Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that he wants the title of winner of Big Brother more than the money.

11:50pm In the kitchen Hayden, Ragan, Britney, Lane and Enzo are all in the kitchen table playing with the new toys. Enzo and Lane leave and head out into the backyard. Both Enzo and Lane are tired of hearing everyone talk about Rachel all the time. Enzo says that it’s enough, yo! Lane says that he is done talking about Rachel, I get it, …I’ve heard the impressions. Enzo says I know, yo!’s all the time! In the kitchen Hayden, Britney and Ragan are still playing with the toys. They continue to talk about Rachel. Britney asks what if Rachel announces on the finale that she’s pregnant. Ragan says that he is not even a big advocate of abortion, but he would offer to abort that baby himself.

12:35am Up in the HOH room Lane by himself watching the spy screen with the lights off. Hayden and Britney are sitting at the kitchen table by themselves talking. Britney tells Hayden that she feels like her and Enzo are disposable. Britney says that she thinks Enzo would take her out and she’d take Enzo out leaving Hayden and Lane safe. Hayden says that you know if Enzo makes final two he wins, we all know that, he knows that. Britney agrees. Hayden tells Britney that if she makes the final two she has a great chance of winning and has a great chance of getting his vote, if he is in Jury. Britney says that Ragan told her that with the people that are left she doesn’t have a chance to win. Hayden tells Britney that if he is sitting next to Lane in the final two, he thinks Lane would beat him. Hayden says he thinks that of the jury people he would have Kathy’s vote but he has no idea if he would have Brendon or Rachel’s vote. Britney says that she thinks it would be a 4-3 vote for Lane if he were up against Hayden. Britney tells Hayden that she thinks he has a really good shot though. Hayden tells Britney if she can make it to the end then she has a great chance to win. Britney says that even if she doesn’t, just winning the $50,000 would make it worth it to her, she could at least pay off her car. Britney says that is more money than she makes in a year. Britney says that she regrets not trying to go for money or prizes in the game. Britney whispers to Hayden and says you know Enzo is going to win the $25,000 America’s Choice prize?! Britney says that the only reason Enzo wants to win is so he doesn’t have to go back to work. Hayden says thinking about how much his mom works depresses him. Hayden says that he knows Britney’s family could use the money also. Britney says that her mom can’t work because she has to take care of her brother. Hayden says he just hopes someone wins the money that needs it! Hayden brings up that he thinks Lane’s family has money. Britney says yeah anyone that can post $100,000 bail has money. They talk about Lane’s home, his motorcycle and his gym. Hayden says that it is tough to hear about all the money some of the people have. Hayden talks about how Rachel told them she drinks $20,000 bottles of wine. Hayden says his mom worked so much to make it possible for him to play sports. Hayden and Britney both have similar stories about their fathers after their parents divorced. They talk about how both of their moms had to really step up because their dad’s did not help out as much as their moms needed them to.

1am The conversation changes to Britney and Hayden talking about traveling. Hayden says he has never been out of the country. Hayden says that he enjoys hearing the other the house guests talk about their travels. Hayden says that it’s crazy its going to come down to… Britney interrupts and says basically two more competitions! Britney and Hayden talk about staying positive, even if they don’t win Big Brother. They talk about how they could have other opportunities that open up to them. Britney says just the experience is worth so much. They talk about their stipend and how they will have $10,000 that they will get when the game is over. Hayden says that alone is more money than he would have ever made from a summer job. Hayden says that he tells them in the diary room to hook him up with a job, he’ll make copies, and he will do whatever they want. They talk about fun things they would like to do with the money. Hayden says he would love to take his grandfather to New Zealand; he has always wanted to go. Britney says that she would love to take her brother to Harry Potter world. Britney says that before she came into the house she was looking all over the internet for Big Brother spoilers. Britney says that none of the ones she read came true though. Britney and Hayden go to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Hayden tells Britney that he has had more pimples this summer than he’s had in the last two or three years. Britney heads to the jumanji room and asks Enzo what he’s doing. Enzo is laying in bed with the lights out. Enzo says that he want to listen to the CD but he thinks Lane is asleep up there. Britney says that in her letter her mom said see you in September and its finally here …. She says that she is excited! Britney says that its two months until Enzo’s daughter’s first birthday. Enzo says they are going to have the birthday party at a big hall and have lots of people. Hayden comes in and Enzo asks him why he was all quiet in the kitchen talking game.

