*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – S$x, Rachel and Enzo’s rule “The trick is to find hot girls that are loose”

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7:04pm Living Room The house They are talking about whats a acceptable number of people to have sex with. Enzo: “Ehh sometimes you find tight girls some times you find loose girls.. the trick is to find hot girls that are loose”. Lane: “uhh loose?” Enzo: “Yeah Loose.. you know if its a ugly chick then of course she’s loose”. Brit asks him how many partners did his wife have before she met him. Enzo says that she was from the same town so he knew her background a bit and he knew she was a good girl. Enzo: “She aint no virgin but what are you to do”. Brit asks then how many partners is too much. Lane: “one”. Hayden: “1 or 2..3… double digits are too high”. Ezno thinks 3 is a good number but he also thinks a chick with double digits might not be a bad idea. His reasoning is that if she’s only had 3 partners then she might still be thinking about them but if she’s had 11 she’s forgotten about them already as is ready to move on. Enzo says he remembers early in the season Monet and Brit asked him what he thought of Rachel’s body and he said its was rockin because he didn’t know who talked with who yet and didn’t want to piss anyone off.. He thought it was funny how disgusted Monet was with my answer.
Lane asks Enzo if he would let a guy sleep with his wife for 1 million dollars. Enzo: “Will he wear a condom?” they all start laughing… Enzo: “yo YO i’m just joking yo”. Brit asks Hayden if he would date a girl that use to be a cocktail waitress like Rachel. Hayden says if she is anything like rachel then no he wouldn’t. Brit brings up how cute Rachel looked in her high school pictures, Brit: “She looks so clean and not Trashy and fake”.
Brit brings up Kathy and how she was always talking about Rachel ‘s panties and pubes she would rip on brendon and Rachel all the time.. enzo: “Yeah Kathy talked mad shit about us all”. Lane: “Wait what did she say about me”. Enzo: “she didn’t talk about you, just everyone else”. They start talking about the time when Rachel came back into the house. Hayden says he was so scared that Rachel was back in the game because she had her bags with her. Brit remembers Rachel coming up to her and asking brit why her goodbye message was so mean. Enzo was really worried that rachel knew about the brigade. They tell Brit how they started to scramble when they saw Rachel, Matt ran into the DR to ask them if anyone told her.
Brit tells them that there is less than 40 people out in the live audience. Enzo thinks its a hundred. Hayden tells them that Rachel was upset because no one would hi-5 her when she walked out of the house. Hayden: “She said she was the character America Loved to Hate”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:00pm HOH Brit and Lane. She is telling him that whatever they are building outside is going to be hardcore. Brit thinks Enzo and LAne don’t seem to be too worried about the competition she has the feeling that they are giving up and handing Hayden the 500K. Lane thinks Hayden is a great guy he thinks hayden deserves the money and will probably win it. saying this makes brit mad she would love to be able to fight but she’s going home. Lane says he’s pretty

Brit is the jury votes personally and your with enzo you will lose but if they vote competitively they will vote for you to win. Brit explains that if he brings Hayden to final 2 he will lose regardless if the jury votes personally or competitively . Lane: “if it’s a gamble with Enzo I would rather the money go to Hayden then Enzo”
Brit: “so your giving away 450K”. Lane says that he wanted to take Brit to final 3 he wanted Enzo to go this week but the cards fell a different way. Brit really doesn’t what to see Lane give up she wants to see him fight in the endurance. She tells him the last competition is always a crap shoot so the endurance is crucial to winning. Lane agrees he’s confident he can beat Hayden.


9:11pm Living Room enzo and Hayden. Enzo saying he’s been thinking about it and he thinks he has a chance against Hayden and Lane in the final 2 he just needs to win the final HOH. Hayden says that however wins the final HOH has a very good chance to win.


10:30pm HOH Hayden and Brit They are talking about the entire house thinking that Lane, Hayden and Enzo were floaters not playing the game. Brit: “Not only were you guys playing the game you were playing it better then they were” . He asks Brit if she thinks he should try for the endurance comp, Brit says of course. She thinks he has a very good chance to wining this game she feels like Enzo and Lane are convinced Hayden has already won.


