Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel: “Everyone has Pimples Whatever” Ragan: “There not pimples there witch warts”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:47pm Backyard Lane and Ragan on the couch, Enzo jogging and Hayden on the elliptical. There talking about Kathy and how horny she was. Ragan: “She straddled me I didn’t know what to do with that… I can’t believe she ripped off Enzo’s towel”. Ragan: “Your doing great BEBE… OH MY GOD can you believe that Bowling challenge”. LAne: “We should feel privileged for experiencing that first hand”. They go on about the bowling POV and how ridiculous B/R were during it. Ragan mentions that Brendon was saying he bowled a 270 but only got 3 pins down in the comp. Lane brings up how big of a douche BRendon was when he threw the ball.. he thinks if something had slipped Brendon could of really hurt someone maybe hit Jordan. Enzo: “If Jordan got hit Jeff was f*cking him up i’ll tell you that right now”.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Lane says when he saw Rachel walk back in the Big Brother house he thought she was back in the house for good, Ragan: “the blood left my face”. Enzo says she told him: “I’m in the jury house you have to be nice to me.. who even says that” Lane: “No BLANK”. After the fight with Ragan enzo tells them that Rachel said, “I would never treat anyone like that everyone has pimples I don’t understand that” Ragan: “THAT is what she got out of that.. There not pimples there witch warts”.

Ragan tells them that Rachel had figured out what MAtt was doing when he volunteered to go up on the block. Ragan: “Say what you want about Rachel she had figured it all out”. He continues to tell them that the house meeting was his idea and the result was that it exposed B/R not Matt. They start talking about Rachel always using material from previous seasons. Enzo: “It’s because people don’t have their own material”..
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Hayden wonders if production knows who will do well, Ragan totally thinks that Production has their favorites to win. Ragan thinks that they knew Andrew and Rachel weren’t expected to make it far and the only reason rachel lasted so was because she won so many HOH comps. Ragan thinks Laura from BB11 was expected to last longer
but her “assets” really worked against her. Hayden: “Laura was pretty hot”. Ragan: “I think she would of made it back to allstar”. Enzo: “I didn’t like it when she cried”.

Ragan: “I think they thought Annie was going to stay long but after day 2 they were like BLANK.. there goes our twist”. They all agree that after day one they could tell Annie’s game was f’ed up. Ragan doesn’t think that production thought Monet was going to win but they must of thought she could of made it farther. Ragan thinks that Kristen was a favorite to win it, Hayden agrees. Ragan: “I don’t think they had any idea about brit.. nobody would of thought she would do so good in skills”. Ragan says he doesn’t know what they thought about Brendon because he was such a different person when Rachel was around. Enzo thinks they thought he would of made it far becuase he’s so smart and sh!t. Lane: “He was a goober” Ragan: “week one I thought he was cute but week 2 i though he was a monster” Ragan asks them other than rachel who will be the most salty during the reunion… Hayden thinks it will be Brendon or Andrew, Ragan isn’t sure it’ll be andrew he’s sure that after watching the tapes of his behavior he’ll come back to the finale with his tail tucked between his legs.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:30pm Lane and Hayden are passing the bean bag , Enzo sleeping on the house and Ragan wanderering around the house by himself. Her highness is sleeping in the HOH.

10:46pm Have Nots Ragan He’s talking to himself.. wondering if his siblings who have disconnected from him have seen this and regretted their decision… he wonders what it will be like when someone comes up to him and asks him about big brother and if his friends are telling everyone that they know a player on big brother.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:20pm Lane and Enzo They have received a bunch of toys like moon stand and foam paddles. Everyone is getting excited, Brit joins them “Ohh you got MOON SAND cool”. Brit: “My mom use to sell this stuff online”. Enzo: “This BLANK smells like ass yo”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:45pm Kitchen Everyone playing with the toys and chomping on food. Lane tells them a riddle “What kind of mail is hard to read at night”… None of them can get it. Lane tries to help them along gives them an example.. Finally Enzo gets it burps our BLACKMAIL. Ragan: “I find that Riddle extremely Racist.. what is it trying to say black people can’t read” (he’s joking around). Ragan wonders if B/R had sex.. Brit is sure they did under the covers in the HOH. Enzo is sure she showed the camera something…

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Simon, I think the pic for Regan should be Brad from the Rachel Zoe Project. They are both gay, wear bow ties and look alike. Seperated at birth I tell ya, yo.



