Jon tells IKA I’ll give you my word – If Paul goes this week and I win HOH next week I’ll put up Heather and whoever you want.

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

BBCAN2-2014-03-18 10-43-33-530

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1:50pm – 2:20pm In the HOH room – Kenny and Jon head into the HOH room to talk to Ika after their conversation outside the front door. Ika says that she is really annoyed about the way Paul is acting and she is starting to think maybe we need to vote him out. Ika says I don’t know if he has caught on or what. They talk about the comment that Paul made to Jon the other day (Paul said now that I know what’s going on, it’s on boy!). They talk about whether its better to get rid of Paul over Heather. Ika says even you (Jon) with your busted a$$ could beat Paul. Jon says that he would rather compete against Heather with her busted feet than against Paul. Ika says that she’s worried if Heather stays people will just keep her around because its just Heather she cant do anything. Jon says I will give you my word – If Paul goes this week and I win HOH next week I will put up Heather and get her gone. Kenny and Jon tell Ika that they can’t go against their word because they already told Heather they wouldn’t vote her out. They say that they can’t go back on that. Kenny offers to go talk to whoever Ika wants to try and get them to switch their vote. He says that Rachelle won’t but maybe someone else who hasn’t promised their vote. Ika says I don’t think I can last another week looking at and listening to Heather. Ika says until I saw Paul walking around like he was safe. They agree to talk about it and think it over the before Thursday to see where things lie. Jon tells her that if they win HOH .. they’ll put up Heather and whoever else she wants. He says its really like you have HOH for 2 weeks. Kenny and Jon head out of the HOH room and Sarah joins Ika. They talk about getting two of the girls to switch their votes just in case so that the vote wont be a 5/5 tie because Ika says she won’t break the tie to vote out Paul. She says she can’t because then she has to deal with Heather still being in the house.

BBCAN2-2014-03-18 10-54-58-016

Under the stairs Sabrina talks to Heather:

Bro’s conversation about switching to vote out Paul this week.

2:25pm – 2:50pm UP in the HOH room – Ika, Rachelle, Neda and Sarah are talking about the guys trying to flip them to vote out Paul instead of Heather this week. Neda doesn’t trust them and doesn’t think they should. They think the guys are doing this only for their benefit since Paul is coming after the guys and not the girls. They wonder why the guys are even scared of Paul, he isn’t going to win anything. They realize that the guys are only thinking about their best game
BBCAN2-2014-03-18 11-42-08-438

2:55pm Rachelle, Ik, Neda and Sabrina are in the HOH room talking about not switching their votes to vote out Paul. They agree that they’ll tell the guys that they can’t because Heather is coming after Ika. Neda says that Sabrina can say that Heather’s coming after her too. Sabrina tells them about her conversation with Heather were she confronted her about the things she’s doing to annoy her. Sabrina comments on how happy she is that she got that off her chest about Heather.

