*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan’s Attempt to Survive FAILED the Brigade still hard as F**k, Lane: “He was told to try or he would look like a idiot”


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:05pm Backyard Hayden and Enzo Enzo talking about his DR session where he was calling Annie the Greyhound because she was out of the house fast. They are playing a game where they throw the billiard balls on the lawn… kinda like boccie I guess. Enzo doesn’t like the game, Hayden says it’s becuase he sucks at it. Enzo propses they play a new game he’ll hide the q ball somewhere in the backyard and HAyden has to go find it. HAyden really wants to play so Enzo covers his eyes and Hayden proceeds to hide the ball. He places right on “Johnny 5” Enzo opens his eyes and goes straight to the the centre camera (Johnny 5) grabs the ball and tells Hayden he heard somethign he swears. Hayden laughs tells him he’s cheating.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:17pm Backyard Lane joins them, Hayden tells him they are playing hot and cold with the billiard balls.. asks them if they’ve had a nap yet. Enzo: “we just woke up”. Enzo has hidden the ball for HAyden. Hayden is trying to find it everywhere he goes Enzo tells him he’s cold. Hayden: “I’ve walked everywhere and it’s all cold”. enzo :”get your hat and mittens it’s the frozen tundra over there” Hayden getting frustrated “You have to tell me if i’m getting warmer”. Hayden finds it in the yard hose coil.. It’s now Hayden’s turn to hide the ball again, HAyden asks Lane to make sure Enzo doesn’t cheat this time. HAyden tries to hide the ball under the rubber ducky but it doesn’t fit (ducky has a chlorine filter on it) Enzo finds it near the window by the hammock. Enzo says the game is corny but it wastes time. Lane asks them what their DR sessions were like. Enzo: “pitchers and dogs” (production comes on over the PA telling them not to talk about production). Enzo wonders what the HOH will be like.. he hopes it’s not a stupid one where you are out because of one questions, Enzo: “this is a important HOH the person who wins this goes to the next step”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:30pm Lane tells them he talked to Ragan this morning, Hayden and enzo want to know what they talked about. Lane says they talked about advantages and disadvantages. Lane says he was talking a bunch of shit that HAyden should go etc etc. Hayden laughs.. Enzo: “well HAyden whats your argument?” Hayden: “Ragan is not taking you guys to final 2 he’s taking Brit” Lane says that Ragan was telling him that Enzo and Hayden are going to take him out next week, ragan claims that enzo told him that in the taj. Enzo laughs I haven’t talked to ragan in the taj”. Lane says that Ragan told him that he can’t beat any of the guys in the final 2. Hayden: “You won’t get to final 2 if you keep Ragan.. who do you think will win HOH next week?” Lane: “Ragan says if he stays I have a 75% chance to get to final 2 and a 100% chance to win 500thousand… Sure it all sounds dandy but if he stays he’ll make it to final 2 because he’s god at Skills and good at endurance”. They’re all laughing, Lane says he knows he’s going to have to backstab one of them sooner or later should he backstab them now or wait and do it another week. Lane tells them that Ragan thinks that Brendon will vote for Hayden, Hayden doesn’t’ think so. Lane: “Ragan says I will be asked what bold moves did you do to win 500thousands and this is the bold move that will win you 500thousands”. They start talking about Matt using the DPOV on Kathy and not Brit like they all wanted. Enzo calls it the biggest waste of a power. Hayden says they have to win HO this week and he plans on doing it but they have to vote to keep him first, Lane and enzo laugh. Lane says that the DR told him he has to fight so he thinks that production really push him to say those things. Enzo: “Yeah you have to do what you have to do”. HAyden says they need to get Ragan out he knows this game too well. Enzo adds Brit is playing the game right now, the other day he was asking her stuff and she was lieing because she thinks that this weeks HOH is questions about the remaining houseguests.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:48pm Enzo and Hayden are telling Lane that Brit will beat them all int he final 2 and that is why she has to go. Enzo tells them he knows he’s not going to get to final 2 unless he wins shit and he’s ok with that. LAne says Brit knows she’s going home unless she wins HOH. Enzo: “If She doesn’t win HOH us three got rock that shit out in the POV”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:55pm Brit joins them and starts a pillow war.. everyone joins in. Lane to Brit: “What they do to you in the DR”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:58pm playing pool Hayden, LAne and Enzo talking about the brigade and how awesome they are. They keep bringing up how MAtt didn’t beleive in them and that is why he turned. LAne is convinced that Matt told Ragan that the 4 of them were in an Alliance. LAne doesn’t think MAtt called it a brigade but he definitely told him they are in an alliance.