I’ve got it. Donald Hollinger from That Girl. He looks just like Ted Bessell.


LMAO!!!!!! I never thought of that, but now that you mention it, that’s a good avatar!


I watched the feeds during the bowling challenge, he didnt say he bowled a 270, I believe he said something in the 100’s…not positive.

they really have nothing to talk about…Im sick of the bashing, but rachel’s pimples need to just be left out of ALL FUTURE CONVERSATIONS….its really gross…I dont care if they laugh at rachel, but can we not discuss her acne..bleck


I believe he said he bowled a 207 not 270, Ragan mentioned Brendon said he bowled 6 strikes in a row.


Ok at least I can watch and laugh when it’s just Enzo and Brit. If it was them two in the end I could at least enjoy BBAD. Regan going psycho in the have not room is just way too depressing………….I wonder if………. I should just kill myself.


Yeah, but Enzo is an ass waffle! I really hope he doesn’t win.


Yo …where’s the love? I make this shit watchable. without me to hate what would you do? yo


*cough cough* Bullshit! I would rather watch the fish!


At least the fish have class


I wish They’d all vote each other OUT & NOT win!!! Is that possible??? It would be great to see Them all in the storage room crying w/ “Tiny Tears” Ragan!!!!


wow, this season is sooo bad compared to any other. When it should have been getting better, its really been going downhill. Who cares who wins, all these people are so bland, it doesnt really matter


this is getting really annoying, they’re all on their 20’s and 30’s and they act like my five year old brother


This is just pitiful all they do is bash Brachel. I think Regan is jealous of Rachel because she is more of a women than he will ever be. How surprised do you think they will be to find out how hated they are compared to how much they think they are loved? Worse season yet. How do you get a refund on the live feed?


I’m not condoning what Ragan said about Rachel, but I doubt seriously if Ragan is jealous of Rachel. To say so it’s just absurd. Ragan has a PhD. Rachel, well, just a BS. Bachelor of Science.
The reason that Ragan keeps bringing up Rachel’s name and bashing her is because that’s how he deals with his anger. He’s locked up in that house, with limited resources for him to release his for a mile down the beach, go for a bike ride, play a game of tennis, or read a good book from the school’s library, and so on……
I’m sure as someone who is as educated, and well respected as Ragan is, a college Professor, he was probably flabbergasted that someone would speak to him that way, the way Rachel did (and she’s a waitress..I hate to bring that part up, but he probably felt that her present was an insult to his intelligent).
In conclusion, Ragan is just letting off steam and we just have to deal with it as long as we tune in and watch Big Brother.
Having said that, I still believe that unlinke Ragan, Britney has no valid reasons to insult Rachel and Brendon. None, well maybe one, she’s a redneck in training.


there are many reasons to be jealous of a person other than intelligence and career.


I think Ragan fell in love with Brendon (Love at first site), this would explain the deep hatred towards her, just like Britney, I think she also had something for Brendon. But Rachel steps into the picture and the rest is BB history.


I wonder if……… I can get more than 5 hours sleep after this shit show before I gotta get up and go to class….I wonder if……. soon it won’t matter to watch at all anymore………. I wonder if……moon sand is toxic…….I wonder if…… nerf is cancerous……….I wonder if……..roast beef is good for you yo?


I am so disgusted at these people. It makes me sick to think one of these pathetic people will win 500,000.00. None of them deserve it.


I seriously didn’t like brenchel, but those bitches especially britchney and gaygan are jelous from their relationship.


this suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks
someone needs to do something


SHARK! yo!


Ragan is one of the REALLY annoying drunks. For them to think they have such a awesome season why are the only things they talk about id B/R. Why don’t talk about any other great memories and tell some stories other exciting hg and other fun things, cause there isn’t none. Years down the line if anyone remembers them they’ll say were u on the season with B/R? They are just as boring as Kathy.


