Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Riley’s book club Looking for Members it’s all about “Sexually transmitted diseases and self help books”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:50pm Kitchen Everyone but Lane Ragan is going through Rachel’s nail polish, he holds one says “even Rachels Nail polish has a STD…Brendon I can make you hard as nails”. Britney and Ragan start bashing Rachel.. Brit: “The Rachel Riley’s book club it like the Opera book club but Rachel’s is about sexually transmitted diseases and self help books”. Ragan brings up how rachel acted after she won the second Head of Household “Floaters grab your life vests… KRISTEN.” Britney says Rachel was saying something after that but she can’t remember. Hayden says Rachel was making fun of Kristen because she “only” had a fashion management degree and Hayden yelled out “try using a sentence without using the word like Rachel”. Ragan brings up that Rachel was telling a story and was always saying emancipated but was trying to say emaciated. They all can’t believe Rachel did the things she did on the Live Feeds.

They start taking about how insanely two faced Kathy is, Britney says Kathy talked more about Rachel showing her vagina then Y’all put together. Britney says the first time Rachel won Head of Household kathy was all over Rachel but after she would come down here and call Rachel a BLANK and a BLANK. They all agree that Kathy was the most 2 faced person in the Big Brother House, it was unsettling. Enzo brings up how Kathy was so buddy buddy with Brendon but when he was out of the room she talked “MAD MAD BLANK” about brendon. Britney impersonates Kathy during a Big Brother competition, Britney says that Kathy told her that she was going to take her time on it. Enzo: “No BLANK yo”. They all go on and on about how incredibly useless Kathy was in the competitions.
Britney brings up when Kathy told her “you guys y’all have to all carry me through this week My Mind isn’t in it”.. Brit: “Sure KAthy you handled last week this week we have”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Ragan tells them that Matt was telling him he was planning on aligning with Pig Pen (Natalie) when he met her during the semi final casting on Big Brother 11. Enzo asks who won last years first Head of Household, Britney answer Jessie. Britney: “The one thing I told Jessie was I made it longer in this game then you every did”. Ragan: “Here is my opinion about Chima.. I can understand how someone can crack in here but I don’t have too much respect for someone he quits this game”. Enzo: “She took a punk way out we’re all in the same situation here”

Enzo warns them that during the finale Rachel is going to start a ruckus.. Ragan isn’t worried because there will be a live audience. Enzo tells Ragan he did a good job not cursing during the fight with Rachel he could never do that, Exno mentions he feels sorry for Rachel’s Family. Ragan: “Her mother will be the one in a confederate bikini” .

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:32pm Backyard Hayden and Lane talking about how important it is that Hayden wins HOH. Lane tells HAyden it’s going to be a quiz. Hayden just hopes it’s not a competition geared towards Brit winning. (it’s going to be a insulting competition who ever can spew most insults in 60 seconds wins..) lane says that Britney told him she’s voting Ragan to go so there’s no chance of him staying. Hayden you guys are just working him for jury vote. Enzo joins them tells them to let him in on the game talk, “Whose taking me to final 3 yo..”

Enzo telling them that if they win HOH they have to make sure the “little BLANK” doesn’t get into their heads. Hayden: “Hey man don’t worry I wouldn’t do that”
Lane brings up that the Diary Room is messing with his head.. making him second guess himself

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
9:14pm hayden, Lane and Enzo working out. Prior to this they were talking about however wines it will take the them all to Steamboat to party.

9:27pm Enzo brings up that Ragan and Brit are in the Cabana talking making a final 2. Lane laughs.. HAyden is actually getting worried he says he doesn’t’ want Brit to flip then Enzo has a brain fart during voting and says he wants to evict Hayden. Hayden asks Lane with he should go talk to Brit. LAne tells him not to waste his time everything is fine. Enzo tells Hayden later tonight they will all be up in HOH and Brit will tell them everything then. Enzo starst swinging the badminton racket around screaming YOUR GOING HOME RAGAN KEEP THIS BLANK UP.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:30pm Cabana Ragan’s been alone more or less since after dinner. He briefly talks to the live feed watchers, but is mostly in deep thought.

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96 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Riley’s book club Looking for Members it’s all about “Sexually transmitted diseases and self help books”

    1. I know!!! How much can one bash another human being? When I dont like somebody I may talk about them for one day but thats it I get over it. In fact, I dont like talking about people I dont like cuz it brings negativitity in my life and I dont need that. But Britney constantly bashes Rachel when she’s not even in the house anymore. I guess its just more proof that women are petty and smiteful.

