Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo Learns to Fly a Plane, Enzo: “It smells like ass over here.. ohh sh!t is that me.. no”

2:46pm Kitchen Lane, Brit and Enzo There asking Lane if he could land a 747 if it’s pilot couldn’t. Lane thinks it would be pretty tough since he only flies little planes like Cessnas but he’s sure he would have a better chance then some regular person. Lane explains to them how the large planes have a lot of automatic features. Britney tells them a story about a pilot that told her they don’t let you use cell phones during take off and landings because they want people to pay attention of whats going on. Enzo wants to be detracted if the plane goes south, Enzo: “If I die I don’t want to know that I’m dead”. For the last 30 minutes Lane has been giving Enzo flying lessons. Lane tells Enzo that after the flying lesson Lane just gave him enzo has a good foundation to learn how to fly all he needs to do is take a course. Enzo agrees list off a bunch of new terms he learnt during Lanes lession, “taxi, wind speed, yaw, pitch”.. Live Feeds flip to Trivia.

3:03pm Live Feeds are back Lane talking to Britney and Enzo telling them that a airline pilot told him that flying the big planes is easier then the little Cessna. They all start complaining about flights, how they only get a single drink now were they use to get Nut, crackers and cookies. They’re wondering why Hayden is blogging on Monday usually they do that on Tuesday. Enzo thought it might be another Pandora’s Box.. Live Feeds cut.. When they come back on Hayden has joined them.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:11pm There talking about Steamboat, Hayden is saying he really wants to get his sister to go and her boyfriend Cliff. Lane asks if cliff is a good guy does hayden approve is he into sports. Hayden: “He rodeo’s” Enzo: “Ohhh is that a code word”.. Lane: “a code word for what?” Hayden: “He’s also hardcore into basketball”. Britney says cowboys always look like they have giant packages because there pants are so tight. Enzo brings up Brendon’s tight jeans and how Rachel didn’t like them and told him they were too tight but he still wore them. They all start laughing about Brendon and his tight clothes. Hayden: “Hey there still banging out there” they all start speculating what is going on outside. Big Brother has put them into a indoor lock down. Enzo thinks its for a “luxurious” competition. Lane says there putting in a new Johnny 5 (the centre camera in the backyard) with arms and legs. Lane asks Hayden why he was doing the Blog today and not tomorrow. Britney says they usually do the Power of Veto ceremony on monday and they never did it. Hayden doesn’t kow he does what he’s told.. They start talking camping and boating, Each one has a sotry about para sailing, jet skiing, camping etc.

Hayden gets called into the Diary Room. They wonder if Hayden comes out they will have a luxury competition. Brit wants to go take a nap but thinks it’s best to wait until Hayden comes back. They start talking about driving classes. Britney says if you take Drivers Ed your insurance is lower so it’s smart to take it. Lane tells them that their driving Ed instructor is the same one his Dad had.. she’s BLANK old man. they all start sharing stories about driving. Enzo tells them that him and wifey like to take a long drive to her family’s place it’s a hour away so wifey gets out her magazines. Brit and LAne laugh at enzo, Brit: “wait… you think a hour is a long trip .. for me to have magazines it needs to be 6 hours” Lane: “A hour twice a day.” Brit says says she can still hear production working outside.. she’s going to go to take a nap. Lane says he’s going to go listen to HAyden’s CD… this leaves enzo alone in the living room CRACKING YO. Enzo: “It smells like ass over here.. ohh BLANK is that me.. no”

3:42pm Nap Time

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
4:20pm Head of House hold Picture time

Hayden and Britney wondering why everything is out of order this week. Britney thinks they will be in lockdown until Thursday. Brit brings up that they recorded their Good bye messages before the Power of Veto ceremony. Britney: “Something is amiss”

4:37pm More HOH pics this time the group holds up Ragan’s “I know your secret” letter.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:40pm Enzo is looking through the pics on the camera tells Lane that Nick is divorcing brit for sure. Lane laughs doesn’t think the pictures were bad (Lane and Brit hugging), Enzo says it’s not only the pictures its the entire season. Enzo notices theres not pictures of him “hard as BLANK” so he slaps on the rag, some shades and a blanket. Enzo: “I look lilke a bootleg super hero”.