You have to remember that these people are locked up in the house with nowhere to go.
No contacts to the outside world. No TV, no news, nothing. That alone would drive anyone up the wall after a few weeks.
And don’t forget the interaction between the frustrated locked up house guests. Should we be surprised that it produces confrontations?
Lastly, when you add the Southern red neck hospitality from people like Britney, combine that with a lack of creativity from all house guests (because the mind is a terrible thing to waste kind of thing,), and this is what you have: A transformation of a successful reality TV show into a “Damn Shame”.


At this point all of them have told every story they can think of from birth til now, and talking about their life outside prob makes them depressed at this point. They really do have absolutely nothing else to do but talk about what happened inside the house when the noms on the block “know” what is going to happen, and the only thing all five of them have in common is hating Rachel.


There is nothing to talk about they all just skated under the radar and they are the scum of the house. The only one who has done anything so far out of this disfunctional group is Britney.


I stopped with the feeds once brenden left…there is no reason to watch this bash fest and boring nature when you have this website


I hope someone got a screenshot of Regan’s arm tattoo before they cut to sharkey, yo!!! It looks like it is in Latin. Does anyone know what it says?


sometimes dreams can make you a slave


Just finished watching BBAAD. Why Regan and Brittany cant stop dogging Rachel is beyond me. I hope neither one of them wins. They are so pathetic. I hope at the finale Rachel and Brenden give them both what they deserve.


DUECES RAGAN have a good ol’ time in the jury house
I’m sure the Midget has some room for u on his bed. Now u can go cryto him
give Rachel&Brendon my best.
What if…. I drink a bottle of wine anda can of coors light and make a complete fool of myself on bbad, and say
the same shit over and over again while getting half ass laughs from the other hg?
What if…..
C-YA Ragan have a good one Girlie Man!!!!


As the Big Brother 12 Spoilers’ self proclaimed resident psychologist, I must say contrary to what you guys may think, it’s not the boredom that is causing you to feel frustrated. Believe it or not, it’s the feeling of being turn off from the constant insults of past house guests, that is wearing you out mentality.


i’m so happy to here other people feel like i do about this season, i really hpe brendon gets the 25,000, and please send brittney out next, they are all pathetic


and these are people that will be part of forming our future?

rachel's Nipple

Maybe they’ll do better than the last generation did. Too many hippies from the 60’s turned into yuppies in the 80’s. Greediest hypocrites of all time. All slime.


The show was more entertaining when Brendon and Rachel were there. This entire cast (minus Brendon and Rachel) has been boring!!! Annie didn’t make it past week 1 as Saboteur (lame). Monet was just boring. I liked Andrew, and found him at least a tiny bit entertaining. Would have been MUCH better if he outed himself as a doctor and told everyone how full of crap Matt is about his wife. I hope she divorces him. As for the rest of the cast… BORING!!! They must have been desperate to find people? What were they thinking with this season?


At least Andrew was clean!


What happened to the twist this season?


I thought maybe once Lame opened the pandora box that we might get to see some of the evicted houseguest back? I thought that would spice things up a bit? What happened to the twist an suprises that was promised this year? The only thing we have gotten this year is tired from being bord from these houseguest. Racheal is gone folks get over it and move on with life!!!


I still think, that they should have an outdoor lockdown. While they are all safely outside, the production people catch the house on fire. House burns down. Noone wins the money. And the season ends with Julie Chen saying “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”


That’s perfect LMAO


I think they are just bored beyond all comprehension. It’s not like they have alot to talk about other than what has gone on in the house. They can bash away as far as I’m concerned. People seem so overly sensitive about the trash talk, if you don’t like it don’t watch. I find it comical and warranted. Let’s not forget how nasty Rachael was while in the house…I don’t believe they are privy to current events going on outside of the house so they have no choice but to talk about what they know which is better then not talking at all. And yes, SOMEONE in that house deserves 500,000…they have played the game, maybe not like others would have but none the less they played THEIR game and right now for atleast 5 of them it has worked.


