“I’m like really against breaking my word but if stuff is happening I might have to”

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Cliff, Nicole, and Jess get punishments
America’s Prankster – Nick
Nominations are: Christie & Nick
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Holly, Nick, Jackson, Jessica, Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto
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11:00 am Studying memory wall chit chat..

12:30 pm Nick and Tommy
Nick reading the bible Tommy organizing his things.
T – how do you feel
N – Chill .. I feel fine whatever is meant to be is meant to be.
T – AS far as my vote goes I know I told you like, where like.. my head was at in the beginning and you know I’m in a tough place because how the beginning of the week went but. I just want to say to you anything can f*ing happen just still campaign to me

N – OHH I am, I’m campaigning to everyone
T – anything can f*ing happen
N – I’m campaigning to everyone as if I can get their votes. I have points I’m going to hit even with Jessica. Even if she doesn’t go with it they are all points that are valid. I’m going to hit you with points that are valid. I’m going to hit Cliff with points that are valid and I’m going to hit Holly and Jackson with points that are valid and Nicole. Whatever happens from there happens.
N – I have valid points really with everyone besides really Jessica. I do have points but not enough to get her to flip. I feel even with you I still have points
N – I still feel like I have points with Cliff, Holy and Jackson
T – I did give my word in the beginning of the week but if I am pressured enough if something is happening I would have to make a decision and I could see my self going in another direction
T – I’m like really against breaking my word but if stuff is happening I might have to
N – I’m down. I will campaign to you as hard as anyone. I’m not in a rush I have 5 people to hit.
Nick says he’s confident that he can stay
T – great I f*ing love that

1:02 pm Nicole and Nick

Nick brings up he just talked to Tommy and he said he still wants Nick to campaign to him. “he said there is a lot that still can happen”
Nicole – looks good that’s what I like to hear
Nick – after I’m done packing I’m going to practice and talk to you. I’ll campaign to you first but it really won’t be a campaign
Nicole – ok I got you
Nick – it’ll be me going over everything

1:08 pm Cliff and Nicole
Cliff saying that Michie and Holly are tough but they can beat them in mental competitions “I’m not sure that’s the case with Tommy or nick” (OR Christie!!!!!)
Cliff – if we send Nick out as much as I hate it. It leaves Tommy out on his own
Nicole points out that Tommy promised his vote to Christie. “I think those two have been” (She crosses her fingers)
Cliff – that worries me too
Cliff – one of the things I want to do when I talk to Christie gets her to reconfirm that if we went that way that she swears up and down that we aren’t nominees or votes.
Nicole doesn’t see Christie putting up Jess or Tommy “that’s what Scares me”
Cliff – I know
Nicole – my whole thing is the devil you know vs the devil you don’t (Nick vs Christie)

1:15 pm dumping on the makeup

1:19 pm Someone lit a match cause these feeds are on fire

2:00 pm Nick and Tommy
T – I hate this week
N – Last week you told me that you wanted Christie out because she’s volatile and you don’t know where her heads at. You said if I was sitting next to her you would most likely but you didn’t promise me anything but you said that you would probably vote her out over me
T – hold on back up … what
N – In the RV you had said if I was sitting next to her that you would be more inclined to vote her out over me. Which is why I made the nominations as the prankster to put Christie up because I didn’t feel like I didn’t have any other option. I knew I had Nicole, and Cliff told me that was his target. So there’s three votes and that’s all I would need.

N – you felt that it was the best thing to make a promise with Christie.. which was great. so now
Nick – point number 2, I want you to remember what happened last week. Last week when her back was up against the wall she didn’t have our backs. I thought I had Christie’s back I thought that she had ours. I thought she had all of ours.
N – I don’t really feel like she did. when her back was up against the wall she blew up my game. she blew up your game, she blew up Sis’ game. She made it seem like we were all working together and painted BIG targets on us just so she could stay. To make it worse when I talked to Jackson in the storage room why he was keeping Christie over Sis one of the reason was because Sis wouldn’t say who her targets were which is fine. the other reason was he said people were telling him how Sis reacted when she was a pawn and whether you believe it or not he told me that Christie told him how SIS was acting while she was a pawn.
N – which is one of the reason
T – Sis went home
N – correct, so is that someone you want to work with. Someone that says she won’t bury people her best friend and she not only told them what Sis was doing she also Blew up Sis’ gam, and IN turn yours and MINE
T – and Nicole’s
N – Is that something you can see going forward Changing because when her back’s against the wall she will do what she has to do to stay in the game.
N – with me you know I am undyingly loyal. I knew Sis was going and I still voted to keep her

Nick – number three, if I leave you will have not voted out Jack, Sis and me. I’m not saying what people will do in jury .. You do have to think of two things. One you were super loyal to each one of them when it comes down to the vote when you need it the most you haven’t followed through.
Nick – You could technically be down 3 (jury votes) because you didn’t give the vote when they needed it. Two, if you do vote me out and you are loyal to someone out how do they know to trust you that they have your vote going forward
Nick explains that maybe this next person that trust him will wonder if he’ll back them up with a vote because the last 3 people he was loyal to he didn’t back them up with a vote.