10:50pm HOH everyone Brit says that Ragan got so upset the week when Matt had the DPOV, he would cry and cry constantly, Hayden thinks it’s funny that everything Ragan told MAtt came back to the brigade. Brit thinks matt wanted to take Ragan final 2. Hayden and Lane tell Enzo about Matt campaigning against him, Hayden: “He told me if I wanted a Brigade final 3 I would have to take him over enzo”. Enzo: “He was a little creeper.. I knew the first second I saw him I thought this guy is going to try and be something he’s not”. Brit: “He really left with his tail between his legs.. he sure was down the last couple days before he left”


11:30pm HOH Hayden telling them about his big knee injury that took him out of Baseball when he was 22. HE explains that in BAseball it’s very rare for someone to be a prospect if they are 24… Essentially he’s saying his baseball career is over. Enzo brings up a 28 year old player that did it once. Enzo doesn’t care about steroids in sports he thinks the more the better. The bigger they are the more entertaining it will be to watch, Enzo: “I want to see 80 home runs in a season cmon yo… Football players should do steroids all the time”. Lane: “Like that video game blitz”.. Hayden: “You can give them steroids in blitz?”

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162 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – S$x, Rachel and Enzo’s rule “The trick is to find hot girls that are loose”

  1. The nasty mouth little girl is going to have to face not just Rachel and Kathy, but also Kristen. I hope Kristen put that trash in her place.

    1. I assume you mean after all is said and done and the entire cast of houseguests appear. Krisen didn’t go to Jury House, but I am sure Brit will have loads of fun seeing Rachel again.

        1. Evidently what Kristen and her boyfriend may have had wasn’t that much, or else Kristen wouldn’t have cheated on him. And do we even know that her boyfriend was faithful to her while she was on the show? The camera never followed him around 24/7, so I guess we will never know.

    2. And face Allison Grodner. That’s a lot of face. Here: |———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-|

      That’s the actual real life width of Allison Grodner’s mouth. I’ll let your imagination take care of the rest.

    3. Kristen said she couldn’t care less what Britney has said about her and she said she would rather have Britney (or Ragan or Brendon) win the 500k than anyone in the Brigade.

  2. Matt for AC! I Just watched Thursdays show with the jury. KATHY no one feels sorry for a cancer survivor who chain smokes. I also think Matt did feel bad because he did become friends with the others. I love how he stood up to Rachel when she was telling him to leave the kitchen. GO MATTY for Americas choice.

    1. It’s also just a game. Matt lying about his wife didn’t hurt anyone. Kathy was one of the most two-faced people in the game, the difference is Matt was playing the game and she was just being hateful. Her trash talking about others had nothing to do with gameplay.

      1. How can you think Brendon is the best player? What did he do besides hook up with a trashy girl? I agree that enzo is a loser =)

        1. See how long you would last getting hit week after week… thinking you would be under the table crying like ragman.. (ragan ) .. He kept his heart in the game and played for his life.. while the other three stooges… and i do mean stooges.. snuck around like cockrochets… as for EGO ENZO… now thats a peice of work i would like to see choke on a few of his words.. while having his mouth so wide open something flies in and chokes him… what a gag of a human beind… Like to know where he gets off thinking he is gonna be so famous… joke joke.. choke choke… I see Branden winning… fingers are crossed

      2. AC = air conditioning.. last night I was ready to stay up and post all night but my internet went down, tonight I just can keep my eyes open and my internet is fine.. I saw the AC and thought what the heck does air conditioning and Brendon have in common?

    2. I’m voting for Matt. Kathy really over reacted. And so did Rachel. I remember last year’s jury members welcomed each new eviction and didn’t act like children. Even Jessie didn’t give Jeff a bad time.

      1. Kathy smokes, and that’s f’ing stupid. But her reaction was probably real, because I know how I feel about his lie. It was totally unnecessary, and ironically, probably weakened his chances in the end.

        I have Lupus. Until you’re really sick, and scared for your life, you can’t imagine what it feels like. I can barely walk most mornings, yet used to run and hike this time last year. It is not cool to lie about an illness for monetary gain. There you go.

    3. Its a game and he told a lie to strangers to help him win a half million. I person ally don’t have a problem with that. He played the best game and he is getting my vote. No one else deserves it!

      1. Some people are just so DENSE! If any of you saw Matt’s wife react to his LIE, you would know it hurt her. He’s a low-life. No way he wins anything. Some of you will harp on Brendon and Rachel, and give Matt and Ragan a pass. WTF is wrong with you? Roll tape and pay attention this time. Bunch of window lickers.