Hayden take that mop off your head because you look stupid. Britt use hayden mop head and get off you bottom and clean a little. Britt is Lazy! I about died seeing her make hamburger helper yesturday. I am suprised she knew how to open the box and brown meat. I guess she has learned something at BB other than being up lanes behind. He better watch out and not stop fast, she might fall in!!




I guess everyone wants to think they’re the best cast/season, so I won’t fault their deluded belief there. They’ll find out differently when they get home and maybe read some of the boards. I can’t really find it in myself to root for anyone left. Maybe Britney, but that is only because she has proved herself a good competitor and game player to a certain extent, the rest haven’t done anything the whole game. And now, I have even less respect for them because they are just being mean. OK, so you’re bored and can’t talk game, Rachel is the only subject you can find to converse on? What about sports, your jobs, the economy, hobbies (do they have none?), or (always good for rousing emotions) politics. But I’m beginning to think this group left doesn’t have the intellect for good conversation if it doesn’t involve bashing their former HGs.


They don’t have the intellect for good conversation, they have never developed it and because they all are basically the same personality types their conversations can only be about what they have in common with each other. Problem is the HG that remain are all self centered people who only care and think about what is best for them selves, this game has brought that trait out of each of them.


This season is the worst season EVER! None of these people deserve to win or even need the money. The only person I like left is Ragan and he’s gonna be gone this week. Think about who is left, who needs $500,000 – none of them!
Brit – spoiled, already has money
Enzo – his wife has money
Lane – his family has money, he has a new house & a gym
Hayden – he’s still in college!!!

I hope Brendon get the $25,000 America’s Vote money, at least he would use it for good, like getting his PhD. As someone who is going through the process, it isn’t like being in college (ehmm Hayden), you’re older, you have more responsibilites BUT you have to completely devote yourself to school. It is really tough financially and I hope Brendon gets the money to use towards his degree 🙂


Oh dear, this breaks my heart for me to even have to explain this. Say Yo, Brendon is working on his Masters and not PhD. Masters comes after you get your Bachelor.


Brendon clearly said he was working on his phd early in the game. He already has a masters


Rachel deserves everything Ragan says about her and as many times as he wants to
say it to vent.. For Rachel to attack him using his dead father is disgusting. If it wasn’t
an appalling thing to say and do then production would not have edited it out of their
fight. Notice they edited it to make Rachel look like the poor victim and that Ragan
got the best of her. Of course they did they are responsible for unleashing her back
in the house to make her hurtful distusting below the belt attacks. She said when
she first came in she was there to make his life miserable, if that’s the case why edit
it to make her look like the victim instead of the REAL instigator.

rachel's Nipple

Nobody deserves to be ran down like that. Ragan should have been the bigger person and walked away. His disply was disgusting. More so than Rachel’s. Did she really make a dead father joke?


Yes she did. And other things that didn’t make the tv episode. I watched the episode and the flashbacks again and Ragan definitely got edited to make him look like the bitter drama queen and Rachel the victim. But it’s all there in the feeds. Ragan was by himself in the backyard and Rachel came out taunting him about making gooey sweet cookies, knowing he was on slop. He told her to F off and then she started insulting him about being bad at being gay. At first he tried to not get into it, then she said he was disgusting and a bad gay and she could understand why his mom and dad don’t want to have anything to do with him. He said yeah, you’re right, my dead father doesn’t talk to me, what’s your point. Then she just kept on until he put her in her place and left her speechless and just standing there. The episode makes it look like he blew up over her asking him if he wanted a cookie. Not true. He had already gone to the back yard to get away from her and she followed him. looking for trouble. I have no sympathy for her at all. I do wish the bashing would stop, it’s getting old, but Rachel was very mean to Ragan and Brendon was very mean to Brit.


I know…lets reverse and send all these losers to the jury house and bring back the jury house to compete for the $$$…much more exciting! (except Kathy)


Yeah, seeing Kathy’s name on this thread makes me sleepy.


what a terrible season!!! a huge FAIL


…just as boring as three days ago…the last time I checked in on the BIG BROTHER BORE FEST house. They HAVE to start casting people who are WORTH watching…if even for the DRAMA!! lol I detested and was highly annoyed by Boy George (lol I read someone calling her that and I totally see the resemblance), but AT LEAST she created drama. A reason to tune in…….