      1. ” I guess its just more proof that women are petty and smiteful.” I believe the word that should have been used is “spiteful” not smiteful. Given your logic, does that mean that all men are stupid? Of course not. Brittany is petty and spiteful, but not all women. Please don’t put us all in her category! YUK.

    2. I am so sick of Ragen and his caustic mouth. I can’t wait for him to leave! When he is around all they can talk about is Rachael and no matter what they think of her, no one is interested in hearing him go on and on and on about her. If I had a child that ended up with him as a teacher, I’d pull them out of school and put them in a private school. Even if I had to sell my house to pay for it. His constant sexual talk makes me sick!! How can someone with that kind of mouth teach kids?

    3. If they get rid of Brit after Regan, the trash talk will stop. It’s those two who start it up. I liked Regan at the beginning of the show but when he started trashing Rachael and Brendon, AFTER he spent all that time sucking up to her when she was HOH, I lost all respect for him totally. He keeps trying to say he’s a good guy but he isn’t. He talks about karma but what about the karma he will get or as I say, “What goes around, comes around”. He will get what he deserves and he sure doesn’t deserve the money he will get for being the saboteur.

    1. Brit does. She talks about how everyone else talks mad shit behind everyone’s back. Of course, she talks about this because it is something she never does. She’s just so perfect!

  1. For the love of Big Brother!!! Get over your hate for Rachel already. Good God, it’s OVER….. They should have been over her weeks ago. They must be as bored in there, as we are watching them

    1. I really don’t want to judge them because honestly big brother has given them absolutely nothing to do. It is rediculous and hopefully ALL the house guests get a reality check when they leave.

      I think Brit won’t see anything wrong.
      I think Enzo will be super defensive and never admit to being wrong.
      I think Hayden wil feel bad when he sees how he let Enzo talk about Brit, but not bad enough to call him on it.
      Lane has nothing to really feel bad about because I’ve never seen him personally attack anyone
      I think Ragan will probably have gained the most from it, and he’ll be his own toughest critic.

      1. Regan has books and poetry , they say he bashes types of people. I don’t think he’s the nice guy that he claimed to be at the start of the game. I don’t think he will care about what he said, but more about how he looks. I think he will try to justify his actions because he is well spoken (when rehearsed) It’s what he does. I hope I’m wrong and he grows from this.

  2. I never (really?) liked Racheal but come on people! Get over it! She is no longer in the house. Racheal actualy cried when she put Britt up because she felt bad. I haven’t seen Britt do that yet. She turned on Matt just in the snap of her fingers. Better watch out lane she could turn on you. That would be funny. GO team Dawgg!! All the way! Go DAWG GOOOOOOOO!

    1. she turned on ragan to..she hasn’t barely talked to him…In an interview with her bf nick..he says how thankful he was for ragan and matt and the way they were with brit..and she was lucky to have them in the house..he wished she stayed with them…He seems to good for her..he also says she not really like this cough cough…but when ur in a house with nothing to do i guess it could happen cough cough…12 season yeah there been others bashing in the past..but i do not remember any one ever doing it like these guys do..also lane has been pretty good untill tonight i think on the bashing..

    2. deep down rachel is a really nice person, she is alot like ragan they are both very emotional, we have to remember rachel had the entire house after her that had to be really hard to deal with

      1. I agree with you about Rachel. She put on a good show for BB but when she was alone with Brendon she was able to be a normal person. I never did understand why the house went after her and Brendon right away. Everyone in the house lets their mouth run away with stupid remarks. Both of them really worked hard and it’s just too bad they couldn’t have gone to the end.

        1. I really loved Rachel and Brendon, the house really got bad after ragans alliance member Kristen was evicted and Ragan wet on this awful hatefest of Rachel and Brendon. This has taken up almost all of Ragans and Brits time and their minds so they couldn’t see what was in front of them until it was too late to do any thing about the brigade so they settled on bashing Rachel and Brendon to make them feel better about them selves.

          1. the funny thing is, if they left the showmance alone they would be laying in a corner somewhere in the house and never would’ve been a threat, but they attacked them and brenden and rachel fought back

    1. “Enzo telling them that if they win HOH they have to make sure the “little Bitch” doesn’t get into their heads.”
      That tard slacker Enzo has no redeaming qualities. He’s not even the least but entertaining. Gawd damn, his wife must be putting the divorce papers together, already.

    2. Why not? I’ll bet Lane thinks that about her but just doesn’t voice it. He tells her she’s acting like a princess, and calls her on her pouting, etc. He may want to do her, but I think he can see her for what she really is.