        1. I can’t have a conversation with people whose fav players are b & r.
          Matt is playing a game. His wife was probably worried about what people would think of him. Read his hoh. blogs and then read Rachel’s. No comparison. And she definately did not graduate from a real college. She probably graduated from an online fake college.

            1. Fortunately I have found other things to do this summer because this season has sucked. I do like to follow the blog and I have tivo’ed but find that I am not interested in viewing the shows any longer. When Matt lef, the show seemed too predictable.

              1. When my daughter lived in Australia, I had to send her her soccer cleats. They ended up being put into quarantine for 2 to 3 weeks……how long do you think Rachel would end up in quarantine!? :0)

  3. Their conversations are just getting worse, they are acting like teenagers not adults. I am sick of them talking about sex, body smells, body parts, etc. Geezzzz!!!!

    1. They were already talking about all these topics — including a long detailed conversation from the guys on when they lost their virginities and from Britney on s$x — when I was watching the live feeds — but there were other more interesting things going on for the guys to blog about. Since nothing else is going on, we’re now able to read more about the past sex-capades.

    1. I would LOVE to see something interesting and have Hayden pull Brit off and put up Enzo. It would finally be a big move in this game that would actually be fascinating to watch and see everyone’s faces if he did it. I think he would be smart to out enzo this week but they dont seem to have a knack for being interesting do they?

    1. That is so dramatized he didn’t have to work that hard..half of them were thrown or set up for him..They kept the target on himself anyways hanging out with rachel..

    2. ditto!

      since brendon left, i haven’t even bothered watching the actual “show”…what a bore-fest…who would want to watch a bunch of sheep bump around in their (kennel?….lol)

      i’m sure the ratings have plummeted…like rachel and brendon or not- they kept you coming back and wanting more…and YES, when brendon was on his own..he fought like the last dog in the pack…the only way they got him out was by default- not because he failed.

      BRENDON FOR AC!!!!

    3. I am voting for Brendon, do all you bashers out there know rachel how can you say such horrible stuff about a person that you do not know and have no idea how she really is, but it is ok for Matt to lie about his wife’s health and it is just a game but no one wants to give Rachel a break, Let’s just all say nasty stuff about people we do not know and act like we are 10 years old because it makes us all feel so much better than anyone else !!!

      1. What is the old story?….first impressions? …. Rachel conducted herself in such a manner that it is only natural people are going to connect the dots. Las Vegas..VIP Cocktail Waitress..Seeking Men to buy $1,000 bottles of wine…waking up topless, clutching $100 bills..popping out boobs in the yard..shaking her ass from a chair.. (see all those dots). No, thankfully we don’t know her, but for the most part, she has gained a pretty obvious reputation. …oh….let’s not forget the BJ she gave Brendon within days. Dot Dot..

  4. I just can’t wait till this is over so I can see what direction Enzo will go in. I’m sure he’ll be offered a judging job on American Idol. He’ll have at least 5 movie scripts to choose from. I’m sure he’ll throw out the first pitch for the World Series. He’ll probably be the next spokesman for Allstate. It’s just endless possibilities for him all because he was smart enough to name the alliance and because he played the best social game in the history of BB. He’s well on his way to a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    1. Dr Will could show enzo how to play a social game, will was on the block told everyone he wanted to leave and he hates them all and to vote him out, enzo was a coward if they even thought of putting him on the block, now if your social game is so good why are your afraid to go on the block

    2. I just got a sneak peek at the script for Enzo’s first movie, Palumbo. It’s kinda’ like Rambo but instead of coming out of the water shooting his machine gun like Stallone, Palumbo hides in the highest trees and convinces monkeys to shoot his machine gun for him.

      1. Remember Peter Falk in “Columbo” …sort of a stuttering muttering knothead. Enzo would make a great replacement if they can clean his mouth up….and make him eat in a trailer all alone.

  5. What I’d really like to see is when they announce the winner of the 25 grand I wish they would go through it in order. In 12th place, with a total of 2% of the votes…..ENZO. In 11th place, with a total of 3% of the votes….BRITTANY. I’d love to see their faces when they see exactly how dispised they really are. Too bad we’ll never see that.

        1. Thank you. I would have a big party and have you all over. All you guys from Canada would have to get across the border. We could sit around with our laptops and write dirty comments to each other. Okay, we have already done that but not when we are all wasted at the same time!

