Andrew Jokes to Sabrina that women are emotional and only good for giving birth!

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul


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2:20pm UP in the HOH room – Adel asks Jon what’s going on? Jon says what do you mean. Adel says I am not even worried. If anyone attacks me I am just gong to use it. Jon says I don’t think anyone is going to attack you. I think you are going to get a chance to use it how you want to use it. To your advantage no matter how you want to use it the second week you know what I mean. Adel says I just literally want to stay off the block and not use it. I want to see where the house divides. Adel says I don’t know if it’s 50/50 if Paul is going home or not. Jon says he thinks the house is undecided at this point.

BBCAN2-2014-03-19 11-23-11-041

Meanwhile in the living room – Andrew and Sabrina get into an argument about a comment he made about her being emotional and that women are good for nothing. He says that women are only good for giving birth and nothing else. She asks him to check on the chicken. She says about 15 – 20 minutes. He asks are you sure. Sabrina says oh why because I am a woman and only good for birth so I can’t tell time! Andrew says there’s another thing you girls are so emotional. She tells him that it pisses her off that he keeps saying it. Andrew says that it was a joke! I won’t say it around you. Sabrina says oh so you’ll say it behind my back! Andrew says I am sorry, I will refrain from saying it! Sabrina says I want to go HOME!

2:35pm IN the bedroom – Kenny is talking to Allison. He asks her about what she is doing for her vote. He says that everything that we told you last night is all I can tell you to help you make your decision. What I can tell you is that if you do vote with us it will be a huge vote of confidence for you on our side. Allison says so you want Paul out this week. Kenny says yes and then Heather out next week. Allison asks so what about Ika. Kenny says that he knows that Ika is coming after him but that since she didn’t put me up I swore that I wouldn’t go after her this next week. Kenny says but I can’t say what other people are going to do.

BBCAN2-2014-03-19 11-54-31-768

3pm – 3:15pm Out in the backyard – Sabrina tells Ika about what Andrew said inside to upset her. Adel comes out and tells them about his Veto Power. It’s called Canada’s Veto.. they’re calling it the ultimate back door. The girls ask who else Adel has told. Adel says that he’s told a few people but that he doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus if they didn’t tell you. Adel tells them about how he can use it. Then he tells them that he told Sarah about it. He says that he is going to go tell her that he told them. Sabrina tells him that this proves a lot to her and that she appreciates it. He is a stand up guy. Andrew comes out and Sabrina and him have a conversation about what happened. She tells him that ever since Allison came into the house he has been acting different with her. Andrew talks to her and explains how he feels about her. She repeats that everything has changed since she came in the house. Andrew says well lets get rid of her next week then. Andrew says if I win HOH and the decision of the first 5 is that she needs to go then she goes. If its for the game purpose then she will be the one to go. Andrew says finding a person like you is very rare! I think you’re amazing. Sabrina says you’re going to make me cry. They talk about him cooking for everyone. I f**king hate cooking for Ika when she’s being such a dumb b***h! Andrew tells her that he doesn’t want to be looked as a sex!st a$$hole because I have already been made out to look like that when I am not. Sabrina asks if he really said that? Andrew says it was a joke. And anyone who believes one s*x is better than the other is an idiot. Sabrina asks who Allison is voting for? Andrew says she’s said she is voting out Paul. Sabrina brings up how many times she’s been called into the diary room. She asks if she is the saboteur.
BBCAN2-Sabrina and Andrew

3:40pm Part 2 of their conversation: Andrew tells Sabrina “I love you, you know that right?!”

3:50pm Allison joins them and Sabrina gets up to leave. All the others are huddled around the hammock talking and joking around. Andrew and Allison join them.

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Can they pls HURRY UP and vote out Sabrina!!! Pls


I was watching on the feeds…. looks like sarah is going to be the swing vote….she is worried as hell to vote against the girls but also worried to vote against the guys….what will she do??

I hoping she votes out heather and either paul or adel win hoh and finally change up this game because its starting to get lame.


Looks like the vote will be 6-4 to vote out Paul (just because Andrew wants him gone…good sheep!) But!….It seems Kenny is considering throwing his vote to Heather (making it a tie vote 5-5 so Ika will be the tie breaker) and blaming it on New Girl aka Allison. Kenny does not like that Allison and Andrew are getting close. Jealousy?


It would be 6-4 if Kenny votes to evict Heather..I think


kenny and sarah agreed to not tell sabrina or andrew the plan they are doing:

Kenny said he is going to change his vote to vote out heather and frame it on allison because she is getting too close to andrew.

This means that next weeks target in their minds will be allison over ika. <3


everytime andrew doesnt give sabrina the attention she needs she starts a fight … i cant stand andrew but he is right sabrina is a emotional and he always has to reel her back in by kissing her ass because if he pushes her away she can make him a target … i want sabrina gone because she is clingy and needy for attention …..


