“Are you guys really going to let Christie survive the block three times in a row. you can’t beat that in the end “

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Cliff, Nicole, and Jess get punishments
America’s Prankster – Nick
Nominations are: Christie & Nick
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Holly, Nick, Jackson, Jessica, Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto
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10:22 am Wake up

10:52 am Tommy and Christie (very hard to hear due to whispering)
Christie saying that Nick is trying to get Holly and Michie to be Scared that they are the biggest target with him gone.
C – I’m a little nervous about that
Tommy says Jackson claims he didn’t use the veto because he was worried Tommy would go on the block.
They agree this is BS.
Christie – My contract is null I would put them up .they are an unbreakable thing”
Christie – I can’t believe they haven’t asked about my MIC this is a major conversation (My thoughts exactly I missed 3/4 of it)

12:40 pm Feeds on Fire

2:35 pm Nick and Nicole
Nick says to stick with Michie and Holly “they are trustworthy. Tommy will never vote for you he’ll do whatever is best for him”

Nicole – I love him but I know what you are saying
Nick says use Michie and Holly as a shield “they like you and they know you are super loyal”
Nick – if you win HOH next week and I’m not here hook up with them
Nick saying that Tommy was all about getting Christie out last week now he is not mentioning anything about it.
Nick goes over all his points to campaign to Tommy. He Adds after he gets evicted Jess will put up Cliff and Tommy because she’s probably made a deal with Michie and Holly so she will put up Tommy and Cliff.

Nick’s points to Holly “I’m going to fight for you I’m going to win. the only person I’m not going after is Nicole. they can pick the targets after that”
Nick – this is absolutely an upgrade. I can be used as a shield, I can win HOH’s, I can win vetos to keep you guys protected.
Nick – Jackson you are the only alpha male left if I leave
Nick – I’m going to use an analogy with a condom. Bro what do condoms do? protection bro, I’m you’re protection. And what do you do when you are done with them you dispose of them. You can literally get rid of me whenever you want. You have my word
Nicole – that’s what Christie used last week.. use me
Nick – yeah but I’m an upgrade
Nick goes on about him being an upgrade “if you guys ever feel like putting me up because it’s my time to go then put me up. I have your back”
Nick – I’ve been honest. I can win vetos if they need that

Nicole points out if Christie stays it keeps the Christie/Jess duo together.
Nick – are you guys really going to let Christie survive the block three times in a row. Bro that’s a killer campaign in the f*ing Final and she’s good with her words.
Nick – she will flip when her backs against the wall

Nick – there’s no way they won’t take this f*ing deal
Nicole – they took Christie’s deal last week. I’m just not getting it
Nick – they had to take it for me to be in this situation. Why would you not want me.

Nick – If I go Jess and Christie’s targets change. They might be good next week Jackson and Holly but after that
Nicole – say if I go their targets are going to change together.
Nick – I’m going to hammer that in. It’s going to be all the points I’ve been loyal to him, How I can benefit them going forward, Why Christie had to stay last week for this to happen and how she’s been on the block three times three weeks in a row her campaign is going to be sick
Nick – dude you can’t beat that in the end.
Nick – I know Jackson wants to keep me I know he’s thinking about it
Nick – Jackson, and Holly are my two major pitches. I’m going to have to hammer it out, KILL it.
Nick – if I can get Jackson’s vote.. then you’ll have to help me secure Cliff’s
Nicole – They know Tommy promised his vote to Christie.. you can use that to your advantage as well. you know I was close to Tommy it’s all I had in this game and now…
Nick – I don’t want to drop his name right now. only because I don’t know how close they are. If I do stay and Tommy wins he probably won’t put me up.

3:02 pm Feeds on fire cam 3

4:41 pm Nicole gets pied by Jackson


4:46 pm Feeds back on FIRE!!!!!!!

6:15 pm These feeds they on FIRE

6:42 pm Jess and Nicole
Jess going on about being a “Social drinker” but she’s always out and about so she’s always drinking.

Jess – my parents can drink me under the table like nobodies business.. when my mother got sick that was her biggest thing she couldn’t drink shew as pissed

7:30 pm Cliff, Christie, Jackson, and Tommy
Chit chat

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J e t s jets jets jets

Like I’ve been saying, this is all irrelevant because it’s prank week and no one is going home.

Just me

I’m manifesting you being wrong, but you’re probably right.

