Arlie and Jon Clear up the vote “6 to 4, it’ll will be so funny for IKA..she’s going to be such a b!tch”

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 19-53-39-232

10:52pm upstairs corner couch Andrew and Sabrina

Andrew is saying that IKA is being a “F*** b!tch”
Sabrina – Once we get rid of her we have the votes.. Allison has to go after IKA
Andrew – That’s fine
Sabrina – She ha a missions and a limited time.
Andrew – OK i’m 100% with whatever you want to do all i’m worried about is sending Paul out
Sabrina says Paul is going.
Sabrina stresses she wants Paul gone, followed by Adel, Ika and Allison
Andrew – “I really hope Allison will side with us”
Sabrina – “I’ll talk to her”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 19-59-47-111

11:00AM HOH Sabrina, Neda, Rachelle, and IKa

Sabrina says Andrew told her he said “I obviously love you will be good either way”.
She laughs at him for saying to her he’ll be fine with her no matter who she votes for

Sabrina explains she told Andrew she’ll have to keep her word and vote out Paul just like “everyone” else is keeping their words and voting out Paul.
Sabrina mentions how Andrew wanted her to tell a certain someone if asked who they want to stay to tell them Heather.
Sabrina – “I wonder who someone is.. Miss Suck a d!ck.. a big blonde one”
Sabrina says that Andrew calls her gorgeous to try and soften her up.

Feeds cut to Andrew and Sarah.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 20-02-19-099

11:01am Andrew and Sarah
Sarah is saying that it may be better overall for them to vote out Heather. She still wants Paul gone but she’s been thinking to try to get one more week out of the girls trusting her, Sabrina and Allison before they expose everything.
Andrew is worried that Paul wins HOH he’ll target Andrew and Kenny.
Sarah – “You have me, Arlie, Jon, Sabrina, Allison, Sarah, you and Kenny all gunning for HOH and they will not put you guys up”
Sarah says Kenny is open to discuss keeping Paul this week.
Andrew disagrees fully with keeping Paul but he’ll go with the group if that is the conciseness.
Sarah – “I’m changing my mind about getting Allison out so soon.. she needs to keep trust with the girls this week cause if you or Kenny win Veto Allison or I am gone”

Sarah points out that Heather is so far up IKA’s a$$ she will go back to IKA even if the girls all vote to evict her.

Sarah – “I’m not against voting out Paul”
Andrew – IKA is being a f** b1tch to me.. f*** her ”
Sarah – “I know.. ”
Andrew – She has to go next week
Sarah – I promise you if one of us wins HOH she’ll go next week

Sarah – “it’s not fair because i’m the one getting f*** exposed.. Sabrina is sitting pretty like it’s not big f** deal.. If I do it and Kenny or you win HOH then I’ve exposed my self for no reason
Andrew – it’s not for no reason.. it’s insurance.
Sabrina joins them..
Andrew says it doesn’t matter that Sarah is exposed the girls will all still want to target Kenny or Andrew first.
Sarah – I haven’t change my mind final 5 alliance is still my priority
Sabrina says Allison just swore to her she’s voting with the boys.

(Sounds like Sabrina and Andrew talk Sarah into voting out Paul again)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 20-10-44-211

11:20pm Cuddling


11:22pm Jon and Sarah BAthroom

Sarah – “I know why it’s good for the girls to vote with them and I know why it’s good for the guys”
Sarah – “I just don’t know what is best for me”
Sarah I kinda feel like you and Kenny are my boys I want to protect.. me siding with your guys kinda technically protects Andrew.
Jon explains if Paul wins HOH it’ll be Andrew and Kenny going up and if Andrew wins POV Kenny will go home.
Jon knows if Sarah goes with them they will have her back 100% and he’lll have her back regardless of what she does.

Jon – “This is big brother you roll with the punches you roll with the decisions you make and you roll with the decisions other peoples make”
Sarah – you are not going to tell Neda right
Jon – she’s sketching me out a little bit
Jon – on my dogs life I will not.

Sarah – I just feel that the chances that the guys winning the HOH are higher
Jon – A lot higher..
Sarah says if she goes onto the guys side there are a lot more targets before her and Jon are in trouble.
Sarah – “The girls don’t trust me anyways.. ”
Sarah – “IO just feel that I’ve built more trust with you Kenny and Arlie than with the girls so why am I going to possibly send one of you home even by default”
Jon – I hear you 100%
Jon mentions that things he’s told NEda maybe are getting leaked but he doesn’t want to talk about it yet until he can talk to Neda.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 20-37-11-161

