“Listening to his campaign & being like Wow, yeah! You don’t need to leave and then I was like this is why you need to leave.”

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Cliff, Nicole, and Jess get punishments
America’s Prankster – Nick
Nominations are: Christie & Nick
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Holly, Nick, Jackson, Jessica, Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto
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8pm Tommy, Nick, Nicole, Cliff are hanging out chatting about random things like Woodstock, Nick’s motorcycle, etc. Tommy goes to get the backgammon board. He and Nick play against each other on the bedroom floor.

8:30pm – 8:45pm HOH room. Jess and Holly.
Holly – If he (Nick) stays he will win! Jess – he will win. Holly – He frickin scares me dude. He has things I have and things I don’t. Listening to his campaign and being like wow, yeah! You don’t need to leave .. and then I was like this is why you need to leave. This is why! Jess – do you think that the consensus is that everyone is sending him (Nick) home? Holly – I am guessing 4 – 1 or 5 – 0. Guessing .. but I don’t know. It could be 3 – 2 or I could be surprised. Ummm.. I believe Nicole is deciding whether to throw a sympathy vote or not. The only person to worry about is about to walk into this room. He (Tommy) would be the only other person that I would be worried about. Jess – I would be very, very, very surprised if he did that. Holly – I think he wants to .. well I know he wants to. I know he wants to keep Nick but doesn’t want to go against the majority. He voted Jack out. Jess – yeah, I couldn’t imagine him doing that on your HOH.. out of anybody’s HOH. I would not assume he would do that on yours. Holly – I wouldn’t either but he was one of the two that spearheaded hijacking my HOH and send Kat home ..which he apologized for. That was an isolated case. I think he is just morally and personally conflicted which is respectable. I don’t fault him for it.. at all. I am really not sure what’s in his head at the moment. Jess – its win HOH or bust. Know who you’re good with and trying to figure out the rest.

9pm – 10pm Bedroom. The house guests are sitting around chatting about past events of the season.

10:20pm Bedroom. Jess, Tommy and Nicole.
Tommy – something is going to happen tomorrow. Me and Nicole think something is going to happen tomorrow. Do you think so or no? Jess – I don’t think so. I don’t think they would have the camp comeback and a battle back. Tommy – we only have a month left and there are 8 people. Nicole – how are we at day 70 and there are still 8 of us? Tommy – there are three people on finale night. Nicole – so 5 more have to go out in four weeks. Jess – that means if anything next week would be a double eviction .. or tomorrow.. is a double eviction and not someone coming back. I could see a double eviction more so than someone coming back. Tommy – I don’t think they would do a double eviction right after prank week. I could see it being the next week. Nicole thinks no one will be evicted and then they’ll go out side to play HOH and then have an eviction. Like it was a double but no one goes home in the first eviction.

10:30pm – 11pm Kitchen. Jackson, Cliff, Holly, Christie and Nick are eating and chatting.

11pm – 11:22pm Bedroom. Nicole and Cliff.
Nicole – I am assuming that I am assuming correct. (That Nick is going) Cliff – I think you’re assuming correct. But I haven’t actually talked to Michie or Holly. If I get a chance I will try to tonight. If you want to .. then talk. It sounds like Tommy is ready to send him out. I know Jess is and Michie is. Cliff – I don’t know if you want to throw a vote to Nick or go with the house. Nicole – I want us to be a collective. I feel like it looks sketchy. Cliff – if you did it I would suggest you talking to Michie and Holly. Nicole – even way back when with Kemi .. I refused to put my game in jeopardy. Cliff – then don’t. Of all people Nick would understand. Nick would not want you to do anything to jeopardize anything about your game. Cliff – if I was ever on the block and I knew I was going home. I would not want you to put yourself in jeopardy.

11:44pm Bedroom. Nicole and Nick.
Nicole – Nicole is trying to think ahead and say hypothetically if tomorrow rolls around and everyone is voting you out.. Nick – you can go ahead and vote me out. Nicole – are you sure? Nick – yeah. Is that what it seems like? Nicole – I don’t know. Nick – are you lying to me? Nicole – maybe.. Nick – it doesn’t seem good? Nicole shakes her head no. Nick – why?! Nicole – Christie spoke to me and Michie promised her his vote. It doesn’t matter who she was sitting next to… he already decided. Nicole – so I was going to ask you hypothetically but.. Nick – no do it. I’m not going to be upset with you.

Bedroom. Nick all alone.
Nick – I literally just offered them a body shield for next week and you’re going to keep her?! Your biggest enemy in the game. WOW!

