Ika tells Paul I’m not going to do the guys dirty work! I need you here!

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

BBCAN2-2014-03-18 13-10-57-924

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4:15pm Out in the hot tub room – Paul and Adel are talking. Paul says that winning the first HOH was such a curse. I should never have tried to touch Andrew for the first HOH. I should have gone after weaker players. Paul says I am just preparing myself to go. Paul says as much as I think Andrew is a butt head. Kenny is bigger threat. Adel agrees. Paul starts asking Adel about what type of wedding he would want. Paul tells Adel about Chicken George and Evel Dick from the BBUS seasons. Paul says that this game is so much different playing it than it is watching it. Adel tells Paul that he’s been through everything in this game. Paul says I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to do, except win it. Adel says Canada really helped me a lot! I feel like I have an ace up my sleeve. Adel starts talking about his power and messes up what he will say to the guys. He says there will be an HOH but just remember I have this card if you put me up I’ll battle it out for the veto and if I win then I’ll buy myself another week.. if I don’t win then I’ll use this power to back door you and put you up on the block. Paul stops Adel and says you can’t say that, they would never give you a power where you could over throw the HOH. Adel says oh yeah I forgot. Paul says they would know you don’t have the power. Adel says I’ll say then that I will choose their main alliance and put them up.

Big Brother has put the house guests on a backyard lock down. In the hammock – Neda, Rachelle, Allison and Sabrina are talking about random things like their pets. Andrew joins them and starts giving Sabrina a back massage.

BBCAN2-2014-03-18 13-29-28-611

4:45pm While Andrew is massaging Sabrina – Sarah asks them if on Thursday morning she should tell the girls that she is switching her vote to vote out Paul. Sabrina and Andrew both think its a good idea. Sarah says but then Ika will be mad at me which is worse than having Heather mad at me. Andrew says well Ika will go next week any ways. Andrew says that Ika isn’t that scary she’s just loud and can manipulate the other girls because their intimidated by her. Andrew starts digging his elbow into her back. Sabrina says it hurts. Sarah says oh it’s so big it hurts. Andrew gets up and smacks her a$$ and leaves.

BBCAN2-2014-03-18 13-43-36-615

4:55pm – 5:15pm Out in the hot tub room – Neda swears she’ll keep you. The only person is Sarah. The new girl is the deciding vote. I will talk to Sarah. Paul says you’re doing this for your game not mine. Ika says its good for you, its good for Adel. Ika tells Paul that she isn’t going to do the guys dirty work! I need you here! Paul says that he isn’t saying anything or talking to anyone. Paul says you only want me here for your game not mine. Paul tells Ika tells Paul that she needs him to fight. Ika leaves. Paul says to himself ..so now they’re playing dirty! Wow! I am not doing anything, I am not talking to anyone! WOW! Only Canada knows!

BBCAN2-2014-03-18 14-20-22-993
5:15pm – 5:25pm Big Brother temporarily ends the lock down. The house guests head inside to eat.. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Ika, Sabrina and Neda are talking about the guys. Sabrina tells them about how Andrew is treating her because she doesn’t want to vote out Paul. Ika says if I knew the guys were going to be like that then I would have put them up. They all head downstairs. Big Brother tells the house guests that the house is again off limits. Everyone heads back outside. Ika joins Jon by the pool and talks to him about how Andrew is acting. Ika says that it’s disgusting how he’s acting. Ika talks to Jon about how she’s being told they should flush out Adel’s power like in survivor with the idol. Ika says

BBCAN2-2014-03-18 14-33-56-040

5:30pm – 5:55pm All of the house guests are laying around the hammock. Sabrina is asking Allison questions about different personality disorders. Rachelle is answering questions too. The other house guests are trying to sleep.

BBCAN2-2014-03-18 14-50-07-791

6pm – 6:15pm Ika and Adel are talking alone by the pool. Adel tells her what he’s going to say and she helps tell him what to say. Ika tells him to tell them that you’ll swear you won’t use it on them. Adel says I’ll say that if I am on the block then I’ll use it only on myself. If you put me up then I’ll smash it on your heads. Ika tells him to scare them. Adel says that he can seriously mess up their game if they put him up. Adel tells Ika that when Paul came out of the diary room he didn’t believe I had it because they hinted at how it wasn’t real. Adel tells her how he flipped out on Paul and told him that he lied about what the power was to him. Adel says if Paul goes home this week then at least we still have that card. Ika tells Adel to really fight for the HOH. You or Paul need to win it.
BBCAN2-2014-03-18 15-10-13-403

6:20pm Big Brother ends the outdoor lock down. All the house guests run inside hoping there’s something in there for them but realize there’s nothing. Ika, Rachelle and Sabrina head up to the HOH room. Ika talks to them about her conversation with Adel. Sabrina tells Ika not to tell this to Sarah or Neda … just to see if he is testing you to see if you’ll tell people. Jon and Adel join them. JOn and Adel are sitting on the couch and Adel says “Canada’s Veto!” Then after 30 seconds JOn asks what did you say? Adel laughs. Neda says that was like 10 minutes later. Jon looks at Adel and asks what is she talking about. Adel leaves the HOH room.

