ADEL enacts his plan to bluff the other house guests with his Canada’s VETO Power..

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

BBCAN2-2014-03-19 06-47-11-435
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9:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bathroom Jon complains about how he has lost 15 pounds in 5 days on slop. Sarah says that she wishes she could lose that much. In the living room Allison and Kenny are talking about how Yoga is an amazing workout. Kenny says that he loves Yoga. Hated it at first. He says at first I thought it was a big p*$$y workout. Jon heads to the living room and tells the others about how he was 231 pounds and now he’s 216 pounds. Paul says that’s impossible! Sabrina comes down to the living room and asks Allison if she already got ready? Allison says absolutely not, I slept in these clothes. Kenny says Hi little Gremlin. Jon says that he can’t wait to get out of the house to get buckled and say its St Patty’s day. Jon says he’ll get all dressed up and just pretended its St Patty’s day. Kenny says that sounds good I’ll get buckled and take off all my clothes. Andrew says yeah I like Kenny’s idea better.

BBCAN2-2014-03-19 06-55-42-279

BBCAN2-2014-03-19 07-02-02-779

10:20am – 10:30am IN the bedroom – Adel talks to Neda and tells her about how he has Canada’s Veto. He tells her the lie about how over the next two weeks he is able to re-active the veto. He says if Paul goes home then I have nothing left and no alliances. I have to start fresh. He tells he after the veto ceremony he tells her he can remove himself off the block and nominate someone else. Neda tells him that if she was him, she would be sneakier about it and not tell anyone about it. I think people would put you up just to flush it out. Neda also tells him that some people might be afraid to put him up. Adel says that he is going to start telling people over the course of the day. They leave the bedroom together. Adel asks Sarah if he can talk to her outside. They hear outside but Adel sees Paul out there and they abandon the talk.

10:35am Adel gets her to come into the storage room and tells her about the Canada’s Veto. Sarah tells him that its awesome he got that. Adel tells her that the person he uses it on is going to get a f**king reality check! Arlie joins them and the conversation ends. Arlie leaves. Sarah tells Arlie that he thinks she can convince the girls to vote out Paul. Sarah says that she thinks its too early to expose herself. Arlie says that her that he thinks its okay.

10:40am In the bedroom – Sabrina tells Jon how they NEED to put Adel on the block to sift that power out!

10:45am – 11:05am Adel then heads up to the HOH room and tells Kenny about his Veto. Adel tells him that he is going to tell Andrew too. Adel leaves and Kenny calls Andrew up to the HOH room. Kenny tells him about the Veto Adel has as his Power. Adel then grabs Andrew and tells him about his power. Andrew asks why are you telling me. Adel says that he is only telling a few people. Adel says that if someone puts me up I will use it and put up the main alliance of whoever put me up. Andrew tells Adel that he was never his target. Paul was my target. You as a person are a good person. I would hangout with you outside the house. Andrew tells Adel he really doesn’t think he should tell anyone else. Adel says if no one F**Ks with me then I’ll keep it in my pocket. Adel says I know you have at least a 4 person alliance. I know that Sarah and Sab have something too. Andrew says all I can tell you is that I am in an alliance and its strong. Andrew tells Adel that he can’t make it in the house alone. Adel says I don’t want to f**k with the strongs because then I’ve got the others coming after me. Andrew says its tough to make alliances now but you can make deals. Maybe that’s me and Kenny and maybe its not. Adel says Paul said he knows I was going to work with you but I know when Paul leaves I am f**Ked! Andrew says make your own decision, I am not going to tell you what to do. I am going to say it should be with me though. I like you Adel, we’re the same age and I’ve got someone at home that you remind me of. Adel says I am not going to f**k with anyone if no one f**ks with me. Andrew tells Adel to relax and enjoy his next two weeks.