Tomm y- people will understand in those cases my vote wouldn’t matter if I voted with Jack wouldn’t have change anything if I vote SIs It wouldn’t have changed anything
T – I agree with everything you are f*ing saying
Nick – If I stay in this game I am undyingly loyal to you I will never f* you over. It’s been 70 days I have been loyal to
Nick – I am a target in this house. If I leave not only will you not be protected by me Christie’s target will change. not saying it’s you, jess’s target will change and Cliff’s targets will change.
Nick – I am a target and I have your back.
Nick – Christie told Jessica she’s not putting up girls did she mean. I don’t know but it makes me wonder what else is she telling people.

Tommy – I’m in a tough Spot. I really do think game-wise and Nicole and I talked about this for 2 seconds on the hammock. I really do think Game-wise you are better for my game. But I f*ing gave my word. .(GROAN)
T – and I was in front of people when I gave my word.
T – I’m ready for you to stay longer. I don’t want this to be over.. I want to talk it over.. I am F*ing loyal I am f*ing loyal (T sucks)

2:17 pm Cam 3 Nicole is getting a makeover.

2:42 pm Nick and Cliff
Cliff – whatever I do rest assured I’m doing whatever benefits my game
Nick – if not voting for me is what’s best for your game I’ll respect the hell out of it
Nick’s first point “I did put yo iup[ but I didn’t want you to go”
Cliff – so did Christie and Tommy so it balances out
Nick – 2 weeks ago I orchestrated a deal to not only keep you safe that week but to keep you safe going further in the game
Clif f- I know
N – This week Cliff. I’m America’s prankster
C – I know
N – I didn’t put you up. I could have gone to 3 other people and been like Hey I promise not to put you up if yo keep me safe. I didn’t do that some of the reasons was based on conversations that me and you had before the last HOH competition.
Nick says he told Cliff he had him and he meant it brings up winning America’s prankster and how it would have gone to the person that is “being honest but is being accused of stuff he didn’t always do. She was lying her way through that”
Cliff – I know she is
Nick – if Christie survives this week it will be the third week in a row that she has survived which mean she’s amazing at campaigning and 2 she is going to stay in the game and three if she does get to the end she can use that as a big thing. Guess what guys I survived the block 3 times in a row

Nick – If I do leave there is no big Alpha male targets beside Jackson, K. additionally Jessica and Christie have both vocalized that I am their targets. THat’s 2 I know of. If I am gone this week their targets will change. I’m not saying they will change to you I have no idea. All I am saying them two guaranteed would put me up

Cliff – I haven’t decided yet.
They hug it out.
Cliff tells him a big part will be Miochie and Holly “work on them”

2:58 pm Nicole’s Makeover is all done “I’ve been glamified , I’ve been feminized”


3:18 pm Christie campaigns to Jess.. Offers her final 3 but not final 2 that would be too bold.

3:22 pm Tommy and Jackson
Tommy saying how Christie’s game scares him. What she did during taco Tuesday put Nicole, Tommy, Sis, Nick all in bad positions. He believes she’s still very loyal though.
Jackson – she’s loyal when she’s pushed into a corner .. when she’s FORCED to be loyal. when she’s free she likes to try and work the house.
Tommy – we all saw that in the middle of the game. when we were in gr8tful and six-shooters we were all vocal.
Tommy says late last week when Sis was on the block it became clear why she had to go.
Jackson says that getting Sis out only benefited his game “it f*ed Holly’s game, Your game, Christie’s game”
T – true
Holly joins them.

3:25 pm Nick and Nicole
Nick going over his points before he goes up to the HOH to pitch to Jackson and Holly.

3:38 pm Nick and Jessica
Nick with a straight face says – I respect you so much in a personal and game level
Nick tells her he’s her target and everyone knows that with him gone she’ll need to pick a new target and that in itself will make her a target. if he stays and she wins HOH she can just put him up.
Jessica talks… after she’s done I turn mute off. They hug it out.

3:50 pm Nick, Jackson and Tommy
Nick says he doesn’t want to know where the votes are going. Says he’s not making deals.
N – I have 5 points they are very good and funny

Nick’s first point is he didn’t put Holly up this week.
Nick – I can be an upgrade. You do not owe Christie anything.. you can now upgrade. it’s like upgrading from a baby horse to a male stallion
Nick points out that he can be loyal to them and they don’t have to be loyal back to him. Says even if jit’s him up with one of them and he wins the veto he’ll use it on them.
Nick – even if jit’s me and Jackson on the block I’ll go Ok Holly you’re both safe..

Nick highlights how he’s always been loyal to his people

N – are we really going to allow Christie to survive the block three times in a row.
Nick points out that Christie’s back was against the wall last week and she blew her two best friends games Sis/Tommy.

Nick pulls out condoms “I am your protection”
Nick – this blocks Michie and Holly from going up
The condom breaks.. “when you’re done with your protection you dispose of it”

Nick – my game is over.. I am working for you you owe me nothing you don’t need to keep me.
Nick promises essentially everything.
Jackson – if Jess/Nicole win HOH put up me and Tommy. both of us stay up who edo you vote for
Nick – I have to vote for you because that’s my promise
Nick points out how Tommy didn’t vote to keep Sis, Jack he was undying loyal to them. he was undyingly loyal to him and Nick doesn’t think he has Tommy’s vote.