5:18pm Living Room Hayden, Enzo and Brit talking about there jury being the worst in BB history.

5:48pm HOH Lockdown There talking about how weird it is to have a hoh lockdown.. lots of speculation about what is going on.



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106 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo Learns to Fly a Plane, Enzo: “It smells like ass over here.. ohh sh!t is that me.. no”

  1. Lane told Enzo that when you get ready to land the plane, you have to call it in and Enzo said what do I say? ” Cessna Cessna, 125, I am about to land this bitch”!! LMFAO

  2. Chessie K, the alleged victim was white. Interestingly, he was a football player at Arizona State University before transferring to Texas State . . . I wonder if Hayden knows him? Imho, too many Arizona, Texas, Arkansas residents and / or college students in the house this year.

    1. Because part of the fun of BB is watching people from diverse parts of the US get to know each other and sometimes conflict, but this year, too many have had the same background. . . and those with the same background were able to quickly rid the house of anyone who was different.

      1. the lack of diversity this year on BB really made me kind of dislike this season. it seems like the casting director really went for he southerners this year( i am from the south, also), for what reason i don’t know. hopefully, next season will be more diverse

        1. Totally agree – it’s like they have 1 token gay person, 1 token black person, 1 token person over 40 and the rest are white middle class college students which makes for a boring season. Any casting person with half a brain would know that. I’m so over this season that I hope that is no BB13…. I took BBAD off my TiVo and the weekly CBS shows I watch while I’m doing something else. I’m usually a super fan so not typical for me. Looking forward to Survivor & Amazing Race!!

        2. When I looked back at old seasons, I don’t think they have ever had a person from another country that is now a US citizen ( or not, but they would have to have a work visa I think) , is there a reason for that? Would be funny to get someone with a thick accent that is somewhat hard to understand, or just sounds funny because of the accent.

          1. Sky, all the US reality shows that I know only accept US citizens — probably because a work visa would be very difficult to obtain — although some might accept green card holders (I don’t know). BUT the UK BB did have a somewhat akin experiment in racism with the Indian actress a few seasons ago — although she was beautiful and spoke perfect English, the ugly racism of several contestants came out and led to great public outcry.

              1. Aussies and Canadians can work in the UK. It’s all that part of the empire, still some allegiance to the UK thing. Hey, BB US should cast a Puerto Rican :) — all US citizens so no work permit issues and definitely add diversity to the cast.

            1. I have a work visa for the US but it’s still a no go unless I took permanant residency.. and that isn’t gonna happen unless someone wants to adopt me for 9 months..

          2. Sky, you can be an American citizen and still have your accent from your birth country. You are right about the visa problem being why no foreign contestants. But, I think someone with a heavy accent would be funny! Even being a new citizen and not understanding English that well, yet. Or, someone that could act like someone like that but really wasn’t. Sky, you and I might be the only ones finding it funny, tho.

            1. Well my BF is Russian, that’s why I brought it up. People like to ask him to say things. Mostly movie quotes. I guess to word it better would be to say that people like to quote Arnold Swa???
              movies and Jacky Chan. I’m not putting down accents I love them, obviously. I think it would add to the social game of BB not to mention the culture difference. Even after more than 10 years in the US my BF is stuck in his ways from home on some things. It’s funny, To him and myself.
              Mimi – wow I did not know that, I did youtube BB Russia and was shocked at all the fighting though. Also Jeff visits the Big Brother house in Thailand on ATWFF, and the Fan Fav. BOO said he was from the US and moved there 5 years prior although he is Thai ( I think) . Didn’t even speak the language that well, he said.

            2. My accent is part irish and part southern and too much newfie and I speak really really fast. Really fast. I don’t take a breath in between sentences either. My speaking is almost like my typing, one big run on sentence. When I’ve been out of province, I get made fun of. If I was on BB, they would probably need sub titles and translators.

