Holly “Is that all you want to only be working together on a game level?” Jackson “I don’t know anymore.”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jess and Chrsitie
Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Power of Veto holder: TommyF
Power of Veto Ceremony:
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12pm All the house guests are sitting around in the backyard chatting about random things like if Jackson had pretended to be gay coming into the house.

12:38pm Pool. Christie and Tommy.
Tommy – I am so excited because we never know what could happen. Like I do believe Michie when he says you wouldn’t be going regardless but I don’t want to take that chance. He is unpredictable. Christie agrees. Tommy – so I want to make sure that’s what… and that’s what I said. Christie – when we were all in his HOH .. there were a couple moments where I was nervous. Tommy – yeah, yeah, yeah. Christie – Like how much do you really trust that, you know!? Tommy – right. Christie – and I don’t. Like your spot (hide the veto) was great but it wasn’t that great. Tommy – yeah, I know.. it was in a mattress. But I am telling you I had a feeling.. I f**king did. Christie – and that song that came on.. Bebe Rexha – if its meant to be… and you know that song was the song that Bebe Rexha came and played for the cast last year. Tommy – oh wow, I didn’t even think about that. Christie – I was told that .. I was reminded by god. Tommy – I was deciding over a few spots and I was like no this feels good. I just had a feeling .. I really did. Like its been done before, people wouldn’t be stupid enough to put it in a mattress. Tommy – final six! It feels good!

12:47pm Bedroom. Holly and Jackson.
Holly – I am annoyed at my body. I started my period today. I am annoyed at my body for the ability to make me that miserable for two days. Like I literally walked down this morning and said to Jess and Christie .. well the b***h is gone .. Holly is back! I am emotionally depleted. I am not used to doing that. Letting stuff out. Jackson – well its day 75 ..we’ve got 25 days left. Holly – what are you thinking? Jackson – whether or not you should throw the next HOH. Holly – as long as you’re not planning on turning on me because I pissed you off. Jackson – that’s on a personal level.. you and I on a game level have to work together. There are six people left. Cliff and Nicole, Tommy and Christie. Holly – is that what you want though… to only to be game? Actually I don’t even want.. Jackson – what? Talk to me? Holly – I don’t know if I want to ask questions that I don’t want the answers to. I can’t handle it right now. Jackson – I want you to talk to me. Holly – is that all you want to only be working together on a game level? Jackson – I don’t know anymore. Holly – that’s why I stopped myself because I don’t want to ask questions. Jackson – I don’t know but I don’t want personal sh*t to pull you down or me down. There are 24 days left in this thing. We can make it to finale night if we just stay focused. Holly – I know. In the game, I am very focused. I just don’t want to lose you in the process. Jackson – give me a hug. Come here. They hug. Jackson – I told you last night .. I mean sh*t we live 30 minutes from each other. Holly – I still don’t know what is going to happen when we leave here in the real world. Jackson – I don’t know either. Holly – and we will cross that bridge when we come to it. I just don’t want to cross it here. Jackson – I am not the one putting a ton of emphasis on the outside world. You have been from the very beginning. You’re the one crossing that bridge in here. I am taking each day by day in here. You’ve been thinking about day 102 since day 1. I am not being mean I am just being honest. Holly – yeah. Jackson – what is going on in your mind? Holly – I just want to take back the last 24 hours. I worried about the outside world more so in the beginning when things were fresh. But I stopped and was being in the present and then Zingbot threw me back to worrying about things. That and then my emotional hormonal mind.. I had a chemical imbalance. Do you ever have it where you only see red.. that has only happened a couple times in my life.

1:35pm – 2:10pm Suntanning and watermelon..

3:50pm The house guests are lounging around in the backyard / in the house chatting about random things.. Holly telling stories about when she met Billy Bob Thornton.

4:20pm The Watermelon king and queen eat watermelon in silence..