11:33pm Poolside Jon and Neda

JOn says it’s gotten out that he doesn’t like Andrew.
Neda – “I never said that she(IKA) said you told her.. why the F** would I say that”
Neda – “IKA said you went up to the HOH and you said you never trusted Andrew”
Neda – “I would never say that, i’m pissed off now”
Neda – “well that sucks I thought I could trust IKA it’s tripping me out”
Jon – I suggest you don’t spend too much time with IKA ”
Jon explains IkA told Andrew and Andrew told a group of people
Neda – “I’ve heard from a group of girls that you don’t like Andrew
Jon – “Unless it’s obvious I don’t know why”
Neda doesn’t think it is obvious
Jon warns them about Racehlle and IKA
Neda – “I don’t put my trust in anyone except for you”

Jon – “Do you think Arlie is jealous of us talking.”
Neda – Doesn’t make sense because Kenny and Sarah are close same with Sabrina and Andrew”
Jon Asks her if Paul goes home this week what will she do.
Neda doesn’t know.
Neda asks what is going on in Sarah’s head, Jon says she’ll talk to him later.

Jon says that Andrew is being targeted by a lot of people

Jon is saying that Paul knows Adel’s power.
Neda wants Paul to stay in the game because he’ll be a target for the boys.
Jon – “I’m telling you are in no danger”
Neda – I think Canada hate Canada
Jon – I do to
Hes’s a douche bag
Jon – He’s a loser
Jon – Honesty I think right now it’s completely up in the air
Neda wants to know what girl is thinking about flipping, she asks if it’s Sarah
jon won’t tell her.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 20-40-19-019

11:36pm Have nots Sabrina and Andrew
(Before this conversation Sabrina was chatting with IKA and the HOH girls.. she’s playing both sides Failry well. She’s literally running from room to room telling each side a altered story)
Sabrina wants to know what Sarah is saying to him.
Andrew says she is worried about getting exposed. Sabrina points out that Sabrina is the only one that has pull with the girls is Sabrina the girls don’t trust Sarah. Sabrina – “Allison 100% is voting for you guys”

Sabrina tells him that everything will be fine..

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 21-03-03-330

12:10AM Allison and Sabrina tweezing Andrew’s body.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 21-09-19-515

12:10AM Hammock Rachelle and Neda
Neda is saying that Jon doesn’t tell him anything. She says he uses her to pass along information.
NEda says Andrew and Kenny are running sh!t but not Jon .
Rachelle – “Well Jon is kinda with them
Neda – “He’s telling me what I want to know”
Heather still thinks that it’s Heather going arouind spreading lies..

12:23AM Jon Joins

Neda says that Sarah and Kenny’s closeness is starting to surface.
NEda – “I thought her and Sabrina were really tight
Jon – “NO”
Jon – I got your back 100% the whole time
Neda says the same.
Neda says that she liked Arlie and trusted him up until she heard what he told to Jon.
Jon – He was just looking out for me
Neda and JOn agree that Kenny is so smart he knows everything about the game.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 21-36-23-835

12:34AM Arlie and Jon

Talking about using Adel’s power to get someone out of the house and not have any blood on their hands.
Jon – “Right now we’re jury house guaranteed”
Jon says everyone in the game is being stupid, He cannot believe that they goit all these people together that are messing p so much.

Arlie explains they have been flying low on the radar because everyone likes them they are the fun loving guys the goof balls.

They agree once Andrew is gone they can pull Kenny in but not too close. Arlie mentions how Andrew and Kenny thought they were going to run through this game and it doesn’t happen like that just like last year with Tom.

Jon says if the girls do win HO they will be going after Sarah again. Arlie – Heather and Kenny will be the outsiders”

Jon warns him that Sarah is really into Kenny, Arlie – “I’m 100% good with Sarah”
Arlie says Sarah is 100% onboard with jumping ship on the girls and once Paul is gone that will be her time
Arlie is worried about Allison’s vote
Jon – “I want her gone”
Arlie says Adel wants Kenny gone over Andrew but they can sway that.
Arlie – “I want Kenny and Andrew to win HOH this week.. they want to put Adel up to flush the power
They agree they can convince the boys to not put Adel up.

Arlie – Andrew and Kenny want IKA gone next week.
Arlie – Once Andrew goes I’ll have influence on new girl.
They agree everyone is good with them except for Sabrina and Rachelle.
Arlie – I Hate Sabrina
Jon – Hate her
Arlie – with a passion
Jon – She’s the most annoying girl
Arlie – Paul has to go this week.
Jon – Has to.
They count the votes, 6 to 4
(Arlie, Jon, Andrew, Kenny, Allison and Sarah are voting to evict Paul. Sabrina, Racehlle, Neda and Adel are voting out Heather)

Arlie – “That will be so funny for IKA.. she’s going to be such a b!tch to”
(Video Coming)

12:30AM Storage room Neda, Racehlle and Sabrina
Sabrina says that Andrew told him he’s been making out with the girl every night.
NEda – ‘Just so you know Jon thinks the new girl is going to vote with the guys”
Sabrina says that Allison I in love with Andrew she will do whatever she says.