12:06am HOH room. Nicole, Jackson and Holly.
Nicole – with a couple people asking me what a sympathy vote is and why you would want to do it. I know what is best to do for Nicole’s game and what I am going to do for Nicole’s game but it doesn’t take away from the fact that I feel bad. And some times me articulating that makes people think that I am not on the same page. I know the people that I am loyal to and want to be on the same page with but it doesn’t mean that I’m still going to feel bad. Holly – don’t feel bad or question bringing emotion into it either. Nicole – and I’m going to get into the DR and cast my vote and hear the audience say AWWWW.. and I am going to lose it. Jackson – it has nothing to do with their opinion of you… those (audience reactions) are cued. The only person I would give a sympathy vote to is her (Holly) because I would never vote against her. Nicole – Jess said that a sympathy vote doesn’t make sense. But then she gave a sympathy vote to Kat and she says that was different. Jackson and Holly – that makes zero sense. Nicole – she said that Kat never wronged me in the game and she was trustworthy. Holly – vote how you feel. I will never tell you what to do. Nicole – the other day outside Jess told me .. Big Brother switches the feeds. Nicole – obviously Jess doesn’t like Nick and so she was advocating strongly against Nick. And she kept saying she is not putting up girls, you’re fine. That is great for me but because I love you and Cliff so much its not good for you. She was saying that Christie was going after guys.

2am All the house guests are sleeping..

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HOH will be endurance and shown on the live feeds.


So, since Holly cant play, Tommy will likely win….


A Tommy HOH will be filled with love and doing what’s best for the house.

another name

Nobody has once said, in the house, “hey, Tommy and Holly have never been on the block. We should do something about that to take it away as a talking point if they hit final 2.”

Hearts Reality TV

I hope Tommy’s HOH doesn’t turn in to Bully’s (aka Christie) HOH. Tommy definitely needs some blood on his hands for the Jury. Just being a nice guy should NEVER be a reason to win.

Living 4 Parentheses

YES…LOL…hearts, flowers & butterflies, right up until the backstabbing.

Christie's crusty nose-ring

I’m obsessed with you!!




Apparently Simon you have had way too much kracken lol


I was kind of hoping Nicole would win HOH to see how she’d handle it. However, after her painful fall I don’t think she’ll do well in an endurance competition. Darn!


Time for a wall? Maybe a swinging one? I’d like to see what Nicole would do with an HoH…

another name

before or after Grodner and her minions fill the HOH room with clowns, birds and puppets? You know they would.

Just me

So all the idiots who are planning on throwing the HOH can conveniently slip and fall…maybe Nicole has a shot. We’ll see how bad Christie and Jackson really want it.

another name

As I try to flip to my analytical mind (the cranky, mean sarcastic mind is so much easier to access since the injury, especially late at night), I’m wondering to myself at what point each of the nominees games went awry to get them where they are.

Christie: wordvomited too much information in week one and two, taking gut reaction and venting it stupidly to too many people. A smart player would never be naming names of alliance members in week one and two. That’s coming back to haunt. Her tendency to wordvomit has not changed. Telling two opposite stories with just enough correlation that she can attempt to wiggle if anything comes out… should be biting her in the ass.
Nick: he coveted leadership. His first on feeds conversation was targeting an alliance mate. He then switched alliance mate targets in his conversations for the soul reason that he coveted the new target’s showmance. Nick covets. If he weren’t constantly thinking he’s smarter than everyone he’s talking to, and can spin them with therapy techniques, he might be able to actually accomplish a goal. The mix of coveting and sense of superiority should be biting him in the ass.

Christie’s campaign is too duplicitous. Nick’s campaign is to solicitous and frankly too fear mongering.
As with every eviction vote, I still think it has a chance to go either way… mostly because we don’t know the Grod’s opinion yet.

another name

As Nicole hugs and gets into bed with Nick, and he starts cuddling her and rubbing his hand on her arm…. a part of me feels like a unicorn is dying. I don’t care. just. eeew.


OMG! Perfect analogy. I agree…eeew! I hope BB gives her a good scrub brush (maybe a brillo pad) to wash the stink off! They have no problem keeping melon head supplied. How about doing something kind for the nicest one in there.

Since production likes to interfere so much, why not find a way to give her some secret special power that would turn things upside down. An attempt to right the wrongs that have tanked their ratings. My god, it’s prank week! Do something. Anything. The HOH prank tanked. Throw us a bone. BB is supposed to be my escape/distraction from the real world. Not something else to just pi$$ me off!