Nick says if Nicole wins HOH he’s pretty sure they won’t be going up she sees who’s loyal. Hints that he told her to stay with Michie and Holly if he goes, “She’s so f*ing loayl.. if I go you guys would be so f*ing smart to grab her”

Nick – If I go please please keep her safe. She will be loyal to you guys. Based on conversations she loves you guys I would bet a lot of Lasanga she’s not going after you guys
Jackson – I like your pitch
Nick – if you truly believe voting me out is the best for your game then please do it seriously. But if you don’t believe that and yo think getting rid of Christie is best for your game then do it. Now you have my WORD no pawns, no replacement nominees, I don’t give a f* I am literally saying I will f*ing take you off the block if I am sitting next to you
Nick mentions that Christie said things about her best friends (SIS) imagine what she’s saying about them.

Nick leaves..

Jackson – he should have spoke less.. all the points he made are points why he should win this game. Those are things that will win him half a million
Jackson – the fact that he’s willing to flip on Tommy, Scary. I can’t it’s way too risky
Holly – it’s a great pitch only because of my uncertainty with Christie.
Jackson – Did you hear Tommy? we’re good with Ortmmy, We’re good with Nicole we’re good with Jess
Jackson – we have Cliff and Nicole final 4, Christie isn’t coming after us Tommy just said we’re good.

4:25 pm Christie, Holly and Jackson
Christie – as long as me, you, jess or Tommy win HOH I think we’re good
Jackson – as long as Cliff and Nicole don’t win we’re good.

4:28 pm Jackson and Holly
Holly – we’re walking around with bullseye but somehow we are able to cover them up (Winning back to back HOH’s and POV’s can do that)
Jackson – If I can get through this week with me not winning HOH and if me and you survive and we’re in the final 6 and both of us are competing in the HOH ..
Jackson – we can do this we can do THIS. we have got to be smart. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel
Jackson lists off all the deals they have.
Jackson – I can’t win this HOH after hearing Tommy, Christie, and Jess. I’m throwing it
Holly – I still do slightly worry about Tomm y
Jackson – if Nick is gone we have Tommy, Nicole, Christie, and Jess (ZOMG)
Jackson – we are set up for success.

4:40 pm Cliff and Christie
Christie campaigning talks about final 4
Cliff – do you know where you would go next week if you won HOH

Christie – It really scares me to say out loud. I’m not married to people that I may have implied I made a deal with. I see where the threat lays.
Christie – I’m scared to even say their names. Holly would not be my target but I know the only way to get someone else out is to put them up together

Cliff – Cross my heart I swear I won’t say anything about it. Cutting to the chase would I be safe
Christie says he wouldn’t go up
Cliff tells her she’s got his vote. Says that Nick wants to be surprised tomorrow.

5:10 pm Christie and Nicole
Christie decides to eat while campaigning to Nicole.

6:03 pm Cliff and Nicole
N – how are you feeling Cliff?
C – Like I want both of them to go home
C – I trust Nick a lot more than I trust Christie. But Nick is such a competitor and with Tommy.
C – I was told once we heard about the American prankster twist he ran to Holly and promised her his vote. He was afraid he was going to be targeted as a result of that.
C – they got that vote and Michie’s vote and Jess’ vote it’s a done deal
Jess walks in and the real deep game talk begins..
C – if we can survive this next vote we’re three we’re 1/2 the house
J – after this week all we need is 2 votes.

They talk about how the gr8tful 8 had no chance to stay together. Nicole mentions how Nick is saying they “could have” made final 8 and she would say “but it didn’t”
Cliff says he tried to take the lynchpin out but jess did it.
Jess- without the numbers that wouldn’t have happened.
Cliff – Jack offered me 3 weeks of safety and Jack offered me an additional week.. Three weeks runs out tomorrow.
Cliff goes on about if he had accepted the deal when Jack was a nomination he would have been safe but “all y’all” would be taken out

Jess goes on about how for her it’s an even playing field for mental comps so she’s looking at who can beat her in physical comps (which is everybody) Jess concludes that she can’t beat Nick “you saw how he wrangled those sheep”

6:46 pm MAKEUP

7:25 pm Christie, Jackson, and Holly
Christie says her campaigning went well.
Christie saying that Nicole was the most generic.
Christie is pretty sure she has Cliff and Tommy’s vote.
C – Cliff and Nicole I see as a strong duo like you two.
Christie says with Nick gone they have Tommy. the four of them can go to the end.
C – it’s exciting I could shake thinking about it
Christie says going into this next HOH is Her, Jess, Tommy, Michie Vs Cliff, and Nicole
Jackson – I’m gunning for it (HOH)
Christie – me too. I want it bad I want it so bad. I also want to start building a resume if I get to final 2. I want to get this moving.
Holly – it’s so crazy
Jackson – we’re so close. we are guaranteed final 7
Christie says Sis and Jack LOVE Tommy she never sees them not voting for him in the finale. She mentions that Jack had a final 2 with Tommy.
Jackson – Jack had a final 2 with everyone. We did day 1
Christie says Nick is going to “FEAR Nicole to give him a sympathy vote”
Jackson confirms that he’s voting for her.
holly says Jackson, Cliff, and Jess for Christie “For sure”
Christie – Tommy is very team us four going forward. (BARF)
Christie – let’s get the team back together

7:40 pm
Still in the HOH talking about the 6 shooters was the more serious alliance. They still have 4 of them left and the other 2 made it to Jury. “we’re going strong”

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Kat Fever

Nobody in this house is trustworthy.

