Big Brother 16 CALEB REYNOLDS – Racist / Homophobic Comments found on Instagram

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The big brother 16 cast of new house guests were released a few days ago and already there is a lot of information (good & bad) surfacing about each of them. The latest information to surface about Caleb Reynolds is not good and it can’t help remind us of the controversy that happened during Big Brother 15. Caleb’s profession is a being an “Adventure Hunting Guide” and as we saw from an earlier post we did he is willing and able to kill a wild boar with a stick. He also served in the military as a prison guard in Iraq which he stated in his interview with Rachel Reilly that he didn’t enjoy it due to being taunted by the prisoners.

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On Celeb’s Instagram account “insain_physique” about 20 months ago he made some extremely disturbing comments. When these comments surfaced whoever is managing his account deleted his account in an attempt to destroy the evidence. His Instagram profile read “Caleb Reynolds 100% natural, Personal Trainer, fitness is my passion, GOD is my strength, heaven is my goal.”

The comments made were in reference to a post that read:


Caleb’s comments below were in response to Instagram user “lockhar12” who said:

“Rediculous person out of office who CLEARLY doesn’t have any of the American peoples’ interests in mind. I wish it were easier to cite sources on here because I could easily destroy any feeble argument you could attempt to make. Anyway, enjoy the next 4 years! 🙂

Caleb Reynold “insain_physique” comments said:

“You believe in murder? You agree with fags? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering A innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in these last four years. You know it. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you, your dismissed…

Also if you could see straight and wasn’t color blind the map if the US is completely red, thank god he only gets 4 more years. You and the other democrats will wish you never voted for him soon. Good job.”

big-brother-16-CALEB REYNOLDS-instagram-comments

Here’s a youtube video Caleb singing a Brad Paisley song:

Screen capture source: ontdbb

Photo source: survivorsucks

A special thanks to OBB commenter “Name” for bring the story to our attention!

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Let’s please not judge him even before the show has started.


To everyone defending Caleb, just shush.


No, we should totally judge someone on what they wrote out of anger 2 years ago on the internet… *eyeroll*


Okay so calling someone a Muslim monkey out of anger is okay!? Nah, don’t think so.

I don’t care if he wrote it 10 years ago.

Personally, I think screening all social media history should be part of the casting process. And extension of the usual background check.

common sense

the show will end soon if people starting giving CIA background checks along with scrutinizing them 24/7 off feeds. The comment was 2 years ago in the COMMENTS section. What loser dug that up?


SO he is allowed to judge Gays and ethnic minorities before he even knows them? Why should he deserve better treatment? .

King Silva

LOL so true!


Don’t you know? Straight white Christians are America’s chosen people.


well it was 2 years ago so he might change but probably not


Common dude if you are a racist/homophobic person believe you will no change by the by the grace of god
Don’t defend bad people that only work for them and make them looks like a victim,that was the situation with Aaryn last year
Just close your mouth


F that. I have two reactions to this. One is where does BB find these imbeciles and, two, who are some of you morons putting up justifications for this guy. To call someone a ‘Muslim monkey’ is unforgivable. This guy should be removed from the show before the season starts.


i agree, but to be clear, he isn’t just calling “someone” a Muslim monkey. he’s calling the president that. it’s not that i think the president deserves special treatment, but to say that he used it out of anger would be to not give caleb enough credit. in this context, “monkey” is a derogatory slur with a huge history of being used as a weapon in this country, and so his usage was deliberate and intentional, not just angry and mean-spirited. and i have no doubt that he will use this and other slurs, many of which also have violent and derogatory histories once he’s in the house.

Judgment Day

I’m ok with not judging him just yet because it is possible for people to change BUT–true idiot racists cannot hide themselves 24/7 on the live feeds so if he is still that same person from 2 years ago he will confirm it himself for all of us to see. Then we crucify him.


Really BB???? A simple internet search of Caleb showed us these comments by a few superfans and you’re telling me that production missed it?? Especially after last season, you would think they would be more vigilent. I honestly believed it was done on purpose for controversy to result in ratings. That is extremely deplorable to say the least and it speaks volumes about the society we live in today where they stoop this low to garner interest…


Hopefully the rest of the cast doesn’t end up like this. I really don’t want a repeat of last season.


Good job BB casting !!!!!
Maybe you might wanna be extra careful with background checks, especially after last season. I don’t understand what in the **** BB is doing. They needed high quality people who know BB and have personalities that are closer towards progressive views rather than backwards Southern views.