    1. don’t worry I’m sure evil dick will be doing interviews in the backyard again, and believe me he will let them know how much we hate them

  6. I still don’t get why Brit and lane have just given up and how the DR has just let them give up. Brittney can promise Hayden she will take him to the final 2. Lane can tell Hayden that he doesn’t trust Enzo so please take me off the block. Lane can also say to Jayden that Enzo has a great chance to win this. Let’s get him out now and take Brittney to the final 3. Regan was dead in the water but still had a great arguement why they should keep him. Every other year someone in lane and britts position would have taken Hayden out last week but for some reason these guys don’t care if they win $500,000. They just want to make the final 3. Even if it doesn’t work the least they can do is try. They should make it that 2nd place gets nothing so this way people don’t just settle. And they need to make it that if you win HOH you can play for HOH the next week also. Or if you win HOH you get to automaticly play in the POV a week after you are the HOH. Something needs to be done to make people want to go out and win like in survivor. If they don’t do something then this is what we can look forward to every season.

    1. Hey Mike, im sure if you have watched the show this season, you will understand why Britney has given up. Lets recap the votes for eviction: everyone of them has been unanimous except Monet and Kristen, and Britt was one of the votes for Monet, and Kathy was the other free spirit, the rest have been whatever to zero, she has no chance, and you, I and she knows it.

      1. the point is she isn’t even tryng, what does it hurt to try
        ragan knew he had no chance of staying, but he still went and talked to lane

      2. Hey Canadian. If you read the entire thing I wrote I said even if it doesn’t work 1 atleast she tried and 2 atleast it makes things interesting. Hayden keeps saying to her that no one is taking him to the final 2. So she should step up and say I will take you if you take me to the final 3. I don’t cate if all 3 players were brothers you still don’t give up. Especially when you have been there for 60 something days.

        1. Doesn’t hurt to keep trying, does it Mike. Even if you didn’t like Kristen, she did keep trying clear up to the day of eviction. But, Canadian Fan is right. These guys go with the house and it just a 4 person house now. I would promise Balloon Boy a new snowboard, a young lady that loves guys with long hair, a doctor that can botox your lips, Adam and Eve is where we all came from, Steamboat for 2 weeks, his grandma a limo ride, and a helium tank to keep his airhead inflated.

        2. Hey again Mike, and Michelle, im not saying she shouldn’t try but im saying, there has been no big shifts in power this season, and for that reason alone unless Brittney is blonde to her roots and maybe even beyond that, she knows she is gone. Mike, you just stated that Regan tried, and where is he? Matt tried and where is he? Brenden tried and where is he?, Rachel tried to form an allience with Matt and Brenden, and where is she? My point isn’t that they should give up, but its pretty useless this season to even try, and we all know it.

          1. And that’s why I wrote in my original post it may not work but atleast she can go out trying. And this is different. The reason why these guys didn’t turn in each other earlier is because together they could make it further in the game. Now all bets are off. The only person who has any kind of chance to beat Hayden is Enzo. So Hayden needs to ask himself do I take my chances and go to the finals with a guy I can beat easily and a guy I may be able to beat and if I don’t win then I may not go at all. Or do I make a pact with Brittney and say if I save you now do you swear on your mom that if you win you take me to the final 2 and then you go to the final 3 with 2 people you can definately beat in the final 2. Look at lane. If he would have taken Regan he could have made a deal with Regan that if he saved him last week the we go to the final 2. If he did that then the final 3 would be lane Brittney and Regan right now. If Brit tried and it didn’t work ok then people will say atleast she tried. Now everyones looking at her as a quitter. And I guarantee if Hayden was on the block right now Enzo and lane would get rid of him because they don’t think they can beat him.

            1. Canadian Fan, that’s my boy! You get all rallied up and now you are going to bed? Okay, its late. I hope you get on sooner tomorrow. You need to get into it with Rockstar and me. You didn’t comment on my response to Mike and you. I will watch for you tomorrow. Good night! xxooxx

              1. I go to bed early because today was my first day of work and Canadian Fan comes out to play and he played hard. Woo hooo.. You rocked it last year cf.. I missed your wild comments this year..

                pulls Grandma’s pants down..