7:25pm Hammock Ragan
Ragan going over the things he’ll say to rachel when he first sees her in the Jury house.
“First thing on my list… oh look the mansion has it very own waitress… ehh who got in a knife fight with that traannies face…when it’s done befgging for attention i have a DVD to watch… or I can just take the mature route and say i’m done fighting with you..” Ragan gets called into he DR

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:41pm Everyone eating the Hamburger Helper Brit made. She tells them a story about when she was in college and they use to buy boxes of wine. They would take the bag out and carry it in their purses to frat parties.
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126 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan’s Attempt to Survive FAILED the Brigade still hard as F**k, Lane: “He was told to try or he would look like a idiot”

        1. it’s pretty funny how they always hung out and told people “no we aren’t an alliance we’re just friends” hurrrrr durrrrr

          the most mentally challenged season of bb yet

        1. too bad it’s not even the brigade
          and they talk about how they planned it all, yet they’re the ones that voted out one of their own

          yup, best alliance in bb history fo sho

      1. Right…..You’re calling him an idiot because he likes different people on Big Brother than you do…..I don’t think he’s the idiot.

            1. I do have to give them credit..i think i am just bitter over them throwing matt under the bus..and then sitting there acting like matt was the one who did it…but i was always originally for the brigade…I do have to admit winning comps or not..they have played a very good strategic game from the beginning..People trust them believe them..and they might not of won comps but they controlled who went up and who went out!!! all the way threw the game..without pissing one person off..till they go home and see the tapes lol…Might of stopped alot of the fighting this way..but they have controlled the game..

              1. Yeah I’m a little bit bitter about the BG’s throwing Matt under the bus as well, but he will always be part of the Brigade. In fact I will say he was the Brigade yo.
                TEAM BRIGADE YO!!!

                1. if the only people there are brigade, wouldn’t that be like cheering for yourself after you’ve taken a big poop? Boooooooooo

      2. yep enzo deserves to win more than ragan and brit ( all those 2 did the whole show was talk about everyone like they were better) and if not enzo then lane or hayden. BooM GRENADES.

        1. Enzo does not deserve to be there. He sucks at competitions and you can say what you want be he was not throwing them. He won one veto and that is it. The Brigade is the lamest alliance in BB history. They are so overrated that it makes me sick. The only ray of sunshine in their alliance was Matt, and they were just riding his coattails. Call that strategy, but I call that just being lame in the game. Brit or Ragan are the only ones who have been playing since Day 1 and deserve to win the game.

          1. Oh i know it ticks me off seeing them say crap about matt and his loyalty to them…when i still yet to see what he did against them..I guess didn’t put who they wanted up..but either did lane..they wanted brit up..but lane knew they take her out over hayden and ragan..He did save her…If he turned on them..then why didnt he use the dpov on um..he could of tooken one out..or even in last efforts..he did say put up enzo to brit after SHE asked who should she put up..but that was after he felt enzo had threw him under the bus..They were against matt 3 weeks before he went out….and for them to say he turned on them..when proof is they turned on him..Also ticks me off when they don’t even give him one ounce of credit for how he played..blah lol

        2. Lane, Enzo, and Hair are the modern day Three Stooges. I didn’t find the originals entertaining, and I find this trio less so. Enzo is a walking lobotomy.

          1. I was calling them the 3 stooges also, but as a fan of the 3 stooges I can’t do it anymore, the stooges were alot smarter than lame hairden and bozo

      1. there is no brigade anymore, once they voted out matt the brigade was done, the brigade’s goal was final 4, there isn’t 4 of them anymore

        1. They should have talked to Enzo, he knows he won’t be final 2 against Hay or Lane. He could vote Hayden out this week, then the sides are even. Won’t happen, but maybe Enzo will use his brain.

