Adel “I have Canada on my side..what would I prove telling this fat f** slob anything”

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-17 19-35-54-729

10:44pm Adel and Paul HOH

Adel telling Paul all about the plans with “Canada’s Veto” tells Paul to shut the f*** up and stop talking to IKA. (Adel explains his power to IKA and they go over the best way they can use it)

(Adel’s power lets him play in the veto competition if he does not get picked as a player. He is going to flash the ticket to Jon showing just the big black V written on the front. Adel is going to tell Jon he only has two weeks to use “Canada’s Veto” he’ll ask for an alliance with JON if anything happens to JOn he will use the veto to save him. Adel will add that he also has the power to replace the person he takes off the block So basically he’s telling JOn he has the coup coup d’etat)

Adel stresses they have to lay low the last thing they want is the house to flip and cote Paul out. Paul asks if they need to hide their alliance. Adel says no “what the f** Paul everyone knows about us”

Adel – “I have Canada on my side”
Adel tells him the vote is dgoing to be 6 to 4, Paul is going to stay.
Paul – Wow how this game changes
Adel – All this happened when I was on the hammock and they came to me

Paul says Kenny was crying when they found out Adel won the power.
Paul – Andrew, Kenny were all sitting quietly .. no body said a word”
They have a good laugh..

Adel – Canada wants us to make a move
Adel – We have IKA dude

Adel doesn’t think he would be friends with a person like Andrew outside the house. He points out how Andrew has to always take over the conversation, “He says thing about Women I cannot even listen..”

Adel thinks it would be smart if someone just fights back a bit when no one is watching. The idea would be to do it when nobody is there so when Andrew strikes back he’ll do it when people are around and it’ll make him look bad. Paul says he’s planning on doing that.

Paul start talking about how he’s a better speaker than Andrew. Paul says when he is in front of 5 thousand people he rocks the house. Adel _ “I know you are smart and a speaker but you are not the same age as us.. it’s a different mentality”
Adel – “All I know is you me and IKA have a team if this vote goes 6-4”

Adel explains about how he got the power and the messages Big Brother gave him. Paul asks about his sister and says they all thought he was going to get to see her. Adel says his sister is a chiropractor, she went to University of Alberta for 4 years than down in the states for 4 years.

Adel says his mother was the nanny for the Canadian ambassador Lebanon. When the Ambassador moved back to Canada they took his mother with them. Adel adds that his during the time when his mother was growing up women in Lebanon were not educated.

Paul – what does your dad do
Adel – “he started as a janitor , went to welding, then started a sports bar”
Paul asks what is he goign to do when he gets back home.
Adel says he’s going to propose to his girl when he gets evicted or when they walk up on the stage during the finale.

Adel tells Paul he wants them to go to the final 2.

(While this conversation is going on most everyone else is in the HOH where IKA is telling them how worried she is about Adel’s power. She plays up what the possible power could be)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-17 20-27-53-222

11:28pm A quick shot of a clean room

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-17 20-30-48-777

11:30pm Bathroom Sabrina and Adel Sabrina says that Heather is lying to everyone about everyone and the lies are starting to catch up, ‘We all connect the dots.. she’s not playing it smart” (LOL OMG this is what Sabrina is doing) . Adel thought she had a decent game going. Sabrina disagrees.
Sabrina – “She let her voice slip to many times.. her voice is never the same”

Sabrina – “I’m the old amenability I do believe the woman should take care of the home.. She should also work.. If the women is not strong in the home the home is not strong”

11:44pm Sabrina and Andrew Bedroom Sabrina says that 100% Adel and IKA are working together. She asks about what Paul said to him. Andrew – “Game on.. it’s on”

Sabrina gets up tells Andrew not to look then says “My boobs don’t sag”

They chat about how messy the room is…

11:54pm Storage room IKA and Adel
IKa says that Paul told JOn and Andrew “Now that I know now it’s Game on boys”. IKa is pissed at this says she cannot trust Paul one bit if he’s going around telling people this. IKA wanted Paul to keep his mouth shut.
Adel – I cannot understand what he will gain by saying.. he’s being a f*** dumb fat idiot”

11:57am BAckyard Jon, Neda and Rachelle

Jon says he just caught IKA in a bullsh1t lie.. feeds switch to Bedroom Where Kenny, Andrew, Sarah and Sabrina freaking out.