4:46pm – 5:40pm Jackson and Holly in the backyard.
Holly – regardless of anything else I value you. Jackson – likewise. Holly – and I hope that is always conveyed. And there are uncertainties but that doesn’t change how I feel about you or how I value you and I made that very clear. Jackson – same. NO matter what all I want is for you to be happy. Holly – but you also know that you make me happy. Jackson – but I also make you unhappy or bring things that make you unhappy and that’s what hurts. Holly – its this setting that brings unhappiness. I hope that you can distinguish the two. Jackson – I know its just a sh*tty feeling .. that you are something that someone regrets or is embarrassed of. (My god these two are broken records.) Holly – but its not to do with you. Jackson – I know but I can’t help the fact that I am 24.. all I can do is try and be the best that I can for you. Its frustrating that I continue to hear you voice frustrations and concerns about that .. I am doing the best I can. Holly – I know. Its not that I regret you or aspects of you. Its just the situation. It just boils down to being so exposed to millions. As you know I build walls around my life. Jackson – so do I.

5:56pm All is good in the world again.. the watermelon king and queen are back together. Jackson – I think we’re a lot more on the same page than we express to each other. Holly – I hope so. They start making out.

6:49pm Hammock. Nicole and Jess.
Jess – In my thought process we were good. He was like yeah. So me being put up I was like WOW.. Nicole – me too.. I was extremely shocked. Jess – and then like WOW again because we had talked about like you know .. you’re not my threat. Its a wash. I banished you, you put me up. Its a wash and Ummm.. you always kind of what to .. at this point you don’t know who that person could be and you don’t want to say it in situations like his. I am just .. in an awww.. state. I wonder if people had these conversations about Paul. People are having these conversations about Michie and Holly the same way they did about Paul.

7:30pm HOH room. Jackson and Tommy.
Jackson – so what are you thinking? Tommy – I think I’m going to use it. I’m going to take her (Christie) off the block.. just in case something wonky happens. Jackson – dude, I don’t blame you. I don’t want her to go anywhere. Its better for me because I didn’t want to make that decision .. so I don’t have to deal with Jessica being saltier at me. Really the main goal ..I think Cliff needs to go next. I just want Jess out the door before he does. Does that make sense. Tommy – yeah. Jackson – because if he stays.. I don’t want him in the house against just me and you. With the potential of a mental comp coming. Tommy – just so you know I told Jess I am thinking of leaning towards using the veto on Christie. Just so she didn’t think her fate was sealed.. I said I am hoping this gives you more of a chance. Jackson – Cliff is a strong threat and needs to go.. I just want Jess to go first. Tommy – but we can beat him. Christie and Holly join them. Jackson talks about how he thinks he can beat Cliff and Nicole easier than Jess. Especially in BB comics… she is a photographer and a model. (LOL) Tommy – she won’t be able to hold herself. (Fact!) Tommy – if she does come to you with a sick deal its okay. Jackson – oh I know. Cliff joins them.

7:54pm HOH room. Cliff, Holly and Jackson.
Jackson to Cliff – Tommy said that he is more than likely going to use it. Cliff – okay. Jackson – and I played off the I think Cliff is a threat .. I am not saying that he is not but I would rather see Jess go first. So if he comes back to you .. know that it is to keep us four under wraps. In no way do I want you to go anywhere. He kept hitting at that you were a threat. I am not going to vote to evict you. I will not vote to evict you in a tie. You have two votes locked.

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Keisha's Breastmilk

I am just ready for this season to end. Finale night can’t get here quick enough. I have been watching Big Brother since season 7 and the past 5 years minus BB20 have been hard to watch. I hope next season has a better cast but I am not holding my breath. The game I use to love watching is now out of habit rather than enjoyment. Why can’t they cast people above the age of 40? I am tired of watching 20 somethings that only worry about their social media accounts. Too bad they can’t have a quadruple eviction this week.

Southern Girl

I have thought the same thing. Actual fans of the show who know all about the game. It drives me nuts to hear one of them say they are a super fan but don’t even know who well known players are. Or the basic rules of the game for that matter. The requirements should be over 35 and have no Instagram or Twitter.


Wasn’t there a time when the same rules applied to everyone?

Guy From Canada

For bbcan1 you had to apply and list all your online social profiles. For bbcan7 they only wanted Instagram…..


I agree 100%. Last year restored my hope in BB. Too bad that only lasted one season.

BB Watcher

they wont ever have a cast over 40 because they aren’t “fresh” and “modern” aka they are more sensible than millennials. the older generation wont create as much of chaos so the show wont get higher ratings.