Kat Fever

Even Allison wouldn’t go that low…..would she?


She would… she invented a wonky woo power to save Jeff years a go. Later she has created twists to save someone. Victor came back two or three times in his Season… he has the record for that.


yes if they think Crusty is going home that would be fair to the HOH


Julie did say there was going to be no more comebacks… not leaving is not a comeback.


I really hope you are right!!! and I say this because I would rather see Crusty the Clown leave …
OMG It just dawned on me.. The clowns they are seeing is a subliminal message or messages to the houseguests to GET CRUSTY THE CLOWN OUT!!!

J e t s jets jets jets

Just thinking about the top three for America’s favorite player. Nicole, Cliff and Sam with Nicole winning. Ok now rip me apart.


I agree. But I got sam

Kat Fever

There isn’t a third person worth voting for

J e t s jets jets jets

Personally Kat was never on my radar. Probably because I got a bad first impression of her with the whole Jackson thing. I’m big on first impressions and she never won me back.

Susan Corbridg

I do not like Nicole. She does nothing, Cliff always demanding she be protected. She’s a grown woman, putting on a poor timid me act. Yuck!!


Nicole has the problem Donny had. No one was really willing to make a move with her. If she could have won an HoH she might have been able to get some traction. Poor girl can’t even get picked to play in a veto to try to make a move. She has to rely on trying to persuade players to make the move but they are playing timid so she turtles up to try again.

Just a game

Dr. Will didn’t won any comp ! In both seasons
Amanda made all the moves in the beginning of season 15 without winning comps
Danielle in season 3
Won hoh only in the final 4 -but was running the game ..
Nicole don’t make moves , cuz she is scared ,kind of naive , not that good social, and don’t have charisma


Wrong! America’s favorite player is going to be Christie! Even though this site hates her… America loves THE CHRISTIE!!!!


Only if your name is America


LMAO… DELUSIONAL.. And we all know that you put these useless comments just to get people going.. NICE TRY!!! and LMAO..

J e t s jets jets jets

I don’t even get riled up about Christyrulez anymore. I just go to the thumbs down click it and move on

Jan Nan

Sam has my vote. I like to see someone win that really needs the money. I know 25k can really help Sam and his family.


Send it!!

B $

Not a bad top three but I really liked Kat in there as well

Not Cliff

I agree but not Cliff.. the slimy salesman.. He seems to be a nice guy but when he talks his BS I cant help but look at him as that slimy used car salesman who is trying to get you to buy a car without the engine.. telling you that it still works. TRUST ME.. lmaooooooo

Billie Eilish Rules

I’m not sure who goes this week but it will be fun watching either of them leave. These are my two least favorite house guests.




I dislike both Christie and Nick equally but from a game point of view I think it makes more sense to get rid of Christie because she has Tommy (even though she’s saying they don’t talk game etc. I don’t believe that) and Jess, so that’s a 3 person alliance…where Nick really doesn’t have anyone. Nicole talks to him but I don’t think she’d go to bat for him if needed. So I’d boot Christie first and then work on Nick next week. I wonder why Jackson and Holly (and all the other houseguests for that matter) don’t see this?


Who wins more comps or I shld say comes in 2nd to Michie? That’s right Nick! You have to get rid of Nick first then Christie cuz Nick is def more of a threat and if your Holly who is Hoh u put him up twice by yourself u want him gone cuz he’s def putting her up even if he says only as a pawn. Christie has Jess and that’s abt it, Tommy will drop Christie on a dime to save his own game… Your giving Christie way too much credit, she can talk but that’s abt it. I would be way more worried abt Tommy and Cliff they have the strongest games right now. No one is putting them up and both are strong at overall game.


You’re 100% right….it’s just hard as a viewer because it’s Christie and we all can’t stand her! But I can’t stand Nasty Nick 70% of the time…so I’m happy to see him go. If I were playing…I’m more afraid of Nick.

House Stark

It is slower than Fessy’s brain waves.


Damn..that is seriously slow!

J e t s jets jets jets

Say that in JC’s accent.


I just did and am LMAO!

another name

This group has never been big on the strategy talk. It’s usually about 1/2 hour a day total strategizing, They spend more time worrying and complaining about their image and how they are edited than playing the game.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

If they’re worried about their images they should try being better people.

another name

100 per cent agree. The fact that some of them, on day 68/69 are still wondering just how much live feeds catch of what they say and do? Assume everything and act accordingly from the jump if you want a clean image. It’s not that hard.