BBCAN-2014-03-18 12-07-34-094

3:25pm – 4pm Sabrina talks to Andrew about how she can’t vote to evict Heather. Sabrina asks what’s Allison doing. Andrew says Allison said she would vote out Paul. Sabrina says no mater what I decide I will have someone coming after me. Meanwhile IN the HOH room – Ika, Rachelle and Neda are talking. Neda talks about how she thinks Heather is faking her injury. After Sabrina finishes her conversation with Andrew she goes to the HOH room and lies to the girls about the conversation she just had with Andrew. Sabrina then tells them that I will not go against you girls. All we have is each other. Allison joins them and Ika asks her if she is voting with the girls or the guys. Allison says she’s voting with the majority. Ika tells her that she is pretty much the deciding vote. Allison asks so you for sure are voting out Heather. Ika says well the guys swore on their dogs. Allison said the guys asked and she said she needs to think about her game too. Ika says if you vote one way its a tie breaker and the other way then the guys know where you stand. Ika tells Allison that everyone is kind of paranoid of her because she came in week 2. Allison says I am just another player. Ika says I think you were just put in here week 2 to create paranoia. Sabrina says I am voting out Heather. Allison this is very much a boys vs girls in this house and I am on the outside. Ika and Sabrina tell Allison there isn’t even a girls alliance, we’re just friends. There is a guys alliance though. Adel joins them and they explain they’re not sure they can save Paul. Adel says thats okay because I have my special power. Sabrina asks so you won’t use it on anyone else? Adel says oh hell no. They tell him that he should tell Paul that he’s going home. Adel says I’m not telling him nothing. Adel says if he goes home a lot more people will be happy and if he stays then its a whole new ball game. Adel says it doesn’t make any sense to be aligned with him .. he is the worst player in the house. Ika tells Adel to tell him he’s going home. Adel says are you f**king n*ts .. then he’ll go do something stupid and eat a steak or something .. then I’ll be up all night with all of you guys. Adel leaves.
BBCAN2-2014-03-18 12-59-18-950

4:10pm Ika tells Allison that she can vote however she whats and that she won’t be a target if she doesn’t vote with the girls. Sabrina tells Allison that its better if she votes with the girls though to keep the girls together. Ika says that Arlie, Jon, Kenny and Andrew are voting Paul out.

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Miss M

Sabrina has to go!
I’m sick of her talking while eating, turning everyone’s words around & running around the house like a school girl.


Allison should talk to Ika directly. She needs to recall the he said/she said conversation she had earlier.


Allison will vote how Andrew tells her to. I am kicking myself for voting for her to enter the house. If I knew she would hook up hours into the game I would have voted for Scott.
Allison is a lame duck


The only strategy we seen from Allison was in the war room to get votes in. It worked. Let’s face it, she isn’t there to play our game, she is there to try to win. Obviously our aspirations for her in the house don’t coincide with hers.
Oh well. Lost dog on that one.


I think Ika wants Paul gone but in a game decision it would be much better to get out Heather. Also, this power Adel has is changing alliances and making it more interesting, good job BB CAN.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

I don’t understand why they’re all so stressed about who goes. Neither of them have any power. Heather has no allies and Paul sort-of has one (Adel obv thinks he’s an idiot). It doesn’t really seem like the game will be affected much by either of them going.


Neda is literally the only person who has a clue in this house.


I completely agree with MARISSA87. I feel if Neda won hoh she might actually put andrew/kenny up on the block. I hope that Adel will align with Neda and hopefully gain Jon’s trust. I feel like if Neda Adel and Jon are in a solid alliance, they can actually go far together


Neda and jon have already decided the HOH is to early for a big move. Everyone seems to have this “blood on your hands” phobia.
At the moment, Adel is the only one that would take a shot at the power couple. (I’m excluding Paul since he may be going home and also he would screw it up…he is to unstable).


Neda and Jon talked about throwing the next HOH comp because they think they are safe.


don’t forget Paul..his game is masterful right now


Are you serious? Paul’s game is nonexistent his social is less than that looking at his business web page I wonder how him coming on BB ig goingto do nothing but Kill his so called career.

Miss M

When Heather is one on one with people she’s chill & speaks her mind. I actual really grow to like her.
But in a group it’s the whole baby voice/extra nice act.
I wish she would just be herself!

Also, I find it funny how all the girls “hate” her cause she tells people everything. When they ALL do that.
A bunch of hypocrites.


Is Jon lying or did Paul really say “it’s on now”? Paul says he didn’t say it, but he lies. Did anyone actually hear it?


Andrew is backing that up with the line that it was said to him as well. It may be part of the boy’s ploy to throw doubt onto voting Heather out. Neda needs to watch herself with Jon. The extreme trust thing may back fire on her. It seems Jon is really with Kenny over her.


Yea I really don’t know if Jon said that, but knowing how Paul is and he can’t control his one chance at being safe and can’t keep his mouth shut …I think Paul may have said it.

