Big Brother 12 Spoilers: 11am the house guests are still dreaming about how to spend a half million dollars…

11am – 11:10am All of the house guests are sleeping. Big Brother Production still has not given them a wake up call. Enzo gets up to go to the wash room and then heads to the living room.. He looks at the camera and says he’s going to win the show and bring home 1/2 a million dollars.

11:35am – 11:50am Britney wakes up and goes to the kitchen to start the coffee machine, then heads into the bathroom to get ready. At 11:40am Big Brother Production switches the live feeds to a different “We will be right back” screen showing the fish tank.


12pm – 12:15pm Enzo is passed out in the backyard on the double lounger. Lane, Hayden and Britney are in the kitchen looking at the memory wall talking about how Kristen and Annie’s faces will be the hardest to recognize. Britney is eating cinnamon toast. Britney says that Kristen’s will be hard just because her picture doesn’t even look like her. Hayden asks Britney who won the faces competition last season. Britney tells him that Michelle won it. Lane asks if he would be able to get his beard trimmer today …so that he can look decent for Thursday. Lane hopes that maybe they will be lenient since there are so few of them in the house. Britney says that she wishes they would be lenient. Lane heads outside and Enzo shows Lane a praying mantis thats by the lounger. Lane pick the praying mantis up with a lid and puts it up on the lounger beside Enzo. Lane keeps playing with it and it attacks him. Lane says ohhHH shit! Enzo heads over to the couch to take a nap. Britney is in the kitchen cleaning up, she then heads into the bathroom to clean..


12:30pm Enzo and Hayden are out sitting on the backyard couch talking. Hayden asks what’s up with Britney cleaning this morning? Enzo says yeah …what is she worried shes going to loose tomorrow? Hayden says yeah I dunno .. I’m hungry for it I want it. Like a wolf. Enzo says what’s up with cleaning? … there’s no more of that now we’re the final four. Enzo and Hayden are just relaxing on the couch not talking while Lane works out with the weights.


12:45pm Britney comes out into the backyard for a second and Lane asks her what time they usually do that camera. (What time they get the HOH camera for taking photos.) Britney says they usually get it around 1:30pm and that its 12:45pm now.. Britney heads back inside. Silence again in the backyard. Ragan is in the Taj bedroom staring at the wall. Lane gets out of the pool and heads up to the HOH room. There are two cameras on Britney cleaning in the kitchen and two on Ragan in the bedroom. Lane comes into the kitchen and Britney tells him that they will call him into the diary room and tell him that there is something in his HOH room. Britney says that they will already have the computer set up in the HOH room. Britney then tells Lane that the shorter amount of time he spends taking pictures means that he will have more time blogging. Lane then heads into the cabana room to feed the fish.

1:10pm Britney puts on her bikini and heads out into the backyard to suntan. She stops at the backyard couch and asks what Enzo and Hayden are up to .. she says are you just hanging out? Britney then heads over to the pool and lays out to tan. Big Brother then calls Lane to the diary room.


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Meanwhile Allison Grodner can’t sleep and is trying to eat the million sheep that she’s counting to pass out.


For days now, things felt kind of out of place without your comments about this Allison person.


I agree – I’ve missed you QAZ!


Awww, thanks you guys!


I have missed you QAZ! I’ve been looking for your comments!


QAZ, I missed your reaction to my comment that the final 4 should have been cast on “You’re Cut Off” — another AG unreal production!


Brit the clit is a PLC !!!


You post this pretty much every thread. It’s not witty or funny. Go away because it’s apparent that you’re 13 years old and should have some friends to play with outside.


wtf does PLC stand for?


I dream about buying a camaro yo.


How can you tell if they’re awake or asleep…they’re just as boring either way but asleep at least we don’t have to hear bitching about Rachel.


yeah, enough with the Rachel bashing ! Why don’T they focus on theie own sheer stupidy….BRIGADE GOING UNDETECTED ! Yawn !!


you got that right. Rachel must have been the most exciting person they ever met. lol


Maybe just the most god awful and horrible.

Kathie from Canada

Get them hooked up to IVs and they can just sleep to finale night. Enough alredy!


how exciting….NOT

okc watcher

uhoh…they are waking up…woohoo!! about freakin time!


