Big Brother 13 Panel

Big Brother Spoilers – Reality Rocks Expo Interviews

Big Brother 13 Panel
For the most part the Reality Rocks Expo held last weekend at the LA convention centre turned out to be a massive dud. Checking out the pictures reveal a serious lack of people in attendance. Was anyone really surprised by this? The good news is there was great interviews with past BIG BROTHER players and a interesting panel discussion between the BB “stars” and a handful of fans. One subject discussed was weather or not Production meddles in the Big Brother Game. Eval Dick and Chima both seemed convinced that the production messes with the outcome to ensure higher ratings on the “boob tube”

All in all the EXPO was Lame to everyone but us die hard Big Brother 13 Fans. Now what they should of done is wrap up a BIG BROTHER 13 Casting call in with the convention and anyone that attended the Casting call would get 50% for the convention. To See just how BIG Reality Rocks was check out pics it’s pretty shocking. TVsquad has a quick analysis about what went wrong with the convention.


Big Brother 8 Winner Dick Donato

Big Brother 12 Winner Hayden Moss

Big Brother 11 Chima Simone Benson

Big Brother 12 Showmance Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas

Big Brother 11 Michele Noonan

Big Brother 12 Ragan Fox

Big Brother 12 Matt Hoffman

Big Brother 12 Rachel Reilly

Big Brother 2 Bunky Miller

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I have to wonder if any of these people from past Big Brothers actually enjoy a life after their season of BB has ended? How many years are they going to suck it for all it’s worth. I’d be embarrassed.

Zingbot Fan

You said in the article that the Expo was lame. How lame? Like Chima lame?