          1. No way should they talk to Enzo. They’re not dealing with a stable human being here. The thing I’m looking forward to most if they keep Ragan is Enzo’s reaction. Hopefully its so bad he looses it and gets kicked out. Thats why I keep saying CBS is soooo hoping this will happen because soo many people will stop watching or caring once Ragan, and then likely Brit goes home. I know I’m on that list.

      1. BBGrandmother, there’s already our beloved and now famous BBGrandma. Rather than cause confusion you might consider another screen name out of courtesy.

    1. I would like that to happen at this point, but NO… And I will be surprised, REALLY surprised if that happens…

  1. The Brigade…….B-O-R-I-N-G. This season of BB sucks and is a waste of time.
    P.S. The New Jersey “Boomers”… are ridiculous.

    1. Yup… They lasted this long just because of sheer luck & the rest of the HG are worse player than they are(except maybe Matt, Britney, Ragan or Brendon at some point)… They have zero strategy, except maybe for Matt… I do commend the fact that they lasted up to the end though….

      1. They really did survive only because Matt carried them to the halfway point and they didn’t win anything so they we’re considered real threats with Matt and Brendon still around. The season could still turn around if Lane decides to really pull a bomb shell. If it’s Lane Brit and Ragan in the final three there is good argements all around for each of them to deserve to be there. You have to know when to bet and when to fold, and Lane should fold on the BG

    1. Lane did say in his intro. that he was “a meathead” and his strategy would be to team up with a smart person. Well, bud, here’s your chance. He should listen to Ragan, because he is making a valid point. He’s also not smart enough to see that Matt is the one that proved his loyalty to the Brigade when by all rights he should have used the DPOV to get one of them out when it was clear they were turning on him. Lane seems to be doing what is best for him, actually probably a better stragtegy than Matt, who was doing what was best for the Brigade.

    1. To pick up the show, Brit should go on a nutter and stab the others in their sleep. Then, look in the camera and laugh maniacally,

      1. I’m glad Matt didn’t win, but he was sure entertaining, and I liked him a lot. Honestly, Enzo is getting to be more irritating than Rachel.

  2. I love how the 3 idiots try to make it sound like Matt turned on them when they are the ones who turned on Matt because they were scared of him. I hope Brit wins this whole thing because these 3 losers need a reality check.

    1. So agree i hate that….its bs lol…matt didn’t even give them a reason other then he didn’t put who they wanted up the first time…but when rachel came back into the house she told them a lot of lies about matt…so idk that is when it seemed like they turned on him…

  3. I’m waiting for when Enzo leaves the house and is met by The American Little People Defense League…and they beat his ass. YO, I’d pay real money to see that, YO.
    Even the idiots in Jersey must be embarrassed by this clown.

    1. Matt was a super diabolical mental midget who managed to control what… for how long… a week or two? Then he got himself the big boot. Idolizing a 4 ft tall dork with a sunken chest…who then wasted the only worth while tool in the game , the DPOV, on Kathy… WOW yea, what an awesome player. Mogwai was a failure.

      1. It didn’t matter if he used it on Kathy or Brittney they still were going to turn on him because they knew they couldn’t beat him. So all Matt would have done was make things easier for those 3 idiots. The smart move would have been to put Enzo up on the block. Then instead of being 4th on the chopping block he becomes 3rd. Matt kept Brittney because they spent all week together as HNs and all 3 wanted the same thing to get Brendan out. Matts mistake was trying to have brit put Regan up. Once she saw that she knew if he would do that to Regan then he would do it to her. Matt had no idea the the pov comp would be the one that they did. He kept Brittney to get Brendan out. I think it’s strange that Brendan was able to buzz in on the ones he did and Enzo just happen to get the penguin suit ( for comic relief) and the clothes take from him. You mean to tell me that no one else could buzz in on time. It was totally set up. But I think BB never thought Brit would put Matt up. It may not have been a “power move” to get Kathy out but at the time it was the best move for him