              1. Enzo is nothing more then mister EGO himself… he is useless… had to knock over a 100 lb little man to win that pov. act like the animal he is .. Out of all the HG he did the least … won the least. BUT I must say cheated the most… filling his face when he was a HAVE NOT. Talking his balding face off just to hear himself speak… Now who in ones right mind would think he is the BOSS… give me a break… and give both Americans and Canadian more credit then what you are giving them…

      3. idk i think she has more of a chance with getting into enzo head then any of them..all enzo cares about is getting to the final 2..he doesn’t no where lane stands infact he fears lane will take hayden…so if brit tells enzo if he keeps her she will take him to the final 2..but there is no guts to stand up..AP :)matt was the only one to stand up and keep trying oh i guess i gotta give rachel the credit for that one to she tried hard to stay in the house..even having brendon give up for her…

        1. Exactly. Even if she tried talking to Enzo atleast she would be trying. If it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work but atleast she wouldn’t be giving up the way she has. It’s so dad to know thousands of people tried out for this show who would have tried anything and everything to try to keep them but instead we get Brittney who just gave up. You never know what can happen if you try something but if you just give up then you will never know if you could have changed someone mind. Even lane has given up. He has not once said to Hayden. Hey maybe we should keep Brittney. Earlier in the season lane and Hayden talked about going to the final 3 with Brit and getting Enzo out but now lane hasn’t even brought it up. He just gave up and is content with just winning $50,000. This is the strangest season ever. Matt and Regan saying that they would never have teamed up with Bren and Rachel. Well if they would have then the 4 of them would have coasted to the final 4 by winning all of the comps. The Matt had the perfect chance to keep himself off the block by telling Brittney about the brigade and he chose to keep his mouth shut. Matt would tell a lie about his wife to try to win BB but he wouldn’t tell the truth about the brigade.

          1. Mike, Im signing out cause Its late in my part of the country, but you summed it up right there. This season had no one smart enough to form an allience later in the game, its really tough to, cause the brigade wasn’t genious, its just that the rest were bordeline retarded. I said a long time ago that Matt should have formed an allience with Brendan and Rachel, and there could have been others as well, this season has been low key and I agree BB has got to make some drastic changes to shake this thing up or we will be bored year after year.

            1. I know it was late that’s why I went to sleep. What is It with you. One minute you disagree with me and call me an asshole and the next post you agree with me. You bring up one punk who I told simon about and I finally said something because he started attacking other peoplwaIn this site Listen I’m a 35 yr old man who can handle myself so that kid who was attacking everyone has no clue who he’s trying to be tough with. As for you you start calling people asshole because they are trying to make a point? This doesn’t have to turn into bashing and cursing at each other on a website about BB. I didn’t start with that kid and I didn’t start with you. A matter a fact you replied to my post.

    2. They haven’t been in the season to win the title of champion or even to win the 500K — to them, it’s just a stepping stone to being famous . . . and they only felt they had to be memorable characters and make it to the final 6 or so to do that. That’s part of the problem with this casting. . . many of them wanted just to be on a reality tv show — they didn’t care which one and didn’t even know much about BB before they tried to get cast.

      1. i m a little worried. snookie makes 30 thousand an appearance. she s a real car wreck. and i just heard situation is going on dancing with the stars. just sayin

        1. I know it’s a crazy world and DWTS does pick the strangest least worthy people sometimes. . . there’s a teen mom that I don’t get being part of the crew either. BUT Enzo is far less famous than the Jersey Shore stars (Jersey Shore was a huge phenom and trounces BB in the ratings) and Enzo doesn’t have a famous parent — so I’m hopeful that he won’t get any other big tv gigs.

    3. survivor has floaters..sandra won twice without winning a comp…Mainly cuz others hated who was in the final with her more is what it boiled down to be…adam and ryan stuck togethr memphis and dan a lot of people stick together till the end win or lose..they rather see there friend get the money the one they worked with from the beginning then someone they didn’t…i mean ragan isn’t going to pay for the steam boat trip someone has to lol..

      1. :( Do not profane Sandra’s name by saying it in the same breath with Bozo or the rest. Sandra played an excellent game in last season’s Survivor — she had a strategy and she played it perfectly for someone of her physical abilities vs. men and women fitter and younger than her. She was a part in her team’s wins (it’s not like she gave up like the brigade did in many challenges) and she found a hidden immunity idol on her own. She didn’t brown-nose Russell — indeed, she would call him out to his face. She tried to get Russell out – – it was the Heroes who were too naive to listen to her. I wish we’d had a Sandra in this season of BB — she would have eaten this crew for lunch LOL.