Why are people falling for Adel’s BS? Have they never watched an episode of BB before? Clearly if he was to get a power like that they would have told him that he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about it (just like Jeff’s Coup de’tat). People have pulled this crap on BB and Survivor, spreading around the story of a power that they DON’t have just to get people scared. These people are so gullible.

I know I’m going against most of the people here but we are all entitled to our opinions. Adel is a weasel. There is no way in hell that he is going to win this game and he will be lucky to survive the next two evictions. He and Ika make a great pair. They are both playing this game like idiots.

Ika – she talked so tough about her HOH and she said she is strong enough to do what she wants, not what everyone else wants and then goes and does the complete opposite. She had the perfect opportunity to backdoor her so called enemies (Andrew / Kenny) but weasels out. Of course she did! Her HOH was useless.

I can’t even begin to talk about Sabrina. I just have one word to describe her – certifiable.

I want Kenny to win the game. I don’t care who sits beside him, it doesn’t matter. I like the way he is playing the game.

Bring on the thumbs down Adel lovers!


You provided absolutely no evidence to suggest that Adel is a weasel. Adel did what he had to do in order to save himself this week; he is playing the game, just as or even better than Kenny is. Adel is loyal to Paul, even when Paul threw him under the bus time and time again. He is true to his word, and to be honest, we haven;t seen what he is capable of when he is in a position of power (HOH)- so you can;t really judge the guy 3 weeks into a game, especially when he was ‘shunned for 2.

Needless to say, your analysis of the game is pretty awful and I really think you should take your head out of your arse and realize that he is playing a hell of a better game than most, if not, all the players in the house.


I wish Sabrina would stop picking her nose and chewing her finger nails..GROSSE! Not sure how much more I can take of her. So far this season is a big disappointment 🙁


Sabrina = grosse, clingy, needy & 2 face…????

Miss M

Sabrina is 50 shades of bat shit crazy mixed with stage 5 clinger….


Can’t stand that Sabrina either she is like a little baby
She has to go
She talks about everyone


Ika is soooo stupid!! She really believes Sabrina. How can anyone not see through her. Sabrina mumbles all the time because she fake laughs while she talks.It is really annoying. She also talks way too fast. She is such a high school mean girl. I can’t believe how juvenile she is. Why don’t these people see it??? She is sooo jealous of Allison it’s so obvious.These people are blind and deaf I swear.


hello all
i understand from a viewers standpoint that we all want big moves in the game. but remember what mike boogie said to ian “this is a marathon not a sprint”… people who play hard in the start often never win the game….


The Kenny and Sarah plan might not be so smart.

Senario 1= A girl not in 1st 5 or Adel/Paul win next HOH. Allison isn’t going to take long to know she’s getting thrown under the bus. Says thanks 1st 5 and plays the girls alliance ratting out Sarah in the process. Sure I made the girls vote she says! Checkmate Kenny… you and Andrew on the block.

Senario 2= Andrew figures out it’s not Allison or simply believes her. Now Kenny has trouble and drama! What if Andrew settles on Sarah as the rat! Kenny your closest girl ally becomes a target. Nice work genius you just totally screwed Sarah’s game.

Senario 3= Vote is 7-3 not 6-4 or 5-5… say what? Yup Allison tells Andrew she’s voting with the girls at the last minute. He knows her vote. Then Sarah gets cute tells boys she’ll vote Heather and Kenny makes 7-3. You just out thought yourself Kenny.

This is a terrible idea on so many levels and is not necessary. I’m guessing it’s a production’s idea planted to Kenny drama that doesn’t happen Thursday. But it could be fun fireworks.


I don’t think Kenny’s plan is going to work. If the girls find out that Paul is going home for sure before the vote, they will vote out Paul, too. They won’t want Heather to find out they voted to evict her. Since Sara plans to tell them she is voting out Paul, it’s likely that they will too. Good try, Kenny.


Andrew is such a Douche! I wish someone would take him out next week! Got news for you Andrew – you are a sexist pig!

Miss M

I can’t with Sabrina….it’s getting to the point I’m getting extremely angry watching her stupid ass.
She talks shit about everyone! But when someone says something about her she cries and starts fighting with them.
Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it hunny!

Respect the BB Game

Keep making dumbass disrespectful remarks Andrew, keep digging that hole deeper, can’t stand this puke.

Go Kenny make that move and shake this house up! I want to see Neanderthal throw a fit temper tantrum.

Allison needs to go, if she really believes riding Andrew’s dick is going to get her places, she is sorely mistaken, hopefully a convo with Sarah earlier today made her open her eyes a little wider and see that Andrew has been a target and not as popular as he has made himself out to be to her.


I really miss thee BBCAN cast :'(