1:35am In the jumanji room Enzo, Hayden and Britney are talking . Enzo tells them they are lucky to have him on this season even though he says he isn’t going to win the money. Enzo asks them what they plan to do with the money. Hayden says he is going to help his family, pay off his loans and invest the rest. Enzo says that he wants the title of winner of Big Brother more than the money. Ezno says that he would give the money to his family, just as long as his daughter is taken care of. Enzo says that he can’t wait to watch the season back. Britney says that she can’t wait either. Enzo says that he wants to see Annie trying to make alliances. Britney talks about how Annie wanted to make an all girl alliance right off the bat. They talk about where everyone slept the first night. Then they talk about how Kristen had to sleep with Brendon the first few days. Enzo talks about the first thing he heard when he entered the house was Andrew saying Mazel Tov… Enzo says that he didn’t think Andrew was for real. Enzo says that its a mind trip, its unreal this game. Enzo say that the game is way harder than they ever thought it would be. Enzo thinks all their families are very proud of them, no matter what. Britney and Enzo joke about how Ragan was making good points about keeping him in the house and evicting Hayden. Hayden says that he thought Lane was going to be really shy when he first met him. They talk about their first impressions of everyone. Hayden says that he knew from the first time he saw Matt that he had to keep an eye on him. Britney says that the first time she saw Monet she thought she was stuck-up. Enzo agrees. Hayden says that he liked Monet from the start. They all thought that Rachel wastrouble. Enzo says that with Kristen, you had to beat a conversation out of her! Brit laughs and says yeah. Britney says that Matt told her about his wife & her illness in the first 10 minutes of meeting him. Enzo says that Matty did the same thing with him. They talk about the caramel competition. Enzo says that caramel was serious yo. Britney says she remembers thinking she hopes all the competitions aren’t going to be this hard! Britney says Kathy in the caramel is her favorite memory from the game! Hayden asks how dead on were my nominations week one. Britney says so dead on… Hayden says he didn’t really get to bond that first week because he was HOH. The laugh about Enzo coming right out and telling everyone his nickname is the meow meow!

2am – 2:25am Britney says that she doesn’t ever want to go to the jury house. Hayden says yeah me neither, hopefully we won’t. Enzo asks Hayden what jobs he has done. Hayden says that he has worked at a snowboard shop, and that he has worked as a landscaper. Enzo wants Britney to tell them about hotel management; so that it will put them to sleep. Britney says no, she wants Hayden to tell them about the different types of snowboards. They talk about what they will do after the show is over. Britney covers up and tries to go to sleep while the guys continue to talk. Enzo says that he is ready to get the BLANK out of here… Hayden says that they’ve got good times ahead. Hayden and Enzo start talking about Finale night. They can’t wait until they are hanging out in the backyard doing interviews and its all over. Enzo and Hayden roll over to go to sleep.
8am All the house guests are still sleeping…

9:10am They are still sleeping..

9:50am ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…

10:30am No wake up call yet…

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‘Zo the Penguido lives on!


“I’M BACK BITCHES!” Hope you missed me while I was gone.




Another SHITTY day in PARADISE!!!


Rachel has never left this game. Ragan and Brit are keeping her alive by constantly talking about her. The abortion comment was seriously sick. Not funny Ragan.
Enzo is growing on me, if he wasn’t in the house the house would be silent. Except for the Rachel bashing.

Just a Thought

Yes, but I was actually able to make it through reading the update without giving up this time. It wasn’t 100% the same old bashing and we are so great talk.

Just a Thought

Brit is 22 I think. Lane described her as ditzy, LOL! Ragan looks like he is in his 30s, not sure where though. Sadly some people don’t really grow up emotionally and will behave like this throughout their life.


I’m going to guess here, and I’m going to say Ragan is in his mid 40’s.

Kathie from Canada

I taught sixth grade for years. Ragan reminds me of the kid who is teased and bullied endlessly (his theatrics don’t help), but when teachers try to get the other kids to lay off, he runs his mouth and things start all over again!! And of course, Mommy thinks he is totally angelic and the others are nasty! Go figure.

Just a Thought

What is wrong with Britney’s brother? She said her mom cannot work because of her brother. I know she is protective of him. Anyone know?


