Big Brother 13 Vegas Bash Videos

Before we start stalking the Big Brother 13 cast and preparing for Big Brother 14 we have one post season celebration to check out. This one is called Vegas Bash and from the bikini pics it looks like a lot of fun.

I love how Howie is in there like a dirty shirt..

Special thanks to 2clean4dean for uploading these videos to Youtube for us all to enjoy

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Exclusive OnlineBigBrother Wrap Party Experience

Hey everybody! First and foremost I’d like to thank for the opportunity to attend the Big Brother 13 wrap party!! I’ve been living out of the country and the party happened to perfectly coincide with my travel plans back to the states! I was really excited when Simon informed me that I had won. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a wrap party but as Big Brother goes, expect the unexpected. I got to Tru Hollywood at about 5:50, the party was set to begin at 6. Of course everyone in line was talking about the show and who their favorite people were. I was surprised to see so many Rachel fans. Sorry in advance to those of you who are Rachel fans but she didn’t win me over this season or in person but it’s okay we can still be friends. Unfortunately they were running behind letting

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Weekly News Recap from the Internets (2011-05-15)

A couple months ago we found out that Brendon and Rachel were engaged, after the Brendon’s jerking offmany thought these 2 were splitsville but to our surprise they are still very much in love. There even a “wedding ring” 😉 . Recently Rachel and Brendon entered to win their dream wedding from Crate & Barrel .. Using their “star” power it was assumed that they had a good chance of winning. The contest is based on the public voting for their couple. The couple with the most votes gets their dream wedding. A look at crate and barrel’s site shows Brendon and Rachel do not have a hope in hell of winning. It’s been almost 2 months and the top couple Lindsey & Steven have almost 13000 votes with brenchel bringing in a bit over 2550 votes.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Reality Rally Videos

Big Brother Players..
Brendan Villegas & Rachel Reilly, Erika Landin, Evel Dick, Hayden Moss, Kristen Bitting, Lane Elenburg (Apparently he never showed up), Matt Hoffman, Michele Noonan, Michelle Costa, Ragan Fox, Sheila Kennedy, and Zach Swerdzewski. You can tell from the pictures that Brendon was having a good time with 2 glasses of wine on the go.

Theres still a bunch of BB13 Casting Calls So if your interested to be on BIG BROTHER 13 What you need at the Casting Call is a filled out Application Form, Identification and 2 photos one face one body.

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Big Brother 13 Panel

Big Brother Spoilers – Reality Rocks Expo Interviews

For the most part the Reality Rocks Expo held last weekend at the LA convention centre turned out to be a massive dud. Checking out the pictures reveal a serious lack of people in attendance. Was anyone really surprised by this? The good news is there was great interviews with past BIG BROTHER players and a interesting panel discussion between the BB “stars” and a handful of fans. One subject discussed was weather or not Production meddles in the Big Brother Game. Eval Dick and Chima both seemed convinced that the production messes with the outcome to ensure higher ratings on the “boob tube”

All in all the EXPO was Lame to all but us die hard Big Brother 13 Fans. Now what they should of done is wrap up a BIG BROTHER 13 casting call in with the convention and anyone that attended the Casting call would get 50% for the convention.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo Learns to Fly a Plane, Enzo: “It smells like ass over here.. ohh sh!t is that me.. no”

2:46pm Kitchen Lane, Brit and Enzo There asking Lane if he could land a 747 if it’s pilot couldn’t. Lane thinks it would be pretty tough since he only flies little planes like Cessnas but he’s sure he would have a better chance then some regular person. Lane explains to them how the large planes have a lot of automatic features. Britney tells them a story about a pilot that told her they don’t let you use cell phones during take off and landings because they want people to pay attention of whats going on. Enzo wants to be detracted if the plane goes south, Enzo: “If I die I don’t want to know that I’m dead”. For the last 30 minutes Lane has been giving Enzo flying lessons. Lane tells Enzo that after the flying lesson Lane just gave him enzo has a good foundation to learn how to fly all he needs to do is take a course. Enzo agrees list off a bunch of new terms he learnt during Lanes lession, “taxi, wind speed, yaw, pitch”.. Live Feeds flip to Trivia.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel: “Everyone has Pimples Whatever” Ragan: “There not pimples there witch warts”

9:47pm Backyard Lane and Ragan on the couch, Enzo jogging and Hayden on the elliptical. There talking about Kathy and how horny she was. Ragan: “She straddled me I didn’t know what to do with that… I can’t believe she ripped off Enzo’s towel”. Ragan: “Your doing great BEBE… OH MY GOD can you believe […]

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Riley’s book club Looking for Members it’s all about “Sexually transmitted diseases and self help books”

7:50pm Kitchen Everyone but Lane Ragan is going through Rachel’s nail polish, he holds one says “even Rachels Nail polish has a STD…Brendon I can make you hard as nails”. Britney and Ragan start bashing Rachel.. Brit: “The Rachel Riley’s book club it like the Opera book club but Rachel’s is about sexually transmitted diseases […]

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*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan’s Attempt to Survive FAILED the Brigade still hard as F**k, Lane: “He was told to try or he would look like a idiot”

  $5 off Discount – LIMITED Time OFFER! ONLY $9.99! FREE for 3 Days!     5:05pm Backyard Hayden and Enzo Enzo talking about his DR session where he was calling Annie the Greyhound because she was out of the house fast. They are playing a game where they throw the billiard balls on the […]

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