  3. This has moved beyond pathetic. Brittany and Regan are the most hateful people I think I have ever seen in my life. Their families are the ones who have to be embarassed. If my son acted like they are, I wouldn’t even show up at the live show. I’d send my regrets and say I was to ashamed to show my face and in no way do I condone that type of behavior. I’m the Vice President of a company with over 500 employees and I can guarantee that one of these two would never work for me. I don’t care if it is a game, it is still a reflection on their true personalities.

  4. Really Enzo? Little bitch? Keep talking like that about females and see where it gets you. I hate that guy. Everyone talks about Britney and her catty remarks, but does anyone actually listen to Enzo? He’s a pig. Newsflash Enzo: You’re balding, when you eat it sounds like a dog licking its butt, and no one wants to see you try and take over Hollywood when you get out of the house!!

    1. What? she is a little bitch yo. half the comments on here are about what a bitch she is…but if a man says it then Whoaaaaaa they are some sexist pig. Well.. I’m saying she is a little bitch..and I am a woman! yo

      1. If I was a guy I would think she is a bitch too…a cutebitch, but man… you know the old saying. even the hottest chick in the world..somewhere, some guy is sick of her shit.

    2. Oh gosh i know i just was thinking that while reading comments…enzo is bad..I don’t care for him…I pray he doesn’t win i don’t think he will..but the funniest thing ever is matt said in an interview that in the final if he had to chose from the 3 brigade to take to the final 2 would be enzo…haha enzo got rid of the only brigade that would of tooken him to the final 2 lol..

  5. I think they are all a bunch of whiny envious idiots especially with the conversation about who deserved and doesn’t deserve the money. This is a game folks, a competition, not a welfare situation. They all came on here to win the money. Pathetic!!!!

    1. speaking of “welfare” id actually want to see a bunch of people on the welfare playing the game, can you imagine how hard they would work for that prize, so they can sit on their ass at home for like 10 years off that money + the government check?? 7 hoodrats/baby mommas and 7 men..

  6. Again with calling a girl a b*tch. I feel bad for enzos daughter. If she does anything wrong you know he’s calling her a bitch. For someone to use the word so much is disgusting. He has no respect for women. His wife should dump him live on finale night. Brittney treats him nice thinks he’s funny and that’s what he calls her. Yes Brit is wring for the things she says about Rachel but what has she done to Enzo? Nothing. This guy needs a nice a$$ kicking. If I could only bump into him some place.

    1. Brit has said worse than that about several of the other houseguests. So what, he called her a bitch. She IS a bitch, so big deal. What … Its only okay for Brit to trash talk everyone?

      1. I know she’s said worse, but I just was surprised that Lane let it fly. I don’t think that Brit being wrong by constantly talking trash makes it okay for Enzo to be revolting in the way he talks about women. “little bitch” is almost endearing compared to what else he’d call her.

      2. The worst thing Brit has said about Enzo is that he was the sab. If they were arguing and Brit called him something ok then. But this guy just uses the word for no reason. And i also said Brit was wrong for the things she says

    2. I don’t know if you are a woman calling yourself URADICK or if you’re a guy calling yourself URADICK, but right back atcha…. And so you know, it’s “panty waist”….not panty waste.
      Go educate yourself.

    3. My father was more of a man then yours was any day. Your father probably beat your mom in front of you that’s why you think it’s ok for a man to hit a woman. Your a loser and always be one. Your one of those people who will talk shit online but face to face your a little punk who wouldn’t say shit.

      1. Where’s my sandwich BLANK? When you’re done, go to the corner, pick up your mom, and take her to get her food stamps-she’s out of milk. Now run along.

        1. Like I said keep hiding. Obviously your mother left you when you were a child because you rag on everyone mother on here. Your a dirt bag. Your an insecure little prick. You hate women because they won’t give you the time of day. You never say anything to anyones face because you would get your ass kicked. No one likes you. No one cares about you so go kill yourself

          1. Hi Rach! Hey, do me a favor, go gas up the Yugo, pick up Mike at the trailer park, then swing by the clinic and pick up his mom and YOUR MOM AND DOUCHE THOSE YEASTY BLANK OUT already. It’s starting to get really moist in their rented panties. It would be a big help. Thanks in advance.