BBCAN2-2014-03-19 07-49-59-482

11:20am – 11:30am In the storage room – Sabrina confronts Andrew about hiding behind the couch in the HOH room. Andrew gets mad and says that he didn’t. Andrew tells Sabrina about how Adel told him about his power. Sabrina asks if he believes him? Andrew says yes, I talked to him for a long while and I believe him. Sabrina says so he has to use it in the next two weeks or its done? Are you going to make him use it? Andrew says no. Sabrina says I think he lied to you about the two weeks part. Andrew says I don’t think he lied about it. I think I know him pretty well and unless he all of a sudden became an actor. Sabrina says I want to get Ika out first! Andrew says me too, I can’t stand her.

11:40am In the main bedroom – Sarah asks Allison what she really thinks about Andrew. Allison says he’s a nice guy. She says that he makes her feel comfortable. Allison tells Sarah that she got a wicked vibe from her. Sarah tells Allison that everyone knows what is going on with you and Andrew and it does make you a bit of a target with the girls. Sarah tells Allison that she is a little worried about Sabrina. I trust her but its kind of scary being on a team with her.

BBCAN2-2014-03-19 08-43-59-965

11:45am Ika, Neda, Heather, Sabrina, and Rachelle are in the HOH room. Ika tells them that the first chance she gets she is going to put up Andrew. The cams switch to Jon, Kenny and Arlie in the hot tub room. Kenny and Jon bring up how Adel is telling people about his Power. Arlie lies and asks what, why am I always the last to know about things. I suck at this game! Andrew joins them. Andrew tells them about his conversation that he had with Adel and how he believes him. Andrew says that all Adel wants is to get to jury. Andrew says I am not saying we can promise him that but maybe if end up on the block maybe we can convince him to use it on us. Jon says I think it would be good to keep him safe this week and then take him out after that. Andrew talks about how he’s pissed that Ika thought he hid behind the couch. Do I look like the kind of person that would do that. They talk about how they don’t understand why he is telling everyone about it. JOn says its almost good that Ika won HOH and did nothing with it so now all of us can play for HOH this week. Andrew says we should just put up Ika with someone else. Jon tells them that Adel said he wouldn’t use his on anyone but himself. Andrew says good.
BBCAN2-2014-03-19 09-01-08-782

12pm – 12:15pm Paul and Adel are by the hammock. Paul does the worm on the ground. He starts beat boxing and Adel says stop it you’re spitting on me. Paul starts dancing. Adel tells him that he is still spitting on him. Paul says its clean! It’s moisturiser!

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why does Jon always look so stoned? 🙁


Adel played this all wrong and now Arlie is not going to trust him…..he basically self evicted today


Look at this from adel’s position. How could he possibly become even more of a target than he already is?


If you’re Adel would you be even telling all the houseguests lies about this fake power he has? This can blow up in his face!


damn Sabrina is so repulsive


I don’t think Adel realizes that if all the houseguests compare notes its obvious he’s lying. If he really did have that power its much better to keep it secret and everyone is goign to realize it quckly


I think Adel is smart with his power, his telling everybody his not using it if anybody fuck with him. If people believe him and he never use it, he get two weeks stress free and people will appreciate the fact that he didn’t use it and they will never know he lied.


Andrew and Kenny and so annoying and cocky. They need a reality check. Just because you are physical and have a first five alliance doesn’t mean much…. Mental challenges, puzzles, and endurance challenges are going to come in abundance. I’m glad adel lied to them and they ate it up, makes them look like fools.

Sabrina is annoying too, sarah is going to turn on her slowly for Alison.

Next hoh will be huge. Predictions of who each house guest will put up.

Adel, Kenny and andrew
Rachelle, alison and andrew
Sarah rachelle and heather
Kenny ika nd heather
Andrew ika and heather
Sabrina not going to win hoh
Heather andrew and Alison
Jon heather and rachelle ( back door andrew)
Arlie heather and rachelle ( back door andrew)
Neda andrew and kenny
Alison heather and ika


Heathers leaving Thursday 😛 Fact is with all the flipping I don’t think any one’s sure who goes tomorrow. Rachelle is never and I mean never noming Andrew/Kenny. She isn’t winning HOH but if that happens Brina never lets that happen next week. Most of the likely HOH winners group will nom Ika and Paul/Heather survivor. Ika spills the beans on Adels real power he goes up and backdoored. Ika still doesn’t get to jury.