To each their own, but when you are a nationally televised show where every moment is put out in the public you need to be much smarter in who you allow in the house.

I don’t understand this season at all from the casting to unnecessary twists, but at this rate BB better count it’s blessings.

***Sigh*** I love BB too 🙁


after the 2012 election a lot of conservative minded “white folk” were upset that the “communist Kenyan Muslim” won reelection and took to social media and spewed a lot of racist/homophobic/all other phobic things because their guy lost. i have no problem with this guy being on BB he is representative of a part (notlarge/notsmall) of conservative America. ps im black


Are you a racist?

King Silva

Sadly there are seemingly a lot of them on here agreeing with people who think this is okay.

It is quite sad..


Aryan’s brother is my guess

Not again

I’ve always been so easy on Robyn Kass but this is ridiculous. HOW HARD IS IT TO SEARCH UP SOMEONE BEFORE YOU CAST THEM IN AN OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE THEM MONEY?!!! Seriously, why even bother with this season? Do they purposely case these types of people for entertainment?

Kenny Powers

Why is the prison guard comment viewed as negatively? Who are we to judge a soldier at war from our keyboards at home? It’s a tense situation and he most likely was guarding people that wanted to KILL American Soldiers

Everything else is fair game but give the guy a chance.


I’m Canadian so i’m not sure but aren’t his views the platform for the Republican Party in the States?


Not at all! That’s only what the liberal media, and brainwashed silly people who believe the media want you to think.

Summer Social Experiment

Oh please, give me an effin break. Stereotype much ? People like you fuel hatred with comments like that. People need to open their eyes, TPTB want to keep the chaos alive and well. I’m not a Republican or Democrat…they are more alike than different . Each group will single out one looney from the other group and claim ” Yeah, they’re all like that .”


A Canadian liberal idiot.


Pretty much.


i seriously think producers like this s*it to get more views. They are obviously shaping this season to be like the last with Frankie being the hero/elissa ( because of his relation to a pop star ) and with Caleb being this years aaryn. BBUS producers, shockingly you don’t have to cast racist and homophobic people to get views :O just look at BBCAN 1 and 2.


Um its the same casting team. Lol


this is why they have to find people in restaurants 2 weeks before the show one in their right mind would go onto that show for people to dig up things they posted online years ago…the ironic thing is he will probably lose his job over this..yet jonah hill drops a f bomb on a photog yet got a free pass because he donated tons of money to gay and lesbian groups.

common sense


seriously think some BB fans have bigger issues. I guess the ONTDBB obese tweens found this instagram comment. When I first read the headline I thought it was something recent then I saw 2012 ..goodness some people are on a mission to destroy peoples lives


The fact is not that Robyn Kass forgot to do a background check rather it is he was chosen based on his background. This guy is a bigot. He will tarnish his reputation as did Aaryn from the precedent season.


Maybe Robyn was looking for a homophobic racist bloodthirsty dickhead … Caleb is perfect.

King Silva


So he hates gay people, African Americans, and who know what other minority groups yet BB producers still cast him? Did they not learn from last year?

Calling President Obama a ‘Muslim monkey’ is just so low and I hope he gets evicted VERY soon.


Just because he doesn’t like the president, who is even worse than Bush, and who’s been destroying this country for years, doesn’t mean that he “hates African Americans”. Maybe he just doesn’t like this half white president, because of his failures and policies. I know some black people who don’t like Obama either, does it mean they hate “african americans” in general ? this is ridiculous!

King Silva

LOL at Obama being worse than George W. Bush……..

I guess you, and many other people on here, think it is not racist to describe the President of the United States, who happens to be half black (and a citizen for the record..), as a ‘Muslim monkey’. It is one thing to dislike Obama but saying racial things about him is way over the line and imo shows Caleb’s bigoted views.

Like I said in another comment, I highly doubt this is going to be the last controversial thing he says. I just hope his shameful views are not accepted by the house and he is promptly evicted if he says something similar to these statements. That goes for everyone too.


OMG!! This guy’s comments and opinions are really shocking to me! Here we go again! I think BB does this deliberately now!! Bad publicity is probably good publicity to them!!

Jimmy 64

Let’s hope the people learned from last year and watch
What they say cause somebody is always watching!!!!! ????