Rachelle says the new girl is with the guys since day one. They decide to go count the condoms to see if Andrew and Allison are having s$x.

They count 14 condoms.
(Video Coming)

1:20am HOH Arlie and IKA

1:30AM Bathroom Allison and Andrew

Allison calls Andrew a beast.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 22-48-34-664

“I’m the Fart in your mouth Girl”
Racehlle – “I’m the fart in your mouth girl when i’m on the grass in the big brother house..I’m the Fart in your mouth Girl”

Andrew sings a verse “I look sweet on the outside smells like something died on the inside i’m the fart in your mouth girl”
(RAchelle is fart in your mouth girl)

1:55 AM Andrew sings “I don’t wear a bra after 9 o’clock I’m the fart in your mouth girl”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 22-59-03-067


After leaving Andrew and Allison alone in the kitchen Sabrina and Racehlle creep out of the bedroom to see if they are “Making out”. They giggle and run back in slamming the door and waking a bunch of people up including Sarah.

2:00AM Allison and Andrew Hammock time
Andrew says he gets distracted by her bum thinks it looks nice. HE asks her if she thinks it’s possible for someone to be in a showmance. She says she does think it’s possible and she is interested.
Andrew – ‘Sop that means we have to win alternating HOH’s”
Andrew says Sabrina really likes Allison she has nothing to worry about, “She’s one of the most trustworthy people in the game”
Allison – “I want to get closer with Sarah”
Allison thinks Rachelle hates her.
Allison tells him he wouldn’t have gone for her in the real world, “I’m geeky”
Andrew says he would totally, explains how much of a hardcore video gamer he use to be, “I probably could get into a couple games”

Allison stresses she single, when she left they broke it off.

Allison says she’s been trying to get closer to Heather. She started talking to her today in the bathroom to build up a relationship.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-18 23-57-37-575

3:06AM Andrew and Allison kissing on the hammock He tells her he can’t get up for awhile implying he has a boner

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Persian Princess

Does BBCan not realize that the sound on cam 1+2 goes out at 1am et, I wonder why…. soo annoying

Yawn they bore me....

What a waste of a vote Allison was for us. UGH.

This whole cast is just beyond useless.

Andrew can take his 100 grand and go buy himself a zoo where he belongs.

It’s so insulting how idiotic these cast members are about the secret powers they have NO CLUE what they are talking about half of the time……

What a joke for them all to be fighting over if Paul or Heather goes…. who gives a flying fuck what mr temper tantrum thinks do whats best for you.


Now I’m confused. Does Arlie want Paul or heather out? Did he change his mind or is he playing Sarah and Jon?


Is Rachelle possibly the most useless player ever!


Rachelle would probably coast along to join the jury house. She’s inside the house to be character that no one knew existed.


How sad it will be Rachelle makes it to the final 3 or worst to the end. Worst BB ever.


Finally – someone agrees. She was probably warned not to threaten other houseguests physically and then turned into a Zombie. She apparently told Heather I will punch you in your face. I have no idea what ‘game’ she is playing except “follow the leader”. She is Sabrina’s shadow.


I tweeted Peter telling him that Rachelle has no personality and he got butthurt and blocked me LOL! #PeterSucks


Who is peter?


Peter = #whatadick
The biggest loser of season 1, sits aroung and calls the actual game players losers all cause he lost, cause he had no game, sore loser, big ass suck


Slowly the houseguests are all getting annoyed with Sabrina and she is going crazy more and more. I am loving this 😀


It’s the Allison affect.


im so confused whose with who??

is arlie with the first 5 alliance or has he flipped
what about jon and neda


Arlie is living in future weeks. He’s preparing/planning for the Armaggedon.


Arlie is setting up a plan b alliance, with Jon, adel, sarah, and someone convenient (Allison/kenny)?)

Neda is more with Jon then arlie knows.…

Adel’s lies about his power have totally fooled arlie and Jon.

Sarah is in a good spot. She needs to hold her cards in close this week, and play her game. It will be the biggest move of the week. It’ll set the groundwork to eventually get rid of Andrew


Okay – so we’ve got our answer – Rachelle is the Fart in your Mouth Girl. Sweet. This girl might be so uninteresting and useless in the game that she will get to the end because everyone forgets she exists. How could she stare at herself so much when she’s not really that cute?


The stupid thing about this eviction is that neither Paul or Heather are power players and are probably the two least threatening opponents in the game. They are being elected for personal /emotional reasons that have nothing to do with trying to win the game.

This first five alliance is doomed to fail, too many egos pulling in different directions.


Is it just me or is Andrew becoming more like Tom all the time?