I found this bit of info on the web today RAGAN DIDN’T WANT TO BE THE SABRegardless of your take on him, Ragan has been entertaining as a Houseguest. His quick wit and penchant for drama provided interesting blips especially during the second sleepier half of the season.  While I might not agree with what he said, he always managed to say it in an entertaining way.  Word around the web is that initially he refused to become the Second Saboteur, knowing it would negatively impact his game.  Worried he would fall out of favor with both theHG’s and America, he declined immediately causing a collective crap in the pants at CBS.  Supposedly he negotiated with Grodner that he would accept only if he could execute all his sabotage from the safety of the Diary Room. He minimized the risk of being found out as he carried out ideas submitted by viewers, in essence making him America’s Best Paid Player.  The Fox did as little as possible to score 20K and managed to keep it a secret from all.  Personally I voted for him because I was certain he would refuse it and I thought the train wreck of the Saboteur was in idiotic idea that should have been left derailed. Why can’t we just have a season with no twists and turns and no excessive manipulation by Production via the DR? Why not just a baker’s dozen of strangers to reveal themselves thru isolated co-habitation and gameplay? I think the higher ratings this year are thanks in part to how well-received last year’s cast was.  Frankly I look for them to drop off once an all Brigade House is in place.   Ragan might not be the part Janelle, Part Evel Dick, Part Dr. Will he thinks he is but he has a lot more personality and spark than anyone else remaining.  Logic too.


Regan, was (is) a poor excuse for a player. He complained all the time, he cried like a girl, and blashed everone. He should not have been given the opportunity to even be the sab. He caused no excitement. Good riden to bad brubish.


It’s really hard to feel at all sorry for him. He won the money for being the Sab so he got more than most of them except greedy Hayden. I hope everyone in the jury house knows how much he won and kept secret from most of the house. If Brit gets voted off she will tell them and then I think Lane has it in the bag even though I don’t feel anyone in that sham of a brigade deserves to win. Ppl may not like Brit but I do think of the remaining guest she deserves the win.


That makes sense to me. Ragan is sensitive but he’s also smart. And BB production are manipulating and unimaginative b*st*rds. Even the 1st sabo’s tricks were lame! And their casting this year of fame-hungry, boring rich kids who were too ugly for THE HILLS and too boring and bald for JERSEY SHORE means they should all be fired. I’m tickled pink that their production company is doing very poorly financially now :).




So cuz partly boring season?? that has increased ratings?? You would want all fired?? wtheck seriously…oh yeah lets get rid of bb because no one back stabbed to there faces..or ran around screaming drunk…seriously this group is boring but no one deserves to be fired there interviews weren’t that bad…and they did cast some good people..they just gone whacko in the house..Exception of ragan i am starting to believe he really is a mixed up person who needs serious help…who most likely will not have a job etc..and britney is just that way she don’t see what she is doing wrong..but she will..hopefully with ragan gone she will stop the bashing..if those boys had any balls they would just straight up say..hey shut up already there gone!!


I share your sentiments.


big SIRPRISES happening today!!!!


Is there any way CBS can speed this slow death for us up. This has to be the worst cast that I have every seen on BB. And what exactly did this cast actually do to make it on the show. WOW!!!!!


I couldn’T agree with you more. I watch for the simply fact that I looovveee Big Brother. Biggest fan. However, this year was long & boring.

Just give the prize up to Lane, already, and be done with it .

Here’s to next year where hopefully LOTS of drama & backstabbing can come back to this summer guilty pleasure !


LOL.. These jokers forgot that they’re on the show to create something entertaining for the viewers. This must be embarrassing for Big Brother production.

rachel's Nipple

Yea. Ragan acknowledged that the other night on BBAD. He was like we voted off all the trouble makers, not good from a production stand point. hahaha


Ragan is one smart cookie.


agreed 13 of the shittiest HGs in BB history, most of them have severe emotional problems “rachel,brendon,brittney,regan,andrew,annie,monet”(which is exactly why they LOST the game), .. but their not as big a problem as the producers making the season predictable, and some-what rigging every comp to cater to certain HGs too much proof of that with every single comp this year… CBS should just cancel big brother and come up with a new reality show, it’s obvious they ran out of ideas, it’s not fair they put up through the same bullshit year after year, and this is the 2nd constitutive year that a “floater” won the game. im done with Big Brother.


watching showtime is like watching paint dry.


For you too….what a drag this season has been.


Why do they all live such a nocturnal existence?


Note to self: Google “nocturnal”.


I was assuming that because of Big Brother After Dark, the people who watch this Showtime2 feature that Big Brother wants those HGs up and doing something. Which is, of course, bashing and playing pool and loud breathing and panting as we watch them run the yard.
So I think they take long daytime naps so they can be wide awake for the Showtime2 run.


I now tune in to this site to see the posts on the message board. The Big Brother Bore Fest house is so sad… Maybe Production will go online and see what the fans really think of this crappy season.