Nothing this man has said is even close to racist. If you read his statements he is clearly speaking of a man not deserving to be president , nothing in that is racist except the belief he is secretly Muslim but heck I don’t want a Muslim running our country call me racist lol. He isn’t downing gays either just abortions. I already like him and yes I am a southern girl but I am informed and he is right. He was in the military and knows how this president has messed up and is still doing so. Watch the news people. Sounds like this bb house guest will go far.


You people are crazy. Why would u post something like this? R u seeking attention, or just a fool. Grow up, your child will one day read what u have put on thie internet, and will be embarrassed by it. People grow up, and stop hiding behind your keyboard with all this foolishness. You are part of the reason these children or so messed up, they read all this negative mess out here. Please stop, and help make this a better place to raise the next generation.


And monkey doesn’t mean he hates black people.. Obama just looks like one.. I mean seriously. Come on guys lighten up!

King Silva

Some people are so racists they don’t even realize it..

I think you and Caleb need help.


What he said years ago was immature, inappropriate and the least of which classless but if every person is required to fit through a prism of political correctness in order to be on a television game show heaven help us. The one thing social media has shown us is that we all say pretty stupid things on occasion and I dare say that there are a lot people out there that have posted things they wish they could take back. It usually happens when they spoke out of anger or frustration and some of them regret it soon after. The producers know what they are doing and yes it get’s peoples attention which is what they want. After all it would be boring if everyone on the cast was your average Joe right?


To all the holier than thou types here….

Why is that after pouring through this guys Instagram they found “racist and homophobic” comments for 2 YEARS ago and now he is racist and homophobic? If he was this person, wouldn’t his social media be littered with it? I guess now you will demand Julie to address it on the show. He should be thrown out of the house for expressing his 1st admin rights, no matter how disgusting the comments were? If i recall, wasn’t there a certain Senator from Nevada who commented on the Presidents “Negro dialect”, yet no one cared since he was from a political party where racism is “impossible”(lol) view to have.

King Silva

My guess is that he and or his friends deleted stuff they thought was bad and must have not done a good enough job hence why this was found.
We’ll see how he acts in the house but he is for sure on my sh*t list..


@Tjones, Anger does not justify such extreme racial slurs, and animal cruelty (he brutally beat a pig on you tube, but it was deleted for damage control). That is pure ignorance, and shames is religion. I can’t buy into excuses for that, sorry The guy was mature enough to know better on both counts…

Stooge Banter

did the house guests enter the house on Saturday? if so the 2 first hohs may have already been decided

for me there is really no need to have 2 hohs, 4 noms…even if its just until jury starts…just go with the usual format, of one hoh, 2 noms and a veto, as canada does…the simple things are often the best

with americas vote, maybe the fans vote for one of the 2 hohs and the second hoh is won via the hoh comp? if not will there be one hoh comp or 2? will battle of the block be both hohs and all 4 noms competing, or just the 4 noms, or just the 2 hohs? winning hoh then losing battle of the block, meaning you could be backdoored if veto is used, then evicted seems majorly unfair and ridiculous…strong players winning an hoh may have to win both comps to avoid this scenario

or americas vote will be the fans being americas player? giving us the opportunity to influence houseguests behavior or vote?

seems like thursday to saturday each week will be very packed…vote, eviction, hoh comps, americas vote reveal, have/have not comps, noms, battle of the block, veto picks, veto comp, giving particularly wednesday episodes not much time for strategy/alliance game talk footage, due to so much time being dedicated to comps

ps bb uk power trip season is pretty good at the moment, even though i much prefer the usa and canada bb format…i know some of you like watching various bb seasons from other countries…it was funny to see the random person shout over the wall who the power house mate was when it was supposed to be secret…it would be good to see usa and canada have a bb discussion show similar to bb bit on the side in the uk, uncensored with swearing allowed by the pundits and guests…i find bb canada side show to be annoying, its way too cheesy, and i cant take peter and gary seriously

how many bb discussion youtube style shows are there? peter/alec, dick…any other past bb canada or usa players do a show? i would be interested seeing any of the likes of dani, dan, britney, dr will, boogie, janelle, emmett, talla, andrew monaghan, jill, arlie, jon and neda do a regular show discussing bb usa and canada seasons


Aaryn just cant catch a break XD


Ok guys this might sound strange big brother got ratings last year because of the racist controversey. Dont u guys think tht cbs would have already checked his insta, twitter, nd fb. Before being cast. This could just be a way for the show to get the same or even more ratings.