I will add this in regards to Nick. The 1 thing likable about Nick is the way he is protecting Nicole. It seems he is trying to set her up for safety with others when/if he leaves.

I agree ......

I am manifesting what you just said to happen….. MANIFESTINGGGGGGG MANIFESTINGGGGGGGG

BB Casting Call

They don’t care about Nicole, she is just another number to TPTB.


And remember in week 1 she cried because he puts his head on her lap. She verbalize how uncomfortable she was with inappropriate touching & how it would look on tv because of being a teacher plus not comfortable touching men. At this time his game was to flirt & make all the women want his nasty ass…gag. Just two days ago Said he & Kat would hook up in jury because two extremely attractive people would be drawn to each other. In same convo he implied Kat & Jack have definitely already banged. He then said but he was not single…backtracking ‘re Bella. He’s delirious! Hope Kat gets this info. And I’m sick of his planning to shower for days now & scoffed at Tommy’s reference to his wearing same socks everyday. …Nick says loud defense he’s washed them twice. Wouldn’t take my child near him for therapy. Why doesnt someone tell him to stop playing with his penis during conversations? Is he a perv, dirty & itchy? Such low class disrespect.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“I’m wondering to myself at what point each of the nominees games went awry to get them where they are.”

The day casting contacted them?

The day they walking through the house door?

BB Casting Call

Every day that casting interferes to save their chosen ones (Christie, Tommy, Jackson)

J e t s jets jets jets

Did Nicole just tell J/H that Christie is targeting them with no reaction? This revelation should flip the vote. IF THIS WEEK COUNTS.


Holly and Michie didn’t bat an eye at the revelation that Christy is targeting Michie and Cliff…. wtf, youre right

BB Casting Call

They are not allowed to talk about production. They are not allowed to interfere with production. They have to play to what production wants and they want Christie in final 3.
I have a hard time watching anymore of the show because every DR to explain anything has pretty much been her, like they are trying to force Christie down our throats….they probably think we will all eat it up like Christy ate the pie off her face, or anything at all for that matter.

another name

When the sentence begins with “Jess said” nobody in the house gives it any weight.


It’s wasn’t said by Christie & she has no idea they’re working with her too.


no she said guys, not you guys, guys as in Tommy, Cliff and Jackson.

Roll Tide

Grod will protect her girl Christie


The winner Grod wants Grod gets.


All of these HGs are wussy snakes that can’t think for themselves. They deserve Crusty up their a__oles!

It’s like telling a kid to stay away from the stove. You don’t want them to get burned until they burn themselves accidentally and as much as you didn’t want them to get hurt they finally, unfortunately, understand the lesson.

Franks fumes

This is so depressing that Crusty survives (for no good reason) another week…..the Crusty/Tommy history outside the house is an incredibly unfair tool in this game and because of that production should not let the final two be them…….but the way it looks now at least one if not both will be in final 3…….get ready for it………..with Jess lol 🙁


Simon, Dawg… you said you guys are now writing two posts a day. Was there any other time in BB (recent, 5-10 years) history that you did so few posts a day? Just trying to determine if this really is the worst cast/season in recent history….


It’s never been this slow in August.


I think even with season 16 being so predictable, they were still doing goofy crap to write about. I remember Caleb and the boys doing judy chops and other ridiculous martial arts attempts.


I really do feel for y’all. Sending some love your way.

Crusty needs to go!

Where does this BS rule that every vote has to be unanimous and that everyone should vote with solidarity with what the HOH wants? It really makes everyone look weak, small minded and more importantly a boring season.


Agreed. Started a few seasons ago. They should bring the rule back about not being allowed to discuss votes and make people decide for themselves.


They didn’t worry about it last season. But there has been a trend to not rock the boat…


I feel like it gat real bad in derricks season. People weren’t even allowed to speak with people. Hated that season. One nominee would just be ostracized. Very depressing year.

J e t s jets jets jets

And Jess saying it’s wrong for Nicole but ok she did it. What a huge (no pun intended) tool she is.


Wow is Nicole starting to play the game or is this just wishful thinking on my part? #graspingatstraws

Playing the game?

What makes you think that she is playing the game? While I hope you are right what did she do to make you think that? I didn’t catch it..