I was wondering the same thing….


Whatever is wrong with her brother, I can’t imagine it being as bad as what’s wrong with Britney. And the things that are wrong with Britney is all self-inflicted..(from her own mouth).



Just a Thought

Also, this was one of the more enjoyable updates to read all week. They were talking more about themselves outside the house instead of the rants on Rachel.Brendon.Kathy. Unless that was just edited out because we can’t stand to hear it any more either, LOL!


Does anyone else besides me take offence to Regan’s spew he said he can not wait to get back and smoke pot again, he is a teacher !!!!! then he says if Rachel was pregnant that he is not even a big advocate of abortion, but he would offer to abort that baby himself. I hope he has no job to go back to, I have never ever heard such disgusting conversations, does he realize that is on television ?

Just a Thought

Were you watching the live feeds because I don’t remember reading the pot line, but maybe I skimmed over it. I don’t think they forget they are on TV, but the cameras are just part of the back ground now. They are going to look back at their talk and behavoir and be shocked. I am sure a lot of their friends and family who watch the live feeds and read the spoilers are.


Professors are human too.


Ragan can be so dumb sometimes, he should keep comments like that to himself — i just wish everyone left in BB house would just stop talking about Rachel and Brenden — heck, have they nothing else better to talk about? someone must be jealous of their popularity u think? — I liked those two — they brought excitement to the house — not this boring stuff going on right now — who cares who wins now — the better of the house are gone to Jury — any signs of the Jury House?


He’s a university professor, not a teacher; I know many professors who smoke pot regularly, and have never touched anything else. It’s really not that big a deal in progressive countries- the United States’ policies on drugs, and pot especially, are based on misinformation.

I do agree that the abortion conversation was completely tasteless.


yes Donna, I was also thinking that about Ragan. He is so smart and funny at times and then Donnie Darkside comes out and you wonder where on earth did these perverted comments come from…Because of this I can hardly stand to watch/read about him anymore.


I try to forget what ragan says, I was rooting for him again, then he makes the abortion comment, and he makes me mad again, get him out of the house now!!!!!!!!


Ragan gets so caught up in his own melodrama that he forgets to engage his brains before he opens his mouth! Right now he’s stuck on stupid and his verbal diarrhea just keeps spewing.


I don’t think he has a clue…he is a poor example of a human being…cannot stand him

Kathie from Canada

A mouth/brain disconnect!


Ahhh, I guess most of us forgot the things we say in the heat of the moment.
” All is fair in love and war.” ~~John Lyly.

Kathie from Canada

Then Ragan has been in heat for quite a while!!??!!


I like Ragan but he definitely needs to put a filter on his mouth. I think he’s trying to be funny in an extreme way. Comedians say stuff like he says so it doesn’t offend me but he should stop for his own good. It’s not a good look. He is intelligent and the antics and stuff he says sometimes diminishes that. Like when he does impressions and stuff like that, it makes my teeth cringe.

Having said that, college professors aren’t teaching children at Sunday school or vacation bible school. They aren’t moral leaders. I know I had some eccentric professors that I wouldn’t want to know what they do behind close doors. Same for doctors and other people. We just don’t normally see them in private like this 24 hours a day or anybody else on that matter.Familiarity can breed contempt.


I also hope he has no job to go back to. I hope all his students drop his class, or just don’t sign up to start with. Any school that would keep him is a dump, People get fired for Facebook comments, and his comments are 1000times worst. He needs to go home and cry. Period.


Floaters shouldn’t win 😐


Is that why Rachel is in the jury house already since she has two grotesquely massive, store-bought floaters?

Just a Thought

You know “floaters grab your life vests” was a dumb statement because life vests would only help to keep them afloat. Sadly, it looks like a floater is bound to win, sigh. There is no one I want to see win.


Stop being so _____ and realize if you win BB you are a winner…
If you are in the house you are a player…

Ask Matt if he would rather have “Floated” to the final 5??? bet he would have!
Clearly “floating” is a strategy that works.
Stop creating problems for yourself


All of these houseguests that have NOTHING to say EXCEPT the bashing BRENDAN and RACHEL will be known from now on as “OH YOU WERE ON THE SAME SEASON AS BRENDAN AND RACHEL”. I love it!! Who do they think that they are? They have done nothing to make a name for theirselves(?) themselves(?) I cant wait until they get out and they are ONLY recognized becuase of Rachel and Brendan. Lets face it those two and Matt are basically IT for this years CAST!!! the rest were like EXTRAS!!!