  7. These people are sick. I don’t get what joy they get out of talking bad about Rachel every hour of every day. It reminds me of school. These people are like a big group of bullies just like in school. I just don’t get it.
    Man, I was rooting for Brendon but since he got evicted now I have to root for Brit or Ragan, even though I can’t stand either of them.
    I can honestly say that this is the most boring and predictable season and these houseguests are horrible people. Whoever casted them should be fired

    1. Robyn Kass (casting director) is the culprit. She actually was rooting for Russell last season. Can’t wait to hear her thoughts of the cast after the finale. Hopefully she’ll check out this site!

  8. The convo Ragan had with Lane today is not only AWESOME but the truth!!!m If Lane doesn’t make a BOLD move, then this whole season has been a bunch of wusses wanting to “hold hands and sing koom-by-ya”!!

    1. Hopefully he turns on the other two stooges, then go to the final 2 with Brit. That show betrayal would add a nice little twist to the show’s ending.

      1. Wishful thinking, I dont think its gonna happen. You heard lane say how the DR was in his head, probably trying to get him to make a big move (strictly for ratings), but his muscles are for show only, he wont be using them to make any power moves. CBS need to put people on here who are hungry for the money and who are determined to get it by any means necessary, because this cast is here purely for thier “15 minutes of fame”.. any oh yeah if they happen to win that would be kinda a cool too.. smh :(

  9. For 500K he could have afforded 250 thousand Rachel-like hookers. And they wouldn’t have that nails-on-chalkboard voice.

    1. And your mom is one of them. Fifty Two bucks for that bitch. Now I know why Will is Ill; Syphilis transmitted in the birth canal.

  10. People, Really get over them talking about Rachel and bashing everyone else what else do they have to do? What else do they have to talk about ? They have been in that house for over 60 days with no contact from the real world. Think about it for awhile There is NOTHING to talk about after 60 days !!!! I am sure You would be talking about the same shit everyday to if you had no news, tv,radio,computer No job to go to just sit there everyday all day. Get over yourselves!!!

    1. I agree to a point. That’s why it’s not that big a deal to me that Brit and Ragan keep reverting to Rachel bashing (and Brit Brendon bashing), and it IS a big deal that Enzo keeps calling Brit every horrible thing a woman can be called.

    2. AMEN!! Thank you for pointing out the obvious to all those who dont/cant understand. I swear common sense is not so common these day.

    3. Talking about bad game or something they did is one thing, saying they have an STD everyday is annoying and stupid. The past seasons have shown that they have more to talk about than this, especially after the HG gets evicted. Out of sight, out of mind.

    4. To a degree i agree…but your talking 12 seasons..have u ever seen the final 5 sit and talk crap that bad about someone who left week 2?? like they been tonight..what andrew do?? They are going over board…I mean your saying they lack the ability to do anything but sit and bash others who left lol…I agree with that one lol…I think bordem has set in and they have only been surrounded by the same people to bash..but its getting a little much…and that seems to be an excuse..your talking rachel was the first jury member come on…I want a season 13 if they continue we might not get one lol…just kidding but still..wish they calm it down a little bit..tonights was bad

    5. as mich as they proclaim they hate them and want nothing to do with them after the show they still talk abput them everyday, multipl times a day!!! rach and brenden were the show thats why they cannot shut up about them.

  11. Why give them a CD and headphones?? Does it really make sense to watch someone sit there and listen to music. What is wrong with these producers.

    1. completely agree. and he thinks rachel will be embarrased??? he should be 100%. in addition, with all his putting down of waitresses, i wonder what type of service he will get now when he goes to vegas or even at a restuarant in cali.

  12. Ragan: “Here is my opinion about Chima.. I can understand how someone can crack in here but I don’t have too much respect for someone he quits this game”.

    REGAN! You quit playing the game a long time ago, I wish he would pull a Chima so I wouldn’t have to listen to his obsession with Brenchal.

  13. Really Ragen??? the ppl who should regret their actions should be you and brit. YOU two talk crap the whole time. even with rach and brenden gone you still keep talkiing. AMERICA is sick of you two the most!!!

  14. My god Ragam can 15minutes go by without harping on B/R. The horse is dead give it up, I guess he thinks that only way he knows ho to bound with the guys He just makes himself look worse each day that goes by. That is one petty dude. I don’t want to see Brigade win I just two other people besde Brit and Ragan in the house to attempt to try and break up th Charade. You’re a weak person Ragan, go back to your hole and cry.

  15. Did you see Enzo going on about his “wifey” (must be a NJ term of endearment) and her Facebooking? Sure, it’s manly to just punch a man in the face for flirting with yo girl, but this girl wanted to just pop yo one in the nose for being such a jerkoff ass.