        1. boston rob is the only reason the villians even got that far, he won all of the early challenges for them, russell forgot that you have to play a social game also, the brigade are alot like russell, yes they played a better social game than he did, but they have the same arrogance thats why I don’t like them either

      2. Sandra winning last season, and Russel ALSO not winning the season before that, is double proof that the reality tv show system is broken. Over a decade has gone by since they blew up, and America’s culture has changed by a great amount. The formula needs to be changed, because it really shouldn’t be about butthurt jury members having all the power.

        It’s somewhat debatable with Big Brother, but Survivor even has a standard: “outwit, outplay, outlast.” Russel was leaps and bounds ahead of Sandra in all three categories. In previous seasons of Survivor, if the person I was rooting for lost in the final two, then that was that. That’s just how it played out. But with Russel, I honestly don’t even care what the official outcome was. Russel won both seasons in most peoples’ minds. Doing what he did back-to-back flawlessly both times proved he’s truly the best Survivor player of all time. I know that I would truly despise him in real life, because I’ve worked with people like him, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not open to debate: Russel is the best Survivor player of all time.

        1. Nope, QAZ, Russell lost because he ignored the social game. . . TWICE. The final vote requires that you have gotten the liking OR respect of your fellow players — Russell didn’t get either. Parvati got votes from her friends but lost votes from those who didn’t respect her paling around with Russell. Sandra gained their respect, even if they didn’t like her, AND SHE WON. Now, the reality tv might be broken though because I still find it very very suspicious that Russell made those comments on the last day of his 2nd season about losing in the 1st one (since he didn’t know that result yet).

        2. Russell is not the best player in Survivor history — that’s truly debatable! Sandra outwitted him. His meek opponent (a floater??) in his first season even outwitted him — she stayed under his radar and convinced him she wasn’t a threat. Russell is only the greatest player in his own twisted, evil mind.

          1. the only reason russell made it that far was boston rob won the early challenges for them, the heroes kicked their asses until they got to the puzzles and then boston rob solved them, and then russell had the stupid idols that kept him in the game longer, which before russell they never had that many idols, once the two idols were used that the idols were done

        3. But what Russell lacked in survivor is what could make Enzo the winner in this season of BB and that is the social game and it seems lately the social game is more important to most of the other players. Russel played to get to the final 3 and that’s great but he never cared about the jury votes and he even said that. If russell would have played the same exact game but worked on his social game then Russell would be one of the best. But let’s remember back in the day there was no hidden idols or there was only 1 during the year. In both season those idols saved Russell. Take those away and he doesn’t even make it to the final 3. Even when he didn’t have the idol people were afraid to vote against him because they thought he had it. Without those idols Russell would be an average player.

          1. I hope for enzo and lane really want to win they will not take hayden to the final 2, if they do, they are making the same mistake that russell did

        4. russell is my favorite and i do think he deserved to win samoa, but HvV was parvati’s. she was target number 1 from the start over at the villains camp. and the reason russel ignored the social game the second time was just that, time. i think they said it had been like three weeks between samoa and HvV, and since he didn’t get to see the outcome of his gameplay in samoa, he thought, “well, being a bastard last season worked, why not do it again?”. and russell is not the best player ever, even though and few months ago i would’ve agreed with you, but after reviewing past seasons i would have to say it’s a three way tie between Tom from palau, JT from tocantins and Todd from china. tom won like five comps in a row, same with JT and todd was the only person actually playing the game in china. and plus JT is mister perfect game(unamious vote, america’s vote and never a vote against him, til HvV)

        5. these shows are not about winning challenges or the social game, its about knowing who to be sitting next to in the final 2 or 3, if you pick the wrong person you will lose everytime

    4. So here is the deal with these bozos….enzo has gotten them all believing that they are going to be huge stars after the show is over. I would say that is decent game play but I don’t think he has the intelligence to figure that out…I am still trying to figure out what anyone would cast him as…a clown? They think this whole alliance that they have going is this huge deal….and thats why they are BOZOS!!! Why should you win BB….because we floated our way to the end and we can’t even fight it out and make it interesting just floating till the end….snoring! if there was an alliance of two people who acted like they hated each other throughout the game only to be in the final two would have been soooooo much more interesting! I don’t care if they win HOHs and POVs but make some big moves! its all to predictable..SNORING!