The last conversation she had with Jackson and Holly at 12:06. She was talking about her loyalty, sympathy votes, being emotional, blah blah blah. Then she slips in a conversation she had with Jess where Jess tells her she wasn’t going after the girls and Christie was targeting the guys. Nicole said she was worried about Cliff and Jackson. So much for Christie wanting to get the gang back together!! Of course, we knew that. I’m sure it is just another red flag regarding Christie and they will still think voting out Nick is best because he is so brilliant in this game.


nicole’s been playing all season. she’s only been on the block once and has no enemies. it’s just not a very flashy game.

Just sayin'

Nicole is a classic floater, she doesn’t have her own game. I really think nicole would be the worst person to win except maybe holly


Nicole has tried to play but it’s very hard to play a game of numbers when you can’t get anyone to get out of the kiddie pool and at least try the big pool. She needed to win something with this crew to get some traction.


Remember, early in the game, Bella through Nicole under the bus and then lies were spun that made Nicole the #1 threat. The 8 treated her like sh.t. Aquawannabe Man acted like the a$$hole bully that he is.

Yes, afterwards she faded into the woodwork. She went from being the #1 target of the majority alliance, being thought of as someone to use as a pawn. Now she is sweet, lovable, loyal Nicole. She has been treading water, doing what she has to do to stay off the block and in the game.

At least that’s one way of looking at it. I will add this, Nicole is definitely not clueless Jess. I mean who else could win HOH, put up the 2 alpha males, sending 1 out the door and still be seen as a clueless floater with no real alliance?


nicole isn’t much of a floater. floaters ride the middle and put themselves in situations where they’re the swing vote. nicole’s mostly just kept her head down and managed to stay off the radar. she’s in trouble come finale night if she makes it that far, but had she been more vocal she woulda been voted out a la sam or kat (players that were more liked by the house than nicole but considered too much of a threat). right now she’s behind both cliff and jess as targets. again, not the most interesting game to watch, but actually pretty hard to pull off.

BB Casting Call

Ummm Jess?


Nicole has played the same game all year. Just float around and be generally useless and whiney. She doesn’t win competitions, she doesn’t have a strategy, no one cares about her opinion, she just tries to vote with the majority as she is told. Down vote me all you want but no one can argue what I’m saying. Saying that Nicole is a good player makes Kathy Hillis, Victoria Rafeali and Amber Siyavus all great players. I would criticize Nicole’s game moves/strategy but she has none. But at least she’s a really nice al be it extremely boring and unremarkable. By next year no one will remember her.


Sam Kat and Nicole are the only ones I want to remember.


What are you going to remember?

Kat's Alien Bitch

As I understand it no DE tonight, and CBS is advertising an endurance comp for after the show.


This is the first big brother I have watched where I dont want anyone to win…. I can’t bring myself to like cliff or nicole. They play way to scared, basically going along with who ever is in power. Everytime jess talks I have to walk away from the tv… last night was the first time nick creeped me out with his behavior towards nicole. Tommy just has to be accepted by everyone, jackson and holly are just dumb…. and well do I have to even manifest the words for why I hate crusty?

Just a game

Tommy just has to be accepted by everyone
I think its for the game also.. he doesn’t want to be targeted


It’s so adorable when Jess try’s to talk strategy, you can see smoke coming from her ears. Just stop Jess please stop your going to hurt yourself !!


I was thinking the same thing lmao. And she also says things that are polar opposite in the same sentence.

Tommy Sucks

117 words and still no substance……..sooooo annoying


I want Christie out ,why keep her. Nick needs to stay. Maybe with the prank week nobody will go home. That would be the best ending. They say Nick could win. Holly and Jack are stronger they could win.


Sadly Holly n Jackson r talking of throwing the comps and NOT winning so they could allow others to take shots and play comps closer to the end of the game

BB Casting Call

Perfect, because everyone will put them up. They have the itis (and whatever else rashes, etc) and think they are in a great spot with C eating out of their hand….haven’t they noticed that if that were true, they’d have no hands or arms left?

I'm Holly, but Not Jason or Michie's Holly

And, they would be stupid to do that at this point in the game. If I were them, I’d try to win every HOH/Veto between them because if not, one or both of them are going home.


I want that creepy pervert Nick gone.


It is scary for Christy to stay because she clearly wont honor her deal to Michie/Holly but she is easier to beat in comps. Nick might be more loyal, but he would always put Nicole and Tommy ahead of anyone else left. I wonder why Cliff isn’t revealing to M/H that Christy is after them if she wins HOH?
Does anyone else think its crazy that Michie thinks its a good idea to throw the HOH…….what the heck! Why not just win if you can…….with so few HG’s left, you are a threat no matter what!