Meanwhile in the bedroom Sarah talks to Kenny about her plan:

6:25pm Andrew sits down with Allison by the pool and talks to her about what’s going on in the house and breaks it down as he see it. Andrew explains to her that its Allison’s decision to do whatever she wants. He tells her in my opinion you have a better chance at aligning yourself with us, than with them. Allison says this is retarded, just think about how ridiculous this is for me right now. Andrew starts explaining past events of the house and how things got to be the way they are now.

BBCAN2-2014-03-18 15-55-21-178
6:35pm – 6:50pm Adel talks to Jon outside the HOH room. Adel tells Jon that he messed up in the HOH room and mentioned Canada’s Veto to him. Adel tells him that he isn’t telling everyone. Adel explains that he can use Canada’s Veto over the next two weeks to re-activate the veto after the veto ceremony and take people off the block and nominate two new people. Jon tells Adel that he won’t tell anyone about it. Adel says that he isn’t going to tell Ika, Sabrina, or anyone .. I could tell gonads but where would that get me. Jon says no it wouldn’t get you anywhere. Adel says that he was going to wait until after whoever won the HOH to tell them. Adel comments on how the guys have left him out of conversations and haven’t given me any information. If they want to make a big move then… I’ve got the biggest power move in my pocket. Adel says that he will never use it on anyone but myself. I would rather not use it and go back in after two weeks and hand it in. Adel tells Jon that his injury is a blessing.
BBCAN2-2014-03-18 15-55-46-567

Andrew and Kenny talk to Allison:

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Johhny (the European one!)

This is really entertaining! 🙂
I’m just watching Ika grow a huge vein on her forehead, as she’s realizing now that Paul will likely get evicted.
How useless did her HOH end up being, NOT going for Andrew or Kenny even when she won the POV and could have backdoored them… Settling for the 2 least threatening players in the game, wanting Heather gone, and not even getting that wish fulfilled.
Loooved it when she was asked in the HOH bathroom why Topaz didn’t seize the opportunity to put up Jillian and Emmett when she won HOH during the double eviction, and she said she doesn’t know. I think she might have had a little FLASH at that moment, thinking “why does this all feel so familiar?!?”
This is so funny.
Strategically speaking, I don’t get why Sarah does this, since she just agreed to screw her relation with the girls “just for Paul”… Dramatically speaking, I’m loving it! 😀
I think the 1st 5 should orchestrate a discussion with Ika while they tell Heather to stay hidden in the closet to listen in, so she would hear first hand how “the girls” want her out.
Otherwise, she might end up thinking 4 of the boys tried to get her out…


Ika wasted her hoh. She is using the Helen bb15 approach to being booted. She’ll figure it out when shes on the block next week.


Classic, Allison explaining to Sabrina what boarderline personality disorder is…..I would just say look in the mirror….


I want Andrew to go so badly! Please Adel, win the next HOH!


WTF is Rachelle’s game? She is kind of like Andy (last BBUS) – Andy walks in….. the only difference is Rachelle doesn’t speak or have anyone taking her presence or gameplay seriously. Sabrina looks like Mama Cass – I’m not going to apologize but if I was a dude, there is no way I could find her attractive.


LOL well said. The difference between her and Andy is that Rachelle have NO personality, she is probably one of the most boring BB cast ever. They did kinda portray her as a boring yoga type Elissa BB15!


I feel like she often appears bland, but watching her on the feeds she’s prob near the top of the goofiest ppl in the house. Often very entertaining. Game wise she’s just chilling, thinking she’s good with the girls and sabrina especially, and that her enemy will be voted out.
Her reaction to thursday should be fun (assuming it goes that way)


This is such a crock of garbage how they’re all following like circus animals to their riingmasters ( Andrew and Kenny) time to turn this house upside down!!!! Andrew really thinks hes cool, it’s hilarious, love the graceful language he uses and his etiquette is just so astonishing… ( fingers constantly up his nose then cooking BARF). Allison keep your distance because these 2 are going to self implode and you’re going to be left in the cold. Andrew “Notice how everyone has been getting along since KYLE left the house” LOL okay weasel you’re just kissing Adel’s ass because you fear the special power he holds. Then he goes on how he needs to stay away from Allison because Sabrina is going to lose her mind and turn against them….. hahahahaha Andrew what a predicament you put yourself in, you keep leading Sabrina on though… so obviously you like the attention. Allison will see who your true alliance is with and will band with others behind your back….


Good old watching paint dry Tuesdays on BB! Recent seasons have been about no drama by telling both they are safe. Personally the whole Paul or Heather thing is likely production infusing drama/reason to watch. I think Heathers gone myself and should be a wake up that Brina and Sarah aren’t completely controllable to Kendrew.