Kenny – We cannot be seen hanging out never.. there will be people catching on.. you (Sarah and Sabrina) have to form a connection with JON”
Kenny warns them not to trust NEda calls her a little shyster”
Sarah explains to them eventually their going to be found out. It doesn’t matter if Jon is targeting them he’s not in their alliance.

Sarah says if the girls win HOH next week it’s going to be hard for Sabrina and her to keep the guys off the block.
Kenny knows there alliance will be outed but he would like to get another 2 weeks of being secret. Sarah instrcuts if they win HOH they need ti put up IKA and Adel to flush out the power.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-17 21-04-23-802

12:00AM Sabrina and Adel Storage room
Adel is freaking out because of what Paul is doing. Adel explain he went up to the HOH where everyone was talking and Jon asked him if he had told Paul he’s safe because Paul told Jon “now that I know what is going on It’s on”

Sabrina – Did he know last night.. did you know.. ”
Adel – What the f*** would I gain by telling this freaking idiot anything when people are finally talking to me”

Adel – “Where the f** would I gain anyone’s trust.. what would I prove from telling this fat f** slob.. sorry this f** slob anything”
Adel – “I just want to punch him out” Adel corrects says he doesn’t really want to punch him out he’s just mad.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-17 21-04-43-758

12:00AM Neda and JOn Pool

Jon and Neda are thinking they are not in any immediate danger so winning HOH may not be the best course of action. Jon says the only reason he wants to win HOH right now is to get the letter from home. He really wanted it.

Neda – I feel like even if I do try I won’t win it
Jon – I will try, If Paul is in the running to win it I want to win it but if not I DO NOT WANT TO WIN IT.
Neda – OK if Paul or Adel
Jon – Will the girls put me up
Neda – No.. I think Sabrina would want Kenny up.
Jon says If Kenny wins HOH he will out up the new girl, “I would put her up if I won HOH.. in a heartbeat”

Neda tells him what is really bothering her right now. It’s how Sabrina can hate Allison so much yet when they were all on the couch they were the best of friends. “If she’s that Fake… ”

Neda – Does no one else see it.
Jon – No.. it’s weird

Jon and Neda agree they want to get rid of Sabrina if they can get the votes.
NEda – I was kinda hoping that the entire Sabrina, Andrew and Allison thing would blow up
Jon me to
Neda Andrew will never vote her out (Sabrina)

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Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-17 21-44-26-936

12:20AM living room couch IKA, Sabrina and RAcehlle
IKa telling them about Paul going up to Jon last night and saying “now that I know what I know it’s on boy”
Sabrina – “Oh my god.. he has to go”
IKA – “I don’t trust him .. be might f*** us over”
Allison joins them and Ika fills her in.
Allison says that Paul is trying to stir up sh!t.

IKa says Paul acts like a 12 year old child, He’s a 43 year old man and Adel takes care of him, makes him his slop and protects him in the game.

12:30Am Backyard Arlie, IKA and Adel

12:53AM HOH IKA and Adel
Ika tells him she cannot trust Paul anymore. Adel calls Paul a idiot says he has no idea what he;s doing in this game.
Adel asks her what she thinks of Arlie. IKA likes Arlie but sees him going outside with the boys for smokes too many times. She suspects he has something with the guys.

Adel says they can trust Arlie, he explains that since day one Arlie and him have been talking and Arlie has never told anyone.
IKA claims if she had known this she would have put Kenny up but she didn’t thinks she had the votes.

Adel reminds her they need Paul in the game because they need his vote.

IKA – “Adel I need you in this game it’s the gods truth.. I need you.. If you don;’t win HOH Paul is going home”
Adel -“Even if he does we have Arlie… but we don;’t have Arlie until we make a move”

IKA – I don’t tell Arlie anything I’m scared of him”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-17 22-12-09-540

1:12AM living room Ardel tells them about his plan to propose to his girlfriend when he’s on the Big Brother Stage.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-17 22-41-37-737

1:51AM last few houseguests getting ready for bed.