J e t s jets jets jets

How many times do I have to say it, this week isn’t going to count!

Billie Eilish Rules

How many time do you have to say Jets?

Sally B

Awww, c’mon. Name choices are personal for many reasons. Don’t pick on jetsy jets jets.


?When you’re a Jet
You’re a Jet all the way
From your first cigarette
To your last dyin’ day ?

J e t s jets jets jets

You obviously know nothing about football!



– signed,
a die hard Giants fan. 🙂

Just sayin'

Hahaha this whole time I thought your name was from west side story but I’m Canadian so



J e t s jets jets jets

I won’t hold that against you. I have some very close friends that are Canadians.

Franks fumes

It’s more crap to make it seem like the inevitable won’t happen…….Crusty stays.


What would really be amazing is if these people would actually vote who they want out and what’s best for their game, now that’s a crazy concept !! Who cares what the hoh says !! Grow a pair and vote Christie out, even if that’s not what Holly and Michie want !!


I know that’s just crazy talk and I should be committed

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

I wish I could “vote up” on this more than once. I totally agree. Why would you not vote for whats best for your own game in the end? I guess so they don’t make targets of themselves. But, come on! Do it!!!!


If you aren’t a target at this point, it’s because you are Veronica. There isn’t a lot of time left and the idea of keeping people because they’ll be shields later is just so stupid. They know there’s only a few eviction left to remove the threats ahead of you so they actually have a chance to win but it’s like they just want to drift.


And what’s really really aggregating is to hear them discuss over and over again who they want to vote out and who would be best to leave when WE ALL KNOW they are just going to do what the hoh says to do !! Don’t even fricken talk about it if your only going to follow the crowd !!


I agree…be like the first few seasons and vote how you want to vote


They were able to last season it isn’t actually going to make you a bigger target because they already know if they feel like working with you.


True….Holly and Michie just don’t know that they really want/need Christie gone tonight! :p

BB Casting Call

Does anyone remember when others were saying that keeping Christie would lead to entertaining feeds?
Well, it seems that all the HGs have developed some form of Sisitis where all they do is lay around around, talk game cluelessly, and apply make up….
Evict them all!


“Someone lit a match cause these feeds are on fire”

I’m afraid to get my hopes up. Someone will surely dump a bucket of water on this fire. Or Christie will put it out with her tears.

Jan Nan

I think that may have been sarcasm


That or another clown will be born.


If Nicole and Cliff get to final two, I hope the jury gives it to Dawg.


Simon. Is their math right ? Unless there is a battle back or unless nobody goes home this week there won’t be a Double Eviction ? If that’s true, on a week that I can’t stand either of the nominations, nobody is gonna go home this week , which is the cherry on top of a truly $hitty season of Bb !!

another name

total houseguests as of aug. 28 (today): 8.
total number of thursday eviction episodes before finale on wed. sept. 25 remaining: 4 (including tomorrow)
usual special eviction on the sunday episode before finale brings our total to 3 competing in the final hoh comp before that head of household evicts the third place finisher during the finale.
Therefore: unless there is a prank eviction or a battle back: no room for a double.
Caveat: they could make the last eviction on Thursday the 19th a double…. skip right to the final three being in the house, and have a special flashback season recap episode with no usual last sunday of the season special eviction. If they wanted to alter pattern completely.

J e t s jets jets jets

Like I keep saying, this week won’t count.

another name

I wrote on here on the HOH night be forewarned: prank week could mean fake eviction, when everyone was lighting torches to hunt down frootloops crustie.
It’s still on my mind.


Thank you ! So I’m afraid that means it’s a prank week and nobody is going home


Jess & Holly put makeup on Nichole https://imgur.com/n3cxtas


I was afraid they’d go clown style. It’s not bad.


She looks nice

J e t s jets jets jets

I think she’s always looked nice. She also has the best personality of ANYONE in the house. Then again the bars pretty low.


Back to read the feeds thanks Simon and Dawg.

Looks like I haven’t missed anything except clowns real ones this time. Glad I missed those. I don’t know what is more terrifying Crusty crying or clowns. Maybe every time she cries a clown is born? **shudder**

I see HGs are still blinded, or blindsided by the unfortunate twist of Crusty, and Tommy relationship outside the house.

It’s funny that Jackson thought being called “pompous douchebag” was because he thought he worked out too much and had his shirt off.
When really it probably meant the more common term “arrogant, pretentious, overbearing, obnoxious contemptible person.” Douchebag was also slang for condom a long time ago so maybe you could call him “a pretentious condom “ used or swallowed by an old buzzard.

I’ll be downvoted I’m sure but it’s been a few days since I’ve been here and Jackson can’t see he needs Nick in the game and Nick as much as everyone hates him is still not as bad as Crusty.

I only dislike Tommy because of the advantage he has of the outside relationship he has with Crusty. If everyone else had some type of advantage I wouldn’t give a hoot. By now unless they vote out Crusty, just give Tommy and Crusty the money. End this season because the winner is written pretty much in stone.

It’s unfair to the others. It’s boring. Those bothered by the relationship between Tommy and Nick I’ve mentioned several times on week 2 Nick offered to F- (have sex with Tommy in the target room, I think Sam and Jackson or Jack were there) Tommy said, he was trying to ignore what Nick said then Nick, asked,”if he heard what he said”. Tommy told him to the cameras after a bit, “ consent, consent, consent”.