      2. First of all I don’t idolize anyone from BB. Second you want a guy who calls women b*tches and c*nts for no other reason but because they are still in the game or they called him the sabatour. The sabatour was so dumb. Who cared about getting the sab out. The sab did nothing in the game but fake messeges. And let’s think about it. Annie wasn’t meant to win. Just get to the 5th week and then she leaves. So if they kept her she gets her money and then she leaves. Big deal. Now if they said the $50k came out of the $500k winner then it would be worth getting her out. The Sab was worthless. Or if the hoh who gets the sab out gets 10k then it’s worth something but the way BB did it they blew it just like they have with all the PBs To get back to Enzo. He didn’t have to call women those things or say stuff about regan or wanting to smack someone. The guys a loser. The reason why those 3 are still there is because everyone are in the game is so afraid of a challenge. They want to keep the floaters in the game. And this season no one except Matt, Brendon, and rachal wanted to win comps. Unless BB changes there format this is what BB will be from now on. Only next time all 14 players will all jump at once to see who can lose a comp the quickest.

        1. The only one I ever saw actually throw a comp was …Matt…with a big thumbs up and a “perfect”. Again Mogwai=Fail

          1. What are u talking about did you watch the season? Enzo through every comp except the last 3. Don’t you remember him saying he just wanted to make sure he beat Kathy out in everything? The paint can one he jumped after Kathy did. They rope one he just wanted to stay ahead of Kathy. Matt threw 1 because he thought Brit had his back and the brigade had his back. He didn’t know the brigade wanted him gone. He said that was his biggest mistake throwing that comp. He wanted to be able to play in the next one

  4. I have to agree with EVERYONE…this season sucks. I quit watching BBAD. I read this to see if anything interesting has happened. I quit watching the CBS shows. Britany has to be the worse person on the planet. Her family should be ashamed of her and I hope her boyfriend breaks up with her crossed eyed dumbass. She thinks she’s gods gift to TV. Too bad she can’t look directly at the camera. Team Enzo YO!

  5. Even if they did vote out Hayden, it’d be interesting for awhile, but NOT worth the later suffering of having to watch Bitchney for longer then necessary!

  6. I bet next season will be an allstar season. Because they will need ratings boost. They should bring americas player and a saboteur to the next season. They wont know about americas player but they will know about the saboteur. Except this time the saboteur has to have 2 set things to do every week that is voted on and has to do 3 other sabotages.

    1. rumors are next season to be a “celebrity big brother” with cast members like jimmie walker from good times,la toya jackson, nick lachey from 98 degrees, mary lou retton, debbie gibson, joan rivers, barry williams (gregg from the brady bunch) and more. should be fun to watch

      1. I hope your joking Dirk. That would be the worst thing ever. Who wants to see them on BB when there on every other show on VH1. BB would be making a huge mistake

        1. no i read that on one of the BB blogs. I agree though, they should have a celebrity BB but not use vh1’s throw aways ( but hey dancing with the stars has ardrina patridge on from mtv’s the hills and mike the situation from jersey shore) and CBS owns vh-1 and mtv so there you go.

          1. I agree with you I think a celeb edition would be a change of pace as long as they are ones that we would actually want to see. Audrina would be a good one. People like her would be ok but I would never watch if Jimmy walker from good times lmao was on it. They would have to keep the has beens out.

      2. James Rhine from BB6 & 7 is spreading the rumor that this season will be the last season of BB. There is also a rumor that Endemol the company that owns BB is suffering financially and may not be able to survive for long. Hopefully these are just rumors, for I wouldn’t want BB to end in such a bad note with season 12.

          1. Dirk how do you know the difference in who owns the BB US and BB uk? Do you work for them or do you just read up on it?

          2. James Rhine is not from BB UK dirk diggler and it is you who should get the facts right! Endemol U.S. is a company based in LA and it owns BB, Deal or No Deal, Extreme Makeover and other reality shows. Type Endemol in Wikipedia and you can find this information. True the U.K. version is ending, but I said James was spreading the rumor about the U.S. version ending. IT’S JUST A RUMOR!!!!! Not yet a fact. DUH!