Please, pretty pease

Another thing, the 20 something “kids” have few responsibilities, maybe even still live at home or depend on parents for support. Many think nothing of quitting a job for the summer knowing (hoping?) they will be able to find something when they return. Many of the young ones that have gotten on the show have jobs like influencers & so called social media “stars.”Way less people in their 40’s are willing to leave their jobs for 3 months & have families. The only reason I can think of that I’d have been willing to agree to my husband being gone for that length of time when I was in my 40’s would be if he was deployed, certainly not to hang out in a house in LA in hopes of being the lucky one who wins.


Most of the house guests are doing the show in hopes of becoming internet famous, increase the followers, maybe do more reality shows, and basically get paid to breathe.

I have no bird, I have no bush

They won’t have a cast over 40 because that’s not the demographic of the people who are watching or the audience the show is geared toward. It’s not that deep. And as long as people still keep hope alive and watch, they’ll continue to cast human garbage.

Living 4 Parentheses

I haven’t seen the stats of viewers’ ages, but my husband and I are avid watchers in our 60’s. BTW I am laughing out loud every time I come across your User Name.


The over 40 crowd actually have jobs, a life, a direction. I too am done with the so called super fans. They think b/c they’ve watched a few episodes every season that they are superfans. TO me a super fan is someone who has watched EVERY SINGLE SEASON on the CBS broadcast and that includes Season 1 when it was on every single night. And a true superfan has watched the live feeds every single season and participated in messages boards…MORE then one or at least knows about their existence. I’ve forgotten more than these houseguests have ever known. You’ve watched since Season 7 and i’m not trying to take away from that but there are things from season 2, 3 and 6 that were epic moves. These people don’t even know the name of the person who came up with the backdoor plan and how it originally was supposed to work. Ok rant over. Sorry. yes i’d like to see older people too.

I have no bird, I have no bush

The show has been on for 20 years. It’s going to be difficult to find someone who is old enough and has maintained their interest long enough to have watched every season. Time is going by quickly. But almost everyone on the show now (and on previous seasons) has a job. Analyse graduated from college a month before the show, so it made sense that she didn’t work. But everyone else has a job. The work is simply more flexible, and they work in industries where getting their faces out there benefits the employer, so employers are likely to let them take a few months off and cash in when the show is over. Fans of Big Brother are going to want to check out Christie’s boutique, watch Tommy on Broadway, get waited on by Jackson, go on one of Holly’s tours, and work out at Jack’s gym. There’s plenty to complain about the houseguests, but to say they historically don’t work and have no responsibilities is not one of them, considering it’s based on falsehoods.


I wish they would cast people that are older and/or married. Showmances are so over played now. Granted I haven’t watched every season but I do remember seasons where if people coupled up it was kept on the dL and didn’t happen Day 3. I’d like to see them actually play and not worry about boning each other lol. Alas I guess the drama is good for ratings?

I have no bird, I have no bush

I hate the showmances too. Every once in a while it’s bound to happen, but several each season is tiring and fake.

another name

I’ve just read a Nick exit interview. Just the one because the dude is seriously fukakta.
Taco Tuesday was a dirty game move? HE instigated it. Was calling out the game of someone not on the block the dirty part? Sort of like he and Sam were doing behind closed doors in week 4 and 5 to Christie? It was the SAME move… only she called it out in public in front of everyone, while he was being a sneak about it. She beat him. Her smash a game was better than his smash a game.
He was flirting as psychological manipulation in the game. Except for Bella he claims. riiiight. She was for game too. I have NO problem with using flirtation as a tactic if you’re owning it. I’m just thinking of all the people watching feeds that argued how authentic Nick is wiping copious amounts of egg from their faces. Bella was so he and the other showmance couples could rule the world, Sis was because he preferred her to Bella, Tommy was because oh look, a gay attention whore i can manipulate into loving me.
He talks about karma biting Tommy in the ass. Awww, all that humping was for nothing. The guy that voted out Sam is upset that Tommy voted him out. cue the tiny violins.
Seriously. Dr.Mr.Spock thinks America liked him and respected his (hold back the vomit) “clean” game. GET REAL. MORON. that cigar is not a cigar… he’s a d!ck.
Sidebar: IF the only thing they can ZING you on is stupid: they’ve probably edited out the best of your game.

Living 4 Parentheses

They won’t let me upvote more than once; I tried repeatedly. The HGs chat about Nick’s utterly depraved behavior with hints of–“fondness”??? I want to hear from them when they’re back in the real world–out from under his wicked spell.