I keep reading people freaking out that Nick violates Tommy but I would think because production heard that that is why unlike what happened last year between J.C. and Tyler they have not intervened and why Tommy sometimes says, (paraphrased) “it’s not violating when you want it”. I keep reading everyone hates Nick and yet the Jacks have said and done worse.

People want Nick fired because he works as a therapist I can’t and won’t defend his actions for that. When he leaves getting or keeping his job will be his problem. I don’t understand why everyone is judge and jury for him.

How Nick that’s the women in the house. They can complain and production I’m sure would kick him out.

Does anyone remember Stomp a mud hole comment Jack made to Kemi that was sanitized? I’m sure I’ll be flagged or deleted but he said it was comical it was what Sam had said the year before. This is what a STOMP A MUDHOLE means: beating a person so badly to almost unconscious then you remove the colostomy bag and you have sex where the colostomy bag was. ( I still sanitized it. It’s more vulgar)

So everyone was complicit. Yet now Nick is considered the villain because Crusty used Taco Tuesday to crucify him and the show didn’t help him. It made Crusty look like a saint.

My guilty pleasure was ruined by this cast. There is nothing wrong with Nicole talking with Mick IMO. He’s a good ally. Cliff is an idiot for not turning against Holly or rather standing up and saying no. It was Cliff’s Angels. He still had Nicole, himself and Jess and he became a wuss.

Many thoughts, perhaps but time to go binge more series. I’ve caught up to THE ROOK, KRYPTON (they ruinedthat show).PBS LES MISERABLE,LEGION, SWEETBITTER, NOS4A2. I had all that time not watching feeds. It’s very sad. Good thing I work from home.


I tried to get into Rook and Nos4A2 but just couldn’t. Legion requires me to be in a certain mood to enjoy just because it’s weird. I got into Krypton late and once I did I knew it was doomed. Prequels are very problematic and just hard to pull off well.


THE ROOK is a slow burn. It felt like mythology story to set up the world. NOS4A2 just pissed me off. But friends kept insisting we watch it all. I got a bottle of tequila out of it for making me finish it hahahaha

Ovi's tongue

I watched The Rook because I like Olivia Munn, but now that they killed off her character I won’t revisit it.


Almost all these new shows suck


I tried and was rooting for Rook until I watched it. lol I could not for the life of me get into it. And I trieeeddd


Try Yellowstone, it’s a good show


Thanks YELLOWSTONE is on my DVR. I’m waiting for complete season. Answer me this out of curiosity? How does Paramount network show more nudity now than HBO, Showtime, Starz, and epix on that one series combined? Hahahaha


Right !!! Lmao


The Boys on Amazon Prime Video is really good too!

Roll Tide

Bosch on Amazon Prime is really good.


Anyone seen CHERNOBYL? Been on my binge list to see on HBO.


Arguably one of the best docu-series ever made…I LOVED IT! Especially because I was a lil kid when it happened, so I didn’t know a lot about it. Also, if you’re into horror…check out Chernobyl Diaries.

Ovi's tongue

I love that show, I found it very engrossing.


Yep. Will have to turn to other shows. Just starting binge watching Fargo. Will have to see what’s out there.
I even went back to BB1 through 6 and started watching what made me fall in love with the game. Back when people stated their true feelings


The Rook & NOS4A2 were two of my favorite shows of the season.
I read NOS4A2 years ago & was obsessed with it.
Usually I’m really, really disappointed in shows & movies after reading the novels, as they leave so much out & don’t usually follow the storyline.
However, NOS4A2 did not disappoint.
Zachary Quinto was dynamic & creepy AF, it was deliciously psychotic & I loved it.

another name

Nick campaigning to Tommy first is not smart.
Now Tommy can run to Jackson and come up with counterpoints before Nick even gets to Jackson and Holly.
Now Tommy can sit on Cliff and Jackson to make sure they don’t flip.
Now Tommy can give Christie points on Nick’s argument.
If Tommy is playing the game, and not just being the coward, this is what he would do.
Oh look. Tommy is chatting Jackson already. While Cliff is getting Nick’s campaign.

What i notice: Every week the target hears I haven’t made my decision yet.
Non committal to a campaign is never a good thing.

Oh look. Nick is done with Cliff. And now Cliff is telling Holly Nick’s campaign to him (could have prank nominated Cliff, got the three votes to send him packing, but didn’t want to, added to the girls are coming for the guys). No Nick, your campaign is not going as smoothly as you are telling Nicole it is going.

another name

I respect Nick for throwing it out there to campaign. He’s giving it all he’s got. If he had spent less time alone and watched what the house was doing since he went on the block (playing up the wounded animal bit) he might have seen that there is a dynamic shift ongoing. I still think he could stay. I just think he’s hampered himself by 1) order of his campaign. 2) ostracizing himself a little too much plotting his campaign.


He’s been not hanging out with people now?

another name

Nowhere near as much as a nominee should. He spent hours in bed coming up with his campaign. Hours he could have spent schmoozing.

another name

The only thing that can save Nick is if Cliff tells Holly and Jackson what Christie is saying about them being huge threats in the game.