If you want to see a male version of Sabrina, get hold of a movie called “In The Company Of Men”.
Not an exact parallel, but disturbingly similar.

Arlie/F5 Arlie/Jon Arlie/Sarah Arlie/Adel
I’m hoping he didn’t move just a little too quickly.


He may have. He should have waited on the Sarah chat. He seems to be missing the Sarah/Kenny bond. We’ll have to see how she handles that discussion.


Sabrina is as 2 faced as one can be-
Andrew and her will be voted out and watch the bitterness fester as they pull their antics on jury-
Allison my guess went in there to play with Andrew and side step Sabrina that was her motive but then again that’s weak but definitely pulling out all the stops to win.

My guess the winner will be the one person non confrontational but has bite as the money draws closer… to soon to guess but those players from above will be out soon.
Good ridden


Allison is actually playing better than you think. She knew going into the house who the power players were. She latched onto the one who has the biggest ego and right now a lot of say.(things will change) Allison may have turned a couple girls against her but ultimately she has the protection of the big guns…for now


The quote of the day by Adel: “Paul no one is going to waste a backdoor on you”


Ok there is so much going on with real/fake alliances…it is getting hard to tell.

Arlie’s Super Secret Alliance:
Jon + _____

F5 Alliance:

Girls Alliance:
Adel (lol)

Guy’s Alliance:

Adel’s Secret Power Alliance:

Starting to get confusing……

Then, Neda and Jon but Jon is playing the hell out of Neda and Neda is playing the hell out of Jon.


Sorry for the long post…didn’t realize I put in that many spaces.


Damn, I don’t want Paul to go! I love Paul, he is so horrible it’s amazing. He’s hilarious.


Everytime Rachelle passes a mirror she must say “mirror mirror on the wall… Who is the most boring house guest of all!”


I have not watched the feeds this year as I have lost total interest in this boring group but I am very very confused. Who the heck is andrew with? Is it the waste of a vote Allison or the waste of space Sabrina? One minute he is making out with her and the next he is in the hammock with Allison. Now if he was a woman and playing two guys the word slut would be thrown around in all the comments but we live in a double standard society.

Also…..why do these girls find it entertaining to pick st someone’s back? It is so gross to watch. I haven’t seen anyone wash their hands after the pimple popping fest.


If you haven’t watched the feeds then have you just been avoiding every post on this site? All you had to do was read the last 3 posts and you’d know what was going on


I haven’t “avoided” the posts but I also haven’t been on the site except to read the updates. The comment section I haven’t ventured into until last night. As for reading the last 3 posts to know what is going on they still don’t mention what the relationship is between the three of them. But thanks for taking the time to reply to my post but not really answering the question I posted. Have a fantastic day and keep enjoying big brother Canada.


i love that neda and jon have such a strong bond and seem to care about eachother so much

Stooge Banter

Neda and Jon are awesome…the type of decent people that was so lacking on the last usa season…they have a quality mutual respect, are comfortable and chill and enjoy each others company very much, and look out for each other…i like their humour and antics too always insulting each other in a fun and hilarious way, which at certain times reminds me a bit of Andrew Monaghan and Talla from last season…i think Neda is intelligent and gorgeous, i like her personality, intense eyes and great smile…i am hoping for the best of luck in the game and an enjoyable experience for Jon and Neda




Or Yogi bear & Boo Boo !
except in both cases big Paul is the little sidekick !


Did Andrew tell Allison that Sabrina likes her???


Allison sucks so bad!!! I wish we could send her a message telling her we are disappointed. that other guy would have been a better choice,. whats his name ned?


So what exactly is Adel’s power? Is it just that he can play in the veto or is it a coup de etat? He sure has the boys scared, they are even sucking up to him now. LOL. I bet they are confused about why Adel won the contest and they have to know that if Adel won, it means that the viewers don’t like the 5. I really am disappointed with Allison. If I knew she was going to ruin the first showmance free season, I would have given my votes to Nate. I really want someone to expose Sabrina. She is pathetic to watch, I can’t believe nobody notices that when there is some negative news being told, it is always Sabrina that brings it. Don’t they talk to each other and compare notes? She has been stirring the pot since the beginning, and that strategy might work when there are so many people in the house, but as people get sent home it will be harder for her to get away with it. She is loud and obnoxious. Doesn’t anyone wonder what she says about them behind their back? She is always saying nasty things about Heather and Allison behind their backs and pretending to be friends when she is with them! That would get my radar going. I want to see her melt down when Andrew and Kenny are on the block together and neither wins the veto. But I have a feeling that the 5 are going to win HOH, This season is starting to suck, nobody to root for. The only ones I can stand are Neda and Jon, but I think it will be hard for them to make it to the end.


Does Sabrina only have 1 black shirt?!