Because ideally…Cliff wants the final 4 they have. However…if Christie wins…he knows she will not target Jess or Tommy. He would certainly rather have her go for Michie or Holly…over him or Nicole. And he knows that if he tells Michie and Holly…they will change course and Nick will stay. Cliff knows he has a much greater chance at being nominated if Nick is HOH. To answer your second question….yes it’s absolute lunacy for Michie not to gun for it. I like him…but he somehow thinks Christie is being honest suddenly. I don’t get it.

BB Casting Call

Power to the head, blew out his eyes and senses.

Just a game

Cliff isn’t revealing to M/H that Christy is after them if she wins HOH.. i think he won’t mind .. they are a threat to his game as well.. and, i feel like he doesn’t want to compete against nick. This kind of info will help nick stay


It amazes me that Jessica is “30ish” and speaks like high school girl would. It’s PAINFUL to listen to. I’m wearing out my fast froward button


If Holly was in her 40’s and Jackson in his 30’s it would be easier to stomach. It’s not so big a deal that she several years older. It’s just gross because he is in his early 20’s. Just past being a teenager. The in between stage of adolescence and manhood!

BTW, I agree with you about Jessica.

BB Casting Call

Imagine she actually had DR sessions…


How many times can Jackson say he would never vote against Holly. Are they too stupid or just want to give away 500k? SMH


Hate to say this, but if Nick has to go then Nick has to go. BUT wordvomit or Tommy twinkle toes had better put up Jackson and Holly and get the flaming idiots out. They had their chance at Christie, not once, not twice, but three GD times and blew it, they deserve to go next.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

It’s not just Jackson and Holly. They all had the chance to vote her out but always voted to keep her.

BB Casting Call

Probably being told to by TPTB

Just a game

Twice.. the first time she would of been gone, if she wasn’t saved by the veto.

Tommy Sucks

OMG…”Tommy Twinkle Toes”! I can’t stop laughing. I think he is childlike, impish, and annoying. Not a good look for a grown man. He might think it’s endearing. It may be an act. I find it a bit creepy.


I said a few days ago this is the earliest have tuned out, a big part is the cast of course but also the whole show is so predictable from start to finish. The HOH games, the POV games even Zingbot is just a repeat of the past 18 years. The players know everything on what to expect and that makes for boring TV. Cliff and Nicole just sat back in the background to have the strong players picked off because they knew what was going to happen. Part of the fun watching celebrity BB was they really didn’t know the game and their actions were spontaneous and not preplanned. I think if they want ratings to improve they need to cast better (duh) but make up new games and change up the rules of the game. IMHO.


I so wish somehow Nick could stay, if nothing else battle with Mich….the fight would be great, with Crusty boring munch munch for another week or longer ..boring!


Speaking of boring, am I the only one that thinks Cliff on the live feeds is like watching paint dry.


The ratings are down because they lost Jack. If they want the ratings, they need to do the battle back comp and bring back Jack.



BB Crusty Crab Shack

Analice, is that you? Anal thinks that Jack or herself will be AFP “ because we’re so hawwt”

Living 4 Parentheses

Those conspiring b!tches need KAT to waltz back in!

Please, pretty pease

Right on, Mike! They need to throw out the present way it’s done & totally revamp it. Make some rules & enforce them. I think that most of the games need to be replaced. Get rid of Zingbot & OTEV. Don’t recruit players. Make them apply & make sure they know what Big Brother is. If someone has a special “power”, they should have to keep it secret instead of telling all their friends and if they do, enforce a fine- not money, a punishment. Imagine how Crusty’s earlier power would have been used if the others didn’t know she had it. Instead we got another dud power, just like Nick’s prank. I know it won’t happen but production needs to stay out of it. Let the game play out the way it’s supposed to be instead of picking their favorites. Come to think of it, they need to totally replace production!


Remember that apple from the tree twist two yrs ago or so – fricken no one picked an apple bc they already knew how things would play out. Everyone knows the games, how to play it, Josh even said he knew how to throw the ball on the games with the numbers at the bottom, he said don’t go for the highest number bc the zeros are all around it. They all know the strategy on how to play these games that occur over and over year after year. So boring to watch. Make a NEW GAME up. Don’t rehash the old game with a new facade. It is lazy tv. Put three people on the block each week, Something different.


My choices for HOH win.
Nicole so she can put up Christie and Tommy
Christie so she can put up Jackson and a pawn

Jackson going out next week by Christie would be hilarious.
I want to see Nicole play a more active role winning HOH will let her do that.