That’s why Tommy and Christie’s advantage breaks the alleged game. We all know this a reality competition in the guise of a game show but Tommy and Crusty are breaking this ‘game’ by the friendship they have outside the house.

We the viewers all know this. It’s painful to read about Nick attempts to flip the vote or for anyone to get ahead of them. Jackson had that saying about not playing checkers that he’s playing chess but he doesn’t realize all the pieces of his chess board are gone and he is only one rook to the king and queen, queen and king a two headed snake.

Holly and Jess are irrelevant to them. Nicole and Cliff could be dangerous but have no backbone. Cliff keeps waiting and it makes no sense. He alleges he won every, I don’t remember how many past seasons changing the parameters in his head yet in real life, what? He is waiting for the watermelon god? Does he really think Jackson’s through? Someone wake him up. Rationally they need to keep Nick. Much as everyone, many viewers hate him. Keep Nick. Strategize, plot, go Roman, massacre (not literally but you know what I mean) revitalize this season please. I never understood why Holly wanted him out other than he is a good player.

Holly, YOU ARE BLINDED BY TWO PEOPLE WITH AN ADVANTAGE TOMMY AND CRUSTY! They have you conned, bamboozled. You want your way. Have your way out the door. Wait until you find about their relationship as they count their money. Think about how smart your decision was to flip the vote to lose to someone who was playing the game.

They played you all. The game? They played the advantage.

another name

I still think Holly knowing Jackson’s ex-gf, room mate, and two friends in common, as well as today’s newly revealed third friend that was cut from the amazing race last minute… and knowing the same places in tennessee leads me to believe their familiarity is stronger than what they have said. The show edit isn’t saying it beyond the instagram connection, but there’s just waaaay too many degrees of connection between those two. America has too great a population for two people to have THAT many coordinating factors and the two people not be aware of each other.


I didn’t read about the third friend with re: Holly, Jackson and by default Kat. To me difference between them is that it has been a point of contention. When Kat was on the block, it was argued that they were a duo or possibly a trio that knew one another led by Crusty. Tommy was involved and Jack. When the dust settled, Kat was eventually evicted and Crusty came out ‘clean’. Tommy, well no one can touch him. Everyone protects him.

When that horrible mess happened with Nicole, after Bella ratted her out for telling the truth that Crusty wanted her out and then they had that horrible meeting in the HOH room, Tommy was deemed the person trustworthy to monitor conversations with her because he would be the only one to be sure “evil Nicole would not lie” (even though they knew she had not lied to Bella INCLUDING TOMMY). Tommy played Mr. Goody Two Shoes knowing everything was a lie. He was complicit in all the lies they about Nicole to Nick and Bella and yet he came out like an angel (with horns?)

I can understand interpersonal relationships. That’s why I’m so disappointed with this season. If they had said from the beginning that was the plot twist that everyone was interconnected then everyone could try to figure it out and it’d be an even field. Sam might still be in the game.

We might have never of that god awful eight, the never existing 9, and gawd help us that terrible six , six, six which never died.

another name

all of the friend connections i mentioned are from holly and jackson talking on feeds. they told tommy about holly knowing the ex gf. he hasn’t said a word for some reason.
i’ve decided to only mention the connections they share that the two of them (holly and jackson) mention on feeds. so far that’s the ex-gf. the room mate. another friend who holly stayed with recently before being sequestered. a girl that is on bravo’s vanderpump, and now the amazing race friend. it’s…. unusual.
If Sam had gone to the people he considered beneath him (the bottom feeders he called them and was disgusted to learn he was one of them) and told them about the 8 and 6 rather than being content to be the 9 and 7…. he might still be there.


Hmmm hadn’t Kat and Holly talked about someone from Vanderpump. Sometimes it’s so hard to hear when they whisper and Kat was so flighty. I wonder if Tommy is keeping secret in case vote flips and he can get Crusty out?

Honestly I think he secretly wants Crusty out. I would support Tommy if he grew a pair and voted Crusty out. Only then do I think he may deserve winning money because he’d be playing on some kind of even playing field and he actually did something. His HOH was kind of uneventful.

Please I just hope they don’t ruin AMAZING RACE and cast Tommy and Crusty on it 🙁

another name

THAT was where my do all three of them just have the same circle of friends thought came from in week 3-5. kat and holly talk about ariana. the next week jackson and holly talk about his room mate (who holly knows) and his friend ariana. i checked the room mates twitter timeline specifically for this name, and it’s the same person getting retweeted all over his wall with pics of the room mate and this bravo girl out together socially.


You have to remember, these are not regular everyday people, they are all wannabe actors. They probably all belong to the same talent agency and see each other at auditions, being extras, etc. It’s very possible that Holly and Jackson have met mutual friends but not yet met each other. It’s even more possible that Jackson wouldn’t even notice Holly at an audition if a lot of younger more beautiful women were present. Really not that unusual that they could know mutual friends and not each other.

another name

I tried to buy that when i first got suspicious. I tried to play it off. That was during the instagram phase. Then they added the exgf that made him drop her from insta. then we add she knows the ex gf. At that point it was wait… she knows the ex that made him drop Holly from insta. Then we add he moves from Nashville to L.A. and just happens to move in with a guy that calls himself one of Holly’s best friends. I start to get more weirded out at this point. If you are drawing a pyramid diagram… shouldn’t it look like a pyramid and not a straight line? something smells fishy. Even if nobody else agrees, I will still say it’s fishy.