Stooge Banter

any saturday taping first day spoilers? will you guys again not be allowed to post any youtube clips? not sure why they are promoting after dark as having expanded hours, as its listed still as a 2 hour show, but an hour later than last year, 1-3 am

i hope they picked some house guests this season that have some depth, warmth, intelligence and great humor…qualities majorly lacking in usa15


Sorry no youtube videos for BBUS 🙁

Stooge Banter

ok no worries Simon, cheers for the great canada season youtube videos


CBS comes after you hard if you post BBUS live feed clips. Probably because they charge $$ for them.

The big added value with the US feeds is flashback. You can go back to any point of the season and watch what happens.


Here we go again!! Casting knows exactly what they’re doing. Anything to boost ratings. SMH


Dawg-Do you know if the HG’s are in the house yet? Just wondering. Thanks.


most likely they are, first day in recent usa seasons i think has been the saturday before the first episode airs




I agree with Josh! Except for the”Southern” part. Clearly, there’s backward, bigoted people from any
part of the country- world. Sad but it’s reality I try to
NEVER to associate myself with. Nor have to endure
another season, getting worked up,

f another

Greatest Man Ever

Dubya Bush was called a monkey by half of the country for 8 years, and fags are cigarettes. Obama smokes fags and Caleb doesn’t agree with it because he’s a fitness guy. 8-D


Wow Texas is NOT being represented well at all. First Aaryn and now this guy. Well lets see how good his skills are before we all go hate mode like last year.

Jimmy 64

3 days to go !!!!
Is everybody ready.

Jimmy 64

It’s almost here is everybody ready?



OBB Fan!

As I sit here and read these 50+ comments I say to all of you “Those who is without sin, let him first cast a stone”. Now you cannot tell us you have not once ever used a “racist or homophobic” word. I am quite sure Caleb is a nice person and not mean spirited, only time will tell. That being said…. CBS needs to mix the social genetics or they wouldn’t get the rating, production knows exactly who they are casting, and if Caleb was this “bad-ass bloodthirsty racist homophobe”… and he pops off, then CBS has done exactly what they wanted! Caleb is probably just as timed and “smart” as last seasons Judd!


I hope with all the superficial outrage that one he has a serious effect where this show gets cancelled.

Seriously, what losers take the time to hunt down every little thing about a person. I’m black & I don’t care cause I see how BBfans really feel about racist, they follow them in huge number on twitter i.e., Gm, Amanda & Aaryn.

common sense

I agree. Seeing ‘fans’ dig up stuff from over 2 years ago kind of makes me want the show the get cancelled where they can complain about their own PC gone wild that led to it


Agreed, for all we know he won’t say anything offensive, especially since this season he may not have anyone to be offensive with like last year had.


Caleb is clearly not a homophobic/ racist and the people who want to crucify him on here need to sit back and ask themselves if they have EVER said something that’s sounds like that! Anyone? Yeah, that’s what I thought we all have. He is a good hearted guy who just made a mistake. Give him a break! And I don’t blame him for being angry about Obama stealing the election…I can’t stand him either!


I hope this young man is being closely watched by BB. He exhibits classic psycho stalker behavior. First he is in love with Amber. “They were put in the house just so she could meet him.” “She was made for him, she is the greatest, and on and on,” but now that she rejected him, she is a horrible person and he wants noting more to do with her. Yet he constantly talks about her and nothing else to anyone who will listen. I think he could loose control and become violent towards her.


People on her are delusional! I love how people can judge others so easily. I don’t agree with what he said. But I garentee you that everyone calling him a rasict and what not aren’t saints themselves. So take a step back and look at your self and the people you associate with before you judge others bec I sure as shit bet you have all done or said something just as bad! Get a fucking hobbie!


How do you do? prozac paxil zoloft lexapro 05-1(B) and when the criteria in Section


I told you, these guys want a sausage fest. Jocasta will be gone, then Nicole and hopefully Christine. And I quit watching. Hey CBS next year let’s do a cast with 8 bi curious girls. I know I would watch that season. The ratings would be through the roof. Bring back Brittany.


regardless of your beliefs, he signed the paper and wrote the blank check, so that a lot of the assholes on here can superior ignorance without the fear of being beheaded or otherwise scrutinized in any way.that is what America is all about and if you cannot handle that get the grit out your clit and move on Buttercup sorry you got butthurt.