Don’t expect big nomination moves this house is settled into “no blood” and no strategy to get the big players out. I think Joneda feels so safe they’ll throw the next HOH. Rach and Heather/Paul leftover won’t win. Ika not competing so your likely to see a 1st 5 HOH or perhaps Allison. Adel is the primary one who might take a shot if HOH. I think he’d wiff given the opportunity. He sees hope to stay in the game. A Kendrew nom would definitely rock the boat. I’m hearing the genius voice of one of the greatest BB players in the history of the game….. “it’s to early to make a big move”! When Helen speaks all of the rabid BB fans listen. Best strategy to make the jury ever! I just wonder when she’ll complete her ground breaking book, ” Stories and Strategies from a BB Genius”. The publishers latest press release simply says; “to early to release the book”!

PS… What the heck is Peter doing commenting on the show on Slice. His strategy was beyond terrible last season! ROFL


I think I’ve fixed the problem with people getting the Comment flood error. If yo submit an assignment and the site replies with “Commenting too fast Message” Please email me at and I’ll try and fix.


Jesus H Christ we get another idiot! Wasn’t it Ika’s brilliant idea to lie about the power. Nice choice from a strategic player to listen to fool! And I’d like Adel to stick around but this is a terrible decision.
So what happens if Ika is a straight up nom next week. Who do you think she sells out. Golly gee wiz I have no idea….. :P!! The power is very limited actually. Let say Ika sells him out and the house decides to leave Ika up and backdoor Adel. Well Adel old boy this is where things get tricky! Your gonna be a replacement nom and see you wouldn’t want to be you. If he gets chosen “out of the hat” no need to use the power as it’s all it does anyway. If your not chosen what then. Expose yourself as a pure liar for a 1/7 shot at POV? He’d be better off playing the rouse to the end and not use it. Hope the house buys his lie as true and doesn’t believe Ika or he’s done. Another of a growing number of examples of….. KEEP YOUR FAT MOUTH SHUT!!!
Kenny and others will think it through pretty quick it’s BS. When/if Ika goes up next week he’ll see the writing on the wall. More so than Ika Adel needs a girl to win HOH real bad this week. And remember we are likely getting our 1st double next week. Think by the end of next Thursday Adel is on his way home.
With barely a day left my gut says all the talk still comes down to Heather going home. Short list to go before jury Ika, how’d that “do nothing”, no blood on your hands, HOH work out for you? Paul and Adel who shot himself in the foot. Add to it Paul would sell him out in a second to stay next Thursday I’d rather be on death row in Texas with 1 appeal left than Adel in BB Can 2 house next week trying to survive a double eviction when the lie is exposed!

Looks like Allison makes jury with the 1st 5, a truely useless player in Rachelle. Worst casting decision in years as a sum nothing, no game catty fool and Joneda. Sarah Arlie and Jon trying to put together a counter alliance is going no where on numbers with Adel gone if I’m correct. If Kenny is not a nom before jury I’m starting to think F9 you might be able to mail in the money to him. He’s not there yet but he’s on his way.


What a wasted HOH for Ika. I’ve decided to root for whoever puts Andrew/Sabrina/Kenny on the block in the future so for now, meh to all the houseguests. Was rooting for Adel for a little while since he’s an underdog, but he’s a bit of a psycho and I don’t find him all that likable. And does anybody in that house have a sense of humour? At least we had Andrew Monaghan making his cracks last year to keep us laughing, this year I don’t find any of them to have much of a personality, even the diary room sessions are boring. I’m in a mood today so maybe my negativity is aimed at the wrong people, lol, but still, this season needs something other than what we’re getting, I just don’t know what it is.


I agree! Where are the witty diary room commentary? Kinda boring so far…


Next week is going to be goooood


I miss the stooges. They were the best part of last season. None of these houseguests make me want to watch.