Roll Tide

Tommy is a snake. He and Christy are perfect for each other, Snakes in a house.

another name

It’s a snake pit. There is not one person who isn’t trying to pull a slither going into next week.

Go Underdogs Go!

I think the only way to save the feeds is to bring back Kat in a battleback. I hate that she hooked up with jackhole, but she was the most entertaining of any of them.


Guys I don’t think I can survive ONE MORE convo of nick telling Nicole his “campaign strategy”

I don’t know how Simon or dawg is surviving

And I reallyyyy don’t know how “poor motherfuckin Nicole” is surviving.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Someone remind me, why is (fill in the blank)’s game play so brilliant?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

They keep voting out whoever Christie wants,except Jack’s eviction.

Last Season was Better

Production listen, Instead of always saving Christie, try saving this fudgery of a season. Plan a battle back with the evicted jurors.
Please please please.


Anyone else having problems with the feeds using the app? Mine keeps shutting down every 1-2mins and I have to restart the app

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I really expect the slide to continue. Perhaps, and that is a very thin/flimsy perhaps, production will pay attention and do something different…other than adding even more stupid/meaningless surprises.


yeah… i will be shocked if next year doesn’t bring back a returning player. probably tyler so he can like paul go from loved to hated when bb gives him way too much safety and a clueless cast of sycophants following him around.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I like the suggestion I saw someone else make; I believe in reference to BB Canada (?). Let the house guest nominate and the viewers eliminate. I’m sure that many people would hate this, particularly those people who always tend to favor a dark horse player. On the other hand, I do think most of the show viewing public would like it…a lot.

I can see four tangible benefits.

First, it would allow the viewers to become invested in the game and their favorites; rather than just sitting back and only watching.

Second, it would force casting to actually look at the kinds of people the viewing audience prefers and cast accordingly.

Thirdly, it would limit/restrict the amount of shenanigans production can get up to (or it could cause them to HEAVILY edit everything to try and maintain control), and lasting…

Fourth, it would completely change how the game is played. Right now there seems to be an overbearing mindset to 1) not get blood on your own hands, and 2) go with the flow (vote unanimous) and if your survive long enough maybe try to play to the jury. If the viewers eliminate, the house guests would have to be playing to the audience immediately.


Problem is the majority of viewers never get the feeds so they will only have the televised show to get their opinions and those are generally drastically different from the feeds.


they did that season 1. it was a disaster (but mostly because that cast sucked). they’ll never give america more power than america’s player ever again, and i don’t think they’ll go that far.


Like BBAU…that’s my fave one out of all of them.

another name

now that CBS has hired a new casting exec, they are expecting their reality casting profile to change in the future.


Last I read, Julie’s contract expires this fall and she has no plans to renew it, also that over the past 3-4 years viewers have dropped for BB so they are thinking of just cancelling it

another name

the article i read said she would most likely be the cbs casting approval that tattenbaum and probst may have to go through for survivor. Since Survivor is usually less problematic… I figure her hand will be in the big brother pie taking over the final approval that used to belong to moonves.


At least I’ll get to smile when the, now former HGs come out of the BB set into the real world and find out they were universally the most disliked cast in a long while. How delusional they had been keeping the, sarcasm alert, ‘ most loved’ Christie’ because she made “good tv” as the ratings dropped and viewers fled.

You’ll be infamous. One of the most talked about casts. You’ll find out ‘Crusty’ is a name. You ruined Taco Tuesday for everyone. No one will look at a watermelon the same ever again.

Instagram famous? Right put Big Brother 21 on your resumes.


They’re not “now former HGs” yet…but I get what you were saying lol :p


How many posts in a day? Well just to interject, but I wonder if they had voted out Christie if the numbers would be slightly higher? I’m only keeping up online myself. I guess I’m a masochist.


I used to at least skim through the televised shows for the DRs and to see the comps. Now I only come here. I’m thinking they’ll try an all-stars with fan favorites like Tyler, Victor, and a few others from the more successful seasons with maybe a more well known BB personality although I think most of the names people will jump to won’t consider it unless they have a short season.


I’m not surprised. I haven’t even watched much myself this season. I just come here and read what’s going on and occasionally watch the feeds. They’re definitely needs to be a shake up or Big Brother is seeing it’s last days.


Same … sadly losing interest. Not watching the shows anymore and only coming here to see if anything big has happened. Nope.


I’m prepared to get downvoted. Here’s my take on the bad casting call. Kat, too much crying, yes she was funny but then she cried. Christie, cried, lied, cried, lied. Jack, vulgar, narcissistic, Jackson, well they called him a pompous douche bag. Bella, liar, delusional.

I’m not perfect by any means and I don’t understand how they passed whatever the psychological part or test they needed to get into the show but they did and were toxic. Others may say Nick should be on my personal list but most of his behavior has been influenced by the people listed here. Not excusing him but most of what he has been either game related or consensual (at least with Tommy).

I don’t know how other HGs would have been if the 5 I listed had not been included (Kat, Jack, Jackson, Christie, Bella) but perhaps the season would have more of a surprise.

Julie Hansen

Regarding Nick, he has been disgusting in his sexist, sexual comments.


Good, that should send a message to CBS of how much their cast sucks this season. This season has been nothing but a disappointment compared to last years cast. What a letdown.