Just sayin'

I don’t know, nicole is pretty spineless. If she wins hoh she will probably try to find a way to nominate herself just so she can keep floating to both sides and ‘not hurt anyone’s feelings’…


hahsahahahahahaahah OMG hahahahahahaha unfortunately you are so right… lmaooooooooo

I agree ......

I agree…. with the Nicole part.. It would be good to see.. but hope she does something good with the power and not go with Cliff’s picks cause we know how well he did when he had the chance..
with the Crusty part … while I want her to GOOOOOOO .. if they are stupid enough to not do it.. then they deserve what they get for being so clueless….

Kat's Alien Bitch

The smaller the House gets the fewer places there are to hype. The most vulnerable right now are:


The other 4 who will survive are lesser targets.

Bullies SUCK

I gotta agree, Nicole is spineless. She is so desperate for acceptance that she would leave CT & HM alone and nominate Cliff and Jess just not not rock the boat. “Guys, we knew the day would come when we would have to be voted out before the great and wonderful final four.”

BB Casting Call

She would have a hard time making a decision, I fear. She would be wanting to do what the house wants…she’d probably put up Jackson and Holly.


This must have been what Ken was talking about last week during the BigBrother BReakdown.


Thank u for this



Ovi's tongue

BB20 Rachel does a pretty good Christie on her Twitter.


Hey Simon and Dawg, do either of you know if anyone in production reads your website?


If they do they haven’t contacted me.


There’s probably some interns or lower level folks looking at the various sites to at least check if anyone is going a bit too far with clips or other copyright stuff. I know youtube gets hit with the copyright hammer regularly.


Can we start a petition to demand that they do so maybe they will get a clue?

BB Casting Call

The only time TPTB will care, is if they lose a lot of money or their jobs are on the line. If CBS did nothing about season 19 with all the crap that happened in that house, they won’t do anything moving forward and stay status quo.
We would all have to stop watching, keeping feed summaries and reading them, and hope that all others do the same before they think about making changes. Grod has been with the show since season 1 or 2 with most of the other big shots joining by 2004… They survived 15 and 19, they’ll easily survive for a while.


Is it me or is Jackson 90% more likeable now that Jack is gone and he is done with his steroid withdrawals?


LOL. I love the shade.


90% is more than an exaggeration! Just saying.


Hi Simon, Dawg and everybody!

Does anyone know if it was in fact the F word that was blipped during the broadcast when Zingbot said “this is the biggest group of BLEEP losers I’ve ever seen?” I’d not be surprised if they went cliche on that as well considering some of the very uninspired zings this year.

And speaking of blipping: what is the reasoning behind blurring Cliff’s nipples (while he was lifting his shirt to “rub” his “voluptuous bust” on Zingbot’s face) while Nick was standing there shirtless? I really don’t understand TV censorship and why they make a big deal out of some things that in general are not issues.

I think the zings were really unbalanced: most people got mean zings while Nick and Christie heard cute stuff. ManiFEAST was ridiculous and I wondered if it had been written by one of the productions’ kids who happens to be a six-year-old.


I didn’t get to see it but I would hazard they were blurred because in the eyes of CBS’ advertiser’s Nipples are evil to show people.


Yeah but as I said: Nick was there shirtless. Perhaps only nipples of a certain age are evil. Who knows? LOL.

Gotta also say that Tommy called it right by observing that Christie’s annoying crying and drama wasn’t brought up during the zing fest.

And it was somewhat surprising to see another Zingbot competition where they brought up politics into the show in a not so subtle way: Zingbot was “arrested” for colluding with president “Puntin”, and there was even mention of a former president “Ohaha.” Considering that the demography that watches BB is not so liberal, they do find a way to zing other sectors of society along the way…


It may also be a lame joke by post production or because they were jokingly used as a sexual joke they blurred it. America is weird with nipples.


It was blurred to be funny based on the zing, you are reading to much into it.


I think you are correct, Jeremy. But just as Hmm… said right above, it was lame. LOL!


Is Nicole purposely attempting to save Nick by slipping in conversation with Jess, that Christie was gunning for guys, which includes Jackson and Cliff? So much for getting the crew back together! Of course, we knew that.

Wishful thinking!

SD Bird


I wish he would put two non-sport related brain cells together & tell HGs that “America must have voted him Prankster to nom Christy.
We all know how dangerous she is, but think about what Viewers/Feeders must be seeing! Must be 100x worse!!!”