!ll Will…you need to pull that stick out of your ass cause your head is starting to rotate!


I agree Hope!


It’s not like he’s a grade school teacher, he’s a college professor


Like I said before: “All is fair in love and war.” ~~John Lyly.
When you attack someone, it’s not up to you to dictate the manner in which they should react, or how long they can react.

Kathie from Canada

But I think common sense says move on. I doubt for a minute Rachel is losing sleep over Ragan. And no, I’m not a fan of either.


Exactly Ladybug…..who cares how a college professor acts short of extreme violence and molestation of children???


I think a great twist this season would be to give Americas player the 500 g’s!!!! Now that would be unexpected and well deserved!!!


I love it.. and i hope that Brendon wins.. wouldn’t that be funny to see the expression on Ragan and Britney’s face???!!! Now that would be priceless!


and that would be kathy, because she’s the only one in this season who hasn’t made a complete ass out of herself.


She didn’t make a complete ass of herself but an ass nonetheless.. all she did was smoke and talk about playing with integrity when she was talking behind other ppl back like everyone else. They were all peas in a pod this group.. and seriously Kathy? I don’t think she would garner that much votes. Sorry!


Used to think Ragan could be a good guy, but not comfortable with him any longer. And he teaches the college students of today!!!

Why do they all think they’re going to be celebrities when this is over….they look like jerks!

Just a Thought

I have no idea why they all seem to think they are going to be famous after this. It’s really weird. Yes, I get people go on these shows hoping to be “found” by Hollywood, but realistically, how often does that happen? How many of the previous HG from BB seasons past have used this to launch something, the only ones I see with something going on are Jeff and Jordan. I am sure maybe a few other have, but I haven’t a clue who. Anyone know?

tony b

I would say Will and Janelle are the most famous houseguests I haven’t heard anything from them. Janelle was in Playboy and probably was had the most successful post show success. But I am just guessing. Oh yea, Adam got busted for drugs.

Bottom line, I don’t think any of them are famous beyond there own circles in their neighborhood.


CBS and Allison Grodner, et al… I hope you guys are reading these comments and taking some serious notes. You obviously still have viewers, but I’d suggest you take advantage of this site if you want to keep them!


I agree but I don’t think they care. All these comments come from hard core BB watchers who get extra info from Showtime after dark, live feeds, and chat rooms. People who only watch the show when it airs, have different opinions than we do. They get an interesting show with only the highlights, and it is spun in such a way that they still have hope that a vote may go a certain way but we all know that there is no chance. I talk “game” with a guy at work who doesn’t have internet and he loves it! I can’t believe how diluted he is! The problem is, we do both. We watch the show, which helps the ratings, and we subscribe to all the actual “reality” real time feeds, chats, etc. BB doesn’t need to care about our opinions cuz we still watch the show. If all the feedsters would do only that, and turn of the show 3 times a week, viewership would plummit and they would either have to listen to the hardcore fans or get rid of the feeds so we don’t have so much info.


I think this has been the most boring, worst BB ever…and I’ve only been watching the last 5 seasons. the funniest i’ve seen this season are the sock puppets and the dancing….it’s not even worth watching ST after dark anymore. I know it’s been said before…but why bring Jesse back again…that made me want to quit watching the show…forever. How about bring back Dick…I bet he could stir things up.


Now this would probably be the one and only time I would agree to bringing Dick back into the house, is to set these two (ragan and Brit) lil ignorants straight. if it would be anyone, it would be Dick. haha.


i luv dick

Karen S

You all have really short memories. As long as Rachel, Kathy and Brendon were in the house, they talked all kinds of crap and horrible name calling. That’s not to say, that I think that Brit and Ragan should get past it too.. but I’m not in that house and have no idea of how very little they have to do to keep their minds busy, that I might replay things that happened over and over to entertain myself. It’s kind of like visiting an institution. ha!