              1. Yes me son, lol, I know your female Rockstar but thats a good ol Newf saying. Don’t worry bout that BB stuff, just stay where your to, and they’ll comes where yer at. BB Newfie style, now that would have some good drinkin and some amazing comps, all hail Harry Hibbs and Shawn Majumber

                1. hahaha@canadian fan.. Missed you this year posting.. do you remember that last year I was voted worst poster and you were voted most ignorant.. good times, good times…


                  next year you’ll have to come back and start kicking butt again.. we’ve all gotten so lax, we all need a kick in the arse and get back to verbally amusing each other..

                  1. Lol, I absolutely remember those awards we got, that poster that handed out those awards was Hanglow10, he was a douche that cut everyone up and had the nerve to post that shit, lol. I have a hard time getting into things this year, got some financial woes and everyone seems to be so thin skinned this season, that im mostly sitting on the side just reading posts. Simon has a tuff job trying to keep everyone in line and especially this season with so many panty wearing, give their opinion but can’t take any backlash posters, kudos Simon and Dawg. I also believe after getting that award last season, im struggling with the pressure to keep that title. lol. Love ya Grandma, and moaner. Oh and Kathy from Canada, I really wanted to tear a strip of that leah idiot, excuse me but you don’t diss someones momma or someones country, thats just so dam shitty.

                    1. Grandma – You win for Sexiest and Sweetest Poster… I nominate you and second my own motion so there you win.. You have to come to Canada to win your award though..

                      canadian fan – join the crowd with the financial woes.. honest to god, I nearly lost my mind.. I stayed in bed for a whole week whimpering and plotting my revenge.. haha it’s rough by..
                      I wouldn’t worry too much about people bawling over comments, just give us a shout and I’ll don my handmade cape and come to your rescue.. Grandma will too.. I’m like Fred Flinstone to her Batman..

                    2. Rockstar, I would come to Canada not for a reward but because from the people I have read on here and Simon and Dawg, I think it must be a pretty nice place. Maybe someday I will get further north. And, Fred, you can hang onto my cap anytime!

                  1. Rockstar – It’s Spanish/Irish. Not stupid, allot of people ask me even when they are in front of me. We look more Irish but with dark hair and freckles , most pale white, but can tan dark.
                    I remember you now from last year, LOL I didn’t know about the voting.

                    1. Sky – I got in a lot of trouble last year. don’t hate if I yelled at you because I didn’t like something you said. I’m as gentle as a pussy cat, meow meow.. wait, strike that, I don’t want to be like Enzo… haha

                      it’s nice to make another buddy on the site.. feel free to jump in any time if you want.. I’m always speaking for Grandma but we love to make friends. She’s nice, I tie people up and until they like me or at least try to escape..

                    2. Hey, Rockstar, we have made a lot of friends and a few that don’t like us so much. I think we may be famous after this. Maybe a Vegas show or a movie………………oh, damn, I am sounding like Enzo! Sky, you have been fun to read and laugh with. You can come to Vegas or Steamboat with us! DRINK! Rockstar, you can speak for me but don’t ever eat my piece of chocolate cake!

                1. Sky, I am Irish, Scottish, French, German, Native American female. You put that together and you get a girl that likes a good drink, is tight with her money, loves love, has a temper and is entiltled to go on the war path at least once a month. True American am I.

                  1. Hey long lost twin BBGrandma, Right! I just say Black Irish now because it got too long to remember or say (my Aunt did a family tree). Especially after some Whisky…Love Crown Royal BTW Thanks Canada!

                    1. And Canadian Club. My dad got that by the case! He marinated our streaks for BBQ in Crown Royal. Oh, sooooooo good!

    2. How is one Arizona resident too many? Or Texas for that matter. Should they be from Michigan, New York or Vermont instead?

      1. Did you miss ;) my reply? I tried to explain that my complaint is with the lack of diversity. So many from Arkansas, Arizona, and Texas has meant so many with the same background and views and a season lacking the spice of diversity.

  3. Enzo thinks its for a “luxurious” competition. ….. Don’t u love when hesays that Simon?
    My second favorite is ” liveations” enzo. enzo enzo lol

  4. Dave, Enzo’s Dream was BRILLIANT!!!! Too bad it’s on an old post so people will miss it. Jimik60 take notice for your annotated BB script!