  7. I am watching BB AD…. it’s the same ole’… Brit is bashing Kathy tonight and Enzo is bragging. Brit is trying to prepare Enzo to know that after a year off BB, he is not going to be famous.
    Enzo says oh no, he is gonna do big things. He will be lucky if he doesn’t hit the non-famous rung 3 hours after BB. He has the mentality of a prehistoric rock.

    1. Yeah, someone needs to wake him up and tell him in 12 months, he’s going to be riding the PATH to his job as a claims adjuster. My gosh, he lives outside NYC — really famous people live and work in NYC — heck, the Cake Boss is just down the road in Hoboken — nobody is going to notice the past season BB schmuck from Bayonne. [I say this because I was bemused a couple of years ago to realize that the familiar-looking guy that I saw regularly on my public transit commute — was a past contestant on a reality tv program. . .15 minutes on tv DOES NOT mean that you escape public transit commutes in New York.]

      1. I agree. Although I dislike Enzo, Lane, and Britney more, I still don’t care much for Hayden. I’m rooting for nobody to win and enjoying when each one gets evicted. Cry Britney. Cry Enzo. I shall enjoy reading about your tears.

      2. No mature woman could find Brendans personality attractive unless they are extremely desperate. I can see how a 15 year old twilight lover would think he is so awesome.

  8. I don’t get why Britney is still sucking up to these jerks. She appears to be stuck in the middle school years in her personality development — still brown-nosing the cool kids and putting down the others out of insecurity.

    1. It’s the eye and the height. Too bad really, when she acts her age she can be pretty funny and down to earth. However, those moments have been rare. Imagine her demeanor before her boob-job!!.

  9. Does anyone know what is happening on thursday?? didn’t julie say the comps were going to be wenesday then continue on thursday last day?? so this thursday sense there missing one person this would of been the final four hoh…Just curious what is going on thursday?? haha be sweet if the jury gets to come in for a comp and that winner takes the place of the final 3 lol

  10. I know everyone seems to hate Enzo… I think he is funny… I know he is a goofball…a complete moron.. he has delusions of granduer..he thinks he will be a star.. but he has a vulnerability and a sweetness too… he has given up alot to be there. Lane has money..Hayden is a perpetual student. (ugh)…Brit is a brat ( i love her too though)… Enzo has just as much right to win this as anyone of these doorknobs.

    1. What grown man with a wife and baby would choose to go on bb? He deserves nothing because he has done nothing. Shame on him for leaving his family to fufill a ridiculous dream to be on TV. Shame shame shame

      1. but he gave up so much to be the show, I hate when they complain about how much they gave up, britney says all the time also

  11. Britney’s last night in the house tonight. Say good-bye to Britney tonight, it’s the last time Live Feeders will see her on BB live feeds.

    1. I actually like all of them … except hayden. Although I was very disappointed in what Lane said about women… I still think much of that was bravado and BS. Say what you will… I wish it could have been Enzo and Brit in final two.

    2. Bye, bye Britney… don’t let the door hit you in your cute little ass on the way out! You blew it aligning with these frat boys, but we are suffering more than you…bad season of this show!

  12. BB live feeds will be blocked from Tuesday thru at least late Wed eve. Will be blocked again on Thursday. Endurance comp will NOT be seen on live feeds unlike past years — surprised that no one here is talking and/or complaining about it. NO criticism of AG’s blocking the live feeds even?

  13. OMG….I just saw Enzo clean his ears out with q-tips and then put them on the table with all the food. Now he’s clipping his nails at the same table. This guy has absolutely no class whatsoever. He honestly turns my stomach every time I watch him for any period of time.

    1. I seen that with the q-tips and I thought the same thing, because they put the chips on table later when they playing blackjack

      1. I saw that too, but that didn’t compare to him scratching his balls and then smacking down (pun) on his turkey burger. That happens frequently. He’s a no class jerk. I can’t stand him. I’d like someone to shove a sock in that mouth that never stops yapping and bragging.

  14. The conversation Enzo is having about women and whether they are loose or not is making me laugh so hard… I am a person who has always enjoyed sex. I don’t need a ring, or a promise, or a future assurance of another date… if I want to do it, I do! However, regarding Enzo, and his loose women theory… I have sex with attractive men to the tune of over 200 when I stopped counting…none of whom looked, or acted like guido penguin dude! I am trying to imagine the woman who would sleep with this neanderthal… can’t fathom it!