J e t s jets jets jets

You mean the 24/7 feeds record 24/7? What a revelation.


God let’s just get rid of chomp chomp & move on!!!! Start manifesting people,get her out!!!!


Funny. Cliff said he wasn’t going to wish for luck, he was going to start manifesting wins and see if it worked.


Damn I hate rooting for Nick ! But I would love it if he gets them to flip, she’s already proven her word is $hit !


She really is the most Unlikable character so justifying of any of her own behaviors including eating and condemning of anybody else’s behavior. she loves to put on like she really knows these things she smoozes everyone with compliments to gain some ground soo transparent

J e t s jets jets jets

Who’s worse her or Rachael?


The only few satisfying pieces of info from feeds 2day is that Nicole knows Jess is doing the trickle down effect of Christie’s campaign game and talking to her like shes a moron. She knows Tommy is a definate vote for Christie. But what can she do if she doesn’t win? Nicole is trying to figure how to somehow use the info that Jess was not going after girls (to help Nick stay) which would target Tommy n Jackson maybe even Cliff.
Not sure why Nick is campaigning to Nicole n not the rest of the house?
He has absolutely nothing to lose at this point. Not that I think Nick is great or anything but I never understand why people wait until last minute in hopes a plan will work. Some of the best plans have to marinate. He needs to keep putting sauce on that!



J e t s jets jets jets

Haven’t you noticed that the more Christie wins the less Jess knows and the cockier she gets.


Christie, Holly and Jackson were in the pool n all mocked Jess in their best Jess voice impression “Like why like I dont like know like anything like I mean …last to know??”
If u want to call it a “game move” on Christie’s part, she got jess locked down tight!

J e t s jets jets jets

But they aren’t mean girls

Just me

As long as one of them leaves the house, I don’t care. Game wise, I think they’re pretty even. Personality wise, they’re both equally disgusting. Kinda worried about a final big Prank. Birds, clowns, prankster, pies, hopefully that was enough (footage to fill the spare time). Fingers crossed one of them leaves and
Nicole finally wins an HOH competition.

Kat Fever

Nicole win? Is it going to be a wall flower competition?

J e t s jets jets jets

It’s going to be a brains competition and she’s going to blow them out of the block.

another name

I thought I was the only one that really didn’t care which of the two left. But every week I don’t find myself having any moral palpatations about which nominee leaves. Good to know.

Good Catch

It would be HILARIOUS if they REALLY brought in Crusty the Clown as part of the next HOH… That would make my day!


Nick: “I don’t want to drop Tommy’s name right now, only because I don’t know how close they are. If I do stay and Tommy wins he probably won’t put me up”.
Wait… what??
Nick is always a day late and a dollar short.
He did the same thing last week with the prank.

Instead of telling Jackson & Holly that he was the prank master BEFORE nominations (especially since these two are so obsessed with how they’re perceived by America) this would have been the perfect opportunity to reinforce the fact that America chose Nick out of everyone to get this power, which obviously means that we MUST love him & hate Christie (the love part would be a lie, but the hate isn’t).
But alas, no…
Nick waited until after he lost the veto, when nothing could be done for him.
And now… Nick has KEY information that Tommy was going to turn on Christie last week, as well as pointing out Tommy & Christie’s unbreakable bond & the fact that he’s promising her votes, but nooooooo, Nick doesn’t want to use this game changing information in his campaign, because he doesn’t want Tommy to put him up IF Tommy happens to win HOH next week…
Aww, don’t worry Nick, Tommy won’t put you up… after all, you can’t put a jury member on the block.


Yes Nick…they are! It’s been preordained by production for the final 4 to be Crusty, Tommy, Jaskcon and Holly

Just a game

I wish! They are the best 4 players

another name

My read on if they won the next hoh: who would they nominate?
Holly: ineligible.
Jackson: Tommy and Jess (says he is throwing).
Jessica: unkown at this time. I doubt she knows.
Nicole: tommy christie or if she leaves tommy jessica.
Cliff: Tommy Christie or if she leaves Tommy Nick (he plans to not give 100% because believes he controls the next vote with nic and jess).
Tommy: Cliff or nicole and Jackson target. (he’s not going to try to win ).
Christie: Jackson and Holly.
Nick: Jess and Tommy or Cliff.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Jackson would nominate Christie not Tommy,unless Christie gives them a talking to which seems to already be happening.
Jess would nominate Jackson and Tommy with Cliff as the only alternative.