I think the production people and camera people are sick of this cast too.


I know production is sick of them because they run and ask production questions about what to do and what kind of competion will be upcoming (which I thought they were not suppose to do.) I have never witness ppl like this that whines and complains all of the time. If they had played the game as much as they complained maybe this would have been a half decent season of BB.


DR did tell Lane that america is getting tired of brit bashing brendon..that america is over brendon..but then lane hayden enzo started up the bash session..right after he told them about dr saying that to him..gosh sometimes i wonder if they really care what america thinks of them…have they not learned from previous season..even haydens fake nice attempts to tohers i question this…is he doing it for a vote or does he really care??


Has there ever been a twist added between the POV and the Thursday Live show (in order to liven up the BB guests)? This is boring!!! All they do is sleep and talk about Rachel….


Can this show be salvaged?


No unless they somehow save regan to shake it up


Yes, trade Rachel, Brendon and Matt for Hayden and Lane.
Let Rachel sees what Britney said about her in the DR and when she was gone, and let them go at it.


Yes, but it needs a fair amount of re-tooling for future seasons. I would:
Place three HGs put on the block each week to create more Save-my-ass discussions
Allow the HG on the block to vote so their is even more interaction amongst HG
Move the POV contest to Sunday to allow more pre-POV schmoozing and move the
POV ceremony to Tuesday to leave less but more concentrated time for Save-my-ass talk
Give the HoH winner $75K each HoH win so there is more fighting for it
Have the HoH vote each week to give the HoH even more power; their vote would be the
tiebreaker if needed
Give the POV winner $25K for each POV win so there is more to play for each contest
Have a Pandora’s box each week to spice up the game more often
Give “America” one vote
Several simple ideas


Is it over yet?!?!?!
Why dont they swap live feeds over to the jury house. At least that might be worth whatching over the boring crap that is passing for BB this season.
Maybe they should put a mystery box in the house and say its Pandora’s husbands box and maybe good mayb bad may happen to those who open it. Then when they open it there will be a lockdown and they cant go outside, next have another box inside and when they open that it will be full of pissed off hornets. That would be worth whatching the houseguests running around getting stung.
Payback for the lameness of this season and the rise of Britchny and the Borgade


I thought about committing suicide when I had to listen to Rachel’s annoying voice and her and Brendon’s love chatter. They were the absolute worst. I even like when BB adds crazy chicks to liven up the show (Jen, Allison) but Rachel was too hard on the head. I’d rather watch anything than watch her. This is a pretty terrible season though.


Frig off…Rachel caused the drama that this hell hole is missing…


Too late now, the interesting people have all been evicted and Ragan is about to go tomorrow. All that will be left are the goons and Britney. AND for most of us across the country, it will be preempted by football. Check Jokers for more information for your region.


Why even the blogged pretense about caring about winning? The slacker 4 don’t care about winning the $$$; they only care about the Hollywood fame they think they are getting. They dream deluded dreams of tv hosting and action movie roles dancing in their heads.


Quite frankly, I never understood how someone classy, beautiful and smart like Julie Chan can be part of a show that is produced and executed by a vulgar, low class, woman like Allyson.
I wonder if she reads some of the comments-especially the reference to her private parts Brit and Ragan refereed to in one of their little Rachel bashing interview sessions after dark.

It does not surprise me at all that Allyson”s specialty is to purposely cast dubious characters like Rachel, Evil Dick and Nastalie.

I apologize to the fans of these HGs-i mean no disrespect to you. But, to most people they were crude, vulgar and non-deserving of our time, and attention.
The only thing I hope is that being part of BB give the hgs an opportunity to take a good look at themselves and maybe change their ways.

Having said that, I am not sure that if most of us were to be put in the same situation we could not learn a thing or two we don’t like about ourselves.
As for me, thanks, but no thanks!!!10 million dollars would not put me to test on BB,.(LOL)


I consider myself to be a nice person. I try to carry myself in a respectable manner, and I respect others. Having said that, I would go lower than the bitchy Britney for $1 million.
I might have to pay her to reveal her secret though.


Is there any reason why the TV broadcast does not show the evicted hg entering the jury house . . . as has previously be aired?


Think they will show the jury house tonight? That may be the only thing left on this show that is interesting.


wow do I ever agree with you there. The last weeks of BB is so boring. All the action is in the jury house and I would love to hear their game talk and how they are going to vote. Much more interesting than Hayden and Lane.

okc watcher

Throw Rachel back in there just for torture…she cant compete, just host the competitions and mess with them…I bet that would pick up the pace. LOL!!! But I would so hate to hear her voice!!!

rachel's Nipple

Brit is getting so nervous she is cleaning. What happened to her not doing anything because she is a reality tv star.