    1. Although I don’t have your numbers ;) buddhistgirl, I found their comments from earlier also old-fashionedly double-standard. From when I had the live feeds, I heard Lane speaking about more than 3 past sex partners. Seems Lane and Hayden are “do what I say, not what I do” kind of boys.

  15. How do these idiots really think they are going to be that famous not standing in lines anymore, getting movie roles, needing some sort of entourage….Imean do they really believe what they are saying

  16. I’ve watched all shows from the beginning of big bro. I have never missed a day of them, but now I have to force myself to watch this shit. It’s pathetic. I’m so bored with these knuckleheads. Last year it was great. Nat was a horrible person, but very interesting to watch. These 4 are just lame.

  17. i need these people to entertain me every second of every minute,i hate these people for dreaming and wishing they were famous.i hate them for thinking they could be in movies.who cares if they got the highest ratings even more than last year,i still hate them.but i’ll still watch them everyday.

  18. If Enzo does not win any of the money he will have the hardest time adjusting of the three when they all go back home. Enzo talks like he is single, Atlantic City, Vegas I’m sure wifey is going to let this Bozo run around while she has to take care of their daughter, plus where is he going to get the money to do all this running around, he already said he was going to exchange the flat screen TV for cash and give the cash to wifey. Enzo is in for a huge reality check next week if he comes out of the house with zero cash.
    I see rocky roads ahead for Enzo and wifey even if he does win one of the two final cash prizes

    1. Wifey has a baby & a full time responsible job. She probably isn’t seeing him the way we are. She is clearly drawn to his NJ bullshit, but we’ll see how far that goes in the “man up” category of adulthood.

  19. Is Britney gone yet? It will be nice to see thread starters, not saying what Britney has talked about. Lets hope she gets a backbone and say this stuff to peoples face, that way we can see how she looks with a black eye and a limp in her walk.

  20. Has Britney even tried to talk to Hayden about using the POV on her, has she just given up and has conceded that she is goingt to the JH. Why has BB delayed the POV ceremony Britney When do they plan on sending the next HG to the JH.
    Seeing how easy Britney has quit, it shows why these three floaters made it this far. This has to be one of the dumbest groups that BB has assembled to live in the house and the four that remain are the worst of the bunch. it is tough to watch and listen to these four self centered morons. They continue to bash their former HG with the same things day after day, hour after hour, do they really need to belittle them just so that they can pound their chest afterwards on how they are the best BB 12 HG. Getting to the final four is not good enough for them, they are so insecure about getting to this point in the game because maybe deep down inside they know that they skated through as other HG did all the work..

  21. Hahaaha…long time lurker on these forums…….enjoy the comments…..Not happy with this final four……..the Joisey floater, Shaggy, Paul Bunyon, and Bratney,,,,,,their ego inflation is laugh worthy……..unless one of them deals drugs or beats their pregnant GF like Adam and Mattie, they will all be a stale BB memory !

  22. Hayden needs to use POV on Lane & put Enzo up & let Lane take the heat for getting rid of him. Enzo would just think that he knew Lane was partial to Brit. He’s such a loser & disgusting. If I was his wife I’d be embarrassed how he talks about women & if vulgar language every other word. Talk about a floater, he’s been on the guys coattails the whole way. Let Brit, Lane & Hayden really have a good competiton to win & who ever excels at the comps deserves the win. Come on Hayden let’s make this interesting, make the big pivotal move before it’s too late.

    1. I Agree that Hayden needs to use the POV to get rid of Enzo pull brit and let her do it or pull lane and let him save Britney, but Enzo needs to go I can’t stand to watch this Smuck any longer, I would like to see Lane and Britney finish 1 and 2 and then get together afterward, I think Lane has an Eye for her and she I think likes him too.

    2. I agree KAKE. Exactly. However, he will not. All 3 seem to be very content on “just making the final 3” and this is totally absurd.

      1. What the hell are you agreeing with or to? Enzo has zero chance of winning $500 against any of the contestants left, so why would you get him out now at this point?

  23. Minimal Effort for Maximum Gain — seems to be the motto for these clowns. That and the embarrassing delusion that they are all beloved and famous now. Wait til reality kicks them in the face.

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