Simon and Dawg. Thank you for cutting out the hours and hours of Jackson and Holly dialogue. It was so cringeworthy, mainly on her part. Like “come here and listen to me but I don’t want to listen to you” sorta deal. Or “you may have ruined my life outside of this house, but my passive agressive behavior talking about you to others all season, can’t have hurt yours”. It’s all about Holly and her ass eating everything has kept Jackson fooled (so far) to keep being her meat shield until she is done with him and wants him voted out.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

You’ve been trained well wolfwoman.


Couple years of psych and a life time of people watching can do that to you

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

so can being in an abusive relationship


Narcissistic passage agressive manipulation

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Yup,that’s Jackson.

BB Watcher

i honestly hate jackson. he always puts people down with what he says. he thinks he’s superior to others and degrades them with his shit. he does it whenever he talks like with anyone. So demeaning, rude and Holly deserves way better. i hope christie gets off the block and wins HOH next week to put his ass on the block.

Please, pretty pease

I agree about him being so superior & rude, especially to Holly. I hate when he’s condescending to her. However, I don’t like Holly one bit. I hate her attitude like she deserves everything because she is “beautiful.” I loved that Zingbot made her so sensitive to her age. I hate how she lets Michie walk all over her. He makes her feel like only she is at fault & that is not the case.


Came across this…had to share lmao https://twitter.com/melbrown00/status/1168204996917284876

another name

That one was where i picked up two of my recent nicknames. Once i saw them, there was no way not think them.





I don’t see any other outcome at this point other than Tommy winning Big Brother this year. Everyone in the house think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

You Know, Christie actually has beautiful eyes,the tears make them glisten for the camera.

Zingading ding

Christy is very attractive when she’s made up & her eyes are beautiful, then she opens her mouth!

another name

Episode Assessment:

by 8:15… the d/r doesn’t match the Wednesday night game talk. At all. It’s sort of beyond odd.
Remember, Jackson on Thursday morning was saying I”m throwing and we go with which ever final four wins the hoh.
Jessica wasn’t after Tommy verbally… until after the HOH. Oh, Cliff and Nicole were. Jessica… not so much. don’t tell the d/r.
This d/r… other than the Jessica fall (already a million meme moment for the ages)… this d/r is twilight zone to what was being said in the house from Tuesday to Thursday. I is confused as Cluelessica at a strategy meeting. The length of time between the Cliff fall and the Crustie fall… what was that. In episode it was a segment. On feeds: about 45 seconds max.

When Jackson says he’s won five comps in a row back to back…. Uh… not possible. Sorry. let’s review. Tommy won veto on Tommy’s HOH. saved Christie. Jackson won hoh and veto. holly won hoh. jackson won veto then hoh. That’s not five in a row back to back.
The way Jackson phrased his comments to Nicole. That was pretty guilt trippy out of context. Yeah. that’s not going to cause anxiety at all.
Oh look. Cluelessica feels safe with Jackasson d/r segment. oh girl. you in danger. Meanwhile Jackson is convincing Christie. Way more time spent on this poop than necessary. Basis: Wednesday night he agreed with Christie that if anyone but Cliff or Nicole won, they would be the noms. The ‘this HOH is going to be 4 against 2’ conversation. Not to be confused with the ‘this HOH is going to be 4 vs. 2’ conversation that Jackson had with Nicole and Cliff an hour later than the Christie Jackson one.
SEASON PROBLEM: they show the effect 90% of the time. they show the cause 20% of the time.

OH look. the Christie is human d/r edit. marginally. Bag o cats nutbar… but human.
The play the middle stuff… they’ll never catch on… and everyone on feeds has pretty much said that’s what is going on.
Cliff the volunteer stuff. Uh that sentiment will last until veto as we all know. Dude is squirrelling on that volunteer stuff now.
Tommy Christie mute fest. blah blah family blah blah working together blah blah deal? what deal? blah blah working together. I just saved you five minutes if you aren’t watching.

Cliff is human segment. Cliff is lonely segment. Ugh. I am sick of these are human segments.