Let that thought marinate during the day . . . not in an Eviction Speech.
Speculation – hard to argue/talk against – esp. with her being voted for Field Trip too.

Christy & Tommy are the only ones effectively being subtle.
Others blab, cliche us repeatedly, serve word salad or peddle House Vote persuasion.

Nick, leave them with a road map . . .


Prank week could have come back opportunity for evicted guest like they did with
Kaitlyn Herman last year


Just what I wanted to happen but is it too little too late?
Well this is a bit better that Nicole threw Jess under the bus for what Christie said. The last time Nicole told the truth about Christie going after Bella (which was true and it sent her home), Nicole learned not to say info came FROM Christie directly because she caught so much heat the last time she tried to help. This time, since Jess has been campaigning to Nicole for Christie (Nicole caught on), she now can use that info of not putting girls up to mean the three Nicole r playing with r in jeopardy Cliff, Nick, Jackson. Tommy… Not so bad.
Nicole also pointed out Jess’ double standard for voting a certain way and sympathy vote of which Jackson agreed
The problem is Nicole is dealing with people that lack logic and change their stories every other week. So I am not hopeful her attempt will mean a thing. Just wishful thinking

another name

I believe I have become entirely to cynical.
I actually don’t believe anything that Nick says or does is authentic.
I think everything he has been doing in his social interactions is game, or an attempt to get a good camera edit.
His flirtation with Tommy: to me, It’s been a manipulation in hopes of playing on Tommy’s attention whoreness in order to make Tommy put him on a pedestal in the game. This is why he has been even more sexually suggestive this week than previously, until he knew for sure he didn’t have Tommy’s vote.
His attention to Nicole: to me, it’ been a manipulation in hopes of playing on Nicole’s awkwardness and kindness while at the same time hoping to come off as mr. nice guy.
His talking to the camera last night: I don’t rightly know how his memory works… but his loyal game spiel?
In one sentence he said he is proud of his loyal game, and mad everyone else won’t play a backstabber game this week. Hard to process.
Does he think with his new found camera talking that America actually likes him? Does he really believe he has played a loyal game? I do think he’s been given a great edit, but on feeds every one of his problems comes from the fact that he has been conniving.
Week one when we meet Nick we find out he wanted to get Jackson evicted. Late week one until week two, wanted to get Jack evicted so he could have Sis to himself. Made a suggestive advance strategically to Christie about going after Jack, waiting for her to come back and say in their next conversation that Jack should be a target once the seed he planted grew.
His plan in the first two weeks was to create a sub alliance within the large alliance to take a shot at one of the alphas.
At every turn he was trying to create a five. First a men’s five. Then a five including Sam. Then the flamin five. His game gets blown up by Tommy ratting to Jack. Christie gets the blame because she wouldn’t commit (especially after Tommy ratted to Jack). He was plotting the destruction of the 8 to happen before they ever hit the final 8. All of this is game. None of it is loyalty game.
When he preaches his loyalty: how hard did he fight for Bella? Not very hard at all. How hard did he fight for Sam? Pins could be heard dropping, because he didn’t. How hard did he hit the campaign trail to get rid of Christie to save Sis last week? He was too busy pulling an Audrey and snot bubbling in a bed for almost 2 days. His definition of loyalty seems to be loyalty to him, not loyalty he has shown. His loyalty to Nicole? He’s made a big deal of saying he’s kept her safe. She’s been a pawn idea more than a target the entire time he’s been saying that. She’s tried much harder to keep him safe. She’s had to because he’s still conniving.
The thing about Nick crying he’s been loyal: no. He’s just thought he was conniving so well that nobody noticed. Everybody noticed. Long before Taco Tuesday. Everyone except the editing department.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Miche is an animal

11:34 AM PT Holly is pissed at Jackson for drinking all the coffee. -HumanFrailty

I would file for divorce the next day if my wife drank all the coffee.


Well, if Nicole doesn’t win then I vote for Jess to win at this point…yes I am a bitter viewer but after one of the worst seasons that’s what the remaining hg deserve to see Jess beat them!