Who was Boy George?


Everybody’s on the rag still? Enuff already! At least talk about how famous you think your gonna be, at least that’s amusing!

rachel's Nipple

Ha. Ragan wouldn’t be going home if he would have played the game for 5 minutes instead of obsessing on Brenchel. Seeya ugly bitch abs.


The brigade is so boring. I think Lane will either make or break the game. I wish he votes Hayden out as he and Enzo are the ones who should go. If he doesn’t break the two of them, he will most definitely not to go final 2. Come on Lame, I mean Lane, used your brains, for once!


Sorry, typo, I mean “use” your brains.

rachel's Nipple

Brigade guys have entertaining/funny convos then Britgan come through and spoil it with Brenchel bashing. Get em outa here.

Kathie from Canada

I find all them stubbornly stupid!


Ragen makes me physically sick. He never talks in a normal voice. He has to use some damn annoying voice every time he opens his mouth, unless it’s when he is talking to himself. Once again, he mentioned “rape” last night. I think he is infatuated with either the word or the action itself. I find that very scary. I wish Showtime would have a one or two hour special with all the HG’s there on set. All the fans could call in with questions and comments…..completely unedited. I bet that would be a true eye opener for these idiots.


I would pay to see that


I also have not watched the live feeds since Brendon left, this is the worst season ever, You have Bitchney who chews on her face all day, I wish she would chew her tounge off so she can’t bitch no more, I wish Enzo could be granted one wish and for a breif second let his rocket ship be real and send him on a one way trip into space, because we all know he wont be missed, Hayden, looks like Harry on dumb and dumber, BB needs to lace his beverage with high dose of ex-lax, so he could stay in the shitter for the next 3 weeks. BB put back the utensils so Ragan can kill himself already, he looks like a psyco, about to go postal, and then we have Lane who I hope dates Bitchney when they get out so they have face chewing, dumb ass kids.
Now to Big, Brother, you always got it right with your cast, this is by far the worst, boring season ever, Please redeem yourself and pull out another twist, to at least make the ending exciting, you may have lost me as a fan. Find me for next season, trust me, I’m a 43 years old, I grew up with 12 brothers and sisters, I am MILF and stepmother of 6 and a grandmother of 10, I have plenty to bring to the table. Face Book-( Eileen Maire Szczygiel)


And another thing Ragen said that was very disturbing is when they talked about Rachel and Brendon having a baby. Ragen said he would perform an abortion on her. Now if that isn’t a distubing comment then I don’t know what disturbing is….joking or not, that was very inappropriate.


I thought it was disgusting when Enzo jacked off for the camera. Oh well, I guess it was some activity going on.


I to think this is the worst season EVER in BB history.I have stopped watching altogether,I can not even to stomach them anymore.They are sticking to listen to.And I did’t know if you had felony chargers filed on you , than you couln’t be on the show,but I found out that Lane has charges waiting on him for attacking a former football team mate. So why is he on the show since he has charges on him?
BB you need to wake up you are losing alot of viewers due to the ones you have chosen to be on the show and also allowing Enzo to cheat during the POV challenge and NOT doing anything about it ,he should not of been allowed to keep it that was not right.!!!!That is the only way Enzo can win anything is to CHEAT .I really don’t know what he(ENZO)was so proud of ,he wasn’t the one that won.HE(ENZO)IS A LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!


how did enzo cheat? i didn’t see.


He cheated twice while being a have not, he ate regular food on at least two occasions.

Too Funny!

HelloThere my fav. quote from your ridiculous babble is this: “and she’s a waitress..I hate to bring that part up, but he probably felt that her present was an insult to his intelligent”
“Present was an Insult to his intelligent” Ummm, nice try at sounding like you are intelligent……
Let me guess you are an English major rofl.
You should try that again, in English it would read “PRESENCE was an insult to his INTELLIGENCE” Unfortunately you would still sound stupid, but at least it would make sense, lol. You should find out where B & R go to university, perhaps you would have a chance at sounding as intelligent as them, it would be a stretch, but with hard work you may get there!