribe to the Live Feeds!

The TWO-Night première of Big Brother 16 starts on Wednesday, June 25th at 8pm with the second première episode on Thursday, June 26th at 9pm. Big Brother After Dark will première on Thursday at 1a/12c on TVGN!

The nightly big brother after dark segments used to air on the Showtime network, where any content on the live feeds was fair game and viewers got the same unedited / uncensored experience.

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Big Brother AFTER DARK TVGN Commercial!

GET READY Big Brother FANS! Big Brother 15 airs in just 9 DAYS on June 26th, 2013 and to get everyone excited about the première CBS has released a Big Brother After Dark commercial. This also means that you ONLY have 8 DAYS left to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT OFFER for the BB15 Live Feeds. Get them NOW for only $23.99! That gives you access to watch the entire season of Big Brother 15 for only a few cents a day! After June 25th the offer will expire and the price of the live feeds will go back up to their regular pricing so what are you waiting for! SIGN-UP now through the link below and help support at NO EXTRA Cost!

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The UNEDITED UNCENSORED Big Brother After Dark Nightly Segment Moves to TVGN

This season for Big Brother 15, the Big Brother After Dark live feed segment that has air on CBS’s sister network Showtime 2 (SHO2) since it was first introduced during BB8, will now air on TVGN (TV Guide Network) which is also owned by CBS Corporation, along with Lionsgate.

The Big Brother After Dark is an unedited / uncensored 2 hour live feed segment that airs on TV to compliment the weekly episode and to entice views to sign-up for the Big Brother 15 live feeds. The 2 hour live feed segment will air nightly starting at midnight on the June 26th première.

Brad Schwartz, president of entertainment and media stated that:

“BIG BROTHER is one of television’s longest-running reality series with a loyal audience, and we are excited to bring BIG BROTHER: AFTER DARK to TVGN where fans can watch all summer long.”

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Big Brother After Dark on Showtime Confirmed for BB14

Big Brother After Dark on Showtime is on the networks official schedule. According to the schedule it starts on Friday July 13th
12:00 AM (July 12th 9:00pmPST). It’s on SHO2 and SHO2 HD.

Big Brother After Dark is a nightly 3 hour (9pm – 12am Pacific Time) block from of the live streaming video from the big brother house. After Dark lets you see one our of 4 live feed cameras. Big Brother After Dark started on season 8 of BB and has been on for every season since that.

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