She finally opened her one good eye and saw that the other bozo’s aren’t gonna clean shit!


First season I’d rather watch the jury house then the BB actual house. That’s bad! I wish we could have live feed offered from the Jury house because these people are making the feeds not worth the money. I think I am going to start wanting Team Lane to win know because he bashes people the least in the house. Go team Lane. Never was a fan of his before but it is like picking the worse out of the worse.What do you do? All the good and entertaing guest are gone and we are stuck with the crapy ones. This sucks! Go Team Lane.
Come on BB give us something to work with! What was the 3 bad things the house guest had to do anyways. Eat with no forks, spoons and puppet hands. What was the last one? When they heard music they had to dance? If that was it, It was stupid punishments!


They aren’t even giving us Jury House on the show…. Just one more reason this season blows! The Jury house HAS to be more interesting than the BB house at this point. Give us SOMETHING interesting


I begining to believe Racheal is a better person then most of the guest left on BB. She never bashed people as bad and she actually cried when she put Britt up. Maybe their is a goodness inside of her? It has to be deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp down though LOL. The more they bash Racheal the better she looks and the worse they look.

Part Time Fan

Ragan is such a joke. If he’s a college professor then I have no hope for our youth. All he does is rag on people that don’t matter or cry about his inability to figure out any kind of strategy on his own. It took ten diary sessions for production to wake him from his self-pity and give him a clue about what kind of strategy might work. He deserves to be portrayed as an idiot cry-baby when they edit for the prime-time shows.

Not that the other four don’t deserve to be shown as zombies waiting for half a million dollars to be dropped in one of their laps.


ALLISON GRODNER learn to get names right. You are somewhat spot on while I hate seeing these fake celebrities(which evel dick definetly is not.) These are not “crude and vulgar” people. They played a game and chose they’re character they wanted to potray just like every other bb contestant.

I think the attention shouldnt be focused on past houseguest but why not question the casting agents for these terrible seasons. I mean over the past few seasons the casting has gotten considerably worse and worse. Does the show litterally have to stop to end the terrible casting decisions like adam, ryan, lane, kathy, renny, natalie, and like hundreds of others. WHO DECIDED TO PUT THESE PEOPLE ON TV. Hell i would be more interesting to watch then half these people. All they do is sit around, sleep, groom, and whine. I quit getting the feeds this year and i would really be amazed if anybody was still watching this.

The twists have also been terrible in the past few seasons as well. The people that think these twists up are some of the most un-imaginative people in the world. My asshole could think up a better twist then SABOTEUR who literally gets paid to do nothing. I would like my final statement to read very clearly that cbs NEEDS to pick up the ball with this show and give us something worth watching.


Aww i loved renny what was wrong with her?? she made the house fun…Its cuz your watching them 24-7…You think you follow your fav survivor if you didn’t just see the edited version..heck no you probably change favs all the time seeing there true colors..


I am getting fed up with all the Rachel and Brendon talk…I am sick of people saying how could Brendon and Rachel fall in love in 30 days…Lane fell in love with Disgusting Britney…Hayden was locking lips with Kristen 6 days later…oh yeah…the Bromance…Ragan needs to shut his yap hole…he fell in love and met his best friend Matt in 10 days…I think production needs to tell them ENOUGH ALREADY…when it comes time to vote for America’s Favourite…I am voting for Brendon…I am not cheering for anyone specific…I just want this to end….This Big Brother is as bad as when June won against Alison…


OMG Brendon!!!! LMAO Not a snowball chance in hell.


He probably will win the fans money…cuz he was getting increasing popularity and now that these guys are sitting around bashing him more and be funny…but better yet vote rachel that be a slap in there face lol..

June fan

June was great


Why wasn’t Enzo punished for breaking the have-not eating rules? Even though the stuff Enzo picked up from the DR/storage room is being enjoyed by all of the HGs, Enzo should have been punished with another week, at least, of being a have-not.


Have no idea…think they are scared of him lol…seriously he makes threats…Jeff got an extra day for taking a sip off a gatorade….I know at that time it was happening they were saying that they stopped caring…so they took advantage of it i suppose…


A winner is a winner it doesn’t matter how they get there or why there voted for..they made it to the end…and got the money….survivor has floaters to…look at sandra who floated twice and won a mill each time…she won no competitions..but cuz she was true to herself and her family she got the votes…The only reason why this season houseguest are not trying is they really havent had a reason to fight..that is why everyone loved brendon..