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Big Brother Down

Jon you are an idiot. Why wouldn’t you want to win the HOH and send Kenny or Andrew packing before jury? Same goes for Neda spewing out about knowing all what the future holds yet believing that winning HOH isn’t a good choice. LOL okay…. you guys are such chickens!! Who is going to come after you? Sabrina with her double chin and big ass mouth? Andrew with his empty threat neanderthal behaviour? Sarah with her breakdown tears? NO. You all have the numbers to take these 2 goofs up and threaten the 2 snake newsreporter girls that if either of them tampers with their HOH week then one of their asses will replace Kendrew!!!


Kenny is not after Jon therefore it will be idiotic of Jon to target him for no reason.


He isn’t but he’s a huge threat. It doesn’t make sense to get him out pre-jury though, jury and onwards is the perfect time to take a huge threat out. Kenny and Andrew are Jon and Neda’s biggest threats of winning if they want to win they have to take them out.


Houseguests stop talking game to Sabrina she only spread info to other houseguests.


Can we take Sabrina, and put her somewhere else? Her lack of self-esteem and her overflowing hypocrisy are so annoying to watch. I really want Heather to stay JUST to piss Sabrina and the other irrelevant girls off.


Sorry Allison fans but…….

How is Allison number 1 in the HG favorite poll? All she has done so far is try to be the sixth member of the 1st 5 alliance. She tried to take Andrew (gag) from Sabrina………. AND LOST! So now she’s settling for Arlie. I don’t dislike her, but she is far from being my favorite. If she doesn’t change her something soon, she’s toast in this game. She should have given some kind of reason for entering late, because no one trusts her. Except for Paul, she’s the worst player……


Alison is on top because she is new and everyone is annoyed with all the other house guests. I’m sure that will change next week but it’s hard to root for anyone right now.



Im changing my teams everyday…but hey at least Adels consistently in it.

Ika, Adel, and Arlie could be a good secret alliance. I would want Neda in it, but shes trusting Jon way too much.

Pretty cool how Arlie is concocting up a SUPER SECRET PLAN.


The Power won’t change the game…. IMHO.

Haven’t watched the tape but as was stated today it’s basically a “coup d’etat”! After the diamond POV one of my fav twists personally. It won’t change the game here because Adel has to win the POV to use the important second part of the power. The 1st 1/2 being the ability to play in the POV. Important if you think your getting backdoored for sure. Winning POV on the other had is huge! You get to remove a nom which is standard but the naming the replacement is freaking huge potentially.

Hi guys, briefly can you confirm my understanding of “coup d’état” rules. If Adel is chosen for POV by being picked, then wins POV all occurring naturally in the game can he then use “special power” to replace a nom with his choice even though he didn’t use the power itself to play veto? My interpretation is he can choose the noms replacement in that scenario.
Also fellas can he transfer the power to another person? Here I think the answer is no it’s Adel’s only to use.

So what’s freaking out the house ultimately is Canada like Adel. By extension several HG’s are not as loved as they thought…. see cry baby Kenny for 1. This will twist a few of the HG’s even more into the fetal position…. I want my mommy! Second what kind of a moron is Paul? I mean I wouldn’t let him motivate hemorrhoids! Truely one of the worst players in BB history for early season play ever! He’s told multiple times KEEP YOUR FREAKING MOUTH SHUT! Adel, not the idiot Paul, wins a power and Paul says “it’s on”. Keep poor little Heather and send this moron Paul out the door! Adel’s working hard grinding back into the game from being an outsider. Paul keeps jerking Adel over. I think it’s deliberate personally on Paul’s part.

Day is in the books… what can we say to this point in the season?

1st 5 are running the house and remain tight to this point. New girl Allison has the girls target on her back….. big trouble for her unless her relationship with Kendrew is stronger than Sarah/Brina and it’s not IMO. Adel’s power may not turn out game changing unless Adel wins POV. But it has changed the psyche in the game/house for a couple weeks. No move gutless coward Ika says girls need to win a HOH to take out a guy! Let all the glory that is the gutless cowardry of an HOH let you become a pure hypocrite. You won’t do what you know needed to be done and expect someone else to do it for you. Vote Ika out asap to reward bad game play!
Well this sums up the season so far for me. I cannot find a fav to root for. To many of my comments are to analytical this year so for. I much rather be picking a fight here than commenting on “BB over the years”. I need a dog in the fight to really rip on the 1st 5 alliance. Ripping on bullies is one of my BB pass times. But there still has to be an alternative. Where are the “Stoogies” when you need them? The farther I am away from BB Can 1 the more affection I have for the Stoogies and head stooge Andrew as he really made the season IMHO. 🙂 🙂

