Big Brother 13 Vegas Bash Videos

Before we start stalking the Big Brother 13 cast and preparing for Big Brother 14 we have one post season celebration to check out. This one is called Vegas Bash and from the bikini pics it looks like a lot of fun.

I love how Howie is in there like a dirty shirt..

Special thanks to 2clean4dean for uploading these videos to Youtube for us all to enjoy

Rachel Rents a BUS and Kidnaps ALL BB HG’s from Vegas Bash

Rachel and Ragan In Vegas 2012

Rachel Wins BB13

Random Vegas Bash Madness

BB13 Take it off Keith!

Big Brother 13 Bikini Ladies..

Big Brother Vegas Bash Pool side

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BB King

Wow I did not anticipate Rachel and Kristen becoming friends again. But then again I didn’t anticipate Ragan and Rachel being friends either.

I truly believe that Rachel was just playing a character on BB 12 just as Russell admitted he was on BB 11. Outside the house she is really friendly even winning over her bitter enemy Ragan.


In the first video, is that michelle money from bachelor and bachelor pad regan is hugging?


No it’s not michelle money. If you watch a couple videos down the same girl is standing buy Rachel and Kristin and you can clearly see it’s not Michelle.


simon, have you heard anything about Evel Dicks party after the Finale?


do you think Rachel has a career as a soap opera star?




YES, but only if she soaps up those honkers !!!!


Lol, nice.


My best guess would be ‘no’, she won’t get a long-time role with any soap opera… not even on CBS. They won’t throw her a bone beyond this soap ‘appearance’ until the next season of BB is about to start.

Brenchel fans, I’m really not trying to knock you guys, but at the same time, I can’t help but think that quite a few of you were taken for a ride this season, defended and rooted for someone production directly manipulated you to root for.


I also forgot to mention that another reason my guess is ‘no’ is that the woman can’t act. There’s a difference between freaking out/being emotional/dramatic, and acting. Rachel’s really good at one, completely sucks at the other.


Wow, Rachel from being Ms Vegas Girl to Ms. Soap opera girl!!!!!! WTF, I miss the old Ms. Vegas Girl!!!!! When we expected of unexpected return of Ms. Vegas Girl Rachel.

Frankie B


Frankie B

Another season come and gone for my guilty pleasure that is Big Brother. Simon, Dawg, this show would not be anywhere near as enjoyable if it weren’t for your website. Thank you for sharing what you see on teh feeds and sharing what your thoughts are. Hopefully next season is either all new guests or an all-star season because this returning players idea was not good. It really gave the vets an advantage that was tough to overcome. Anyway. Thanks again guys. See you in 10 months.


Just a little something from Lawon i thought I”d share Hilarious!!!:


“Before we start stalking the Big Brother 13 cast and preparing for BIG BROTHER 2013 ”

Preparing for Big Brother 2013? What about Big Brother 2012?


Danielle got a huge chest tattoo of a skull with crossed swords? Not hot at all dani.


nevermind thats lydia