  5. EGO ENZO… he is such a MOREOFF … i would call him a moron ( which he is ).. but everything he says is more off then on … he gives IDIOTS a bad name… as for funny .. thats a big NOT. gag gag .

  6. jeez, britney needs to at least try!! HOLY SHIT!
    if i were her i’d beg enzo that if he picked her for the final 2 its 99% that Enzo would win the grand prize considering she was two-faced towards every person in the jury house.
    then she can just say i won 1 HOH3 vetos and enzo won one thing in the finale.

    1. yeah, I don’t get this season, everytime someone is up for eviction they just stop trying, matt quit, ragan quit, britney quit, andrew could have tried harder, kristen could have tried harder, monet didn’t try at all, kathy didn’t have a chance, but she wouldn’t try anyway, brendan did try a little more than rest, he kept trying to work hayden and enzo

  7. hey guys is there some kind of special eviction or something on wednesday someone told me that julie chen said something at the end of the episode but i missed it, what is going on????

  8. I’m having such a hard time watching Britt just lay down & say I give up. I would be on Hayden like mud on a pig Saying I am Team Hayden all the way. I will take you to the big 2 & dump on Lane & use him just like he did me. Get rid of YoYo. You can’t beat him or trust him & Lane together. If her brain only worked have as fast as her mouth.
    Come on underdog get up & at least bark.

  9. Oh so the jury is the worst in BB history. But these 4 are the best in BB history. Lmao. These people are so full of themselves. Brit should be ashamed of herself for not even trying to get Hayden to change his mind. Atleast Regan gave it a shot. And if they would have listened to him then the final 3 would be lane Brittney and Regan. Lane would have had a better chance against those 2 then he does against Hayden and anzo. I can’t wait for when Brit goes home and finds out that they were not all that.

    1. where did u hear this and why would they even need to tape live eviction?..on cbs tv schedule for wed, it says live eviction…….last I knew, live means…..right there at the time lol

    1. Why would they have another POV comp. Haydon won the POV on Friday. And he told Brit. that he was not using it and that she would be going home. The eviction is suppose to be Wendsday along with new HOH unless they are doing it Tuesday and it will be pre recorded for Wens.????

    2. POV and Eviction (happens at the same time, only one person votes – Enzo) is Tuesday with Part one of final 2 HOH comp starting right after and will be tapped for the wednesday show on TV. I don’t know how much of this will be on live feeds tomorrow.

      1. and once again, I retiterate…… does anyone know that all this will be taped (not “tapped”) as you typed it, sky…….cbs says all that happens “live” wed……..I am requesting that someone post any site where they saw this happens tomorrow…….thank you

        1. Jake – following is extract from Julie Chen’s blog –

          “Just a reminder to everyone that our schedule is a little different next week – eviction show on Wednesday night (Final 3 will be revealed) and as always a LIVE show on Thursday, but no eviction. “

        2. I don’t want to tell you to go to another site on OBB, It’s rude IMO. Just Google BB spoilers and go to all the different sites, the ones that are talking about it are all saying about the same thing.

        3. BTW Jake typo’s happen and not everyone can spell as well as you and others on this site. You’re not the first to call out a poster with a typo or because of spelling!
          Why be rude when I was only trying to help?
          Why not call out OBB for all the typo’s and misspellings as well?

  10. Wouldn’t it be great if it was double eviction this week AND they were bringing back one player from the jury? A girl can dream…but I don’t think production is clever enough.

  11. You jabroni’s just don’t get it!!! If Enzo (Ginzo) wins, he is perhaps THE best BB player since the great Dr. Will. Look I am not saying Enzo is the SMARTEST. The jagoff could not spell C-A-T is you spotted him the C and the T. But this game is not about SMARTS or winning COMPETITIONs. It is about being CUNNING. In the animal kingdom Lions are dumb and lazy, but they are the king of the jungle. Enzo (despite an IQ bordering on single digits) was able to be the real king of the BB house. He made it to the end despite being dumb, lazy, and a horrible competitor. that takes CUNNING. He rode coattails (the Brigade), put the target on others (B/R), and let others get their hands dirty (Matt). All the while, he avoided making enemies in the jury house. Great gameplay………….