On Facebook, CBS/Big Brother page always asks morning of eviction, who the audience wants to see get evicted. And for the third time, by around 95%, its Christy. You would think they would start listening.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

You would think, yes…but it doesn’t appear random numbers don’t mean much to them. For instance, their tanking ratings.

another name

did they listen in 17 re. Vanessa? Did they listen in 18 or 19 re. Paul?

another name

Get ready to hate. lol.
Assessment of house guests game if I was in jury listening to final pitches (how they would get my vote)
Jackson: play up comp wins. play down loyalty card. play down bottom to the top. reason: comp wins impress some jurors. Jury could point out (I would) that Jackson’s problems started when he wanted to break his alliance, and he ended up at the bottom because he put himself there, revealing tactical errors.
Holly: play up comp wins. play up showmancing as a strategic maneuver. Play down her integrity and kindness (too much of the jury knows she was in on over half of the meangirl conversations).
Christie: play up survival mode. play up villain role and surviving. play waaay down on the honesty and integrity, play way down on loyalty unless saying you kept your loyalty oath to Tommy as your one.
Tommy: play up making a move to change the game dynamic as hoh. breaking up a three. play up being social, and not being a target of anyone for half the game. stay away from loyal. loyal is bad for tommy because every juror will have tommy voting them out. no target good. loyalty bad.
Jessica: play up she’s the only one the majority of the house didn’t want to work with, and she’s the HOH to make the biggest move of the season. play down that she knew what was going on most of the season. nobody will buy it.
Cliff: like most of the house: loyalty is a bad word. play up that he was loyal to every hoh as a survival tactic. play up that he knew people’s plans, and only repeated the ones that made his situation in the game better for himself… not for anyone else.
Nicole: play up game being screwed on week 2, and still existing in the house. play up having most of the house trusting her. play up being strategic in having the final 4 and side deal with nick, and side deal with angels… and nobody suspected she was playing because she flew under the radar as a target, mostly being everyone’s ideal pawn they could beat in f2… and say it was by design. playing cute and cuddly stuffed unicorn to the jury won’t win the prize if she has no comp wins, she either has to get some, or play up social game maneuvers.

As far as current house status: Nick needs to be told that the moment he presented his veto plan, his chances of staying depleted a lot.
He presented the idea of keeping Christie, and nominating anyone else and voting them out (oh that loyal game he keeps talking about). Every member of “ANYONE ELSE” knows. And they have a vote. Nicole knows this. She didn’t tell Nick (mostly because she’s cozying up to every evictee and not telling them where they screwed their game every week). Tommy knows this, he didn’t tell Nick. Cliff knows this, he didn’t tell Nick. Jessica knows ….okay. let’ not go that far.
If I’m on the block and Nicole is suddenly spending way more time with me… I know I’m going home If I don’t flip the script.

another name

was just thinking: about 2 weeks ago Nick talked for hours about a dream he had where Tommy was sc%wing him. Would it be Freudian or Jungian to call out the self fulfilling prophesy now that Nick is on the block and Tommy is about to…

Ovi's tongue

I’m amused by the specter of Jessica trying to articulate to the jury why she should get the cash. The finale is only 90 minutes long.

another name

well after such an exciting day, i’m sure the jury would like a nap.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Is the paint dry yet?

I was just thinking about the Jury House; Jack, Kat and Sis with little to no cameras.


Looking for Live Streaming for Thursday August 29, 2019 episode 29.
CBS is pre-empting over the air TV with a football game tonight.


If you live in the Boston area (or basically all of eastern Mass), then you can watch the live show on MyTV38 (WSBK). There’s got to be similar situations around the country. I don’t have cable, but I have an HD antenna, and I can watch the Patriots preseason game AND Big Brother! Good luck everyone!


My thought on prank Thursday is that whoever they vote for to leave ends up staying.


Holly and Jackson https://gph.is/1zSPyOc


Damn football!


I know … I can’t even get a legit stream from CBS.

Kathie from Canada

Simon, have you tried a Global TV station in your area. We watch Global in Toronto if there is a game on CBS. Just a thought.


you can watch it online from Toronto on global website ?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Maybe Nick will punt.

another name

Day 70something. Holly says she bets there is a blog out there that monitors her grooming.
O magazine retorts with an article called who is Beth.


Nick is an idiot. Who voted for him to get the Prankster title? Do people really hate Christy that much? seriously? At this point, Christy deserves to win BB by default. Nick could’ve easily have Christy be voted out this week simply by nominating Jackson and making it as if CHRISTY was the Prankster. Biggest waste of America’s vote,


What is it with this house that they all MUST vote together? Not only is it boring but it’s stupid. There needs to be some mystery.

And Jess is an airhead. She doesn’t even know what a sympathy vote is? And a hypocrite saying voting for Kat was different. I don’t know why anyone care who she would put up, she’s not going to win anything.