I can’t stand that Alpha Male stuff… honestly exactly how Alpha have any of those dudes that call themselves Alpha been an Alpha? Jack was worked by Tommy and Christy… most of Jacks strategy came from Tommy. Jackson takes most of his marching orders from Holly, plus Tommy and Christie did a good job at working them. Nick hasn’t done a lot except dodge bullets and take orders from Tommy.

I think it is because Tommy is short and gay none of them see him as the actual boss in the house that everybody takes orders from or seeks advise from. The fact is for Big Brother Physical challenges, none of them require brute strength. Those challenges are for someone who is like a Tommy a trained professional dancer who is the equivalent of a pro athlete, he did tumbling. Did they never take a good look at Tommy. He has powerful legs, strong core and strong upper body strength… his arms are not skinny. He has thrown every last physical challenge he did not need… TBH he is the only Alpha in that house of boys.

another name

and he throws. everything he can.


all the time because he knows because he is short and gay they don’t see him as he threat he is. Trust if he gets to final 3 he will be picking the person sitting next to him and 9 chances out of 10 since Sis is gone it will be Nicole. This is tough for him because he wants both Christy and Nick to be taken out by someone else like Jack. The person he really wanted there at this stage was Sis. He’s adapting.

another name

Did they hatch and raise the chickens for chicken taco tuesday?? It feels like they’ve been prepping this meal for days.


Simon and Dawg. Once again thank you for your wonderful coverage. I cannot afford the live feeds and your site has been my favorite for years. You may not be the first with the info but your coverage to me paints the story so completely I actually feel like I have the live feeds. I just want you to know that your time and effort is greatly appreciated. Once again thanks


Thank you for saying that! We appreciate it! And thanks for coming back each season 🙂

Rolling eye queen

Once again a great job by Simon and Dawg. I hope all contribute to their efforts. I have. =-)

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Yep, every year …..I look at it like hazard pay. They have to watch Crusty chomp, Nick hump & sniff, Jackson spray his balls with deodorant and Jess look perplexed all the time and say “ like, like, um like , um , literally “….Ole ‘lady Buzzard shackle on the make-up, Tommy’s high-kicks …..they deserve it! Hit the tip jar!


Why is BBAD punishing us watching Crusty eat?


Apparently Christie said they called her in the DR and told her to bring food. So be forewarned! A chomping sloberfest montage may be coming Americas way

another name

About this time a year ago, I think whackdoodle Sam was straightening Tyler and Kaycee’s hair… and had become convinced that she was in a relationship with some guy in production, and felt bad for leading Brett on. Fessy was wondering who flipped and was still complaining about five hours in a hammock.
About this time two years ago, Raven was barking again about how she and Paul were running the game. I’m not sure if it was a blue shirt or an orange shirt day for Matt, but i’m betting he ate cereal. Josh was probably crying to the owl again.
About this time three years ago, Nicole had one hand under the blanket with Corey again, while Paulie was crying about a butterfly or some crap, or refusing to do his punishment.


Flip it Nick! Send Christy to Jury house.


I’m literally going back and forth, every 30 minutes. Now I’m pulling for Nasty Nick to flip it too!

another name

So watermelon is a natural anti oxidant and vasodilator.
studies have been done to correlate lowered antioxidant states to biochemically related depression or anxiety disorders.
So… any further question as to why they keep feeding mr. cranky pants watermelons so he doesn’t tantrum?

If i had to guess: he’s consumed approximately 72 watermelons by himself, and shared another 8. Yes there was a period where they weren’t providing him with any. There were also a few days where he ate 3 by himself in one 24 hour period.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I wonder if a new DSM classification will be created for watermelon addiction or obsessive compulsive consumption of watermelon?Someone should ask Nick.

another name

i thought that Nick was studying from an outdated manual.


I originally liked Cliff, but he does so much flip flopping now, it’s too painfully obvious. He’s putting a target on himself.
Oh well, as long as Nick or Christie or Michie don’t win I’m happy. Any winner is better than Tamara Braxton from CBB lol


I can’t believe they are going to let Christie go 3 times on the block to safety. That is ridiculous! Smh still don’t agree with Mich chging his mind last week that was NOT good for his game BC Christie just said deal is over like null lol. Seriously this cast this season!!!!