Time for Cluelessica and Jackasson to meet. Jess isn’t getting the clue…. and i’m loving it…. because…. she’s not getting the clue. at all. That lightbulb moment… with 18 likes in 20 seconds.
Time for Crustie Jackasson session… the let’s not think ahead session. the let’s not cross the bridge session. Yeah, it was just as transparent on feeds, didn’t require any d/r at all but they added some.

Noms are your late season pawn star and your early season pawn star.
Tommy will feel partially responsible if she leaves???? partially?? DUDE. You threw the hoh. You wouldn’t be partially anything. You’d be TOTALLY responsible.


So it’s 4 comps in a row. He wasn’t eligible to win HOH back to back.


Comment awaiting moderation

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Why the h*ll does Tommy have to be responsible for Christie’s safety??? She said in the DR she felt safe & didn’t need to win it… before she did Very bad job of “pretending to fall”. She’s insufferable.

another name

Her throwing the comp, Jackson NOT throwing the comp… these are 2 of the things I am calling as the bizarre d/r and post feed block before eviction changes that have me confused by this week. On Wednesday night those were 2 big talking points.
If he wants her vote at the end he can’t be in a position to keep her and fail to do so. Not because they know each other, but because they are a pair. If you are in a pair in bb and you don’t save your ‘other’ when you have a veto, you should lose their jury vote. It would make every gripe that Nick is currently telling the jury about him completely accurate.

Last Season was Better

I seriously would rather watch Christie chomp on food than see watermelon head and Holly fight and make out. At least Christie and Tommy talk game. Holly and Jackson think this is a soap opera. Its big brother take risks and play the game. Showmance when game is done.


Donated Dawg and Simon


You’re Welcome!


Also donated earlier today. Thanks for all the hours you both put into this – we appreciate it!


Jess’ fatal mistake? Not saying to Jackson/Holly/Nicole or anyone else. Don’t you all think it’s time to take Tommy out? he hasn’t been on the block, no one wants to put him up, he’s going to win this game if we don’t get him out. Perhaps if she had voiced that someone would have said, hum, maybe we can use Jess.

another name

Just me probably, but talks of eviction target shifting before the veto ceremony has even happened always make me think this is odd. Why would they do such a thing?
Timmy is pushing too hard for a change of target. He shouldn’t push at all until to the pair, he should be pushing it to Holly.
Meanwhile, Crustie is revealing too much hate for Jackson to Cliff.
On Sunday night. Too soon. Too soon.
While it was likely half smart half stupid for Crustie to reveal that Jackson and Holly are playing the centre line before Cliff goes on the block, it’s likely smarter to play on Nicole’s insecurities. She should not say she’d nominate them. In case Cliff in fear for his game reveals too much. She knows he’s prone to that.
This whole thing feels sloppy to me. I’m not a fan of sloppy game.


Has anyone kept track of all the “I love you’s” thrown out there this season???? This is the “Love you” cast. Wowwwww None of these people knew of each other’s existence other than C and T


It usually means I don’t really love you and I’m willing to throw your *** under the bus for 500k.

Zingading ding

I really don’t love you, but vote for me to win


I would be on the floor by noon if playing a drinking game with any of the following:
Christie eating
Holly saying “yeah”, “I know” or the deadly combo…”yeah, I know.”
Nicole saying “damn it”
Cliff saying “I trust y’all” with a corresponding tilted head shake
Jess and the dreaded “like”
Tommy saying “I love you”
Jackson saying any dumb analogy like “chess not checkers”


Christie – “I was told that .. I was reminded by God.”
Oh, good grief.


Omg, did Jackson just say that Jess would be harder to beat at BB Comics than Cliff & Nicole, because she’s a model & a photographer????
He really is dim, isn’t he?
I’m not saying this to be mean, I promise, but…
what about the upper body strength necessary to be able to zipline down in front of the comics, over & over & over again??
Nicole is thin, she can manage her weight & Cliff is a man, men naturally have more upper body strength than women.
However, there is no way physically possibile that Jess will have the endurance to be able to ride that zipline repeatedly for 4,5 or 8 times maybe, plus add all of the climbing & running involved?

Franks fumes

But Cliff does have the upper body of a 50 year old woman have you seen those t!ts…..


No, they blurred them.

Franks fumes

BIlly Bob Thornton is my hero…….. he has slept with Angelina Jolie and Amber Heard while looking like a Oklahoma junkyard mechanic…….now that’s what I call acting!


Baby Jackson #1