Someone forgot to tell production that producing entertaining TV is key. Not keeping who u favor as a “character” that people refuse to watch


This is the biggest group of dumb*sses I’ve ever seen. They are, literally, handing Christie the money. She lies, breaks her promises and badmouths everyone and the just let her snow them. Jackson and Cliff are completely wrong.

There’s a lot of things that I don’t like about Nick, but he’s played the best game. I want him to stay and that disgusting Christie, with her word vomit, gone. I can’t stand to hear her voice.

I hope no one goes home this week. I seriously believe Alison G. has a very heavy hand on Christie’s side. She’s good for the drama.

another name

I’ve been saying I don’t care who goes. I said last week there was logic in keeping Christie as a future house target and depleting Nick’s army (even though I disliked saying it).
Personal thought: call it sour grapes. call it self protection. I’ve always been of the mind that if anyone playing big brother gets a reward: that would make them my target. Who knows when another reward will come their way? Best to cut them off at the knees. If I’m not getting the reward, I’m getting rid of whoever is getting it. Pronto.
I still think Nick has a chance. But he’s already offered the kitchen sink to Holly and Jackson. He’s already promised Nicole unending servitude. What more can he offer? If he doesn’t get reallllllly dirty really quick, he’s going.

Sis's Werewolf

Only chance Nick’s got is if Cliff spills the beans to Holly/Jackson about Crusty gunning for them on the next HOH…. What a shit show of a season.

Franks fumes

Allison’s pimp hand is strong…….

Last Season was Better

Terrible season. I used to invest time and watch every show now i just keep up by just reading this wonderful site.


I think this game has been pretty bad and that we, the loyal fans, should be the ones that get to call in and vote every week who we want out. Like they did in the U.K. It would be a win win situation. We can control who goes or stays, and the network makes lots of money from the voting public. I really wish WE had the control!


Those who only watch the televised show far outnumber those who watch the feeds. I can almost guarantee that the TV edit will still be the one calling the shots.

another name

The way I see it: if Jess and Cliff compare notes: Crustie is good.
If Cliff and Nicole compare notes: still good.
If Tommy compares notes with anyone: still good.
If Tommy switches to team Nick and tells anyone else anything: yellow flags (everyone thinks he’s too close to Nick for comfort).
If Jackson and Holly compare notes with anyone: red flags.
If Cliff compares notes with Jackson and Holly especially: huge red flags. Nick has a best chance of survival.
If Nicole compares notes with Jackson and Holly: yellow flags (her desire to keep Nick is way too noticeable, Holly has noted Nicole might be misting them 4 times in the past 4 days).
Nick still has outs to overturn the vote. He just has to actually think of an approach that doesn’t sound like you’re doomed without me to present to everyone.

another name

In order to stay Nick has to switch his campaign from Why Nick in the house is better for you to Why Christie in the house is worse for you. And not that hokum she’ll target men stuff. real empirical logic.


Did anyone else think Michie looked like a total a$$ tonight when he flipped the pie away from Nicole and it went all of the wall. SO glad CBS couldn’t edit that out since it was filmed for the show. Now if only one of these people would just hurry up and get Michie and Holly up on the block so we can see their asses go out the door.


Am I the only one that really finds zingbot stupid? I get it if you’re in the final group… that would be exciting to know you got to see this robot. As a fan, the “zings” are always stupid or lame or just in general not funny and I strongly dislike this episode as a fan. Why is it so great?! Please tell me what I’m missing!!!


You are not the only one. I guess it would be better if the “Zings” were actually worth a crap.

Ovi's tongue

What would really be demoralizing is if Nick succeeds in flipping the vote and Christie is finally evicted only to have it nullified by Prank Week. That would be about the final straw.

another name

Christie: One of Kat’s friends is dating Clay.
Holly: Which one of our friends?

And nobody twitches. at all? I’m sort of hoping Holly’s response was intentional for levity. I’m sort of hoping it doesn’t go over everyone’s head like Nick joking that Christie IS Tommy’s aunt did earlier this week.


Sooo Christie is pretty much telling Jackson and Holly to their face that they r a threat and they don’t even blink? Not only did she tell them that they were a duo (threat), she told them she was going to gun for the veto.
I just can’t with Molly!


Jessica talks, after she is done I turn mute off. … lol thanks for that.

Stephanie J

Omg everyone of them are so blind to the fact that TT hasn’t even went on the block yet!! Put his ass up and get him the hell out!! I think it’s going to be hilarious when they all get out and watch this season back and realize that CC and TT knew each other and how bad they all looked!!! As long as NN, CC and TT are not in the finals I could give two shits who wins. The only two that I really liked where Sam and Kat. As soon as they left the whole show went to shit. I just can’t stand to look or hear NN, CC or TT anymore. Jackson and Holly are just plain nasty ?. Nicole has done nothing and I mean nothing at all. Jess is just an airhead and doesn’t make any sense at all. Cliff just likes to hear himself talk. I just can’t take anymore of these people. CC is just down right gross in every way!! To her eating her voice and her cleaning out her eye balls. NN just wishes he could sleep with TT as much as he dry humps him all the time. And everyone just laughs at it like it’s no big deal. I just can’t anymore just gross and BB thinks it’s ok. Just goes to show how much they care.