When they get out of the house they will all scatter back to their hometowns as fast as possible to get away from their HGs


I think it was utterly ridiculous to make that statement about the abortion. Just like he didnt like the reference about gays. Regan is not a nice person like people think I truly believe regan and brit are in love with racheal if u want to know the truth about it. a person who keeps talking about someone especially if that person is not there to defend themselves are either jealous or in love with them and i believe it to be both. regan has been going overboard witht he comments lately and to be a professor he is unprofessional. brit is just a spoiled brat. talking about wanting to pay off her car oh my must is that all she has to worry about is paying off her car. give me a break. lane is not getting his mouth into these conversations as to not be called out on it. hayden and enzo are loafers. cbs needs to get these asswipes in check. its not a good look cbs really


i would love bb to replay these things said about these people in the jury house. wonder why when rachael was in the house brit didnt say any of these things. i hope when rachael finds out she calls the trampy mean girl out on it. sorrybut i am tired of hearing this mess from regan and brit. its beyond ridiculous.


I wish they would give us live feeds in the jury house or on Showtime after dark. It would HAVE to be more interesting than the crap we are watching now. All the most interesting people are in the jury house, Matt, Brendan, and Rachel. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t adore any of those people, but they made the show semi interesting.


hope brit ass goes to the jury house and then called on what was said. lil ignorant mean girl. girls like that pisses me off. u dont have to be that way…i feel sorry for her family and for regan to say rachaels mom will be the one wearing the confederate bikini, he is totally ignorant with his big bobble head self


Enough with the Rachel/Brendon bashing. Its gotten to the point of obsession!
And posting $100,000 bail is 10 % Britney… They could have put a lien on a vehicle or house for that. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re rich.




BB makes the move. Julie gives Hayden a penalty eviction vote for breaking the pool cues. Brit takes the opp to vote Hayden out !! Could it happen?


Nobody on BB is Playing the GAME!!!!! I believe that they are all reduced to mean talk because they are not PLAYING THE GAME. As terrible as Natalie was, and she was awful, she was still playing the game at this point last year. We all thought she was sneaky and she was but she was PLAYING THE GAME. Everyone was!!! Lane had the perfect opportunity to play, to make a bold move with Ragan but he ran back to his “buddies” as fast as he could to spill EVERYTHING that could have made him a player of the game. These guys and Britney can not keep their mouths shut. They do not know how to use information to PLAY THE GAME. They are not very bright or at least they never studied HOW TO PLAY THE GAME OF BIG BROTHER before coming on. It’s very frustrating to watch. Most of all it’s so BORING with people who refuse to play the game the way it was designed to be played.


I saw a lot of questions about Ragan and his position as a professor, and the funny yet damaging things he has revealed about himself….if you check out Ragan Fox on youtube, you’ll see him doing standup comedy routines and reading his funny/dark poetry as well. I think he shoud go that route in life – and if we t hink of him as a comedian, rather a professor, then his comments aren’t as offensive as they are hilarious!
I remember when the Roseanne Barr show first came out and the biggest funniest line that she said and they aired over and over was when she looked at her kids and said “I can understand why alligators eat their young” – and that’s the type of humor Ragan has when he said I don’t believe in abortion, but that he would personally abort Rachel’s baby! Just a dark humor that he naturally has! And, if he was in the entertanment field we’d expect him to drink, smoke, etc, so I say go for it Ragan – stop teaching and do what is naturally in you…. you’re a funny dude!


Ok, Hayden made a very stupid comment. America will not give him 25,000 for favorite houseguest.
I hate Rachel but like Brendon. Rachel is, as she told Kristen, “the definition of the word bitch.”
Brendon seems like a nice guy.
Everyone in there I can’t stand except for maybe Hayden.
One reason this season sucks is the saboteur. If there was no saboteur, Brendon and Andrew would have been trusted. The Brigade was formed because Enzo knew none of them was the Saboteur. Annie was suspected of being the saboteur, so she was put up.
These houseguests do suck though.


when i said him, i meant Enzo for the 25,000


Attention posters!
You can’t blame Ragan for the things that he said in reference to Rachel. While I would never condone those remarks, I want to remind you that it was Rachel who approached Ragan, looking for a piece of him.
Sometimes in life, you get more than what you bargain for. In this instant, Ragan’s intellectual level and reasoning allowed him to feel in depth of how offensive Rachel was to him, and thus, his reactions. And althought his reactions to Rachel appear to be irrational and uncalled for by our standards, we can’t fairly judge Ragan unless we’re actually standing in his shoes.
I’m going to reiterate my earlier comment: When you attack someone, it’s not up to you to dictate the manner or duration of time, in which the person should response.