PS… the sites so good Dawg and Simon it’s making me BB lazy! I’m saying lazy lazy lazy!!! I spent a little time on the live feeds over the weekend but really my BB fix is here. You can’t watch the prime time show due to the twisted edits some get every season. I also find the contributors here a really good group this BB Can season. A lot different than BB USA 15 on this same site. ROFL Every day was blood in the water at OBB then. Fact is I really do like that type of interaction but BB Can is soooooooooooo “Canadian”!! We really are a pretty nice Country if your not cast into the BB house as an HG! 🙂


Im sorry for thumbs down ! I pressed accidentally 🙂


Nothing wrong with analysis. Hey, this isn’t twitter.
Predictions – only for the bold !
I had higher hopes for this cast.

I try and keep my personal “like or dislike” in a separate box from what they do, and take into account the size of Ego needed to WANT to be a HG.
Maybe it was you who said “These are NOT normal people.” I agree. A tiny percent of our population even audition.
When they whine and snivel I think “You wanted this !” Knowing they might actually be cast, they should have done enough homework to realise what a “hothouse” enviro it is once you’re in. So – no sympathy for being subject to pressure and “Game”.

But…I still find shunning, ostracizing & scapegoating despicable. It isn’t necessary. One can socialise with “outcasts” while avoiding “gaming” with them.

IMHO, Heather has borne what she’s been subjected to with as much grace as anyone could. Her DR on the TV show, where she said it was like junior high,
almost made me burst into tears. However quirky & affected she is, her “social maturity” outclasses most of them. Some will get what I mean, some won’t, but I’ll leave it at that.

Paul is capable of considerable self-delusion. Nothing to do with age difference or the various personality dynamics. I think he stands out from the rest in that regard. Given his penchant for self-reflectivity, it surprises me.

Sabrina is a special case. I’ve said my piece about her. In a word – sick.

Adel’s Power may or may not end up mattering, but the fact he has it is influential. That might be as good as whatever difference it makes when it’s used.

At this point, I’d prefer Heather stay, simply because, however slim, her chances of winning a Comp are better than Paul’s.


The power is lame i was hoping for something better but i do wonder if someone else like Paul had won it would had been able to take himself off the block.

Willy from Halifax

Adel did NOT win the coup d’etat

“The Coup d’Etat (pronounced koo-day-tah) is a power given to a houseguest. Its first appearance in Big Brother was as a prize in Big Brother All Stars. The power appeared once again in Big Brother 11; the holder of the power was chosen by America. The holder of the Coup d’Etat has the power to overthrow the Head of Household’s nominations. They are also able to name their own replacement nominees. However, they may not choose the current HOH or POV Holder.”

Adel is able to swap himself for some one in the VETO competition if he is not selected to play in the VETO competition. That’s it. Not even similar to the coup d’etat


I had to come back to thank simon and dawg (i think it is) again because this site is on point.

Even if I find other sites, I always end up here and even during the actual episodes I come back to read what you guys write, including comments.

And to Stan7777 I’m confused a little bit on the power Adel has also. I actually just like seeing the others squirm a bit because they shunned him and Canada
doesn’t care what the 1st 5 Alliance thinks (well at least those who voted for Adel).

And your right!!! I’m from New York and I’ve been to Canada a few times. People are much nicer, well at least in Edmonton.


I can pay with a Dutch bank card. you can not make one for my. my english is not so good.


as a canadian, i hate these people are representing me


Arlie looks like an idiot with that half -A– shaved head. Shave it all off maybe he will be less annoying.


OK so Arlie is like my new favourite HG.

He is not a sheep, but a very calculating player who will pounce on Andrew & Kenny at the right time.

Arlie is weirdly awesome.


I’m weirdly attracted to him and it won’t go away. lol


Sabrina, Andrew, Sarah, Kenny – bottom four on Jokers. This season’s Nerd Herd but much meaner.