Do I think Jon has his bread buttered on both sides… I sure do! Neda/Jon are actually fun to watch, talk real strategy and are playing an adult game. Bad news they will be on the jury but in the3 jury house early I think. The only thing that can change a 1st 5 sweep of the house is…… Kenny. He’s the brains of the out fit. If he wants Allison around and Brina/Sarah don’t which seems to be the case on the later perhaps some fun. Frankly we can already talk F4 and F2 strategy IMO as I think right now they are fast becoming a lock to run the whole season.

Brina- anyone buying she is satisfied F3 with Andrew and Kenny. I think schemer smurf has to have a bigger plan than that. No idea what that might be. She better start taking out some guys and stop the catty stuff or numbers could hurt her. Best option for Brina is play for 3rd riding Kendrew’s coattails and hope either will take her F2 versus the bro pact. Looks like a winner strategy for 25K at this point. Maybe the whole thing!

Sarah- nasty as Brina but her game is poor on strategy. Her social game has flashes of excellence but she never thinks her bashing someone not in the room ever hurts her. It will IMO and no better than 4th in the 1st 5 alliance. Other than Arlie if there is another person in need of a F2 strategy and an alternative post jury she’s it. Maybe she can bond with Kenny but her friendship with Brina won’t allow that. No idea how she wins challenges F4 down. Options … I think she’s painted herself into a corner. Unless Brina and her split off from Kendrew I see no way for Sarah to make the money. It makes no sense for Brina to do that though.

Arlie- needs to rethink where he’s at game wise. Not to act now but develop a workable strategy a couple weeks down the road he can jump on if opportunity presented itself. Don’t think he knows he’s 5th wheel but where ever he thinks he sits in the alliance how can he think he’s good. Top 6/7 maybe good but F2 not likely at this point. Option… find a way to keep Adel, Neda and Jon all in the game and the 4 need to get deep enough to make a move. I do not hold out much hope myself.

Andrew- play the obnoxious idiot you are. Yup see the house is in fear and won’t punish him so why should he care? Options going forward simply solidify F2 deals with Kenny and Brina. He might lose head to head versus both but he has no other viable strategy. And for god sake do NOT try making more than those 2 F2 deals. Any option that considers getting Kenny out cuts off Andrews legs and head. Kenny is the brains ride it to the end!

Kenny- there is nothing like a Canadian spring if your Kenny. He’s wond a little tight emotionally but he’s the show ATM. I for 1 don’t see him pulling an Andy like BB USA 15. Think he rides the 1st 5 deep. Only change up might be Jon getting F4/F3 maybe. I give that a 1 in 10 chance. I’m leaning more and more to Kenny versus Andrew for the right to pick who sits F2. Kenny better win out as only a fool would want to sit by him in the end IMHO.


What is IMO?


People were patient with me too so I’m going to answer your question newbie – IMO is In My Opinion Sometimes people use IMHO H is for Humble. : )




Thanks Name ! I have been wondering what IMO means also.


The Brunette Bitch Alliance is a good name – ‘no, we’re just friends’. Yes, we all came in to the house to bond over hair products and boys. It’s starting to look that way because they are making no attempt to hide their ‘meetings’. They come out of the same room all in-a-row. These bit**es are dumb. Not Neda, but sadly I don’t know if she has the resolve to make any powerplays.


yeah I like that


Andrew smooching on Allison to keep her vote. Feel like Allison was a waste of our vote now.


I am hoping Allison goes home soon. She has been a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. Hasn’t gotten off Andrew’s dick since she got here. I want to see her gtfo ASAP. I can’t believe I am saying this but I would rather have Scott in the house -__-


You never know…if Sabrina keeps cockblocking, Allison may decide she has too much self respect and turn against them.


It is all game


Hey guys, it looks like the videos under 6:25 and 6:50 with Allison have been removed. 🙁 any chance of a reupload or timestamps?


I don’t think she has wasted her HOH, she cannot make a dumb move that would have literally seals her fate. I genuinely believe if she could trust people she would have put up Andkenny. Infact she can use this drift to strength her alliance with the girls minus Sabrina and Sarah. She n Adel are the only ones playing this game.The Canada thing,Adel came up with is brilliant. Deception is the name of games( well kind of).


Love what Arlie is doing, getting a group together behind the scenes. So far it’s a group of four: Arlie, Jon, Adel and Sarah. Neda is out, but I think he might be considering recruiting Allison as well, which would be great.


Question of the Day: What the heck is Adel’s power? The real story – I am not clear what his Veto entitles him to…..H E L P


oh Allison, you were a wasted twist


She’s been in there less than a week and we haven’t really seen her in a diary room. I think it’s a bit early to say the twist has failed. After a few days of bad gameplay (hanging out only with Andrew) she seems to be spreading herself out much more and making some good relations.

Miss M

LMAO @ Jon “Doesn’t this pillow look like Shakira.”