    1. Dr. Will was not foul mouthed, uncouth and an all around idiot jerkoff. I don’t want Enzo to win, not only because he rode coattails, but I want that braggart to have mud on his face for not winning. He never shuts up, he brags that HE named the Brigade, HE did this, HE did that…and he does nothing but cuss, fart, scratch his balls, and brag.

      1. Exactly! I disliked Dr. Will but he was EXCELLENT at pulling strings. Enzo hasn’t pulled any strings — he’s scratched his balls and napped instead.

        1. I couldn’t stand Will (or Boogie) during their actual season, but during all-stars they were easily my favorites. Those guys were hysterical in DR.

          1. that’s because Enzo is an east coast ,new jersey guido.haven’t you watched jersey shore and the housewives of NJ.what’s the friggin mystery yo?

    2. Maybe a result of bad game play by others, but definitely not a result of Enzo’s game play. If Enzo’s advice had been followed, Matt would have put up R / B in his first HOH and brigade would have had a target on their backs. If Enzo’s advice was followed, when Matt was HOH again, Rachel would have STAYED in the house instead of Brendon. Britney would have been evicted BEFORE Ragan . . . and maybe even before Matt — there was a time when Enzo was completely po’d at Britney. His advice and strategy NOT being followed (and production condoning his cheating) is what led to his being in the final 3. If his advice had been followed, it would be a very different and more interesting game and Enzo would be in the jury house.

    3. don’t even say dr will and enzo in the same sentence, dr will is a genius enzo is a jersey shore reject who got extremely lucky

  12. Brittney is a moron. She should offer that nice VayJayJay. to Enzo. She has no other redeeming value in the house. She has no game other than to align herself with the MORON Lane. Maybe he could just punch her in the face. Bye Bye Brit, enjoy watching B/R hump in the Jury house.

  13. We need some Britney Titty shots. She has a HUGE set for a woman her size. I’ll bet her boyfriend misses those puppies. Three months of being locked up and not being able to see them…………………more than I could stand.

  14. Enzo is ready to take the final hoh competitions and win the whole big brother game! Hayden and Lane r going to be too confident and Enzo will rip it up JERSEY STYLE!!!

    1. enzo has a very little chance of winning the 1st and 2nd part of hoh, but if he can pull off a miracle he can win the 3rd part, because its always guessing

      1. But Lane will take Enzo to the finals. Hayden needs to win the POV or else it will be the thug Lane and the bozo Enzo taking home the d’oh!

        1. well I thought I was saying I can’t win it all much less find my butthole in the dark with a flashlight, guess I need to practice more.

        1. Yup, little known fact to English speakers, no “J” or even “k” in the Italian language. It is actually not even included in their Scrabble games. Google it.

          So Mangia is the correct spelling as Jake said.

  15. Simon, shouldn’t Enzo’s picture be Homer Simpson rather than a grenade? Let me count their similarities:

    1) Hair or lack thereof
    2) IQs or lack thereof ;)
    4) Wives who are much smarter and hardworking than them
    5) Ignorant and prejudiced statements

  16. okay, I think we all agree that Enzo had the best game fo far. Now for the worst- It has to be Matt. Although he has a high IQ and a great competitor, this douche bag lost BB before it even started. How he could have thought that he would get away with the big lie is amazing for a super genius. Okay, so production rigged the game so you would lose. Are you surprised? Did you seriously think that BB and CBS would let you create a PR disaster for their hit show? What he did was similiar to the people you read about in the newspapers that raise money to send their dying kid to Disney World. And then you find out the kid didn’t have a cancer and Dad blew the money on booze and Ho’s. F— you matty, you got what you deserved!

  17. I Think Enzo is one of the best Players BB ever had everyone thinks he can’t win anything but just wait till the last challege and watch if you made yourself look like you could win anything would you take that person or would you take the one you think can’t win anything
    All I can say is it ain’t over till the fat lady sings so don’t be surprized at the back stabbing

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