  16. for all thinking lane will get rid of hayden at this point haha…just think if this was the case..he would be telling britney the truth about the brigade and telling her how if he didnt put hayden up they would have voted her out…enzo for sure was going to vote her if and when lane confesses to brit about the brigade..and getting hayden out then you know for sure that he turned lol…but lane and hayden want to live close in the same city and start a this point they both want the money for there futures as….stop wishing lol..that is just the crew wanting you to continue watching to see if there be a surprise..

  17. I do wonder sometimes if hayden would take enzo over lane..but i don’t think he would..lane and hayden talk about living in the same city..opening a business with there prize money…If brit or enzo cant win pov hayden and lane will be in the final 3 ..:) enzo or brit winning pov will screw there plans..cuz if brit wins hoh she will put up hayden and enzo..wanting enzo pov… if enzo wins hoh he will put lane and brit up.. brit wins pov..only way lane or hayden would not make it to the final 3.. so u will know who goes out by that..If hayden final 2…winner against anyone..idk with brit..but anyone else for sure..still think he win against brit to..but if they are doing it by game play hayden hasn’t showed any of his game to the others..they been secret moves..

  18. Anyone think it’s funny that Lane keeps Brit in the house?? Why? Anyone think it’s funny that when they showed Brits Fam that her boyfriend was NO where to be seen??? OR are they Family??? Somethings fishy????????

  19. Are you kidding me Lane said they only people that should be ashamed of the way they acted are Andrew, Brendon, and Rachel everybody else was respectfull are they all deaf they do not here what they are saying YO !!!!!!! I can not wait to see when they get out what people think of them. I want a double eviction on Thursday so we can get this over with and put us all out of our misery with these people.

  20. Do you know Rachel, what gives you the right to call people names,you have a right to your opinion but that makes you just like those to disgusting people.


  22. Bichney and Gaygan are doing all they do trash Rach, they are made cause Gaygan didnt hook up with Matt and Bitchney diidn’t hook up with Lane.

  23. I don’t understand people getting on Regan about him talking bad about Rachel still. What she did and said to him when she was back in the house for 24 hours was overwhelming. The things she said to him were the ugliest things I have ever seen someone say to another houseguest in 12 years of watching this show. She attacked him on every personal level possible, over and over. The things she said were the sort of things it takes a long time to get over. Especially since she isn’t there so he can’t truly resolve the issue. Regan is stuck in an environment that reminds him daily of what happened and he has no outlet to help him get over what she did. He is surrounded by people that welcome trash talk about Rachel so of course he is going to vent out the hurt and anger caused by her. That doesn’t make him a black hearted person. It just shows that what she did and said to him really hurt him. Rachel was a mean spirited bully, she bullied Regan just like people have done to him through out his life. You better believe that he will trash talk someone who bullied him. Its a defense reaction and him being trapped in the house that was the place that it all happened just keeps him feeling defense.

  24. This season blows. Every time I want to root for someone, they do something so irredeemable, that I have to hate them. Lane and Hayden are decent but the “Brigade” has made this season soooo boring I don’t want to root for them. Brendan was nice but a total wuss with Rachel, and being so smart, HORRIBLE at arguments. Ragan and Brit are pure evil and mean spirited. Brit needs to quit picking at her nails, hair, knee, etc. I can’t look at her. Rgan talks trash about everyone and cries like a baby when things don’t go his way. Get a spine! Rachel made the show interesting but her personality was over the top annoying. Rach and Bren hanging all over each other was gross and put a HUGE target on them. As a fan of the game Rachel should have been smarter. Enzo use to be like-able, now he’s a woman bashing-loser. Which is sad cuz I really did like him. Kathy was boring and tried to make herself useful as a gossip. I don’t even like Ragan but I want Lane to oust Hayden just so SOMETHING unpredictable can happen!!!

    1. I agree. I liked Annie from the start and then she got stupid. Then I liked Andrew and he got stupid. Then I started liking Matt and he is stupid. Then I liked Brit and she is being stupid. Last year sucked, but I never stopped liking Russell. This year I don’t care anymore. BB needs to rethink the whole show and bring back the unexpected. They need to figure out ways to make people compete instead of float. Someone said Jordan ruined the game and I agree. Anyone that tried to play the game this year got thrown out right away. A floater will win again. And don’t tell me the brigade masterminded this. The Sab went home because she melted down. They accidentally evicted her first week. As early as three weeks ago they turned on Matt. They only started winning when it was between them, a girl and a gay guy. And now they are just going to give the prize to Hayden.

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