It actually is funny that everyone is so worried about whether Heather or Paul should go home. The only reason Kenny and Andrew want Paul gone is because they know they can suck up and give more attention to Heather and she will listen to the guys. Heather knows she on the bottom of the girl’s “hierarchy of friendships and alliances.”

Andrew and Kenny have bad personal history with Paul in the game, and I doubt they are actually even hurt by what Paul said to them because they are stronger than Paul. They are just using the victim card to get him out because they know they cannot sway his mind and make him do what they say, like how all the housemates did to Heather (to get her on the block as a “pawn”).

Pretty funny actually…2 strong players physically and socially (Andrew and Kenny) are threatened by a physically weak and socially incapable player (Paul).



The boys are more concerned with Ika and Adel teaming up. Paul’s expulsion would weaken the potency of that bond and strengthen the boys by Heather being betrayed by the girls.


Both sides want the other person gone for personal gain only, not that they are a threat to them. Paul plays a victim constantly while Heather has really tried to fit in. Ika stirred all of this up by telling Paul he was safe but then not admitting to it. Andrew / Kenny and a few other people are not so much “hurt” by what Paul said but at the same time know haw damaging being called a racist can be to someone, they also are disgusted that he (Paul) seems to think it is acceptable to use that as game play. Yes Andrew is very much into himself, Kenny is playing the game and is hiding a lot about himself so how can you say you don’t like him when you don’t even know who he is? As far as the girls go right now it is herd mentality 5 dark haired to one blonde, from the beginning they were against Heather and NEVER gave her a chance. Same with Allison, had she have come in with dark hair she would have fit right in with them.

People saying that they wish Scot had come in the game instead of Allison….I don’t know time will tell but I do think that Allison has more of a game plane than just to get with Andrew, Scot on the other hand would have been in there for pure self promotion. Allison has a career, even Gary said to Scot “don’t worry your performance value has gone up”


I might be on Team Neda really soon. Hope she goes far cause so far she is the least annoying/bitchy/selfish one in that house.


I’m going to ask a huge favour – what the heck was that convo about (Sabrina and Heather)? I sometimes can’t understand Sabrina when she lies because she uses a low, fast-talking, voice that works people over (I guess), but it’s hard for audio. In a brief synopsis, what was she explaining or trying to convince Heather to do or think? Thank you everyone. 🙂

little mouse

Off topic what i would do if i was allowed in the house for a day and could do whatever i wanted to the houseguests.

Andrew i would tell everyone to pick their nose and wipe it on Andrew so he could have more boogers to pick.
Heather i would pass a baby bottle to everytime she spoke in that baby voice,
Jon i would tie both hands behind his back and ask him to go one day without having to play with his junk.
Kenny i would whistle hi ho hi ho its off to work we go every chance i could to let him know he was a grumpy little man.
Sarah i would fix her eyebrows and ask her why she is willing to leave her kids for so long for Andrew or kenny to win.
Rachelle i would cover all the mirrors in the house. or tell her if she is caught looking at herself in the mirror her punishment would be to sit with heather all day. .
Paul i would well i don’t know he really is something else I would put him in time out in the war room and let him watch the idiotic things he has done .Sabrina I WOULD TAPE HER MOUTH SHUT..
Arlie i would get to stand naked out by the hot tub all day,,,,, let him freeze his balls off.
Allison i would get her to do lap dances for Andrew and watch Sabrina and Andrew implode.
ika i would take out her extensions so she would stop playing with her hair.
Adel and neda would be my assistants i am sure they could come up with some great punishments and we would have some great laughs together.


I think they need to get rid of Paul now, (the first five) because, if not, ika and adel will have a much bigger voting bloc


so wait, Heather is stayin?


as of right now she is but things are changing fast///


it’s changed


Little Mouse – I love what you said you’d do if you were in the house…….couldn’t stop laughing! So, so funny!