            1. oh thanks for “reality tv 101” i guess i forgot to take that course because i was busy trying to live my own “reality” life. :)
              have a great reality life yourself :)

  7. Floating, social game, winning challenges, even lying about your sick wife, it’s all a part of getting to the end. Some are better at some parts than others. The fact that they are worried that Enzo would have everyones vote is a testament to his playing a good social game. I think Lane would get alot of votes too maybe even more than Hayden, since he has played a great social game and has little blood on his hands.

  8. Ok the punishments would have been better if they had to use the sock puppets until thursday night and if they had to dance every hour until Thursday. Once again BB screwed up on a PB

  9. Also tired of there fake set up for a jury vote…They tell the one on the block going to the jury that not to stay away etc..yet every time they walk in the room they treat them like crap..just like they did matt…lane would tell matt not to hide and to be social..but matt told ragan every single time he come in the room they act guilty weird and run to the hoh…now there doing it to ragan i would hide in a room to

  10. Advice to future BB HGs. (1). If you see a group of people always together, excercising always hanging out and not putting each other up when they get a chance and not letting you put their teammates up but rather shifting the target, be pretty damn sure that THERE IN AN ALLIANCE!!! (2). Do not reveal to the entire house that you are in a showmance, or for that matter don’t even begin a showmance with people you barely know. (3). Don’t lie to the house and say that your wife is sick, no one is going to throw you a sympathy card, but rather they would want you out before you reach the final 2 since you’ll only then most likely get the sympathy votes.

  11. Delusional:


    “We’ve been thrilled with the ratings this summer,” said Allison Grodner, executive producer. She’s been with the show since its second season, when “Big Brother” started to emphasize game-playing over the simple voyeuristic experience of watching strangers live together.

    1. Ha! America’s vote can be fore the 500k and the final two can take the 50k and 25k prizes. Expect the unexpected, right? It’s fun to pretend.

  12. This season is tooo funny ha! They really think they are celebrities huh? None of the former bb house guests are famous! And none of them are on tv anymore at all!

  13. Next year I vote for a cast of midgets. This seasons cast is so lame. A whole season not one power move. Bunch of chicken nosed, cabbage headed, nancy’s.

    1. BB should just use ex-convicts next season. Not only will there be drama but might even be some death yo. LOL

  14. i watched some of BB UK season 11 and their sabetour (mole) did some real dirty shit. he had to throw all their bread and veggies into the pool and when they won a hawaii party he trashed all their booze and food ( hawaii pizzas) and he broke all of one of the BBHG’s cigs up. cool. uk is not afraid or worried about offending anyone.
    go brigade. BooMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh gosh i saw some of that..the whole ninja moves he did in the bedroom to grab someones clothes bag…also the slippers..oh my gosh that was hilarious..I think the sab was a good idea..the first time they would have done a lot more..but turning the lights off while everyone on the couch was only likely the person would get caught…It was just a process of allimination from that point..the 2nd sab..was a little harder to do cuz everyone was on to it…and not many left at that time..funny how they do not think it was ragan at all..wonder if they will show that on live eviction..or wait to finale..

  15. all i have to say is the person that is liked the most by everyone in the house is ENZO and thats why he will win, comps are big but having people like you alot is just as big

  16. It’s annoying that everyons keeps saying “YO” and stuff. Ugh. I really DO NOT like the Brigade. They’re the prime definition of FLOATERS! They can’t win anything and they’re all so arrogant. They don’t even have strategy at all! They think they’re so cool.
    Hopefully Lane is pretending with these guys right now and just saying he’s keeping them around. He NEEDS to get rid of Hayden now. He won’t have another chance. If he doesn’t now, he won’t be in Final 2!

    Ragan or Brit FTW!!

  17. cant believe how boring and uneventful this season of bb was, i thought they would form alliances and be cut-throat people but these people are playing nice and dont care ‘that’ much if they even go to the jury. so lame!
    i cant stand any of them! im hoping america gives the 25000 to brendon or rachel, they deserve something
    brigade …. i hate that all the floaters are left, none of them have really won hoh fairly, lane got it for a toss up and hayden was given the power basically (1st hoh was given) and (2nd was rigged)
    enzo was funny but not funny enough to be a favorite of mine, and brit complains non-stop even when her enemy brendon is gone, and ragan is a big baby and didnt think things thru and is now alone! ha serves him right!

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