I am the saboteur

I have a “revised” or “runoff” poll for you. What if you re-used the “hottest big brother females” poll, using only the top 3 or 4 highest voted girls, and added in Julie Chen to see where she stacked up against all the blondes?


I just get sick of the rude awful things being said…I get it, they don’t like some people…but kathy, rachel, brenden…annie, all of them, are getting more than bashed…iits just not right. its a terrible example for people everywhere….I hate to think people say that about me when they first meet me, or see me walk in a room….

I personally dont care about that type of stuff…move on, you dont like them…no need to make yourselves feel better by saying cruel things about people who arent there to defend themselves…spineless


I think BB needs to go with the flow…so this year, they should add a twist…the jury gets to hear 10 things said about them by each remaining HG after they left picked out by either US, or BB….they should show them sitting there, watching tape of brit/ragen etc saying the most awful things…

its only right…they deserve it..


it would also really expose the pathetic behaivor of these hg’s…they really should feel ashamed on finale night, I hope BB does something like calling it the most “hate” filled final 5


or just do it with the final 2…either way, it must be done

bump this idea


The only problem I have with that is if they took 10 comments from each HG, it would make it appear as if they are all equally guilty of saying mean things. Which is not true. You could probably find 10 means things Lane or Hayden said, but compare that to 10,000 mean things Britt and Ragan have said, and there is a huge disparity. I’m pretty sure the people in the jury house know some of the comments being made, because Matt and Cathy heard quite a few before leaving.


ugh! first time commenter but have been lurking all season. i just have to say that i cannot stand Ragan or Brtiney. they are just mean, mean, mean spiteful people and it makes me sick to hear them. a lot of people in this game have done some low things and talked behind people’s backs, but those two and Monet take the cake. bunch of cry-baby mean girls, the lot of them. can’t wait for them to get out and find that no one likes them.


There is another reality show called True Beauty which talks about beauty on the inside. Neither Ragan or Britney have any beauty on the inside. All they do is trash people behind their backs. Britney is the worse.


I like them.


me too……..most people who are forced to live like they have lived for weeks, would turn to ranting/behaving badly just out of sheer boredom. They are both clearly intelligent with no other opportunity to engage their brains. Lets face it, Lane, Enzo, and Hayden don’t have that problem and can ‘yo’ and ‘boom’ and ‘grenade’ their way through the day.


I wonder if these guys will outgrow the phrase “YO” or “BOOM”. I can only believe that the idiots that talk like that are about 12 yrs old…(If that)


Ragen’s attempt at humor when he said what he did about aborting Rachel’s baby was probably the most pathetic thing I have ever heard a houseguest say. So far as the pot smoking……….big deal. I know a lot of professors who have done every drug known to man and a few that are unknown. They are teaching adults not children. But Ragen is an embarassment to his University and should be reprimanded or fired. He also has an infatuation with r*** and molestation because he has repeatedly mentioned these two words…along with talking about 12 year old boys. Can you say pedophile??

I need to vent

Hello everyone, love this site, and thanks for the great job of keeping us updated. The comments are more intertaining than the actual show. It’s the comments that are going to be read by the House Guests afer the show ends that will be a true collabration of how America really felt about them. The first site they read will probably Showtime’s, then a handful of others, including this one. The problem with Showtime, is they are censering the comments, including mine. A lot of posts are missing by the next day, and I really don’t know why. I just want to inform all the House Guests that read up on these sites that we, America, land of the free, have been censered, and manlipulated to be misread/ or unheard on some sites.

Thank you Simon and Dawg, Good work!


Do you know the differance between cartoon show and reality telivision you think Regan’s comments about a real live human being are ok then I feel sorry for you !! And do not tell me that this is a game saying disgusting things about a person is not game play.


Some of the people who comment on here are so lame. It’s only words. Stop freaking out about it. You sound like such a whiny nerd. People are always asking ‘how the house guests don’t know that what they’re saying is going to sound awful to everyone?’ Well half the people who post comments don’t seem to realize they’re going to sound like whining, humorless church ladies so I guess the answer is that people are not particularly self aware.


Whoa there Sh8…..I think her brother DOES have some type of disability. You sound like some of the awful houseguests we’ve been forced to listen to. CHeck out the facts before you rant, please.